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BTS reacts to their s/o speaking poor korean

Request: BTS reacting to their s/o trying to speak fluent korean and failing 

Jin (Seokjin) 

Jin would be really touched that his s/o was continuing to learn and practice independently. Even when they made mistakes, Jin would be the first to compliment them on how much they’ve improved and how proud he was to have such a smart and considerate s/o. I think Jin would be very patient, always explaining not only how to pronounce certain words or how to structure sentences but also when and why things are said. 

Daebak, you did so well this time! Usually, you would have to say that more formally but otherwise, you’re doing amazing!

Suga (Yoongi) 

Depending on how badly his s/o messed up, Suga would probably smile his gummy grin. He wouldn’t tease them or anything, but he would laugh a little at their accent. Suga would also be pretty quick at pointing out when his partner did make mistakes, believing in complete honesty. Suga wouldn’t see the point in letting them continue to make the same mistakes even if it did hurt their feelings slightly. Yoongi would be the most likely to get frustrated if he could see his s/o not taking learning seriously, but alternatively, he would also be the most understanding and comforting if his lover was getting upset about not improving quickly. 

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As long as you’re trying your best, there’s no point being upset. You’re doing what you can. 

Rap Monster (Namjoon)

Rap Monster would be very focused on helping his s/o improve. Everywhere they went together, he would be pointing out words he thought they may not know yet. He would probably do a lot of research on great learning apps and books to give to his s/o as resources when he couldn’t be around to give private tutoring sessions. Namjoon would probably sit and study with his partner whenever they wanted, just holding up cue cards and checking their pronunciation. 

Bareum, bareum, sorry bae but your pronunciation isn’t quite there yet. Let’s go over it again tonight when we get home. 

Jhope (Hoseok)

If Hobi’s partner made a mistake he would smile and ruffle their hair. He would think the whole situation was just the most adorable thing ever. Jhope would jokingly teach his s/o how to say things in the most aegyo filled way possible, just because he wanted to hear his partner be cute. Hobi would always be willing to help if he was needed but would probably be more likely to just attempt to speak in a language more comfortable for his lover. Hobi is a giver and very caring, he would want his s/o to not be stressed about messing up and would think of all the possible ways he could make it easier for them. 

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You almost sounded native that time. Let me try my English again too, okay? Then you can study along with me. 


Jimin would probably give his partner one of his big eye smiles and laugh if they made mistakes. He would tease them easily, before correcting them. Jimin would think it was hilarious every time they made a mistake and would be constantly watching his s/o, waiting for them to slip up. Jimin would be overly excited when his love did get full sentences and conversations right though, making a big deal over how good they sounded.

Ya amazing! You’re fluent now! 

V (Taehyung)

Taehyung would be very understanding of any mistakes his s/o might make and would quickly correct them, before patting them on the head or comforting them in some way. He would never tease or mock them, though depending on how funny the mistake was he may laugh a little! Taehyung tries very hard to speak English so he would admire and sympathise with how difficult it must be for his s/o to try to hold conversations all the time. 

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Sorry I laughed Jagi, that was a funny one! You’re very cute for trying so hard. Fighting!


Jungkook probably would barely notice if his s/o made a small mistake and wouldn’t really even feel the need to point anything out until they made a potentially offensive speaking error. Jungkook would think it was fine if his s/o spoke imperfect Korean, as long as he could understand what they said and they were able to express what they were thinking in the socially acceptable way, it wouldn’t really matter to him. 

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You sound fine. I mean, you’re definitely not native but why do you need to be?

i honestly have nothing really critical or negative to say about this week’s episode of rwby

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Did you go to the women's march today in Dublin?

I completely forgot it was on but I was in town and saw it go by on O'Connell street, amazing turnout! The crowd just kept going and going

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UF & SF bros, Undyne & Alphys with a very gentle, sweet SO who's touch is as soft as a cloud, constantly dishing out the most genuine of compliments and praises, & always letting them know how much they mean to SO & how much they're loved. One day, it's exposed that they used to be in an emotionally & mentally abusive relationship, the reason they act the way they do is because SO didn't want their lover to ever feel like they weren't worthy of being loved and cherished. Reaction?

Are you prepared to be sad?

UF Sans has never experienced this level of gentleness. It’s… it’s amazing. Although he rarely says it, he loves his S/O’s touches. Their compliments and praise and all the ‘I love you’s’. Doesn’t matter how he found out about the past abuse. But he’s angry at the piece of living garbage that hurt his S/O. He wants to kill them. And he probably will regardless of what his S/O says. But right now?

He’s holding them. Holding them so tightly and crying into their hair. And for once, without and blushing or being flustered. He’s returning all the affection he’s gotten from them.

And he tells them that they never deserved the horror they endured. Never. It’s not their fault.

He deserved it instead. It should have been him. He could’ve handled it. Just would’ve been more to deal with. 
Already holding up the world, isn’t he?

UF Papyrus has always been very affectionate. Only in private. And while he doesn’t make an exception to this rule, the affection is dialed up. His S/O could expect to find hand-written love poems of his own design on their bedside table. Their favorite meals. New clothes, in just their size, that looks suspiciously like the clothes they were thinking about buying the other day. And along with the pampering, he goes for the practical affection.
Buying their favorite shampoo
Clean clothes in their closet every laundry day, with no grumbling.

UF Undyne storms out of the house. They never find the body of her S/O’s abuser. When she comes back, expect to be pampered in the traditional Undyne fashion. You don’t have to train today! She’ll make you spaghetti and everything! Just… don’t ever let anyone make you feel like that again, okay?

UF Alphys does not hurt the abuser. But instead focuses on her S/O. She has never been affectionate. But today, she gives her S/O her first kiss. And then just like that, she’s off into her lab. She comes up a bit later, with a echo flower bouquet. When S/O touches them, they hear a collection of declerations. Of love. From Alphys’ voice.

SF Sans is the one who asks if they’ve taken legal action. Have they ever hurt his S/O physically? He won’t press if it brings up bad memories. But he needs this person to suffer, and if he was sloppy in killing the abuser, then his S/O could get into trouble. But now that he knows the horror they’ve endured. He’s going to personally make sure that they never, ever have reason to feel bad again. He and his S/O will end up getting into contests with complimenting each other.

He always looses. Because he gets flustered.

SF Papyrus holds his S/O. Holds them for a long while. And then he asks them if they’re alright? He just wants to be sure. He’s usually not one for big, drawn out conversations. But now he sits his S/O down and has a heart to SOUL with them. He tells them how much they mean to him. How he will never let them be hurt again. How he cherishes them. And he lists every. Single. Thing. About them that he loves. Compliments from head to toe. Literally.
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I just want to say your art is amazing and I love it sooooo much ☆*:.。.o(≧▽≦)o.。.:*☆ also love the twins AU!!! ( ´ ∀ `)ノ~ ♡ ( ´ ∀ `)ノ~ ♡

Thank you for liking my art and my au!! QAQ

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I’VE HAD MOMENTS where i’m telling a story and i can just kinda feel myself breaking out into a cold sweat because i know there’s a word coming up that i don’t know the translation for and i’ll be sitting there like “uhhhhh it’s like… a big box. has a little round window in it. you put wet clothes in it and it makes them dry???” 

it’s so weird to have an 80% grasp on a language because you keep realizing that you don’t know the word for the most random everyday objects. like FOR EXAMPLE i don’t know the english word for a whole bunch of items of clothing/furniture! it’s weird!


He’s weak for the most ridiculous stuff and they 100% know and take full advantage of it

ok but literally jackson did lowkey aegyo and asked for more time to carve his frankenstein squash thing when they said time was up and the rest of got7 all froze and then complied and gave him time to finish like this boy got his whole group wrapped around his finger they are all so weak for jackson i’m wow