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Temporary Accommodations by @comeonblub

One of my first and alltime favourite fics, a crime that I haven’t done any fan art of it until now. (It’s on AO3, I’d link it but ya’know, tumblr…)

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Your writing is soooo good!! Could you maybe do a hc with reddie or stenbrough where they know eachother but don't know eachother? Like online bffs but also have a crush on the cute guy in class (SAME PERSON) or like cute crush on barista but also has to be someone's date to a wedding (SAMEEEEE PERSON)

+ for the past few weeks, eddie has been talking to this guy he met on tumblr and uhh he might be in love?

+ not to be dramatic, but, he’s seriously been staying up until 3 am to talk to this random guy named richie that probably lives halfway across the world (and he usually goes to sleep at nine. his 8am class has been hell)

+ AND he doesn’t even know what this guy looks like, that’s how serious this is. he’s never met someone that he can laugh with as much as he can cry to but it’s just so fucking easy with richie and god, why did he have to meet him online of all places?

+ they’re both subconsciously aware that they’re crushing on each other, but neither one has done anything about it because it probably wouldn’t work, anyways

+ they’re talking one night when richie suggests “maybe we should try and date people that we can actually see on a daily basis? i mean, not that we’re dating or anything, you don’t need my permission

+ the thing was, richie had told eddie that he’d tried being in an online relationship before and it didn’t work and he doesn’t want to try that with him because what if they can’t even be friends after? he doesn’t want to risk that

+ so eddie reluctantly agrees that “yeah, that’s probably for the best” 

+ the next day, he wakes up late for class and doesn’t have time to stop by his usual coffee place

+ so, he goes to the one right by his campus (and he almost walks out because they don’t have soy? are you kidding me?) but then he notices the cute barista

+ “well, rich did say we should date other people. maybe i can at least flirt for a second

+ so he goes up and orders a cinnamon latte (with 1% milk) and the barista smiles at him and asks for his name

+ when he says “eddie” he swears he sees Cute Barista do a double take

+ “fuck i thought i recognized your voice

+ “excuse me?

+ “hey, um, i’m….richie. i guess it’ll be a whole lot easier to date people we know in person now, huh?”


philip is incredibly confused as to why you guys are all sobbing and saying that he’s dead when he’s clearly right here eating a bagel

Happy birthday Chinchi senpai!!! (◞⁎˃ᆺ˂)◞*✰♥

I’m so sorry for the delay sahkjhadjksad

You’re really sweet and kind, I respect and admire you a lot, keep being amazing, my best wishes to you~.*+ ♥

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Inuvember - Week #4: Themes

Day 23: Rivalry
“We’re alike in our desire to be with you again”

  • jungkook: hey hyung, do you wanna go black friday shopping with me?
  • jimin: *excitedly* sure, let's go!
  • jungkook: alright, follow me
  • jimin: jungkook, this is just your room
  • jungkook: i know, it has the best deals, clothes are 100% off ;)