this is also what my shoulder looks like

ranking of capes in star wars
  1. vader’s cape – of course its the best. its vader. its black. flawless style and execution. also, theme music. ∞/10
  2. lando’s cape – daring cut and color worn by the most stylish man in the galaxy. and what a clasp. 10/10
  3. phasma’s cape – stunning. incredible. its black. its armorweave. its got a tasteful red edge. and on those shoulders!! my only complaint is that it looks a bit like a tarp up close. 9/10
  4. krennic’s cape – nothing special, but its a good solid cape in capable cape-wearing hands. 7.5/10
  5. padme’s white cape thing – i can’t tell if that’s  cape or not. half the shit she wore looked like a cape? why is she defined by her fucking outfits i hate george lucas? damn i keep looking at her tits im so fuckin gay. anyway it looks like a beach towel but other than that, a nice cape. a bit like avant-garde LL Bean fashion. 7/10
  6. the various capes of bail organa – i wish i liked these better. you’re a great man bail but i’m not such a fan of your capes. all dashingly cut, but the dull and drab military-esque colors are heartbreaking. 6.5/10
  7. dooku’s cape – plain from a distance, weird texture up close. nice clasp though. 5/10
  8. grievous’s cape – messy and uncontained, but at least it matches its owner. 4/10
  9. boba fett’s cape – terrible, like the rest of him. 1/10

honorable mention – grand admiral thrawn’s cape, lost in the abyss of the eu.

other notes – robes were not included, obviously, if it has sleeves it aint a cape

“From the shoulder, beyond my wrist - Look out evil, it’s my fist!”
- Hal Jordan

I confess: I have absolutely no clue what Kyle has been up to in the n52. Last I read he was a white lantern so… Also, anyone knows where the quote’s from? I can’t find it.

PS: I took a pic with my phone instead of scanning it and coloured it in using the trackpad of my mac. It’s not relevant to the result but I feel like my efforts should be acknowledged.

Arrows / Bats / Flashes / Wonders

Daddy It's Cold Outside

Prompt: You and Shane get snowed in a cabin in the mountains and have to find things to do to keep yourself “occupied”. @welshwitch5

There is Daddy!Kink ahead…cause it’s Shane and like always I just can’t without it…Even if it's just a little bit. And it also turned FluffySmutty.

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Rajigaze Nov 25

Kai (reading mail): “My unexpected experience happened when I was in high school. I was on the train on my way to school, and a boy around my age was standing beside me. He looked exactly like a kid from my middle school, so I tapped on his shoulder to say hi, but it turned out to be a total stranger. I realized as soon as he turned around, and I don’t know what I was thinking but I just looked to the man behind him–” this is also a stranger btw

(Uruha giggles)

Kai: “And said, ‘long time no see!’” (laughs) “It was unexpected that the boy was a stranger, and the way I reacted was also unexpected. Uruha-san, Kai-san, please be careful not to mistake people for someone else!” 

Uruha: Man, that was just one bad thing after another. 

Kai: (laughs) I know, but I feel it.

Uruha: That must have been embarrassing af

Kai: (dying) It is….I’ve done it before

Uruha: Seriously?

Kai: This person was far away – maybe 50m ahead of me, and they were wearing clothes like my friend always wears, so I thought, ‘oh that’s totally them!’ and I started walking towards them waving, – (bursts out laughing) – and then I realized it was totally a different person, and I was like oh shit what do I do!! so I just walked right past them still waving –!!

(both burst out laughing)

Uruha: Omg if someone saw you walking up to them waving they would probably be so scared 

Kai: Well they like, only half noticed me – like I don’t think they were even thinking, ‘oh is he waving at me?’ so I just kept getting closer, and then I was like, oh fuCK it’s the wrong person, but then I thought like, whatever I don’t even think they’re paying attention so I just kept on going (laughs)

Uruha: Oh my god

Kai: Yeahhh it was so embarrassing…..

Uruha: Couldn’t you have just stopped and been like, ‘oh sorry…’

Kai: Nahhhh like…idk I didn’t have the courage to do that you know? (laughs)

Uruha: (laughs) Ohh okay, so you just try to cover it up

Kai: Yeah, I totally understand this! Well, on a train I wouldn’t know cause I never take the train

Uruha: Ofc u don’t

Kai: (laughs) Yeah, but….mistaking a person for someone else…yeahhhh…..

Uruha: One time I went shopping with someone…and like, I was walking ahead of them…and I just assumed they were right behind me…but at some point they’d disappeared…and some other person was standing behind me

Kai: Oh that does happen (laughs) 

Uruha: And I picked something up and turned around and was like, ‘isn’t this kinda weird?’ to some stranger, and they’re just like, ‘what?’

Kai: (laughs) I bet you apologize then?

Uruha: No

Kai: You don’t?!

Uruha: I don’t

Kai: Oh actually tru

Uruha: I just immediately stop talking

Kai: (laughing) And then u run away 

Uruha: I pretend I was talking to myself

(Kai dying) 

Uruha: Like, ‘this is kinda weird hmm~’ (Cute Uruha Giggle™)

Kai: (still dying) ‘Isn’t this kinda weird??’

Uruha: ‘this is kinda weird~’

(both laughing) 

Kai: Yeahh, that stuff happens a lot…(laughs) but I’m sure if you just said to the person, like, ‘oh sorry I thought you were someone else’ –

Uruha: Yeahh, I want the courage to apologize too! 

Kai: I’m sure they would understand! (laughs)

Uruha: Hmm…

Kai: Anyway, this might be totally off topic but…something pretty funny happened to me recently…someone called me and they were like, ‘this is Mr. So-and-so, right?’ but it was the wrong number, so I was like, ‘no, it’s not.’ And I mean usually at that point they’d be like, ‘oh really? I’m sorry,’ and hang up, right? 

Uruha: Mhm. 

Kai: But they called and were like, ‘are you Mr. So-and so?’ and I’m like, ‘no I’m not,’ and I was expecting them to hang up but they’re just like, ‘oh really? Well anyway you know how blablabla…’ and they just start talking to me. (laughs) And I’m like, tf is this person saying, so I was like, ‘I’m not so-and-so eh’ and they’re like ‘oh yeah I know that, but like blablabla’ and they just went on… (laughs)

Uruha: They must have been tryna sell you something. 

Kai: Yeah, that’s what I thought at first, so I was just listening like ‘ughh this is annoying’ but they ended up talking about some personal stuff…like I thought it was a telemarketer so I was waiting for them to be like, ‘can I interest you in blablabla,’ right? But it wasn’t, and so they said their thing and then they were just like ‘okay so next time I’ll do this okayyyy’ and then they just hung up. 

(both laugh)

Kai: I’m like, ‘tf was that!?’ 

Uruha: Maybe they were rehearsing something? 

Kai: (laughing) No no no no…I totally thought it was a telemarketer, I was like ‘ugh fuck me these guys are so annoying,’ and I was waiting for them to try to sell me something but…

Uruha: So they weren’t listening at all to what you were saying…

Kai: Yeah! Not at all…and like, I TOLD them I wasn’t that person..!! (laughs) And they’re just like ‘yeah, okay, but…’

Uruha: So it really could have been anyone huh.

Kai: I guess so.

Uruha: That’s scary. I would have been like ‘oh hell no.’

Kai: Well, I was like that too…

anonymous asked:

Your advice for dysphoria is bullshit. Our culture is broken, and it isn't something that can be patched with makeup. If you don't like the way you look, spend less time in the mirror, more time helping others. We waste so much time trying to change the way we look that we end up neglecting what really matters: empathy, giving a fuck about other people, and growing strong internally.

I’m sorry, I didn’t realize I couldn’t be both happy with my appearance and also have empathy for others. I had no idea that dressing the way I like and volunteering for a charity were mutually exclusive. It never dawned on me that taking hormone therapy rendered me incapable of lending a shoulder to cry on when my friends need it. Thank you for bringing this to light. Silly me for thinking humans were dynamic beings who were allowed to have both opinions and standards for themselves AND the capacity to be sensitive to the needs of others around me. Clearly, dysphoria makes people selfish and ALL cis people who are happy with their bodies are just pure martyrs willing to sacrifice all of their time to help those less fortunate.

(For our followers who have a hard time recognizing it, this has all been sarcasm.)



We are all just stars that have people names.
-Nikita Gill



I’M ALIVE (surprisingly)

This is my first time drawing so many in one go… MORE LIKE MY FIRST TIME DRAWING HALF OF THESE CHARACTERS (coughmettatonalphysundyneamalgamatessnowdinnpcsannoyingdogcough)

My back and shoulders ache :L

I’ll just slowly upload each frame later… next time :L Need sleep

And also, I got a watermark now: me x me, the best and saddest collab I’m in
If you can’t tell, I just ran out of ideas…

Come to think of it, anyone looking at the pictures… do you understand what’s going on? :L

Alphys and the Amalgamates
Annoying Dog and Papyrus
Asriel and Flowey
Chara and Frisk
Snowdin NPCs and Undyne

Zutara Month Day 10: Bows

“Your majesty your daughter would like you to join her in the court yard.”  Zuko looked up from the long proposal he was reading and rolled his shoulders.  “Immediately, if possible.”

“I’m going,” he said.  His daughter could sweet talk anyone into almost anything and Zuko had been afraid she’d end up like Azula.  Katara had reassured him she wouldn’t but he couldn’t get the thought out of his head.

What he saw in the court yard wasn’t much better.

“Daddy watch me shoot the apple!”  His daughter said as she drew her bow.  His son was standing a few feet away, with an apple on his head.  “I’ve been practicing,” she reassured him.  Zuko felt his heart go into his stomach as she let go of the arrow.  It hit the apple in the middle.  “See!”

“Yeah,” Zuko said as he let out the breath he had been holding, “I see.”

“Don’t look so scared,” his son said.  “Mama’s here too in case we get hurt.

Katara was standing off to the side, watching the two of them.  “Need some help there?”  She asked Zuko as she placed a hand on his forehead.

“Did I ever tell you of the time Azula tried to shoot an apple of my head?”

“No but I hope you know your daughter anticipated you being made so she put bows all over Druk.  Something about how you can’t be mad when your dragon is pretty.”

Zuko took another deep breath.  “How about just no more weapons till their teenagers?”

“They need their bending practice.”


jacks-mom  asked:

I hope Reaper looks horrifying, but I'm also like, "handsome boy". Even in his grossest form he's still a handsome boy!!! But!!! You know what I mean. Haha

I DO know what u mean haha but consider the possibilities: horrific-ass demonic-ass Reaper brushing his many terrifying teefers. Needing glasses bc he OLD but how does he put glasses on his shoulder-eyes???? Slurping ramen thru his chest mouth (a la @cranitys-art. I’ll be honest Cranity has majorly influenced my interpretation of monster Gabe if you haven’t seen hers yet pls do yourself a favor and go look!).

I understand your inner conflict but I mean Idk if you can get better than scary Reaps doing domestic things incredibly weirdly

haku-and-luna  asked:

Daily message~ My horse almost kicked me in the face yesterday and I whacked him on the shoulder. I swear to god he looked at me like I had offended him and his entire family.

how could you disrespect his family like that ;A; (IM SO GLAD YOU DIDNT GET HURT THOUGH OMG) ~Admin 404

I know this isn’t like, what I should respond with but,,, can I have ur horse,,, (bUT ALSO IM SORRY IM GLAD YOU DIDNT GET HURT) ~Admin 626

That’s What I Like To Hear

Request: Demon!Dean rough smut (spanking, choking, dirty talk, hair pulling & daddy!kink if you’re comfortable w that) also I may or may not have a blackeye!kink (-:

Word count:1044

Warnings: smut, rough sex, Demon!Dean, Daddy!kink

Pairing: Reader x Demon!Dean

Originally posted by clairvoyantsam

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anonymous asked:

The way u explained everything abt their heights was really accurate lmao, i also thought of Taemin as tall mainly because his body proportions he seems taller, but by putting some attention at some group shoots and so, he actually looks really close to Jjong's height. I also really wonder what their real heights are tho :')

because of his body proportions


he’s got fairly broad shoulders, long legs and he’s all lean so most of the time it seems like he really is tall?? taemin is fake tall @everyone don’t let the government fool you

anonymous asked:

I have no idea what moominvalley is but the Keith looks like a mini scarecrow and is so adorable and ahhhh. *whispers* also I hope everything works out for you because I love you and your art and you're special, please don't forget that!

Thank you so much dear <3 I’m already feeling the stress lifting off my shoulders and I’m looking forward to work and meeting new people and perhaps starting commissions! It’s well needed. 

and you didn’t really ask but I have to ramble abt moominvalley becaue it’s my entire literal childhood. and teenage years. and adult years. aaah *nerd mode activate*. 

Hokay so. Moominvalley was originally a book/comic series written and illustrated my Tove Jansson who was a Finish, Swedish-speaking artist and writer who’s franchise became popular almost over the entire world, during like the middle and end of the 19 hundreds. It was extra popular in Japan and was recreated as an anime like.. three times.. and the latest anime called Tanoshii Mūmin Ikka (aired in the 90s) or “Moominvalley” is what most people are familiar with because it’s veeery nicely done and actually follows the books pretty well!

It’s the one I grew up with and have rewatched soooo many times. And ye Snufkin was my first anime boyfriend. Sasuke aint got shit on Snufkin. I’ve even tried getting my hands on the entire show in Japanese so I can enjoy more episodes (like always some episodes were banned because anime), but I can’t seem to find them..

The show focuses on Moomin who is a creature I’m sure you’ve seen on coffee mugs everywhere and basically a bunch of sheningans he and his friends get into. It’s refreshing to watch because there really is nothing quite like it, and the music + scenery is just so calming and cute. Literally my dream to live in Moominvalley <3. Don’t be fooled though, because there are scenes and characters that scared the living HELL out of me when I was a kid. So it’s not all pink and fluffy.

ANYWAY I love Tove Janson and the moomin franchise and especially Snufkin, which is the one Lance and Keith are based on in that drawing. Or rather, Keith is more based on Snufkins dad the “Joxter”, because he’s more or less red coded and has gloves and is usually depicted w/ dark hair. But they look very similar to each other soo. 

YE nerd rant over.. lmao I just really love Moominvalley 8^)
Thank you again! <3

okay but like

so at RTX, i was cosplaying Carolina and I had a tiny Epsilon prop i had on my shoulder. it was a painted Masterchief action figure, attached to a clear structure-thing i created to make it look like he was floating there, and attached to my sports bra.

so the contraption i made worked pretty well, but sometimes it would lean over and i’d need to fix it. also, the action figure’s joints weren’t that great, so Epsilon would occasionally bend over into what looked like a twerking position, and i’d have to get him to stand straight again. i had to superglue his butt in place at one point.

so whenever i’d have to fix Epsilon, i’d make the joke that “Epsilon was failing.” oH HOW I REGRET SAYING THAT NOW.

you have no idea how many cast members and writers i said this to. Lindsay, Jen Brown, the animation team (they laughed), Josh.

Miles. and Burnie. i don’t know if Miles heard me because it was after the rvb panel and it was hectic. but.

Burnie saw my cosplay and came up to me and said “great cosplay!” in the hallway at the hotel. I asked him for a picture, and noticed epsilon was leaning down. “Hold on, Epsilon is failing.”


dannybird22  asked:

Also what helped me on my driving test was saying what I was doing out loud. It makes the driving instructor pay attention to your driving instead of loosing track. I failed one time because the instructor didn't see me turn my head while she looked elsewhere. It's their word against yours so you can't fight it. But saying what you're doing gets their attention. "I am making a left turn. Checking over my shoulder. Hmmm don't see anyone." And the like. It helps.

Thanks for this addition!

anonymous asked:

please help kittens, i've been having a lot of shutdowns lately and im scared. when im overstimed or extremely anxious i can't speak no matter how much i want to my chest hurts, its hard to breath and no words happen. lately my friend has been misunderstanding me more (this happens sometimes because im not very good at communication but also because of her upbringing she tends to assume that she's being insulted) im terrified my shutdowns look like the 'cold shoulder' but i cant speak im scared

Don’t wait until the next shutdown happens and you get even more stressed out - tell her what’s going on now! It is easy to assume an autistic is giving you the cold shoulder and being spiteful when you don’t know what’s going on; I’ve assumed it in the past before realizing what was actually happening was the person was going non-verbal. Someone who doesn’t know much or anything about autism is never going to realize that on their own, and that’s not their fault.

If you want the situation to get better, you’ve gotta be proactive. Communication is key in any relationship, and that includes friendships. Write down what you want to tell her and start a discussion. It sounds like she has some issues of her own, so it’s a good opportunity for you both to get some more understanding of each other. Have a heart-to-heart and build a foundation of openness with each other. You both have a lot to gain here!

-Brother Cat



The Sliver Bangle: Chapter 1 (Gangster!AU)

[Chapter 2] [Chapter 3] [Chapter 4] [Chapter 5]

“So that’s it?” you asked. “It’s over?” You tried to breathe calmly and blink away the tears that threatened to spill.

“We can’t do this anymore, ____. We can’t be together,” Sehun said. He was standing with you on the front porch of your family’s home, where you were currently living at. You were slightly struggling to hear him with how loud the rain was pouring on the house.

Even though Sehun was breaking your heart, you still thought he looked handsome. He wore a white button down shirt that showed off his broad shoulders and slender body. He also wore black jeans that made his legs look so long and graceful. His recently dyed black hair was neatly combed and it made you want to run your fingers through his hair. 

“Why can’t we be together? Huh? Is it because of my job? Is it because my parents don’t like you? What is it Sehun? What did I do wrong?” you asked with anger and frustration laced in your voice. You could understand Sehun being put off about what your parents thought of him, but you didn’t think it was something worth breaking up over.

“You didn’t do anything wrong, ____. It’s me. I–,” Sehun he explained. You scoffed before he could continue speaking.

“Of course it’s not me, it’s you,” you sardonically replied.

“It is, ____. I don’t love you,” Sehun coldly said. Those four words were the last thing you expected Sehun to say. You’d never thought in all the time that you knew Sehun that he would ever say that to you. He was the one to approach you when he had seen you frequently visit the cafe that his family owned. He was the one to say ‘I love you’ first.

“What do you mean you don’t love me? Is this some kind of sick joke? Did one of your buddies dare you to do this? Because if they did, it’s not funny,” you said as you folded your arms against your chest. You didn’t like the way Sehun was staring at you. His brown eyes were cold and held no emotion.

“It’s not a dare, or a joke. I don’t love you,” he exasperatedly said. “I never have and I’m done with this.” You searched through Sehun’s facial expressions and his body language to see if he was lying to you, but it appeared as though he was being honest, even though you still didn’t believe him. 

“I don’t believe you,” you said. “You’re lying.” Sehun rolled his eyes. He was putting up a good act, but something didn’t feel right in all of this. Even if his act was good, you knew that Sehun wasn’t being honest with you; it was impossible. You both shared too many intimate moments, too many I love you’s, and too many memories from him to say this to you.

“Whatever helps make you feel better, ____,” he stated. You grew more and more frustrated with Sehun’s attitude and if you weren’t head over heels in love with him, you would have told him leave and never come back. You wanted to say something, but you didn’t know what to say anymore. You didn’t know why Sehun was being like this and you didn’t know how to keep him. “If you have nothing else to say, then I’m gonna go,” he condescendingly said as he looked at you with malcontent.

This was it. You were going to let him go because you couldn’t think up of anything to say. What were you supposed to say? Perhaps you were being delusional. Perhaps he didn’t love you after all.

As you watched him go and saw how his white shirt clung to his body from all of the rain, you remembered how before when he was just lowly gangster how is clothes were always torn and bloodied from all the fights he got into. You remember him coming to you since you were the only safe haven he had and him spending the nights in your embrace. He promised to never leave you and you in return made the same vow. You noticed that he still wore the silver bangle that you had saved up a large sum of money for and bought for him, as a representation of that promise he made. 

No, you thought. It can’t be over. He still loves me. 

“Is this because of Kris?” you shouted from the front porch. Sehun froze, his back facing you. You took this as your chance to win him back and ran out into the rain. Sehun turned around at the sound of your footsteps and he still looked angry, but you still held your ground. 

“Stop making up excuses, _____,” Sehun replied. “Don’t make this harder than it needs to be.” You stood only a few feet away from him now and even in the rain you could make out the cold expression on his face. 

“LIAR,” you screamed. You were thankful that it was raining since it camouflaged the stream of tears that finally ran down your cheeks. “You’re lying.” Your voice cracked and you shoulders started to shake. It was all too much for you. 


“You promised me forever. You promised forever for us,” you softly said. Your nose started to get stuffy, which made breathing difficult. 

Sehun sighed and walked to you, almost closing the gap between your bodies. His facial expression was no longer filled with frustration and anger. Instead you could see conflict in his brown eyes. He laid his large, slender hand on your cheek, his fingers touching your wet hair. His nose barely touched your forehead since he was too tall to rest his forehead against yours. 

“I’m no good for you. I can’t do anything for you. I can’t keep you safe, or guarantee you happiness. Just… Just forget about me, ____,” he said softly. You started to raise your hand to touch his cheek, but he stepped away from you and without turning back to look at you, he walked away and left you in the rain. 

Sehun slide into the front seat of the sleek black car and looked over to his friend, Jongin, who was getting ready to drive. “I know it’s tough, but you did the right thing, man,” Jongin said while patting him on the back. 

“Then why does it feel wrong?” 

A/N: Happy Wednesday. I’m sorry that I haven’t done much, but this week I started my senior year at university. I can’t believe how fast time has gone by. When I first started writing on this blog I was just a sophomore in university. Anyway, I hope that you are all doing well. This scenario was inspired by this gif. 

-Admin C