this is also so you can see what i did since you cant check like instagram or whatever

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hi can you perhaps help me? i am very very new to this fandom (like a few weeks new) and i am very lost lol. everything is v intimidating. i started actively listening to panic like three weeks ago and i haven fallen in love w any band so fast lol. i've been in a lot of fandoms before but like idk there are so many inside jokes and? from what i gather most blogs seem to luv ryan and pretend to hate on brenden (??) for splitting up the band. i think most ppl are joking but tbh you are (cont)

(cont) the first blog i’ve stumbled across that seems to like brenden more than ryan. i also feel like i’m committing some major faux pas by asking all this lol but i’m hoping to get some info on this fandom lol. i mean i adore the band sooooo. is there anything else pertinent i should know abt this fandom. usually there’s a major ship war or great divide and idk i’m rambling. anyways any help would be great and i luv your blog!!!!

this ended up being more of a long list of random things about the band i could think of bc i got distracted by…things. i just figured since ur a new child born into this hell, there r some amount of things u should know, not just about this H*ck fandom

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