this is also pretty much the topic of my senior project


These are tips for future Nicole fr past Nicole who made a lot of mistakes this school year ┗(•̀へ •́ ╮ ) so I hope at least some of you can relate to this stash of tips I have kept for myself in my notes for incoming Senior High levels!

& keep your papers organized (please)

Write tiny notes on the given activity sheets instead of putting them in your binder notebook (ok my own preference tho!!) bc one paper = topic is better than multiple messy papers = one huge topic!

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House of Cards | one


genre: angst, fluff

word count: 12.3k 

preview, one, two

I looked at the teacher yet again, still not being able to completely focus on his words. Not because I didn’t want to or because I thought that his class was boring. I loved his class, it was actually my favorite. I couldn’t understand what he was saying because the people out front, the popular kids, were being too loud for whatever reason.

I rolled my eyes at them and tried my best to block them out. I had done the same thing many times before so it shouldn’t be a problem to do it once more. But when I finally managed to do it I wished that I had stayed oblivious for the rest of the class.

“Yoona, you’re paired with Jungkook”

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How I Attempted To Mathematically Model the Spread of Memes on the Internet, pt 1.

This is my first ever /actual/ Tumblr post, so first of all, let’s hope I’m doing this right.

I’ll make my introduction fairly brief as to get to the mathematics ASAP. This was part of my senior project for my mathematics B.S. (which I am very close to completing!). I presented parts of this research at the Michigan MAA Section Meeting in April of 2017. And I am really excited to share what I found in a more casual setting (rather than in a formal paper for my class or a conference presentation).

So let’s get to it, eh?

For the first installment of this series, I want to touch on two main things:

  1. Why Did I Decide To Do This?
  2. Things You Need To Know Before We Can Get To The Cool Stuff (I Know, I Know, But You Need To Know These Things)

Why Did I Decide To Do This?

My senior mathematics capstone course was on the topic of Markov chains. The main purpose of this class was for each student to complete an individual research project. I struggled for quite some time to determine what I wanted to do my project on. I eventually settled on disease modeling, but found myself disinterested with the material. I credit one visit to my advisor’s office for what sparked in me the most academic drive and passion for a project I’ve ever had.

I walked in, planning on just talking about my ideas for my disease modeling project. My advisor suggested that I could use this sort of model to work with other things, and me, being the Internet-addicted smart ass that I am, asked, “Like memes?”

So here we are.

Things You Need To Know Before We Can Get To The Cool Stuff

First, I’m assuming that you are familiar with the following concepts from linear algebra:

  • Matrix algebra
  • Eigenvalues and eigenvectors
  • Diagonalizing matrices

For the sake of time and length, I leave reviewing those as an exercise to the reader. Ha, I’ve always wanted to say that.

So I’ll begin with Markov chains.

A Markov chain is a stochastic process where the probability of being in the current state is dependent solely on the previous state you were in.

What’s an example of this?

Suppose you are playing a game on a rectangular board of 7 squares. Your piece starts on the center square. For each move, you have a probability of 1/3 of moving to the left (which I’ll denote L) and a probability of 2/3 of moving to the right (which I’ll denote R). If you get all the way to the right, you win! However, if you get all the way to the left, you lose (*sadface*). Once you reach either the leftmost square or the rightmost square, you can’t move out of them. We’ll talk about this in more detail later, but these are what we call absorbing states.

See below for the starting position.

Say your first four moves are R, L, R, R. 

Your probability of moving to the right is still 2/3 and your probability of moving to the left is still 1/3. Much like the honey badger, the probabilities don’t care that you moved R, L, R, R already; they are still the same as before. Examining this as a Markov chain is nice because it allows us to answer two important and interesting questions: 

  1. What is the probability of winning after a certain number of moves?
  2. What is the average number of moves it takes until I win? 

I’ll attempt to answer question 1, and I’ll leave question 2 as an exercise.

In order to find the probability, we must first create a transition matrix. The transition matrix, $T$, is a matrix where $T_{i,j}$ is the probability of getting to the $i^{th}$ state from the $j^{th}$ state. In this example, each state is a square on our board. Our transition matrix looks something like this:

Let’s discuss!

We note that every column sums to 1. This makes sense! We have to move every turn, so the sum of the different probabilities of leaving each state should equate to exactly 1. We also note that $T_{1,1}$ and $T_{7,7}$ are both equal to 1. These are our absorbing states! Absorbing states are those states where the probability of returning to itself is exactly 1. So, you’re essentially trapped (mwa-ha-ha) in these absorbing states. 

How does this help us find the probability of winning?

Excellent question! If we want to find the probability of being in the $i^{th}$ state after starting in the $j^{th}$ state after n moves, we simply find $T^n_{i,j}$. This can be done using your favorite computing software (I personally opt for SageMath), or if you’re feeling particularly ambitious, you can do it by hand (but I don’t recommend this, for the sake of your health). 

So if I want to find the probability of winning the game in at most, say, 10 moves, I would look at $T^{10}_{7,4}$, as this entry shows the probability of ending in the 7th state (win!) from the 4th state. Additionally, I could also find the probability of losing after at most 10 moves by looking at $T^{10}_{1,4}$. 

Here’s $T^{10}$ as outputted by SageMath:

Our $T_{7,4}$ entry is $\approx$ 0.7133, giving us a nice 71.33% chance of winning the game in at most 10 moves!

We can continue to raise $T$ to higher and higher powers and see if we can find the values that the probabilities approach, but there’s an easier way! We can find the steady state distribution of our transition matrix. 

The steady state distribution is the vector that when we multiply $T$ by this vector, we just obtain the same vector. In other words, it’s a vector $v$ of probabilities such that $vT = v$. Also, this vector $v$ is actually the eigenvector associated with the eigenvalue of 1!

For the sake of time, and since I’m assuming you’re comfortable with matrix algebra, I’ll leave the solution to you.

After finding the steady state distribution, we can determine that the overall probability of winning is 8/9 and the overall probability of losing is 1/9. Good odds! 

How does this fit into my research? / Preview for the next post!

I’ll talk more in the next post about how I viewed the spread of memes as a Markov chain, but in general, I worked sort of backwards from how I solved this example. In my research, I don’t know my probabilities, and my goal is to try to find them! So I use these ideas to create some ~pretty dope~ equations involving these unknown probabilities and try to match these equations to data sets I obtain from Google Trends. Of course, this will make more sense with my future posts!

Hope you enjoyed! Any questions/comments/concerns, feel free to send me an ask. 

Best wishes and stay positive!

(I promise that wasn’t a math pun)

(Okay, maybe it was)

Update: Here’s Part 2 of this series. 

headcanon: dating alana beck “how you met”

first headcanon EVER but it’s on a subject i daydream daily about so lets see how this goes?? (( feel free 2 request more!!!!!!! ))

so this is how u start dating & BUT IF YOU WANT A PART 2 (about the actual Girlfriendness) I WILL HAPPILY WRITE ONE but i got carried away so heres this :))))))))

warning: this is much longer than ur ready for  (even when u think of what would be a way too long headcanon, it’s longer) bc i’m a fluffy fic writer at heart and keeping things Short is def not my game
also: fem!reader bc i’m Gay for alana and this is what came 2 me easiest for my first go @ it!!!!!!


  • alana beck!!! the beautiful beautiful girl with glasses who’s always in the front row 
  • she’s the president of every club you’ve ever joined & you’ve kind of lost tracks of the clubs you joined out of interest of the topics and the clubs you’ve joined out of interest in her

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hopelesstetris  asked:

Let me preface this with saying that this isn't aimed at anyone in particular. You've had a lot of people sending in asks that talks about their symptoms not harming their school work and such. I test above average intelligence and (I have combined type and) I've struggled with school, would you mind sharing how your diagnosis did affect your lives negatively, but not your school work or grades? Because that's been a hard one for me to wrap my head around. Greatly appreciate it!

This turned into A Very Long Post in which Becca and J Both Wrote Essays, so I put in a Read More.

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anonymous asked:

Hey so I'm also a senior this year and would love to get into some good study habits. Any good tips in terms of stationary and studying in general?

I’ll start with the study space because no matter what habits you have, the study space is where everything takes place.

Study spaces are important.

Keep your study space decluttered so you don’t get easily distracted or overwhelmed.

If you don’t have a study space, look for one ASAP. It has to be a place where:

  • You feel 100% comfortable,
  • Your stuff is within reach,
  • There is a good light source (if it’s early, so you’ll get daylight; if it’s late at night, to avoid shadows in your desk, etc. // Please try to use only natural light.)

Try to minimize distractions. You’d better keep temptations away (e.g. your phone, Nintendo, whatever).  You can keep technology there if you’re gonna need it.

You know what comes with study spaces? Stationery. Hell yeah.

Here’s what I like to keep with me all the time:
• Sticky notes in different sizes, for annotations. Never read without some of these handy.
• Sticky flags/tabs to bookmark!
• Pens and pencils for the obvious.
• Erasers obvs.
• Scissors, glue, and all that jazz in case you ever need them. Just make sure you have some.
• Highlighters (more than one color if it works for you!): you can try color coding [example] and see how it goes.
• Markers and color pencils for when I get artsy.
• Blank stickers! (I use them for a lot of things, like classifying stuff, put titles, make my bookmarks, etc.)

You don’t need fancy, expensive stationery either. My first ever bullet journal was a small notebook I bought at a convenience store, and it’s actually the prettiest (and neatest!) out of them all. No kidding. Just use what you have.

I’m pretty sure you have a lot of papers from all these school years. Organize them. Make sure you’re gonna need them all; if you won’t, get rid of them.

MAKE SURE you have a calendar in here. Your planner works fine too, but it is so useful to have a clear visual reminder of what’s in for you for the whole month. @theorganisedstudent has these wonderful printables that can help you out with this.


Anyway, now with habits.

First, you should read this. It’s about forming (and unforming) habits. // Thanks to @psychedaboutstudying 

These are the habits that have worked for me:

  • Google stuff. Learn more if you have the chance, so you understand something better.
  • I try not to pull all nighters. Basically, sleep.
  • Planning.  Always plan ahead. Keep a planner [Psst, here’s my masterpost]
  • Be responsible. Take your assignments and tests seriously.
  • Start early. In my school, there are two teachers that give out the longest homework, and everybody knows it (other teachers actually don’t assign more stuff because they are aware of it) so to actually feel like I have my life together, I have to start it the same day they assign it, and do bits by bits of the work every day.
  • I make sure to keep an eye on these studying mistakes (so I don’t make them).
  • Use the Pomodoro Technique. I actually didn’t really get the hype for this until I tried it.
  • Try different note-taking techniques. Make this a habit. Learn in different ways. Take notes in different ways and see what works best for you. [Heres @kimberlystudies masterpost]
  • Read before the class. This makes me familiar with the topic, AND the teacher actually gives me a better grade for participating in class (because I know what they are talking about) when the semester ends.
  • Participate in class. Teachers like you more, you’re more involved with what you’re learning, and there are more chances of remembering the lesson.
  • Test yourself frequently. You’ll probably remember stuff easier and for more time.
  • I like to be best buds with teachers, lmao. When I befriend teachers, I get on their good side, and if I have problems with due dates or just about any issue, they give me opportunities, y’know? [True story: I once gave my teacher (with the massive homework) my notebook with like five blank pages, and told her I didn’t get to finish it. She took it anyway, but returned it to me when the day ended and told me to finish it and turn it in later, aND THAT WAS COOL, MAN, BECAUSE THAT WAS 30% OF MY GRADE].
  • I Wake up early. You don’t need to wake up at 4 am like me (I prefer to have more time to do stuff before getting ready for school —school starts at 7 am for me, and I start getting ready at 5:30 am because I take so long.) What I do in the ‘spare time’ is check my phone, read a book, listen to music, work on an assignment, etc.
  • Don’t multitask. Seriously, don’t do it; focus on only one thing instead.
  • I’m often the ‘leader’ in group projects. That helps me be in control of everything (but it’s bad for my perfectionism, I guess), and at the same time, I delegate. I make everybody work. Don’t take anybody’s shit.
  • Annotate. Annotate as much as you can, especially literature! I think this is my fav masterpost about it!
  • Make connections.
  • Always check and correct the answers you got wrong on a test. Seriously, you will remember the right answer later.
  • Ask questions! Always ask for more information (especially if you don’t quite get something!)
  • I try to keep a study routine. Here’s @beautifullearning ‘s guide to establishing a good one.
  • Last, but not less important at all: Don’t stress yourself out. If things get messy, just breathe in and out. Take care of yourself.

I can’t really think of more useful stuff, but I’m gonna link you to some masterposts or articles that are really good and useful!

Secret Study Tips I wish somebody told me by @fearlessroadtomd

Guide to studying by @elkstudies

INTENSE STUDY TIPS at thecollegeprepster

At Home Study Strategies - The “What”

A complete guide to studying (well) by @scholarlysquad

3 Small Discipline Habits You Can Train by @studyfulltime

Achieving academic success in 2016  by @estudying

Things to keep in mind before studying by @izzystudiess

HOW I MANAGE MY TIME by @pensandmachine

How To Start A Study Session (when your really not up for it) by @mystudyzone 

Advice for students: how to concentrate

Study tips for the new semester by @studyingandlattes

what i’ve learnt throughout my years of being a student by @areistotle


I’m sure there are many more great masterposts, but I can’t think of more.

 This is a total mess, hahah. Thank you and happy studying!

K E E P I N G  Y O U R  F O C U S  a How To by mmostudies

I was planning to post this as a thank you for 100 followers, but now there’s twice as much and I can’t emphasize enough on how happy I am to know I can use this blog as a platform to motivate others, and not just myself. Thank you for allowing this to happen! (。◝‿◜。)


So, back to the topic at hand. Whether you’re doing homework or finishing a project, focus is a crucial part of any activity. Oh, and then there’s this procrastination that wears you off of your productivity. There’s only one way to fight it and it’s by throwing a ball of focus with a bat of determination. Here are a few steps you can try to enhance this skill:

1. Be aware of you. Knowing yourself is the key to unlocking any potential in life. In this case, realize what keeps you from doing work and the time interval until you lose your focus. You can jot them down, get rid of the bad habits, and keep the good. It might seem like a simple task, but to really put them into action takes a strong will. Be aware of your own capability. Everyone’s different, that established, so pushing yourself won’t do you as good either. Know your body’s limit and never abandon your own health.

2. Get a head start on your future. What I mean here isn’t paying some gypsy to see yourself studying in a crystal ball. Managing your time into a self-made daily schedule, is the task in this step. I use excel to make a timetable, and print it out to pin on my dashboard. Here’s how my most recent one looks like:

You can say how pretty packed and detailed my schedule is, but it’s only because I like having a grasp of when I can do my activities and adjust to it. There are chunks of small breaks in between that I practice daily and not type it out, like for example, when the teacher hasn’t come to class yet there’s about 5-10 minutes of break I use to play games on my phone, or during my daily bluelight-free time where I can choose to read non-digital books or play cards with my younger sibling (who sleeps even later than I do). You can make your timetable however you wish it to be, to however detailed you wish to ‘see’ happen in the future. In all honesty, I don’t always follow what my schedules say, which is why I leave a white space on my Sunday, where the ‘HW/Study’ time I chose to take a break from in the previous days, I can use in the empty spaces on Sunday. This is really just to help be aware of time and how to track it wisely, so it’s really efficient if you have short attention spans. At the very least, having a schedule will also manage your focus because you’ll have a grip on when you can do one thing then finish the other.

3. Write it down. The studyblr community is, of course, very familiar with the bullet journal method. And yes, they are aesthetic, pleasing to the eye, etc. But it’s not a must. One way I keep track of the things I should do isn’t very pretty, as in, aesthetic bujos are rewards. I own a mini notebook I can carry anywhere to write down what I have to do, and I only transfer them to my bujo once I’ve done all the important tasks. Or you can also type them in an app on your phone, or set it as your lockscreen, but keep in mind that if opening your phone can lead you into opening social medias instead, I suggest to write it down in a place only to jot down a to-do list. And if you’re slow like me, it takes up a lot of time to finish a bujo that pleases my aesthetic sense. Which is why I refer to it as a leisure activity I do in one (long) sitting on my Sundays. Don’t prioritize how your bujo looks, prioritize checking the lists on it.

4. Have a study space. Once you’ve rid of the distractions, create a comfortable space where you only do productive things in. If you own a study room, never do anything else in it so that all thoughts besides studying disappear. If your study desk is in your bedroom like mines, have it face backwards from your bed so you don’t think about how near to taking a nap you are. If it’s spacious, you can try keeping your bed as far away from your desk as you can as equivalent to that of getting rid of your distractions.

5. Set goals, set rewards. What drives you the most? What motivates you? Being the underachiever I am, I take huge pride in doing the smallest progress. Procrastinating is a huge temptation, so sometimes, after tackling it by getting some work done I reward myself with food. You can try making deals with your parents too, like to get you new clothes or stationary if you achieved grades 10 points above the average. You can also allow yourself to watch those TV shows you missed when you’re busy with a project! It’s all up to you.

These are some of the methods I’ve used ever since I became a high school student (I’m now in my senior year) and realized how much things I had to finish in so little time. Keep in mind that, as I mentioned before, everyone is different and that you’re allowed to find some of these steps unsuitable to how you work. Remember to not push yourself too hard and know when to relax! ―(≧∀≦)ゞ

Shoot me an ask if you ever need more tips or more elaboration! (´͈ ᗨ `͈)

ig: mmostudies

I’m reposting this guide thing so that I can keep formatting and tag it and stuff. So again…



Time Management and Organization

  • Don’t procrastinate your stuff. We all say that we won’t, and then it’s three in the morning the night before your Extended Essay is due.
  • Make a plan for what you’re going to do and when you’re going to do it. If you set a schedule for a project (especially if it’s a group project) it will be ten times easier to complete. This is especially useful if the project is your Extended Essay.
  • This tip is especially useful if the project is your Extended Essay.
  • Keeping a planner is critical unless you’re the kind of person who can remember literally everything. In that case, why even study? But in all seriousness, you will forget things and there will be consequences. You can minimize the occurrence by writing everything down in your planner that you have to do.
  • On the subject of planners, I would suggest one that has enough room for each individual day but also has a calendar page for each month. This way, you can write down important dates on the calendar, and plans for each night on the days.
  • Stay organized. Get folders, binders, Lisa Frank trapper keepers - whatever. As long as it holds your stuff and keeps it together and organized. You need things to be in the right place when you need them. Realizing that you lost your history syllabus three days before the final is not something that you want to experience.
  • Personally, I like to color code. It keeps everything according to a certain color and you can match your notebooks with your folders. It also makes things easy to find and associate and just helps generally with organization. Plus, I’m anal retentive and won’t take my history notes in any notebook that isn’t blue. 
  • Try generally not to waste time. I am 100% guilty of this - let’s get real, I run an IB blog. If you need to blacklist sites like tumblr or twitter or whatever, do it. We all say that we’re going to be productive, and then realize that we’ve tweeted more words than we’ve written in our essays. Oops.
  • That being said, take breaks. Staring a computer screen for four hours isn’t going to write that essay any faster. If you’re getting burnt out, take a small break. Don’t get carried away, but let yourself recollect. 
  • Plan ahead and all that jazz. If you know you have a debate tournament Saturday and a Biology lab due Monday, build in some time to do things.
  • Try not to shut down when everything comes crashing in. Just sit down, take a mental break, and get to work. Just do it, don’t complain. Okay, complain a little, but then get to work. The faster you do it, the faster you can go to sleep.
  • Speaking of, build in time for sleep. It’s important. Sure, it becomes a little bit of a contest to see who can run off of the smallest amount of sleep, but really everyone just ends up crabby and then you get sick. Manage your time effectively so you can sleep, because it is hella important.

Class Help

  • Use your resources. There are a ton of things out there that you can use to help you. These include but are not limited to: sample EE’s/IA’s/Papers/Essays, guides from IB survivors graduates, textbooks, IB study guides, IB forums, other IB students, and Wikipedia.
  • IB Survival:
  • (if you’re Biology) Bio Ninja: (there’s an app too, and let whatever higher power there may be smite me where I stand if it isn’t what got me through IB Bio HL I)
  • There’s a bunch of other things too: ask, and you shall receive. Those are what I’ve mostly used. You can look up tons of past papers and stuff. Just google “sample [insert subject] Extended Essays” or “good Musical Investigations” or whatever you need and things should pop up.
  • (If someone knows more about websites/other help resources than me, please add to this list.)
  • Message or talk to other people in IB or those that have gone through what you’re doing. I am always open for questions, although this blog may not always be active once I enter college next year. People know tricks, and everyone has different methods. It helps, really, and most people will be cool answering questions and stuff.
  • Make friends with your teachers. Do your best not to get on their bad side, because the more they like you, the more lenient they will be to help you out in your time of need. Plus, they can be pretty awesome people.


  • Stay on top of your stuff. CAS is hella easy to forget about in the midst of classes, especially in your first semester of IB. However, if you don’t do it and stay on top of it, depending on how lenient your CAS supervisor people are and your school is, there is a chance that you could be barred from getting your diploma as early as the end of your first semester of IB. Just do it.
  • You can use weird stuff for CAS. If you wonder if you can propose it, you probably can. You can also create activities. For example, a couple of years ago an IB class at my school created an IB Kickball league for CAS and some of them proposed it as “Planned and Initiated Activities” and it counted as Activity. 
  • Literally, if you think it, you can propose it.
  • You can also use normal stuff that you do. Like I’ve been involved in Band since my freshman year and the past two years I’ve used Band Camp as Creativity and Action. It doesn’t have to be some outrageous project.
  • Don’t get behind on CAS.
  • Ever.
  • You will regret it.

The Extended Essay

  • Get this thing done over the summer.I cannot stress this enough. You are going to be dealing with things like college applications and senior year things in your senior year. You do not want have the EE hanging over you like a sword through all of this.
  • I did not do my EE over the summer. I regretted it for the majority of my first semester of senior year.
  • Pick something that you know you will like. Don’t pick a topic because it sounds “easy”. Protip: It’s going to be work anyways. Might as well do something that you at least somewhat enjoy. It’ll make immersing yourself in it for 6+ months a lot less painful.
  • You know, you should really work on it finish it over the summer.
  • Play to your strengths. Choose a subject area that you know you’re good it. Maybe you think that modular forms and the Taniyama-Shimura-Weil conjecture in mathematics is super cool, but your English teacher just said that your last essay was a 7 on the IB scale and you’re struggling to keep your math grade at a C. It might be wiser to choose the subject area that you’re stronger in. 
  • Plus, modular forms and Taniyama-Shimura-Weil are super cool, but…yeesh. That’s so over my head it’s in orbit.
  • That being said, if you have a passion for something, pursue it. You have the choice of what you want to make happen and how much you’re going to put into it.
  • Make a plan. Setting deadlines for yourself and sticking to them will keep you honest and keep you on track. It is a whole lot easier to do your EE in pieces rather than trying to cram the entire process into the last two weeks before the deadline.
  • Do the gosh-darn thing over the summer.
  • Choose a supervisor that you like and who will be helpful to you in your process. Mine was super cool, and I got lucky. A good supervisor can help you out so, so, so much especially if they specialize in your topic area. We have one teacher at my school that is super good with Latin/Roman history, and so most of the essays under that subject will go to him for supervision.
  • Make sure that you have a good research base for your essay. For me, I didn’t really realize what I needed research-wise until I made a basic outline for my essay. But whatever you need, make sure you get it. Outline what you are going to cover and what you will need for it. Filling personal requirements is easier than searching blindly in the dark for possibly useful sources.
  • Get your research done, then start writing your essay. Then you can just write, and not be searching for more information in the process.
  • You know what you’re going to love? Having your EE done because you finished it over the summer.
  • Do your best to get as close to 4,000 words as you can, but don’t have tons of word filler or superfluous information. The less fluff, the more good stuff and the more bonus points you’ll get with your grader.
  • Compare to the rubric. It exists. You should know it and reference it because it tells you exactly what you need.
  • Read a lot of really good EE’s in your subject area. It shows you what the best look like, and gives you an example to follow.
  • Peer edit, and tell them to be brutally honest.
  • Did I mention that you should do it over the summer?
  • Ultimately though, the endgame is that you just need to pass your EE. It doesn’t have to be an A, although you should strive for that. All that matters is that you pass it and pass ToK and then neither of those will keep you from getting your diploma.
  • Also, even if you do fail your EE or ToK, what you’ll get is the failing condition. What this means is that you need 28 diploma points from your exams and all that to get your diploma instead of 24. So you still could get your diploma, but it’ll be harder. 
  • So really, even if you’re finishing your EE at 4 a.m. the night before it’s due, you’re not completely sunk.
  • That won’t matter though, because you did it over the summer.

Being a part of IB

  • This is where IB gets pretty nifty. When you become an IB student, you are becoming part of a worldwide community of people that are doing the same thing that you are.
  • It’s pretty freaking cool.
  • The IB community is real, whether you’re on tumblr, a forum, or going to college. I had an interviewer on a college visit that was from a country other than my own and had graduated IB in 2008. We were  able to talk about IB at great length, and it was a great common ground.
  • It’s important to get to know the other people in your class as well. Depending on your school situation, the size of your IB class can vary. Some schools around the world are entirely IB. Others have IB classes that have less than 10 people. Personally, my IB class has about 40 people in it. We’ve all had the same classes with each other for the past year and a half, and we all got to know each other pretty well.
  • Be friends with the people in your class and work together. This thing is so much easier when you are working through it with other people, and I cannot stress this enough. Being able to work with others and share resources is invaluable. Someone makes a Quizlet for the biology quiz? Be the one to step up next time and share your history study guide.
  • I’m not saying cheat. I’m saying don’t leave a man behind and help each other out. You’re going to need one of your classmates sometime, and they’re going to be more willing you help you out if you’ve helped them out of a tight spot in the past.
  • Plus, it’s a lot of fun to have classes with the same people if you actually like them and get along with them. It makes for some good times and lasting friendships.
  • Basically, collaborate and enjoy the fact that you are a part of a global community. This is my favorite part about IB. The fact that I can run a dumb blog and have 250 people read it that understand exactly what I’m talking about is something that astounds me. It’s incredible, and has expanded my world view so much. I live in the middle of the freaking US, but I’ve had conversations with people from all over the world. It’s pretty awesome, and that’s something you should be aware of and appreciate.

Trust me, you like Google a whole lot

  • Google Drive is your best friend. Drive has saved my butt so many times. 
  • If you don’t know about it, it’s this funky little thing that Google has made that allows you to save documents, presentations, spreadsheets, etc. online on your account. 
  • You can share documents and stuff with other people super easily, and the best part?
  • You can edit them together in real time.
  • Four people could be working on the same outline on the same, and if one person types something, it would show up on the other three people’s screens as they type it. It’s awesome for group projects.
  • Plus, Google+ hangouts are basically Skype but with multiple people and collaborative Sporcle. It’s especially useful when it’s midnight and you have a project due the next day that is only half finished. You can all be video chatting while you work on a presentation together on Google Drive!
  • If you don’t have a Google Drive or a Google account, you should do that and tell your entire class to do it. It makes sharing resources so much easier and working a whole lot less painful. It will be a very good decision.

Final tips

  • Push through it! Things will get tough. You might experience some tough times, but don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s hard. You can do it. Really.
  • Stay organized. Stay organized. Stay organized. This is critical. Doing your assignments and studying is a lot easier for you to do if you have your materials on hand.
  • Be friends with your class. It makes this whole two year thing more fun.
  • Stay on top of your stuff. Staying ahead is better than trying to play catch up.
  • Do your EE over the summer.
  • Reach out to others who have gone through IB or have some experience in whatever subject area you need help in. In my experience, most people have been pretty cool about answering questions.
  • Do things that you enjoy as well. Try not to be the person that is only school and no fun. Stay focused, but let yourself do you every once and a while. We all need a weekend where we binge watch something on Netflix or write an entire album’s worth of songs. Whatever floats your boat.
  • Try to have fun! 
  • Did I just say have fun?
  • Yeah, I did. If you’re going into IB, chances are that you’re up to the challenge and probably haven’t been super challenged before (Ayyyyyyy, the majority of the US public education system represent!). Embrace the challenge, and do your best. Working hard can be fun. Try to enjoy yourself. It makes everything a lot less painless, and to some degree it is a conscious effort.
  • You can do it! I promise!

This was a super long thing that doesn’t have probably nearly enough, and I’ll probably add to it or make another one in the future. But this is what has come out of my experience, and most of what I have to offer. I really hope that it helps people out! As always, I am always available for questions even if this blog isn’t actively being run like eight months from now. 

Best of luck!

New Kid

Requested by a lovely friend of mine.

Authors Note: This Peter Parker is based off of the Amazing Spider Man. Requests are also open for now :)

Originally posted by alyciascarey

Being a senior in high school, had its benefits here and there. Except, you were only a few months away from finally graduating and getting the hell out of there. You enjoyed most of your classes, but what you didn’t enjoy, was your chemistry class.

Chemistry was always a struggling topic for you, therefore you were always getting not the best grades on your class work or tests.

As of lately, your chemistry teacher mentioned of a partner project but you were honestly kind of dreading from it since you didn’t really know anyone in this class.

Meanwhile in class, as your teacher was giving out their daily lecture, you couldn’t help yourself but doze off into the distance. As you were looking around in class, your eyes stopped at a male figure from across the room.

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Sins of the Father - 3.17

Get ready for a Klingon-heavy episode, kids, because we have them in DROVES.

We start out by learning that Riker has recently completed a stint on a Klingon warbird in some sort of “office exchange” program, which I imagine involved a lot of him hitting on lady Klingons and subsequently being punched in the face. It was probably great. Now, the Enterprise is hosting a Klingon officer in return. His name is Kurn.

Or as I like to spell it, K ur   n #deepcutkernjokes

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“The 17th Oki Naomi no Ii Otoko Matsuri” (Part 1)

Video credits: tamakase9

So, with both Ryo-kun and Shuuto-kun on the same show, there’s bound to be epic levels of adorableness, and they certainly do not disappoint. xD My personal highlights:

1. Shuuto-kun is asked what he likes best about Ryo-kun, and is there anything about Ryo-kun that he wants Ryo-kun to change (btw, even before we move into the question, Naomi-san comments on their relationship during the backstage of Hakuoki Myu, and she said, “They are honestly like brothers. And, they are very lovey-dovey ("icha icha”).“ :P).

Naomi-san: You must give your comments… For the Matsuda fans. I heard that you’ve even imitated his hairstyle?

Shuuto-kun: Haha! Yeah, I did my hair [like him]…

Shuuto-kun: Matsuda, if there is one thing I like about him, it’s that.

Naomi-san: Which part?

Shuuto-kun: His face.

Naomi-san: Ah, his face.

Shuuto-kun: Yes, yes.

Naomi-san: That I understand. He has a nice face, doesn’t he?

Shuuto-kun: That face… I think he is the Number 1 best looking guy in Japan.

Naomi-san: How do I put it… It’s [his face is] like a sculpture’s.

Shuuto-kun: It’s amazing.

Naomi-san: He’s only become manlier.

Shuuto-kun: I can’t compare.

Naomi-san: No, no, Miyazaki-kun is good looking too.

Shuuto-kun: The dressing room is fun… Being surrounded by handsome guys.

Naomi-san: Right?

Shuuto-kun: It’s like… [By the way] I’m not a homo!

Naomi-san: Yes, it’s like a compilation of art. If you came to the dressing room, you’d definitely get a nosebleed.

Shuuto-kun: Yes, yes.

Naomi-san: And, on the verge of a nosebleed, I move forward. Then, the part of him you would like him to change? Is there any?

Shuuto-kun: There’s none.

Naomi-san: None?

Shuuto-kun: I think he’s just fine the way he is.

Naomi-san: He’s really serious, isn’t he?

Shuuto-kun: He’s serious or he’s just breezing through [life], I don’t know…

Naomi-san: Everytime I read Matsuda-kun’s blog, I always think, [he’s] ‘the serious type’ to the point of wanting to tsukkomi him.

Everything about this is just LOL! They both sound so serious discussing the prettiness of Ryo-kun’s face xDDDDD

2. Shuuto-kun being cutely embarrassed after his "confession”. Kawaii~!!!

3. Also, it’s interesting to note that Shuuto-kun initially wanted to be a kindergarten teacher (mostly because he loves children ♥), and he even went to an open campus to study for it, but it was a very girl-dominated scene and he didn’t have a single guy friend, and he felt like he couldn’t do it. He had known that his basketball senior had become an actor, and since he admired him, he thought it would be nice if he could one day meet with that senior, and that’s the reason why Shuuto-kun eventually entered the entertainment business.

4. OMGGGGGG~ How cute are these people? When they began Hakuouki, they weren’t yet at the age where they could drink beer, so they kanpai-ed using Calpis (which is a Japanese uncarbonated soft drink) xDDDDD

5. Then, we move on to Ryo-kun, who, from the very beginning is very, very Ryo-kun… xDDDDDD That is a highlight in itself actually. LOL!

6. Since Shuuto-kun was questioned about Ryo-kun, it is only fair that Ryo-kun is asked about Shuuto-kun in return, so… xD

Ryo-kun: If I really had to say something, it would be his face.

Naomi-san: Did you match your answers?

Ryo-kun: Um…

Naomi-san: You didn’t match your answers?

Ryo-kun: Yeah, we matched our answers. Well, if I really have to say it, other than his face, there is nothing else I like about him.

Naomi-san: Eh~? I don’t think that’s true at all… And, the part of him you would like him to change?

Ryo-kun: The part of him I want him to change… If I had to answer honestly, there is nothing really. He is a really nice guy. And, I know I said “other than that there’s nothing I like”, well… I actually like everything about him.

Ryo-kun, you are horrible~ Lololololol! This is probably why I love him so much… Ryo-kun is the type that you naturally want to tease (as proven by how he is constantly teased by his co-stars xDDDD), but he can also be very witty and sarcastic, and he has a deadpan sense of humour; the gap between those sides of him is just dfghklkjhgfdfgh ♥ On top of that, he can also be disarmingly honest and very sincere, and it’s an all round mixture that is incredibly endearing. xD

7. Speaking of the type that people like to tease, it immediately moves on to Naomi-san teasing Ryo-kun about the contents of his blog (which includes stories of his grandparents etc.), and Ryo-kun is just like, “Please, don’t mention that here!” LOLLLLL! He gets even more embarrassed though when Naomi-san describes him as a “good boy”, someone who has “a beautiful heart” and someone who is “very passionate” (that is a literal translation of what she said xD).

8. And, it really doesn’t stop there. LOL! First, Naomi-san makes him do an “impression” (“monomane”), and he does one of Ikko-san (a famous variety entertainer). When asking him about the type of girl he likes, he attempts to describe her personality (which amounts to, “I like a girl who is naturally herself.” Ryo-kun, you are adorable~), and Naomi-san’s just like, “I get that. Now, what about her physical appearance?” ROFL! They then both get side-tracked to Ryo-kun’s cooking capabilities (at the time, he was into making dumplings) xDDDD before moving back to the actual topic. It gets even more comical because it becomes something like,

Naomi-san: So, do you like a girl with small eyes, big eyes…?

Ryo-kun: If I had to say it… Both are fine.

Naomi-san: How about hairstyle? Long hair, short hair, semi-long hair…?

Ryo-kun: I like a girl who’s bald.


9. Then, Ryo-kun tries to run away when Naomi-san makes him do a “proposal” (this is his second time participating, so since he did a “confession” before she decided to change things up a bit xD). Ryo-kun gets embarrassed to the point where he actually takes his coat off because his body temperature has risen so much! ROFL!

10. As she reads out his upcoming projects, she comments on how busy Ryo-kun is and asks him, “What would you like to do if you got a day off?” To, which Ryo-kun replies, “I’d laze around at home.” Which led to this little conversation,

Naomi-san: Wouldn’t it be nice to go over? It’s something that we’d imagine…

Ryo-kun: Anytime.

Naomi-san: Truly? I’d force feed you natto [Note: Ryo-kun hates natto xDDDD]

Ryo-kun: In that case, seriously, no.


I think what I love most about this is that Naomi-san is clearly very, very fond of Ryo-kun. She teases him playfully but also compliments him honestly, and there is a very lovely rapport between them that makes it fun to watch. ♥

There is a Part 2 to this, but I’ll end my post here for now because OMG, look at all that rambling~ xDDDD If anyone is interested in Part 2, just follow the link and there’s a video entitled, “第17回 沖直実のいい男祭り 初夏の陣 (第2部)”. I’ll also provide the link in the next part of my fangirl rambles~ xDDDDD


ruinedhands said:

Hi Auntie MJ! I am a person who is being raised a girl (although I’m not). I’m also a person who has been raised to believe I’m not allowed to hold any opinions of my own. Typically it is my father who’s opinion must dictate my own. Occasionally it is my mother, teacher, or whoever it is who is more “senior” than myself. Needless to say, this leads to me being unable to have a productive debate/argument/discussion with multiple viewpoints. Do you have some advice for me to learn to do that?

Dear Ruinedhands,

You may not be surprised to know I stopped on the first sentence of your question. That right there is problem enough for anyone. I made it the title of this post because it is the first thing you told me. Since the second part of your question is actually pretty easy to answer, I’ll start there and then we’ll return to the top.

The parents not letting you have/not listening to your opinions is actually a pretty common complaint among teenagers. (I’m assuming you’re a teen/young adult—if you are not, I have more questions.) We have known about this throughout all of recorded history, even as far back as 1988, when Will Smith (then the Fresh Prince) released the seminal treatise on the topic: Parents Just Don’t Understand.

One of the earliest recorded works on the subject.

In all but the most extreme cases (truly extremist situations, dictatorships, etc.) parents are certainly aware that their children must have their own opinions, and that those opinions may vary from theirs. We all fundamentally know we can’t crawl into another person’s brain and nest there. We can grumble about it or try to exert influence, but most of us know that other people exist and have their own brains. 

I think what happens is more that parents often do not feel that their children possess sufficient experience to form opinions and therefore try to impose their own until some future, supposed date in which their children have learned enough, whatever enough is. This usually happens for the best of reasons, namely, worry that something will happen to you if you make a mistake. This isn’t always the reason, but it’s often so. 

There’s no timestamp on this. Parents can go on believing forever that their children don’t know enough. I think sometimes people fail to make the leap of imagination when it concerns other people’s knowledge and experience—if people don’t know what they know, what they have experienced, how can they know anything? Of course, the fallacy in this is that they themselves have not experienced everything. We’re all missing information. We all form our opinions based on what we’ve experienced and processed, and what we see and experience is, by the very nature of experience itself, VERY LIMITED.

I’m saying that we’re all just figuring it out.

It’s actually true that when you are young, your database may not be quite as full simply because you’re young and have just started filling it. Sometimes parents make a fair call and protect us from the really bad mistakes. BUT! Our individual capacity to take in and process information varies considerably from person to person. Also, we need to make mistakes. That’s how we learn.

I’m saying that just because you’re young doesn’t mean you can’t know things. You’re just going to know more as you go on. And for sure you will screw up and change your mind about things. All sorts of things will happen. This is life. There will always be pressure and influence. Most of our current consumer/political/24 hours news coverage culture is entirely based on trying to influence us to want stuff or fear stuff. Throughout it all, your mind is your own. But it does help to be able to see when and how we are being influenced.

First bit of advice: read, read, read, read, read, read, read, read. Talk to people. This is how you become informed and learn different points of view.

Now, as to how to learn how to discuss opinions once you form them AND how to see what tricks are being used to influence else—TO THE INTERNET! Obviously, never read the comments. However, you can use the internet to learn RHETORIC, the art and science of argumentation. There are loads of sites and books about this. And this is a handy chart of rhetorical fallacies to help you take a discussion or text apart and see if it stands up to reason.   You can talk online, in class, with friends. Use every outlet you have. (Also, THE LIBRARY. You can get a BOOK on rhetoric. It will be your friend.)

Seriously. Rhetoric. An old-timey sounding thing, but the most critical when you’re trying to navigate the waters of influence.

HOWEVER, and this however is big, being young does not mean you are wrong about yourself. Our selves can be pretty nebulous concepts. While we change over time, some things we know from early on. You happen to know you’re not a girl.

I don’t know if you’ve talked to your parents about not being a girl. Since you started with that, I feel like maybe you are asking about how to express this to your parents? Maybe? I can’t give you specific advice on how to handle your situation, because I don’t know how safe and secure you feel. I don’t know if you have talked to your parents. Anything could be going on with your family. I will make no assumptions. But if you need outside support, The Trevor Project is always a good place to start. And there are loads of online resources I am sure you (or hope you) have seen.

Here is the important thing, though, just in case this is the real question and just in case you need to hear this from someone: Auntie MJ knows you’re not a girl because you told me so. That is all the information that is required. That you’re not a girl is not an opinion—it’s a fact. You can debate politics or whatever all day long, but this is not a debate. You don’t need to justify it to anyone.

Good luck out there.


Auntie MJ

Ask Auntie MJ is a thing Maureen Johnson does once a week, usually between Wednesday and Friday, whether anyone wants her to or not. You can submit questions using the ask button.

Breaking the Ice- Cameron Dallas Imagine for Jaime

I sighed, tapping my pencil on the front of my textbook. I wasn’t even paying attention to the lecture that Mr. Clark was giving about the Golden Age of the Byzantine Empire. I was too caught up in the fact that the spring dance was in a week, and I didn’t have a date yet. No one had asked me. 

I had someone on my mind too, someone who I could only imagine asking me to the dance. 
Cameron Dallas. He was a senior like me, famous on Vine. So of course, girls were all over him. He could have any girl he wanted, why the hell would he choose me? I’m quiet and I sit in the back of the class and only talk to my friends. I don’t think there’s an amount of money high enough that I wouldn’t pay for Cameron Dallas to ask me to the dance. 


Students shuffled to get their books, no one caring or even listening to hear Mr. Clark’s announcement about homework. I shoved my books into my backpack, picking up my Starbucks cup and leaving the room with my best friends Clara, and Grace. 

“You looked down in the dumps all class.” Grace nudged my shoulder, and I sighed, shrugging as we walked towards the cafeteria for lunch. 

“I’m fine.” What a lie. 

“Is it because of the dance?” Clara asked, seeming unsure if it was an okay topic to be discussing. 

I looked up at her, (she was taller… and wearing heels) and nodded, “I can’t help but wonder what the hell is wrong with me.” I picked at my nails, taking a sip from my almost cold coffee. 

“Babe!” Grace squealed, slinging her arm around me, “Nothing’s wrong with you. Guys here are awkward, I’m sure one will grow the balls to finally ask you out." 

"You’re only saying that because you and Clara both already have dates.” I pointed out, cocking an eyebrow up, “And besides, I don’t want just anybody to ask me." 

"Is this about Cameron?” Grace sighed, waving at a friend for a split-second befoe turning back, “I thought you guys were friends." 

"Yeah, didn’t you have a semester project with him last quarter?” Clara asked, and I nodded. It was true, Cameorn and I have talked before. We’ve hung out, but only for the project. I have his number, but I’m too scared to use it. What if he didn’t reply? I know it’s dramatic, but I couldn’t live with that humiliation. 

“I did, yeah. I guess we’re friends. But he has girls all over him all the time, I’m sure he’ll ask a cheerleader or some other popular girl.” I rolled my eyes at the thought. 

“Well, I guess you’ll just have to wait and see what happens.” Clara said with a little amusement in her voice. What was so funny? I was genuinely upset and concerned about this whole situation, and she finds it amusing? I mean, it’s probably normal to, her and Grace have both got lovely boyfriends who love them very much, and I’m still a single pringle. 

“I guess.” I finally sighed, as we walked into the noisy cafeteria. It was packed, and I could already feel the headache coming on. 

“Let’s go to the courtyard. It’s too noisy in here.” Grace scrunched up her nose, and you nodded immediately. Anything to get you away from these loud kids. You followed your two friends through the back door, leading to a lovely, sunny little courtyard that was occupied by only a few other kids.

You smiled, taking in the sunshine and sat down at the table your friends chose. “So, have Jonah and Max been talking about the dance a lot?” You asked, trying to start conversation. Deep down, it kind of hurt you to talk about their boyfriends, because Max and Jonah treated Grace and Clara like princesses. You’d never get treated like a princess by anyone, let alone Cameron.

You swallowed your Goldfish blandly, just shoving more into your mouth to give you something to do other than think grumpy thoughts. “Actually, I haven’t talked to him about it. I just showed him a picture of my dress.” Grace shrugged, talking about Max. “What about you-”

Did she literally just ask you that. Her breath caught quietly in the back of her throat, and her eyes widened. You could tell she was sorry, so you just shook it off. Whatever.
There was a little more tension now, so you just went back to eating your Goldfish and thinking about your plans for the week. Clara took out her phone, blinking to adjust to the light of the screen.

“Jaime, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to-”

“It’s fine Grace, really.” You shot her a comforting smile, it really wasn’t her fault. She let it slip, you only felt a bit worse now. Clara pursed her lips, looking up from her phone. Suddenly, a bright smile overcame her pretty face, and she jumped up, “Hey Jonah!”

Oh great. More lovey dovey crap. Just keep eating your Goldfish Jamie, ignore it. You liked Jonah, he was cool. he was also best friends with Cameron, and they were always together. But where was Cameron?

“What are you doing here babe?” Clara asked, as Jonah pecked her cheek. He was holding something behind his back, so he couldn’t hug his girlfriend back. Jonah had this smug look on his face, looking at Clara like she already knew exactly what was going on. What were you missing?

“I actually have a message. For Jaime.” Clara let go of Jonah, and he came over to me. I furrowed my eyebrows, swallowing my food.

“For me?” You asked, a little surprised. Who would be sending you a message?

“Mhm.” Jonah nodded, and took the object from behind his back. It was a huge ice cube.

“I get some ice?" You asked, taking the huge cube from him. Jonah, Clara, and grace all laughed. What was so funny?! You didn’t think anything was funny. This was literally just an ice cube on steroids.

"There’s a message inside. Smash it.” Jonah nodded for you to carry on, and you narrowed your eyes, “Who the hell would send me a message in a damn ice cube.”

“C'mon Jaime, just do it.” Grace pleaded, nudging your shoulder. You shrugged, why not? Why eat your lunch and use your lunch time wisely when you can smash big ice cubes. Yolo?

You sighed, raising the cube above your head and smashing it on the ground. The ice shattered, and heads turned. Pink rose to your cheeks, as you ignored the looks and dug around the ice for the message. It was a little laminated piece of paper, with Sharpie writing on it. very familiar handwriting, but you couldn’t put your finger on it.

It said, now that we’ve broken the ice (haha ;) meet me in the auditorium.

That was it. Who sent this?

“Who is this from?" You looked up to your friends, who shrugged even though they obviously knew who it was from. Little shits.

"You better go find out.” Clara winked. You sighed, stepping over the ice and taking the message with me you, “I’ll be back.”

“I can’t believe she hasn’t caught on yet.” You heard Jonah snicker to his girlfriend, who erupted in giggles.

What are they even talking about? You were so confused, who would even send you this?

You walked to the auditorium, anxiety building up. What if this was all a prank, pulled by your friends? No, Clara and Grace would never do that to you. Would they?

You creaked the wooden doors of the auditorium open, letting the cool air envelope you as you stepped inside. You looked around the dark room, nearly tripping on a seat. The stage was dark, there was no one here. You walked around a bit, disappointment setting in with each step. The auditorium was empty, there was no one waiting for you here.

Dammit. It was a stupid prank. You felt so foolish, how stupid could you be? No one would ever ask you to the dance, how could you think that this wasn’t a trick? You felt tears well up in your eyes, you needed to get out of here. This was so mean, why would your own friends do this to you?

“Hello?” You called out, in spite of yourself. You just had to check to make sure the place was empty. Nothing.

You sighed, ruffling your hair and turning around. You didn’t want to face your friends, you didn’t want to hear their laughs and snickers about you. You wanted to yell and scream at them how this prank was unfair and went too far, but betrayal was heavy on your shoulders and you just wanted to cry.

You walked back to the doors, opening them.

Suddenly, there was a flickering noise. Like, lights switching on. You whipped around, startled, to see the stage lit up. A gasp escaped your lips, as you saw it was covered with pale pink balloons, your favorite color.

In the center of all the balloons, was the star of the show. Holy mother of chest pains. Cameron Dallas.

You stared at the stage in shock, as Cameron looked on you with a smile. He was holding a bouquet of daisies, your favorite flower. How did he remember all your favorite things? You felt a smile light up your face, as you walked closer. You felt like you were floating on air, you were unsure whether you were breathing or not.

You walked up the stairs of the stage with your shaky legs, facing Cameron.

“Hi.” He smiled, and you blushed. “Hi.”

“I take it you got my message.” Cameron smirked, winking at you and rolling back and forth on his heels. You giggled, “Yeah I got it, it was clever.”

“Thanks.” Cam laughed, “But anyways. I wanted to ask you something.”

You felt your heart thumping in your chest. Cameron Dallas was about to ask you only something you have dreamed of.

“Go on.” You nodded, with a small smile. Cameron returned it, “Well, after our project last semester, we didn’t really talk much which upset me. You’re a great girl.”

“I am?” You almost choked, and Cameron laughed his musical laugh, nodding, “Yeah, and I really like you, Jaime. I’m sorry we lost contact, but hopefully all of this, ” he motioned to the whole stage and set up he’s done for you, “makes up for it.”

You grinned, he liked you. He liked you. You let out a shaky sigh, “This definitely makes up for it, don’t worry.”

“So, will you go to the dance with me?” Cameron asked, licking his lips nervously. Was he nervous? Because there was no way in hell you were saying no to this beautiful boy. You beamed again, running up to him and hugging him. His strong arms wrapped around you, lifting you up off the ground a little. You inhaled his faint scent, you forgot how great it felt to hug him. And now, you were going to the dance together. You thought this day was going to be crap, but look how it turned out!

“I thought you’d never ask.”

Crush (Luke)

A/N: This title has been called various different things and all have been terrible, so I apologise in that area. Please leave feedback- it’s always welcome, and feel free to request and check out any of my other writing.

Word Count: 2,177

Rating: Again, language, but that’s all.

The day Luke Hemmings walked into your class in the middle of junior year, you knew he was doomed. He walked in, smiled, and tripped, sending sheets and pens flying across the room, and sending the students into fits of giggles. You gave him pity, and you and a few other students helped him gather up his things. After that it was one disaster after another, he mumbled his name and the teacher called him “Fluke” for the rest of the day, making the class giggle harder.

He was sat in the very middle of the class, two seats across from you. Your eyes never left his lanky body as he hunched over his seat and tried to find a pen- all of which he’d stuffed at the bottom of his bag, making loud disruptions for the next thirty seconds (but what felt like three hours), digging them out. He finally looked up to the teacher and began to take down some notes, which you realised you should be doing also. Your gaze left him and you focused on the lesson, but when the bell went Luke stood up, took one step and was tripped over by the guy in front of him. This time, however, nothing fell out of Luke’s bag. He just stumbled and tried to collect himself before continuing out of the class.

“Don’t.” You hissed at the jock who’d picked on him. He turned around and looked at you, shrugging. “It’s not nice. It’s his first day.” You stood up and tried to catch up with Luke, but you couldn’t find him. Rumour had it he’d retreated to the boy’s bathrooms and spent all of lunch there, sitting on a toilet. You really did feel bad for him.

A tiny ping in your chest rose every time he walked into your English class, and he sat down, looking out for anyone who’d attempted to sabotage him. Eventually everyone ignored him, and you had been trying to work up your courage to talk to him. Your group of friends hadn’t mentioned Luke much, but you knew Michael had at least gym with him, and you’d seen them talking once or twice. You’d suggested maybe inviting him to sit with you so he could make friends.

“Can’t he make his own?” Michael had asked, sitting back. “Or are you doing everything for him?” He’d raised his eyebrows and you glared at him, before turning to the rest of them. They’d all agreed to it, a few of the girls wanting to know if he was hot.

Which you wouldn’t answer.

Towards the end of your junior year, you’d been paired up with Luke in a chemistry class. For a split second it didn’t hit you that “Mr Hemmings” was Luke, as you’d been used to being paired up with the same student every time. It wasn’t until he sat beside you, tall and blonde and still clumsy, that you made the realisation and your heart palpitated.

“Oh, Hi.” You smiled, moving your things to one side of the desk, giving Luke room to  place his things down. “Luke, right? I’m (Y/N).” You told him. He nodded.

“Yeah, I’m Luke. I’m in your… uh..” He coughed. “English class.” He blushed a little at the memory of his eventful first day. “So what do you want to do?” He asked, pointing to the list of projects your teacher had given you the choice of doing. Your eyes scanned down them, and you shrugged. You hadn’t a lot of knowledge on what these in particular were.

“You can choose, I’m not really opinionated on the topic.” You told him. “I just like to do it.” You shrugged, and he smiled, nodding. He picked a topic sheepishly, and you nodded, opening your book at the page you found the information. You spent the rest of the class discussing your theories for the project, and how you were going to lay it out. When the bell rang, Luke sighed, packing his bags. You didn’t know what he did when there was free time, but you looked up and his downtrodden expression and decided it probably wasn’t desirable.

“Hey.” You smiled, and he looked over. “Do you wanna hang out?” You asked. “At Lunch?” You motioned out the door and Luke just stared. “If you don’t want to, it’s okay.” You told him, beginning to stutter. You hadn’t realised just how tall Luke actually was, and that he must be so clumsy because of his height.

“No.” He smirked lightly, showing off his smile. You sighed. He was definitely attractive, making it very hard to understand why the jocks hadn’t just snapped him up and taken him into their group. They weren’t even jocks, they were just attractive people who could run further than others.

“(Y/N)?” Luke asked, waving a hand in front of you. You looked away from wherever you’d obviously been staring into space, and up to him. “I asked if you were sure, and you… didn’t answer.” Luke narrowed his eyes. “Are you sure it’s alright for me to hang out with you?” He asked.

“Of course!” You smiled. “As long as you don’t hate my friends instantly- they’re pretty intense.” You scratched the back of your neck, before picking up your bags and quickly heading out the door, Luke following quickly behind. “Sorry it took me so long to talk to you, it’s just I never know how to approach people at first, and before he even breathes, I apologise for Michael.” You told Luke in a hurry, before turning the corner and facing the cafeteria doors, pushing them open.

Luke looked like he’d never been I the cafeteria, and when you thought about it, you’d never really seen him in it before. You smiled to your friends, who were sitting off to the side somewhere. Your friend’s eyes all fell too Luke, and you saw them sizing him up. They didn’t seem too put off, which was good. In fact, all of the girls who were at your table sat up straighter. The boys all looked confused, digging further into their food.

“So there aren’t as many boys as there are girls,” You told Luke, taking a tray. He did the same, slowly looking around the room. “At the table, but don’t worry, because the boy’s personalities definitely… make up for their lack of number, shall we say.” You laughed, throwing some stuff onto your tray. Luke took one or two things, and a drink, and you paid, before talking over. Luke sat down after you, between you and Ashton.

“This is Luke, he’s my Chemistry partner.” You told them, smiling to Luke. He looked down at his feet, blushing slightly. Everyone said hey and Calum smiled.

“LUKE!” He smiled, and Luke blinked. “Dude!” Calum nodded. “You’re in my music class, I knew it was you. Holy shit, you guys, he’s awesome at guitar.” Calum smiled enthusiastically, and you saw Luke’s eyes widen.

“I… Thanks.” Luke smiled.

The December of your senior year, you were surprisingly early to school. You were sitting on the steps outside the front door, on your phone, when Luke flopped down beside you. You raised your eyebrows. He was normally as late as you were. He placed his chin on your shoulder, looking at your phone over your shoulder. You shook your head, locking it.

“No.” you warned. He pouted. The reason you didn’t want to show him was because you were having a conversation about him, about how you hadn’t realised ‘how much he loved’ you. Which was obviously not true, as much as your relationship had grown in the last few months, he most definitely did not love you. Which was a shame, as you had grown to love him.

As cheesy as it sounded, it was true. You’d fallen in love with Luke, and he did something every day which helped you remember it. Send you good morning texts (‘WAAAKE UPPPPPPPPP’), tell you everything you wanted to hear (“God this movie is boring as balls, let’s get a McDonalds”), and he was just a genuine, good person.

“Why not?” He complained.

“Because this is top secret. It’s for your birthday.” You lied.

“My birthday is in July.” He squinted, trying to see if you were telling truths or not.

“It’s a huge gift. Bigger than… a really, really big balloon.” You told him, and he rolled his eyes. “Fine. Don’t believe me. You’ll just be more surprised when your birthday present is the best present to ever present. Ever.” You nodded and he blinked twice.

“Right.” He nodded. “Sure.” He shrugged, before attacking you and taking your phone. Your heart jumped into your throat, and you leapt at him to get it back, eventually tackling him to the ground and practically clawing your way up his body, to the phone in his hand. “Christ just take the phone.” He laughed, giving it to you.

“Thank you. Now, why the hell are you here so early?” You asked. He shrugged, looking out to the practically empty (apart from five or six people) entrance. “I mean, I just couldn’t sleep and thought I would be on time. But what about you?” You asked.

“I don’t know.” He looked at you and you raised an eyebrow.

“What?” You asked, blinking. “What is it?” You wrapped your arms around yourself self-consciously.

“Well, uh.” He coughed. He did that when he was nervous, you’d noticed.

“Uh what?” You asked. Luke folded his hands over his chest, trying to warm them up. You blinked, waiting. There was obviously something on his mind. “Luke, just tell me.” You laughed. “It can’t be that bad.”

“No, it’s not bad. Never mind, maybe another day.” He shrugged.

Towards the end of your senior year, you were getting ready to go out when the door went. It was probably whoever was picking you up- it was either going to be Luke or (Y/F/N), and you’d hoped it was (Y/F/N), because they had to check your outfit before Luke saw. It was now or never, because Calum, Luke, Ashton and Michael had formed a band and were all moving away together as soon as senior year ended (Luke’s idea, Michael wanted to leave as soon as they’d formed the band).

You ran down the stairs and opened the door to reveal Luke, smiling. Your expression must have dropped, because he raised his eyebrows. “Fine, Fine, I’ll go. It’s fine. No problem. Whatever. Just…” Luke made a grand gesture of rolling his eyes and walking away, and you sighed.

“Sorry, I just need someone to check my outfit.” You told him.

“You look great.” He told you, smiling.

“Luke, I’m not wearing it yet.” You chucked, smiling at the compliment. He blushed slightly, and you dragged him inside.  “You are officially on outfit duty. Choose for me, please. I like them both and I can’t decide.” You let him go into your bedroom and he looked at the two dresses you’d picked out, contemplating for a moment before turning to you.

“Yep.” He nodded, and you clapped. “I know absolutely nothing about woman’s fashion.” He shrugged, making you whack him with the nearest handbag. “What? Wear the blue one.” He made a face, and you bit your lip, looking at the red dress you’d bought especially for the occasion. “Or… the red one.” He looked at your expression and you nodded.

“Great idea, Luke!” You smiled, before motioning for him to turn around. “And don’t peek.” You hissed.

You slid on the dress before turning to Luke. “You can look now.” You told him and he turned around, smiling.

“Great.” He nodded. You turned and he froze. “What?” He asked.

“Zip it up, please. This is what the person on outfit duty does.” You told him, and he reached over to you. Suddenly you were aware of his warm hands pressing against your back, trying to find the zipper. He found it, his hands leaving your back and zipping you up. You didn’t move for a few seconds, and neither did he.

You turned round to face him, looking up at him. His eyes were holding a gaze you weren’t familiar with. You decided fuck it, if it was going to happen it was happening now, and you grabbed his hand, placing it on the small of your back.

 Luke’s lips met yours seconds later, gently pressing you to him. Your hands wrapped around his neck, and you felt him smile, making you smile. You deepened the kiss, his thumb beginning to trace an shape on your back. The kiss got heated, and by God sent you places. You broke apart after what could have been 1 minute, or 7 minutes later, his forehead pressing against you.

“We made out.” He whispered, smiling, and you nodded, smiling back.

“We made out.” You agreed.

“Well we’ve gotta do that again.” He dropped his keys which had been in his other hand, clutching your waist and pulling you to him once more.

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