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No one asked but here’s my design for Hannibal!

Uhhhhhnnnnn no offense but i’d rlly love to have a girlfriend who talks about things she is passionate about for hours and i just state at her taking in every word she says and i listen and acknowledge her because i love her and i love when someone is so passionate about things i can listen to her sweet voice for hours because i love it how people’s faces light up when they talk about something they love

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Hi! INFP here to say something about INTP x INFP for the other anon. I've had a really good relationship with him for around two and a half years. We take things at our own pace and respect each other. The most frustrating thing is that both of us are VERY indecisive so when we go out, it's like, what do you want to do? No, what do YOU want to do? We have a lot of "arguments" in which he sends whale puns and I send awful asexual puns, maybe these things are just us but we're stable, good luck

This is good and pure. I wish I had any advice, but my INTJ and I do the same thing. Posting for the anon.

- (Also ace) INFP Mod

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Isn't LWA so good?! I finished the series like a week ago!!

I’m not completely done, but almost there! I ended up watching ten episodes and jumping from 11 to 21 last night with Zuri, so we’re gonna wrap it up today.

It exceeded my expectations I admit. A cute show with a not very definitive plot suddenly turned into something that really had me cheering for everyone. And I can’t wait to see how it ends.

stop taking pictures or he’s gonna get grumpy