this is also historically nonsensical

Some Japanese movie I discovered while trying to look up history.

Here’s a snippet of the summary:

“As a child, Ishikawa Goemon’s entire family was assassinated for political reasons. His mother sent Goemon away for safety minutes before he witnessed her death. Running away with his caretaker, they were attacked by bandits but he was saved by the great Nobunaga Oda. Goemon followed Nobunaga and Hattori Hanzō  was assigned to train him in the ways of the shinobi along with his martial brother, Saizō.”


Looking back at the Ninja Love version… THIS IS IRONIC!

WTF, Goemon is Nobunaga’s vassal, WTF this is crazy O_o

Although… Hey! Nobunaga being a nice guy. That’s refreshing.

The actor playing Nobunaga in this movie is handsome. That is really not helping my state of mind. One of these days I’m seriously going to sink far too deep in my own joke and not make it out unscathed *shudder*