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Tumblr blocked your new post because "it might contain sensitive media"?????

Yes, I am aware. Believe me I’m aware. I’ve gotten a flood of messages since tumblr first unveiled it’s safe mode feature, telling me half of my post were getting blocked. I’m pretty sure it’s becuase of my cursing, which apparently nobody under 18 can hear or else they’ll burst into flames. From now on im going to try and keep the vulgarity to a minimum, even though NONE of my posts today have had curse words in them???

not to be Dramatic but I feel like I’m not going to find the right girl for me. and maybe I was destined for a life of mere solitude. maybe my love life is always going to be a revolving door. I don’t know, but what I do know is that I’ve lived nearly 21 years and have never met a girl who showed me any different. so I’m just saying.

Calling all DaveKat fanartists??? Are you totally down with having cosplay recreations of your art???? Would you LIKE to see cosplay recreations of your art???????? DO YOU NEED MORE DAVEKAT CONTENT ESP DAVEKAT COSPLAYS?????

Lemme know if you’re ok with recreations of your art OR you can even submit ones specifically to you.

Also canon panels!! Want cosplay recreations of your favorite DaveKat panels from Homestuck??? SEND THEM TO ME!!!!!

Imma do as many as I can so send away all your cute DaveKat art (no smooches unless it can be worked in as a stage kiss please!)
@thedaveofguy we’re gonna try this possible and probably forget but why not

icon change eyyyyy

still love ice skating dweebs but i’m giving an oc some love (spesh bc i’m in the process of commissioning some art of him and writing more random drabbles about his life) :’D

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52 Harley doesn't paint her face, in this version Joker threw her into the same chemicals he had fallen into so her skin was bleached white like his. Also apparently her hair had turned red and black like his turned green but i think that was retconned to hair dye after the movies popularity.

god i really should read more comics but also…….dont like that, todd