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what's your favourite beatles cartoon episode?

JUST ONE!?!!? I…. I can’t pick just one, that’s like picking just one of your children…. to not throw off the bridge… except you feel equally ashamed of all your children and it wouldn’t be fair to just single out one.

I’ll list 5 of my favs….. I added links if you want to watch them, but we all know the way the internet works and who knows how long these links will be alive so catch them while you can

Eb 18b Thank You Girl

Whoever storyboarded this ep actually knew what they were doing??? THE WHOLE EP IS ACTUALLY WATCHABLE!! There’s some really charming John poses and actually funny visual jokes?! Also them dismissing their cartoon manager and going out to eat anyway right after he called them fat to their faces is too good… body positivity from the beat boys

Ep 34b Strawberry Fields Forever

REALLY WELL-ANIMATED!! and real feel good… really great song too. It’s really dreamy and I might even say it is the most well animated episode in the entire series just because of how psychedelic it is

(also 34a “Penny Lane” is pretty good, the boys {especially Paul} experience an ego crisis)

Ep 20b I Saw Her Standing There

The 2nd McLennon Date Episode.. (the first being Ep 7a…. the… Poaching Date Episode) I rewatch this one mostly for everything that happens before the singalong, it’s john/paul comedy gold as far as comedy or any kind of worth can go for this show. Also I’m like 90% sure George and Ringo were on a date too

Ep 24b Hold Me Tight

A touching ep where George and Ringo bond over sight-seeing, imo this episode has some of the best animation in the entire show too (the 2nd most well-animated episode)

Ep 33b Paperback Writer

“HOW THEY MET EPISODE” It’s so… bad.. so bad but so good…. I like to think this episode shows us the cartoon beat boys’ ultimate desire in life VS the fact that the other boys are what stops them from reaching this desire

(Ringo: Respect // Paul: Everyone Agreeing With His Opinions and Having Absolute Unconditional Trust In Everything He Does // George: To Finally Be Looked Up to and Be Taken Seriously {aka To Be Cool} // John: Carnage. Just Carnage)

There are others I like a lot just for one or two funny lines but like, I’d end up listing half of the show…… i really like this show guys…..

Just rewatched The Miller’s Daughter...

And yes I know there’s tons of people that hate the whole Rumple/Cora flashback (never bothered me) but god damn it is such a good episode. Not only do you get the amazing Phone Call scene to Belle but you also get the amazing Papafire scene.

And as strange and out of left field as their relationship was, I really liked that final bit with Rumple and Cora where he asks if she ever really loved him. 

Like Rumple is physically vulnerable because of the poison but then he is emotionally vulnerable three fucking times in one episode. Each one in a different way. 

I loooooong for this quality of writing to return. Truly. If Season 7 can get the writing to be half as good as Seasons 1 and 2 then I really feel like the show can be enjoyable again.

Things I Love About LoK

Goal: Write 1 thought every day re: why I love The Legend of Korra until I finish rewatching the series.

#54: Asami calls out Mako in “Turning the Tides.”

The love triangle is frustrating – in particular because it does more harm than good for Mako’s character.  But I actually think the love triangle does great things for Asami’s character, as demonstrated in this kitchen scene in “Turning the Tides.”

Asami has, of course, noticed how Mako reacted to Korra’s capture.  She also now knows that Mako and Korra kissed during the probending tournament.  She still doesn’t turn her wrath to Korra, however, because she knows it’s Mako that needs to be called out:

Mako: Can I get some hot water? Korra needs more tea.
Asami: You’re a firebender. Boil it yourself.

Pema’s face here is PRICELESS:

In Asami and Mako’s subsequent exchange, Asami again shows how much more mature she is than Mako at this point.  She emphasizes again that she actually really likes Korra.  When she confronts him about the kiss, Mako tries to throw Bolin under the bus, and detract attention from himself, but Asami is having none of it and calls Mako out for his bullsh*t:  

Mako: Is there something we need to talk about?
Asami: I’ve noticed how you treat Korra, how you acted when she was missing. You have feelings for her, don’t you?
Mako: What? No! She was taken by a crazy bloodbender. How did you expect me to act?
Asami: I like Korra, but you’ve been keeping the truth from me this whole time.
Mako: The truth? About what?
Asami: You’re really going to make me say it.
Mako: Yes! Because I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Asami: The kiss, Mako. I know.
Mako: I – well, I – mph. Bolin told you, didn’t he?
Asami: Don’t blame your brother for what you did. Do you have feelings for Korra or not?
Mako: Look, things are crazy right now. Can we deal with our relationship problems later?
Asami: Well, there might not be any relationship to worry about later.

Although Mako does not come out of this looking particularly good, I love Asami’s directness in this conversation.

ah, this episode was about Gems’ physical forms, like I was thinking it was going to be. It also ended up being an Amethyst-centric episode, which is great!

man, it went by so fast I’m going to need to rewatch it to process it better. So a Gems’ physical form is essentially ‘built’ before its projected and it can be rushed and come out incorrectly. It also seems like it needs to follow a basic temple (perhaps that can be altered with more time) and if it deviates too much from that its not ‘sustainable’ as Garnet says and will fall apart

The corrupted Gem was a kind of plant monster looking thing. “The Slinker” as Steven called it. I wonder how it got loose in the temple? Did it get out of a bubble? Or find some other way in? Also the way they talked about it makes it sound like Pearl saw it but no one believed her (except Steven) and thought she was just being paranoid

Also, so like, when Garnet uses that rocket punch she’s literally shooting her hands out? That’s neat.

I liked how Pearl and Greg were working on the van, I just really like the idea of that being how they’re able to connect and they did seem to be getting along very well

This episode gave some more insight into Amethyst, stuff we already saw signs of (doesn’t like to think about herself/be herself, hence all the shapeshifting and the discomfort being serious about the quiz and other such things). Like, she’s uncomfortable with the idea of being herself so she keeps trying to conform (angrily) with what she thinks Garnet wants her to be, not understanding that wasn’t the point of what Garnet was saying.

Now I gotta get used to drawing a new outfit for Amethyst, just when I got used to the old one, haha. This one looks a bit easier to draw though (I’ve kind of forgotten what it looks like though, I’ll need to go back and look)

ALSO- group hug! I love whenever they have group hugs it makes me so happy.