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GREY AREA. (M) | 01

And just like that, your fate was sealed - because Min Yoongi was absolutely going to destroy you. But hell, if you weren’t going to let him, or bask happily in the flames as he did so.

And sadly, at the time, you didn’t think that your thoughts would become so literal.

“I’d rather be alone, but you’re fermented in my bones.” - Habits of my Heart, Jaymes Young

›› Pairing: Min Yoongi / Reader
›› Word Count: 4,444
›› Chapter Index and Warnings
›› Soulmate!AU, Slowburn, Angst

And it starts like this:

You’re standing in a party that one of the college fraternities is throwing, music blaring through a pair of speakers so loudly, that the voice of the singer comes out in a buzz. You feel your heart jump with the rhythm leaking into the room. You’re standing in the foyer of the large house, the room filled with too many people to be considered comfortable, bodies bump into you every few seconds, but you can’t find it within you to care.

You watch and laugh as Hoseok, one of your friend’s, does a keg stand. Two boys you don’t recognize, and you’re sure neither Hoseok or Taehyung do either, holding each one of his legs upwards. A number of people have huddled around to cheer him on, screaming out a chorus of, “Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug!”

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Humans are weird pt 4

With the humans aboard Commander Narrynite’s ship, there hadn’t been a dull moment. In fact, he quite enjoyed the bizarre behaviors and their often confusing characteristics. He was eager to see more of the human’s skills and requested a somewhat risky cargo pick up. The supplies were needed urgently and he was confident his unit could successfully transfer them.

While the crew initiated take off, Narrynite gave them a brief overview of the plan.

“We have been tasked to retrieve medical supplies from a port on the planet Alpho which are urgently needed for a disease ravaging Jythoa.”

As this assignment was for Commander Narrynite’s home planet, the humans felt a greater sense of responsibility. Without another word, the ship shot forward.

The trip to the port on Alpho was short and they docked without incident. Human Tom was speaking to the cargo attendant as he was the only crewmember that spoke Alphon.

“Human Tom, please tell the attendant that we are almost done loading the supplies and shall be departing within the hour.”

After relaying the message, Human Tom approached Narrynite with an uncharacteristic expression on his face. “Is there something amiss, Human Tom?”

“Commander, something about the attendant doesn’t sit right with me,” Human Tom responded as he ran his fingers through the fur on the top of his head.

Narrynite had heard that the human’s instincts were unparalleled and knew this could not be ignored. “Human Tom, tell the crew to load the cargo as quickly as they can. We need to depart immediately.”

With the unit informed, the supplies were placed on the ship somewhat haphazardly, but they took off within a matter of minutes.

Once they were off of Alpho, Narrynite eased and he instructed the crew to set a course to Jythoa. Around an hour later, Human Ann gasped. Knowing that behavior was generally not a positive one, Narrynite said “Human Ann, is there a problem?”

“Commander, the radar indicates that there is a ship following us. They seem a little close.”

Human Chris went over to the status panel. His face scrunched together in what Narrynite had determined to be concentration. “Sir,” Human Chris muttered, “I think we’re being followed.”

Before Narrynite could respond, the ship was hit and the Jythoans and humans were thrown around the cabin. The alarms were sounding and the panel indicated a cargo breach.

“What in the Gods good graces was that?” Narrynite sputtered.

With their unnerving speed, the humans were on their feet and checking the ships status. “Shit!” yelled Human Ann. If Narrynite knew anything, he knew when the humans began cursing, he should abandon all hope.

“Commander Narrynite, we’ve been boarded by a foreign ship. They appear to be pirates,” Human Ann sighed.

Though he was a military commander, he wasn’t trained to confront a force that was on a ship. As Human Chris was trying to notify the crew, a loud bang made them all freeze. This was all happening so fast, Narrynite was quickly losing confidence.

Another bang sent them all rushing to the back of the cabin. Narrynite took note of who was here with him. He was responsible for all of them, and he let them down. It dawned on him that not only these humans and Jythoans were doomed, but also those afflicted with the disease on Jythoa as they were never to receive the lifesaving medication.

The four pirates broke into the cockpit and Narrynite lost the sliver of hope he was clinging to. He had heard of this species, they were notoriously ruthless. They were known as the Mlith. Slender, oily gray skinned, and bipedal like the humans, they had one optical opening which was small and cloudy. Their ruthlessness was usually attributed to their poor vision, as they shot at anything that moved before it could attack.

“Where is the commander?” it said with a chilling hiss.

As Narrynite began to step forward, Human Chris stepped out in front of him.

“If you want the commander, you’re going to have to go through me,” Human Chris growled at the Mlith.

“You stupid, filthy human. Give me the commander, or I’ll shoot you and take him anyway,” the leader of the Mlith said as it raised a gun and pointed it at Human Chris.

Narrynite was horrified. He had become rather fond of the humans and the thought of losing one of them was unbearable. “Please, I am-”

“I said,” Human Chris snarled “if you want the commander, you’ll have to go through me first.”

“I didn’t come here to kill you, but it makes no difference,” it spit.

“Do it,” Human Chris said flatly.

“NO! Please, just take me and -”

“Shoot me!” Human Chris yelled.

It was if time slowed as the Mlith pulled the trigger and a bullet struck Human Chris in the shoulder. Before he could hit the ground, Human Ann had launched herself onto the back of the nearest Mlith and stabbed it in the head, using her weight to slam it down and rip its upper limb off. Human Tom had seemingly came out of nowhere and swept a Mlith off its feet and as it’s body hit the floor, he drew a gun from his hip and swiftly shot it in the head.

The two remaining Mlith were dazed, but regained their composure quickly. The one facing Human Ann brought its gun up and shot her in the leg. Human Ann raised her face with a terrifying “smile” that Narrynite knew wasn’t friendly. She then picked the Mlith limb up off the floor and swung it so hard that when it connected with the head of the Mlith it gave a sickening crunch.

Human Tom’s gun had somehow been knocked from his hand, and as he frantically tried to grab his knife, the Mlith was using the advantage to corner him. A shot rang out and with a start, Narrynite realized that it had come from Human Chris. He was leaning on one shoulder, a gun in hand. The Mlith hit the floor and Human Tom gave a deep sigh.

“Holy shit, I was nervous for a second there,” Human Tom said wiping gray sludge from his shirt.

“Chris, are you okay?” Human Ann asked.

“I’ve been worse. Are you hit?”

Human Ann “smiled” again and stuck her finger in the bullet hole “good thing it shot my prosthetic. It would really suck to have two bum legs.”

Complete and utter shock was the only feeling Narrynite was currently capable of. They were so casual in their conversation that it was hard to believe what just happened.

“Human Chris, you need to go to the infirmary immediately!” Narrynite said as reality began to set in.

“Yes, sir,” grunted Human Chris as he was helped to his feet.

“Wait,” called Narrynite, “Human Chris, why did you mean to sacrifice yourself for me?”

“Because you’re the best commander I’ve ever had. And you’re bringing medicine you the sick. I couldn’t just stand by and watch you get killed for trying to help people. We sacrifice ourselves for the greater good, it’s what we do.”

The words of Human Chris washed over Narrynite and when they settled in his arterial sac, he felt something he’d never heard of before. It was similar to gratitude and fondness, but it was something deeper. “I will do anything and everything to ensure you do not perish, Human Chris.”

“Don’t worry, I think I’ll be fine. Bullet wounds to the shoulder are usually not fatal, but I appreciate it all the same.”

With that Human Chris was rushed to the infirmary. As Narrynite stood in the cockpit alone, he took in all that had just happened. Out of every species he’d ever come across, humans were by far the craziest, most unpredictable and most honorable species there ever was.

The Swap [Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader]

[write-a-thon tag]

Summary: when the unimaginable happens and you see yourself trapped inside your best friend’s body, magic doesn’t seem like child’s play anymore. (Teen!Lin)

Word Count: 4,719

Warnings: A lot of cursing and a lot of dick jokes, lol

A/N: WRITE-A-THON DAY #1 Y’ALL!!!! (and no, you’re not lost, I decided to post this earlier because I’ve been getting a crazy amount of love today and to me this is the best way I can think of to repay you guys) This might be the funniest piece I’ve written in my life. It was so fun to picture the whole situation and to brainstorn with @down4usnavy because she’s THE BEST and thanks to my hamwriters girls for proofreading this mess and @tempfixeliza for reading this also and giving me that ol’ confidence boost. Hope you like it!

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askbox | masterlist

You didn’t believe in magic. At least not anytime after you turned nine years old. But then… You woke up that morning.

You started by noticing you weren’t in your bedroom, was it… Lin’s bedroom? Movie posters, comic books and many, many cassettes, yeah, that was definitely Lin’s bedroom. But you didn’t sleep with him last night, you remembered clearly the moment he dropped you home like he always did and went back to his place.

As your hand moved to your face trying to wake yourself up when you felt… Was that facial hair? Since when did you have a stubble? All the drowsiness that you could possibly have just vanished when you got up from the small bed and ran to the the mirror. You couldn’t blame the dim light coming through the curtains for that.

You were Lin-Manuel.

Worse, you were yourself trapped in Lin-Manuel’s body.

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Fate is a bitch (2) - Bruce Wayne x Reader

Well, originally this story wasn’t suppose to have a second part but tons of people asked me so, here’s a second part :-). I hope you will like it


my masterlist blog :



You strongly believed in Destiny. 

No matter what people could say, how many arguments against it they had, and how much they were sceptic about it…it wouldn’t change your mind. You strongly believed in Destiny.

Because it was impossible only coincidences brought you were you were now…At your wedding with the famous Bruce Wayne. 


It all happened about four years ago, when your son, Billy, somehow ended up getting caught by the Justice League and you almost used your elemental powers on them and punched Superman and…it was kind of a mess. 

Basically, you ended up being part of the League. 

Which was something, for someone like you, who was from a poor neighborhood, who had so many struggles in life and who found a kid once, a kid who was living in an abandoned station of the subway (you don’t even remember what brought you there…well, Destiny obviously), a kid who changed your life, and that you just had to adopt. 

At barely 25 years old. Oh the struggles were no where near to end. 

Then you met that guy, that dark and broody guy who stood up for your son when everyone else wanted to “fire” him from the League because he was but a ten years old child.

And that always seemed to smile when you were in the vicinity, though according to everyone else, the Batman never smiled. It was weird right ? And you caught yourself more than once wishing he was smiling because you were there, but it was impossible. 

Sure you and him always seemed to be able to talk about anything without any restrain, like you felt you could tell him everything on your heart, and more often than not, he talked to you about his own troubles and fears…The Batman, talking to you about his troubles and fears ! But it was impossible.

Oh you fell for him pretty fast, and hard, so so hard…But you thought it as impossible. He was older, he was clearly a man with tons of issues that couldn’t hold a relationship (according to his Bruce Wayne persona), he was the goddamn Batman…It just couldn’t be ! 

And yet. Yet. Your sons set you up. Damian and Billy. They tricked you into coming to dinner to the Wayne Manor and…Then Bruce fucked everything up. He avoided you. He stopped talking to you..Because he was afraid to drag you into his dark life. 

But when you almost died, and stayed in a coma for three months. When he just had to take care of your son and make sure you were gonna be alright…He realized that, well, destiny. 

And that’s when things started to get crazy. 

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In Which He Gets Jealous.

They all sat around at the first level of the concrete Amphitheater, around the campfire side. The sun shone brightly, the beams gently grazing where the fire would be blazing if it were night. Reyna, Hazel and Frank had snuck away from Camp Jupiter for the weekend. Piper and Jason sat next to Frank, Percy and Annabeth between Hazel and Reyna. The rest of the campers were all busied with their usual activities.

The crew of the Argo II laughed at one of Percy’s lame jokes.

“Reyna!” two figures made their way up to the campfire, the smaller figure in front of the larger one. It was covered in black from head to toe. As the figures drew closer to them, Percy could see that it was Nico di Angelo, with Will Solace behind him.

Nico’s Stygian Iron blade, which was almost three feet of wicked metal, black as nightmare, hung from his jeans. He was dishevelled, and he wore a black wife beater with a skull printed on, black jeans and an impractical pair of Converse high tops.

His raven locks tumbled across his forehead and Annabeth’s black hairband with a tiny grey owl was on his pale, left wrist, a bottle of water in his right hand.

Will on the other hand, wore a khaki pair of cargo shorts, a blue button-up, matching his big, blue eyes under an orange Camp Half-Blood t-shirt, even more impractical flip-flops and his wavy, surfer-boy hair was neatly brushed above his forehead.

Reyna got up and hugged Nico tightly.

“Ciao,” Nico greeted, a small smile on his face, “What are you guys doing here?“

“Well, Jason here told us someone got promoted to Camp Half-Blood’s Sword-Defense Master,” Reyna smiled.

“Please,” Percy snorted, “That’s only because I’m not around.”

“Don’t you wish,” Nico rolled his eyes, sarcasm lacing his every word, as he and Will sat next to Reyna, “Besides, that’s just a fancy title for training thirteen year olds. It’s a tedious process.”

“How did you learn to sword fight?” Hazel inquired, eyebrows quirking curiously.

Nico’s cheeks heated, “Kept the wrong company for a while and I just sort of picked up a couple of tricks.”

“You just got back from the Arena, right?” Jason asked.

Nico nodded and said, “Yeah, I was finishing up my last batch of lessons for the day, and Will had just completed his daily archery lessons. Some Aphrodite girls told us you guys were here.”

Then, he opened his bottle of water and took a sip. And Percy couldn’t help but poke fun at him.

“Hey, Nico,” Percy grinned, “I didn’t think Fiji water WAS YOUR TYPE!“

Nico groaned and put his head in his hands, “Holy Hades, not this again.”

Percy’s grin grew, but Nico knew he was messing with him. Very few people knew his secret and they were the seven and Will. Will had been the first outsider Nico ever told, but he and the son of Apollo had a surprisingly good relationship and he knew Will wouldn’t stand in the middle of Camp with a banner written, “Nico di Angelo is gay!”

“Wait, Nico,” Piper frowned, “Really though, what is your type?”

Nico bit his lip, nervously, his cheeks tinting pink.

“I don’t have a type,” he shrugged after a while.

Annabeth frowned, leaning foward, “What do you mean you don’t have a type? I mean, everybody has a type!”

Nico’s cheeks flushed a deeper, more delicate pink.

“I just never considered, you know, who I might be attracted to,” Nico continued biting his lip and tucked his ear behind his ear, shrugging, “Back in the ‘30’s people like me weren’t as free to be open about it then as they are now.”

“Nico,” Jason said sternly, enunciating his words to drive his point home, “It’s okay. You deserve to be happy. You practically saved the world, man. You can’t stay by yourself forever.”

Nico cast his eyes downward, “I know.”

Will Solace surprised everyone by snapping, “Hey. Leave him alone. When he’s ready to settle down, he will.”

“No harm, no foul, dude,” Percy held his hands up, “We’re just trying to speed up the process.”

Will rolled his eyes.

“So, Nico,” Reyna grinned, “Let’s find out what’s your type.”

“Nico here is a small little ray of darkness that looks like he could kill you and probably would kill you,” Percy smirked.

“Hey!” Nico interrupted, “I’ve worked really hard on curbing my murderous tendencies!”

“Obviously, we’d pair him with a ball of sunshine. Opposites attract,” Piper grinned as if Nico hadn’t spoken, “So someone from Demeter, Aphrodite, Hephaestus, maybe Athena, Hecate or Hermes…”

“Demeter is technically my step-grand-mother,” Nico tried again, disgusted, “That’s a no.”

“And he’d have to look the exact opposite of Nico,” Annabeth put in, “Because Nico looks as if he didn’t know a barber existed, he’s never seen the light of day and there’s no other colour but black.”

“He also needs someone who’s able to easily diffuse his anger,” Jason added, “And his attitude. Because this little Italian is one of the most sarcastic, mouthy persons I know. Forget Persassy, Nico di Sassangelo is the next big thing.”

“What did you call me?” Percy stared blankly at Jason.

“Percy!” Annabeth smacked his shoulder, “This is not about you!”

“And I do not have an attitude!” Nico said, indignantly, “My mother and sister raised me to be a gentleman!”

Will, who was sitting quietly while they argued, suddenly got up and walked away.

“What’s wrong with Solace?” Jason asked, “He normally isn’t this snappy.”

“I’ll go check on him,” Nico frowned, “I agree with Jason. He’s not being himself.”

Nico left the fire-side, his tiny legs unable to keep up.

“Hey Will!” he called after the son of Apollo, “Wait up!”

Will froze and Nico used this to his advantage, grabbing Will and dragging him behind the Hades Cabin, which was the nearest cabin, and which was the cabin that kept them both out of sight. Nobody would see them arguing.

“Okay. Spill,” Nico demanded.

“There’s nothing to spill,” Will said, simply.

“Will, c'mon. What’s up?” Nico pushed, “That out there, that wasn’t like you.”

Will knew it was petty, but deep down, he was jealous. The thought of Nico with somebody else didn’t settle well in his stomach.

“Nothing, alright. I’m fine,” Will snapped, “Just leave me alone, Nico.”

Nico summoned up the fiercest glare he could and sent it in Will’s direction. Will stubbornly glared back at him, until Nico broke eye contact, sending his gaze to the ground.

“Gods of Olympus,” Nico said, softly, “How do you do that? None of the other campers can keep eye contact with me for more than two seconds.”

“I’m not afraid of you like most campers, Death Boy,” Will replied, equally as soft.

“Will,” Nico whispered, making the mistake of looking up at Will.

Nico’s breath caught in his throat, all the words he’d wanted to fling at Will flying out his head. Will was gorgeous.The sunlight highlighted all the small, golden flecks in Will’s eyes blue eyes, his blonde hair glimmering. Nico saw the freckles that splashed across his nose and cheeks, like little red galaxies and his lips…

Before either of them knew what was happening, Nico was pinned up against the wall of the Hades cabin, practically melting against Will, whose lips were moving gently, wildly, passionately against his. Will’s lips were as soft and plump as they looked. Nico’s eyes slipped shut, allowing him to revel in and enjoy the moment. Sunbursts bloomed behind his eyelids. Will tasted like a warm summer day, like gentle, calming sun rays, like home. He gasped slightly when Will gently bit down on his lower lip.

As if he realized what he was doing, Will pulled back, his entire face red.

“I-I’m sorry, Nico,” Will stammered, shifting his weight from one foot to the other.

Nico was still reeling in shock. He ran back to the Hades cabin, still processing. He was unaware that Will was following him.

Will Solace kissed him. Will Solace stole his first kiss. And by the gods, he wanted Will Solace to kiss him again.

He let the door of his cabin slam shut.

“Nico, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, I won’t do it again,” Will pleaded, banging on the door. Nico looked through the peek hole. Will looked nervous and angry with himself.

“Look, you asked me what was wrong and the truth is, I was jealous, okay? I mean I’ve liked you for a while now and you never seemed to notice,” Will forced a smile, “But I’ll pretend that it never happened, if that’s what you want.”

Will began to walk away and Nico realized that he had to fix it. And then he realized that he really, really wanted to give Will a chance.

The door flung open, and Nico yelled, “Will, wait!” Before pulling him inside his cabin, slamming the door shut.

Twenty minutes later, Percy returned to the fire side, grumbling angrily as he, Annabeth and Piper paid Jason and Reyna their winnings.

The Dinner Date

The Dinner Date

Bucky x Reader

Requested by anon;

‘Okay so i had a dream and i need an imagine just like it. So the reader is dating bucky and for the past week or so she becomes distant and he starts to notice. And then when he went out with friends to like a fancy restaurant he sees her there with thor and another couple. Not knowing they’re undercover as a couple he thinks she’s cheating. When thor and reader see bucky they start to panic and start hiding like bringing the menu up in their face so he doesn’t compromise the mission.’

Contains fluff, a brief drowning and Bucky Barnes

If you had closed your eyes for a moment you could almost have willed yourself to imagine you were at the beach with your family; playing chicken with the ocean and laughing at the sand stuck to your ice cream. But your eyes remained open, scanning the room in the flashing red light as your ears protested against the blaring alarm. “Does anyone copy?” You said into the comms, desperately hoping that someone would respond

Water dripped from the ceiling onto your forehead and you wiped it away impatiently. You needed to get out; this boat was sinking, and it was sinking fast. Your ear piece hissed and Steve’s voice came from the other end. “This is Steve, I copy loud and clear. What’s your position?”

“I’m in the cargo hold, and I’ve got something down here that you’re gonna need to see.”

“Y/N, get out of there; you’ll be locked in if this thing takes on too much more water.”

You looked around you and knew he was right; the water was waist high and rising more by the second. In another couple of minutes you wouldn’t be able to get out alive. Not ready to give up, you tried to persuade him to pay you a visit.  “Cap, you need to come and-”

“Work your way back up to the deck, now! We still have hostiles onboard, there isn’t any time.”

You groaned and kicked at the crate in front of you, puzzling frustratedly over the contents. How was it that years after he had stopped manufacturing, you were face to face with a crate full of Stark weapons?


You lay on the floor in the quinjet, soaking wet and shivering; you hadn’t seen the hostile until it was too late and she had thrown you overboard. You remembered what it felt like to fall, the moment it had taken you to comprehend what was going on before the ocean slapped you in the back and pulled you under. It was like being encased in ice; you couldn’t move; you couldn’t breathe, despite your lungs desperately trying.

As you had coughed the last of the ocean water from your lungs safely on board the quinjet with Natasha slapping you on the back, Bucky watched in a mixture of relief and horror. How had he missed it? One moment you had been stood six feet away from him; the next you were a ripple in the ocean. There had been a horrible, sickening moment when he had realised you weren’t going to resurface on your own. He hadn’t hesitated to dive in after you, and when he had found you motionless beneath the surface he had prayed to whatever god there was above that you would live.

You gasped for air, turning your head to the side to search for him with stinging eyes. You scanned blurry faces until you found his, watching you feebly. You stretched your shaking hand out to him and he was there in an instant; dripping wet and everything that made you feel safe. Your Bucky. “It’s okay,” He whispered into your hair as you used all of your meager strength to cling to him “you’re going to be okay.”

As his heart ached with joy one unshakeable thought entered his mind; he was most definitely, helplessly and completely in love with you.


The next day you lay in bed, feeling like you’d been run over and worrying about most things under the sun, particularly the crate of Stark weapons you had found in the cargo hold of that ship. How had they gotten a hold of them? Tony had gone on a veritable crusade after he shut down his weapons manufacturing division to reclaim any and everything that might have fallen into the wrong hands. Nothing had been unaccounted for; or so you had all thought.

You sat up slowly and groaned in pain. You knew without looking in the mirror that your entire back was bruised from the force you had hit the water with. “FRIDAY?” You asked, picking up the tablet from your bedside table “I’m gonna need your help with something.”

“Tony says you are to be on complete bed rest today, Y/N. I’m not technically supposed to do anything for you other than open netflix.”

You frowned and crossed your legs beneath you. “Then let’s keep this between us for now; we can’t let Tony know any of what I’m about to tell you.”

If FRIDAY had had a physical form, you were sure she would have been rolling her eyes at you. “Fine, but if anyone asks I had nothing to do with this.”

“You’ve got it,” You muttered before elevating your voice “do you have access to who purchased Stark weapons back in the day?”

“Officially or under the table?”

“Let’s start with both for now.”

For the next two hours you sifted through suspects, trying to find any possible connection between them and the ship you had raided last night. Two names brought up red flags; Michelle Henson and Steven Santana. You knew them by reputation, but had never had the pleasure of meeting them in person unlike the rest of the team. Well, that was except for one person… “FRIDAY, have you got a location on Thor right now?”


Thor leafed through the file you had given him with all the information you had gathered so far; you had asked FRIDAY to print it for you so there would be no chance of anyone else on the team stumbling across it in your online research files. “And you are sure it is these two who are in possession of the weapons?” He asked, looking up briefly before returning to the file

You shook your head “I’m not sure of anything, but it’s the best lead I’ve got so far.”

Thor nodded slowly, hovering on a photograph of Henson and Santana together. “Are they a couple?”

“Nobody is really sure; they’re definitely business partners though. One never goes to a meeting without the other.”

“How are you planning to contact them?”

You pulled a battered flip phone from your back pocket. “I pulled this from an associate of theirs a few months ago before he went into hiding. I’ll impersonate him through text and say that we’re an interested party. If there’s anything I know for sure about those two it’s that they’re greedy, if there’s even the slightest possibility of getting their hands on some money they’re in.”

Thor closed the file and put it on the water table next to you with a nod. “I will help you, Y/N, as much as I can.”

You let out a sigh of relief and placed a hand on his arm gratefully “Thank you, Thor. I wouldn’t normally ask, but I don’t think I can do this alone. Remember, you can’t tell anyone what we’re doing, not even the team.”

“You have my word.”

The door to the training room opened to reveal a frazzled Bucky Barnes. You quickly removed your hand from Thor’s arm and slid the file down the back of the table out of sight, trying to act casual. Bucky regarded the two of you strangely before clearing his throat and walking into the room. “I’ve been looking all over for you, Y/N. I stopped by your room and you weren’t there, I thought something had happened.” He said, looking at you with a caring intensity

You smiled and grabbed his hand, giving it a light squeeze as your head became a little foggy. You definitely shouldn’t have been out of bed. “I was looking for you,” You lied “I figured you might be in here like you are most Thursday’s.”

You cringed inwardly; you hated lying to him. Especially considering that you prided yourself on the fact that there were no secrets between yourself and Bucky. After dating for three months and having been close friends for nearly three years, you could truly say that you knew the man well. Which also meant that he knew you, which meant he always knew when you were lying. This was going to be hard.
“Well, here I am.” He smiled, putting an arm around you “C’mon, let’s go watch a movie and eat pizza.”

You closed your eyes and smiled as you walked out of the room, deciding to leave all thoughts of the mission behind until at least tomorrow morning. “Fine, but only if it has copious amounts of ham and pineapple.”

“You monster, fruit doesn’t belong on a pizza.”

“That’s what you think.”


You woke up the next morning in Bucky’s arms with a half eaten slice of pizza lay on your chest. At this point, you really weren’t sure who’s it was, and you didn’t particularly care. You picked it up and were about to take a bite when you heard it. A faint tapping at the window. Gently disentangling yourself from Bucky and grabbing your gun from underneath your pillow, you cautiously approached and raised the blind with your gun raised and your finger poised over the trigger ready. What you found on the other side made you blink in surprise. A large, inquisitive raven sat on the windowsill staring right at you. Trepidly, you opened the window and lowered your gun. It was then that you notice it; the small piece of paper tied to its left leg.

You made short work of the knot and took the heavy paper in your hands, unfolding it delicately to read the the message scrawled upon it;


I thought this means of communication would be more secretive than electronic messaging. I have spoken to Stark and informed him that you are assisting me with some reasearch on infinity stones for the next week. You will need to meet me at 16:00 in the garage to discuss things further. Please send your correspondence with a raven in future.

Thor Odinson :)

How the fuck were you supposed to find a raven to reply with? You shook your head, tearing the letter to pieces and taking it into the bathroom where you flushed it down the toilet. You looked at your watch and resolved that you had two hours before you had to meet Thor. That was plenty of time to eat leftover pizza and watch How I Met Your Mother. How would you explain your absence to Bucky though? You would have already told him by now that you were going to research on infinity stones. There was no way you could get that past him, right?


“Thor, for the last time; I don’t have the time nor the inclination to find and train a raven for this.” You groaned, leaning against the hood of one of Tony’s cars

Thor looked indignant “We must be discreet.”

You rolled your eyes “Yeah, because a raven screams discretion.”

He shook his head “Enough. What news have you on Santana and Henson?”

You pulled the flip phone out of your back pocket and passed it to Thor. “They replied in the early hours of this morning, agreeing to meet with us on the east coast in two days. I gave them your phone number for future contact. I think we should go tomorrow and sweep the area; check they haven’t set any traps. These guys are serious, we’d be idiots to go in blind.”

“Tomorrow.” Thor agreed, passing you the phone as he mulled something over in his mind

“What is it?”

He twirled his hands nervously and avoided eye contact. “I think it would be wise to distance yourself from Barnes until this over.”

You felt a weight drop into your stomach. “Why? Do you think I can’t pull this off?”

“I am in no doubt of your skills, Y/N. However you and Barnes are extremely close, and I think it would pain you to keep this from him.”

“It would pain me to be away from him as well, Thor.”

He smiled and shook his head “There will be plenty of time for you both to spend together when this is done, but for now you should be careful. We are doing this for Stark, not for ourselves.”

You nodded heavily. He was right; as much as it was going to hurt, you needed to back away from Bucky for a while to help save Tony from the demons of his past.


The past week had gone by in a terrible blur; you found undercover work taxing enough without trying to keep it from everyone. You would leave so early in the morning that nobody was awake, and arrive back at such random intervals that nobody would know you were there. It was torture. All you wanted to do was tell the team all about it; you wanted to moan to Nat about how Henson and Santana had automatically assumed that you and Thor were a couple, so that meant you had to pretend to be one which was embarrassing for everyone involved; you wanted to laugh with Sam and Clint about how Santana wore far too much aftershave and was covered in so much fake tan that he was practically a carrot; and you wanted to ask Steve how you should handle this strategically, because he was the one you always went to for guidance in these situations. But most importantly of all, you wanted to tell Bucky how much you missed him.

Bucky had been much harder to avoid than the rest of the team; when you walked into the building he would always be waiting outside your door to see you with that agonisingly perfect smile on his face. You were running out of excuses about why you couldn’t talk to him, and quite frankly you didn’t have the will to put him off for much longer. This mission had better come to a close, and fast. Thankfully, tomorrow was the day the transaction would be completed; you and Thor had to go to a restaurant (one not too far from the compound, actually) and have dinner with Henson and Santana. While you dined, the valet would drive your car to a garage on the other side of town to fill with the goods so that by desert everything would be ready to go.

You and Thor had argued over how the transaction should be handled; he had wanted to take them down once and for all to bring an end to their chaotic deeds. You had told him that, for now, it was more important to get a hold of the weapons. Besides, now that you had both established a relationship with them it would be easier to set a trap later. As you both pulled up outside the restaurant in your eveningwear, you felt a little anxious. “Thor?”

“Yes?” He asked, straightening his tie

“Are you sure we can pull this off?”

He turned to you and smiled kindly “There is no doubt in my mind.”

You had every intention to reply, but before you knew it your door was being opened for you and you were both walking into the building arm in arm. You took in a deep breath and closed your eyes. It was going to be fine. Everything was going to go smoothly.


Bucky had been hesitant to accept the invitation to dinner he had received earlier that day, but he had attended on the grounds that he needed something to cheer him up. He lifted a glass of water to his lips and tried to look as though he was invested in the conversation going on at the other end of the table. If he was being completely honest, he hardly knew any of the people he was dining with; it was a birthday meal for Greg, the guy Bucky had been hanging out with a little recently from his book club. Greg, it turned out, was not much fun to be around when alcohol was involved. Lifting his sixth glass of scotch to his lips, Greg slurred the beginnings of another story nobody particularly wanted to hear.

Bucky found his gaze drifting through the room, taking in the different dishes of food and discussions around him. He had been particularly engrossed in lip reading a conversation between two men when he saw it out of the corner of his eye; the edge of your blue dress.

Everybody has a little black dress, Buck.” You had told him some weeks ago while you were getting ready to go out “But the real secret is to have an elegant blue one,”

He directed his gaze to the table you were seated at and couldn’t stop himself gaping in disbelief. It was definitely you, no doubt about it. He could distinctly make out your profile from across the room; you looked a little anxious, underneath the table your leg bounced up and down so violently it shook the table. A hand reached across and covered yours, in an instant your leg stopped shaking and you donned a perfect mask of composure. Bucky looked over to your dining partner and died a little inside as he recognised Thor sat opposite you with a smile. What the hell was going on? His stomach twisted unpleasantly. He knew exactly what was going on. It all made sense now; your near-constant avoidance of him over the past week; how much time you had been spending with Thor on ‘research’. You were cheating on him.

Bucky was about to walk over to the two of you and demand an explanation when a strangely familiar orange man and a relatively pale by comparison woman waltzed over to your table and embraced the two of you. As you embraced the woman your eyes met Bucky’s over her shoulder and you jolted in panic.


Shit. Shit. Shit! What the hell was Bucky doing here? And who the hell was he with? You quickly tore your gaze away, painting on a fake smile as you all took your seats and began to exchange pleasantries. You swiftly kicked Thor underneath the table and inclined your head ever so slightly towards Bucky, who was staring at the four of you in bewilderment. Thor’s eyes widened so much you were briefly concerned that they would fall out of his head before he began choking on his drink. Miss Michelle Henson- who had been flirting terribly with Thor all goddamned week- hit him delicately on the back, her exquisite features twisting into a delicate mask of concern. “Are you okay?” She asked, her voice as smooth as velvet

“He’s fine,” You assured, swatting away Santana’s orange hand as it tried to rest on your knee underneath the table

The man made an indignant noise and sipped from his wine glass, grimacing at the unpleasant bouquet. You picked up your menu and held it in front of your face, beckoning Thor to join you behind it. He raised an eyebrow, face still flushed from coughing, and ducked behind the menu with you. Henson and Santana looked at the two of you in confusion. “Do you mind?” You asked, impatiently gesturing between yourself and Thor “We just need a minute.”

They exchanged a look and reluctantly turned away. Thor peeked over the top of the menu and briefly locked gazes with Bucky, who raised an eyebrow at the pair of you before Thor ducked back behind the refuge of the menu again. “What is he doing here?” You mouthed

I have no idea!” Thor mouthed back, looking more than a little perturbed

You eyed Bucky from behind the menu, who waved at you painfully. Shit. “What do we do?

Why must I be the one with the solutions?! He is your associate!

Associate? He isn’t some guy I say hi to in the street! I’m in love with him for crying out loud!

Double shit. Thor smiled as the realisation of what you had just admitted flowered across your face. You were in love with him. “I’m in love with him…” You whispered to yourself in bewilderment

Michelle peeked at the two of you over her slender shoulder. “Is everything alright?”

You flashed what you hoped looked like a dazzling smile and nodded. “Fine, thank you Michelle; I was just telling Thor that I-”

“Thor?” Santana asked, turning into the conversation “What is that, a nickname?”

You gave a short laugh and shook your head, trying to think on your feet. “Well we saw a woman in the street earlier today who was convinced that he wa-”

“Good evening,” A familiar voice said from behind you, loaded with rage

Oh please no. You turned in you seat to see Bucky stood behind you, looking very hurt. How on earth were you going to talk your way out of this? He looked around the table and crossed his arms “Anyone want to tell me what the hell is going on?”

Everyone exchanged a look; two men at the table next to you took a sudden interest in events and didn’t bother to hide their gaze. Santana gasped and pointed at Bucky “You! I remember you!”

“I’m sure this man is not whoever you’re thinking of, Mr Santana.” You panicked, kicking Bucky lightly in the shin

A group of women at the table behind you nudged each other discreetly and nodded in your direction. Bucky crinkled his brow and regarded Santana “Who the hell is this bastard?”

“This is the bastard who had his leg broken by you last year,” Santana growled, his orange skin turning red “twice.”

Thor groaned and threw his head into his hands as Bucky frowned and waved a dismissive hand at the man. “Whatever, I don’t care about that.” He turned his gaze to you and Thor who were both on the verge of banging your heads against the table “What I do care about though, is why the hell you are on a date with my girlfriend. Anyone care to explain? Thor, perhaps?”

“Barnes,” Thor said, regaining some composure “you are mistaken-”

Henson gasped and stood up from her chair upon studying Thor closely “It’s a goddamned set up! They’re a part of the Avengers!”

Bucky raised an eyebrow “What do you mean a set up?”

Michelle fished around in her bag and pulled a small gun out of it. Shit. You looked at Thor who had discreetly stuck his hand out to summon Mjolnir while you slowly started to reach for the gun you had strapped to your leg. “Steven, we’ve been compromised. We need to leave, now.” She hissed, dragging him out of his seat by the sleeve of his dinner jacket

You got a solid grip on your gun and tore it from its holster; you didn’t want this to end in a shootout, but there was no way you could let them get away from this. Without them, there was no hope of reclaiming Tony’s weapons. “If it’s all the same to you, I’d really prefer it if the two of you stayed.” You said as coolly as you could, sipping from your glass of water with your gun pointed directly at the other woman “After all, dinner really isn’t the same without company,”

A sudden crash came from the window as Mjolnir flew through it into Thor’s waiting palm. A woman sat near where the window had been let out a sudden scream. “Let’s not make a meal of this,” The woman smiled sweetly, aiming the gun at Bucky “I would hate for anyone to get hurt.”

Bucky squared his jaw and stared at the woman in defiance as your heart leapt into your mouth. You looked at him out of the corner of your eye and felt a nervous sweat creep up the back of your neck. “Let me make one thing clear, Miss Henson.” You said, desperately trying to stop the slight tremor in your hand “If you cause any civilian casualties today, you will be tried and prosecuted in a court of law for your actions; but if you so much as touch this man standing next to me, I will eviscerate you.”

She scoffed, trying to maintain her composure even though it was clear she had lost it a few seconds ago. Her gun now pointed in your direction. “And if I decide to kill you instead?”

“Then the outcome will still be the same,” Bucky said, stepping towards her menacingly “I can promise you that.”

She and Santana exchanged a glance and nodded before she slowly placed the gun down on the table. “A wise choice.” Thor said, grinning at you as he stepped forward to secure them


After the rest of the team had been called in to apprehend the car full of explosives and Henson and Santana had been formally arrested, you found yourself stood in the women’s bathroom staring at yourself in the mirror; you looked tired, and pale even by your standards. You heard the door open and ducked your head, not wanting to talk to Bucky just yet. “So the legends are true,” Tony said, walking into view with a smile “the ladies bathroom really does smell nicer.”

You rolled your eyes and turned off the running faucet beneath you. “There’s also a portal to another dimension behind the mirror,”

“That, I didn’t know about.”

Tony sat on the counter beside the sink as you turned to grab a paper towel. “Y/N?”


“Thank you,” He said truthfully “what the two of you have done is just sickeningly thoughtful, and it makes me seriously re-think the Christmas gifts I’ve bought for the two of you.”

You smiled, tossing your paper towel into the bin with a shrug “We just didn’t want to drag you back into the past; I figured it would only upset you.”

Tony shook his head and hopped down off the counter  “What upsets me is that neither of you told me what was going on; if something had gone dreadfully wrong and one of you had died just for the sake of protecting my feelings-”

“We’re a team, Tony. You’d do the same for us,”

He smiled and put an arm around your shoulder “Come on, kid. Let’s go back to the compound and order enough pizza to make us all sick for a week.”

“Sounds great, but there’s something I’ve got to do first.”


Bucky was the only one left in the restaurant when you walked in; all the diners had been vacated and the staff sent home. He was sat at a table staring intently at a silver fork. You wrung your hands in front of you nervously. What were you going to say? Summoning your bravery, you walked into the room lightly knowing he would hear your tread.

Sure enough, he turned in his chair and smiled at you tiredly “Hey doll,” He whispered, standing and closing the distance between you

You looked up into his eyes and felt a rush of love and fear fill your veins. “I’m sorry,” You said without drawing breath “for everything; I wanted to tell you, I really did but I was worried that if I did then I would somehow screw it all up. And then you were nearly shot and I-”

Bucky held up his hand to silence you and smiled “I’m sorry too; I should have known you were undercover when I saw you. I guess I was just worried that you and Thor were- well, you know.”

You laughed a little and shook your head, pulling him into a tight embrace. “Hey Bucky?” You whispered


“I realised something earlier when I saw you giving Thor and I the death stare.”

“And what was that?”

You took in a deep breath and replied “That I love with you,”

You felt a chuckle vibrate through his chest and looked up, feeling a little hurt that he thought your feelings for him were amusing. He met your eyes and smiled, brushing his thumb across your cheekbone as he brought his lips to your ear, breathing in the scent of your perfume as he whispered the words “I love you too.”

(Credit to @toastburninglucy the writer of this request if you wanna send love, leave a comment (not an ask to this blog as she won’t see it), or go over to her blog and send her the love there. Thank you for taking on the request. - Rosalee)

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(hello, yes, im turtle garbage and i like leaving this jerk confused cus i love him and its late)

You’re sitting on a far corner of the couch in the lair, away from the boys who currently are ogling some hot chick on TV. Which wasn’t all that abnormal, but with the funk you currently are in, it’s just grating on your nerves. No one notices really, because, well, you’re always quiet. So, who knew the difference between sulking and just sitting there?

The whole reason you were in this slump to begin with was a simple cut on your cheek from training with master splinter. You were always distracted, never wanted to talk to him about it as he offered, but you always thought about it and over thought on it. Mikey had been the only one to even mention it when the group had gotten back from patrol, and innocently he’d kissed it ‘to make it better’. Which under normal circumstances, would have been a cute gesture. However, you’d had about thirty minutes of self-seclusion to over think on it and the current TV situation was just adding fuel to the flame. And then that was it, you snapped.

Not in a psychotic way, but you’d simply had enough and spoke up in a snotty tone.

“You would like a slutty girl like that.”

All four boys looked over at you with mild surprise. Even Donny who wasn’t even paying attention to the TV.

“What?” Leo asked, clearly confused why you would say something like that at all.

You scrunched your nose and showed some teeth in disgust at the situation,
“I dunno, it just is so typical. You and Raph are the type of guys who would only pay attention to hour glass bodies in too-tight-too-short dresses.” None of them said anything but exchanged confused looks.
In the whole year and a half your homeless ass had crashed with them, never had you sounded so disgusted or annoyed, and that includes the time Mikey knocked you into a pool of sewage while trying to teach you how to navigate down there.

You huffed in annoyance and gripped at the sleeves of your high school hoody. It was a small comfort when you had nothing, it had always been so soft on the inside and warm enough to keep the chill off.
“Guys always look at girls like that, the ones who look like they’d sleep with any one given half a chance.”

“Well aren’t you pissy.” Raph spoke up, he sounded more amused with your irritation than angry, but you could hear the small bit of it that dared you to direct anything at him. So, you did. Of corse. After all, he was why you were pissy any way.

“Oh Jesus Christ Raph, you have fucking comics and magazines and posted of half-naked chicks like that all over. Of course, I’m pissy!” There it was, the shift from amused to angry. It was plain as day on his face, but buttons must be pushed.
“I mean, hell, I get it. Your strong and built for a chick like that. I know you’ve never been to a high school, just you really are a Jock at heart. You deserve a dumb ass cheerleader. I mean, hell, I’ve seen you watch April, and she’s pretty close. Tiny waist, nice hips. Too bad she doesn’t have the boobs your posters do, or I bet you’d make an enemy out of Donny real quick.”

Clearly agitated, you half pulled your hair, half scratched at your scalp. Yeah, half of this was jealousy, but it really was annoying to constantly be reminded of what you can never look like. You had a shape similar to them, but it came with a whole lot of extra. At least to you it seemed that way. Usually you just hid it under your hoody and cargo pants though. Baggy clothes could hide anything if you tried hard enough. But it wasn’t just that, you were in no way the pretty girl every guy wanted; even a mutated one. You hated the feeling of makeup, couldn’t even afford it if you wanted it, never really did anything with your hair, weren’t exactly stupid, but definitely weren’t smart enough to make up for how you looked either.

Mikey and Donny had eased away from the about-to-be-fight, leaving poor Leo to squish himself into the couch as best he could. They all knew Raph wouldn’t start a fight with you, but it was awkward to be around, especially since 99% of the time you were the compliant one and hardly argued with anything or anyone ever. Leo was clearly dying on the inside and at a loss at what to do or say and it was too late to get up and move away from between the two of you or he’d get stuck in the cross hair somehow.

“And you know me so well do ya?” Raph had his hands clutched but you didn’t notice, you were focused on the stare down between the two of you.

“I know your type.”

“My type!?” His hollering caused the sensitive TV to lose its vertical hold, “I have a type!? Look at me! I’m not a fucking Jock, I’m a god damned turtle!”

“Human, Turtle, Still the same thing. Both are dicks who only care about how someone looks.”

“Are you serious right now!?”

Raph had only meant to move the table out of the way but managed to flip the whole thing over in his hurried anger. Screw it though, everyone was more or less used to that kind of behavior from him anyway. Or he thought so up until it made you hop to your feet and puff out your chest like you had some kind of chance against him. He could see the fear and anger and complete hurt he didn’t understand and any thought that might have slithered through the back of his mind about knocking you around like his brothers was completely gone. True to form, you wouldn’t back down and he had always liked that in people, even when it was stupid to. He respected it, even from someone who was usually so quiet and self-restrained.

“And what if I wasn’t.” The words poured out more like venom than a real question, which it clearly was rhetorical anyhow, and you hesitated.

And Then everything was silent. Accept the static-y TV still playing the cop show. The three silent brothers exchanged very confused, very quick, glances. There was no way they were missing this… Whatever this was.

Raphael moved a step back, which considering the height difference between the two of you, was a reasonable space really. You hadn’t moved, you hadn’t made a sound, your eyes were just as wide as they could be. Slowly, as if your head would fall off if you moved it to quickly, you looked over at the boys and pointed at their brother,
“…Did… Was that in my head?”

Two head shook ‘no’ while Mikey raised his shoulders, also unsure if he was caught in some weird nightmare where he had to watch his brother kiss girls. He hoped he wasn’t in that nightmare.

Raph, in his smugness, watched your expressions change; Shock, to confusion, quickly to happiness before shifting to anger and betrayal. He didn’t get it, he thought that would fix it but instead you were glaring at him with tears in your eyes.

“What!?” Any smugness that was there was wiped clean. He hated that look. He’d never gotten it before, but he sure as hell hated it.

“Why would you do that.” Your voice was shaking in your attempt not to cry.
“You shouldn’t do that to people you don’t like… It’s wrong!”

In a split second, you’d turned around and hopped over the back of the couch and started towards the door as quickly as you could, scooping your bag up and over your shoulder as you did.

“Wait, where are you going!?” Leo spoke up, completely confused where you were going since you lived on their couch. Logically you couldn’t go home or anything.

“Who cares.”

And then you were gone.

Raph stood in a bit of dumbfounded shock for a moment, arms limp at his sides.

“What was that all about?” Donny chimed in quietly.

Raph threw his arms towards the door angrily and had the most stressed face he could give his brothers,

“Uh… Maybe we should go get her.” Leo offered.

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B r o k e n   F e e t

Requested: Yes~  

You should do 2 and 32  

Member: Jeon Jungkook Fuckboy!au

Genre: Humor, fluff, slight angst, implied smut

Word Count: 3,110

#2- “I’m gonna need you to put on some underwear before you say anything else.”

#32- “Look I know you really want that seat, but I do too now you should move before I sit on your lap.”

A/N- I’m sorry this just had to be a fuckboy one but I’m totally not sorry Well, here it is, my friend requested so I hope y’all like it~ THANKS LOVELIES

     A harsh knock disrupted you from your sleep, which, mind this dream snatcher, has been the first good few hours of sleep you’d gotten in a long time. Begrudgingly, after enough knocks to think the door would break down, you slid out from the covers of your loft that seemed surprisingly soft and mumbled a quiet, “coming”. When you threw open the door to confront the person who might get punched in the face from you, you surely did not expect to see the fuckboy of the campus, Jeon Jungkook. Oh god, how you hated his guts. You had always hated fuckboys, I mean, who other than sluts liked them? Unfortunately, you two had known each other for quite sometime. You had both grown up in the same hometown, and graduated in the same class. You frequently questioned the universe why you couldn’t have been born a year or two before, just anything to get away from this boy. He used to be so cute and shy - the little boy who was ever scared to accept dandelions from the girls on the playground when he was on the swings for recess. Hell, you two used to be friends, even though you would tease him for having boy cooties. You would always walk with him, wrestle him in the mud when no one else would, and he would finger paint you some picture that meant the world to him and pick you first for flag football on his team. He was your closest friend, your everything. He would never make fun of you for wearing cargo shorts and not dresses, for playing football and blocks instead of house and dress up. But, alas, not all good things last forever. Around sixth or seventh grade, things changed. Puberty hit, and you went from wearing cargo and basketball shorts to leggings and denim shorts. He got taller - surprisingly taller. But you thought that this lanky alien was still the boy you loved, the boy who would stick with you through thick and thin.

     But shit, you couldn’t be more wrong.

     You pretty much acted the same - you’d rather stick to basketball and soccer rather than dance and softball, but hormones got the best of him. He was one of the cool kids, obviously too cool for you. And you knew this was going to happen, but never that fast. You both expected to stick together until out of college, where you’d both either have your own lives and families, or just end up marrying each other. But nope. Life doesn’t ever want you to have what you want, and you had learned that the hard way. He stuck to his sports, but he tried to get as far away from you as possible. He’d ask to switch his seat if he ever got one next to you, and frankly, most people could see how hurt you were. You two had always been glued at the hips, you being one of the only people who he would actually talk to. It almost hurt other people to see this happen, but you learned to get over it. You’d learned to cage up your heart at a young age, and let only a few people crack that barrier, but never infiltrate it. With everything you did, every step you took, you told yourself, don’t ever get close to anyone again. You stuck to two friends, both girls who were like you in many ways, and you all understood each other well. You’d eventually turn into a pop, but not the “Oh look at me, I’m a slut who wears skirts and plays sports and has had one hundred boyfriends already”. Oh no. Far from it. Everyone knew you as the girl who would fight for herself, the girl with the good grades, and the girl who will beat you to a pulp if you’d ever insult her. So, that being known by the whole school, people were decently nice to you. You heard the rumors people say, since your friends give you all the gossip, but couldn’t ever find a shit to give about what anyone had said anymore. You’d basically cut everyone out from your life except those two special friends, to the point where you wouldn’t talk to your parents and they had almost reached out to a therapist. And honestly, you couldn’t even try to believe this all happened because of some measly boy, and you’d try to tell yourself otherwise. He’d hang out with the jocks, and do anything in his power to stay away from you. By eighth grade, you just gave up and blocked him out too. He was a no one to you at this point, you’d pretty much forgotten about him.

     But on that faithful day, when he showed up to your college dorm dripping wet and naked, you were quite amused from the look of pure horror that slapped him in the face.

     Apologies spewed out of his mouth like water from a fountain. Your attention had drifted down to his bare torso. Seeing as it was only 2 in the morning, nothing could really keep your focus for more than a minute. With a lift of a single finger from you, his ranting ceased, and your eyes looked back up to his face. A heavy sigh drifted out of your lips, and you were ready to just crawl back into bed and forget that any of this happened.

     “I’m gonna need you to put on some underwear before you say anything else.” You laughed at his red face, thinking, Wow, the one and only Jeon Jungkook, just blushed. This must be a dream. You moved to slam the door shut in his face, but as the action happened, he moved his bare foot between the door frame and the door. A howl of pain erupted from his throat, and you could’ve sworn you heard a few bones crunch. Sighing, you opened your door back up and ignored his hopping figure as you went to find some kind of cover for him. Settling on a towel, you threw it at his chest and slammed the door shut.

     “(Y/N)!!!! Please, open the door, you’re the only person I know for at least three square blocks!!!! I’m sorry for what I did, and what has happened, and I know that none of this should be happening because if I was smarter as a kid we might be in a better college in a nice apartment with better friends and-”

     “Fuck off, Jeon. You made your choice, and I chose to block you out from my life completely. Now keep the damn towel, spare the early birds some nightmares for later tonight, and get the fuck away from me.” Ouch. You could tell that hit something in him, because it even plucked a few of your heart strings. Hearing the soft sigh and the receding patter of feet, you decided to just head back to sleep and persuade yourself that all of this was a dream.


     “He did what?” You rolled your eyes at the question from your friend and went on to sipping your coffee.

     “He showed up to my dorm, naked, dripping wet, spewing out some kind of apology and asking for what I assume was clothes and a towel. I won’t be surprised if he comes out to find me again. Oh, and I probably broke his foot.”

     “Why the fuck would you break his foot?!” Her exclamation earned you both a few shushes and judgmental stares, as well as a hard glare from you. You answered with a shrug and something simple:

     “He wouldn’t move his foot.” That, also, earned you a groan from her.

     “That’s when you report him, or shove him out, not shatter his bones!”

     “That is very well an option in that situation, and you know it.” A sigh escaped her lips, and she moved to gather all of her stuff into her bag.

     “(Y/N), you know he can sue you, right?”

     “And you know he wouldn’t, right?” You mocked, putting your book mark in your book and placing it in your bag while getting up. “He won’t do it knowing what he did to me and how badly he screwed up my life. I can guarantee you that the little boy is still in there, but he’s just caged up.” You shrugged at her and walked out of the cafe to your classes.

     “… Oh for god’s sake, your literature major is getting to you. Bring the old (Y/N) back, please.” Her hands clasped together in a dramatic show, earning the finger from you. A laugh poured from her lips as she waved and walked to her art building. “There she is. Anyways, see you at lunch!” She jogs away from you as you head to your class, giving her a small wave. Today’s going to be pure hell, you thought. You knew word of what happened had already gotten around, but you also knew that you didn’t care. And that no one cared enough to ask you about it, but just simply play telephone until the story is completely twisted and wrong.


     You thought you’d heard everything by now. You heard that he’d fucked you. You heard that you stabbed him, and attacked him, hence the broken foot. Hell, you heard that you were actually the leader of a gang and called your members over to kill him. You liked that one the best, it made you laugh. Your classes had ended now, and you’d had one too many run-ins with some of Jungkook’s friends. Luckily, and surprisingly, one of them was your friend. Park Jimin. He was one who stuck with you through your little experience, and had always comforted you when the stories got to your head. Anyways, you two had made plans for you to come to the theater downtown with him for the midnight viewing of “The Mummy”. Now, you were planning to go alone some night that wasn’t the opening, but how could you resist the absolute sweetheart named Jimin? So, your friends being your friends, they invited themselves over to your dorm to, “Help you with your outfit,” despite their lack of fashion sense.

     “So Jimin, huh?” Both of them snickered at your irritated face as you slid into the simple outfit of black denim jeans, a cut off Obey crop top, and some black Vans.

     “Oh, you’re both so fucking funny. Don’t pull that bullshit on me. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a movie to watch with my friend and I would appreciate it if you both got the fuck out of my room.” With sarcastic smiles, they both trudged out of your room as you shut and locked the door. Just as you hit the stairwell, you heard one call after you.

     “Don’t forget to tell us the details (Y/N)!~” Once again, her comment earned another finger and you trotted down the stairs and meet up with Jimin.


     Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck.

     Those were the only two words running through your head as you saw the silhouette of someone who’s build looked a hell of a lot like Jeon Jungkook’s.

     Including the bulky quad of someone who would be wearing a boot.

     Perhaps the boot of someone with a broken foot.  

     Which may have been caused by someone slamming said foot with a door.

     Yeah, that was him.

     You were contemplating turning and sprinting away while you still could, but it was too late at that time, seeing as you could hear Jimin calling out your name. Damn you Jimin. But, the closer you approached, you saw the apologetic look in his eyes, now fully understanding that this was all the little brat’s choice, and Jimin couldn’t have possibly stopped him. So, you chose to walk in with them, ignoring the gaze that was burning holes into the back of your skull. After everyone but Jungkook found their seats, you took up the duty to gather the snacks and drinks. One your way back up the isle, you knocked shoulders with Jungkook, setting him off balance. You knew he was more confident today, your outburst from last night, or rather early this morning, boosting his esteem.

     “Don’t get to rough just yet Princess, it’s only the first night.”

    Princess? God, you were so close to barfing and breaking his other foot. How were you both friends once? But, choosing to just walk away and get back to your duty, you came back later with snacks for everyone. But that wasn’t the only thing you came back to. He was in your spot. Your spot. A growl was threatening to tear from your throat, but you just quietly handed everyone their food and went to block his view. You gulped as you saw his signature smirk glued onto his face as he gazed at you, and wait, why were you nervous? Why is your heart hammering? (Y/N), keep it under control! A sigh escaped your lips, and you chose to go the simple way, seeing as the room was much too quiet for the both of you to start up a fight.

     “Look, I know you really want that seat, but I do too now you should move before I sit on your lap.” Oh shit, there’s that blush again. You couldn’t believe this. The Jeon Jungkook, blushed at your words for a second time. That was absolute madness. You even caught how he adverted his eyes for a second, and how he uncomfortably squirmed the slightest bit before patting his thighs and smirking all over again.

     “Have at it.” And so you did.

     That was something he wasn’t expecting.

     And fuck, you realized that he’s still a guy, let alone one who goes around fucking girls, and that’s when you felt it. Ohhhhhh no. Please, let that be something in his pocket, please oh please oh please oh please. But by the groan that came from his lips that he tried to cover with a cough, you knew it wasn’t something in his pocket.

     Ladies and gents, you had just given him a boner.

     In some way, you were sort of proud, because hey, don’t fucking mess with me bitch. But, you also were aware of the bright blush on your cheeks as you trained your eyes on the screen. This was going to be a long night.


     Around the mid way point of the movie, you slipped out to use the bathroom, yet almost everyone in that damn theater knew that wasn’t the case, seeing as you didn’t dare to move for majority of the movie. With that being said, you opted out on chilling on the sinks for a bit before you heard the footsteps of a limp enter. Your eyes widened as Jungkook limped his way in, trying to be as quiet as possible for someone in his situation.

     “What the fuck are you doing in here?!” The sharp whisper left your lips as you jumped down to pull him out of sight of anyone who might come in. “You’re gonna get us kicked out! What if someone saw you?! Oh god, someone saw you didn-” Your sentence gets cut off by the soft feeling of his plush lips pressed against yours, and the first thing you noticed was the sweet strawberry taste of the Twizzlers he had been eating. Your cheeks burn, and he pulls you flush against him with his arms draped around your waist. His tongue swiped over your lips, and you graciously granted access.

     After a few minutes of hair pulling and tongue fighting, you both broke away gasping for air, and that old bunny-like smile plastered over his swollen lips.  “I had to shut you up one way or another, so I went with the one I would’ve liked best.” He was back, the little boy you loved so much, the one who you had found out loved you back. “(Y/N)… I’m still sorry about all that happened… I was so stupid, and naive, and I honestly don’t know why I thought I could ever live without you in my life.”

     A soft chuckle escaped your lips as you tilted your head to look up at him. “Yes, you were all those things, but I still love you and I don’t really think any dick move you did could’ve eliminated my feelings for good. Jeon Jungkook, I love you, always have, and always will.” A smile graced your lips as you ended, and a grin placed itself on Jungkook’s.

     “I love you too (Y/N).” And he topped it off with a kiss.

     You were right, tonight was going to be a long night.


     “Corinna, come on, mommy needs to get you to school on time!” The giggle of your daughter lit up your eyes, and you set off to find her and your son. Your husband peeked out from the bedroom, looking down over the upstairs railing at you.

     “Hide and seek again?”

     “Yes Jungkook, now instead of playing with them again, could you please help me try to find them?” A laugh bubbled out from his chest, and you couldn’t help but grin and the melodious sound.

     “Okay baby, just a sec.” He goes to find them, hands fiddling in an attempt to tie his tie. But he certainly didn’t expect the door of his childrens’ bedroom to slam shut on his foot, a yelp of agony slipping from his throat.

     Both of the children joined in yelling for you, saying that, “DADDY’S FOOT GOT STUCK IN THE DOOR AGAIN!!!” You rushed up the stairs to see your husband cradling his foot on the floor and a laugh broke out from your lips.

     “Really Jungkook, what is it with you and breaking your foot in doors?” This made a smile tug at his lips, and you swoop in for a quick peck. The kids chide in with sounds of distaste as you both laugh, and you pull out your phone. “I’ll call in for you, and we’ll get you to the hospital after dropping the kids off at school.”

     “Thanks baby, I love you~”

     “I love you too, now go rest that foot.”

     And suddenly, all of your childhood fantasies had come true, and you knew you could never ask for a different life.

Love You Always

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Steve Trevor x Reader

Request: A Steve Trevor imagine

Summary: Reader is part of the team Steve created to help him and Diana but she doesn’t come in until later. 

Word Count: 2137

They were in Belgium, standing in the trenches in no man’s land. Steve was worried; you still hadn’t shown up yet, you told him that once the job that you were on was over you would meet him where ever he was. The last letter he sent was telling you that they were going to be in Belgium at the Western Front. You both knew that they were going to be halted by the enemy lines for the Allied forces still hadn’t gotten the job done to take them out.

Steve turned around when he heard a bunch of gasps and mumbles fall from the soldiers that were around him. He turned around to see Diana releasing her dark cape to the floor and gearing up to go into the field. He tried to stop her but it was no use, Diana was quite determined to get across.

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Always Pt. 4: Begin (M)

Trailer | Prologue | One | Two | Three | Four

Ignorance is bliss

Originally posted by the-rap-man

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader, feat. Jimin and Taehyung

Genre: Killer!Jungkook, Angst

Word Count: 6060

Content/Warnings: Violence; Graphic depictions of death; Major character death; No smut in this chapter (sorry). Also I hope no one takes this the wrong way and thinks this has anything to do with the fandom wars, because I can assure you it doesn’t, so please don’t make this about that.

** Italics indicate a flashback within the flashback **


You would die for him, kill for him, and everything in between.

He was as much a part of you as yourself. 

You didn’t want anyone else. 

It was always Jungkook.

Jungkook stood in the old warehouse. The stale smell of gasoline and ocean salt filled the air.

“Give me one reason I shouldn’t kill you,” he said to the blond man kneeling before him. But these were empty threats. Jungkook had never killed someone before, only done so much as knock another man out with a punch to the jaw. But taking another’s life… That’s something he promised himself he would never do.

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against the clock

More Kaider. Soulmate AU this time. It wasn’t supposed to get this long…

Rating: T
Genre: Romance and Friendship
Characters: [Kai and Cinder], Iko, Scarlet
Words: 9,033

Soulmate timers have been helping connect people who belong together for all time and still, Cinder gets the guy who can’t even figure out it’s her. kaider / soulmate au / modern au


“Cinder! My timer jumped!” Iko squealed, jumping on Cinder’s bed, her knees crashing atop Cinder’s torso and jerking her awake.

Cinder groaned and blindly shoved Iko away. Her friend let out an undignified screech and Cinder knew she had succeeded in pushing Iko off the bed. She grabbed the edge of her blanket and pulled it up towards her face, intent on hiding beneath it. Just as the soft fabric had grazed her face, it was ripped away and Cinder was forced to finally look at Iko, who was standing above the bed with her hands planted firmly on her hips.

“Iko, let me sleep,” Cinder muttered and rolled away towards the wall.

“It’s close to six days now!!” Iko said excitedly. “I went from like nine weeks to six days overnight! That has to mean something, doesn’t it?”

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Lack of Affection - Calum Hood

Hi guys, I’m back from a little vacation now I can finally write again. Sorry to those who had requested and I’m only starting to write them now. Hope you guys enjoy this one!

Also, I’ve never been to Italy so I don’t know if what I mention is accurate or actually exists lol. 

SUMMARY: You’re not into showing a lot of affection in public and you don’t know that it bothers Calum, until you accidentally curve him one day and he talks to you about it. 

Out of all your years of being alive, you’ve only really been in two real relationships. The rest were just “things” with guys that you thought was going good but they stopped hitting you up weeks later or two months the most. Those types of relationships that weren’t really relationships and you never called the other your boyfriend and they never called you their girlfriend. That type of thing.

So when you met Calum you thought it was just going to be one of those. You felt bad for your first impression of him by assuming that he was just going to have a fling with you and drop you when he got bored, knowing that he probably knew more girls more interesting and pretty than you, seeing that he is in a band and he is fairly well known. Until he surprised you one day by telling you how much he really likes you and that going on tour won’t change a thing.

And he was right. After he told you that, he left for tour a week later. Connections weren’t lost, communication wasn’t hard, and you both put in 50/50 of effort. And that’s how you guys managed to last a successful 6 months of a relationship. Sure it may not seem that long but when you’re in a relationship with someone who travels a lot and wakes up in a different city everyday, away from each other, it feels like forever.

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corrupt pt. 1 - dirtycop!jaebum

moodboard by me

wordcount: 2,700

Finding out your brother was a dirty cop was hard enough, but trying to deny his even dirtier partners effect on you was even harder.

warnings: illegal activities, swearing

The rain was relentless. You shivered violently, wrapping your arms around yourself in a feeble attempt to conserve the heat rapidly exiting your body as the downpour soaked through all the layers of your clothing.  

The rain streamed down your face and blurred your vision, making your perspective of the world something similar to a Monet painting. You knew the shivering wasn’t due to the cold, fear had numbed you to the presently unforgiving outside elements, you knew you were quaking in terror.

You stood in a deadly triangle, Jaebum pointing the sleek silver of his handgun towards your prone forehead, Yugeom having the cruel mouth of his own gun directed at Jaebum’s heart.

‘Y/N, I hope you realize how silly of an idea it was for you to follow us here, hmm?’, Jaebum’s stern voice was clear over the roar of the rain.

You nodded, your tears dancing with the rain, running down your cheeks, not being able to look anywhere but on the trigger, which he rested his prone pointer finger on. This was surreal, just a day ago you were struck with the thought that your brother’s recent distant behavior may have been due to him becoming depressed, not a fucking dirty cop with an even dirtier partner.  

You saw the slightest quiver out of the corner of your eyes; Yugeom was struggling to point the gun towards his partner. When he first started he would go on and on about how much he admired his elder, how cool Jaebum was, how much he’d be able to learn about being a detective from Jaebum. You hadn’t seen that vibrant glint in your baby brother’s eyes for a long, long time, the last time he seemed so passionate from something was when he became a police officer, but that was years ago, your brother had changed.


Earlier today you decided you wanted to talk to him, but you were aware he worked long hours, what harm could be done if you dropped by the police station and had a quick word to check in and see if he was fine?

The lights of a vibrant city were just beginning to blink on sporadically as you approached the station. Coincidentally, as you rounded the street corner and stepped on the first of four steps up to the glass sliding door with an emblem on the middle, Yugeom was walking out of those same doors.

You smiled at him brightly and nodded to the man directly behind him, his partner in fighting crime, Jaebum. Yugeom’s eyebrows rose, nearly lost in the hair that fell across his forehead stylishly.

‘Y/N, why are you here’ he said nervously as Jaebum stepped around him and continued on down the road, you thought he almost expected your younger brother to follow him. You were just as shocked at the neither warm nor particularly icy reception he gave you, as shocked as he was to see you.

‘I just came to check if you were alright’, Jaebum was quickly disappearing down the street, Yugeom turning his head every few seconds, obviously agitated his partner was traveling further away from him.

He didn’t want to speak to you, the thought made your head drop down, your chin hitting your sternum. ‘But if you need to leave, we can talk later’ you quickly continued on, trying to sound as upbeat as possible at Yugeoms lack of enthusiasm.

He gave you a sad smile, ‘I’ll call you tomorrow at around lunch time and we can chat then, but now I gotta go, duty calls!’ he said, not even finishing that sentence before he was running off.

You wanted to follow him, wanted to know what was so important his rude ass of a partner couldn’t even stop and wait for your brother to finish talking to you. What was so important your brother couldn’t even give you a hug or a proper hello. So, besides your gut telling you, perhaps you shouldn’t follow the two police officers, you followed the two police officers.

They must have walked through the city for miles because you found yourself ducking behind cargo containers at the shipyard. They stopped at a black one, you crouched, using your arms to brace yourself against a red one two rows behind them. Yugeom produced a key and unlocked the contained, swinging both of the doors open. Jaebum stepped inside, coming out moments later with two large long briefcases in tow, the length of them maybe spanning half of the length of his leg.

They shut and locked the door, walking further down to the waterfront where there was a clearing of just bare concrete that spanned a few meters before a short drop to the ocean. That’s when the first drops of rain began to fall; the drops made trails down your face and ran their chilly fingers down your back. Yet, you were intrigued now, so you pushed on, following them until you stopped at the closest container to the clearing. You made sure you crouched in a shadow, giving them still the slimmest chance to see you, but allowing you relative safety to snoop.

Another man stood there with Jaebum and Yugeom, indicating toward the older police officers hands. He nodded and opened the large briefcase to show an array of guns, each different sized arranged neatly in different compartments but all deadly, you gasped in shock. As you were watching the trade happening, money being put in JB’s hand whilst he handed over the case a pair of strong arms circled your chest and pulled you off the floor so your legs dangled inches from the surface. Fight or flight kicked in as you screamed and struggled everything is brought into laser focus in front of your eyes as you thrashed your head around. The flecks of rust on the container you were hiding behind, the sunspots on your attackers’ arms and the fact you may die. The mysterious man barked something in Chinese and he surged forward into the open. In front of your shocked brother and his bemused partner, who muttered something in Chinese to the man he was trading with. He pulled out a gun and nodded at my captor, who unceremoniously dumped me on the ground and escaped with the guns.

Jaebums gun was directed at me. I blanched as I stood up slowly, his guns position on my forehead moving with me, I couldn’t take my eyes off him. I heard movement to my right and saw out of the corner of my eye that Yugeom had also drawn his gun and it had its gaze on Jaebum.  


‘She’ll keep her mouth shut’ he pleaded, you could imagine the look on his face right now. His eyes slightly squinted, head coming forward whilst his shoulders tilted up a bit, you remember when you had just learned to drive, this was the look you always got from him when he wanted you to taxi him somewhere.

‘How do you know that?’ he snapped back at the younger man, thrusting his gun out to clarify his murderous intentions, his eyes filling with an inhuman rage. You didn’t know Jaebum very well but you had previously thought he was okay. He attended a few family dinners at the beginning of him and Yugeoms partnership when Yugeom had first become a detective. You had even been to a few staff parties where you two had shared some witty banter. This was a side of Jaebum you never knew existed.

‘She’s my goddamn sister JB! I assure you’ His voice went a few octaves lower and his eyes grew darker, ‘I will step out of line if you even touch a hair on her head’ he laughed humorlessly, ‘We’re cops as well, it’s not like the higher-ups will believe her over us, think rationally’ he used his other hand to point to his temple, ‘she’s my closest family’

In response, a sick smile found it’s way onto JB’s annoyingly handsome face, ‘I know exactly what we can do to ensure she won’t tell anyone’ he said, shifting his weight from one leg to another, lowering his gun for half a second. This was my chance, you thought to yourself; you would run to a nearby container and hide behind it as you called the police.

That thought was forced out of your head as he raised his gun again and strolled towards you, putting his other hand casually in his trouser pocket. He circled you, much like a predator circling his prey and ended up directly behind you, so close you could feel his nose skim the corner of your ear as he took a breath in.

You could hear the smile in his voice as he breathed in your ear, ‘just as long as you remain silent…anything you say can and will be used against you’ there was a pause and you took in a breath in response to what he said next, ‘along with perhaps a whip, or some hog ties, so I advise keeping that pretty mouth shut, understood?’, he trailed his hand along your jawline for effect and a different chill ran down your spine. Letting out a shaky breath, you replied with a clipped, ‘yes, understood’.  

He finally moved away to Yugeom and stood beside him, crossing his strong-looking arms across his chest, ‘It looks like we have a new helper Yugie’. Your brother rolled his eyes and scoffed, ‘You don’t honestly think I would agree to drag my sister into this, do you, Jae?’. The older man raised a single eyebrow, ‘Unless you want her pretty little head to remain on her body, yes. Let’s go’.

A sick look overtook both you and your brothers’ faces and you both quickly scuttled after him, putty in his hands. You refused to look at your brother, you hadn’t had time to reflect on your brother’s hand in this, this…you didn’t even know what to call it, this corruption? Yet, you thought he was better than that.

‘Im sorry’ a sullen voice suddenly said beside you as you passed massive container after massive container. ‘Sorry doesn’t unbreak the law’ you spat out under your breath, being careful the man leading you two away from the scene of the crime didn’t hear you berate your brother.

Yugeom grabbed your arm, effectively stopping you, ‘you shouldn’t have…’ you immediately yanked your arm out of his grasp and continued on walking, not willing to get into Jaebum’s bad any more than you already were by not following his orders to follow him. ‘I shouldn’t have what?’ and laughed ironically and swiped the soaking hair that was flopping into your face. ‘I shouldn’t have been concerned about the little brother I adored not contacting me recently?’ you hair was falling into your face again you smoothed it violently against the top of your scalp with a frustrated huff.

You walked closer to Yugeom, who looked remorseful, thank god he had remorse and wasn’t like his partner. ‘You are the one who is in the wrong here, Yugeom’ you said with as much venom you could muster with a whisper, ‘Apologies for giving a shit, I am so sorry brother’. As you spat the last word you stormed ahead of him to where Jaebum was waiting at his car, leaning on it casually. He pulled out a cigarette and lit the tip, the stick begins to glow a steady orange when he took his first deep drag, sliding the lighter back into his black jeans’ front pocket.

The front lights of a silver Mercedes sedan behind Jaebum’s Lexus flashed for a second indicating it as being unlocked, you knew Yugie could never afford this with what he was supposed to be earning. Something else also didn’t ring right, ‘You guy’s walked here, right?’, Yugeom drifted past you to his car, ‘they didn’t only pay us in money’ he said offhandedly as he rounded the shiny new car and opened the passenger door. Despite the deep, sinking, dirty feeling you had. You went to follow your brother but Jaebum made a disapproving noise, which caused you to stop and peer at him. You let out a silent ‘huff’, you were eager to get out of the rain.

A sick smile found it’s way onto Jaebum’s annoyingly handsome face as he threw his finished cigarette, opening his passenger door with a flourish, you’re hopping in with me dear, you need to convince me you won’t be telling anyone about tonight’s happening’s’. You looked over at Yugeom but he was already in his car and you couldn’t see through the tinted windows. Completely defeated you knew you had to get into the man’s car.

Slowly but steadily, you made your way to Jaebums car, brushing past him and getting a good whiff of his intoxicating, woody, scent. When you were safely seated in the new smelling car, he slammed the door behind you, making you jump. Half a second later he was in the driver’s seat, starting the cars’ engine and pulling away.

When you were on the freeway, speeding towards god-knows-where, you felt a warm hand on the middle of your thigh. Your head shot to Jaebum, seeing he was smiling to himself, eyes on the road. ‘You’re really gonna need to show me how sorry you are and how much you want to make it up to me’. He said, turning his head to leer at you, whilst his hand traveled up your thigh, getting dangerously close to a very private area.

Why did you want him to move those few inches further?


anonymous asked:

So I imagine Zarya as a private person when it comes to relationships and i feel like that might freak me out a lil idk? So can you please do a zarya x reader where she thinks zarya doesn't want their teammates to know their together and is insecure and finally she cries and tells zarya how she feels and zarya just heaves reader over her shoulder and is shouting "she is mine. I am hers. I love her. No one else can have my baby." And stuff like that and reader is embarrassed but also relieved?

“Oh Y/N who are you waiting for?”

“Oh um…no one! I just like to see that everyone has made it home safe!”

You forced a smile onto your face, your mind tuning out the rest of what they were saying as your eyes turned up to look at the dropship that was making its descent onto the vertiport. You absolutely hated lying and you hated hiding why you were here even more. While a portion of your statement was true, you did want to make sure everyone made it back safe, the real reason you were here was to make sure your beautiful girlfriend had made it back home unscathed. Zarya had a tendency to make light of any injuries she endured and while she was the strongest woman in the world, in your opinion, that didn’t make her invincible. She was sweet and loving, confident and strong, but incredibly private when it came to personal matters. Most didn’t know of her family back in Russia or about her tumultuous childhood, things she had slowly opened up to you about. They also did not know about you.

Honestly, you had rationalized it and it made sense. You weren’t a field agent, merely one of a handful engineers that had joined the recalled Overwatch. Zarya was the image of beauty and strength and surprising grace while you were…just you. While you were absolutely sure no one would mind if they knew about you, you could understand why Zarya didn’t want to tell anyone that the two of you were dating. She deserved someone just as glamorous and spectacular as she was and while she had chosen you for the time being, you’d understand if she’d move on to bigger and better things without you. Your stomach twisted up any time your thoughts strayed to ideas like that, unshed tears burning in your eyes as you watched the ship touch down. You loved Zarya and she loved you but maybe your thoughts were right, maybe you just weren’t a right fit.

“Oh look look! Here they come!”

You blinked rapidly, trying to force the tears away, hands quickly jumping up to push away the tears that had managed to slip out as your fellow engineer shook your shoulder. The handful of non-field agents and the few field agents who had wandered out grew into a slight tizzy as agents began to began to disembark. Agents walked up unabashedly, McCree greeting Hanzo, Lucio walking out with his arms around Hana’s shoulder, Reinhardt offering Ana his hand and escorting her inside. You felt butterflies burst from within you as you caught the flash of pink behind the massive German man, before your gaze locked onto Zarya’s cerulean eyes.

She had removed her armor already, leaving her in only loose black cargo pants, her black boots with pink accents and the tight black tank top that made you feel weak in the knees. Her eyes lit up giving you a small half nod of the head before continuing down the ramp. Every part of you wanted to run up and throw your arms around her neck but you resisted to respect her wishes. Instead, you gave a weak half wave, not trying to draw attention to yourself or the fact that she was looking at you. A genuine smile crossed your lips before it wavered for a moment, throat still slightly tight from the pained thoughts that had been plaguing you earlier.

“Dammit”, you cursed softly, under your breath as you lifted your hand and twisted your head away to rub hard at your eyes and stop the line of tears that threatened to spill. Closing your eyes tight you rubbed hard again, mentally admonishing yourself before opening your eyes once more. “Eh?!”

Your shoulders jumped, eyes going wide in surprise as you watched Zarya make a beeline towards you, concern apparent on her face. Your jaw dropped, hands lifting to wave in front of you, trying to silently signal to her that you were alright and she didn’t have to blow her cover if she didn’t want to. Her look was stern and serious as she quickly made her way to you, stopping and grabbing your chin much gentler than one would expect of a woman of her size. Your face began to burn, eyes darting away from her as nervousness churned in your belly.

“Moy mishka”,Zarya questioned, her thumb lightly tracing one of the tear streak on your face. “Why do you have tears in your eyes? Who hurt you? I will break them.”

Your bottom lip quivered at her words, your teeth biting down hard to bite back the cry that threatened to tumble out. Face scrunching up, several tears rolled down your cheeks as you sucked in a shuddering breath through your nose. Zarya made a soft sound low in her throat, both of her hands cupping your cheeks and pushing more of your tears away. You weren’t able to hold it back anymore, a quiet sob falling from your lips as she smoothed a hand over your hair.

“I’m sorry”, you breathed out, hiccuping softly and sniffling. Your hands lifted up, covering her hands with your smaller ones and squeezing. “I just…I know I’m not that great and I’m sorry that you’re stuck with me…I know that you don’t want anyone to kn-know about us but I w-wish I c-could hug y-you wh-when you get b-b-back. I-I’m so so-sorry for being selfish.”

You were blubbering and stuttering by the end of your short rant, shoulders shaking as you tried to rein your emotions back in. You sniffled, trying to pull away from the Russian bodybuilder but not being able to break away from her touch.

“Do not want anyone to know”, Zarya questioned, her gentle comforting movements slowing on your face. “Kukolka, do you think I am ashamed of you?”

You hiccuped again, a silent confirmation as your head tilted downward. You tried to curl in on yourself as Zarya’s hands pulled away from your face, eyes shutting tighter as you waited for the inevitable rejection. Your eyes flew open as you felt Zarya’s hands on your hips, squealing in surprise as you were hoisted up from the ground and then over her shoulder.

“A-Aleks”, you gasped out in surprise, lightly pawing at her back as she began to walk inside. One hand brusquely rubbed at your face, pushing your tears away while trying fruitlessly to scramble away from the tight hold. “Wh-what’re your doing?”

“Everyone”, she shouted, the lingering field agents and stragglers turning around to look at your girlfriend. You felt your face begin to heat up in a blush, your body going limp as you realized all eyes in the room were on thrown over your girlfriend’s shoulder. “Y/N is mine! I am hers! I love her! No one else can have moy kroshka! Eto panyAtno?”

Your face burned as you listened to Zarya claim you to all that could hear it, your hands lifting and covering the blush that was stretching across your skin. You were terribly embarrassed, but in the same breath relieved, butterflies exploding in your center as she instantly silenced every single voice in your head. You could hear the soft, good humored chuckles around the room and the surprised whisper of your colleagues, the giddy blush travelling down your chest and to the tips of your ears. Your hands were still covering your face as Zarya carefully lowered you to the ground, the tall woman gently coaxing your hand away from your face. A shy smile rested on your lips, your eyes glimmering and misty with happiness.

“Thank you”, you murmured, voice barely above a whisper, Zarya bending over slightly and pressing a kiss to your lips.

“Anything for you.”

I remember Animal Farm

This is maybe relevant, maybe not, but I just remembered the first time I read Animal Farm, by George Orwell.

    I was 13, and I was having one of the worst years of my life (back then). My mother and I were homeless, which meant we were trash to basically everyone who knew or found out. It meant we were less-than-human to certain government agencies, in particular. This also meant that, because we were kind of living between her friend’s house and a shelter, that she wanted to send me up to my grandparents so that I could have a ‘fun’ summer instead of a stressful summer. The thought was nice, and I did have more fun up in the middle of the woods than I did when I returned ‘home’, with the cockroaches and the bloody knife I found hidden above the bathroom mirror of our shelter room. I was still stressed, though. Really stressed. Stressed and kind of bored, because there wasn’t anything I could do about the situation, and neither of my grandparents had a lot of money, themselves, and we were all basically trying to pretend this wasn’t happening. 

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Cherry Flavored

Request: Can you write a smutty/fluffy Leo imagine about the nervous game?

Fluff | Smut | Angst

Pairing: Leo x Reader


You could tell by the look in his eyes that he wasn’t planning on losing, nor was he going to give you an easy time. You felt frustrated already and he hasn’t even touched you yet.

There he sat, a smug smirk tugging at his lips as he sat with legs crossed in front of you on his. He knew how flustered he made you and decided to turn it into a game, a cruel game.

His hand slid up your thigh, “Are you nervous?” You could practically feel the cockiness in his words. He expected you to crumble and succumb into his teasing actions withing a mere second.

You shook your head as he advances farther up your leg, resting on the inside of it but his eyes never left your own, “Nervous?” Again, you shook your head in disagreement.

His hand drifted away from your thigh slowly, dragging his fingertips across your warm skin as he retracted and allowed the turn to be yours, “Go on, do your worst.” He challenged mockingly.

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Jason Todd/ Red Hood X Brazilian!Reader- Kori’s Friend

Here’s your request @mah1c !!

Warning: Swearing (I think??)

“This is starting to piss me off,” Jason started, reloading his pistols while taking cover.  “How many times do we have to save the world until it stays safe?!”

After he reloaded the gun, Jason jumped off of the roof of the building and grappled to the ground where the heroes were along with the Outlaws.  Roy was busy with Batman attempting to deal with the alien ship that was closing in on the city, and Kori was MIA.  She had said she was leaving to get a friend to help.  He didn’t even know Kori had friends that weren’t him or Roy.  

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Title: Romeo and Cinderella [ 4 ]

Fandom: Mystic Messenger
Genre: Angst
Characters|Pairing: Zen (Ryu Hyun) x MC/Reader/You

Find part 3 here.

a|n yay!! i finally updated lololol we all move fast. i am fairly in love with liam payne’s strip that down that’s why i borrowed the lyrics of his song. let’s all sing and dance, shall we? lololol.

You know, I’ve been taking some time
And I’ve been keeping to myself (self)

Your eyes were carefully trained on the television in front of you as you memorized every move and steps he was making while performing. GD Entertainment just released the very latest music video of their top selling artist for the year. Your ears were absorbing every words and lyrics he was singing as he danced and performed on the music video.

I had my eyes up on the prize
Ain’t watching anybody else 

You bit your lip as you watched how he grind his body and swayed to the rhythm he was singing. His voice, his eyes, his jawline, his nose and everything about him were screaming gorgeous and hot. You watched at how he was intently looking at the camera as his hands roamed the body of the woman he was with in the music video.

But your love, it hit me hard, girl
Yeah, you’re bad for my health 

He moved at her back and wrapped his arms on her waist as he leaned in on the crook of her neck, the woman tilting her head to the side to give him access. His eyes were blazing with desire and passion as he flicked himself off of her and started dancing inanimately. He was kicking his feet to the ground and his movements were fast. This was a side of Zen you didn’t know existed. You knew he was good in everything but to be able to dance this sexily and make every possible person want him more and more was just beyond the roof.

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Me: *typing that shklance thing i’m doing* Ah time to rest a bit.
Me: *hanging out in the shance tag and suddenly seeing Shallurance*
My curious ass: hmm I’ve never seen Shallurance content before… *reads the whole thing*
Brain: Hmmm
Me: No. DON’T. YOU. DARE. Don’t you fuckin dare! Stop. STAH-
Brain: Werewolf AU
Me: Fuck you. Fuck you that’s brilliant. Agh I hate you BRAIN!

the Shallurance I’m talking about by @fratboyshiro

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Silence (part 2)

Part 1 here

Relationship: Batfam x Reader

Summary: You washed up on shore and the batfam found you. Bruce being Bruce, he decided to take you in.

Key: Y/N= your name

About two months after you washed up on Gotham shore, you were silent, but you could make small sounds. You became more vibrant in your day to day life, but you liked to hang around Alfred. He became very fatherly to you and he loved you like a daughter. Alfred and you had made a system of motions, that he told Bruce and the boys, so you could communicate.

Alfred was cleaning the family room and you were watching him.

“Ah-el,” you croaked. This was your name for Alfred. It was the most sound you learned to make. You had figured it out while listening to Jason read pretty much the entirety of Bruce’s library

“Yes?” You began explaining that you were hungry and it was almost lunchtime. “Ah, yes Miss Y/N. The men shall be awake soon and I better have a feast ready.” He watched as you threw your head back, mimicking what you had seen as laughter. He shook his head smiling, “Come on miss.”

You loved to help Alfred cook. It was something that needed no words, like dancing. You and Alfred moved with such grace throughout the kitchen, it was like you two had choreographed it. You were working on sandwiches and Alfred was working on salad and putting together a assortment of veggies. You smiled as you spread sauce on bread. Alfred watched with admiration. 

He’s been so impressed with how you’ve been adjusting. It took the other boys so long to get used to the manor, but they also wanted to rely on Bruce. While that was adorable, it wasn’t very practical. You had gotten yourself attached to the man who had picked up on how to take care of people, not the one with a stunted emotional development. (jk I Love Bruce)

Jason was the first one up, he had made this a habit when he would purposefully sleep in the library, waiting for you to make your way in. Jason was the second person in the manor you began to be open with. “Mornin’ kiddo,” Jason rubbed your head. You motioned that it was well past morning. “Yeah, yeah. Try fighting crime and waking up before noon.”

Yes, you knew the family secret. Because of the time you spent at the manor, and your experience at the beginning, Bruce decided it wasn’t a big deal. You playfully punched Jason’s arm and handed him a sandwich. “Thanks kid.” He sat at the island right when Dick came in.

You and Dick had an interesting relationship. He loved to talk, he would talk for hours on end. While this was good, it also was really annoying because you could never get a ‘word’ in. He didn’t pause and pay attention well enough for you to be apart of his conversations. “Hey babybird,” he used his nickname for you, “What’s for breakfast?”

“Master Dick, we have sandwiches and salad for lunch,” Alfred stated pointedly. Dick just laughed and got a plate.

It was a while before Bruce came down, dragging Tim with him. “Remind me to remove all caffeine from Tim’s reach.”

Jason spoke into his drink, “Won’t be too hard.”

“What’s that supposed to mean,” Tim shouted at him.

“It means you’re short.” You flung your head back with a wide smile on your face. The boys noticed and laughed along with you. They found it endearing the way you laughed, no sound but complete enjoyment. Bruce even cracked a smile as well.

After everyone had settled down, you noticed Damian hidden in the corner of the kitchen. You threw your arms up, gaining attention, “Eh,” you called and pointed to Damian. “Ah, Master Damian, come to join the fun?” Damian sneered sarcastically. Alfred handed you his plate and you took it to Damian.

Your relationship with Damian had changed drastically since your first encounter. Damian was very compassionate towards you, he found a way to understand your situation. You and Damian spent quite a bit of time together drawing, painting, or he would do art and you would just sit and watch. He wouldn’t let anyone else know, but you were his favorite, not just because you didn’t talk nonstop like some other people. Also, you and Damian had come up with secret motions that not even Alfred knew, they made you feel special.

You gave Damian the symbol for ‘very boring conversation, change it?’. Damian looked at you then spoke up, “Hey, who painted Jason’s helmet with a smiley face?” It was a bold lie, but it did change the conversation.

“WHAT?” Jason bounced to his feet. “WHO? WHO?”

“Master Jason, you aren’t an owl please.” You began to laugh again and Alfred laughed with you. Jason glared at the two of you before he stormed away, checking on his precious helmet. 

You looked at the clock when you brought your head back down. Shocked, you realized Bruce was going to be late to a Wayne Enterprise meeting. You jumped over to Bruce, pulling on his sleeve, “Eh, eh!”

“Y/N? Y/N? What is it? What’s wrong?” You tried to tell him to look at the time, but Bruce wasn’t as up-to-date on your motions as everyone else. You began tugging again. “Dear, what?” Dick finally noticed and watched your motions.

“Bruce, she’s telling you to look at the time.”

“Time? Why-oh! Tim, we’re going to be late for the meeting,” Bruce bellowed, grabbing the boy and dragging him out of the room.

Confused, Dick looked at the clock. “Oh man! I was supposed to meet Kori,” Dick shoved some food into his mouth, “Fanks Alf, got ta fly!”

This left you, Damian, and Alfred in the kitchen. Alfred requested that you and Damian leave so that he could clean up and you agreed. Not sure what to do, you suggested the garden. Damian nodded and you walked in silence out to the garden.

When you got outside, you kicked off your shoes. The feeling of grass under your toes was just to good for you to pass up. Damian watched as you frolicked around the garden. Ever since you came, everyone’s lives had changed. The manor was alive, more than just the boys fighting each other. There was an overwhelming need in everyone to keep you safe and make sure you were happy, especially because the family had finally found out who you were.

You were the daughter of a sea captain, Captain Ruther. Captain Ruther was in charge of one of Wayne Enterprises’s many cargo ships. The captain was a widower with a daughter. She was a bright and kind girl who only wanted the best for her father. She hated when she was left with the neighbor and he went on his trips. She always tried to stow away and he would always catch her, a sad smile on his face.

“My dearest, if you come with me, who will watch over Gotham while I’m gone?” He would always ask. She would look to the floor and mutter ‘me’. “Yes my dear, please? Be the best and I’ll be home soon.”

But one day, the captain didn’t see as she snuck her way onto the ship. She slipped past the crew into the cargo bay. She listened as her father did a final check and walked away. When she was positive he was out of sight, she tip-toed up to the main deck. That was when she smelled the smoke. She was curious as to the source and went to find it. The smoke was pouring out of the captain’s quarters. Afraid her father was on fire, she quickly opened the door and was greeted with a face full of smoke. She accidentally breathed it in, causing a coughing fit. 

The coughing attracted the attention of Captain Ruther, on the deck above, and he went to check the source. There he found his daughter, lying on the floor in front of a fire. He screamed. The crew then became aware of the fire but it was too late. The captain grabbed his daughter and ran up to the top deck. She was crying, she didn’t mean for this to happen and she couldn’t tell her father she was sorry. She looked him right in the eyes before the bang.

Yes, Y/N had watched her father die without being able to say sorry. She may not remember the sad events, but something in the back of her mind wouldn’t let her forget. Damian watched the poor girl as she lived a life in the dark, he decided to capture you in a moment you looked happiest. He took out the pad of paper and pencils he kept outside and began to draw.