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*Sorry for being absent again but life is just so overwhelming at times*

Say hi to the newest addition to my collection of mobility aids. It’s a custom made (so teeny tiny) #trippelstoel. It’s basically a desk chair that’s very light so you can move around sitting down. It also has an IV pole for obvious reasons. The best part? It moves up and down electrically so I can cook or do dishes without having to stand.

I also had a meeting with the pain clinic today and we decided I can’t go on #cymbalta anymore unless we manage to cut down on other serotonergic meds like my #fentanyl, #methylphenidate, #sumatriptan and #granisetron.

The changed fentanyl dosage is already making a huge difference since I’m not in withdrawal 50% of the time.

We also sent in the application for the #TENS unit to my insurance company so now it’s officially mine to rent and now I can order more patches etc.

So glad to see some #progress. It sucks that I need all these different aids but I’m glad they’re available and they make my life so much better :)

#spoonie #365 #tubie #wheelchair

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Hello :) could someone please explain to me how exactly to submit my homework? Thank you!

Though the submissions box is titled Job Applications, let it be known that it is also a way to submit your homework assignments. - Principal Laray

It’s like this: You like control.
You like rules. You like order.
You are a cool summer breeze, a gentle winter
and you only court chaos in your dreams.

It’s like this: He makes you want to lose yourself.
He likes fire and flirting and your blush
against his silk sheets (and you like that he likes it).
He is a storm in a teacup, the shattering
of china on a marble floor.

It’s like this: You thought loving someone
and letting them love you would compromise
the life you’ve always strived for. You thought that
freedom was a far off place and you would never reach it,
would never even try because to try
would be to admit what you’ve known all along.

It’s like this: Order isn’t about being perfect, and chaos
isn’t about letting yourself fall into an abyss.
This is the theory: You can have both, you can be both.
The fact comes in every press of his lips against your throat.

It’s like this: You are learning how to be happy.


tabtotheleft  asked:

I want to make a thing for my friends as a sort of 'what to not do/what to try/what to look for' for when I'm having a meltdown and/or shutdown (prolly 2 separate docs) because they've expressed concern and wanting to help but I don't know what to put on it? Especially for my meltdowns, I don't even know what helps them? Do you have any advice or ideas? I'm asking around looking for suggestions, even just things to consider myself to figure it out.

Here are some suggestions (there will be suggestions that contradict others as different ones might work for different people so pick and choose whichever work for you, or maybe they’ll prompt some ideas of your own that are more applicable to your needs). It might also be helpful for your friends to be aware of any pre-meltdown or pre-shutdown signs as well so I’ve included a very general list. You can always sort them into the appropriate categories if you want to. 

I might struggle with:
- being too hot/cold.
- noisy environments.
- sudden noises.
- bright lights.
- too much movement.
- too much social interaction can be tiring.
- unexpected events.

Signs to look out for:
- I may become irritable.
- I may become withdrawn/quieter than usual.
- I may stim more or less than usual, or differently [you could be specific about this, explainng the exact stims to look out for if any].
- I may become (more) aversive to touch (than usual).
- I may seem ‘sulky’ or ‘whiney’.
- I may act more ‘childish’ (than usual).
- I may become restless or more fidgety (than usual).
- I may ‘huff’ and sigh a lot.
- I may become uncooperative.
- I may cover my ears/close my eyes.
- I might become physically aggressive.
- I might become verbally aggressive.
- I might scream/shout/cry.
- I might become nonverbal.
- I might not be able to move independently.

- Panic, or get angry or upset.
- Touch me.
- Leave me by myself.
- Talk too loudly.
- Talk to me.
- Ask open questions.
- Stop me from stimming or stop my sensory seeking behaviours.
- Prevent me from avoiding sensory stimulus.

- Keep me safe.
- Talk to me.
- Reassure me.
- Explain where we are going (or what you are going to do).
- Ask closed questions (questions requiring yes or no answers, or giving you options to choose from.
- Gently guide me away from crowded or noisy areas.
- Remind me to use/Give me my headphones/earplugs/sunglasses.
- Remind me to use my/give me stim toys.
- Help me to keep warm or to cool down.
- (Ask if I would like you to) hold my hand tightly/hug me tightly.
- Use AAC (use specifics: tell them what kind of communication you prefer and if you need them to find an app on your phone, tell them which one - you could even include the icon for it).

If anyone has any other suggestions, feel free to reply so that tabtotheleft can look at those as well.


anonymous asked:

Any advice on getting over a breakup? It's been three months. We don't speak anymore, but sometimes I find myself thinking of him and missing him. Sometimes I'm afraid that I won't find anyone better, although he wasn't the most perfect anyway.

I’ve been through numerous breakups, each and every time I’ve felt like I was never going to meet anyone else who’d love me. I also felt that I would never find actual love again, each of those times I’ve been wrong because I’ve ended up finding love again.

I know when you’re getting over someone, you’ll hear people say things like “surround yourself with friends and family,” which could help. The thing is, surrounding yourself with friends or family may not be applicable to you, also there may be times you just want to be alone, especially when grieving over a failed relationship.

Which brings me to my next point, you’re allowed to grieve over your relationship, you’re allowed to cry and stay in bed when you can, it’s okay to cry yourself to sleep. Allow yourself to grieve your relationship and grieve a partner who’s no longer apart of your life. Within this grieving period, there’s no room for pride. Let your pridefulness subside and bring yourself to a point of shedding all the grief you carry.

The next step is to avoid putting a timer on the point in which you feel you should be “over” your ex. I think often times as we’re in the process of moving on we fall into the habit of saying “I need to be over this person in x amount of months.” Part of it is pride and part of it is just being tired of being sad. You should never feel pathetic about “still” not being over your ex, especially if you see them out in public or on social media and they seem to be already over you. Sometimes moving on takes six months or even over a year or even two years, sometimes more. This doesn’t mean your life stops, the grief eventually fades and you change as a person for the better in the process. It’s a great thing.

The final step, my favorite step, is getting to know yourself again. Exploring your favorite hobbies in a deeper, more challenging way. Also, discovering new hobbies! If you’re a writer like myself, write something every day, write fan fictions and essays and stories and poems and blog posts. If you paint or draw, paint something every day, even the smallest thing.

Whatever your art or hobby is, continue it and do it every day, do it whenever you think about your ex. This also works for school and work, put your all into anything that will keep you successful. This might not be appealing but I actually took up tons of extra hours in school to keep myself busy. Writing, school, and the gym were all I did mostly and it really helped me become a better person which was my first priority but as a result, it helped me get over my ex.


The event started!! It’s the 89th Senbatsu @#$% Tournament!! Get those… er… “foulballs” and get those side characters!! BESBAW!!! Until August 9th at 3:00PM (Japan Timezone/JST) you guys have the chance of getting Iyami and the rest of the secondary character squad (plus Totoko as a gift) in exchange for baseballs (or “foulballs” as they’re referred to, pfft), so have fun!!

Good luck getting those 4★ Senbatsu-Matsus from the gacha, by the way! And furthermore? There are 4★ ___matsu gachas that higher the chances of you getting, say, if you roll in the Todomatsu 4★ Gacha, you’ll have a higher chance of getting Sweets Todo or Mixer Todo. But it’s not 100%, there’s still a chance you can get one of the other sextuplets- possibly a 4★ too. So good luck everybody!

You’ll also get 10 Diamonds from the application-up celebration, and 50 more diamonds for the new event.

~Mod Choro (& Mod Jyushi)


sportsanimedaily is now recruiting!

sportsanimedaily is a new blog dedicated to all sports anime and manga. here you will find graphics, gifs, fanart and many other fanworks from your favorite sports series!

tracked tag: #sportsanimedaily

currently the blog needs new members. if you are interested in becoming one, please read the requirements and send your application [ here ].


  • must be familiar with at least two sports anime/manga
  • must have time to post/reblog stuff
  • must make edits, gifs, mangacaps or other fanworks
  • should have skype account
  • must be willing to follow the blog’s tagging system


  • name:
  • location:
  • main sports animanga fandoms:
  • link to creations:
  • how many original posts can you make every week:
  • skype:

recruitment will be open for at least a few weeks and chosen members will be notified within a week after sending their applications. good luck! :)

p.s. i will also be very grateful if you reblog it to spread the word even if you’re not interested. thank you!

I really wanted to make a network/group chat for rucas and joshaya shippers to be able to talk about gmw and these ships, so here we go!


  • must be following me
  • reblog this post, likes only count as bookmarks
  • ship rucas and joshaya
  • don’t hate riley, lucas, josh, or maya (although idk why you would ship them if you hate them)
  • be willing to download kakao talk/ make an account
    • i decided to use kakao talk because i’m pretty sure you can have unlimited people in group chat and i believe you can also use it with your computer
    • also it would help to have your url in your name as well as your actual name if your comfortable with it!




  • I will make a post announcing the members and send you a message (or ask if you don’t have messaging available) when you get in!
  • Follow the other members on tumblr
  • Message me your kakaotalk account username
  • If you write/make edits you can tag your posts with #rjstrashnetwork so the other members can reblog and help a fellow shipper out!

If you have any questions feel free to send me an ask!

// brb crying


swactresses is looking for new members! note that if we don’t get back to within a week then unfortunately you have not be accepted we hope you don’t mind and may the force be with you!

  • You must be able to edit photos/make gifs of good quality
  • You must post at least 3x a week
  • You must reblog/post black & white only (pale/pastel gifs are allowed (if unsure as to what type then check our gifs tag)

if you feel as though you fulfil the requirements then submit the following here:

  • Name:
  • Age:
  • Link to gifs/edits:
  • How often you can post:

*affiliate applications are also open


I’ve had a few people ask me lately what kind of eyes to put in their raptor blanks. I always suggest a flat back plastic half dome. Sometimes people link me glass cabochons and ask if it will work. More often than not, it will NOT WORK. 

For realistic masks, you need a realistic corneal dome. Anything flat will look awkward, and outright anatomically incorrect. The corneal curve is what gives it that real life application. The plastic flat back half dome also serves as a GREAT follow-me eye. 

If you check out my post here:

You can see some explanation between the Taxidermy Glass Eyes, and the Plastic Half Domes. 

Eye Resources: 

Plastic Half Domes (Follow me eyes):

For my raptors, I use any size between 1.25 inches, and 1.5 inches. 

Glass Taxidermy Eyes:


NOTE: You can custom order unpainted glass eyes, however, be aware that you will need to have the product number of the style of eye you desire. There will be a raised pupil already set into the eye. Make sure it is the style and size pupil you would like! Make sure to call in the order, rather than email, it goes faster.

let me start off by saying thank you to everyone who applied! if you didn’t get in, please don’t get discouraged. it was super, super hard trying to pick everyone. also, i may reopen applications in the future. 

and now, congrats to the following who got in!

hylda (she/her) - @nearlybrujas

riot (they/them) - @pavhate

jenna (she/her) - @sinfinityonhigh

megan (she/he/they) - @selluh

hannah (she/her) - @vesseldreamer

amy (she/her) - @pacifydun

sydney (they/them) - @panicdiscoes

meg (she/her) - @tyranturie

maya (she/her) - @bxlre

em (they/them) - @pastelscutie 

angie (she/her) - @bcy-divisicn

josh (he/him) - @transbrendon

daria (she/her) - @oohwentz

smegs (they/she) - @brendon-fricking-urie

kat (she/her) - @ieropocalypse

alex - @beeboandbeans

jesslyn (she/her) - @wxckeddisco

sarah (she/they) - @voidbeliever

madi (she/her) - @beebo-bdenurie

mara (she/her) - @jishwaclique

anna (she/her) - @heyimbrendonurie

kayla (she/her) - @imaliveimfree

em (she/her) - @beeb-to-the-bo

alison (she/her) - @haleyynguyen

lilly (she/her) - @bridgetoncwhere

freya (she/her) - @houseofmemorie

tasneem (she/her) - @theballadofmonalisa

natalie (she/her) - @abachelorsdeath

lillia (she/her) - @dreamboywentz

ini (they/them) - @pavkink

now that you’re in;

  • follow everyone in the net
  • make a little introduction introducing yourself to everyone (you can add a selfie if you want, but you don’t have to) & be sure to put it in the net tag

within the next couple of days, i’ll be asking for kiks and making a group chat

if you have any questions or concerns, please message me!

im gonna be studying swedish and portuguese ((:


Our skies have changed dramatically over the last few decades.
The dark blue skies of our childhood have been replaced by a milky white haze, crisscrossed with fast expanding persistent contrails stretching from horizon to horizon, and spreading out to cover the sky.

The material that is sprayed is a mix of radar-sensitive particles (chaff that is loaded with barium and aluminum) and polymers (chemically synthesized compounds of large molecules). These substances can sustain an electric field and transmit electrostatic activity in the atmosphere. The polymers and metals, such as aluminum or barium, can maintain an electrostatic charge for a long period of time while suspended in a persistent contrail cloud. The electrostatic forces that are created are able to change the density of the air and the air pressure, which will affect the weather. This technology can also be used by various military applications.

Weather modification research is nothing new. The earliest patent dates back to the 1920s. Raytheon’s patent proposes reducing global warming
by injecting aluminum, thorium and other metallic oxides in the 10 to 100 micron range into the stratosphere using jet exhaust.

28.07.2016 Thursday 1:30 pm
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☢ ☠ ☢ 💉Sky Mess💨💨 ✈✈

‘Green’ electronic materials produced with synthetic biology

Scientists at the University of Massachusetts Amherst report in the current issue of Small that they have genetically designed a new strain of bacteria that spins out extremely thin and highly conductive wires made up of solely of non-toxic, natural amino acids.

Researchers led by microbiologist Derek Lovely say the wires, which rival the thinnest wires known to man, are produced from renewable, inexpensive feedstocks and avoid the harsh chemical processes typically used to produce nanoelectronic materials.

Lovley says, “New sources of electronic materials are needed to meet the increasing demand for making smaller, more powerful electronic devices in a sustainable way.” The ability to mass-produce such thin conductive wires with this sustainable technology has many potential applications in electronic devices, functioning not only as wires, but also transistors and capacitors. Proposed applications include biocompatible sensors, computing devices, and as components of solar panels.

Read more.