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Early Action vs. Early Decision

Many colleges offer early admission programs that let students apply earlier in the year (usually in November) and get a decision from the college earlier as well (by the middle of January).

Here’s a useful, albeit simple chart from the College Board:

As you can see, early decision is binding, which means that you’re making a commitment to enroll at the school if you’re accepted. It’s like signing a contract. If you get in, you’re going there. Therefore, you should apply early decision only for your #1 choice.

On the other hand, early action is non-binding, which means that you can (in most cases) apply early action to more than one college, but you don’t have to accept an offer of admission any earlier than usual.


It gives them an idea of what kind of students will be applying. They also like feeling loved (as the applicant’s #1 choice).


  1. Higher Acceptance Rates: At Yale, for example, the regular acceptance rate for the class of 2018 was 6.26%, but the acceptance rate for early action was 15.47%. This is true at many schools.
  2. A Second Chance*: Students who are not accepted via early action or early decision are considered again during the regular admissions period. Essentially, they have a second chance to get in.
  3. Reward for Diligence: Students who get their applications and essays finished early (instead of waiting until the last minute) get rewarded with benefits 1 and 2. Moreover, they have less stress to deal with during the holiday season, when most students are frantically writing essays and filling in their applications.

NOTE: If you are flatly rejected by a school during the early action or early decision phase (because you are vastly under-qualified), your application will NOT be considered again. If you plan to apply early, do so only if you have a decent chance of getting in, i.e., you meet most, if not all, requirements.

Good luck!

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what's the best brush for everyday foundation application? right now I use the 47 sephora foundation brush but I want something better. also, can a beauty blender replace a brush altogether for foundation application? thank you in advance! :)

i love flat top foundation brushes for a flawless look and a duo fibre brush for a more natural but airbrushed look! also i love applying foundation with my fingers because it helps melt the product into my skin
something like ELF small stipple and sigma F80
and yes beauty blenders can fully apply your foundation without the use of a brush! 💞


rolling thunder! (preview)
A preview of the exclusive postcard I did for the Haikyuu NYC Cafe!  There will be five postcard designs done for the event that attendees will receive just for participating!!!  If you’re free on August 13th, buy a ticket and stop by!  It’s just $20 for art, food, and a good time!

Also of note is that applications for cosplay staff for the event ends today!  I know there are lots of cosplayers in the area, so please consider applying!  They need a lot of staff for the two time slots!  

Additional information about the event can be found here!


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This may be a lot to ask in a single anon, but what is the college application process like? How do you tackle the essays? How do you shine to top level schools like Harvard, Stanford, etc.?


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Quartz and gold

Quartz and gold are very different minerals. One is an oxide, one is a metal. One is only a single element, the other is a compound of two different elements. One has a high hardness and is tough to scratch, the other is soft and easily scratched. However, these two distinct minerals are found here together for a very important chemical reason.

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I just got a call from the flute prof at the college I want to attend for music performance. She said there’s a late opening at the studio, and I was the first person she thought of! Here’s the kicker: she also said she’d waive my application AND MY AUDITION and just accept me!!! I’m in actual years right now. I’ve been having nervous breakdowns for months over my audition (it was supposed to be this coming February). She said she loved hearing me play and would love to have me as a student.

This honestly feels like a dream. I don’t think I’ve ever cried this much out of happiness before

college applications!

alright imma put this in a post, outside of where i usually hide out in my tags, because it’s super important to me

if you’re applying to college this year– american colleges especially– and you want help with application essays, finding scholarships that apply to you and handling their applications, figuring out references, the best way to organize your information, finding ways to pay for application fees….

or if you just don’t have the spoons to deal with the stress of handling that many applications and different things to keep track of…

message me about it!! 

i will help you out as best i can!!

i applied to like 16 colleges and a handful of outside scholarships, and i am an english major with a specialty in academic writing! 

i can help edit your stuff, figure out a system for you to keep track of what applications you have started/finished/are waiting for a reply on, what financial aid you have, etc. 

best of luck to you guys :> 


SCANDAL’s TOMOMI; On J-WAVE’s Beat Planet, with Kameda Seiji & Okamoto Emi

They were also there to talk about The Bass Day, which will fall annually on 11th November. The organisation is currently also accepting applications of female bassists who wish to be a part of the ‘B-GIRLS Poster’.

TOMOMI is one of the five celebrity bassists who’ll be in charge of the production of the PR Poster for The Bass Day. The title ‘B-GIRLS’ simply means bassist girls. The poster will be a huge collage that celebrates female bassists from all over the country. Application submissions will run starting today, till 3rd September 2015.

Official THE BASS DAY website HERE. Btw, the sign that Tomomi is doing w/ the other guests is a ‘b’ sign, which stands for ‘bass’ XD

Google Scored A Patent For Memory-Storing Cameras

A searchable database of all your memories — creepy? Or a blessing for your Dory-like attention span? Either way, Google has scored a patent for just such a device.
The patent’s for a digital camera that would record the audio and video of your life in real-time, then stores those clips for later reminiscing or sharing.
“Memory” searches are triggered by queries like “What was the playlist of songs at the party last night?” or “What were the paintings I saw when I was on vacation in Paris?”.
the application also says that users could make their “memories” searchable across social networking sites.


Jasper redemption AU snippet:
Jasper is redeemed by Steven after Homeworld abandons her and she works with the Crystal Gems to protect the earth. In a battle, her gem gets cracked.
Steven asks to take a look at it and because he’s super worried, Jasper drops to her knee and let’s the small Rose Quartz who is not Rose Quartz inspect her gem…
Then, without any warning, he spits in her face.
She is stunned; shocked and outrage that Steven would do such a thing to her. The sheer disrespect!
Her anger boils and she’s all set to throttle him (because she might be good but she isn’t THAT good) when oh so cheerfully he throws his hands up, beaming widely and declares, ‘healing spit!’
And she finds her gem fixed but that was just disgusting so she stomps off to punch some trees instead and washes her face in the nearest water source at least three times before she’ll even consider heading back to the temple.

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What information do you think an unwind order would ask for? I'm doing a book report and I'd thought I'd do my character analysis on Connor and in the form of a triplicate unwind order that's missing the top page. [Might turn out to be too much work, but if you guys would help me out that'd be awesome!]

For the Unwind Order specifically I imagine it would mostly ask about medical information, along with basic information of course. So, age, DOB, height, weight, blood type, eye and hair color, skin tone and ethnic/racial background. Just as basics. Medically they would want to know of any issues or illnesses that the donor/unwind has or ever had. They would want to know of any known medical issues with in the unwind’s family. Including anything from allergies to history of heart attacks.

I actually believe it would be very similar to to forms you would fill out for the doctor. Because even though they do ask the unwinds questions, it’s hard to imagine all of them cooperating so they would want as much as possible on hand. Plus how many teens fill out their own paper work anyway? They’d want this stuff from the parents if they could get it. While they probably would have access to they unwind’s medical records, I feel like they would still ask most of this stuff as a precaution or whatever. So I think they’d ask most of this and put a *star by the required stuff. 

So what I would recommend you doing is googling stuff like medical forms, organ donation applications, egg donation applications (I looked and this seems to be the most helpful), maybe even “what will they want to know and ask if I donate blood” and just stuff like that to get an idea of what an Unwind Order would look like. 

Good luck and let us know how it goes if you end up doing it! -Shan

So, I’m back into matching pen pals as of Monday, so here’s an update on where things stand with the project.

I’m finally over halfway done matching. That means that there are still 783 applications left to match and right now I am the only one who’s doing that. I had over 30 mods at one point, but less than 5 of them ever logged in to work on it, so I’ve revoked the access of the others. The mods that are left have been focusing on vetting blogs, so the matching is down to me. 

I am going as quickly as I can, and I know that many of you are impatient to begin your correspondence. Please remember that I am one person and that this project is not my only obligation. I will not answer messages asking for status updates. After the break-down I had last week, I have decided to immediately delete those messages and instead spend that time matching applications. 

Please also note that this project is not a dating service. There is a very low number of male-identifying applicants and many of them prefer to be matched to people of their own gender. I am seeing rather a lot of requests for potential mates on applications (seriously, I have no way of knowing whether or not an applicant is “sweet, honest, and affectionate”) and I feel that this bears addressing. This project is in place to make new friends, not to find a significant other. 

Wellllll I just wanted to make a little post to thank every person who’s following this blog, really thank you It’s really AMAZING. That’s mean a lot to me, to us (i’m sure Admin L is also really happy (?) about the blog like how it grow up so fast and all)

 So yeah here’s my thankful ugly face lmao 

Don’t mind me this post is totally useless but I wanted to share how thankful I am :)

 Admin K

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When you become a famous person because of your website, I'll be so happy having discovered you quite early in your creation: because this blog is perfect and has made my college application process and everything so much easier. I also love how patient youare in dealing with asks and anons, even though you get the same question ten times in a row. So thank you for being such a good blog!

WOW honestly this is so sos o so nice of you omg! im smiling so much rn like i keep this blog super active for people like you who appreciate the resources i put together and rly i honestly do this for u guys so i am so grateful to have wonderful people like you :]