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We’ll meet again, don’t know where, don’t know when. But I know we’ll meet again, some sunny day.

Weirdmageddon Pt. 3: Take Back The Falls
Aired 1 year ago (February 15, 2016)


isak before and after he spotted even

also what strikes me the most is the difference between the reaction of isak before the o helga natt scene and after, because before he was giggly and in love but after he was confident and you can literally see how much he loves even but also how secure he is in their relationship now and idk i’m emotional


Whenever I’m reminded of the sad moments in my life, and this the honest truth, I stop and think of Taeyeon and suddenly, I’m okay.

Kim Taeyeon, you have been so strong for everyone while accepting all those criticisms against you and the rest of the girls. You’ve refused to shed tears and let anyone see a crack because that’s what people expect from you. The life you chose is one definitely not a walk in the park because everyone’s eyes are all on you. You’re not new to these words and my god, you’ve been exposed to this for quite some time. But you know what breaks my heart the most? It’s the fact that of all people who’d spouted stupid nonsense against you are the people that are supposed to be the ones fighting beside you. I’ve seen fans turn their backs and never look back, even saying words they swore they would never say to you. People doubt your abilities all the time, question your sincerity as if they know you personally, and just spew venom in order to bring you down. But like a pillar made to withstand the greatest disaster, you’re still standing strong with your head held high and your back straightened as if you’re ready for the worst to come. And what I love about you the most is the fact that you know when to speak and stand your ground when you’re being unfairly aggravated but you also know when to not say a thing at all. And I can say proudly really, that I don’t look at you with only just a fan’s eyes but also as a woman who’s looking at you with pride and respect.

But Taeyeon, I hope you know you’re not alone in that war. You have us, you have your members, you have people around you that care about you. I hope you know that while yes, being strong is important and necessary in the cruel world you’re currently living in, letting yourself fall sometimes and admitting that you’re not okay is as important as well.

And despite all things, I hope you never stop doing the thing you love the most. Anyone with eyes and ears can see that you perform with all your heart. You may not let just anyone in, but with your high notes and breathy tone, you’re able to let us catch a glimpse of your vulnerability and it’s the most beautiful thing. I honestly don’t know why this took an emotional turn, but I love you so much. The world is not enough for someone like you. Take everything you could get because you deserve it and more. Happy birthday, Taeng. The ultimate smol of all smols. Thank you for being so strong. #KingTaeyeonDay


Wilson Fisk & James Wesley + text posts


“No one here emotes in a normal way.”

(4x08, 3x06, 3x21, 1x16, 6x15, 2x10)

#thank god for Coach otherwise this gifset would have been uneven



all of the obvious as fuck tony & peter parallels aside, i inadvertently punched myself IN THE JAW just now when i was reblogging a peter + tony gifset and it hit me that the recruitment scene might have also tried to mirror that one tfa skinny!steve + erskine scene

like peter’s framing is pretty similar to the way skinny!steve was framed in the tfa scene where he was sitting on the bed (!) and tony’s basically doing the same kind of… emotional screening that erskine did before deciding that steve was a good pick for the super soldier serum

so now this whole thing about tony stark being a Mentor just hit me with its full weight BECAUSE, FROM AN IRON MAN PERSPECTIVE, TONY STARK IS GOING TO BE SOMEBODY’S HO YINSEN


What about us? We’re counting on you. The next guy’s gonna handle it. I don’t want anybody else.


War and glory, reinvention
Fusion, freedom, her attention,
Out in daylight, my potential,
Bold, precise, experimental

I assumed that “Reinvention” was referring to how Pearl stopped acting servile (and for a lack of a better term “pearl-like”) but I think it could also refer to how she changed between the war and the present (aka she now knows how to be “strong in the real way” and is a lot less ruthless/violent than in her war days).

Edit: My interpretation of “strong in the real way” is being strong in an emotional sense (i.e. being strong enough to forgive others and not hold grudges)


gilmore girls │ one gifset per episode
bon voyage [7.22


Happy Birthday Michael Redgrave 20th March 1908 - 21st March 1985

For the real actor the only place where he is truly at home is on the stage - whatever kind of stage it may be. The true actor is in fact one who is ‘á l'étroit chez-lui’; in the spiritual sense, he is only at home when he is not himself. To be at his real home he will tear himself away from loved ones, lover, life itself. 'I am grateful’ said Joseph Jefferson in an interview after his retirement 'for this life of illuminated emotion’.

- Michael Redgrave, The Actor’s Ways and Means, 1953.


“In this world, don’t contemplate whether you should turn back
Even if your path has already been erased
Yes, I’m never gonna loose, I’m alive!”  

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so sometimes u reblog some of my gifsets and I freak out (rebelcaptain gifsets) but now I find out you're a bellarke and MEMORI FAN I'm in love

nonny! freak out with me! about john and emori!!!!




I have a lot of complicated emotions about bellamy/clarke because I SHIP IT I DO but I also ship the version of events in my head and how they were in season 1 and I’m tired of being strung along and it’s been a long four years. but in theory. I do. I still like reading fic and gifsets and SEASON 1 MY HEART.

but also JOHN AND EMORI!!!


Happy 38th birthday, Zachary Quinto!

There were periods of my life in which I didn’t have the confidence to put myself out there as assuredly as I can today. That was a process of self-acceptance and discovery that unfolded over time. I’ve always been outspoken — but confidence doesn’t always equal sensitivity or emotional accessibility. Those things evolve as we do, and I think the best thing any of us can do is be gentle with ourselves. And be specific about the direction in which we want to go in life. I happen to always want to go deeper.