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When Natasha Romanoff introduced Darcy Lewis to Steve Rogers for the first time, she hadn’t expected them to know each other already and she definitely hadn’t expected Darcy to flip the hell out when she laid eyes on Steve.

“You,” the normally chirpy brunette hissed, pointing an accusing finger at a wide-eyed Steve. “What is he doing here?”

Natasha looked from one to the other, suddenly very interested. “This is Steve Rogers, Darcy. Captain America.”

Darcy looked stunned. She snapped her gaze to him and said incredulously, “You’re the Captain? No! You can’t be.”

Steve looked guilty. “I can explain.”

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Day off

Title: Day off

Anonymous asked: “Sherlock x reader. The reader is sherlocks wife and is home alone when Anderson dose a drugs bust with out permission from Greg. Anderson walks in on her while she is changing. Sherlock finds out and he’s fuming. As is Greg.”

Characters: Sherlock, John, Greg, Anderson and you

Pairing: Sherlock x reader

Warnings: none

Word count: 727


It was just the quiet Saturday you needed. Helping John and your husband Sherlock out on cases took a lot of time and effort, so you were grateful John and Sherlock went on a case without you for once. You had stayed in bed longer than normal and you had prepared yourself a nice breakfast. Knowing the boys wouldn’t be home for quite some time you decided it was time for an extra long shower.

You had stayed in the shower until your hands had started to wrinkle and it had felt amazing. You had been more stressed than you thought and a day off was just what you needed. Putting your hair in a towel and wrapping one around your body as well. You walked to your shared bedroom, drying your body. Letting the towels fall to the floor you felt cold breeze hit your body. Even though it was already summer in London it was still too cold for a dress so you decided to grab a pair of comfortable joggings, knowing it would be a while before you got the chance to wear them again. You put your outfit on the bed, quickly putting your hair up in a ponytail. “hello Y/N, I wasn’t expecting to see you here” you heard behind you. You yelped and quickly grabbed a towel from the floor to cover yourself. Full of shock you turned around to see who the intruder was. “Anderson what the hell are you doing here?!” you yelled, feeling sick he had seen you changing. “well, I came for a drugs bust but it seems like I really did find the jackpot” he smirked. “get out” you hissed. “I’ll be in the living room” he said, leaving the door open as he left. You quickly closed the door and slumped against it. Of course this had to happen to you, you felt so stupid that you didn’t even noticed that he had entered your apartment. You quickly snatched your phone from your nightstand, texting the only number you knew that would help you.

“hello again” Anderson said, as you walked into the living room, fully clothed by now. “why are you still here?” you demanded furiously. “I’m still here for the drugs bust remember? How about you help me out with the search and I’ll help you with something else” he smirked, his eyes scanning your body. “you are making me feel sick” you said, unable to ignore the innuendo. Suddenly your door bell rang. You practically ran downstairs to open the door and let Greg step inside. “I came as fast as I could, what’s wrong?” he said panting. “why did you assign Anderson to a drug bust when you knew I would be home alone?” you whispered, anger boiling inside of you. “what are you talking about?” Greg responded. “don’t play coy with me. I know that you knew that Sherlock and John were on a case without me” you said. “yeah, I did know that but why in hell would I send Anderson for a drugs bust? He’s supposed to work on the Johnson’s murder” Greg said. “you didn’t send him?” you asked astonished. Greg shook his head. “then why is he in my living room?” you fumed.

“Anderson what the hell are you doing here?” Greg yelled as he entered the living room. “you called Lestrade?” Anderson questioned you. “you watched me as I changed!” you yelled. “why are all these people in my living room” you suddenly heard behind you. “we got a call from Greg, what’s going on?” John said. “Anderson is just about to be fired” Greg raged. “he faked a drug bust and saw Y/N changing” Greg explained after his outburst. Sherlock didn’t hesitate once as he crossed the room and punched Anderson in the face, making him fall back into his chair. “I’m sure your acting captain will take care of this” he said to Greg. “I’ll make sure he will” Greg said, leaving with Anderson.

“are you alright? Did he touch you?” Sherlock asked you as the two men were gone. “I’m fine, just a bit shaken that’s all” you admitted. “I’m never letting you out of my sight again Y/N, from now on we’ll do every case together” Sherlock said as he kissed you. Great, you thought, today really was your last day off. ____________________________________________


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stormmodblog  asked:

Can I mention how much I love that Lotor gets his hands dirty? The only times we saw Zarkon Fight is when Voltron came to him. He came out to fight when they were trying to rescue Allura, and he came out to fight when they had separated his ship from his fleet. Lotor doesn't just fight with his general with a sword, but actually pilots a fighter craft against the Lions! It creates such an amazing contrast between them, and I think it reflects Lotor's desire to prove himself.

I think it reflects a bit of the differences in Zarkon and Lotor’s situations.

Zarkon has had ten thousand years to establish himself. He’s so entrenched and has so many resources at his disposal that he doesn’t even use them directly, and he’s not very proactive. He’s content to play the part of the spider in the web because he takes it as a given that no matter what the paladins do, ultimately, he’s going to win. He can just follow them at a walking pace because sooner or later they won’t be able to keep ahead of him.

Lotor? Lotor’s young and ambitious and while his father’s been figuratively feasting on resources and support, it would seem pretty clearly Lotor’s had table scraps at best. And this has shaped all of how Lotor strategizes- nothing is a given. Victory is not a given. Support is not a given. Fight like you’re outgunned and outmanned because you probably are. Strategize everything, invest heavily in your few resources. 

Lotor doesn’t have Zarkon’s certainty that he’s inevitably going to win, and especially if Lotor is also scheming against Zarkon, which he seems to be- he’s on a very narrow window. See, he has to have some kind of decisive victory over Voltron before Zarkon recovers or he’s fighting a two-front war where both fronts are the most dangerous things in the known universe- Voltron on one side and his father on the other. Or, in layman’s terms, he’s screwed.

See this might sound really sad and sympathetic which- I think it is! I think that we’re going to feel bad for Lotor because I suspect he’s going to be in a pretty desperate and upsetting situation, but, entirely outside of that making us feel bad for him- it also means Lotor is going to be the antagonist from hell because, like…

All Zarkon really has riding on his pursuit of Voltron is fairly egregious personal entitlement. He wants Voltron because he feels like it already belongs to him, the Black Lion is his and only his, he’s the only one worthy of being its paladin.

Lotor? If Lotor has half of what I expect he does going behind the scenes it may be entirely possible that he’s doing this with the basic attitude of either he wins, or he’s going to die here.

I mean, think about Shiro. Think about how possessive Haggar was towards him as her pet project, and how invasive she was of him. It is not only entirely possible but likely that Lotor has in some magnitude been a prisoner of his parents and getting the upper hand on Voltron could very well be the only ticket out of the situation that he sees- or at least, an integral part of it.

In which case- Lotor is going to fight like hell. He’s got way more at stake here than Zarkon did.

Third Wheel

It’s late to the party, but here’s my submission for Round 4 of The Great Fic Writer Scavenger Hunt

A week into Dean and Cas’ newfound relationship and Sam’s only just managed to find peace. He’s not sure what part is worst. There’s the way their voices still get all dewy when they call each other “partner” in their public, fake FBI capacity. Or how Dean goes out of his way to feed bits of his meal to Cas. They ought to sit together on one bench, but nooooooo, Cas wants to see Dean’s eyes. Then, of course, there’s the litany of “sounds Sam should have gone his whole life not hearing” thanks to paper thin motel walls.

Still, of all the awful, terrible things, the absolute worst, Sam suspects, is the incident of last night.

It had been late, Dean had been driving, Sam asleep in the front seat. Earlier in the day, Cas had been sitting shotgun, but he’d offered it to Sam so he could stretch out and sleep. Which, for the record, Sam had been doing.

Until he woke up with Dean’s hand trailing up his thigh.

It’s hard to say which of the Winchesters were more mortified by the mix-up. Dean, of course, had snatched his hand away, but Sam decided to wrap his jacket over his legs. Just in case.

Thankfully, as horrifying as the incident was, it had fueled Sam’s argument that Dean and Cas should work a case alone. Sam could stay in the Bunker, work the research angle, and get a quiet night’s sleep for the first time in a week. Dean and Cas would be free to engage in whatever activities they saw fit after the hunt had ended.

Dean agreed and, the next day, he and Cas were trekking off to Idaho to handle a couple werewolves.

Sam’s loving the peace. So far he’s gone on an uneventful grocery run, eaten out without attracting a single strange look, actually managed to get some viable research done and had a blessedly quiet night’s sleep.

Of course, that’s when Cas calls.

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Title: Love/Hate
Pairing: Alex Karev x Y/N
Requested?: Yes; “ Hiiii! Please can you do one with Alex karev where first they hate each other (with the reader) and it ends well? But your writings are awesome so please just one with Alex 😂❤️”
Word Count:

A/N: Hi! So sorry it took so long. Thank you by the way.

My passion for pediatrics surgery ultimately overtook my underlying hatred for Alex Karev. I’ve hated him ever since intern year. Who didn’t? He’s had a negative attitude all the time. Not to mention, the countless times that he screwed someone over. Literally and figuratively. Every one of my friends who work at this hospital have had a sexual relationship with him. But not me. I would never even consider it.

“Y/L/N, have you considered applying for the Pediatrics Society of America grant?” (I don’t think that’s a real grant but oh well). Arizona asked, walking alongside me. I was a 5th year resident, spending my last few days here at Seattle Grace. Before I could even answer, Alex spoke up.

“I’m sure she would if she could.” He snarled. I rolled my eyes. I knew very well what he was implying. Apparently, Arizona didn’t.

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” She questioned, concerned. Alex gave me his signature smirk before attempting to walk away. Arizona grabbed a hold of his lab coat, pulling him back. She gave him a disapproving look and it was my turn to smirk.

“Well, you know, she’s not that intelligent…” He trailed off. Arizona looked shocked. She knew what I was capable of. She knew how many babies I’ve saved. I was- scratch that- I am awesome.

“Dr. Karev, you do know that Dr. Y/L/N has been enrolled in numerous different programs that help children-” She started defending me until I cut her off.

“It’s fine, Dr. Robbins. I’m used to it.” I interrupted with a fake smile. It was true that I was intelligent. At least, I thought I was. And, apparent, so did Arizona. She was my mentor. Hell, she’d always be my mentor. Even when I left this hospital, I’d still remember Arizona Robbins. “Besides, I’ll be leaving soon anyway. No need to defend this.” I could’ve sworn I seen a look of despair on Alex’s face as that statement left my mouth.

“You’re not planning on staying?” Arizona asked as we continued walking, leaving Alex in the dust. I shook my head and, as I opened my mouth to give a verbal reply, Arizona’s pager went off. “Oh, shoot. Emergency. You stay in the NICU, okay?” She ordered. I nodded, trying to keep the solemn look off my face. As surgeons, we lived for those traumas. But I didn’t mind. Sure, I wanted the trauma but the NICU was my sanctuary. I turned the other way and started walking in the direction of the NICU. Once I arrived, I took the precautionary measures of washing my hands and putting on the pink gown. Walking in, I smiled at the familiar smell. That baby smell.

“You’re really not going to stay?” I heard from behind me. It was the one person I didn’t expect to follow me. Alex. I didn’t even acknowledge him at first. Just continued checking the baby’s heart rate. I heard footsteps and, in a few short seconds, Alex was across from me. “I said-”

“I know what you said.” I snapped. I wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction of ‘winning’. He looked down at the baby in the crib. I’ll admit he is an amazing pediatrics doctor. Does really well with kids.

“Y/N…. I didn’t mean anything I said. I think you’re a beautiful, intelligent and amazing doctor. Hell, you already do my job better than me.” The genuine tone to his voice made me look up. He was staring straight back at me with longing eyes. Something I’d never seen there before.

“I admire you.” I blurted out. It was true. Alex Karev was an inspiration to me whether or not I wanted to admit it or not. He looked at me, confused-like. Almost like he didn’t believe me. So I elaborated. “Ever since I met you, I’ve thought that there was something about you that made an amazing pediatric surgeon. I wanted that quality instilled in me. I wanted to be you. So that’s why I’m leaving. I can’t be you. I’m not that. I can’t stay near someone who doesn’t want me.” I didn’t even know what I was saying at this point. But he understood. He stepped towards me, placing a hand on my cheek.

“Oh, honey, you’re way better than I could ever be.” He assured, making my face turn red. I shook my head.

“I’m still leaving.” I replied, stubbornly. He smirked again and I’m pretty sure I fell in love with it.

“Then let me give you another reason to stay.” He leaned in, capturing my lips in a kiss that seemed to last forever. Until that one familiar voice brought us out of it.

“About time!” Arizona’s voice cheered. I blushed even harder, hiding my face in Alex’s scrub shirt. He kissed my head, leaning down to whisper.

“I could never hate you.”

Professor Winchester (Dean Winchester x Reader AU) Chap. 7

Professor Winchester Masterlist

Word Count: 2,353

Professor!Dean Winchester x Reader AU

Warnings: Language, smut (unprotected), fluff


Just as you finish up the last swipe of lipstick, you step back from your mirror, taking in your appearance. You’re supposed to be heading over to Dean’s house for you date in less than ten minutes and of course, you’re running low on time- why wouldn’t you be? It seems to be in your nature to be late to all things, no matter how much time you give yourself in advance to get ready.

Dean refused to tell you what you two are doing on your date tonight. He said he wanted to keep it a surprise, which only made figuring out what to wear more difficult. You don’t normally put too much thought into what you wear, but you wanted to make sure you looked cute today. It’s your first date with Dean; therefore, a special occasion in your eyes. So you had settled on the cutest articles of clothing you own- a skirt and a sweater, paired with ankle boots. That combined with your makeup and straightened hair, you know you look to die for.

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I don’t know what the hell Cube is trying to do with this new “B2st” and new “Trouble Maker” but they need to cut it out. You can’t just reuse a name that’s attached to an already well-established group and expect people to be cool with it. And judging by the reactions from the news of it, the new B2st is not likely to be successful anyway.

akutagawahakuryuunosuke  asked:

YAYYY youre open ;;3;; can i request a nsfw mini fic for Saeran? The plot is what if she wanna give him a surprise chocolate on valentine days butt because Saeyoung saw her making the chocolate, she bribe Saeyoung with making an extra chocolate that makes Saeran jelly and after that is up to you^^ thank you, hope my plot not confuse you 😅

Thank you for requesting~! This will be separated into two parts, simply because I don’t have time to complete it yet, but it’s also been a while since this was requested >~<

Hopefully this will still be well-received! My reaction when I saw the req: NICE, we can get some love for Saeran in here! I claimed it as soon as I saw it (Admin Nao knows my excitement lololol I see you Nao!)

Sorry for the delay~

… and the angst.

– R.I.

[Part II]


February 12th, 2017

You hummed happily as you set out the ingredients for the chocolate. It was your first Valentine’s Day with Saeran, and you couldn’t wait to make chocolate for him! For many years, you’d spent the day alone, so you looked forward to it quite a bit.

“Ohh~? Whatcha doing, MC?” Saeyoung mused, peeking in from the doorway.

You jumped a bit, startled. “Woah! Saeyoung, you’re back early… I’m just making some chocolate for Saeran… It’s a surprise though, so don’t tell him! Speaking of which, do you know what type of chocolate he likes?”

While you looked forward to Valentine’s Day, you knew that Saeran wasn’t necessarily the romantic type. But you still wanted to surprise him with chocolate, so you hadn’t asked for his preferences.

Saeyoung’s eyes narrowed into a sly squint. “I’ll tell you… for a price!” he smiled, trying to feign innocence.

You bit your lip, a bit worried that he would make you do something weird. The last time you asked Saeyoung for a favour, he’d made you steal Elizabeth the 3rd so he could play with her. Saeran’s happiness… or losing your pride? In the end, you had to choose Saeran– he’d given you so much love and care, you wanted to repay him, even in a little way.

Taking a deep breath, you quietly said, “…Okay. What do you want me to do?”

“Ohh~? You actually agreed? Then!! Make me a Valentine’s chocolate~” Saeyoung grinned. “And it has to be bigger than Saeran’s piece!”

“What!? No way, why should you get a bigger piece? Whatever, I’ll just do this on my own,” you sighed.

Saeyoung cornered you at the table with his arms, denying you from escape. He was close. Too close. What the hell was he doing?

“Are~ You~ Sure~ MC?” he said lightly, although his expression was dark.

“…?” you stared back at him, bewildered. What did he expect from you?

“I might just tell Saeran, if you don’t do what I say!” he grinned, looking evidently impressed with himself.

Great. Just great.

“Okay, okay! Just get out already!” you exclaimed, frustrated with his antics.

He waved happily as he left the kitchen. “He likes milk~ chocolate by the way!”

Milk chocolate? Hmm, that seemed pretty suitable. While he looked badass on the outside, he was really just a big softie on the inside. Although, he was a monster in bed too.

You blushed slightly from previous memories.

But you brushed off those thoughts, as you focused on making chocolate for your beloved Saeran. And just to note, Saeyoung’s piece would be bigger yes, but only because it would be all the failed chocolate mixed into one piece—not that he’ll ever know.

Saeran deserved only the best quality chocolate that you could possibly create!

While you sounded obsessive, the truth was simply that you wanted things to be absolutely perfect for your first Valentine’s Day with Saeran. You knew that he had suffered from abuse all his life, and never received proper love. Despite that, he had still been able to show you so much affection, you desperately wanted to return it with a sweet gesture.

He… really deserved to be loved, you thought, tears welling up slightly in your eyes. He’d been through so, so much, and he’d overcome it all. You were proud of him. And you were in love with him.

February 14th, 2017

Saeran had returned early from work today. He’d been working as a bodyguard for the C&R CEO, and he had finally gotten a day off to spend with you.

To his surprise, he returned home to hushed voices. Why was there a need to be so quiet? Cautiously, he approached the hallway of your bedroom.

“But MC~ Where’s my chocolate?” he heard Saeyoung whine.

Chocolate? Why would you give chocolate to his brother?

Saeran shrugged it off despite the unsettled feeling in his chest. Maybe it was just giri, just complementary chocolate.

“Yes yes… Here you go,” your voice echoed through the hall as well.

Saeran still felt bothered that his brother had so casually entered your room, and you didn’t even seem to be wary of that. But he continued to listen, hoping to find something that would help him from misunderstanding.

“It’s bigger than Saeran’s, right?” Saeyoung said, a mischievous tone in his voice.

“Yes, Saeyoung, just as I promised you,” you sighed.

Why would you promise Saeyoung chocolate? And why was it bigger than Saeran’s? He was the one you loved, right? Not Saeyoung, right?

“Woohoo~ MWAH~!” Saeyoung exclaimed.

What the fuck was he kissing, and why? Saeran fumed, the rage overflowing. He stomped into your room, throwing open the door.

“What the fuck is going on here?” Saeran demanded, coldly surveying the room.

Saeyoung was holding a huge piece of wrapped chocolate, looking shocked, while you were looking mortified.

“I can explain-” you started.

“You can explain? That line almost always indicates that something’s wrong. If there’s a need to explain and give excuses in the first place, then it’s really not worth hearing,” Saeran scoffed, feeling sour.

He left your room, a heavy weight on his heart. What the hell did he even come home early for? He’d worked overtime all those other days so that he could free up today for you. He had something planned for you, but now he didn’t even want to do anything for you.

You were just another liar.

Kiss with a Fist

Crowley x Reader

Requested By: @mikumaythebeast (Sorry It took so long!!)

“You’re un-fucking believable, you know that?” There wasn’t a corner in Hell where your raging voice wasn’t heard.

“Me? Me? I’m not the one who allowed Lucifer’s bloody hound escape and go on a killing rampage!” Crowley yelled just as loudly back at you.

The fight had been carrying out for what seemed like a good twenty to thirty minutes. Demons had cleared out of either of your sights. In fear of being brought into it somehow.

“I’m a fucking human! What did you expect from me! Maintaining Hell’s bitches isn’t exactly what I was created to do.” Your feet carried you barely any closer to his throne than you already were. “If you weren’t busy shacking up with Lucifer, you could’ve handled it your damn self.”

“Kennel duty isn’t my job.” He’s voice was somewhat lower as he propped his chin up with the palm of his right hand in irritation.

“All you do is sit on your ass and play house with the Winchesters’. Every demon down here despises you, and I’m starting to see why.” You too lowered your voice only at the last part of your statement.

“Watch your tone when talking to me.” There was a slight red glare beginning to glow in his eyes. It seemed as if the temperature began to rise between the four walls of the throne room.

“You don’t scare me Boy King. Not like you’re afraid of Lucifer. Not like anything.” The words rolled out unwillingly. Your mouth had taken over before your mind had a moment to process anything happening.

There were no words exchanged for a solid minute. Until a thick accented voice broke the silence.

“Get out.” His voice was cold and showed no emotion.

“What? No.” No longer did a threatening tone resonate in your throat.

“Did I stutter? Get the hell out of Hell. I’m through with this, with you. If you despise me then leave.” His face stayed stone and emotionless, unlike yours which dropped along with your stomach.

“I don’t despise you, how could I when I love you. You’ve just- changed. A lot as changed Crowley. But not how I feel about you.” There was a slight braking in your voice. Part of you wanted to step closer to him, but your feet stood planted firmly in the ground.

“I picked you up like trash in the ground, and I can throw you out all the same.” His words cut like knives into your heart. “Now: Get. Out.” The two doors behind you flew open. Followed by your body being pushed out of the doors by his power.

Just as you reached the outside of the court the door slammed shut. But you only keep sliding on the floor. Up until you reached the cold crisp air hit your skin. Heat rose to your cheeks in attempt to stay warm as the main door shut and locked too.

“Dammit Crowley, let me in!” With balled up fists you began to violently pound on the door.

The wind hit against your skin almost as hard as your fists did on the door. You wore nothing but a black spandex material tank too tucked into the waist of your high waisted blue jeans. No matter how harsh the cold snow ready wind whipped against your skin, Crowley ignored you. Not realizing you were still there.

Of course you were too stubborn to leave. Too stubborn to call for help or go find shelter. So instead you sunk to the ground beginning to get soaked in the newly fallen rain.

The feeling of a tickling pokey sensation brushing across your forehead woke you up from your frozen state only barley. You tried to move but found yourself unable, as you were being held around your waist on somewhere near your shoulders. Your body being held comfortably against somebody’s chest.

Two eyes opened only barley to be greeted by another set of eyes. The faint sight of a black silk tux at the corner of your eye relaxed every tense bone in your body. Carefully you were set onto the bed. Your bed.

“Have I ever told you how bloody stupid you are?” He spoke in a half hushed tone. Your entire body was sensitive to just abort everything right now. Being freezing took a lot out of a person.

“Actually, just earlier today I think you did.” You sniffled with a light smile.

“About that, I think we can both agree we said some regrettable things.” He sat beside you, although he wouldn’t look at you.

“Lucifer being back just makes everything so tense around here. It was only a matter of time before we went through that fight.” With your arms you pushed your body upward into a sitting position. “I’m just glad it’s over.” You ended with a sigh while resting your wet hair onto his once dry shoulder.

“Is it?” His accent raised as slightly as his eyebrow. “There was some truth to what you said earlier. Whether I like to admit it or not.”

“Hmmm, that you’re the Winchesters bitch?” You giggled with a playful tone. But he ignored what you said and brushed it off with a deep one chuckle.

“How my demons despise me.” The look in his eyes showed how serious he was. Even though you only had a side view of them.

Turning your chin inward more until your face was looking at his in a puppy dog eye filled manner. Your hand snaked over the top of his and locked fingers.

“Maybe you need to focus on making Hell great again. Work on whipping them into shape and showing them who runs things around here. Who’s been running things around here.” Taking a moment to let your words sink in, your free right hand reached up his back and slowly massaged his neck. “Remind them how much he despises them. They’ve got it good with you.”

It took some time for you to realize the Kings eyes were closed calmly. His mind soaking in your words in another dimension almost.

“You know for a human,” he paused, opening his eyes and moving you until the two of you were face to face. “you seem to know awfully well how to run this place.” His words hit your face like a warm sensation you couldn’t get enough of.

“Well, you know,” once again your hands wrapped around his neck while fingers played in his hair. “I have the best mentor for that.”

Happy Birthday Sebastian Stan!

Hal Carter: A Seb Stan Character Appreciation Birthday Special

Check out @meganhufflepuffwriting for her fic and makeup style of Jefferson!

Hal Carter Inspired Makeup:

Snapchat caption says: “Let me make a real woman out of you, sugar”

See You Tomorrow

Warnings: NSFW (fingering)

You flung your messenger bag over your shoulder as you stepped off the over crowded bus. You looked around the bustling city in awe; you couldn’t believe your grandparents lived in such an isolated place so close to such an exciting place. You waved down the first taxi you saw and climbed into the back. The driver laughed when you read him the address. 

“You related to the old (Y/L/N) family?” His voice croaked from years of smoking. 

“Yeah, what’s it to yah?” You spat back harshly; the modern world tended to frown upon small farms. They preferred large, industrial mills to slaughter animals in truck loads. Not quaint dairy farms that lived paycheck to paycheck who had regular customers. “They’re my grandparents.”

“Your grandparents are behind the time, kiddo.” He shifted the car into gear. “Tried to get milk from them once. They didn’t know what Apple Pay was. They think people carry cash around these days? The only people who do are gonna get mugged.”

“And you think having your credit card linked to a device that people are known for misplacing is any better?” You raised an eyebrow and found his gaze in his rearview mirror. 

“Touche, kiddo.” He nodded his head, obviously annoyed. 

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12x15: Hugs for Crowley 2k17

Davy Perez, we’re keeping you.

So, let’s get to it!


  • Dean Germaphobe Winchester not giving a crap that he’s covered in all kinds of goo — you know something’s really wrong with him.
    • He had a very Purgatoryesque vibe to him, which is interesting considering his interactions with Ketch in 12x14. Last episode, Ketch tried to convince Dean that he’s a killer and then there was the whole vampire hunt fiasco. Dean was wholly unimpressed with Ketch, and we know a huge part of that is because Dean’s a hunter not a killer, and there’s a distinct difference. (Like Sam says at the end of 12x14, hunting is cops and robbers. It’s not a kiling spree.)

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY @cheebsrtd!!! Here’s some hurt/comfort JuZen just for you, I hope you like it! Thank you for being so awesome!

“Looks like someone wants to talk to you, Zen.”

“Urgh, another modelling contractor? Why do we keep inviting them?”

“Actually, he looks like a lawyer.”

Zen looked in the direction MC was facing. Sure enough, a man walked towards him, but the emotion on his face was not the eager anticipation that he had grown used to. His hair was as common as every Korean businessman walking the Earth, but face… No. It couldn’t be!

“Huh, he looks a bit like you, Zen. Maybe he is your brother.” MC joked, but when Zen didn’t laugh along, her smile dropped.

“He is my brother.”

He barely heard MC mutter something about getting Jumin as his brother got closer. Zen swallowed, his throat dry. The years have been kind to him, the few wrinkles and gray hairs didn’t mask him enough that Zen didn’t recognize him anymore.

His brother barely smiled, as if it were too much effort. “Hello Hyun.”

“Seon.” Why? Why was he here?

His brother wasn’t an albino like him, but aside from his black hair and brown eyes, every curve and angle was the same. They could have been twins, had Zen been older.

Except he wished they weren’t family at all.

“I was surprised to find a ‘Hyun Ryu’ listed in the member’s directory of the RFA.”

Not even a ‘how are you’. Not a concerned word whether he was doing fine, what he’s done ever since he ran away, how he’s been doing ever since he was fourteen.

“It’s good that you found something useful like this, at least this will look good on your resumé, if nothing else,” Seon Ryu continued casually.

The bored gaze and flick of the hand wrapped around a wine glass almost made Zen’s blood boil right on the spot. There was no missing the insinuations - more than ten years and yet it still felt like he was a child, listening to his older brother telling him his dream was a waste of time.

He wanted to bite back, he was an adult now and he was doing perfectly fine without any help. He wanted to grab his phone and display his fansite on the screen and shove it in Syeon’s face. But his body wouldn’t let him, paralyzed, overwhelmed.

“Is it true that you have a boyfriend now? I heard rumors.”

Just as Zen opened his mouth to respond, he felt a gentle hand on his shoulder and Jumin showed up beside him. Speaking of the devil. Only now did Zen realize he had been gripping his sleeve and let go, his fingers hot from pressure.

“I’m sorry, Zen has other RFA duties he needs to attend to. I hope you don’t mind?” His expression was so serious, so unmoving; Zen knew right away he was angry, hiding it under a professional persona.

Seon’s eyes darted between the two of them. “I do mind. I haven’t spoken to my brother since he abandoned my parents and I.”

“I didn’t abandon you, I ran away for reasons you know damn well,” Zen said, finding his voice.

“You abandoned us and your common sense, so you could throw your life away, bedding the first man you find for money-“

He saw red. Jumin instantly grabbed his wrist the moment Zen tried to launch a punch, pulling him out of his blind rage. Seon stumbled back, nonchalance replaced with shock.

“You need to leave. Now.” Jumin signaled for Jaehee, who promptly called for security.

For once Seon complied, hurrying away from the two of them. Zen watched the former man he called his brother leave the building, the chaos in his mind stopping him from having any rational thought about it. Jumin cast him a worried glance.

“I’m fine.” He gave Jumin no room to prod further.

The party lasted a few more hours, in which Zen put himself on automatic pilot and smiled brighter than the stars. Finally as the last guest left, it took all he had not to fall over from exhaustion. RFA parties always took a lot out of him, though now more than ever; he felt like death walking.

“Driver Kim will bring you home.” Jumin never failed to pop up next to him unnoticed. Zen was too tired to argue and let Jumin guide him to the car, not even saying goodbye to the rest. No doubt Jaehee informed them already what had happened.

Jumin’s suits always smelled like leather, no doubt from the seats in the car as he often had to get around for clients. The seats themselves had a bit of Jumin’s usual cologne and Zen felt comfortable taking place in the backseat of the fancy vehicle. Jumin sat next to him and ordered Driver Kim to go. The dutiful driver didn’t even ask for a destination, knowing full well where they were heading.

The black screen dividing driver and passengers was up in seconds.

“I’m sorry this happened. Do you want me to ban his company from future parties?” Jumin asked, hand already on Zen’s.

“It’s fine. I shed my tears over him years ago.” Zen wanted to drop the subject as soon as possible, but as he said the words, his face faltered. All the old wounds were open again and it stung like hell. He had handled the situation poorly, freezing up in fear. For years he had dreamed of seeing his brother, telling him what’s what, and now he fucked it up like a loser-

Zen did not expect Jumin to wrap his arms around his head, pulling him close and making him lean on his collarbone, smelling that cologne oh so well.

“Stop acting,” Jumin commanded, gently caressing his head.

Zen surrendered, letting his body slouch and returned the embrace. He buried his head in the suit, it felt good, it felt safe. It was often Jumin initiated a cuddle, but the intent behind it was always unmistakably kind. He chuckled - he would never have guessed he’d find such solace with Trust Fund of all people.

“Thinking of something funny?”

“Think of you.” Zen admitted.

“Good. Your brother is a fool. You have proved him wrong a million times already, and another million times won’t make him admit it.”

Zen blushed, glad for the darkness around them, save the road lights outside passing them and illuminating the inside of the car every few seconds.

“Thank you, Jumin.”

“No need to thank me, you’ve done the same for me.”

It was so like Jumin to make it sound like a business proposition, though he knew by now the man didn’t mean it. They remained in each other’s arms, so comfortable they almost fell asleep by the time they arrived.

❧ | cooking class

pairing; seventeen mingyu x reader

genre; fluff, humor

synopsis; y/n was dragged to a cooking class by her friend, but due to last minute circumstances, her best friend couldn’t make it. a total newbie at cooking, y/n couldn’t help but make a mess out of everything. mingyu voluntarily pairs up with her so she’d be able to get something done.

word count; 1101 words

“No, that’s fine,” I said, my voice laced with sarcasm. “That’s totally fine, you just happened to move up a few ranks on my to-kill list.”

“Y/N!” Caroline exclaimed. “It’s not my fault that my little brother decided to do his somersaults down the stairs today!”

I laughed. “Alright, alright. Send my regards to your lil’ brother.”

I heard Caroline heave a sigh of relief on the other end of the phone, probably at the fact that she realized I wasn’t mad.

“Thanks, sweetheart.”

“You’re welcome, pumpkin.” 

The both of us giggled like 12-year-olds, and hung up after saying our goodbyes. 

Caroline and I planned to go for a cooking class that day. Actually, we didn’t plan to. Caroline had been finding interest in cooking these days, but all I liked about the kitchen was about it having food to eat. She didn’t have anyone else to follow her to the cooking class, so she pretty much blackmailed me with my ‘best friend position’ to tag along with her.

So I did. And this happens. 

I sighed, pulling out a pair of jeans — that was my regular. I looked around my closet, wondering what top I should wear. It was cold out, so I chose a turtleneck sweater.

I quickly dressed, and put on simple makeup to cover any imperfections on my skin. I wasn’t a huge makeup guru, but I used it sometimes.

I checked the time. I had another hour before the class started. I needed around 45 minutes to get there, so I planned to leave the house in around ten minutes. 

I sighed. Caroline was pretty much the big reason why I agreed to go. She was, with no doubt, pretty good at cooking. I wouldn’t worry much if I cooked with her, because even if I started a fire, she’d probably put it out with a soup she boiled.

Exaggeration, but you get it.

I suddenly worry for my own life. I’d probably kill myself in the kitchen; chop off a finger or two.

I reached the cooking class ten minutes early. The bus driver was quick on the road today. 

I was led to a empty area with seats, probably a mini waiting area. I looked around, and pretty much everyone had their friends with them. Even those who looked like they came alone seemed experienced.

We were all led into a large cookery room, and everyone stood in front of a single working area. Those who came in pairs were allowed to work together. We put on the aprons they provided, and started on the class.

Each working area had the basic needs for cooking — a stove, pots and pans, cutlery, and a few cooking ingredients which I was clueless about.

The chef told us that we’d be making cupcakes that day, and I saw a ray of hope. I mean, cupcakes wouldn’t be that hard to make, right?


The moment I started, I became a confused mess. Everyone seemed to be following the chef’s instructions well, but I was just lost. I managed to catch one part of what she said, and added butter and sifted flour into the mixing bowl. 

Now, I mix it. I think. 

I turned on the hand-held mixer, and it started spinning like crazy, as if possessed. The mixture started splattering out of its bowl, and I couldn’t hold the bowl in place. 

“Shoot,” I blurted, at a loss of what the hell I should do. 

Out of the blue, another hand grabbed the mixer from me, flipping the switch to ‘0′ speed. The mixer slowed down until it came to a complete stop, and I exhaled, exhausted already. 

I looked to my right, expecting to see the chef beside me, but it wasn’t her. 

It was a complete stranger who had been using the other end of the table. Each table had two working areas, and he happened to be alone at the other side. I noticed him before we had started the class. He was extremely handsome.

“Um,” I stuttered. “Thank you.”

I catch sight of the mixture that had splattered on him, mostly on his apron. “I’m so sorry…” I trailed off. 

The stranger laughed. “It’s alright,” he said easily. “Do you mind if I worked with you? I think you’d need some help.”

I narrowed my eyes, and he quickly defended his words. “I meant that in the good way.”

I smiled, and nodded. “That’d be nice.”

He went back to his working area and cleaned up whatever he had used. He hadn’t started on the mixture, so he just left the ingredients in their original places before coming back. 

“I think it’d be better to introduce ourselves real quick so we’d work better,” he said. “I’m Mingyu. 20. Nice to meet you.”

I laughed. “Y/N. I’m 19.”

“Great, I’m a year older,” he said, starting to mix the batter again. 


“Why’d you come for this cooking class? You don’t look like one who is interested to cook,” he said. “No offense.”

“None taken,” I said, chuckling. “That’s true. I’m not interested. My friend and I were supposed to come together, but she bailed the last minute because of an accident that happened.”

“That explains,” he said, finishing up the mixing of the batter. “You wanna put the mix into the paper cups?”

“Nothing bad can come out of transferring the batter, right?” I said apprehensively, holding the mixing bowl and scooping some up onto the wooden spoon.

Mingyu snickered. “I don’t think so.”

I managed to finish dividing the batter equally onto the paper cups, and they were placed onto a tray before being put into the oven. 

“We’re done, right?” I asked.

“Kind of. We’ll decorate it after it’s baked,” Mingyu told me. “That is just based on your creativity, so it’ll probably be doable.”

Right after the cupcakes were done, we took them out of the oven and started decorating. I just did simple designs of frosting here and there, and it turned out quite decent. 

“You have a talent for decorating,” Mingyu complimented. “Maybe just not the process of cooking.”

I growled playfully.

The class ended soon, and we were allowed to bring back the cupcakes. Mingyu and I took 4 each. 

We both left the cookery lab together, and stopped outside. 

“Thanks for today,” I said to him. “You saved me from burning down the building.”

Mingyu laughed. “No problem. You were a great partner to work with.”

I looked down, smiling in embarrassment. 

“Do you mind if we… exchange numbers?” he said hesitantly.

I shook my head. “Of course not.”

We both exchanged numbers, and went our separate ways after saying a few more sentences. 

I never thought going to a cooking class alone could be this good. 

Thanks, Caroline. 

Winchetser Sister- Bloody Hell

Originally posted by out-in-the-open

Request: Hey!!! You are an amazing writer! I read all of your fics in one night (no regrets) I was hoping that you could do one in which the boys´ younger sister gets her first period an they help her. Thanks!!!

Title: Bloody Hell

Parings: Dean x reader!sister, Sam x reader!sister

Words: 643

Summary: Reader gets her first period and her brothers help her out

(A/N; Hey y’all I had to delete the post I posted last night bc it looked really weird if you weren’t reading it from my page & I couldn’t figure out why it was looking so weird so I just deleted it I think it may be because I posted it over my phone?? idk but anyways THIS IS A REPOST!!!!)

love JC :)


“Oh shit!” You whisper as you look at your underwear that is covered in red blood. You are thirteen so you already know what periods are, you just didn’t expect it to happen right now. You start to panic, “What the hell do I do?”

You can’t tell your brothers right? They won’t understand they’re men, but you know that if you don’t tell someone then this will cause a lot of problems. You quickly wrap your panties in toilet paper and walk swiftly and awkwardly back to your room. You change clothes and you debate once again about telling your brothers. What if they laugh at you? You take a deep breath and make up your mind and finally walk out of your room to find Dean.

Your stomach turns as you walk down the hallway until you reach the library where you see both Sam and Dean sitting at a table. You grow more worried and your stomach is doing flips as you slowly walk up to them. “Hey, uh, Dean,” Both Dean and Sam look up to you, “can I talk to you…privately?”

Dean turns towards Sam and gives him a questioning, “Is something wrong?”

“No!” You say way too fast, giving away that there is something wrong, and both your brothers look very concerned. “Nothing’s wrong… I just need to talk to you.”

“(Y/N), if something’s going on you need to tell both of us,” Sam says, his eyebrows furrowed together.

“No, it’s personal…” You say quietly, and both Sam and Dean straighten up a little, fearing the worst.

“(Y/N), has someone touched you?” Dean asks cautiously, panic burning in his words.

“What? No, Dean! It’s just that I, um, I think I started my period…” You say and both of them visibly relax. You uncomfortably cross your arms and you look at them both, “What do I do?”

“Uh, Sam, you want to take this one?” Dean looks over at his brother, clearly uncomfortable with the topic of the situation.

“Dean,” Sam warns, and looks at you with a smile. “You do know what a period is…right?”

“I’m not ten, Sam.” You shoot back.

Sam raises his hands in defense, “Hey, I’m just making sure! But uh, I think we should go to the store and pick up some stuff for you”

“What do you mean?” You ask, innocently. It’s times like these when Sam and Dean wish you had a Mother figure around, it save you both awkward and embarrassing discussions.

“Uh, well, you need stuff to help, um, catch the stuff,” Sam cringes but tries to smile at you, “Dean, you wanna help?”

“No, I think you’re doing a pretty good job on your own.” Dean says back, but when you look at him with a worried expression, he sighs and looks at you, “Fine, so when you go through these every month you need stuff like pads and tampons to help you from leaking and getting blood everywhere.”

“Ew! You mean I have to do this every month?!” Your stomach turns more and you look as if you are about to cry.

“Uh, yeah, but it’s not that bad-”

“How do you know?” You cut Sam off. That seemed to shut him up because his eyes widen and he stampers on his words.

“Well, I-I was just going to say that you get the special treatment, like we’ll let you eat whatever you want, we’ll buy you things to make you feel better, you things we usually don’t do.” Sam smiles awkwardly.

“Oh…well thanks.” You say and you stand buy the table uneasily, “So can we go now or what?”

“Oh yeah, let’s go!” Sam says as he jumps up from his chair and puts on his jacket and you two walk up the stairs to get in the impala to go get your supplies.

The CEO (M) - Part 2

Pairing - Chanyeol x Reader 
Genre - Smut 
Word count - 711 
Warning - smut later in chapters
Dedicated to - @chanyoel

The first couple of weeks were even harder than I was expecting. During every important meeting, Chanyeol was blocking my every idea and movement, he undermined my authority as his boss, he argued about every little thing that didn’t go the way HE planned it. I tried to stay as professional as I could and not make a scene in front of everyone but he seemed not to care about what I did or said.

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iv. Velvet Suit.

This idea came to my mind thanks to Born’s After Dark Sessions where he wore that beautiful Gucci suit (i think it was from Gucci, but correct me if I’m wrong, I’ve seen that velvet suit in a lot of fashion shows) I’ve always been a fan of Tom Ford’s suits, and really coudln’t help myself once the thought of riding Harry’s tight while wearing a suit like that came to my mind.

So, please bear with me! I’m far from being a good writer and this is the first piece of smut I’ve ever write.

If you want a second part of this, let me know!

It happened a while ago. You remember entering with him to the Gucci Store in London. It was nice to have a client who knew exactly what he wanted and take risks here and there. That’s was fashion is about, after all. As his personal assistant, you had to attend his errands with him 24/7, as long as he wanted you, of course. You couldn’t mind — seeing him getting so excited while inspecting a piece of clothing, touching its fabric, admiring its print… It was like seeing a child on Christmas. A very tall, clumsy and cheeky child. The way his face lighted up when he found something he liked, the way he bit his lips in concentration already planning where and when he’ll wear that specific outfit was already making you lose your mind.

Falling in love with your boss was probably the worst way of going. You couldn’t believe how silly you were, pinning for someone who was like the sun. It angered you, seeing him so freely enjoying himself… but could you blame him? Just having the chance to watching him so excited, with his dimples already popping, his eyes bright and his movements so tranquil… you could to that forever. So you pushed aside your tiredness, trying hard to keep concentrated. It was your work, after all.

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Wedding Jitters Pt.2 // 10:46 pm

Pairing: Reader x Fiancé
Featuring: Tom Holland
Warning: idk
Prompt: you realize you made a mistake at the wedding and run

Part 2

Everyone’s eyes were on you as you walked out down the isle, your dads arm wrapped securely around yours. You knew how hard this was to him, letting his only daughter go. It was hard for you too, of course. This was your future, your fate. You’d be marry to this one man, the man you’ve spent the last couple of years of your life falling for.
But, it didn’t feel right. You loved him with all of you, but it didn’t feel like all of you wanted to love him. Not the way you should, anyway.
That’s when you really felt it. The vile that was rising to your throat. The uncomfortable feeling settling in your stomach. What were you doing? Walking down an isle to meet the man you love, but are not in love with.
Yours locked with him. You could see there. The fear. You weren’t the only one feeling it. A few steps away now. And your father stopped you, your eyes followed as he handed you over to your soon-to-be husband, but your mind was running away.
Stepping up to stand in front of him now, his eyes still locked on you. You couldn’t speak, you couldn’t do anything. You were frozen on the spot as he grabbed hold of your ice cold hands.
“[Name]?” Your fiancé leaned over and whispered. His eyes creased with worry now as you stared blankly. Gone was your breath.
The slightest shake of your head indicated you weren’t the one, the right one - for him. It was like a click, in the back of your head as you watched him nod.
He understood. He knew. Why? Because you two did love each other, you both did greatly. But that’s just it, you both knew you loved each other but never were in love with each other.
You didn’t hesitate to run. You didn’t look at everybody’s shocked and concerned faces as you booked it for the door. Running as fast as your legs could carry you in a wedding dress.
Not stopping once you made it outside the large building, you ran down the street, yelling for a cab. One pulled over and you swiftly got in, yelling at him to take you anywhere, everywhere, just get the hell out of there.
It felt like hours, but was only thrifty minutes as your cab pulled up outside the airport. Confused at first, the cab looked at you through the rear view mirror, you could see his eyes look over you. Your make up was most likely ruined and you were wearing a large wedding dress. He probably guessed your situation.
“Oh no, sir I’m so sorry. I left m-my purse back at the hotel.” You hiccuped, afraid of what he might do.
“No, ma'am it’s okay.” His eyes read the grief you were already going to be expecting from everyone you knew. “It’s on me.”
“I don’t know how to thank you,” you said to him, leaning against the glass.
“Go, go and be happy.” He said, a small smile illuminating his features. You wanted to cry harder. Why are people so nice??
“Thank you.” You tried to hold back the water works as you pulled you and your dress out of the cab and headed to the airport doors.
Where to next?

The unfaithful Wife ( Jimin/OC)

Chapter 5

I woke up in a daze, my body somehow aching more than less. I blinked blearily and slowly focused on the person sitting on the bed next to me, threading gentle but firm fingers through my hair, lightly pulling back what felt like soaked strands of my hair. The events of the previous day hit me a moment later, like a punch to the stomach and my mouth went dry. Painfully dry.

“Jin Soo..” I whispered, panicking. He was supposed to be in the bed with me.

“Shh… it’s alright.. He’s fine. I’ve been trying to wake you for an hour. I’d forgotten what a deep sleeper you are.” It took me a second to place the voice. When I did , I wanted to close my eyes and never wake up again.

park Jimin. 

“is it late?” I said desperately.

“Eight. Come on.I made you coffee. ”

I finally looked at him. He looked bone-tired, groggy, hair rumpled and eyes shadowed. He also had a soft look on his face, a sort of detached affection that hit me hard. I hesitated. I’d loved him very much, once. That kind of thing never really goes away. As though sensing my little confusion, he pressed a warm palm to my cheek.

Slowly raising my self up, I stepped out of the bedroom and into the bathroom, quickly washing my face and brushing my teeth . He’d left a new toothbrush out for me and also a small bottle of my once favorite mouthwash.

It was an exotic green apple and mint flavored liquid, expensive as sin and luxuriously encased in a small crustal decanter. I’d grown up using it and after Jimin had divorced me it had become nothing more than an unaffordable memory. 

i stared at it, all these memories churning my stomach in an unpleasant way. I had worked hard to move on from this life with Jimin. To come back here felt like admitting defeat. Admitting..guilt. I don’t know , it felt like losing. When i stepped back into the room he patted the bed next to him.

I hesitated before carefully lowering myself to the bed.

“I’ll drive you to the bakery and then we’ll have to go talk to the reporters. ” He said softly.

“Reporters?” I said in genuine horror.

He hesitated.

“No one knows about my engagement to Mi Rae. I’ve already called it off so don’t worry. It’s not about that.  ”

I hesitated, torn between wanting to know what had happened and the need to distance myself from his personal affairs. But there were some things i would have to be prepared for.

“Does your mother know?” I said shakily. He didn’t reply, just pulling his hand away from my face and lightly grabbing his own neck, a nervous gesture that i was so familiar with , it made my heart drop.

“Jimin, she’ll kill you…” I breathed, in disbelief and horror, scrambling suddenly with a burning need to run away..

He pushed down on my shoulder roughly when i made to move out of the bed and I plopped back down.

“She doesn’t get to decide what I do with my life..” He snapped. I bit my lips.

“I’ve been thinking about it. About a way to do this without having to get married.  I know you want to spend more time with him and we can make that happen. He can stay here with you… I.. I don’t know I can probably get a house closer to your office or..”

“I want both of you.” He said bluntly.

I stopped, stunned.

“what?” I said, sure I’d misheard. Was he crazy? insane?

“I’m serious. I.. I’ve been thinking about it too. after you said you were only up for a platonic marriage. That’s… That’s not going to do it for me. ” He finished, reaching out and lightly tugging my neckline, dragging it done before rubbing the back of his fingers against the upper curve of my breasts, the touch oddly soothing and yet scorching hot. His thumb stretched out, rubbing against the tip till my nipple pebbled out traitorously. 

 I pushed his hand away, mortified.

“Jimin.. This isn’t negotiable..” I said, voice trembling. To do that again with him would be suicide. It would be the first step on a slippery slide to hell. First the body. Then the heart. Then my soul . That’s how he’d destroyed me before as well.

“Why the hell not? I know you .. I know your body, inside out..The sounds you make when you come… the way you taste between your legs …. . I’ve been inside you a thousand times.. I want that again…” He whispered and I could only stare at him.

Suddenly the ridiculousness of the entire situation hit me like a cannon ball. . It was eight in the morning, I wasn’t in my own bed , my son wasn’t here. I was in an air conditioned bedroom that overlooked a lake and Park Jimin was looking at me and talking about how I tasted between my legs…

This was not okay.

“You… You do not get to talk to me like that…” I stammered, already scrambling out of the bed and moving to the door, feeling spent and wrecked. He didn’t move from the bed , continued looking at me with the same quiet intensity.

“I know you want it too. Why on earth are you so stubborn?” He said. “ I told you we need to move on..”

“Not like this. This isn’t the way i want to move on…” I said sngrily. How dare he… 

“I’ve not slept with anyone in five years.”

I stopped backing away, stunned. What the hell was i supposed to do with that bit of information???


“I don’t expect you to believe me but it’s the fucking truth, alright? I’m apparently too much of a shameless bastard. Even knowing what.. what had happened… I couldn’t think of sleeping with any other woman. It had to be you. i think it will always be you.” He said gruffly.

i laughed in disbelief.

“You make it sound like I’m some sort of a sex fiend… Or drug… This is insane. You’re insane…”

“Maybe. I want you… in my bed…And you want me… Don’t think i can’t smell how wet you are right now…” His lips quirked and his eyes went heavy with lust and I shook my head in disbelief.

“this.. This marriage is supposed to be for our son…”

“Who we conceived by making love. ” He supplied.

“… for our son…” I continued, glaring at him, “ and that’s who i want to focus on. You should get to know him. Spend time with him. become a ..father to him. I’m not included in the equation. I won’t… I won’t come to bed with you.” I said angrily.

Jimin sighed and stretched.

“I’ll change your mind.” He said it very softly, almost thoughtfully. I resisted the urge to scream.

“You shouldn’t even want to… You didn’t even try to save our marriage…”

“Don’t go there. … i told you i don’t want to talk about what happened…” He warned me, eyes narrowing. But I was too far gone.

“Do you even remember what happened between us…?” I shouted.

I really didn’t intend to say it out. i thought it, often but I’d never once intended to say it to him. And certainly not in a conversation like this.

Jimin stiffened inexorably and when he looked at me he looked like hell. Before I could stop him, he took three huge steps, grabbed my shoulders so hard I was sure there would be bruises. He pulled me close, eyes boring holes into my skull.

“I remember…. But i don’t fucking want to. I want to forget. And move on. But you want to cling to it like some sort of a shield… What the hell are you afraid of? I’m the one who should be wary here… But you act like I was the one who hurt you…” He hissed.

“You did hurt me, damn you!! i never slept with him!! You never believed me . You still don’t believe me!! ” I said desperately .

He growled and i froze.

“Come here…”

Before i could process what was happening, he grabbed my arm and pulled me across the corridor to another room. His bedroom. I knew it the moment i crossed into the door. The scent of Park Jimin so obvious in the air that my head spun with it. He shoved me into the bed and for a horrible moment I was sure he was going to climb on top of me. I stead he stalked up to the closet and threw open one of the cupboard , grabbing a small briefcase and tossing it on the bed.

“Open it..” He said calmly.

I stared at him.

“I said.. Open it.” The edge to his tone made me bite my lips.

I fumbled with the latch and the briefcase flipped open. For a minute i just stared at the mess.

“I don’t know what this is.” I said softly.

“i bet you don’t. These are receipts for all the jewelry that Lee Taemin bought for you. ”




“Receipts to all the little gifts he gave you, when you were fucking him behind my back. They’re inscribed with your name and I found them in your closet the week before I caught you with him.” He said roughly.

I stared at him.

“Jimin, none of this is true. He never gave me any jewelry…”

“Why the hell are you lying??” He snarled, reaching down and pinning me to the bed, straddling me easily. I went perfectly still.

“I know it wasn’t a one time thing… I know you were cheating on me with him for months…”

I drowned out the rest of it, too stunned to move. He was pressing into me with his entire weight and his voice was turning rougher, angrier.

“ And you ask me if i can remember???? Do you think.. i would ever be able to forget? Fuck,.. every time i close my eyes i can’t stop imagining what happened..It’s been five fucking years and I .. Do you have any idea how much it fucking hurt to know that he  had given you something i couldn’t? What was it… I went mad trying to think of what it could be… I kept thinking of you with him… How many times did he push into you… Did you make the same sounds for him that you made for me…..  What the fuck could have made you want to throw away everything we had ever had??… But all that doesn’t matter anymore… I don’t fucking understand why you keep trying to lie to me… I told you I want to forget and move on. I want you, damn you. I’m an idiot, a fool and I’m desperate…. I should hate your guts but I can’t. I shouldn’t want to come anywhere near you but I can’t stay away…”

I stared at him. He was looming over me now, elbows resting on either side of my face, fingers threading through my hair as he pushed his palm underneath my head, lifting me up.

The first touch of his lips to mine made my breath catch. I wasn’t thinking anymore. Too stunned to react. All these years, I’d resented him, thinking he’d somehow walked in on one little mistake and somehow judged me for it. But apparently, it had been a slow burn of suspicion. Someone had actually managed to break us up with careful, calculated sabotage. It didn’t make any sense. Who on earth would do that and why??

“Look at me…” He said suddenly and I realized he’d pulled away.


“i want you.. I’m going to make love to you… Now…” He said roughly.

I stared at him in white knuckled terror.

“Jimin, wait…”

“Hear me out. When we do this… we’ll forget.. Both of us. We’ll forget everything that happened. It’ll be a pact. We’ll never bring it up again. I’ll never ask you about Taemin. You’ll never tell me you didn’t sleep with him. Instead, we start a marriage. A real marriage based only on respect and love for our son. We get to know each other again. We learn to… love each other again. From the scratch. Don’t you want that? A chance to redo it?” He whispered.

The words made me still.

So tempting.

The chance to redo it?

Do it right?

“I don’t know..”

“I’ll never leave you. I know it hurt you when I left you like that and I’ll promise right here and now that you and Jin Soo will never be alone again. I want you again. I … No matter how much I think about it.. I feel like there was something in me that made you go to another man. I keep thinking if I’d been a better husband.. maybe if I’d spent more time with you… ”

i shut my eyes in despair. To think that Jimin had blamed himself for what had happened was too much to bear.

“But I’ll do it right this time. We’ll start fresh. As friends. Equals. I want you…” He kissed my cheeks. “ i want you..” the corner of my mouth.“ I want you…” The curve of my ears..“ I want you so much.” He sank his teeth into the juncture of my neck and shoulder and the touch of it, zinged through my body, making me arch off the bed. i wasn’t thinking straight anymore.

All i could think of was the way the entirety of our relationship had become one long messy confusion of misunderstandings and how it would take forever to untangle it. Even then, all it would bring would be more hurt…. more guilt….

Instead I could do this.

I could let Jimin in, sweep the entire disaster that was our first marriage into the bin, forget it and redo it all. Now as adults instead of immature , spoilt young people.

I could do that. Maybe it was the weariness that came from spending years , never really falling out of love with the man I’d once loved. Maybe it was the dull ache of finally getting a good nights sleep. Maybe it was the memory of a son who was finally smiling happily with a father to call his own.

Whatever the reason, I let my guard drop . I looped both hands around his neck and shivered, burying my face in the curve of his neck, pulling him closer till he lay completely on top of me, his body nestled between my legs, hips pinning mine down into the bed and legs tangled with mine.

And stupidly, stupidly, I nodded.

“Okay. Okay. Let’s start fresh.” I nodded. 

“You’re the most beautiful woamn , I’ve ever seen…” He whispered, kissing the edge of my forehead, fingers looping with mine asd he pressed me into the bed, his body heavy on mine, hips cradled against mine , warmth seeping through the fabric between us. He touched the edge of my chin, tilting my face up till he could kiss me, 

What followed next would forever be etched in my mind. Not just because of the way it felt, when He slipped his fingers down, yanked my clothes of, kissed me breathless. Not just because of the way he kissed his way down my neck, across my body, the way his lips closed over my nipples, nipping suckling and licking till i turned into a shivering mess. Not because he was so careful, so tender and so…patient, using his fingers to gently work me open, one long digit at a time… slowly, stroking in and out of my slick entrance, as if he had all the time in the world, as if he wanted to learn every ridge and curve of my insides, the pads of his fingers pressing against my clit till I shattered to pieces against him.

Not because it hurt a little when he pushed into me. it had been so long after all. Not because of the way he felt inside me, moving hard and fast and big and smooth and the way he sounded, like a dying man, finally quenching his thirst, kissing me over an over whispering meaningless endearments that thrilled me so much.


It was forever etched in my mind because it was the worst mistake of my life.


Damian x Reader

Prompt 2:
“I am not human, I never was. So why are you expecting me to act like one?”


Y/N- your name

E/C- eye color

Y/S/N- Your sisters name

Hope you like it! 

“Damian, please,” You begged, while you already knew that his mind was made up. “Why must you be so damn difficult?”

“Y/N you know what you got into when you decided to be with me. I don’t understand why you keep expecting me to change my mind,” Damian glared at you from his seat on the sofa.

“Because humans can change if they want too,” You whispered, trying one last time to get him to understand your side.

It had been hell these last few weeks, ever since Richard had left Damian refused to talk to anyone, let alone you. All he seemed to do was train and act brashly, and it was starting to worry you. So you being you, you begged him to let you in, but still he refused.

“I am not human, I never was. So why are you expecting me to act like one?” Damian growled out, standing getting ready to storm off.

You looked at him feeling your heart break slightly. “You are too me… I just thought-”

“Thought what? Because you’re my partner that I would just let you in so easily? Just leave me alone harlot,” Damian snapped, turning on his heel towards the training room.

You stood there frozen, not quite registering that he had just called you a disgraceful name. You took a step back, bumping into the wall, gripping the corner for support. Did he really think that about you? He’s just angry..

You closed your E/C eyes, steeling yourself not to break down. You took deep breaths, before willing yourself away from the wall and towards your shared bedroom. You grabbed your overnight bag, moving around the room in a frenzy shoving clothes into the medium sized bag. Once you had gathered everything and booked the hotel room across Gotham, you found a pen and paper, letting him know that some distance would do you both some good. You turned, moving quickly out of your shared loft, all while repeating, “Space will help us.”

You groaned slightly as you sat up in the cold bed. It was hard to sleep, when you didn’t have vice like arms around you to keep you from moving. You glanced out the window seeing Gotham’s dark night sky. At this rate you probably wouldn’t be able to sleep. You glanced down at your left hand, seeing the ring on your finger gleaming slightly from the moon light. You brushed your finger over the ring recalling the small wedding and all of the joy on that day.

Three symbolic knocks on the hotel door had you tensing slightly, only to relax slightly when four more knocks sounded. You got out of the bed, moving quietly toward the door, peeking out through the peephole, seeing you husband standing there, dressed in comfy clothes. “Habibati, open the door please. I know your standing there.”

You bit your lip, unlocking the door opening it slightly so he could see you but he couldn’t come in. “What are you doing here?”

“I promised that we would never go to bed angry, I won’t break that promise. Habibati let me in please,” His green eyes bored into your E/C ones. You sighed, moving back away from the door letting him inside.

“Maybe I should charge you for coming in since I’m a harlot,” You murmured, pushing past him to go sit on the bed. “But I’d say that you couldn’t afford me.”

“Habibati…” Damian started moving closer to you.

“Don’t Damian… I get that I pushed you but you didn’t care to see anything from my perspective. I know you miss Dick, but that doesn’t give you free reign to be brash and retreat into yourself. Love, I know you’re upset and I want to help you, but I can’t if you just push me away,” You whispered, wanting to move closer but it was one of those things where you were at war with yourself. “Damian I love you and I’m here for you, as your wife, your partner.”

“You left…” Damian sat down on the bed, his eyes showing the hurt that he felt, but didn’t know how to properly express it.

“I didn’t want too,” You looked down at your fingers listening to the words your sister had said to you prior to your wedding. “If he needs space, give it to him. If you don’t, you’ll get closer to him and he’ll grow away from you.” You recited your sister’s words, not having the courage to look at him. “Y/S/N told me that.”

“Habibati, that will never happen. I am yours just like you are mine and we will never grow apart. Not just for this moment, not for an hour, or day, or year - I will always love you,” You felt the tears, gather in your eyes, hearing him recite some his vows that he had made to you.

“I love you Damian,” You moved closer to him, feeling him wrap you into one of his hugs.

“I love you Y/N,” Damian kissed your cheek, pulling you closer to him. “I’m sorry for what I said habibati, I didn’t mean it.”

You pulled back slightly, moving your hand so you could stroke his cheeks. “I know, but if you call me a harlot again, you might wake up to one thing missing.” You smirked slightly, glancing down towards his lap. “Understand love?”

A small surge of fear shot through his brilliant green eyes, before he managed a small smile. “I knew you were the right girl who stole my heart. You’re the only one who can make me feel fear.”

You smiled at him, still stroking his skin, “You were wrong you know..” He raised at eyebrow at you. “You are human.”