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Since this started it all, here is finally what happened… Bad kitty, you suppose to be friends, not scare them and scrath their faces. 

Fellwolve!Red by @sanspar / bunny!blue by @keksbela / kitty!sans by me

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Headcannon that later in life, Mob uses his emotions to grow plants so he doesnt explode (uses them as an outlet sort of.)

I’m a friggin’ loser who can’t even deal with how cute this edgy nerd is.

These are all literally drawings of Saeran that I did in class along the margins of my math notes. I just compiled them on one page and then traced them cause some of them were surprisingly cute. I found myself hoping that no one would look over my shoulder and ask who this was becasusesssss;;;;

I’ll probably color these all later when I’ve got time. Like the obsessed loser I am.

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Hi! I was scrolling through your fic rec and i really loved it, so i was wondering who are your favourite writers/authors ? :)

*cracks fist* this will be a long ass ride

@war-of-hormoan @yoohtae (really good AUs) @cremesuga @jungblue  @minthusiast @jeontrack @inktae (will make u cry) @imaginethisbts @jungkxook BLESS HER @cosykims @sugajpg @baeseoul @resonae < gotta read Save Me @triptaech @yuhdongsaeng (pls read cerruti 1881) @jeonseok @tahyungs @the95liner @haniwritesbtsstuff 

theres so many more but these are the only few i can think of as of now!

Heres to the transboys that

✨feel theyre too chubby to pass

✨have soft feminine voices

✨dont want to be overly masculine but still want to pass

✨heres to the transboys that cant pass because they havent came out to their parents or live in a transphobic household

✨ heres to transboys who feel hated because of radical feminism

🌟I love all of you youre all important and valid, you can do this🌟