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{2/2} Remember nagas are from Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism, and is described being potentially dangerous but often beneficial to humans, and they're commanded to bite only the truly evil or those destined to die prematurely. Nagas were also described to bring rain, and thus fertility, but just like there's good people and evil people, there's naturally also evil nagas who bring disasters such as floods and drought, but that's to be expected, just like humans not everyone in the group is nice.

“I just… I’m really really scared of snakes okay? Its not that i don’t like the guy or anything its just… I just.. get really uncomfortable because he’s part snake… Maybe he’s not the worst guy in the world, but STILL… i think it’s better if we stay away from each other… and the other Vincent isn’t part snake… he’s a fully grown man…. i have no reason to be afraid of him other than uh… the fact that he’s kinda a murderer…don’t get me wrong, THAT Vincent scares the heck out of me as well and makes me very uncomfortable cuz he uh.. seems to like invading other people’s spaces…. but I Understand that God made him, like he did that Naga, and they are both his children, and I’m trying to be nice to be as nice to both of them as possible… but because i have such an irrational fear of snakes, I just… I can’t handle being around the Naga okay?” 

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So who remembers when gundam and hajime aggressively held hands in dr3, it was so cute. no despair. just happiness :) the feels when gundam was always so close to meeting hajime


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My biggest fear is BTS going into the American market or KPOP in general becoming American mainstream. America will try and take it over and it won't ever be the same. I like BTS the way that it is and I don't want any American influence in it. I hope the US show that BTS is doing isn't a major one cause there are alot of people here in America who have no respect and will harm BTS.

Bang PD has talked about going into the US market and he said that they have no plans. That even though they know Bangtan is doing well with fans from the US, they know they have a really really long way to go and that going in the American Market is not something they’re planning any time soon. So for now they’re just concentrating first on improving and to still focus on the kpop industry.

We also have no details yet on what show it is. Maybe they’re just going to be a guest on it. I think it’s probably just on MTV or something. So I don’t think you have to worry about anything.

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Another Eden inspired me to send this but hi. I'm 13 year old Eden. I do art and I've been told to do a web comic by alot of my friends but I think it isn't something I should do when I'm 13, I can barely draw full bodies and backgrounds. Do you think I should try to do one now or like improve upon my current art and then do it later? I also don't have a good drawing tablet.

A lot of adorablu Eden today !  ∩(︶▽︶)∩~ <3

Well first of all.

Your art skills r not important. that should neveh stahp u  to do somethin’. 

U’ll improve only if u practice. ໒( ͡ᵔ ▾ ͡ᵔ )७

If drawing a comic motivates you to draw and practice full bodies/ backgrounds…oh boi,just DO IT !  A drawing tablet is not important at all.

[For the smol story,i tried to draw a comic book few years ago.Like u,i knew nothin’ about that but with the support of two friends, i eventually did it and i had SOO much fun.A real blast. i started on paper first and decided to clean it digitally. (๑꒪▿꒪)* The only thing i regret is that i never had the time to finish it. Skills or not ,digital or traditional,that was cool to create my own characters and make them live through the pages .]

Isn’t that the feeling u’re searchin’ too?  Does skills is that important? U have the chance to get supportive friends. Take this as a huge strength and share your story with them ! ≧(´▽`)≦

Please imagine that everyone only makes it out of the Shadowfell because Grog gave himself up so they can get to safety. He asks them to drink in his honor and just fight for him.

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What if Fox!Hux beings to worry if Kylo will be leaving alot more because the assignment isn't about his type of fox?

what if Hux thinks that Kylo may stumble upon another kitsune whilst out photographing other foxes, for example, a fennec kitsune maybe as opposed to a red kitsune like hux?

so Hux makes an effort with Kylo before he leaves, telling him how much he loves him, how much his children look up to him, and how Hux will do anything for his mate

Kylo knows something is off: Hux’s ears are drooped, sad. He asks Hux what’s wrong and Hux can’t help but come out with everything, telling Kylo how much he misses him when he’s away on assignments, how he’s worried that another someone may catch his eye; a kitsune, a human, anything

Kylo drops his bags and holds his fox closely, kissing him, telling him that nothing could ever tear them apart, and if Hux wants Kylo to stop accepting these assignments then he will

Hux says no; he trusts him 💕

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I hope he doesn't break too soon, i'm having FAR too much fun. Shouldn't you be watching him, V i t y a. Make sure he isn't doing anything he shouldn't? After all.. he keeps alot of things close to him. Bet he doesn't tell you much anymore.

Viktor let’s out a deep, long winded sigh.

“You know, this is getting boring, Anon. Don’t you have better things to do than bother me with your nonsense? Yuuri communicates with me just fine, thank you. I’m so honored that you seem so concerned about the state of our relationship, though. Maybe once you manage to get that rod out that you’ve shoved so far up your ass you’ll be able to speak without anything but bullshit coming out of it.”

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What if Author is just a normal writer with normal life, but he is from other reality (I don't remember how it's called) and he has no idea that all his written stories become real. And for fun he put himself in story. And now think about this: what if all writers have ability to create and control other realities through writing? And that means you created another reality similar to our. Also I'm really sorry if this is a big mess with alot of mistakes. English isn't my native language :)

OMG!!! Does that mean all my little fics are coming true in another reality??? Oh god, I’m sorry reader! 
But that’s an awesome way of thinking it! If you believe in multiple realities it’s a massive concept and I can see it happening. With the Author I mean. 
(You did well, doll! Love ya)

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What do you think Amon role in the manga, I am confused. Unlike Arima, and Seidou. He seems out of place, especially his plot points. Him defeating Donato, and whatever may Donato plot take Him, is the only plot point that is tieing him to the manga, but over all, he isn't even being shown alot like the previous TG? What is your take on this ?

Ohh, I know it seems like he’s just kind of “there” right now, but I think Ishida is still working on building and shaping him so that his actions later in the story will makes sense.

imo, he’s still going to be the person who balances Kaneki out somehow. Yin/yang, phoenix/dragon symbolism is used for both of them, so I’m expecting something to come along where the two of them either work together or stop the other from going overboard. 

In terms of how they balance each other out right now: 

  • Kaneki is a half-ghoul more interested in protecting ghouls out of duty
  • Amon is a half-ghoul more interested in protecting humans out of virtue. 

Together, they can protect both sides via moral obligation.