this is almost too hot

vanessa and sonny are very close and have a lot of fun together,, okay that is all

It is still so wild to me that monosexual people exist.

Like I support anyone who only likes one gender and I am not going to shout at someone for being An Lesbian or An Hetero I just???? can’t really grok it. i can’t really alieve that that’s normal. I believe it, but I can’t alieve it. 

There are so many attractive people in the world??? why would you only want to be intimate with half of them???? 

why this hapen?? 

Illness/Sickness Sentence Starters
  • “Are you okay?”
  • “You are looking rather peaky there.”
  • “Was that you or did a goose with bronchitis flew in here?”
  • “You’re not looking too hot.”
  • “Woah! You almost fell over!”
  • “I think that has to be a record sneeze sequence.” 
  • “Are… are you allergic?”
  • “Are you sick or hungover? Your eyes are a little red.” 
  • “You’re very flushed- are you feeling well?” 
  • “You’ve been asleep for the past twelve hours and I got a little worried.” 
  • “You okay in there?”
  • “Uh, there’s a bucket to your left if you need it.” 
  • “I brought you some ginger ale and some soup!” 
  • “Here, I brought you another blanket.” 
  • “I’m not feeling all that great.”
  • “Why is the room spinning?”
  • “Are you cold or is it just me?”
  • “I think dinner’s not agreeing with me…”
  • “My head hurts.” 
  • “I can’t breathe.” 
  • “I am so clogged up I think I need a plunger to clear me out.” 
  • “Can you bring me another blanket please?”
  • “We’re out of tissues…”
  • “What kind of tea is it to help again?” 
  • “I think my head’s going to explode.”

There’s something sexy about a dead-serious man willing to do anything to get the job done. The Batmans and Liam Neesons of the world, men who ruthlessly cut through criminal organizations while brooding about the atrocities they’ve been forced to commit. Even the supposedly goody-two-shoes Superman now scowls as he struts out of exploded court houses filled with charred corpses and jars of pee. Is any of this sexiness getting you hot and bothered yet? Too bothered?

They are almost never seen eating, but always drink. If they’re in bed, they’re having nightmares about those they’ve lost (or, you know, having sex). They are emotionally cold and distant when they’re not being glib. This is all done in the name of emotional complexity, but can we still call it that when every character is the same?

For example, why does Hollywood refuse to accept Superman as simply a morally sound hero who genuinely wants to help people? Struggling to protect those weaker than him is a perfectly legitimate problem. Did they think we couldn’t relate to him unless he cried in an ice cave like he’s in an Evanescence music video? Did they think he’d look like a “pussy” if he didn’t destroy an entire city and snap Zod’s neck in front of two children?

6 Backward Ideas Hollywood Still Has About Men

Public Privacy

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 1,300

Warnings: smut, public sex

Summary: To make things a little riskier, you and Sam decide to take your bedroom activities into a public restroom.

Sam kicked the bathroom door shut and turned the wobbly lock, ensuring that nobody would walk in. Turning back to you, he slammed you up against the cold wall, forcing your purse to the ground, lips ravaging your neck, fingers tearing at your shirt until you finally lifted your arms and he tossed the fabric at your feet. You moaned in reply and roughly pulled his shirt open, feeling the hot, solid skin under your palms.

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It’s Insanity but... Protection

yo, guys, ignore the fact that it’s been like two years since i updated this fic and enjoy this next one!

Derek doesn’t remember falling asleep. All he knows is that he’s comfortable, safe, and warm. Almost too hot if he’s being honest. Which means that Stiles is probably there. Which means it must be a rare night when Stiles actually stays over. Which means it must be Saturday.

What is a bit unclear is why the wolf part of him is dragging him towards consciousness. He frowns a bit, drops his nose into the back of Stiles’ neck and takes a deep breath because he has the feeling it is too early to wake up. So whatever stupid bird or whatever has pinged his wolf is going to have to wait because he’s thinking at least another hour of sleep and then maybe pancakes before Stiles has to run off. This is a good plan. He is a genius. He does not want to go on a long vacation back to New York ever again. Not if it means depriving himself of this.

The door opens and Derek snaps awake and next to him, Stiles lurches up, sitting up as if he hadn’t just been asleep and Derek’s eyes flash as he throws an arm over Stiles and pushes him down and he’s ready to attack because who is in his house and then looks around and–



Derek has a moment of supreme confusion, did Scott bring the kids over to pick Stiles up? Was there an emergency? Was the–

He’s at Stiles’ house.

“Dude,” Stiles says, shoving at the arm that Derek is still using to pin him in place. “Get off me.” He sounds a bit annoyed. Which makes sense because that is… that is Stiles’ kid. Corey. Who is here. Because Derek is in Stiles’ house.

While he’s still processing this information – the fact that he had fallen asleep at Stiles’ house – he realizes he’s naked. Oh god, he’s naked and in Stiles’ house in front of his children and one of them is right there. Staring at both of them. Probably scared out of his wits because Derek had just flashed his eyes at him and basically growled and it’s the middle of the night and Derek is naked.

He lets out a sound suspiciously like a yelp and yanks his arm away from Stiles.

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Harry Styles - Harry Styles - A lil review

Meet Me in the Hallway: 2, 3, 4… Love the soft, strumming guitar and Harry’s longing and haunting vocals. Just the way his voice breaks on the word “hallway”… So helpless-sounding and heartfelt. Ugh. Love that as the song nears its end, the instruments are stripped away one by one, and in the end there’s just one guitar and Harry’s voice, and then there’s just Harry’s voice holding that last note. Damn good, and a very clever choice. This song could last an hour long and I still would have to press “replay” over and over again.

Stand-out lyrics: “We don’t talk about it, it’s something we don’t do. ‘Cause once you do without it, nothing else will do.”

“Hoping you’ll come around, just let me know, I’ll be on the floor.”

Sign of the Times: Full-on-flush. I’ve talked about my love for this song many a time since it came out, so I’m moving on. (But I think it’s absolutely gorgeous and one of my faves.) 

Carolina: This song feels so old-school and cool. I was immediately struck by that thick bass throughout this song, LOVE it. Love the falsetto parts. Love the oh-yeah parts. Mayyyybe my least fave song on the album, but it’s still SOLID.

Stand-out lyric: “There’s not a drink that could sink her, how would I tell her that she’s all I think about? Well I guess she just found out”

Two Ghosts: Right away, the melody and harmonies… so lush. The acoustic guitar is so lovely, and I love the tone of the electric guitar on top - it almost sounds like it’s crying. This song gives me CNSY and Ryan Adams vibes, which I love, like it just breathes and moves in a really similar and nice way. Cool lil detail: The way he enunciates the ‘t’ in heartbeat at the end.

Stand-out lyric: “We’re just two ghosts swimming in a glass half empty. Trying to remember how it feels to have a heartbeat.”

Sweet Creature: A little Beatles-esque gem of a tune. This is such a soothing and flowy song, and his vocals match the tone perfectly. It’s warm-sounding and simple, and I love that he’s left a little air in this one. It feels organic and just sweeeet. And I love sweet.

Stand-out lyrics: “I always think about you and how we don’t speak enough. “
“Running through the garden, where nothing bothered us.”

Only Angel: Love the calming opening, which drags you into this really eerie and calming musical landscape. You’re ready to set up camp and hang out for a bit, and then Harry’s scream just rips you the fuck out of it. WAY to start a song, haha. Heavy guitar, the screams, the clapping, the background vocals, love it all. Such a colorful song. It’s red and blue at the same time. Tall and short at the same time. It’s pulsing, the beat is sick and his deep timbre gives me shivers..

Stand-out lyrics: “Couldn’t take you home to mother in a skirt that short, but I think that’s what I like about it.” 

“Broke a finger knocking on your bedroom door.”

“I must admit I thought about making you mine.”

Kiwi: I’m so here for these drums, and heavy guitars!! GOD. The attitude he has on this song?? It’s like he’s grabbing you by the collar, bringing you close and going “Nope, it’s just you and me”… *fans self* It’s edgy and very 70′s Brit rock, he’s belting out those notes with fierceness.
Love the “ding” after he sings “I’m gonna pay for it”, those little details are so cool and add so much to the complexity imo. And the gritty guitar solo is tasty as hell. You know when the shower is almost too hot to take? That sweet-spot, that’s what this song feels like.

Stand-out lyrics: “And now she’s all over me, it’s like I paid for it, I’m gonna pay for this.”
“I think she said ‘I’m having your baby, it’s none of your business.’”

Ever Since New York: So magical and soft. A big contrast after Kiwi, but fitting as the album cools down again. Love the drumming, there’s so much going on in this song. It’s intricate and subtle. Love that he matches his vocals to the tone and the sentiment of each track. With this song, he never tries too hard. He’s just singing like it’s the most effortless thing for him. And the stacked vocals on the chorus is a beautiful touch. Loved when he changed up the notes on this on SNL, and I wish he’d done that on the recorded version as well, but that’s a small complaint. 

Stand-out lyrics: “Choose your words, ‘cause there’s no antidote.”
“I understand I’m talking to the walls.”

Woman: Love this. His vocals are just stunning, (AGAIN) just the way he drags out the word “know” in that first line -AH! This song is so funky, so dope. It’s simple, but hella catchy. With this song, I feel like everything comes together. Like the lyrical idea feels good and goes perfectly with the sonic recording which goes great with the melody and groove. And the background vocals that start around 3:03 adds a really alluring element to the song.

Stand-out lyric: “I hope you can see the shape that I am in. While he’s touching your skin, he’s right where I should be”.

From the Dining Table: From the second you hear his lips part in this, you’re drawn in. He’s singing in a conversational way, which makes it sound really earnest and vulnerable. And that moment when the strings entered floored me the first time I heard it, it was so unexpected. A beautiful explosion of sounds. To me, this song feels like this scenario: It’s raining. You’re in bed, half asleep, there’s a candle about to smoke out, and it’s making the dozens of shadows in the room dance around..

Stand-out lyrics: “Comfortable silence is so overrated. Why won’t you ever say what you want to say.”
“Maybe one day you’ll call me and tell me that you’re sorry too,”

That last one just hit you right in the gut, because it feels so damn authentic and sincere, and that’s something that runs through the whole album imo. It feels exactly like what he should be doing. It’s so him. It never feels contrived or fake. There’s so much heart in it and you can tell that there’s a lot of hard work behind it. There’s not one stand-out weak song, I start playing the first song and I just let it run until it’s done, and that’s rare for me. So THANK YOU more than I could ever explain, Harry. I’m obsessed with this record and I needed it. ❤️
Was Arrow Sex (Almost) Too Hot? Is NCIS Hero a Five-0 Killer? Did black-ish Spinoff Flunk? And More TV Qs!
We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Once Upon a Time, Scorpion, Lucifer and Arrow!
By Vlada Gelman, Michael Ausiello, Matt Webb Mitovich, Dave Nemetz, Andy Swift, Ryan Schwartz, Charlie Mason, Rebecca Iannucci

14 | When Arrow‘s Oliver forcefully turned Felicity around at the onset of their steamy bunker hookup, did you temporarily forget which channel the show is on? And if there’s anyone you believe could hold onto two dangling people with just one hand, isn’t it Dig with his mighty biceps?

Haaaa! Team TVLine is right there with us on that sex scene fandom. Y’all know where I stand on it. Also, accurate on Diggle.

anonymous asked:

Can you do nsfw headcanons of the Haikyuu Captain's S/O giving them a lap dance or twerking for them? (Hope this makes scenes. I didn't really know how to word it)

This is a wonderful idea. Thanks for sending in the request.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Haikyuu or the characters.

Pairings: Sawamura x Reader, Kuroo x Reader, Bokuto x Reader, Oikawa x Reader, Futakuchi x Reader, Ushijima x Reader, Terushima x Reader, Nakashima x Reader

Warnings: NSFW


  • Was forced to do it
  • (S/O) lost a bet with Kuroo and Bokuto
  • Tied Daichi to a chair
  • For some reason, purchased a stripper pole
  • Looked like a pro but was internally freaking out
  • DAMN his (S/O)’s hips know how to work
  • Almost had Daichi cumming just from dry humping
  • Be prepared for rough fucking the whole night


  • LIKE WTF??
  • Sexy thong
  • Leopard print thong
  • Kitten ears headband
  • Wouldn’t let Kuroo touch himself
  • Tied Kuroo up when actually fucking
  • Orgasm denial, oh my fucking hell
  • Lasted all fucking night
  • (S/O) actually wasn’t able to walk the next day
  • Kuroo was actually great at the sex aftercare


  • He decided that owl briefs were the best thing to wear
  • Dumped water over his body to look sexy but the water turned out to be too hot 
  • Almost fucking burned himself
  • But still continued because his amazing (S/O) deserved a night of sex
  • (S/O) ended up being the one giving him a lap dance
  • (S/O) wore his jersey
  • He actually did no work because his (S/O) wanted to be tops
  • Fell asleep after only an hour and a half
  • Post-sex cuddling


  • Oikawa actually gave the lap dance
  • Makki told him that it he gave his (S/O) a lap dance he’d give him the shirt he wanted
  • Oikawa actually agreed
  • But ended up forgetting the bet halfway through
  • (S/O) is actually dominant
  • Had Oikawa begging
  • Not rough sex
  • Pretty surprising because you’d think that his pretty setter hands would love to leave bruises on his (S/O)’s thighs
  • Slow sex
  • Passionate sex
  • Practically making love
  • He proposed the next day


  • This bitch deserves teasing
  • On the kitchen floor
  • Then on the hallway floor
  • Then the stairs
  • Never actually made it to the bedroom
  • (S/O) tied his wrists to the door
  • He actually came twice from dry humping
  • Escalated to bath sex
  • The bathroom overflowed
  • Save the sex for next time


  • Was not amused
  • Stopped his (S/O)’s plans of a lap dance
  • Straight to sex
  • Actually ripped his (S/O)’s undergarments
  • Has a big daddy kink
  • Has a big spanking kink
  • Put those two together
  • The whole night was full of tears of pleasure and pain
  • Apologized for being so rough the next morning
  • Gave his (S/O) a massage


  • His (S/O) set up the entire room with candles and the lights dimmed
  • Jazz music and rose petals
  • And then automatically handcuffed him to the bedpost
  • Immediately hard
  • Has a bondage kink
  • Has a daddy kink
  • Has too many kinks to count
  • This fucker probably came around three times
  • From dry humping
  • Rough sex
  • He somehow manages to free himself from the handcuffs
  • Had his (S/O) pinned to the ground in no time
  • Neighbors were actually complaining
  • Loves giving hickeys
  • Loves getting hickeys
  • Loves showing off hickeys
  • Teasing
  • So many positions
  • So many orgasms
  • Both fell asleep on the floor from exhaustion


  • Takeru would probably be all flustered
  • Locks himself in the bathroom
  • Comes out only to see a dejected (S/O)
  • Ended up cuddling because this bitch is too nervous for anything
  • Sweaty hands

Thanks for sending in the request!

-Admin Ella

Not giving up.

Look me in the eyes and tell me you didn’t think of what would have happened if Octavia and Clarke were inside Arkedia while Bellamy was outside when Illia set it on fire. Now, because I know you want to read that just ignore me and start reading! 
Aslo, s/o to @asavelveteen for beta’ing this piece too! Thank you girl <3

First, he hears the explosion. Then, he sees the fire and his body freezes in place. It’s only when he sees people running through the main door that he retakes his body and jolts into movement towards them.

“Bellamy!” Raven yells from where they had been talking and Bellamy stops, turning to look at her. “What the hell are you doing?!” She calls, slowly making her way to him.

Bellamy stretches his hands out and catches Raven as she finally reaches him, exhausted. “Stay here.” He helps her balance herself and lets go of her to keep stalking towards the door.

“Don’t go in there! It’s too dangerous!” Raven yells again but this time she doesn’t follow him.

Bellamy slows down a bit and look at her over his shoulder. “Octavia is still in medical.” It’s all he needs to say for Raven to let him go.

The fire has yet to reach the hallways near the exit and it’s the only thing he can feel relief about. Their people will be able to get out in time and safe. It’s when he takes the turn to the hallway that leads to medical and sees the smoke that his heart seems to stop and his worst fears cross his mind briefly. He chooses to focus on getting into medical as soon as possible instead of letting his fears take over his mind.

He lifts a hand to cover his mouth and nose to avoid inhaling the smoke and jogs farther down the hallway, and, by the time he reaches medical, he can barely see through the smoke. At first, everything is too dark and gray, but when he actually walks into the room with the cots where he knows Octavia has been staying for the last two days, he sees light and that could only mean there’s fire nearby.

“Octavia?!” He yells from behind his hand and jogs farther into the room, desperately searching for his little sister. He gets no response. “O, where are you?!” He yells again and this time he lowers his hand so his voice is louder, head snapping from side to side, searching for her.

“She’s here!” Bellamy hears a male voice coming from his right and suddenly a figure appears from inside the thick smoke. “O…” He whispers as he realizes that the figure is carrying someone in his arms, most likely his sister, and runs to them.

His eyes are watering from the smoke but he recognizes the man. It’s Illian, the grounder who brought his hurt sister back to Arkadia in the first place. He doesn’t really trust him, but he owes him for saving his sister.

“O.” He coughs and takes Octavia from Illian’s arms. “O, you okay?” He asks, staring down at his sister. She has a new, bleeding cut on her forehead and she can barely keep her eyes open.

“Bell.” She coughs too, letting her head fall on Bellamy’s shoulder.

Bellamy tilts his head down and kisses Octavia’s forehead. “It’s okay. I’ll get you out of here.” He promises and shakes his head to prevent the sweat from his forehead from getting in his eyes.

He looks around them. The fire has almost engulfed the room entirely and it’s getting too hot and too difficult to breathe. He glances one last time down at his sister but, before he can suggest getting out of here, Octavia chokes something out.

“What?” Bellamy asks, tilting his head down again to hear what Octavia has to say.

“Clarke.” Octavia chokes again, her eyes falling closed. “Was…here.”

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Pairing: James Moriarty X Reader

Requested By: Anonymous

Prompt: #22 - Fever - an abnormally high body temperature.

Summary: Reader has to take care of a sick Moriarty.

Warnings: Some light cussing, nothing too crazy.

AN: My very first ask! :D You made me happy! I feel like I rushed a bit to get this out before class, so I hope you like it. Cheers! 


You felt hot, almost too hot as your eyes slowly opened and you looked over at the clock. It was still early, the sun just starting to peek on the horizon and cast and orange glow within the bedroom. You brought your hand up, feeling the sweat on your brow as you wipe it away, wondering if you were getting sick. You curse yourself mentally, knowing you shouldn’t have stayed out so late in the cold the other night. You turn your head to look at Jim, he was curled up next to you with his arm wrapped around your waist, holding you close. You didn’t want to wake him, so you grabbed his arm and that’s when you realized it wasn’t you, it was him.

He was burning up.

You move your hand to his forehead, feeling the heat radiating from his skin before you ever make contact. You sit up carefully and maneuver yourself out from under his grip, watching as he curls up with the pillow you were just using. You smile, loving how cute he looked while sleeping, so innocent looking. You had to hold back the scoff of laughter at the thought of James and innocent in the same sentence, you knew better.

You make your way across the bedroom, grabbing your silk robe and wrapping it around yourself before making your way down stairs to get an early start. You make a batch of tea and pour some for yourself while you start a pot of chicken broth. You yawn as you start cutting up some vegetables, and before too long you have a nice pot of chicken noodle ready. You grab some lemon from the fridge and some honey from the cabinet, mixing them together with the hot tea and placing it on the tray along with a bowl of soup, a tall glass of water and a wet cloth. You know he’ll be awake any moment now, so you head up the stairs and back into the bedroom.

When you enter the covers are completely off the bed along with the pillows, and Jim is laying in the middle, stripped down to his underwear. You walk closer and place the tray on your nightstand, “James,” you say softly, sitting on the bed with one leg crossed beneath you as you reach out and stroke his sweat soaked hair off his face. “I made you some soup.” He opens his eyes and you pity him as he suddenly starts to cough. Jim hardly ever got sick, but when he did it was always awful, and lord knows Jim didn’t handle sick very well.

“I’m not sick,” he mumbles, batting your hand away weakly, “and don’t look at me like that.” You ignore him and grab the cloth from the tray, using it to dab at his face. He grumbles, something under his breath that you can’t make out as you fold cloth and lay it across his forehead. “I have things to do,” he says, his voice horse from the coughing, “I’m not sick.”

“Of course not, darling.” You say, getting off the bed and picking up the pillows from the floor. You set them up against the headboard, motioning for him to sit up and he does, a scowl on his face as he leans back against them. You readjust the cloth and then hand him the tea, he looks at it for a long moment, a staring contest to the death. Finally he gives in and takes a drink, a winch crossing his face as he swallows.

“I need to get ready,” he says, trying to hand you the cup of tea but you just stand there, hand on your hip, an eyebrow raised. Another glare, another cough, a huff and he drinks the rest of the tea. “Happy?”

“No,” you say, taking the cup back and sitting back down on the bed, this time facing him. “I’ll take care of business today, you need to rest.”

“Like hell, you haven’t a clue as to what needs to be done.” He retorts, the cloth falling from his face as he sits up in protest.

“Oh please, you have a lunch today at eleven with Mr. and Mrs. Foster, nothing too serious, just to get a feel of the two before you decide to go any further. Later I believe you are scouting out an area in downtown London, adding a few final touches before you contact your hounds and release them on that wicked old man that pissed you off last week.” You say with a smirk.

He clears his throat, “well, that wasn’t sexy or anything.” He says, leaning back into the pillows in defeat. He starts coughing again, his head falling back against the headboard and letting out a groan as he did. You turn until you are sitting next to him, pulling at him to lean against you, “no, I’m not a bloody child.” He says, but allows you to pull him as he lays his head down on your chest.

“Not at all,” you say, laughter in your voice as you run your fingers through is hair. You grab the fallen cloth and dab at his face again, watching as he closes his eyes and eventually falls asleep. You lay that way for a few hours, watching the steam fade from the soup you made. Watching the way he twitched as he slept, listening to his breathing. Luckily your phone was near by, you quietly made a few calls, one to the driver, the other to the doctors office.

“I’m not going to the doctor,” he mumbles against your chest.

“You’re going to the doctor, even if I have to hold you at gun point to get you there.” You say, the threat sounding in your voice

“Hmm, sound kinky.” He says, a smirk on his face as he looks up at you.

You only laugh and place a kiss to his forehead, making a mental note to add some extra rounds to your purse later before you leave.


shadow-spires  asked:

For the silly prompts: codywan, cuddling for warmth? Thank you!!!

Melo-za is a planet with mild temperatures during the days… and freezing nights. Thankfully, it will not be the first time they are forced to sleep in such terrible conditions and the 212th has plans in place to prevent anyone from dying of hypothermia, or even just waking with frostbite, in those cases.

The officers all sleep in the same tent, sleeping gear thrown onto the impervious tarp making up the ground, until not even the cold can seep through, then cuddling close to each other in their blacks, heat turned up, under the covers. The men are bunking up in the same fashion, only a fourth of the actual tents pulled up, to group them until it’s almost too hot in there.

Cody is falling asleep when Boil yawns.

“Is the General taking first watch ?”
Cody frowns at the question. “No, that’s Geode and Trip’s squads.”
“Then where is he ? Not sleeping alone in that cold, is he ?”

Cody realises that… he actually doesn’t know. And that would just be General Kenobi, wouldn’t it ?
He gets up with a shiver and leaves the tent, scowling when he sees that there is still light in the Command center.


Obi-Wan’s eyes widen as he takes on the sight of Cody, blacks slightly dusted with frost and shivering, as the Commander glares at him.

“Cody, what are you doing, you’re going to freeze to death !”

He manhandles the clone next to the heater set up near his untouched bunk, sitting him on it and taking the covers off to drape them around Cody’s shoulders.

“Well, I wouldn’t have had to get out, in my blacks, in the cold, if someone had been sleeping instead of burning the midnight oil.”
Obi-Wan huffs.
“It’s not that late, and…”
“Sir. It’s almost one a.m. local time and around three a.m. on the ship’s night cycle we’re still accustomed to. It’s late.

Obi-Wan sighs. “It’s… a bit too nippy for me to sleep comfortably, even with the heater. I have no desire to wake up frozen solid, or even just sore, cold and grumpy.”
“Which is why all of us have quadrupled the usual numbers for the sleeping arrangements, to stay warm, and why I assumed you were in one of the tents.”

Obi-Wan shakes his head. He knew, of course, but sleeping among brothers, and sleeping with your General in a pile aren’t quite the same thing, and he would not intrude…
Cody must read his mind, because the clone growls and moves.

With a yelp, Obi-Wan goes from seated next to his Commander to sprawled on his back on the bed, Cody pressed against his side, arms around his shoulders and the cover above them.

“Cody ?” he says -he doesn’t squeak, that would be undignified, “What are you doing ?”
Sleeping, sir.” is the growled answer. “And making sure you do as well.”

It’s useless, arguing with Cody when he’s in that kind of mood. Using Obi-Wan’s first name is a dead giveaway : the clone will not be moved.
Obi-Wan has to admit… between the heater cranked up, next to the bed, and his Commander tucked close, with the way the clones’ body temperature is higher than a regular human and the bodysuit heating function…
He’s finally getting warmer.

With a sigh and a slight use of the Force, Obi-Wan turns the lights out. He can indulge his Commander for a few minutes, until Cody falls asleep, then work on his reports on a datapad.


Obi-Wan is asleep under two minutes, cuddling close without even noticing. Cody huffs, amused, then rearranges them a little before nuzzling closer, allowing himself that little bit of selfishness as he wraps his arms around Obi-Wan.


In the officer's’ tent, there is quite a bit of snickering when, after half an hour, Cody is still not back.
“Boil, that wasn’t even remotely subtle.” sighs Waxer, turning on his side.
The other clones smirks at him.
“Not at all. But eh, if it works…”

He does have a bet riding on their superiors ending up together, after all.

Ask me silly prompts !

Story Summery: In the Capitol it’s all the rage, your own personal sex surrogate. When you’re rich, why not get one or two to fit all your marriage needs. Sometimes having sex with your spouse can be just so boring, but you can bring the spice back into your lives with someone who will do whatever you please. And with a surrogates from every district to choose from, you can have whomever you choose.

Thanks go to @dianaflynn22 for her beta skills, @loving-mellark for her amazing banner skills, @deltagirl74 for keeping me super enthusiastic about the Everlark fanfic world and always sending me great stories, and all my fab friends. 

The Surrogate Chapter 5: Homecoming

Fanfic Name: Demona424

Katniss cuddled further into the comfort of the the welcoming soft bed still intimately aware of the arm wrapped around her waist holding her almost a little too tight. His hot breath fanned against her neck and she felt uncomfortably sticky wherever their skin touched. She sighed and resigned herself to the fact she wouldn’t be getting any sleep. Her brain was too busy to allow her to get any rest and the one time she did close her eyes she dreamt of finding her father cold and still, eyes devoid and empty. After that she didn’t want to go to sleep again.

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