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Self-Care & Helpful Tips for INTP “The Thinker”

Functions: Ti-Ne-Si-Fe


  • Great analyst & abstract thinker
  • Imaginative & original
  • Open-minded
  • Enthusiastic
  • Objective
  • Honest & straightforward


  • Very private & withdrawn
  • Insensitive
  • Absent-minded
  • Condescending
  • Loathe rules & guidelines
  • Second-guess themselves

Turn-on = Understanding

Turn-off = Manipulation

What stresses INTP out

  • Being in an environment where they feel controlled by others.
  • Not being allowed to go with the flow of the moment.
  • Being required to do simple and repetitive tasks.
  • Being surrounded by individuals they see as incompetent.
  • A lack of autonomy.
  • Being in charge of the quality of another person’s work.
  • Not enough alone time. Too much extraverting.
  • Being immersed in emotionally charged environments.
  • Being in a place where their expertise is not appreciated.
  • People “barging in” on their space.
  • Not having their strongly held values validated

How to help an INTP experiencing stress

  • Give them alone time and space
  • Excuse them from some of their responsibilities
  • Let them get away from everything
  • Don’t ask them how they feel or if they’re okay
  • Encourage them to have some alone time exercising
  • Let them know it’s okay to feel unreasonable sometimes
  • Stay out of the way and forgive out-of-characteristic behavior

How INTP handle Grief

  • Bury their feelings
  • Not good at opening in front of others

How INTP handle Guilt

  • Over-analytical
  • Pressure themselves to do better

What INTP are like when Sad

  • Appear apathetic & disinterested
  • Dislike feeling vulnerable

What INTP need after a Bad Day

  • A new project to distract them from self-destructive thoughts

What INTP do when Angry

  • Ignores their anger for years at a time until they eventually snap unexpectedly and spew snarky insults about the opposing party’s intelligence.

What INTP Should do Instead

  • Take note of when and why they’re feeling angry, rather than pushing it down, in order to avoid outbursts.

What INTP Struggle with

  • Giving words of affirmation

What INTP are Hard on themselves for

  • Constantly feel like they should be do better

INTP’s Purpose in Life is

  • Seek that which is unknown

What INTP Need to Know

  • Emotions aren’t scary monsters, and you are not void of them. Being vulnerable is not the worst thing in the world. It is okay to live in the moment, and not feel guilty for it.

What INTP Should never Forget

  • You are capable of true warmth. We value your intelligence and are thankful for your unique views and understanding. You are always someone we can depend on to solve the problem at hand.

“Ajusshi, Who Are You?”

i wonder how good wishiwashi is, they were hyping it up a bit before release, let’s see them stats

oh my god its literally the worst pokemon in solo form, worse than sunkern and magikarp RIP you fucking fishy asshole let’s see the school form


naomi is lighting up on twitter rn and I don’t blame her one bit, even if I’m expected to because I’m a fan of hers. This isn’t even really just about her not being on the poster, it’s years of frustrations finally being released. She’s been made to take the backseat for her entire career and she finally had her breaking point. So honestly, y'all can miss me with that “she doesn’t need to be all over social media with this” bullshit. They just made a complete ass of her, like they’ve been doing forever, and you can honestly just take so much. And it hurts as a fan to see someone as talented and dedicated as her have to watch others pass her up. But if she leaves, I don’t blame her in the slightest and I hope she drags the FUCK outta them on that shoot interview

i honestly still cant believe how much of this episode was basically pulled straight out of a supercorp fic???? like:

  • kara bringing lena junk food and “i’m here as a friend, not as a reporter, i wanted to check on you”
  • then the transition to “i thought you were my friend, i thought i was more than a story to you” (im paraphrasing) right before lena gets arrested
  • obviously everyone warning kara about lena and kara defending her anyway
  • (i wanna say kara flying to save lena as fast as she can regardless of the danger she might be in but lbr she would do that for anyone, and has)
  • lena’s “don’t hurt her!!!”
  • “kara danvers believes in you”
  • literally EVERYTHING about that final scene??????? lena bombarding kara’s office with flowers. lena commenting on how grateful she is for kara’s faith in her. “kara danvers, you are my hero, not supergirl”
  • like holy shit
  • this could not possibly get any gayer

anonymous asked:

I recently saw a THIng and I can't get it out of my head. Getting scared. Of course aliens get scared, so When they see humans get scared, the reactions are seen as normal; Wild flailing, dying whale noises, the norms. Like, *AuuUaFh* "Ah, yes. A flying Crowling. Your imitation of a large aquatic creature is valid." But then…*🎶we're gonna die, there's a flying fuck face chasing us and we're all gonna fucking lose our lives🎵* "HUMAN TYLER NO." Because you can't tell me you haven't seen this.

I saw that post and almost died! Legit i sing whenever I get scared or nervous. Ive mentioned previously that im a bit of a adrenaline junkie so i tend to be like

🎶 if thus rope breaks im deaaaadd, birds stay the hell away from meeee, it’s time to diiiIIIIiieeee 🎶