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Study tips! - 2017

Hi guys! These are the tips that I have for now, the truth is that they work quite a bit at the time of studying and I hope they do the same for you.

1.      Make summaries and/or schemas:

I’m a girl more of summaries than schemes (concept maps, or mind maps), but any of these are good to analyze, understand and remember better what one is studying at the time. I know that many people, like me, have the problem to put what they were studied in either of these two methods, for example, I’m not very good with the schemes, therefore I support more on summaries and to make them as small as possible, carefully not to forget anything about what I am summarizing; This is why I want to advise you that no matter how difficult and complicated it seem any of these methods, try it. Eventually, you will handled the way to do it and you’ll not realize when you will be all experts.

2.      Uses colors:

Yes, I won’t deny it, I’m 100% a girl of colors. I feel incomplete, weird, as if something will miss me when my notes do not have color, at least highlight my titles, I need it, it’s something that is a part of me.

Careful! Use colors doesn’t mean that our notes are freshly come out from a fairy oven and it looks like a rainbow, no. Use them, but sparingly, as fair and necessary to put your notes look cute and you can difference the titles of the rest, or the term of its meaning… and of course the most important thing, that are organized and clean so that when it comes the time for studying, you can understand everything.

More than for aesthetics, I occupy the colors in order to have a more dynamic vision in my notebook, allowing me to better understand, memorize better and above all to find what I want more easily. However, I won’t deny that I also like to have my notes beautiful and colorful, I say, who don’t like to have their notes organized and beautiful? To nobody.

3.      Organize your time:

Sometimes when we sit at our study site we spend hours on the same subject, without advancing in others that also we have to study, so to avoid these types of mishaps that make our work to study more heavy, because it leaves all for after, we must organize our time of study. Some occupy the “bullet journal" method for studies, others, the timer. I used the timer until I met a wonderful applications that help you concentrate and at the same time, takes your time. For example, we have a well known application called “Forest” which is available for both IOS and Android, with the difference that in Android you can download the free version, which in IOS is not yet available, but there are other applications that are similar to “Forest” that are free, such as “Be Focused”, an application that also helps you manage your time , where you can save time and designate them for return to them whenever you want, you also have the option to have breaks. The only difference between “Forest” and “Be Focused” is that the first you have the option of listening to sound of fund for greater concentration, while the second handles you only the time, without the option of background music. These two earlier applications are part of many more that you can find both Android and IOS (if you want, later I will let a post with a list of applications to study that I personally find the best of them).

To organize your time, you must rely on what you are studying, because it all depends on the amount of content. For example, in biology is usually much content, concepts or terms to memorize and understand, so I left a full hour to study everything and make sure that I understood. If the content is very complicated, I can add a couple of more minutes, but without passing me in the hour and a half, because you have to keep in mind that there are more to study.

4.       Explains what you studied:

That’s right, explain in your own words what you studied. This may be by voice or video recorder, the idea is that once you’ve explained everything in your own words you can hear the audio, and ensure that you’ve understood all or at least the vast majority. So you will see your failings and strengthen your weaknesses., correct your mistakes and learn from them. Personally, I recorded my voice explaining the best that I can what I’ve understood, and if I’ve doubts about having it explained well or have covered all, I send the audio to my friends or classmates, that way I can have a second opinion and make sure I have done well.

5.       Record your classes if possible:

If you need to take notes in a class, but for various reasons, are a - b or c, you can’t be able to complete them, I recommend that you carefully get your cellphone and begin to record the class quietly, and when you will be already at home can play the audio and complete your notes without missing anything.

Although, to tell the truth, I recommend over talking to your classmates and ask for

permission from the Professor, and then record the class, both in audio as an image. If the teacher still not authorized it (because it’s supposed to record the classes within an establishment is not allowed), can get a little rebellious and record, put your cellphone somewhere in the room where it isn’t seen. Sometimes be a little rebellious is not bad, it all depends on the reason why you are, right?

Carefull! This doesn’t mean that you don’t take notes in class or not pay attention because you are recording, if you don’t understand the class less you will do it through an audio or video, where you don’t have the support of your present teacher.

6.      Creates memory cards (flashcards):

Although it seems typical, they are quite effective. There is the option of to make them yourself or you can download any application that can make them, as for example Quizlet, an application that is available both IOS and Android. This will help to quickly memorize definitions of concepts, or important dates, people and their works, etc.

7.      Transfer your notes in order, rewrite:

If you are one of the people who, like me, prefer to make a draft of his notes, and then pass them in clean (rewrite them), you’ll know that this tip really works. I won’t deny that it is more work, but everything has its reward, isn’t it?

Personally I’m of people who have better visual memory, which read and write helps me to memorize better. Thus I memorize and order my notes, both at the same time. In addition, it said that rewrite is equivalent to five readings, I don’t know if that is true, but I at least feel that I memorize best rewritting, well in my time to study I remember things I’ve written and I can understand them better.

8.       Listen to music to concentrate:

The truth is that this tip is pretty ambiguous and personal, because it depends on each person. Many people can’t concentrate with noise, so they only can study in complete silence, and others simply cannot withstand be studying with so much silence. I’m of people who are in the middle.

For me is inevitable listen classical, instrumental music, rain, nature or just a relaxing study melody sounds. It helps me enough to concentrate and accompany me at the time of study. There are a variety of videos on YouTube with relaxing music, classical or instrumental music, or sounds of nature to study, as well as on Spotify playlists that are pretty good.

Personally, I listen to music when I do exercises such as mathematics or physics, and as for readings or review, normally I do without music or with one that does not have too much rhythm, as sounds of rain, wind, etc., to be able to concentrate.

9.      Search material of support:

If you feel that you still don’t understand the subject, either because it is very difficult or because you don’t understand your teacher, you can’t stay still and do nothing. You have to auto-teach you, learn and learn any other way what you are passing in classes.

For example, looking for videos that teach you what you are going through, search exercises online, Power Point presentations, PDF documents to help you supplement your notes or your knowledge. There are many channels on YouTube that can help you to study, as also pages with books, exercises, and documents about what you’re going. The idea is to find supporting material that will help you to understand what you’re learning in class, so to be able to reinforce.

10.   Stay away from your social networks:

I know that many of us it has happened that from being studying we went from one second to another to be checking our Instagram account. Best for these cases is to put the cell phone as far as possible, if needed elsewhere in your home (obviously, if you’re studying at home), and in airplane mode so that nothing interrupts your time of study. Now, to avoid entering your networks through the computer or laptop that you are using at the time of study, you can download applications that will block certain pages by a certain time, and once activated cannot be it reversed, yes or Yes you should spend that time so that the pages are unlocked. These applications exist for both Windows and Mac.

11.  Uses Post-it (sticky notes):

These help me to write down something that perhaps the teacher said in class and would not have seeing completely with the theme that we’re passing, or be any possible question test, any dimension, a concept that I don’t know.

12.  If you have any doubts, questions, ask:

As they say the teachers, or at least of my school, “There no are silly questions, only fools who don’t ask”. So, if you have doubts, ask. No matter if you make a mistake, you must solve all your doubts because that will help you better understand what you are seeing. If you are in classes and you don’t understand, ask, solve all your doubts with the professor, because once you get home to study you won’t understand almost nothing, if it is that it is absolutely nothing, by not having asked.

If you’re at home or out of classes, studying, grab your cell and ask your classmates. The idea is to clear your concern in one way or another.

Personally, I really like to be able to solve my doubts with my classmates, because in addition to answer all my questions, we can exchange notes, complementing our notes, we can learn new techniques to solve exercises, etc.

13.   Review constantly:

I know that the work of reviewing every day is quite heavy, but it works. It’s truth. At least in my experience constantly review has helped me be able to memorize better what are passing to me in classes, since the constant review helps to retain longer the lessons learned, and a day before the test it doesn’t need to study too hard, ‘cause everything I learned it was be engraved on the head, and just only a small study session will need. Therefore I recommend that when you get arrive home after school review your notes at least 15 minutes that day, and everyday, in that way you will retain in your head more time what they are seeing.

14.   Gets emails from your professors/teachers:

In my case, some of my teachers send us documents PDF or PPTs we use during their classes, to study and reinforce what we saw, as well as complement our notes. Course, I recommend that if you are still in school, you can put on agree with your classmates and create an email as a group so that way you will not have problem in contacting your teacher. This is ‘cause in some schools have problems for contact their professors outside the establishment, and there are some schools that are quite strict in that area. If you’re in university, I don’t think that will be a problem to contact you through your personal email.

Carefull! Teachers are not always so cool, or so nice, to give you their mail, some of they put many excuses since in some schools the teacher-student ethics is fairly strict with contact outside the establishment, so they are usually quite reluctant to give them, especially if the teacher is handsome, so you have to prove that you are really interested in the material support and not in him, or in harass him (even while actually are haha, the key is prove otherwise 😉).

15.  Lean on your textbooks:

Many times in our schools deliver us books of the subjects that we will see that year (either whether we should buy them or they are delivered by the same school), and either that the professor uses them little or nothing within classes, we must have in mind that the book yes serves us and helps, or at least the vast majority of them because it is a support material that contains descriptions, images and vocabulary, and to answer key in some, that helps us to know in what we were wrong (for example, the books of mathematics, following exercise can confirm your answer with the solution key), this can serve when you are studying for a test, and also the test obviously. So it is best to always bear in mind that texts that give schools if you serve, independent of whether the teachers based their class in them or not, there will always be material that will help you to complement what you taught the teacher in class.

16.  Have a fixed study site:

To study well and be able to focus without any impediment, we need a fixed and comfortable place. This place has to be clean, orderly, and as much as possible wide (extended desktop), so we can have all our scope and not deconcentrate us to go for something that you need or miss. The best thing is study in a desk in your room, or in the table of dining room of your house, but is completely forbidden study in bed, as to be overly comfortable us enters laziness and sleep, interrupting our study session, and practically ensuring a long nap.

17.  Keep a schedule of fixed study:

Personally, I’m kind of people who aren’t very organized when it comes to schedules or events. Simply plans and me not get along very well, but I don’t deny that for a time I tried it, being constant in my moment of planning what to do later (in my bullet journal) and I found it quite beneficial. Apart from planning everything and organize my time, and comply with what I should do of course, I could see the progress of my studies, but as I said the plans and I don’t we get along very well. But that doesn’t prevent that recommend you organize your time, plan what to do, and between that define a time of day that is dedicated only to study. It can be in the afternoon after school, can be in the morning before going to school, or can be at night before going to bed, no matter the time, what matters is that you should defined a time to study and you can’t move that time, this will help to discipline your brain and accustom him that in this period of the day must be aware, attentive and concentrated to absorb everything, of course without forgetting small breaks in the study session. Over time you’ll see the results, giving you features that you do better absorb the information, that in that period of time your brain will be more attentive to what he reads or exercises, so you can understand much better than before.

+ Bonus: Organize your times.
For this, the best is do the technique of bullet journal, you can also go to the planner, but personally I like the BJ more, although like I said, I didn’t last long because a I’m really bad in planning constantly, but during the time I did it worked perfect, so I recommend that even if you are just as bad planning constantly, like me, try it. Who knows? Perhaps you become experts in the bullet journal.

Regards! 😄✌💕

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Snap Decision

(A chance meeting with a stranger at a bar helps you recover from a bad breakup.)

Warnings: 11000+ words of mostly sex stuff.  Bad ex boyfriends. People doing inadvisable things.  Listen up kids: in real life you should be more cautious about who you let take naked pictures of you! Lots and lots of sex.  If you’ve read my stuff before, you know the drill.  

You thought it would be fun to work in sales after you graduated from university; you would travel around the country, meeting new people, holding meetings in fancy high rise office buildings in big cities, wining and dining clients at gourmet restaurants while you closed deals and made boatloads of money.  The reality was that you were selling industrial wastewater management systems, making a moderate income, while traveling four days a week to factories and chemical refineries in some of the least glamorous locations on earth.  You didn’t mind the work itself, but the evenings alone in small town hotel rooms were dull and disheartening, so you would frequently head out to a local movie theater or neighborhood bar to distract yourself from the loneliness on the road.   

 It was pouring down rain outside and you decide to run to the closest place you could find to grab a drink, rather than risk driving around and getting lost.  That’s how you found yourself sitting alone at the bar of the Applebee’s restaurant that was adjacent to your hotel, sipping on something called a Blue Hawaiian, in a town you couldn’t even remember the name of.   

Unruly children sat with their families having dinner in the nearby booths, while innocuously bland pop songs played overhead.  You took one sip of the cloyingly sweet blue cocktail in front of you and immediately regretted your decision to come here tonight. Given the lousy week you had experienced, you would have been better off drinking cheap whiskey at a dive bar filled with unapologetic alcoholics.  Here, the family friendly atmosphere mixed with the empty promises of a fruity cocktail that was designed to trick you into thinking you were on a tropical island vacation instead of in your real life.  Your real crappy life. 

You had totally blown the sale today.  The clients had a million questions about the technical specifications of the products you were trying to sell, but you kept tripping over your words and making yourself sound like an idiot.  You blamed your poor work performance on lack of sleep.  And you blamed the lack of sleep on your boyfriend, David.  Actually, he was your ex-boyfriend now.  After more than a year together, you dumped him for cheating on you.  

He claimed he was faithful, but you were certain he was lying.  He never picked up his phone when you called him from out on the road.  He would eventually call you back, but his stories about where he was and what he was doing always sounded a little off.  The final blow came when your friend Stephanie told you she saw him going into a movie theater with another girl.  David claimed Stephanie was mistaken and that you were just paranoid and jealous for no reason.  You wanted to believe him, but deep down you were sure that Stephanie was right.  All the unresolved questions you had about what David was doing while you were working could easily be answered if he had been cheating on you.  David cried when you told him it was over, he begged you to reconsider, but you were resolute and just walked away.

That had been a week ago, and every day since then, you questioned whether or not you made the right decision.  You had no hard proof that he had been unfaithful.  Sure, Stephanie said she saw him, but she only saw from a distance.  Maybe she was mistaken.  Maybe it was just someone who looked like David.

“Is this seat taken?”

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The Heart - Roman Godfrey

(Nerd!Reader X Roman Godfrey)

You tutor Roman Godfrey in Anatomy, the Cardiovascular System to be exact.

A/N : This is one of my first tries when writing for Roman so I’m going to say sorry in advance! Give me some time to master writing for him! Enjoy!

Originally posted by iamfire355

Hemlock Grove High School was unwelcoming to say the least. Despite having lived in the sleepy town for all of your life, you couldn’t help but feel apart from your peers. While they gossiped, you were studying. While they went out with their friends, you were home alone. One thing that came from this was your good grades. You were soon recommended to be a tutor.

Hardly anyone ever came up to the Peer Tutoring lab. If they did, they would seek help from someone more affable, approachable instead of yourself. It didn’t matter how smart you were, your personality off put so many people, they refused to get the help they truly needed. Part of you liked it that way; you had grown used to the cold shoulders after a few years. However, deep down, it hurt you.

It hurt that no one wanted to talk to you, ask you a question about the Algebra homework or number forty-five on that History assignment. It hurt that, while you sat alone at a table, all the other tutors were explaining to their friends what the difference between a covalent and an ionic bond were. So, instead of thinking about how much it hurt, you busied yourself with a book.

You were already in deep within the pages when the rapping of knuckles against the table frightened you. You looked up and your eyes locked with none other than Roman Godfrey. You had known him since grade school, liked him since grade six. So of course it was him that came up to you. The boy offered you a soft smile, as if in apology; but Roman never apologizes.

“I need help with something,” he said coldly, “you’re a tutor right?” You nodded, peering at him as you closed your book.

“You care about your grades?” You countered, without missing a beat. Roman actually smiled, taking the seat next to you at your empty table.

“I need to pass,” he said, “my mom’s been riding my ass all week about it.” He reached down into his bag, pulling out a binder. His lips were pursed as he moved, his jaw tight with agitation. He flopped the binder on the table with a smacking sound that drew the attention of people in the room.

“Anatomy,” you said, opening the binder. “You’re covering the body systems…” Roman only nodded, watching you as you looked over his notes. You suppressed a smile as your eyes skimmed over his handwriting. It was fanciful, not the childish font most males scribbled in. Little sketches also caught your attention. A wolf’s face and a few snakes littered the margins on his notebook.

“We have a test soon,” Roman said, bringing your eyes to meet his own. “On the Cardiovascular system, I think. I’m not good with-”

“The heart? Does blood make you queasy?” You asked, leaning over the binder. Roman scoffed at your words, rolling his eyes. You noticed the quirking of his lips a little, making your heart flutter. He looked good when he smiled.

“You ask a lot of questions,” he said blatantly. While his original annoyance lingered in his expression, mischief glimmered in his eyes too.  

“I don’t see many people asking me for help,” you explained.

“Maybe ‘cause you ask so many questions,” Roman said, the hints of a grin forming on his lips. You had heard about those lips. Girls of Hemlock High raved about the magic Roman Godfrey could work. You yourself had wondered, but never dared to entertain the thoughts of him any further. If you did, you wouldn’t be able to focus.

“I can help you,” you said, flipping through his notebook to find the notes on the heart. When you found the pages, you looked back up at Roman whose gaze was glued on you. You swallowed hard under his gaze, shifting in your seat. It wasn’t just his lips, it was his eyes. You felt your heartbeat start to quicken as you mentally cursed yourself.  

“So-uh, where should we begin? The circulatory system?” You asked, clearing your throat. When Roman didn’t respond, you looked up at him.

“I was thinking, maybe the inner workings of the heart.” You nearly melted at the tone of his voice. The heart, of course. His green eyes were bright, a full grin on his face now. He knew exactly what he was doing. You felt a red-hot blush creep onto your features and you knew it would be a long study session.

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dating boxer!tom...
  • omg okay so the first the time you both every laid eyes on each other it all happened in slow motion
  • that was only because the second Tom moved his head he got punched right in the face 
  • you couldn’t help but let out a laugh
  • but he would jut jump right back up 
    • “didn’t even hurt, babydoll” with a wink 
  • you would admire the muscles in his back and arms as he threw punched a little while longer before you got to your own training 
  • but you’d always feel his eyes on you 
  • also feeling self-conscious of your skills after watching him 
  • he’d come up to the trainer, whisper something to him before trading places with him 
    • “you need to punch harder, darling,” and you nod, taking his feedback and wanting to use 
  • throwing a few punches before he speaks again
    • “c’mon darling, I know you can hit harder than that,” with his signature smirk 
    • “don’t be afraid, punch me anywhere,” and you’d nod your head before throwing the strongest punch of your life
  • he stumbled back, just barely having enough time to block it 
  • his eyes would be blown wide, his mouth hung open as a small whoa left his mouth 
    • “that was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen,” his cocky attitude coming back
  • he’d become your personal trainer even though it was the most unprofessional dynamics ever

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Happy birthday Sam <3

“How do you even get into that?” Sam complains loudly, gesturing at T’Challa’s Black Panther suit.

It comes out a tad too dramatic, maybe, but it’s already bad enough that Pepper paired him up with Mr. Tall, Dark and Deadly for the photo OPs, Sam shouldn’t also have to suffer through 2 hours of that ridiculous and stupidly tight cat costume.

Not that normal, non-superhero clothes would’ve been much better – T’Challa could probably make a pair of old sweatpants and a floral print shirt look regal as fuck. His clothes seem to always hug his muscles in all the right places, no matter what he’s wearing, so a suit or a jeans & black Henley combo weren’t going to make Sam’s evening any easier.

The problem, really, is that Sam wishes he could be the one hugging T’Challa’s muscles.

The problem is the goddamn suit looks like it’s been painted on, and Sam’s already starting to feel all hot and bothered in his own uniform, and they haven’t even stepped out of the waiting room yet.

T’Challa shoots him a smirk, and that, too, is deadly.

“You ask me nicely,” the man replies.

Well, fuck.

It’s a joke.

It’s very clearly a joke, and Sam’s too fond of teasing people himself not to appreciate it, but fuck if it isn’t putting images in his head, and god, that’s the last thing Sam needs right now.

He tries to cover the fact that he almost just choked to death on his own spit with a derisive snort, but he’s pretty sure it comes out too high-pitched to be convincing, and his sweaty palms aren’t helping.

“What? Cat got your tongue?” T’Challa asks when Sam fails to come up with a witty response. And god, Sam wishes. It’s getting really fucking hot in here.

T’Challa’s obviously enjoying poking fun at him immensely, if the way the corners of his eyes are crinkling is anything to go by. If he wasn’t so drop-dead gorgeous, Sam would punch him.

“Are you always such a smartass or is it just ‘cause it’s my birthday?” he grunts.

T’Challa blinks, and then raises an interested eyebrow. “It’s your birthday?” he asks. Sam just shrugs. “And you’re here doing this?”

“Pepper offered to change the date, but whatever man, it’s just a few hours,” Sam says. “It’s cool.”

T’Challa doesn’t reply right away, just stares at him like the cat that ate the goddamn canary, killer smile still on his lips and doing all kinds of things to Sam’s stomach. “I didn’t know it was your birthday,” he tells him a moment later. “I would’ve gotten you something.”

“You don’t have to—”

“In Wakanda,” T’Challa cuts him off, taking a few steps in his direction, “we have this way of wishing people a happy birthday.”

“What way?” Sam asks. But before he can stop to think about how close T’Challa is all of a sudden, or about how it’s getting a bit harder to breathe, there’s an arm wrapping around his waist and a big, strong hand at his throat, tipping his chip up.

T’Challa kisses him unhurriedly, but firm and hot and claiming, swallowing Sam’s gasp right up and then licking into his mouth just right while his hands keep him securely in place. Which is good, because god, without them Sam would probably just slide down to the floor.

When T’Challa pulls back Sam can’t help but try to chase his lips, and even whimpers a little at the loss of him. Later, he might worry about how pathetically desperate he probably seems, but right now he can only think of how pleasantly dizzy he feels, and maybe lament the fact that he didn’t use this chance to let his hands roam over T’Challa’s magnificent chest.

“Wow, I… Dude, I think I want to move to Wakanda,” Sam manages to let out.

T’Challa laughs softly. “Happy birthday, Samuel,” he says, thumb still stroking Sam’s jaw.

“So, um…” Sam tells him, because hey, it is his birthday after all. He might as well. “If I were to ask you nicely… would you be okay with that?”

“Well,” T’Challa says, smiling. “This was just a happy birthday wish. Wait until you get your present.”

“Can’t wait to unwrap it,” Sam jokes, and then forgets how to breathe, because T’Challa is kissing him again.

“Coronation” Part Six

Summary: She was the Queen of Sokovia, and he was the future king of Romania. Their relationship was full of hate towards one another, but will it change when his heart gets broken by a traitor to both of your powerful countries?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: angst, insults, and finally FLUFFFFFFF

Word Count: 1121

A/N: I just love to throw you guys for a loop. I guess I’ll keep both lists open because I am terrible at saying no. Please leave feedback, it is very appreciated.

Coronation Masterlist

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Out of the corner of her eye, Y/N saw James standing next to his mother and father. She had never seen such a genuine smile on his face. She could help but smile at him. He looked like the young boy she once knew, excited to take the throne.

His eyes landed on her and his smile faltered. His breathing got heavier and his eyes widened. Y/N was hurt by his reaction, she never thought he could hate her this much. She cast her eyes downward, but the tap on her shoulder brought her head shooting up.

It was then that Y/N realized James’ smile didn’t falter because of her, it was because of the unwelcome guests.

“Queen Y/L/N, allow me to introduce myself. I am King Alexander Pierce of Russia.”

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It’s April 26th, and it’s hot, unbearably hot. Harry feels like his insides are melting, about ready to ooze out of his body. He doesn’t remember it being this stifling the last time he was deployed; it’s like the heat is magnified, weighing him down, dragging him into the dirt. He’s trying to stay focused, he really is, but he has sweat dripping into his eyes and he’s miserably dehydrated and he feels off balance in every sense of the word. Liam asks if he’s feeling okay, and Harry nods slowly, furrowing his brows, wondering if he’s really that transparent. He feels pathetic, slightly, and weak for being the only one this affected by the 108 degree sun. He forces himself to keep up with Liam’s strides, his gear heavy, and by the time they catch up to Rob and Colin, Harry’s vision is spinning.

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Shawn Mendes x Reader

Summary: You and Shawn have been friends for years.  All you have ever wanted was to be the one he called his, but he keeps pushing you away.  You try to move on by flirting with other guys but is tonight finally the night he let’s his jealousy get to him?

Warnings: cursing, and SMUT!!!!

AN: hey guys so I finally wrote that Shawn smut that I promised!! this is my first Shawn fic so I hope I did well!!! let me know if you want me to write more Shawn stuff!!

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» Part two

She likes the sad eyes, bad guys
Mouth full of white lies
Kissing in the corridor
But quick to tell her goodbye

Author: amsimaria
Word count: 7,3K
Feature: Jimin x Reader (mentions of other BTS members)
Genre: Angst/Slight smut (Rated M)
Warnings: Slight violence, Mentions of sexual acts, Punk Jimin, Depression, Swearing, Addiction, Soft drugs use, Smut, (Jimin’s a kind of a Jerk in this part).  

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I woke up on the morning of my twenty-third birthday to a dead-end job, a failing relationship, an empty wallet and a complete lack of direction. And I’m sure I’m not alone in that fate.

The years following college aren’t kind to us. We are thrust into the real world with a large amount of student debt, jobs that barely pay enough to make rent, relationships that are rapidly changing and a profound feeling of being lost on how to handle it all. Nobody likes you when you’re twenty-three, including your own life.

And yet, we pull through.

Most of us make it to our twenty-fourth year. Most of us make it out of the woods. Most of us are lucky enough to say that by the end of our twenty-third year we’re no longer feeling completely and utterly lost. But in case you’re not there yet, here are a few things you may need to be reminded of right now.

1. You’re not going to be lonely for the rest of your life.

Twenty-three is a lonely and uncomfortable age. College is (probably) over. Your professional life is (hopefully) just beginning. And your social life is doing an awkward, uncomfortable shuffle in response to all the changes. You’re far away from the people who know you well and not yet emotionally close with the people who physically surround you.

Give it time. Give your relationships the chance to evolve. Give yourself the chance to adjust to no longer living with a group of your closest friends (yes, you will adjust). Loneliness doesn’t last forever, even when it feels like it will.

2. You don’t need to be working your dream job right now.

It’s okay to take a shitty office job because you need to pay the bills. It’s okay to spend your spare time volunteering to get the experience you need. There are a thousand different routes you can take to get to where you want to go. Don’t beat yourself up in the process – just keep moving, steadily and slowly, toward wherever you would rather be.

3. Everyone feels lost at some point.

No, seriously. Every single person you meet, interact with or think about in the course of a day has almost definitely had a period of their lives where they had NO clue what they were doing. So this is yours. You’re just getting it out of the way early.

4. You still have so much time to fail.

You have time to fail at love. At your career. At your creative aspirations. At your personal goals.

You are still young enough to fall and pick yourself back up, so many more times. So don’t be afraid to take those big, scary risks now – while you still have the time and the strength and the determination to start over.

5. Someone is going to love you again.

You’re going to feel that insane over-the-moon feeling again. You’re going to want to tell someone ‘I love you’ again. You’re going to have something real with another human being again, even if it doesn’t feel like it right now. The ability to love other people doesn’t leave you, even if it’s a muscle you haven’t flexed in a long while.

6. You are going to love you again.

Your self-perception is going to adjust to encompass the new, adult you: the one that you are still growing into. Don’t beat yourself up about who you are or are not yet at twenty-three – you have so much time left to grow into the person you’ll become, and to be damn proud of whoever that will be.

7. You are allowed to set and keep boundaries.

Being a young adult means saying ‘Yes’ to a lot of things – long work hours, demands from our partners – because you aren’t yet sure what you’re allowed to say no to. But here’s the deal – you are allowed to set whatever personal or professional boundaries you need to set in order to stay healthy and stable.

You don’t have to earn the right to take care of yourself. You deserve it, as a basic product of your existence.

8. You are never entirely without support.

You may not be lucky enough to have parents who are able to give you financial support or even friends who are immediately available to give you emotional support, but rest assured, if things ever went really wrong, you’d have people there to help you out in ways you may not expect. If at least a few names come to mind, you’re doing better than a lot of people.

9. Being disappointed in yourself just means that you know you can do better.

If you were never falling short of your own goals, you’d be living your life all wrong. Disappointment – in moderation – means that you believe in bigger things for yourself. And holding that belief in life will take you further than you could possibly imagine.

10. It’s not your job to live someone else’s dream.

You don’t have to move to Asia to teach English if it’s not going to make you happy. You don’t have to move to a big city and get a mind-numbing office job because it’s going to impress your parents. The choices you make now set the tone for the choices you’re going to make the rest of your life. So you’re allowed to make the choices you want to make – and only worry about impressing your future self.

11. ‘No’ is a very important word.

You’re allowed to use it. Say no to jobs that don’t entice you. Say no to people who bring out the worst in you. Say no to all the opportunities that prevent you from pursuing the bigger, braver, bolder life course that you’d rather be on. Say no confidently, strategically and as regularly as you need to. It is your right and in some cases, your greatest asset.

12. Nobody can read your mind – you’re going to have to ask for what you want.

Nobody is going to come hand you your dream job or your perfect relationship or your ideal lifestyle because you’ve been obeying the rules so diligently. You have to ask – directly and sometimes incessantly – for those things. It’s unfortunate that the adult world works this way, but it does. The sooner you get comfortable asking for things, the sooner you start getting big results. Results other people don’t get because they’re too afraid to ask for them.

13. You don’t have to be embarrassed.

Not by the job you’re working or the person you’re dating or where you are in life, in relation to the people you graduated college with. Embarrassment is a choice. And the prouder you choose to be of yourself – no matter where you are in life – the further you’re going to go. Confidence is a major predictor of success.

14. Your body is not seventeen anymore.

You can’t exist on a steady diet of beer, burritos and power-naps forever. Your body is starting to change and you have to change to accommodate it if you don’t want to feel just a little bit worn-out for the rest of eternity. Treating your body properly is going to have more of a positive impact on your life in the coming years than you could possibly imagine right now.

15. You’re probably hotter than you think you are.

Something I hear over and over again from middle-aged people is that they can’t believe they ever thought they were unattractive in their early twenties.

We are our own harshest critics at this point in our lives and it’s more likely than not that your most unattractive quality is the lack of confidence you have in your own appearance. Start believing in yourself a little more right now, so you have to kick yourself a little less aggressively later.

16. You aren’t done changing yet, and you probably won’t be for a while.

There are those rare, beautiful moments in our early twenties where it feels like we’ve got it all figured out and we’re entirely out of the woods. But those moments never last for too long. Life is constantly changing – but that’s far from being a bad thing. Your brain is still developing. You are still developing. And the worst thing you can be right now is stagnant.

17. You have to give yourself a break.

At 23, it’s easy to get so caught up in the working and progressing and forming relationships and finding ourselves that we forget to ever take a moment to just breath. To relax. And to take a brief break from frantically dashing toward the future. You still deserve to live and enjoy your life. Your future will come soon enough.

18. Losing friends is a natural consequence of this stage of your life.

Losing touch with your old college roommates or your hometown friends or the loved ones who settled down earlier or later than you did is a natural consequence of growing older. It isn’t solely up to you to keep every friendship you’ve ever had alive – some things fade out naturally, because they should. Because some of the friendships you shared were meant to last a season, not a lifetime, and that’s okay.

19. There will be people you have to leave behind as you grow, and that doesn’t make you a bad person.

Everyone grows up and grows into themselves at different paces. And the older you get, the more you will notice that some people almost deliberately choose to stay stuck or hold themselves back. And it is not your job to rescue these people from themselves. You can love them, you can support them and you can encourage them but at the end of the day you just can’t hold yourself back on their behalf. They have responsibility over their lives and you have responsibility over yours. You are not selfish or horrible to keep moving forward without them.

20. Comparisons are completely senseless, unless you use them as a motivator.

Comparisons are a great thing if you’re using them to motivate yourself to rise up to someone else’s level of greatness. If, however, you’re only using them to beat yourself down, they are the single greatest waste of your time and energy. You are not your friend or your college classmate or your co-worker who just got a raise. You are you. And if you want to rise above the rest, you have to use the skills that are unique to you, rather than pining after what comes naturally to everyone else.

21. Everyone fucks up.

No, seriously. Everyone has made at least one big, huge mistake that they wish they could take back. It’s just that we tend to not talk about our fuck-ups, which creates a culture where everyone believes that they’re the only ones who ever encounters them. Trust me: you’re not alone. We’ve all done some royally screwed-up stuff. And we’ve all survived it. Which means that you’re probably going to as well.

22. Everyone’s terrified.

Nobody really knows what’s coming next. Nobody actually has a foolproof plan. Nobody is 100% sure of how to get where they want in life and nobody has it all figured out.

Even the most confident people are a little bit unsure and a little bit terrified sometimes. Life’s just like that. Uncertainty is a key ingredient to the whole shebang.

23. If you had it all figured out right now, the rest of your life would be boring.

If you had the rest of your life locked and loaded at twenty-three years old, the rest of your life would be a let-down. The ups and downs are just a natural part of what keeps things interesting. And the truth is, now is the best time imaginable to ride out those fluctuations. A period of struggle prepares you for a future of resilience. So struggle away at twenty-three. The future has plenty of time to fall into place.

—  Heidi Priebe

Request: HELLOOOOO I was wondering if you did any tom holland x reader imagines? and if you did can you please make one where the reader is an interviewer and tom and her just kinda lowkey flirt through the whole interview until the end where he kinda asks her out (or any other ending because the asking out is kinda too cliche)

Requested by: anonymous.

A/N: I don’t currently have any previous Tom Holland imagines and he isn’t on my fandom’s list, but I will do this and more Tom Holland requests :) speaking of, I should update my fandom’s list and i’ll make sure to add him. 

Pairing: Tom x Reader

Warnings: flirting?

You’d been looking forward to your interview with the new Spider-Man for days, ever since you’d been told you’d be interviewing him by your boss you’d been ecstatic. You’d loved interviewing in general, being able to discuss one on one with celebrities for their new movies, or new songs, albums, everything. It was exhilarating and you had the chance to speak a little more personally with your idols. Of course, you were a complete professional during the interviews as this was your job. And you took your job very seriously.

But, the only difference this time was Tom Holland was very attractive, and you may or may not have the slightest (or not so slightest) crush on him. So, when you’d been told, you’d been exciting at first, but now sitting on the couch that soon would be where Tom Hollands would sit himself in a few minutes, the anxiousness was starting to flood in. You kept fumbling with your blouse, pushing your skirt down your leg and chewing on your lip with worry.

This was the opposite to your normal ‘professional’ behaviour. Which only made you feel more nervous.

Then the camera man gave you the thumbs up, signaling that Tom would be entering soon. You took a deep breath, standing up and watching the door swing open, Tom Holland stepping through the black stage doors. Your lips twisted into a smile, trying to hide your nerves and be polite. Tom stepped forward, walking up to you and you held out your hand in a polite handshake. He almost immediately accepted your handshake, smiling at you. “Hello, hi.” You greeted politely, nodding his way.

You both sat down on the couch, him immediately positioning himself so he was more comfortable. A tick went off in your head, glad that he was comfortable enough in the room to feel he could be himself. “Hello,” he greeted back, his accent thick. “Thank you for having me.”

“No, thank you for coming.” You laughed lightly, gripping your cards with light force. “It’s a pleasure to have you.” After your comment, you two shared a look, smiling kindly at one another. You couldn’t help but notice his eyes drift a little lower than normal and his body shift so he was facing you a tad bit more than before, his shoulders turned so they were straight in front of you. Coughing lightly, you looked down at your cards briefly. 

“It’s a pleasure being able to come on your show.” He complimented, and you nodded, smiling cheekily his way. 

“I’m a big fan of yours, and I am also very excited to see your new movie, Spider-Man: Homecoming.” You explained, swallowing the lump in your throat as you felt yourself become more relaxed. Slowly the nerves you’d felt previously disappeared and you felt more comfortable in the small space, you even forgot the camera was on yours and Tom’s face as you focused solely on your interview.

“You’re too sweet,” Tom laughed. “Thank you.”

“I’ve just been given some questions,” You started, bringing your cards closed up to your face and licking your lips slowly. You would be lying if you said you hadn’t done the action to gauge Tom’s reaction and you were pleasantly surprised when his eyes found your lips, and he smirked. Looking up into his eyes, you nodded; “I say we just get along then.”

“Sounds perfect, darling.”

“Thinking back over your career to date, what has been your greatest accomplishment as an actor?” You asked, looking up from your cards. Tom paused, thinking over his answer before a grin broke his concentration and he jerked his head back, blowing out air.

“Geez, starting with a hard one.” He commented, shaking his head. If this had been any other time you’re sure you would’ve thought he was being serious and panicked, but the way he laughed lightly after his comment, you knew Tom had done that deliberately. “I’m just kidding. Umm… well, i’ve been in many great movies and I am proud to be in all of them. But Spider-Man has been my hero for as long as I can remember, and being able to become him and work with so many amazing people I would say that is probably my greatest accomplishment. It’s of course, wonderful to be able to talk to wonderful people like yourself.”

Throughout his comment, you’d nodded, showing genuine interest in his answer. Tom’s last statement though, you couldn’t help but be slightly thrown off from it. Quickly recovering, you brushed a strand of loose hair behind your hair, subtly looking up at Tom and nodding one last time. “Hey,” you stated, holding up your hands in fake surrender. “It’s not too bad being able to talk to you.” 

Tom laughed, leaning forward slightly. Looking back down at your cards, you continued to ask question after question. Tom’s answers were composed and interesting and you found yourself loosing track of time easily as you both subtly flirted with each other, growing close with each passing minute. Before you knew it, the forty minute interview was over and you found yourself genuinely disappointed. Figuring Tom would forget about this after he leaves, you pushed yourself slightly back so you could focus on signing off.

“Well thank you Tom.” You smiled, nodding his way, unable to hide the hint of disappointment behind your eyes. “Catch the new Spider-Man: Homecoming on July seventh!” The camera turned off and the camera man gave you another thumbs up, signaling you were off. Your boss congratulated you, shaking Tom’s hand along the way. Standing up along with the actor, you turned to him, reaching your hand for a handshake.

He smiled, accepting the handshake before leaning in further for a hug. You found yourself shocked by Tom’s motives, but nonetheless complied and wrapped your arms around his shoulders lightly. You expected that to be over before you felt his breath on your neck and his words echo softly in your ear; “what do you say we go for a drink after your done, darling?”

You smiled, batting your eyes softly as you pulled back. Smiling at Tom, you nodded, whispering so only he could hear; “i’d love that.”

Good Girl

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Tony x Daughter!Reader

Author: Katy

Word Count: 819

Warnings: some kissing, some unwanted kissing, tried not to make anything too graphic :/

Request: Can I request a dad tony one where his daughter is a total sweetheart so people try to take advantage of her but when a guy from school goes too far and lays a hand on her the wrong way she totally kicks his ass? She may be a sweetheart but she was trained by Natasha

A/N: Aw man, it’s been so long since I’ve written. I’m so sorry for not posting, life has finally almost completely calmed down and I finally found the motivation to write (woohoo!) I know I’m not that great of a writer, but I hope y’all like! 

Y/N had always had that ‘good girl’ vibe. She wore pastel colors and flowy sun dresses. Everyone at school could count on her to be a friend. Her record was clean, and unlike her father, most people seemed to like her. Just given a glance you’d never tell she was a Stark. She was the kind of girl that could do no wrong.

It had been a fairly uneventful day, you were just about to walk into 5th period when someone stopped you.

“Hey, Y/N, we need to talk,” Jace spoke softly.

“Uh, okay. What about?” you were curious what the football captain had on his mind.

“I can’t tell you right here, meet me behind the school after 7th hour?” he had a mischievous glint in his eyes.

“Sounds good,” you swept past him to your next class with a wink. You spent the next few classes wondering what Jace needed to talk about. Did he want to break up? No, no he wouldn’t have looked so… excited? Whatever it was it couldn’t be too bad, right?

The dismissal bell couldn’t come soon enough. The clock on the wall ticked slowly. Finally the minute hand struck its target and the familiar ring excused the class. You hurriedly packed up and shuffled out of class. Hundreds of other students walked past you, many saying a quick farewell to you as they left. You plastered a smile on your face, hoping it would make you feel less nervous. You had always been a fairly outgoing person, but sometimes talking to people got you a little nervous. Especially if that person was your mega-popular boyfriend, Jace Winters, the star player of the football team. You eventually reached the back entrance of the school, where only a few kids left from. You glanced around, hoping to see Jace, but it took you a second to realize he must be around the next corner. You breathed out a sigh of relief.

“There you are, I thought you had decided you had somewhere better to be,” Jace chuckled softly.

“Nope, just couldn’t get through the hallways fast enough,” you smiled, “What did you want to talk about?”

“Oh, well I didn’t have anything I just wanted to get some alone time with you,” he stepped closer to you and held onto your arms carefully.

“I see how it is,” you looked into his bright eyes and leaned in for a kiss. The kiss slowly turned a little wilder. Soon Jace had you pinned softly against the wall and had his hands all over you. You felt a little uncomfortable and tried pulling away.

You attempted to say something, but he pulled you in for another kiss. You definitely did not like this, you needed to get home. A soft shove should have gotten him to stop, maybe he just didn’t notice. Again, you stepped backwards.

“Sorry, Jace, but I should get back home,” you said hoping not to offend him.

“It’s okay, Y/N, it hasn’t even been that long,” he grasped your wrist and yanked you towards him.

“No, Jace, I’m serious.”

“Come on, Y/N don’t be so worried it’s fine,” he tightened his grip on your wrist. That was it, no more warnings. Natasha had taught you some fighting tips, she hoped you could use a few in a bad situation. Looks like now was that time. You yanked your wrist, along with his, up a bit so you had a little more control. You used your other hand you grip his. Rotating your body backwards you snapped his arm downwards. He stumbled and fell to the ground, easily letting you pull your hand away. He groaned from the pain of being thrown to the ground. Usually you practiced that move on a mat, it probably hurt a little worse on concrete, oops.

“We’re over Jace,” you walked away confidently.

Natasha sat in the kitchen of Avengers tower, sipping from a mug, when Y/N arrived home.

“Hey, missy, you’re home a little late,” Nat smirked, hoping to get some juicy details of why. But when she looked up you looked distraught. “Something bothering you?”

“Nat, uh, well… you know Jace?”

“That hottie you’re dating?”

“Not anymore,” you looked down.

“What happened?” Natasha sighed, expecting a horrible story of how he, or maybe you, got dumped.

“Well… he asked me to meet him behind the school and when i got there, we started kissing. It got a little… rough, I guess. I asked him to stop and he didn’t, so I kinda…”

“Taught him a lesson?” Natasha lifted one eyebrow.

“Yeah,” the corners of Nat’s lips lifted and she burst out laughing.

“I’m proud of you.”

“Really?” you really hoped she wasn’t mad.

“Of course, sweetie. You gotta show those boys that they can’t get away with anything. Sometimes a good girl gotta have a little bad in her.”


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More Than Enough (Fic Request)

Tumblr fic request for the beautiful and awesome @buckyoakenshieldxo Thorin x Reader pairing. This is my first reader perspective fic so go easy on me.

You are depressed, feeling unworthy of Thorin’s love and have not yet conceived an heir. 

More Than Enough

You had been married to Thorin now for almost two years, and whilst you smiled every day, wanting to present the facade that you were enjoying your life as his wife and Queen, a gaping hole was still sitting in your gut. The grey clouds of self doubt, sadness and feeling unworthy had descended again. These were the same clouds that had been ever present in your previous life where you had grown up, never feeling good enough for anything and never feeling as though you belonged. Your rational mind kept trying to regain control, telling you that all Thorin had done was make you feel welcome within the kingdom, helping you gain respect from the people of Erebor. And so far it seemed to have been successful. The people loved you, always smiling, bowing as you walked on by, your gowns sweeping past them. The Dwarf children would stand in awe. “Isn’t she beautiful, Mama?” the little ones would say. But you never felt beautiful. You felt as if your very presence in this place was forced. And those little Dwarf children were always a reminder of the disappointment you presented to Thorin: the fact you had not yet conceived an heir for him. It was expected that you as Queen, and he as King, would produce an heir to one day take the throne when Thorin was gone from this world.

The last few days and you had avoided contact with other people, residing in the huge libraries most of the time. Ori had been the only one who you had really spoken to as he had began cataloguing his writings in date order upon the shelves at the rear of the main library. He was proud of his work, having documented the re-taking of Erebor from Smaug and the victory at the Battle of Five Armies. You had seen the librarian shake his head as Ori had entered the huge hall each day, but smiled to yourself seeing him look so happy.

Tonight marked the two year anniversary of the victory at the Battle of Five Armies as it had been Durin’s Day two weeks prior. Everyone had enjoyed much merry making in the grand halls on the east side of the mountain. But you, as usual, had smiled, feeling as though you were breaking inside. Thorin had sat beside you, brushing his hand against your thigh at regular intervals, a constant reminder that he never liked to be away from you for long and just wanted to know you were close. You loved this Dwarf with your whole being, in its entirety, but that hate you had for yourself was pulling hard on your relationship with him. At night when he attempted to make love to you, and you pulled away, you would see the hurt in his eyes. He had only ever questioned it once, and you tried to cover your feelings by lying, telling him that the wound to your stomach that you had sustained in battle two years prior sometimes pained you. The lovemaking between you both had been amazing beyond words during the first few months of your marriage. Now, the pleasure had gradually dripped away, one drop at a time.

You sat in your bedchamber that afternoon, knowing that Thorin was overseeing the signing of new laws being passed. He had been too busy of late, it seemed, to enquire as to your whereabouts. You only saw him at night, and even then you were normally asleep before he returned. All you wanted was to feel whole again, to feel as though you belonged and were worthy of such a beautiful man. King or not, Thorin was the most honourable and loyal of men you had ever met. Everything he put his hand to was for the good of everyone else, never himself. Thorin deserved someone else; he deserved a woman who would give him an heir, who would be the emotional support he needed and be able to fully commit to being a ruler of the kingdom. Instead he had chosen you, and all you felt you were was a burden to him.

Tears slipped down your cheeks as you sat motionless, watching the shadows broaden on the wall. Your whole body felt as if it were void of any energy any motivation to move. All you could do was stare at the wall and let the emptiness consume you.

You had no idea how long you sat there until the wooden door to your chamber creaked open. Quickly you brushed the moisture away from your face with the back of your hand, sniffing away any sign that you had been crying.

Thorin looked at you, questions rising in his eyes and concern mounting on his face. “My love. What is it?” he asked, approaching you. “You think that I have not noticed your distance from me, but every day it has cut me deeper.”

You looked up at him, feeling those words gnaw into your stomach. But as your eyes met, you looked away.

He got down in front of you on his knees, taking your hands in his and then pressing them to his face and kissing them. He kissed across your knuckles and then held your hands against his cheek, closing his eyes as he did so. “How can I take this away from you?” he whispered.

Tears came again, dripping down your face, and then you felt the tightness in your chest. The breath escaped you in short bursts, becoming painful. “I don’t deserve you. You should look for someone who can be what you need and give you a child.” Uttering those words felt as if the whole world had crashed down onto your chest and stomach.

“I want my wife,” Thorin wept, his voice breaking. “I want our life together and our love as it once was. I do not base your value on whether you can conceive or not.” He looked up at you, his face a sign of his brokenness. Thorin placed his head in your lap. “You are worth everything I could ever give or do.”

You brushed your hands through his hair, cradling his head. “I love you, Thorin. But I don’t deserve this life. I don’t deserve anything. I’ll never be enough”

Thorin lifted his head and then took your hands in his. “You are more than enough for me. You are my One.” He kept his eyes on yours as he spoke and then he brushed his right hand against the braid in your hair. “Do you remember when I gave you this?”

“Yes,” you whispered, mentally recalling the day you pledged yourself to him and he you.

“I walked out of this mountain, preparing for war against Azog, and you had followed me through a great trial. The sickness made me speak words I will always regret, but never once did you walk away from me. Never once did you doubt me. And it was in those moments when I re-gained clarity of thought from the sickness that I knew you were my One. I had loved you for some time, but it was in those dark days that you proved to me your worthiness as a Queen, and your loyalty to me. Let me be with you through this trial of yours. If anyone is undeserving, it is me of you. Do you trust me?”

“With every breath, Thorin, you know I do,” you replied.

“Then trust my pledge to you. Trust that every word I speak is truth and that my heart will always be yours. Whatever you need, I will do everything in my power to see it given to you. But please know that you are more than enough for me. I just want you beside me and to give yourself to me freely as you once did.”

Hearing the words coming from him and to see him so broken because of your grief, all of it made something break inside. A locked chest had sprung open, releasing the emotions you had concealed now for months. You leaned down to him, kissing him. And for the first time in many weeks, you felt a shiver of pleasure race down your spine.

The Liking Game

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Jackson

Genre: Fluff / Angst

Prompt: “Life is a highway, and I’m always drunk. So I’m not driving.”

Rating: PG-13 (college partying, drinking)

Word Count: 2,023

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Nct 127+Ten's reaction to their s/o feeling insecure

Request: I was wondering if I could request a nct u + nct 127 reaction to their girlfriend suffering from insecurities?

A/N: okay let’s be honest here,, we’re all at least insecure about something about ourselves right?? so i decided to write this; hope any one of you will feel better after reading this ily but then again i have like a confidence level of -293993 i need to be less insecure



He wouldn’t know what to say or do at first, only giving you an assuring smile and holding you in his arms. But as soon as you starting pouring out your true feelings and thoughts about your insecurities, he’d shower you with compliments and probably sing for you too, which makes you feel better all the time.

“You’re wonderful the way you are and i love that”

“but i’m not happy and i just feel so..?”

“i’m here to make you happy and tell you that you deserve all the love, don’t think otherwise”

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You’re dating such a positive person, he never fails to tell you the words you need to hear the most. He’d be very understanding, and be really affectionate towards you, mainly because he feels bad that he can’t help you feel better. But because of his encouraging words and support, you eventually learn to gain more confidence, and Johnny’s proud of you.

“you’re beautiful like always”

“you see this smile on my face? it’s all thanks to you”

“come here babe, let me give you a hug”

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Really understanding and becomes really soft towards you. His tone instantly becomes more gentle, and his words and actions towards you are all really delicate, because he doesn’t want to say or do anything that may cause you to be more insecure. But at the same time, he never fails to say sweet words to you, and reminds you how much he loves you.

“taeyong i just feel so.. unappreciated? like i’m not good enough”

“you’re more than enough for me”

“and there’s nothing more i can ask from you, to see you happy and confident with yourself”

“because baby you deserve it”

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Turns really soft and affectionate too, and literally worships you like a queen. In his eyes you mean everything to him and your flaws are even perfect to him- he loves you that much. He shows his love through actions and affection, which is why he has his arms and hands on you all the time, and gives you kisses and pecks, which make you feel loved and appreciated.

“my queen’s looking extremely gorgeous today”

“babe i’m not, i look really bad-”

“ *hugs you* in my eyes you’re always gorgeous anyways”

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Becomes your number one encourager and motivational speaker, and is always there to help you out, be it giving advice or simply just showering you with sweet and supporting words. He’d do anything just to see you feel a little confident of yourself, and is always there to remind you that he loves you.

“daily reminder from your bunny here that you’re doing great and i love you”

“i’m proud of you”

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Upset with himself because he isn’t able to help you, and as a boyfriend, he feels that he has the responsibility to always encourage you. Which is why he’s there to cheer you on/up like a small child, giving small cheers and doing cute little dances, which always help to make you feel better because it’s too adorable. But also, he jokes around with you a lot, and because of that his positivity eventually gets to you.

“you look great!!”

“honestly you could go out of the house right now and so many people would stare because you’re that beautiful”

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A mixture of Johnny and Yuta, sometimes he doesn’t know how to put his thoughts to words, so he ends up cuddling you and showering you with kisses. Other times, he tells and assures you with words you need to hear the most, and he’s also such a positive person his giggles and laugh could make you feel better honestly.

“i’m thankful you’re here with me”

“i love you so much”

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Like Taeil, he wouldn’t know what to do at all, and is confused as to why you were insecure. But he doesn’t say anything at all and just gives you an encouraging and assuring smile, which helps you feel better anyways. He also shows a lot of affection, mainly backhugs and small little cuddles. Also loves rubbing your noses together, which always leaves you in a big blushing mess, but you’re feeling better anyways.

“princess, you’re really beautiful”

“babe i can’t help but think i’m not”

“trust me, you are”

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He wouldn’t understand why you were insecure at first, mainly because in his eyes, you were perfect. Gets all flustered and clueless because he doesn’t know what to do and how to make you feel better. But still, he shows you his encouragement and support, and expresses his love and concern for you through the songs and raps he writes almost everyday. Loves giving you small hugs to make you feel better and if he needs to, gives you small pecks on the cheek too.

“you’re always wonderful!!”

“in my eyes you’re already perfection”

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Becomes really soft and sensitive when it comes to you, and tries his best not to tease you too much or say anything that may hurt your feelings or make you feel worst. Gives you cute little nicknames that only he can call you, and becomes really affectionate around you. Hugs and pecks everywhere!! And he’d do anything to make you smile.

“you know something babe?”

“yes hyuck?”

“you’re really beautiful and I love you”

“also do remember that in my whole lifetime i only and will only say that to you”

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Back Where I Belong - Chris Evans

request: Can you do an imagine where the reader and Chris are dating and she meets him at the airport after he’s been away filming for months?

people: Chris - Reader (You) 

warnings: FluFFY 

word count: 1000+

a/n: This is a request that someone asked so long ago, I’m so sorry I neglected your request, anonymous person! Thank you for this lovely idea, though, I’ve had this tucked away for so long.

“These seats are hurting my ass. God, now I know why airport seating is so fuckin’ painful, they want you to be motivated so you haul ass to get to the plane,”

I stopped to laugh at my joke, chuckling loudly enough to awaken the elderly lady next to me who was waiting for something she was not willing to talk about.

“Would you, for the millionth time, shut up! It’s three in the morning!” Across from me was this bitchy woman around my age, most likely a lot older. She had this weird orange hair, that I knew was dyed but she still had ginger-like looks to her face. She had the whole nine yards of freckles, ginger-tinted brows, and even wore green just to brighten her orange complexion.

“No! It’s three in the morning and I’m here because I’ve got someone to pick up that I’ve been waiting for. For four months!”

The Irish-wannabe looked at me and smirked, giggling to herself like I wasn’t ten feet away from her. “Who are you picking up? Your boyfriend you ordered off some sex website?”

Jesus, when will Flight 4301 land, dammit! I don’t have time for this!

Smiling sweetly, I got up and grabbed my bag along with my third cup of Starbuck’s black coffee. “Yes, you got me Lucky Charms, I ordered a sex companion. His name is Julio and we’re gonna get married in Vegas. Good day.”

Ginger-snap wasn’t fast enough to shut her wide opened trap that had fallen when I was quick to reply to her. Walking off I went to sit at another set of empty seats, hopefully not causing controversy with whoever lands up near me.

Chrispy Creme:  I land at BOS @ 4:45 baby! Sorry it’s so early :/ I love you xxx

It was two to forty-five and no signs of his flight were announced. Deciding to let it be, I plugged in my earphones and brought up my Itunes, clicking on a much-needed song right now, one that would ease the ache of Chris’s arm not being wrapped around my waist right now. It would numb my lips that could almost feel the pressure of lips on mine.

Humming along to the beat of Alicia Key’s ‘If I Ain’t Got You’ I closed my eyes that burned with lack of sleep. I hadn’t even slept all night because I got too excited about Chris finally coming back home. So I made myself an espresso and watched musicals that would make me stay awake because I could never sit through one without getting up and dancing to the beat of the melody or singing along with the cast. I was hitting my breaking point, though, my head throbbed, and my ass still ached, my eyes were burning with tears now, from sleep-induced stress. I felt my chin waiver as I silently prayed for Chris to just get here soon, I was waiting for him, Dodger was waiting for him. Then tonight there’d be a huge surprise party for him courtesy of Lisa, Carly, Shauna, and I. My fingers roughly rubbed my sunken eyes, I cannot fall asleep! No Sleep, no sleep, no sleep-

“Flights 4305, 4308, and 4301 have arrived. The gates are open for you to pick up your guest, thank you for choosing Boston’s Logan Airport. Have a nice day!” With that I grabbed my bag and abandoned my coffee, running to the sea of people who seem to have magically just appeared out of nowhere.

Now, I’m not the tallest bean in the stock so my only resort of finding Chris was jumping up and trying to get a glance of a NASA Cap, some blonde hair with ashes of brown in it, or those blue eyes that we’re quite hard not to miss.

After my twelfth jump with no such luck of a glimpse of him, I gave up on that plan and went with sour plan b. “Humph..Ugh! Fine, people. I’ll go to the back you asswipes.”

Leaving the crowd I went to the terminal area, watching the people pass by with their collected loved ones as I stared at them angrily, pissed that I wasn’t one of the lucky ones. I didn’t lose hope, though, I waited for a good twenty minutes before finally, I caught sight of a very familiar looking button down.

I don’t know whether it was the possible dangerous amount of coffee in me or just the adrenaline of seeing him again but I bolted down the hall.

“Chris!” I yelled just in time to have him catch me in his arms, wounding me tightly around his hips. I was a koala bear that refused to let go of him. The numbness of my subsided when he kissed me fervently, almost clawing at my hair with a desperation to be closer to me, than he already was. we already were.

Pulling back just enough to let himself whisper breathlessly to me, I couldn’t help but kiss away the tear that leaked from his glassy eyes. “You..have no idea…how long… I’ve waited for this.” Beaming with a smile that hurt my cheeks I laughed sneaked a kiss from him again.

“Oh love, you have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for you… but… now that I have you back-”

“Oh I’m never fuckin’ leaving again, that’s for sure.” Both of us burst out laughing at Chris’s words.

I let my feet hit the ground and soon we became just another couple walking out of the terminal, smiling with each other’s arm wrapped around their waist. We looked so ordinary, so normal. No one asked Chris for a photo or even a question. They just smiled as we passed, on our way to my car in the parking lot.

I felt Chris let out a sigh of relief, feeling his fingers dig into my hip a bit, as we walked out of the airport. “It feels good to be back home…”

“It feels good to just have you here…” Chris smiled down at me when I softly answered back to him. 

I stole another glance at him again, just wanting to see that face once more. Letting it sink in that he was actually finally here. Finally in bed with me at night, eating my terrible made up foods, and listening to my awful karaoke. I let a few tears fall to the earth, not caring if my mascara made me a raccoon or not. 

All that mattered was he was here with me. His burly arm around my lower waist, cuddling into me like no time had placed since he’d last held me like this. 

“I can’t believe I went so long without seeing your face, Y/N. God, it hurt sometimes just to think of seeing you on skype at night because I couldn’t reach in and just grasp your hand,” His arm left my waist and he took my left hand into his right, interlocking our fingers. “Or just see your eyes in the real sunlight… I don’t know how you summoned the strength because I sure as hell was caving in on week three…” 

Giving only a smile, sincere smile, I kept his hand clasped with my own, holding his palm just a bit tighter to mine as I felt my throat tighten with a sob I refused to release. “Oh love,” I replied. Staring at his beautiful face while Chris looked at the sun rays starting to beam their light down on us, letting the skies lighten with a blue color so beautiful it lifted his spirits even higher. 

Just looking at his widening eyes, and dopey smile and felt a sob and chuckle come out at once. God, I’m in love with this man…How did I get through these months away from him? Lord knows it was spent sometimes with my face in a pillow or my body tucked under the sheets all day… all of it, though, I’d do again and again just to be able to hold that face…

How hard was it to be away from you, Chris? 

 Love, you have no idea.

Tell me your thoughts! I wrote this on a whim so constructive criticism is always welcomed haha! - R .xx 

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can’t wait to hear you scream

in which nico and will watch a scary movie. kind of.

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Nico had believed Will when he’d said that he’d hated horror movies.

The thing was, he apparently didn’t grasp how much Nico hated horror movies.

“Do you wanna turn it off?” Nico asks, cautiously, because they’re sitting in his home living room, and while Nico is sitting cross-legged on the floor, elbow deep in a bowl of salted popcorn, Will is currently lying on the sofa.

Not only lying on the sofa, but buried in blankets. Most of them have been removed from his actual body and instead are just covering his face.

“No,” Will says, voice muffled. “I’m good.”

Nico raises his eyebrow. On the screen, some horrible horror slasher move happens. Nico isn’t really paying attention, but he’s pretty sure that there is blood spraying everywhere. Some teenager screams.

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Our Little Secret - Finn Balor Imagine/ One Shot

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As Finn got ready for the night in the hotel room You watched him from the bed not wanting to come out from under the blankets, you had been married for 3 years now and you still never understood why he liked getting to the arena so early every time, Your call time as a backstage announcer was usually later than his and you pushed it as close to that time as possible every time
“White or black?” He asked holding up the two shirt options that he had pulled out of his bag
“Black” You said quickly, he looked good in anything but there was something about him wearing black on black
“What time are you getting there?” He asked as he finished putting the rest of his things back in his bag
“Before it starts” I said simply and he laughed
“Well..” He said before hovering over me and kissing me “As long as you’re there when I have my segment” He said and I nodded
“Wouldn’t miss it” I said and he smiled before kissing me once more “And you have to keep your promise to me..” I said and he smiled
“I promise.. I won’t get hurt..That was too much time off” He said
“You have to admit though it was pretty fun to be able to do whatever we wanted for a change” I said
“It was fun for you. I don’t know how much fun I had being drug all around between hair appointments and nail appointments and lunch dates with your friends” He said sarcastically and I rolled my eyes
“You know you loved it..” I said and he shook his head
“I could have dealt without the constant ridicule from your friends over everything” He said
“They love you.. They just want to make sure you treat me right” I said defending my best friends
“2 years of dating and 3 years of marriage.. I think I’m doing okay..” He said with a smirk
“Just a little..” I said and he smiled before bending down and kissing me once more before heading towards the door
“Love you!” I said
“Love you..” He said simply
“Be careful!” I yelled as he walked out the door
“Always” He said as the door shut

As I got to the arena later that day I met up with two of my closest friends on the road, Liv and Becky.. We had met a few years ago and all three of us instantly clicked with one another, we were practically inseparable when we were on the road
“When is Finn’s segment?” Liv asked as we sat in catering watching a monitor
“Anytime..” I said
“How’s the moving process going?” Becky asked
“Good.. We’re almost all done” I said, we had been moving over the past week and we’ve moved out of our tiny little apartment in Orlando to a beautiful home in Houston that had land and privacy
“I can’t wait to see it..” Liv said and I smiled before someone caught my eye and I smiled at Finn as he walked past waving slightly before disappearing
“You two are too cute..” Becky said “It’s gross..” she said and Liv and I laughed, Becky was the one to introduce Finn and I to one another so technically all of the cuteness she was so disgusted by was her fault

We watched intently has the segment with the Miz went on, It was perfectly fine until the one question was asked that I knew would be asked but I had never actually heard his answer to it yet
“What’s Next?” Miz asked simply
“I’m gonna get my title back” Finn said without hesitation
“Is he insane?” Liv asked me and I shook my head
“He’ll get slaughtered!” Becky said agreeing with her and she looked at me “Say something!” she said to me
“What do you want me to say? No? He can’t go after what he never truly lost? That’s really supportive” I said
“So you’d much rather watch him get injured again but this time maybe for good?” She asked as we turned our attention away from the segment
“I can’t tell him no..” I said
“Well I can!” Becky said standing up and walking towards gorilla with a purpose and Liv and I followed quickly behind her

Once Finn made his way back through the curtain he was met by a very irate Becky as Liv and I stood in the corner waiting for the altercation, She didn’t even give him time to get both feet through the curtain before she started
“Are you absolutely insane?!?” She yelled and Finn looked at me and I shrugged my shoulders “This is Brock Lesnar We’re talking about! The dude that beat the undertaker! The former UFC heavyweight champion! Do you have any idea what You’re getting yourself into? You can kiss your career goodbye, hell you can even kiss you personal life goodbye cause he could very well kill you!” Becky yelled before I stepped up
“Enough!” I yelled over her as I wrapped my arms around my husbands torso
“Seriously! You’re just gonna let him do it?” She asked
“Like I said! Whatever he wants to do I’m here to fully support him 100% That’s what marriage is! We support each other in the good time and the bad and during the good decisions and the stupid ones” I said looking up at him at the last part  and he smiled slightly at me kissing my head as Becky turned around to look at Liv and the two began conversing with one another
“I just have one question for you and I will drop it..” I said and he raised his eyebrows at me indicating for me to continue “Are you sure you want to do this? Especially right now?” I asked him
“I’m 100% sure.. I’m more motivated than ever now” He said and I nodded as he kissed my forehead “Now I have a question for you..” He said
“What’s that?” I asked
“When are we gonna let everybody in on our little secret?” He asked and I smiled at him before looking around to make sure nobody was watching us
“Soon..” I said “There’s only so long I can wear your shirts and tie them back to fit before people begin to catch on, I don’t think I’m gonna be able to hide it much longer..” I said pulling the shirt closer to my frame to reveal the tiny bump that was now beginning to form and he smiled at me before pulling my face to his and kissing me gently  


Imagine Claire and Jamie (unlucky in love) met while speed dating and clicked instantly.




Some sort of amalgamation of grey, blue and green.


A whole host of them flashed before her, the memory of them blurring almost immediately as the next guy pulled out the chair and sat in front of her.

Speed dating.

It was hideous and boring but she’d promised her friend, Geillis, so here she was. At the thought of her meddlesome companion she internally rolled her eyes and re-focused on the man in front of her.

“So, what’s your name, pretty lady?” The lightly-bearded gentleman cooed as he reached for her hand. Four minutes was all they had, and thank goodness for that. *Pretty lady*? Who said shit like that these days?

Claire looked up and blinked coquettishly. If he was going to resort to antiquated phraseology to *woo* her, she’d return the sentiment tenfold.

“Claire, Claire Beauchamp. And you?”

The only thing that was missing from this whole futile interaction was a muted sepia tone and some cigarettes.

Ignoring the listlessness of her tone, her companion winked like some sideshow comedian and licked his lips.

Claire withheld the shudder and looked at the clock. Only a minute to go. She could do this. One minute and then only another candidate and she’d be home with her television and a very large glass of wine…alone.

“I’m Tom, Tom Christie. What do you–”

The buzzer sounded and not a moment too soon as Tim…or Tom, whoever he was, stood and offered his hand to Claire.

“Nice to chat to you, Claire, maybe we’ll meet again soon?”

Choosing civility over hostility, Claire stood and took his sweaty palm before nodding -she left his open ended question hang in the air though, not wanting to have to disappoint him whilst she was in such an awful mood.

And with that her penultimate suitor faded into the massing crowd of men that were deciphering where to go next.

Having opted to drive - the safest way to ensure a quick getaway at the end of the evening - Claire hadn’t had anything alcoholic to drink, only a large glass of water to tide her over but with all of the cheesy chat-up lines rolling around her head she’d begun to wish that she’d ditched the car in favour of the booze. Sighing, she scratched the back of her neck as she awaited her final guest.

It seemed to take an awfully long time for the room to settle, so long that she almost hoped that it was done and over and there wasn’t another man destined to sit at her table and discuss inane tosh. But just as the hope had arisen it was quashed by the arrival of her final four minute date.

“I’m sae sorry, lass…” the mystery man panted, his hands running nervously though his longer than average hair as he pulled the chair aside and sat down. “I had a de’il of a time getting through.”

“T-that’s alright,” Claire returned, momentarily befuddled by the bright red hair and the vibrant blue eyes of her guest, “I’m Claire, who are you?”

Geillis sat on the other side of the bar with a large smile plastered on her face. She knew Claire probably wouldn’t take to most of the men here, but she understood her friend’s motivations better than Claire herself.

True to his word, Jamie had been late *and* had found it difficult to shimmy through the crowds, but he hadn’t actually been there before now. Geillis and Jamie had met years before, when Claire was still dating that boring dolt, Frank. She’d seen instantly how Jamie and Claire would be perfect for one another, but whilst Claire was still inextricably tied to another she couldn’t conceivably link the pair up on a hot date.

Instead she had played the waiting game, knowing it was futile. Claire and Jamie would be together, she could just sense it.

She watched for a minute longer and Claire dipped her head and laughed, the telltale blush coating her cheeks as Jamie captivated her in record breaking time.

“You get her, Jamie lad.” Geiliis whispered into her large glass of rose, “get her good.”

Before she’d even blinked the timer rang out for the end and Claire slunk back in her seat.

Jamie was…interesting. It had shocked her, and instead of backing away she found herself leaning into him as he spoke.

“Look, Claire,” Jamie said, tapping his fingers nervously against the heavily marked desk, “I ken we’ve no’ had long to chat. But would you like to continue. We could stay here…or go somewhere else?”

Claire’s heart missed a beat and she hiccuped over the rim of her glass as she took another sip of water. She wanted to, badly. But something was chewing at her and she wasn’t sure whether to accept or not.

“No pressure,” he continued, seeing the indecision in her eyes.

“Okay,” she decided with one meaningful glance at Geillis, who’d been propping the bar up all night. Her friend definitely had something to do with this. “But not here,” she continued, noticing some of the creepier guys as they hovered around waiting for the waifs and strays of the evening to pick them up in the aftermath.

“Aye, I agree.”

Out in the cool Glaswegian night, Claire and Jamie walked side by side letting the cold air surround them as they walked further and further from merchant city. The bars, restaurants and general hum of central Glasgow began to fade as they walked quietly onwards.

“Did Gellie set this up?” Claire finally chirped, her voice much more stable than her emotions. “You can be honest, don’t worry.” She smiled up at him as their brisk walk slowed a little the closer they came to Kelvingrove.

Jamie laughed, a small thing that barely registered but Claire could see the gentle shudder of his chest and the subtle twitch of his lips.

“She might have had something to do wi’ it, aye.”

“How long has she been plotting this?”

Claire wasn’t wasting any time. She knew Geillis and she knew that her friend had been containing something even before she’d separated from Frank.

“Weel…” suddenly Jamie felt very coy, but since Claire was being so direct with him, he could see no way other than honesty. “A while. She spoke to me of you maybe a year back. I didna think she was serious, o’ course. And then nothing came of it, so I didna mention it again.”

“Until now?”

“Aye.” His voice was deeper now, the intonation of the single word sending shivers down Claire’s spine. Fortunately the wind was high enough for her to pass it off as the cold.

“She mentioned…in passing…that ye might be here tonight and I was suitably intrigued that I didna think it would do any harm.”

“Are you lonely, Jamie?” Claire asked, with one lift of her left eyebrow.

“Are you, Claire?” He returned, nudging her shoulder with his own as they perched on a bench overlooking the still waters of the river Kelvin. Glasgow lit up was the most amazing sight, the university in the background almost glowed on the horizon.

“Nice return, Mr…”

“Fraser, it’s James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie…Fraser.”

“Quite the mouthful,” Claire chuckled, her fingers coming into contact with Jamie’s as she turned a little, watching his profile as he took in the twinkling lights of the buildings beyond. “I only have one middle name; but then again, I’m not greedy.”

Jamie laughed, the deep baritone of it reverberating through the cheap wood that supported them. “Blame my sentimental parents for wanting to keep all of the family names on the go, aye?”

“I’m sorry,” Claire said, her walls slowly crumbling under Jamie’s gentle handling. “I don’t mean to be so …irascible.”

“Dinna werrit…you arena ir- irass–”

Claire snorted, holding her hand to her mouth as she tried not to giggle at his mispronunciation of her choice of words. “Irascible. Bad-tempered or foul.”

“Ha. I ken what it means, lass. I just canna say it.” Jamie winked leaning back on the bench now as his arm came up and settled loosely behind Claire’s back. “But you arena any of those things. I like your humour. Putting the ‘sass’ in ‘sassenach’, aye?”

Letting her head loll backwards, Claire couldn’t contain her laughter anymore as she let her mouth fall open and her head hit Jamie’s warm arm. “Sassy, am I?”

“That’s one word for it, aye. But I like you fine, Claire.”

Ordinarily such a statement would have grated on her, but with Jamie, Claire felt some sort of kinship which kept her from rolling her eyes and cutting their extended date short.


She’d been called much worse by less good looking people.

Sassy, she could cope with.

As for his bold choice of words in regards to his assessment of her, something warm was glowing inside her, a distinctly feminine heat that she rarely felt. A feeling that Frank had never elicited from her and she found that she was…glad…that he liked her.  

“Well, Jamie,” Claire said, a slight happy lilt to her tone, “ I like *ye* just fine too.”

As the frigid evening air began to cut through them, Claire stood and offered Jamie her hand bypassing the opportunity for Jamie to do it. “Shall we?” She led with the quirk of an eyebrow.

“Did ye have something in mind, Mistress?” he returned, taking her soft hand and standing by her side with a miniature bow as he stood.

“I think we probably should give Geillie her money’s worth, don’t you think Jamie? Since she’s been orchestrating this for *such a long time*.”

Suitably intrigued, Jamie chuckled and followed as Claire began ambling towards the exit to the park. It wasn’t far to her place from Kelvingrove and the homely light of her apartment made her quicken her steps. The thrill of bringing Jamie back with her made the excitement bubble just beneath her skin.

“Your place?” Jamie questioned, nerves fluttering in his belly as he watched Claire reach for her keys.

“I don’t think there are any bars left open now, Jamie,” she said, fumbling through her large tote in search of her ring of keys, “so if you fancy a nightcap, then…yes?” She posed it as a question, worried just for a second that he might think her too forward but as soon as she’d said it she squashed those insecurities. If he didn’t want to join her, she’d continue alone.

“Ach,” he replied, making a distinctly Scottish noise as he looked behind him down the deserted road, “it would be my pleasure.”

Her flat was toasty as she closed the door solidly behind him. Grabbing two tumblers from the sideboard she turned and looked at him with one eyebrow cocked, holding the glasses aloft and clinking them together. “Whisky? Or is that a silly question?”

Jamie sat cross legged on the sofa, his whisky balanced carefully on his knees as he watched Claire lighting candles in her small lounge. “Ye told me you were a doctor, Claire. But do you have a specialty?” Not wanting the silence to stretch on he tilted his head to the side as he asked the question. He was captivated by her. The woman who’d spent mere hours with him and yet wanted to bring him into her home. Although it had a strange one-night-stand feel about the whole affair, it didn’t bother him as much as it probably should have.

“I’m a surgeon by trade. I wanted to work in A&E, that was always where I wanted to end up - so it came down to a choice really. I’ve always been hands on, so my mentor suggested the path that involved less diagnosis and more…cutting and investigating.” Smiling, she blew out the lit match, her lips pursing in the most glorious way.

“It sounds like a noble profession. My mother is a nurse so I ken how difficult it can be in a hospital. Especially with the hours.”

“Noble,” Claire whispered, perching on the single seat next to the sofa where Jamie sat. “I’ve been told that a lot, but I’m mostly selfish. I always did the things I wanted to do.”

“We’re all selfish, Claire. Nay doubt about that.”

Nodding, Claire swilled the amber liquid around her mouth and swallowed. “So, farming,” she stated, bringing up his career to end the conversation about her own. “What made you choose that?”

“It’s a family enterprise really. My da and my grandda were both farmers. It was just passed down, really.”

“Didn’t you ever want to do anything else?”

“No,” Jamie answered simply, his eyes alight with joy as he licked his lips. “I didna. I love the farm, I love working the land and I’d hate to have to work indoors again now. I’m used to the freedom.”

Claire brushed the hair from her eyes as she finally toed off her shoes. “So that’s how you know Geillie, then? Through the business?”

“Aye, she’s my accountant…as she was my father’s before that.”

Quiet filled the room once more as they each downed their drinks. Jamie’s heart began to race as he watched the light reflecting in Claire’s eyes. She looked seductive, the silk of her top rippling almost like water in a burn as is slid against her milky skin.

“I think it’s time for me to go,” he said, his heart sinking at the prospect of leaving her, but knowing that it was late and awfully presumptuous that he might be asked to stay.

Claire nodded, her lips twitching into an almost lascivious smile as she made to stand. He was right, of course. It was after midnight, but the part of her that relied heavily on her instincts rebelled. She hadn’t invited him inside to have one drink and leave. Pushing herself out of the comfy chair, she walked slowly over to Jamie and took his glass from him - purposefully running her pinkie finger against his large digits.

Jamie shuddered, her touch causing his fingers to twitch in midair.

“Do you want to leave, Jamie?” She whispered; her head dipped, her eyes focused directly on him.

Her cheeks were pinked, the muted rouge spreading down and along her neck as she stood in front of him, her hands clasped tight around the empty tumblers as she awaited his response.

Negating to answer, he stood, shifted his head to the side and nudged his nose against her - offering his lips up to her. Jamie wanted to kiss her, but since she’d been making the moves, he decided to leave the control with her. He quite liked her gumption.

“Me either,” she sighed, interpreting his actions for herself.

Her kiss was intense to say the least. He could still taste the Talisker on her tongue as she guided him soundlessly towards her bedroom. Jamie was so incapacitated by her caress that he barely registered the move, it was only the sense of darkness surrounding them that brought him to his senses.

Claire took advantage of the situation, peeling the shirt from her shoulders and dropping it on the floor by her feet.

Jamie was stunned, his irises large as saucers as he blinked in the dim light of the master bedroom. “Christ yer beautiful, Claire,” he gasped, the air suddenly dissipating from his lungs as if she’d drawn it directly from his chest.

Claire exhaled, her fingers toying with Jamie’s belt. She knew how to act, but she didn’t know what to say to return the sentiment. In lieu of words, she stuck to actions. Jamie’s belt dropped to the floor with a clatter to join Claire’s top before he could even move an inch.

“Are ye sure?”

“Yes,” she replied instantly, fusing her mouth to his as she continued to undress him.

In no time at all she had him naked. Jamie didn’t protest. It had been so long for him, it wasn’t that he’d abstained - just that he’d not met anyone who’d driven him to want. But Claire had. Mere moments after he’d met her he’d known that Geillis was right.

Claire hadn’t been with a man since Frank, and she hadn’t anticipated the mounting feel of desire that had sparked upon meeting Jamie. What she did know, though, was that she wasn’t willing to stop. She didn’t care about the implications or what may or may not happen in the aftermath. She wanted him, and since he was equally partial to their union, she was *going* to have him…