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Are you nervous, baby boy?

word count: 662
genre: smut(ish)
writer: Sofia


— See, I’m the master of self control. There’s literally nothing you can do to make me lose control.
—  Is that so? - she jumped on his back, wrapping her arms around him and putting her legs around his waist.
— Are you a koala now? - he provoked. She just messed his hair. He didn’t even flinch.
She climbed down and stopped in front of him, slowly closing the space between them. His face just a few centimeters away. She could feel his calm breath, and it made her even more mad. She then proceed to pinch his forehead a few times, which had no effect on him.

— Ok, let’s play a game - Y/N suggested with a smile. He quirked his eyebrows. — It’s called “are you nervous?”. Basically I’m going to annoy the fuck out of you and keep asking if you’re nervous until you say yes.
— That’s stupid. - that didn’t stop him from smiling.
— Oh, are you nervous? - she smiled.
— No. - blank face. She got closer and put a hand on his waist.
— Are you nervous?
— No.

She pushed his shirt up a bit and put her hand close to the band of his jeans.
— Are you nervous?
— No, Y/N.
She decided to appeal. She took a step back and took off her shirt, showing off her pastel pink laced bra. His eyes ran over her, and she almost regretted doing it, seeing how he was devouring her with his gaze.
— Are you nervous?
— No, I’m not nervous. It’s just a piece of fabric. - he crossed his arms.
— What if I take off this piece of fabric? - she threatened to take it off by putting her hands behind her back, but Pietro took a rushed step, closing the small gap between their bodies. — Oh, would that make you nervous?
— No, I just don’t want you to embarass yourself even more.
— You’re a prick, you know that, right?
— Is the miss nervous? - he grinned.
— Yah! I’m the one asking the questions here!
— Ah… so you are nervous. What can I do? I’m just awesome. Pietro Maximoff genius, simple and plain like th- his bluff was called out when Y/N pushed him on the couch.
— Are you nervous, baby boy?
— N-no
She climbed on the couch, straddling him.
— Hm, are you nervous?
— Y/N…
— Are. you. nervous? - she said while trailing her fingers down his neck.
— No…

And then she sat on his lap violently, making Pietro groan and close his eyes. She laughed, while Pietro looked away, refusing to lose the game.
— You’re definetely nervous, aren’t you?
— No, I’m.. - she grabbed his face, making him look at her in the eyes. That’s when she felt it. Pietro noticed and decided to torture her by moving his hips slowly, making his bulge align with her core. A soft moan escaped Y/N’s lips, and Pietro smirked.
— Are you nervous, Y/N?
— No, but you’ll be - she said while kneeling in front of him, putting her hands on the ziper of his jeans.

They heard familiar voices as the door was unlocked. Y/N quickly got up, putting her shirt back and walking away. Instead of helping her, Pietro quickly (literally) got up, pretending everything was fine and he didn’t have a huge boner.
— Hey, you’re both here! - Steve greeted them.
— No! - she turned around, shouting. —  There’s no one here! - there was an awkward silence as she walked fast to her room.
— What was that? - Wanda asked Pietro. — What did you do to make her that nervous?
— Don’t you say that word ever again! - Pietro ran to the bathroom, completely confused and horny. “She’s going to be the death of me…” he thought while turning on the shower.

Someone to Love (part five)

Pairing: Bucky x pregnant!reader

Words: 1300+

Warnings: swearing, reader being a lil of a bitch?

A/N: Sorry for taking forever, as always. I don’t even know anymore. Also, let’s see if you can find the reference in this chapterrrr. As always, tags are open , ask in the box, though, not in the comments. Please.

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Time seemed to slow down as Bucky moved his lips against yours and fireworks were felt instead of the usual beat of your heart.

You were a bit shocked at first – stunned, really – but as soon as you understood what was happening, your body gained control over the situation: hands circled his neck, only to find your fingers tangled in his chocolate-y hair, lips moving like both of your lives depended on it, your body getting clooser to him. You were breaking free of the pain Tyler caused you, you were soaring, you were flying.

And Bucky, oh Bucky. He felt so amazing; he was being so passionate, holding you so tightly, as if he feared that you could disappear…

As soon as it started, it was over. James had barely pulled back, every exhale of his becoming oxygen for you, and his forehead was leaning on yours, blue eyes hidden behind his lids, as if he were still processing what had just happened. And you would be a liar if you didn’t admit that you were trying to do the same.

Then, you raised your right hand to rest it on his left cheek, only to start talking, barely in a whisper: “Bucky, why did you do that?”.

He had opened his eyes by then and he felt like the dumbest man on the whole planet. And, maybe, he said something that might make you think the same: “Listen, (Y/N), I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to do that, I was trying to make you stop rambling and that seemed like the only good option at the moment, so, forget this. I’m sorry”.

He might as well have punched you on the nose, like he did with Tyler a few hours earlier, it would have been less painful. In fact, for that lapse of time during which you found yourself kissing the man you were irredeemably falling in love with – yes, beacuse you were falling in love and it was undeniable – you had hoped that Bucky had felt the same emotions you did and this, what James had just said to you, basically shattered your heart in a million pieces.

But you couldn’t say anything other than: “That was stupid of you, really,” You were honestly seething with anger, as if the day hadn’t been already too hard on you, “You can’t just go around kissing people. Couldn’t you have just called my name like any other normal person woud have done?” Your chest was heaving and your face was red, not only because of rage, but also because you felt humiliated, embarassed and, mostly, rejected.

The man standing in front of you seemed taken aback from your outburst and his mouth hung wide open in shock. Of course, he didn’t mean whatever he had just said to that beautiful, enraged being, but he didn’t know what to say and when you presented yourself looking so small and pretty, your hands unconsciously rubbing over you swollen belly, he couldn’t hep himself from kissing you.

And, once again, he felt at loss for words – and it looked like you weren’t going to grace him anymore with your presence on that day, as you stormed away, headed to your home – walking. Crazy.

“(Y/N)! (Y/N), come back, where are you even going?!” Bucky catched up to her, trying to stop her. What was even the problem with you? Were you hurt because of what he said? Were you actually angry because he told you that he hadn’t kissed you because he felt something for you? He selfishly hoped so.

“Hey, doll, what was that?” He said, his hand on your forearm.

You didn’t lose a moment to answer him - “I was just trying to go home? Why, can’t I even do that anymore? Do you need to fucking babysit me for the rest of my fucking pregnancy?”. You were so red by now, that Bucky thought that you were going to combust and he found that a little worrying. Your words were also hurting him, just a little bit.

And then, he tried to quell his stormy thoughts and asked you the question that was tormenting him: “(Y/N), are you mad because I only kissed you to shut you up and not for…something…else?” He talked slowly at the end, as if he were afraid to make explode a ticking bomb. He hoped it wasn’t showing, but he was about to lose his shit and that easily transformed into him becoming a sweaty mess; a drip of sweat could be seen on the side of his forehead, as proof to what he felt.

You just squinted your (Y/E/C) eyes and pointed your index finger at him, before talking, having come up with an, hopefully convincent, excuse by now, an excuse that just had to finish this “argument”. Because it looked like Mr. Barnes was just too perceptive for his own – and your – well being.

“Listen, you know what, Mr. Know-it-all, perhaps I just hoped, for once, that a man might have wanted to kiss me bacause I’m attractive, but that seems to be something stupid, because since I got pregnant no one spared even a single glance at me! What, am I that hideous?” You finished your rant, almost screaming, and you hoped that he was going to believe you.

That was convincing enough, right?

Well, I mean, it’s not like you had completely lied. No, scratch that, you weren’t lying at all, it had been months since someone had looked at you with flirty eyes and Bucky telling you that he was kissing you just to shut you up wasn’t a big ego booster, quite the contrary, that is.

Hearing that, he felt like the most stupid person on earth and he just wanted to hug you and kiss you and cuddle you ‘til you felt loved and beautiful.

But since he didn’t think that that would have been acceptable, he went on using his words.

“Doll…” You looked at him with sad, doe-like, eyes, “Doll,” he repeated, “That is not what I meant, truly,” He got closer to you, in order to look at the woman straight in the eyes as his hands were placed on your cheeks – at that your lids shut - “You’re beautiful and should never think less than that of yourself. You’re the most beautiful, witty and intelligent woman I’ve ever known”.

His speech had been short, but he tried to be efficient, in order to convince you of what his eyes and heart saw you as.

You sighed then and laid your head, along with your hands, on his firm chest (ohh la la, you found your new pillow and you were honestly thiking about having someone make a real pillow for you with the same shape and hardness), only to take your head up and nod, not too convinced, but happy that he had believed you, your love not coming up and now you were just hoping that you could go back home and forget this whole, disastrous day.

“Buck?” You said with a small voice, “Can you accompany me home, please?” You looked up at him, still so near to you.

He smiled then and stroked your cheek, thinking that he had quelled your self-esteem issues and he nodded.

“Of course, darling. Get in the car.” You obeyed, and as you put on your seatbelt, while your friend entered in the car, you turned to him, with hoping eyes, “Can we please get some Oreo ice-cream?” You batted your lashes at him, lower lip out, all anger gone as you had fooled him with your “lie”, but still sad at the prospect of not having him for you.

Bucky looked at you and smiled, while shaking his head, “Of course, babe, anything for you.”

They drove off after that, first buying you ice-cream (and pizza, because you were also craving that) and then towards your own home.

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State of Emergency- Steve Rogers x Reader (f)

Thanks to @tomandbenedictfan for this adorable request!

 8. Move in with me

 33. One more chapter

 84. Stay there. I’m coming to get you.

NOTES/WARNINGS: Spiders… Please excuse any spelling issues, I’m fighting a massive headache right now.


  You paced the living room floor as the phone began to ring. “Come on, pick up, pick up.” You whispered to yourself. You eyed your bathroom cautiously and ran your fingers through your hair.


  “STEVE!” You shouted at the super soldier. “Theresaspiderinmybathroom andicantfinditanymore-”

  “Woah, woah, woah! (Y/N), slow down. Whats happening?” The concern in his voice was almost tangible through the phone.

  “There is a SPIDER in my bathroom and I cant find it! Please come kill it. I can’t even walk in there.” You pleaded. You summoned enough courage to peek back into your bathroom and when something moved out of the corner of your eye you screamed. “Please, Steve! I can’t do this I’m locking myself in my room.”

  “Stay there. I’m coming to get you.” He commanded and hung up the phone.  

 You sat on your bed keeping an eye on the bottom of your door in case the devil’s agent attempted to kill you again. You sat there for a good fifteen minutes before you heard someone close the front door of your apartment.

  “(Y/N)?” You heard Steve call from the living room.

  “I’m not coming out till its dead!” You shouted the resolution you had made while you were waiting on him. You could here him chuckling from the other side of the door.

  “It’s in the bathroom?” He asked.

  “Last I knew.” You listen from your bed as Steve approached your bathroom. There was a shuffling of feet, some banging and a string of swear words coming from the great American icon. Suddenly, Steve burst into your room and slammed the door behind him. His eyes were wide and he was panting, the terror clear on his face.

  He did his best to look brave and manly buy crossing his arms and puffing up his chest. “Unfortunately, my presence has only managed to make it mad so, you’re going to need to pack a bag and stay with me for a few days.”

  With out hesitation you slung your already packed suitcase onto the bed. Steve smirked and raised an eyebrow at you.

  “I was prepared for a worst case scenario.” You said seriously.

  After rushing your bag to the hallway, Steve ran in to your room and scooped you up, carrying you to the safety of the complex hall. You locked up your apartment and never looked back, there way no way you were going back while that spider was there. On the way to Steve’s place, He called Tony who promised to send exterminators the next day.

   Once you had settled into the guest bedroom of Steve’s apartment. You two went out for dinner and then returned home for some much needed relaxation. You sat on the couch with your feet in Steve’s lap, reading your book. Steve had turned on his record player and was listening to Glenn Miller.

   “It’s getting late.” Steve said as he rubbed your shins. “You should go to bed soon.”

  “Just one more chapter.” You whined. He conceded and smiled. He loved your passion for reading. When Moonlight Serenade began to play you closed your book and your eyes and hummed along to the tune.

  Steve sat in awe. Here he was, a man out of time, and he just so happened to be dating a woman who, was not only the most beautiful woman he had ever met, but who also had a good heart. He also loved that you enjoyed his music. Before he could filter his thought, the words came flying out of his mouth.

  “Move in with me.” He said, still mystified by you.

  Your eyes snapped open. “What?”

  His smile faded as he realized what he had just said. “I didn’t mean- Well, I did. I just- I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable-” He stammered.

  “I’m not uncomfortable,” You chuckled. “I’m just surprised.”

  “I’m sorry.” He scoffed at his own embarrassment.

  “No.” You grinned. He looked up at you curiously. “My answer is no. You’re gonna have to make an honest woman outta me before I live with you, Mr. Rogers.” You winked.

  His smile got even bigger at the thought of you being his bride. “Well then what do you call this?” He asked, referencing your current occupancy in his guest room.

  “This is a state of emergency. It’s either stay with you or be homeless from burning my apartment to the ground.” You joked.

  “Well, we wouldn’t want that now would we?” He grinned devilishly as he gripped your ankles and pulled you closer to him. He grabbed the back of your neck and gently placed his lips on yours. His kiss was so tender and sweet that it had you re-considering your decision. Maybe living with the star spangled man wouldn’t be so bad.

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