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Enouement- 2

Summary: Told in reverse-chronological order, Enouement is the story of love and loss, telling the journey that led you to your ultimate destination: a life full of happiness and regret, mistakes and laughter- and the man who gave you it all. Bucky x Reader

Words: 1157

AN: … I have never in my life had stronger feelings towards a coffee cup.

Master   Part 1

You had done all you could. You tried to tell yourself that there was nothing else to do, to convince yourself that this was all for the best. But no matter what your logic- or Steve or Sam or Nat- told you, there was a small part of you that was absolutely, unequivocally certain that you had failed. You told yourself it wasn’t your fault, that he was the one who broke your heart, but it didn’t matter. Nothing made it easier.

A soft knock at the door drew you from your self-pity and you pulled yourself out of the kitchen chair, answering it. Bucky looked down at you with a solemn expression when you opened the door. His eyes glittered with unshed tears and they were bloodshot, his eyelids heavy from lack of sleep and mouth turned down even as he tries to give you a weary smile.

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If 2 CT is come the true I will burn all my Kuroshitsuji comics and gave up this series. 😒 I really dont want it.

IF the 2CT is true, it means that Yana has prepared this plot twist thoroughly starting from vol.1 and has constantly shown us hints and foreshadowings throughout the story (and btw, it’s not Yana’s fault that some of the verbal hints weren’t conveyed properly in the English translations). The twin plot definitely isn’t something random she came up with just recently. I’d like you to acknowledge that, at least :D 

That said, if this kind of plot twist isn’t your cup of tea, then go ahead, burn the comics and find another manga series that matches your taste better. It’s sad to lose a fellow Kuro fan, but it can’t be helped, people just come and go, I guess. I for one once dropped Kuroshitsuji back in 2008 because I didn’t like the Curry arc (which, surprisingly, has become one of my favourite arcs now), but came back in 2014. So maybe you’ll come back someday, too :)

Baby Girl (Part Six)

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This is set after 12.02.

Summary: Mary comes back from Heaven and learns more about her sons than she ever thought she’d know.

Pairing: Dean x Reader.

Warning: nothing.

You and Dean laid awake for the rest of the night, sometimes just cuddling in silence, sometimes kissing; mostly, you were talking. He was telling you about the last two years you missed. Cas became God and a leviathan, Dean had the mark of Cain… Charlie’s death.

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Who you should fight (Diabolik Lovers version)

Shu Sakamaki: I bet you think that you can handle this lazy vampire, but he is the eldest brother of the Sakamakis after all, so I wouldn’t underestimate his strength.

Reiji Sakamaki: DO NOT FIGHT HIM, unless you want to feel his whip and drink a not so nice cup of his poisoned tea to teach you manners.

Laito Sakamaki: I’m sure he is amused for you (trying) to go against him, but he would show who the one in charge is if something goes against his will.

Kanato Sakamaki: PLEASE CAN YOU NOT…

Ayato Sakamaki: Oh is that the sound of an iron maiden door being closed? This brat may appear dorky sometimes, but he can become pretty sadistic.”It’s your fault for messing with Ore-sama”! 


Ruki Mukami: Do not try to go against him because he surely wants to show his livestock how to behave in front of him.

Yuma Mukami: I don’t know what you thought, but I wouldn’t start a fight with such a huge giant who could smash you like one of his planted tomatoes.

Kou Mukami: HELLO?! Two-faced idol Do-S with one eye which can see if you are lying or not…that says it all.

Azusa Mukami: He may be more of a Do-M, but don’t mess around with him or knives will pierce through your flesh.

Carla Tsukinami: I don’t know much about him, but to me he seems like one of those vampires who would stomp on your corpse after finishing your life.

Shin Tsukinami: Who wants to fight with the big bad wolf~ ♪? I won’t~ ♪ 

Teddy: Fight with him. Toss him around to your hearts content. Stomp on him. Throw him out of the window. SHOW YOUR FRUSTRATION!                   [Don’t get caught by Kanato].



“Jasper!” You grabbed his arm as he tried to walk away from you for the 3rd time. You turned him to face you, “It wasn’t your fault.” 

He wouldn’t look at you so you grabbed his chin and tilted it towards you. 

His eyes looked wild and you could feel the shame radiating off of him. You felt awful for him.

“You’re still learning Jas, no one is blaming you for what happened,” You cupped his face, “We all have slip ups.”

“It’s not hard for you though. Or for Edward or Bella or Carlisle or Esme or Rosalie or–”

“Jasper if you don’t think we all struggle with what we are and our instincts than you aren’t paying attention very hard,” You said, “Carlisle has had years, Edward has had years, they’ve had more practice than us combined. I work everyday to control my instincts, just like you. Believe me when I say we’re in this together.” 

He didn’t say anything, but you could see him deflate just a little. 

He pressed his forehead to yours and whispered, “I just wish I was stronger.” 

You gave him a sad smile, “We can get stronger. Together.” 

You said goodbye so many times and I never understood, but now you’re gone and I know it is my fault, because who knew? Maybe somewhere deep inside you had hoped I’d cup your cheek and say, “What do you mean? I want you to stay”. Was that all you needed? To know that you were wanted? To know that people, that I, actually wanted you here?
—  b.d. // excerpt from a book i’ll never write #49

Request: “Hi, I’m Y/N and I have no idea who you are but I need you to kiss me” with Calum
Summary: who would you be to turn down a dare to kiss the hottest boy at the party?


It’s not your fault, really. After all, they’re the ones who dared you to do it. It’s not like you could possibly have turned down the challenge. That goes against about every single one of your I’m-a-badass principles. 

So no, you’d like to deny any responsibility for the fact that you left your circle of newly made friends and made your way to the group of cocky, hot fratboys surrounded by flirty girls. 

The target here is the attractive Maori boy currently drinking something probably disgusting from a red solo cup, his hickey-covered throat and perfectly shaped jaw exposed.

All of the girls at the party have been glancing in his direction for the entirety of the night, and you get it. He’s achingly beautiful and charming, throwing flirty grins around and buying everyone drinks.

You’re about 100% sure that you’re about to get humiliated – cause why the hell would he say yes to that – but a dare is a dare, and you’re not one to back down.

Hi, I’m Y/N and I have no idea who you are but I need you to kiss me.”

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“Fuck you, Harry Styles.” You cursed, glaring at a picture of him on your phone before clicking the lock button and tossing the phone aside. Your eyes burned with tears of frustration and pain - Why were you even acting like this? Harry was never yours to begin with, yet you were acting like he was an ex-boyfriend who completely forgot about you. This was all your fault, wasn’t it? It was just a cruel trick from fate, getting you to fall in love with one of your closest friends and- “Fall in love?” Your eyes widened as you propped yourself up on your elbows, staring blankly ahead. Well, shit. Now you were definitely in a hole you wouldn’t able to climb out of. Puppy love was one thing, but being in love? That was just on a whole other level - A whole other universe, in fact. 

Ice cubes tinkled against the side of the glass as you poured some water into the cup, letting out a huff before setting it down. You just didn’t want to do anything right now. You wanted to lay in bed all day and just sob over Harry and Kendall.. It was then that the doorbell rang, your head whipping towards the door as a frown grew on your face. That must’ve been Harry. Friday nights were usually your guys’ movie night, but you just weren’t in the mood to face him tonight. However, you forced yourself up off the counter, trudging over to the door. 

“Harry! You made it!” You smiled lightly, trying your best to push the thought of Kendall away. You couldn’t help it! 

“I, um, I wanted t’ talk t’ yeh about somethin’. Y/F/N told me this the other day, and I wanted to come by sooner, but.. y’know me. Professional procrastinator.” Harry laughed uneasily, scratching the back of his neck. Oh, god. What did Y/F/N say to him?? 

“Oh, yeah. Yeah, of course. Come on in. Should I start up a movie now or later?” 

“Oh, don’ worry about tha’ - I’m real sorry, love. I won’t be able to stay tonight. I’m heading out with the boys. I promise I’ll make it up to yeh! On another topic, though.. I’m.. I’m not sure how to start this conversation.. Y/N, you’re a.. you’re a real good friend, y’know? A real great pal.” Harry cleared his throat, running a hand through his hair. “And, eh.. Well, I think.. I think you’re sweet, and kind, and caring.. And you’re smart, funny - very pretty, duh.” Your cheeks warmed - You knew where this was going. “And we have a great time together! We always do. I jus’, I don’ want anything to ruin the wonderful friendship we have.. Do.. Do yeh understand what I’m saying?” Harry trailed off, pursing his lips as his brows furrowed. Of course. Here you were, back in the friendzone. What else was new? Only this time, it was different.. You thought you had a chance with Harry, but obviously, you were wrong. You let out a small sigh before swallowing the lump in your throat - Why were you getting emotional? This was expected. “And Kendall.. Well, Kendall’s great! She’s real nice as well, and I really like her..” In a nutshell - Harry didn’t feel the same way and you’ll never have a chance. 

“Yeah, yeah. I.. I get it. Got it. Loud and clear.” You smiled uneasily, feeling your eyes beginning to water. “I, um.. You should probably go get ready for your night out.” You coughed into your hand, quickly wiping your eyes when Harry got up and turned around to walk towards the door. 

“I’m glad you understand.” Harry beamed, a frown flashing momentarily on his face as he caught sight of your teary expression. “Are you.. okay? Are yeh doing anything tonight?” 

“Don’t worry about me! I’m just going to chill here, probably.” You waved him off, Harry leaning in and giving you a kiss on the cheek before he was off. You shut the door, letting out a heavy sigh as you pinched the bridge of your nose, trying your best not to burst into tears. A distraction - Of course, you needed a distraction! You had cleared your schedule tonight, but the restaurant you worked at always needed an extra hand. “A little extra money wouldn’t hurt.” 



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Period- Clint Barton

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You expelled a loud groan, clutching your stomach as though it was supposed to stop the pain surging through you. Almost in tears, your husband walked into the room with all that you desired. He plopped himself next to you on the bed handing you the hot water bottle. It took a short time of deliberation before you decided your stomach needed the heat more than your back.

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- “i’ve got a knack for fucking everything up”

- “give me death or give me head”

- “SHIT”


- “Pinocchio has pierced your tongue, your nose is growing’ into the 3rd dimension”

- “Why does one and one make two?”

- “I fucked up again it’s all my fault.”


- “I fell asleep while watching Spike TV, After 10 cups of coffee”

- “I perfected the science of the idiot”

- “Pressure cooker pick my brain and tell me I’m insane”

- “You better digest your values because they turn to shit”

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Malapert - Clever in manners of speech. For whoever c:


Kai’vren + he talks too much

“You think you’re so clever, don’t you?” spat the human, leaning on the table to glare at the sleek orange Twi’lek.

“Definitely more clever than you,” Kai’vren purred, heels still crossed and resting on the table. He rested his elbow on the arm of the chair and cupped his head, looking amused. “Look, it’s not my fault if big words make your head hurt. I’ll try and keep it simple for you, hmm?”

With a frustrated snarl, the human swatted the Twi’lek’s boots off the table and strode to loom over him. “You–”

“Now, now,” Kai said, moving the hand near his side to show the blaster he was holding. “Be nice. Be nice of you’ll have to see if all those philosophical talks the Jedi have about joining the Force are true.” His grin showed easy and friendly, but his brown-and-blue eyes gleamed dangerous. “So, sit. And we talk. Yes?”

The human froze and hesitated before slowly sitting down, shoulders tight with anger. “One of these days, Kai, that big mouth of yours is going to get you into trouble.”

“So I have been told,” Kai hummed, tucking the weapon away. “But not today. Today, we talk business? Hmm?”

The human fumed a moment but gave a single nod. “Fine. Talk.”

“Well, you’re smarter than you look…” Kai crooned. “Now…about my fee…”

Imagine getting turned into a werewolf and Dean asking you to turn him to so that you can be together.

“No, no no” you kept shaking your head “Don’t- don’t ask that of me Dean. You know I’d never be able to do that”

“(Y/n) hey, hey look at me” Dean cupped your face to make you look at him directly in the eyes “This is my fault-”

“No, no don’t you say that. You know I would have gotten in the way to save you no matter what”

“I know” he sighed, resting his forehead against yours “Which is why this is all my fault. IT is all my fault that you now are a werewolf”

“Dean.” you said as firmly as you could “I am going to say this once more to get it through that thick sculp of yours. I wanted this. If it wasn’t for getting in the way you would have ended up not a werewolf but dead. Living a life withoutyou is far worse than this.” you cupped his face, rubbing your thumb over his cheek.

He closed his eyes leaning to your touch. You saw his lower lip tremble so you pressed yours to them in a soft kiss.

“Dean, please don’t blame yourself.”

“You became a monster because of me” you saw the pain in his eyes as he opened them to look at you.

“Do you… see me as that?”

He frowned slightly at your question.

“Do you see me differently now. Do you look at me and think that I am a monster now?”

“No, no of course not. You still are the badass huntress I met five years ago and that still manages to beat my ass in pool” he said with a faint chuckle.

“Then that is all I need. As long as the man I love sees in me the same woman as so many years before then I don’t think anything else” you shook your head with a smile.

“I’m still the same (Y/n) that hunts down monsters and loves listening to classic rock with her boyfriend”

“And I will just keep being the same Dean you love listening to classic rock with so what difference will it make if you turn me too?”

You rolled your eyes “Dean” you shot him a look but he just pleaded with you.

“(Y/n) please, I need this ok? I love you alright? I love you even if I don’t say it often and this- turning me into a werewolf too, is the only way we can still be together like we used to”

“Dean, sharing my pain is not the solution”

“It is. It is for me. Because that’s what couples do. And as long as you still see me as the Dean you met all those years ago then what’s the difference?”

“Dean” your defences were slowly crumbling down.

“(Y/n)” he took hold of your hands “Please. Please

“You don’t know how it will be”

“Maybe but still- I don’t think there will be much of a difference. I’ll still be the sexy hunter that kicks vampire asses and can make you scream his name till-”

“Dean!” you shrieked cutting him off.

He chuckled, winking at you.

you said you never liked that song until I sang it to you and called it ours.
now every lyric is printed fondly in your mind.
when I go away you say you’ll listen to it and think of me sadly.
you’ll hate it again but you won’t stop listening.
when I come home I’ll hold your hand in the car and serenade you until you love it again.
you’ll blush and say it sounds better when I sing along.

you never liked mini golf until I begged you to play when we were at the beach.
You were winning on the first hole but demanded my help.
halfway through you couldn’t stop smiling until I got a hole in one and you didn’t think it was fair.
you pouted and it hurt me not to kiss you.
you´re so competitive and when I won you were mad and it was all my fault.
all it took was your favorite lipstick to be forgiven.

you never wanted to go to prom until I wrote it on a styrofoam coffee cup with hearts.
you said you couldn’t say no to coffee and glared at me.
you tried to be mad at me all day, saying it wasn’t fair or that I was the worst.
I would just grin and bat my eyelashes and you always smiled.
when I got you to prom you said you wouldn’t dance until I smiled and grabbed your hand.
you liked the way I moved my hips and we danced all night.

you said you’d never date a girl, but you hold my hand in public and cuddle in my bed.
our bodies fit like puzzle pieces, I get lost in your eyes.
you say you only like boys and maybe that’s true, but you call me sexy and like to stare.
your smile makes me melt, I’d do anything to call you mine.
I swore I would never break my own heart again, until I started loving you like you can’t love me.
without you I´m lost but my grip on you can’t last until you love me too.

—  until \\  r.m.e.c

A/N: Fluffy imagine that goes with the cold I have right now… Just something to make all the sick people feel better :)

You sneezed, the sound disrupting the silence in the library of the bunker. It was close to midnight and both the boys had gone to bed already. Dean had almost carried you to the bed you shared, but you insisted just five more minutes of research.

Five minutes had turned into five hours. Dean had probably fallen asleep even before he hit the pillow, but you didn’t mind. With a warm cup of tea and some fuzzy socks, you were good. Instead of spending the whole night on the chair, you had moved to the ground. With your back against the bookcase and knees pulled high against your chest, you had found the perfect research spot.

You sneezed again, almost spilling your tea. It was all Dean’s fault you were sick! He just had to have his fun while he’d been sick last week. And now you had to deal with this horrible cold.

“Sweetheart?” you looked up and found a sleepy Dean frowning at you. You smiled at him, a tired smile, with small eyes.

“I thought you were asleep?” you murmured and put your cup down on the floor. Dean shuffled closer to you and pulled you up by your hands. Once the warm blanket fell off your shoulders. You shivered as the goosebumps traveled all over your body.

Your boyfriend noticed and pulled your closer to him, wrapping his arms around you. You welcomed his warmth and closed your eyes while letting your head fall against his chest.

“You know,” you muttered, “you made me sick,” as if to prove your point, you sneezed again which was followed by a cough. The only answer Dean gave you, was a low laugh which rumbled from deep within his chest.

“Don’t laugh!” you pulled back and softly hit his arm. But it only made him laugh harder. You watching him smile, throwing his head back as he laughed at you. That sound was something you didn’t often get to hear, but when you did it sounded like a magical melody to year ears.

“I love you,” Dean said as his laughter died down. He looked down at you and pulled you closed again. Like he was scared that you’d run away. Instead, you placed your arms around his neck and held him close before you stood on your toes and placed a soft kiss on his lips,

“I love you too,” for a moment you only smiled at each other and looked in the other’s eyes. Without warning, Dean leaned down and kissed the tip of your nose, making you smile wider than before.

“Now let’s make you sick too,” you announced and pulled away, leading him out of the library to his room with his big warm hand in your small cold one.


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Getting hella tired of the drama in this community and that’s without even being involved in it. 

To all of you drama-llamas, shit-stirrers, emotional blackmailers and people with exceedingly easily offended sensibilities  :

  1. Grow the fuck up. Just… do it.
  2. Start assuming responsibility and fault if it’s yours.
  3. See about getting a life outside your simblr, it certainly helps with all of the following points. 
  4. Grow a thicker skin, nobody’s gonna wear gloves with you irl, so why should the internet be any different?
  5. If you can’t handle the shits & giggles fron anon hate, just turn it off. IT’S THAT FUCKIN’ EASY.
  6. Learn to see shit from another’s perspective, the Earth does not gravitate around you, you self absorbed POS.
  7. Just because something isn’t your cup of tea, doesn’t mean you should be publicly shitting in said cup of tea. That’s disgusting, you sick fuck.
  8. Rationalize before you speak or act, because you’re not seven and see no 1 & 2.
  9. Originality is dead. Originality has been dead for a few centuries now. What we have nowadays is derivative creations. So stop thinking you’re the fuckin’ messiah because you did something and X did another something that looks sort of, kind of, maybe-in-an-alternate-universe close enough like yours. (This does not, evidently, apply to unashamed theft. They used to cut hands off thieves, ah, the gool ole’ days)
  10. And for cheesus’ sake, stop taking everything so seriously. It’s the fuckin’ internet, ffs.
  11. Fuck the people who aren’t your kind of people. But don’t fuckin call them out simply for the fact that they’re not your people. They’re somebody else’s, if they’re not yours, and they don’t give a shit about your petty insecurities and your trolling hard-ons. See no 1.
  12. Chillax. Enjoy your game. Just play in your little sandbox and be zen and have a larf with people you relate to and people you can connect with. At the end of the day this is supposed to be about a hobby, a fuckin hobby, which inherently means something you and other people like to do. Stop giving yourself a fuckin headache man, it’s not worth it.

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1. Put the sad music away and make yourself a nice cup of tea. You’ll feel better.

2. Don’t blame yourself, okay? It’s not your fault.

3. When he calls you, please don’t answer. He’s only going to say what you want to hear.

4. If he doesn’t call, don’t dwell on it. Go for a run, call your best friend, read a good book. No call is better than hearing words you know aren’t true.

5. Burn all of his pictures, one by one. You’ll get to one that you can’t catch a light to. Keep it. It’ll remind you of how much love you have to give to the right boy.

—  5 steps to getting over a boy who doesn’t deserve you / R.G. (via indielove-writings)

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Daredevil prompt where the reader loves matt and she tells foggy. Not knowing just how good matt hearing is he hears. Fluffy

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“So…what’s wrong?” 

“Why would anything be wrong? Is something wrong? Nothings wrong, Foggy!” You looked up from the murky waters of your coffee at Foggy who was leaning against your desk, one eyebrow raised in question. 

“Uh huh…so that’s why you’re sulking about and staring wistfully off into your cup of coffee?” You sighed knowing he was right. You’d been lost all day…in fact all week. It wasn’t your fault! It was his not Foggy’s, not yours, but his fault that you were in that state. 

“It’s Matt…” You probably sounded incredibly put out with the way you spoke, but honestly it was just getting too much. Being around him, but not with him was getting too much


“I really like him, Foggy…and it’s like I know he doesn’t feel the same and I know I should just let it go rather than daydreaming about what ifs but I can’t…” You had no qualms about telling Foggy this, Matt was in his office and you weren’t speaking very loudly and his hearing couldn’t have been amazing…and yet you heard a rather loud “I like you too!” from said office within seconds of you finishing your sentence…

Apparently Matt had better hearing than you though and you turned to see him leaning against his office door frame, a cute little smile on his face. You were kind of glad that he couldn’t see the involuntary flush that hit you. 

Bast Tarot Diary #10
  • Me: Hey, sorry we haven't had a chat in almost a month but I...
  • Me: Uh, not really, I felt like shit so...
  • Three of Swords: It's your own damn fault, you keep working that job despite the emotional and verbal abuse. Let go of it already!
  • Seven of Wands: All those sterile and unnecessary conflicts are draining your energy AND YOU KNOW IT.
  • Eight of Swords: The solution is right under your nose, quit already!
  • Me: Yeah but... I'm scared of being poor again.
  • King of Coins: Child. You're selling your father's house, you're soon going to get plenty of money. Stop being so worried about material matters and take care of your happiness and soul already!
  • Me: But is it safe to do it? What if I fail?
  • Four of Coins: You're too cautious. Life is full of risks, learn to let go and take a chance.
  • Me: I'm so exhausted, I don't know what to do.
  • Ten of Swords: Child, you're miserable already.
  • Nine of Cups: You have everything to gain and nothing to lose, at least in the emotional front.
  • Ace of Swords: Just promise me you'll think about it?
  • Me: I'll try. But I can't promise anything.
  • Eight of Cups: You might pass some great opportunities if you keep at it.
  • Death: All things must die. Welcome changes instead of running from them.
  • Me: Okay. Sorry. I will, don't be mad, please.
  • Five of Coins: You're miserable and lonely, but that won't last.
  • Justice: Justice is coming.
  • Ace of Coins: Having just enough money to survive is enough.
  • Me: Thanks for telling it to me straight, Bast.
  • (two cards fall on my lap)
  • Two of Swords: You'll have to make a decision at some point, kitten.
  • Four of Swords: Now go the fuck to sleep, it's 01:40 am.
All Grown Up Pt. 2

So here’s this, cause you guys wanted it. Hope it’s up to your standards! Here’s part one if you missed it!

 Calum sighed as he stared into his fridge, frowning slightly as he scratched his head. Empty, again. A burp from the other room caught his attention and he couldn’t help but groan slightly.

 “Stop eating all my food!” He yelled, glaring as Michael sauntered into his small kitchen. Michael’s smirk angered him more, but he just watched as Michael grabbed a cup and filled it with water.

 “It’s not our fault you buy yummy snacks.” Michael whined slightly as he turned toward Calum, taking a sip of water before pouting at his friend. “Besides, it’s been like three weeks since you’ve been food shopping. We cleaned you out like two weeks ago.” 

 “You’re all dicks.” Calum grumbled as he grabbed his keys, heading toward the door to slip his shoes on. Michael followed, taking another sip of water before setting his cup down on a nearby counter.

 “Can I come?”

 “Why? I’m just going food shopping.” Calum asked, standing straight again as Michael bent over to put his shoes on. “Nothing fun in that.”

 “I want to make sure you buy good food. Plus, maybe we’ll see the girls. They got really hot since the last time we saw them. When was that? Right before our first tour? Wasn’t that when that one thing-”

 “Don’t mention that.” Calum cut Michael off with a glare, silencing Michael and causing him to hold his hands up in surrender when he stood back up, shoes on and ready to go.

 “Guess that was the time! Don’t worry, I won’t bring it up.” Michael smiled and walked out the door first. Calum only sighed, following after and locking the door when he stepped outside of his apartment.

 The pair walked down the hall, taking their time seeing as they weren’t in a hurry. They made it to the elevators without incident and to the car the same way.

 “I hope you plan on paying me back.” Calum complained as Michael happily chewed on a candy bar he’d made Calum buy for him. Michael only shrugged, hopping out of the car when they parked in front of Calum’s building. Each boy scooped up some bags, heading to the elevator to go up to Calum’s apartment.

 It was uneventful the whole way up, except for the milk rolling out of it’s bag. Calum awkwardly held it, blocking his view as he tried to balance it in his one hand. The doors opened, and Calum ventured out in hopes he’d make it without dropping the milk.

 “Wait, Calum!” Michael yelled, but bit his lip as Calum collided with someone waiting for the elevator. The milk ultimately fell, rolling away as other food items dropped from his overfilled arms.

 “For fuck’s sake!” Calum sighed, bending over to pick up the food as the person standing there began apologizing profusely.

 “I am so sorry! I didn’t realize you were in there and I was looking at my phone and- Calum?” When she stopped blabbering, Calum looked up and gave a small smile to Y/B/F as she sat back on her heels.

 “Hey, Y/B/F. We went food shopping.” Calum motioned to the food, causing her to slowly look around them and nod before picking up her previous actions of helping them. “How’ve you been?”

 “So busy! Which, compared to what you guys do it’s nothing.” She laughed slightly, smiling up at Michael and Calum as they gathered their food. “I’ve been busy with school and work, and there’s a party tonight that I’ve been helping plan and-”

 “A party?! Ooh, can we come?!” Michael asked, dropping the bag of chips he’d been holding. Y/B/F bit her lip, looking from the food in her hand to the two boys sitting the the hall with food scattered around them.

 “I don’t know how thrilled Y/N would be about that-”

 “It’s a party, tell her to get over it. What time and where?” Calum bluntly said as he picked up the milk and stood. Y/B/F stood too, handing off the food to Michael with a sigh.

 “It’s this club downtown. I’ll tell them to put you guys on the list, but if I get murdered, then it’s your fault.” Y/B/F half glared at them before walking into the waiting elevator.

 Calum and Michael made it back to the apartment without further incident, basically dumping the broken bags of food all over the counters and small table.

 “Are you sure about going to a party with her?” Michael finally asked, looking up from the bags he’d just set down, watching as Calum slowed his movements, his hand halfway in the cabinet he was placing a box of cookies in.

 “You make it sound like we’re going to die if we go.” Calum huffed, shoving the box in before grabbing a bag of chips to shove in alongside the box. “Besides, we’re both adults now. She wouldn’t hold a grudge over something that happened when we were 17.”

 “I know, but memories scar people, Calum. The last time we saw her wasn’t the best. That party was-”

 “Mikey, drop it.” Calum’s voice was forceful, making Michael slink back slightly before nodding and quietly placing things in the fridge and freezer. It stayed silent until they finished, the kitchen spotless of food for once.

 “Should I call the other guys?” He finally asked, leaving with his phone out when Calum nodded, his eyes glued to the wall as his mind ran wild of what would happen.


 “You sure this is it?” Luke asked, looking from the run down club to Calum with an unimpressed look. Calum sent him a glare, nodding when he looked back down to his phone screen.

 “The address matches up. Let’s just go.” Calum grumbled and slipped his phone back into his pocket before they walked toward the bouncer at the door.

 “It’s a private party.” The man gruffly stated, keeping his hand between them and the door. Calum looked from his beefy hand to his stern looking face, gulping as he did.

 “W-We’re on the-um-list.” Calum coughed and nervously watched as the man pulled a clipboard in front of his face, looking at the paper then at Calum expectantly. “Calum, Ashton, Michael, Luke.”

 “Hm, last minute add ons, eh?” The man joked, stepping off to the side with a smile that sent chills down Claum’s spine. “Enjoy the party, guys. Tell Y/N I said hi and everything’s going well out here.”

 “Will do.” Calum muttered before following the other three into the club. When they got inside, the space seemed run down and cramped, definitely a downgrade to what they were used to.

 “Mikey! Luke!” A cheerful voice yelled, earning all four boys’ attention. When they looked to the side, Y/B/F was sitting on some guy’s lap, giggling and trying to push her way off of the man’s lap so she could greet them. “Ashton too, wow! How’re you guys doing?”

 “Awesome! How’s the party?” Ashton flashed a smile and Y/B/F hiccuped before giggling and placing a hand on his arm to stop her swaying.

 “Amazing. T-This club has got the-the best drinks.” She giggled again before leaning in closer. “They do not water down their drinks.”

 “Good to know, I could use one.” Calum sighed, earning a frown from the tipsy girl. She opened her mouth to make a comment until Luke butted in.

 “Where’s Y/N? I wanted to say hi properly.” He pouted as he scanned the crowd before his eyes landed on Y/B/F again. “I’ve missed her so much.”

 “Well, she’s by-by the bar. She was sooo not happy that I-I invited you guys.” Y/B/F giggled again before stumbling over herself again. “I-I don’t get why she can’t just-just let it go! We were 17, was-wasn’t that big of a deal.”

 “Maybe we should get you some water and a trashcan.” Ashton mumbled before getting Michael to help him take her over to a table with a trashcan sitting next to it.

 “Let’s go!” Luke shouted, grabbing Calum’s wrist before dragging him toward the bar. It took a few minutes but eventually, they found her sitting alone, multiple glasses and shot glasses surrounding her.

 “Y/N! Hi!” Luke cheerily greeted, leaning against the bar after he ordered himself and Calum a drink. His smile faltered slightly when Y/N slowly turned toward them, a glare set on her face as she took them in.

 “You fuckers. What-What do you want?” She mumbled, dragging her hand away from her glass to poke at the air in front of her. Luke looked at Calum in shock, taking his drink when it was presented and slowly taking a sip.

 “We came to say hi.” Calum explained, watching her eyes turn from Luke to himself. “Don’t worry, I don’t plan on staying long.”

 “Good, I don’t-don’t want you here.” She spat before ordering another drink and downing it quickly. When she finished, her glare turned into a smile as she looked back at Luke. “Let’s go dance, you’re pretty cute.”

 “Okay, whatever you say, Y/N.” Luke laughed as Y/N led him to the dance floor drunkenly. Calum watched as they danced, the movements turning from friendly to vulgar and definitely not dance moves you’d do with a childhood friend, if you were sober.

 “If she knew she were doing this, she’d have an aneurysm.” Calum nodded, taking a sip before glancing at Ashton from the corner of his eye. “Luke doesn’t seem to mind, though.”

 “I do.” Calum mumbled, staring at her all the while. Ashton looked at him, a small smile forming on his face before he looked back to Y/N and Luke’s obscene dancing.

 “I know. But, you really think she’s going to be nice to you, drunk or sober? What you did-”

 “I know what I did! Everyone keeps bringing it up like I forgot. I still remember, and I know I fucked it all up!” Calum growled, slamming his glass down on the bar and earning a few looks from the surrounding party-goers. “I want to start over, but I don’t think she’ll let me.”

 “You never know if you don’t try.” Ashton mumbled before taking a sip of his own drink, then leaving to go talk to a few other people. Calum’s eyes stay trained on Luke and Y/N, his teeth working his lip almost to the point of bleeding.

 After a while, Calum gave up on watching them, taking her previous seat while ordering drinks. He scrolled through his phone, trying to find anything to keep him preoccupied as the party went on around him.

 “Y-You’re definitely cute.” A giggle came from his side, making him sigh. When he looked, he saw Y/N slumped against the bar, a goofy smile on her face as she watched him.

 “You’re drunk, Y/N.” 

 “And you’re n-not?” She pointed toward the glasses surrounding him, giggling afterward before she stepped closer to him. “I-I promise not to-to tell anyone.”

 “I don’t care who you tell.” He sighed, facing forward again but ultimately facing her again when she tugged on his arm for his attention. “What?”

 “Come home with-with me.” She said, seeming to be serious until she giggled. “I’m horny as-as fuck and you’re real-really hot.”

 “I’m not going to have sex with you, but I’ll take you home.” Calum sighed before gently taking hold of her arm and leading her to the door. She stumbled after him, giggling all the while. Both of them made it out the door, Calum making sure she hadn’t fallen before taking a right toward their building.

 “I-It’s really random, innit?” She mumbled, watching the back of his head through fuzzy vision before giggling again. “You come back into my life right as it’s going okay.”

 “If I would’ve known you were living in that building, I would’ve ripped the lease in half before signing it.” Calum shot back before it grew silent once again. The sound of her heels scrapping on the pavement seemed to bounce around his head, annoying him but it was better than thinking at this point.

 “Why do you hate me?”

 “I don’t hate you. I just don’t have any reason to like you.” Calum admitted, glancing at her before looking forward and continuing on to their building. “That doesn’t mean that I can’t eventually like you. Because I probably could so don’t think I can’t-”

 “Why did you do that to me, back then?” Y/N stopped moving, causing Calum to stop as well. Their arms were outstretched, the weight becoming hard to hold up even if their arms didn’t weigh that much. Calum turned to look at her, his eyes meeting hers when he did.


 “When we were 17, why?” She asked again, dropping his arm to let hers dangle by her side. “It was really fucked up. And I’ve hated you ever since.”

 “I’m sorry.” Calum whispered, shocking Y/N into silence as he continued. “I-I didn’t mean for it to end up how it did. It’s true, I’ve never taken a liking to you but I didn’t want to do that. I-I’m sorry.”

 Calum looked down to the sidewalk, scoffing at the tears that he felt slowly making their descent down his cheeks. Before he could reach up and wipe them away, soft fingers beat him to it.

 “It might be cause I’m wasted out of my mind, but I forgive you. I want to start over, be proper friends this time.” Y/N explained, her words making Calum break out into a smile before he nodded.

 “It might be because I’m drunk, too, but I want you to come to my place instead, so we can start this new friendship without Y/B/F interrupting.” Calum said and his smile widened when she giggled and nodded, lacing their arms together before returning to their task of going back to their apartment.


 Calum woke up slowly, using his arm to cover his eyes as the sun came in at the right angle to annoy him to wake up. He let out a sigh, dropping his arm to stare at the ceiling as he collected his energy to sit up.

 Slowly, he sat up, yawning before his head began pounding away in protest against his actions last night. Calum scoffed, looking to his right toward his alarm clock.

 “10:30? Not bad. This headache, though? Terrible.” He mumbled as he shifted and looked toward his closet and bathroom, noticing something on his bed. Curious, he gently poked it, watching in slight horror as it moved. Calum carefully gripped the edge of the sheet, pulling it back to reveal a head of hair. Girl’s hair.

 “Mm, it’s too bright. Turn the sun off.” A muffled voice came from her as she slowly began to wake up, sitting up before yawning and looking to Calum. “Wait, what?”

 “Holy. Shit.”

Part 3?