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It sounds like a good idea, that way all (or most) of the asks can get dealt with in one fell swoop!

we currently have upwards of 2000 asks in the inbox right now so that’s probably not gonna happen. also, not all of them are questions, some of them are just like “aaaa you’re the best, marry me” or “have my babies!” or “fuck you for making jokes about my favourite character” or whatevs

this just in: you’re not magically more intelligent for being atheist. belief in religion isn’t inherently something to be looked down on. ffs people it’s 2017 can we stop being like this. let people live their fucking lives. ​if their belief in religion isn’t hurting you then just leave them alone.

Happy Birthday, Damon! ♥

If you could hear me, i’d like to tell you that i hope you’re having a wonderful day and all the love and happiness be with you always! I love you with all my heart and thank you for everything!

So, here is Damon’s cat version, because whenever i see him, i think he has a beautiful kitten face. 

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what all languages do you know? i saw you speaking german and i lowkey fanboyed because i'm cuban and german (but born in the usa so english is my first language)

Haha, it’s Dutch actually! So my mother tongue is Dutch. (Flemish to be precise, it’s not entirely the same) The second language I learned speaking was French since it’s an official language here. (though I’m not too good at it, especially now that I don’t have classes anymore, but I can help myself and understanding goes really well) Then English obviously. I also understand some German, but can’t really speak it since I literally had classes for 1 year and only once a week. (but it’s pretty similar to Dutch) I also followed Italian classes for two years, which was fun, but it’s not like I can say or even understand too much.

All of this plus taking Latin for 6 years in High School, gave me (who believe it or not has absolutely zero feeling for languages and actually sucked at any foreign language + my mother tongue until I was 16) the ability to understand a thing or two in other Roman and German languages such as Spanish, Romanian, Swedish etc. (but it’s not like I can speak those language, I can just understand some things, mostly when written because then I have time to see what I can recognize in words!)

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Sorry to hear you're not felling too great about Robron, I really hope you're not leaving the fandom for good. I love seeing you on my dash and I've missed you xxx

thank you anon! i definitely haven’t been feeling great about it since shit hit the fan but i thought it would be easier to stay away for awhile so i could sort my head out but i do feel a bit better now (hence why i’m back even just to answer a few asks) and i’m hoping my enthusiasm for robron can be salvaged at some point!

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Alola! Pokémon Sun and Moon are officially released today!

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Not So Shore

A ‘Mortals Meet Percabeth’ fic, with a twist!!
10k words

“Hey, Kelly?”

Kelly looked up from her biology textbook, blinking at her best friend Olivia, who was definitely not doing the chapter review questions they’d been assigned. “What?”

“Do you think there’s something weird about Percy Jackson?” Olivia asked.

Kelly followed her to gaze to where Percy was sitting at the back of the room, leaning back in his chair. He wasn’t doing the review questions, either - instead, he was staring into the fish tank behind his desk. Kelly couldn’t see his face, but his dark hair was ruffled up and he was wearing his AHS hoodie with ‘Jackson’ emblazoned across the back of it.

“What do you mean, weird?” she asked, turning back around to Olivia.

Olivia shrugged. “I mean, just… there’s something strange about him.”

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Commissions for the wonderful @kurapls and her fic, To Ruination
If you like SKK and Fyoya, this is the perfect fic for you! 
It’s a great mix of fluff and funny scenes and then of course, the angst. 
The fyoya picture is under the cut
Thank you for commissioning me! <3

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Alone is what I have. Alone protects me.

- “No, friends protect people.”