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Fan request in honor of 500 achievement: Gelphie fluff.. just.. fluff. Everything in the world is so angsty and terrible and terrifying... Fluff gives me life. btw, I remember you weren't so keen on that one fluffy oneshot where the witches meet after Chuffrey leaves for a business trip, but that was one of your best, not just because it was (somewhat) happy.

if you mean this one, then actually i loved it. it’s just sappy af. but anyway. thank you!

Glinda was busy. She moved across the room in criss-crossing paths, pulling out blankets and trying on different shoes and shoving what appeared to be all of their food into a large canvas bag.

Elphaba did her best to ignore her. She knew what was coming, knew that whatever Glinda was doing would drag her away from her book eventually, but she couldn’t seem to focus. She kept glancing up as Glinda whirled around, humming happily to herself. Sighing, she set the book down.

“Oh, are you done?” Glinda smiled up at her from where she was stuffing a rolled up blanket into the bag.

“I might as well be,” Elphaba said, eyeing her work.

“Don’t say it like that. You’re more than welcome to keep reading.”


Glinda leaned back on her hands. “But, well, it’s just that today’s the first nice day in months. I was thinking we could drive out to the lake.”

Elphaba slid off the bed to sit across from her. “You’re bringing food?”

“Everything we need for a picnic,” Glinda said, nodding.

“The shore will be covered with people.”

“We could hike?”

“Think we could find that apple grove again?”

“I was kind of counting on it. Though there won’t be any growing.”

Elphaba hummed. “Still. It was nice there.”

“As long as you don’t fall out of a tree again.”

“I didn’t fall. I was a little clumsy coming down, that’s all.”

Very clumsy,” Glinda corrected. “No chocolate-covered strawberries if you fall out of a tree.”

“We have chocolate-covered strawberries?”

Glinda grinned and pulled a small container out of the bag. “I may have planned ahead a little.”

“They’ll melt,” said Elphaba. Glinda pouted.

“You have no faith in me.” She leaned forward and pressed the container against Elphaba’s knee.

Elphaba jerked back. “It’s cold.”

“But not wet,” said Glinda. “Pretty handy, huh? I got it from that book of loophole charms Crope showed me. So. Lake?”

Elphaba pretended to consider. “Do I get to hold your hand while we walk?”

Glinda rose to her knees, then leaned in and kissed her. “Only if you can keep up,” she said, grinning.

I think they like you!


Hisato’s ancestor Katone having some fun with Tripwire’s ancestor Konoma by introducing him to her chickens eheheh
@chaostrolls I hope you like it <333

today at work a little girl came up to me being very frantic and upset (she was probs 7-8?) saying she lost her mum and omg i got so emotional idk it was so sad i had to calm her down but like all the customers could see that it was making me emotional & upset too gnfkdjjsjsjs DONT LOO KAT ME THANKS I HAD A TERRIBLE CHILDHOOD AND I HATE SEEING LITTLE KIDS CRYING


Still got many years ahead to grow together 🌻