this is all true please don't laugh at me

Ok, random post, but I have to say what i’m thinking.

Here I were, drawing Edward fucking Elric in that famous waistcoat of his and all I could think about was how in many of @tierfal‘s stories, Roy’s brain gets wrecked by the damn thing like “??? You see this shit? This guy is out to kill me” “Sir, please” “Well it’s true Lieutenant! That damn waistcoat should be illegal!” and here I am, laughing like an idiot at almost 2am.

Anyways, Tierfal, dear, continue the good work and keep destroying Roy’s brain with Ed’s brilliance and damned waistcoat.

Ume out.

The introduction of Ke'i Nahoa
  • Ke'i, nervously: I was sent by Effluvia Marsh to work with you guys?
  • Me: Oh, great! Are you any good in a fight?
  • Ke'i: N-no...
  • Me: Oh boy. Whatever. My name is Caria, and that guy in sunglasses is Corncop, and no matter what he tells you, he is not actually affiliated with any police department or law enforcement anywhere-
  • Corncop: Hey! Not true!
  • Me, ignoring him: And the other guy is Perkins Loan, who... I don't actually remember what he does. Something.
  • Perkins: *laughs* Yeah, I do something all right.
  • Ke'i: Right... okay...
  • Me: Can I buy you a drink?
  • Ke'i: Yes, please.
Let’s Talk about ADHD

Some of you may think that ADHD is just someone getting distracted by squirrels all the time. And while easily distracted is a symptom, it’s more than that. (In all honesty, I got distracted by a video I was watching for 5 minutes up to this point.)

AD(H)D isn’t a brain disorder, per say. It’s a Neurological disorder where messages to the brain are fired faster than normal. This results in divided thinking and short attention spans. Someone with AD(H)D will start a project and leave it unfinished to start a new one. They won’t think to do something until they see it right in front of them. Most of their decisions are made on the fly, not really thinking too ahead.

Now, the H in ADHD means Hyperactivity. That means that…Ohh how do I explain this…Your thoughts are usually displayed through impulsive actions? You act before you think? Something like that. It’s tricky for me to explain.

Now, unmedicated, people with ADHD have a very hard time concentrating on important things like school work or anything that doesn’t really grab their attention. It makes passing school very tough. And the hyperactivity makes it hard for them to make friends who aren’t scared off by their boundless energy.

As someone who had to go through the first grade undiagnosed, it was difficult for me to really fit in. I had a hard time making friends. And when I was finally diagnosed, but when I forgot to take medication, I ended up scaring my friends because they weren’t used to this ricocheting personality I have. I didn’t feel like I had a chance to make many friends. And I ended up getting picked on and bullied (sometimes even physically kicked) until the eighth grade.

To this day, I wish I had the same way of functioning like the other kids. I wish I didn’t have so many thoughts at once all the time. I wish I could control my energy without the use of pills. ADHD sounds like fun, but it isn’t all fun and games.

Now, I hear all sorts of Squirrel jokes all the time because of my disorder. And I’ll usually laugh because it’s true. But this is something that you should keep in mind:


anonymous asked:

I have to admit I'm growing away from Block B because even tho everyone laughs at it I don't like how much they tease Jaehyo :c I may be overreacting but it makes me feel sad so... And was what Taeil said true? Did he pee on Jaehyo's pants? I hope they were just joking or made it up :/

Oh please, don’t leave Block B for that! :( They love him. They tease Jaehyo, but Jaehyo teases them back too. They tease Jaehyo because he’s always bragging about how good looking and confident he is, and the other members “aren’t”, according to him. lol It’s all just a joke. Want some examples? x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x Also, watch Block B’s ‘Jackpot’ dvd! lol Jaehyo isn’t arrogant because of that (it’s actually the opposite, you know he’s a big sweetheart) and the Block B boys aren’t mean to him, they just have freedom and intimacy to joke around. It’s a cute “give-and-take” between them, if they weren’t close they wouldn’t tease one another like that. 

And they don’t only tease Jaehyo, they’ve said pretty nice things about him too, and they’ve shared good/funny moments together too! x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x oh there are so many examples too~

“Jaehyo is kind too. He receives and understands the jokes from his dongsaengs well. He has a wide understanding.I want to have this side of him.”

Q. Why do you just take it when the younger ones bother you or peel you????!!! 

Jaehyo: At first I got seriously mad but after they told me that they joke around with me because they like me, I can’t get mad at them. Their messing around became cute and lovable

Q. Have you ever gotten annoyed for real by the other oppas’ teasing?? What did they tease you about????

Jaehyo: I don’t get annoyed. But once in a while when fans act rudely then I become very sad.

“Jaehyo, you don’t need to pretend to be happy if you’re really not. You can show us who you are, I know it must be hard for you to pretend to be positive.”

Please don’t stop loving Block B ~ Jaehyo doesn’t get mad for that, and I don’t think Taeil meant it when he said that. It’s all just a joke between them.