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this is for @ilgaksu because she had a bad day and we’ve been chatting spy au and she gave me an idea and i want to cheer her up. all those reasons

Running the surveillance van is generally considered the boring job, but Matt doesn’t mind it. He can people watch to some extent, and he has Neil here to keep him company in watching the screens. It’s quiet and requires no acting, which makes it preferable to being in Andrew’s position right now.

On Matt’s screen, Andrew is leaning back in his seat, cards held in one hand and a low glass next to the other. He’s pretending to be a Russian magnate with a taste for the dirtier side of capitalism and also for killing people he doesn’t like. He looks relaxed, swimming with sharks. Probably because he’s the deadliest predator swimming in these waters.

They’re well into the game in there when Neil says something low in a language that definitely isn’t English, and then, “Fuck, fuck, fuck.”

“What?” Matt asks. He’s instantly alarmed, because it takes a lot to make Neil lose his cool – the last time he said something similar, he was bleeding out from a hole in his gut.  

Neil is already on his feet. “I’ve got to go in there.”

Neil is definitely not supposed to go in there. He’s only here in the van because of a concession on Wymack’s part, mostly because they’d all believed he’d find a way to get involved in the worst way possible if he weren’t included in an official role. Things have gotten a lot more complicated since he and Andrew started working together, including the frequency with which Neil gets bullet wounds.

“You can’t,” Matt says. “You’ve got your orders.”

“Do you really think I care?” Neil replies. “Andrew’s about to get his cover blown, and I can’t warn him from here.”

They couldn’t send Andrew in wearing an earpiece because everyone inside was searched for tech, so the only support they could provide was watching like this. “How do you know you won’t get him killed storming in there right now?”

“What would you do if it were Dan? Sit in your ass here in the van, or go?” Neil asks. Matt looks away from the screen to his face, taking in the brutal determination with which he looks back.

Matt and Dan are married, but he suspects mentioning that might not be worth the air he’d waste in the process. Whatever bond it is that Andrew and Neil have, it’s probably just as significant, as close and as unbreakable. He says instead, “Who did you see?”

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I was tagged by @tel-abelas-mofo (thank you very much–I do indeed love tags!!!  even though I often fail to do them in a timely manner) to share my lock/home screens, the last selfie I took, and the last song I listened to!

Since my last selfie is basically an ode to sleep deprivation, I also added an amusing one hahaha.  ANd the last song I listened to was “Down Once More” from Phantom of the Opera bc I was having a Moment.  My friend sent me a prompt for a “villain kiss” and my first thought was “TRACK DOWN THIS MURDERER HE MUST BE FOUND” bc that’s just how my brain works apparently.

I will taggggg @misslestrange274 @rocket2saturn @artwaffle142 @madlanddreams and.  Uhm.  That’s it bc I’m bad at tags but anyone who would like to do the thing, please consider yourselves tagged!

*finally de-stresses enough to check emails, Friday evening*

“hi Logan, are we able to schedule a meeting for either Thursday or Friday this week?”

*stress levels immediately back up 300%*

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Can I just say how relief I feel to know there are Christians here? and the fact that you're one of my favorite artist makes it all better! You really give me a lot of hope so, really, thank you. I would love to talk to you, but I'm a little bit shy lol but I would definitely going to be checking your tags again (if that's ok with you) it really helps me when I feel lost in here. Sometimes I feel like if Tumblr is not the best place for a christian, and then, I find amazing people like you :)

Can you believe @geek-fashionista and I were just talking about being a Christian on Tumblr when you sent me this ask?

You’re right. Tumblr can be a very unsafe space for Christians especially with the general culture here, but you know what? That’s ok. We continue to support each other. We have to be bold about our faith as well, that’s what Paul and all the missionaries have done for years after Jesus died on the cross. Of course there were..*coughs* hitches throughout history, but remember not to be afraid of being a Christian, no matter where you are. 

Also, keep in mind that we are all works-in-progress (when you mentioned amazing, I couldn’t help but think of all the mistakes I’ve made and continue to make in my life ^^;). Love God, love others. That includes exercising grace.

And it’s totally fine if you check my tags! I really don’t mind! If you want to talk, you can message me on chat if you want ^^ I don’t bite xD

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I'm wondering, how do you feel about people messaging you? Are you against it at all?

Like, using the tumblr messenger? I don’t mind at all, but I don’t check it very often, so it’s not the best way to contact me, haha. I do prefer that people send requests via the ask/submit function, though.

But yeah, feel free to message me! But please don’t take it personally if you don’t hear back right away (or even for a long-ass while). I’ve got weird anxiety about messenger things, so I only check it sometimes. Contacting me can be a real pain in the ass, lol.

If you have a time-sensitive question or anything, I check my askbox way more often. :3

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IDW Rodimus, Drift, Skids, Swerve, Brainstorm, and Perceptor reacting to their s/o laughing at their own joke (because I've been laughing at myself all day now because of how I told my sister I bought bagels, "it's not bae goals, ITS BAGELS!!!!!!" and now I must know how the robots will react to silly s/o laughing at themselves)

Rodimus is right along with you. The harder you laugh the harder he does. Even if the joke wasn’t that funny, Roddy has a habit of catching other people’s giggle fits. You two are on the ground in tears and everyone is wondering how an actual five-year-old got to be captain of this ship.

Drift loves corny jokes! He chuckles and admires the way your cheeks glow as you laugh. You’re just so cute! He peppers you in kisses and tickles you until you’re breathless.

Skids pokes fun at you. “You little goober- you must think you’re hilarious!” He boops you- knowing you’re ticklish- then chuckles as you squeal. “What are you laughing at, huh? What’s so funny?”

Swerve gazes at you with hearts in his optics. Never in his life has he met someone so amazing. He wants to hear that laugh as often as possible and you exchange jokes and cuddle the rest of the night. Swerve is on cloud nine.

Brainstorm rolls his optics. Look at this dork, he thinks. This is my dork. He tells you so, picking you up and holding you upside-down. He chuckles and snorts.

Perceptor grins at you. He lets you giggle yourself out, admiring how incredibly adorable your are. Then he cuddles you, suggesting a nap. He knows how silly people get when they’re tired. 

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What inspired your eruri actor au? I've always wanted to know😊

…so I just wrote this whole thing and bloody deleted it ¬_¬ right!

so it all began from this: 

I had seen some instagram fanart on my dashboard previously and I just adored the idea I believe it was @bluecrownedbird work . I wanted to do my own interpiration of the topic. My favaourite photos are those that are taken behind the scenes or backstage,  it brings the surreal reality that can be film, fashion shows, music back to what it is. People.

I loved the idea of bring SNK to this reality where it is a show, a much loved british show where the special affects are a bit shit sometimes and sometimes a bit clunky. I took inspiration from BBC Sherlock. I have been obsessed with the show sine it first came out and I loved the literal over night success and international following that it gained, throwing the actors into the big acting world. Both Cumberbatch and freeman were known but I not think anyone ever expected the show to be the success it is. I wanted to take that concept and apply it to SNK. Where the producers and writers had their eyes set on Levi from the moment snk was just talk. I wanted Erwin to be a character that was not meant to be in the forefront, only meant to have a few lines and disappear back into the background. But the producers loved Erwin so much they rewrote his character to suit him.

So all that was going through my head as I drew the above image. It was only meant to be one or two drawings, so I dialed up the flirting and the banter.

then I believe @zedsdead1001 (whom I was in awe of their talent, still am) and/or @alwaysbesassy  asked what happened next, so I told them.

but it wasn’t until I began talking to @erwinsalive did the concept and the story really unfold. their questions allowed the world to open up and it gave me an opportunity to share the thoughts in my head. something I never planned on doing. I vowed I was never going to write again. but talking to them…typing the words felt so natural  and the story just flowed. So I wanted to draw more and more, scenes which stuck in my head more than others. Which is why the images are all so disjointed. But I draw what comes to my mind. 

I love hearing other people’s take on it, to know that my work has inspired others is just such an hounour and has bought me the friends I have made here. Hearing other people’s take on the actors lives and the events that occur within it has helped me develop my own characters. so like you kitty, and @winglysimmer and @shortpieceofshit @herbivorousviolin @sibahahahahawhoops @lostcauses-noregrets @minxiebutt @snowtoes @sugardaddyerwinsmith without everyone listening to my constant rambling and offering up their thoughts and ideas, this au would not have happened. I only planned on doing two instagram drawings 

but my style has rapidly changed, now that I look back at that first image of actor erwin and compare it to my latest. 

its a bit change :)

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I love love love love love your Bucky selfie. But he's in the mirror and the wrong arm is metal >.< Sorry! I love you! I'm sorry! *Hides*

Hi anon! ^^

Oh don’t worry, I know, but I always draw my selfies “not literally inverted” (I’m not sure of the word though). Even if it’s closer to reality, it seems off to me. I used to do it when I started to draw character selfies but then, seriously, having all the writings on T-shirts inverted or stuff like Bucky’s metal arm on the right, was really strange. Screw accuracy, I draw my pics not inverted, and you know, if you look at selfies on Instagram, people do invert them with softwares so that the right is on the right and the left on the left. I mean, look at this girl’s selfie, the writings on her cap are not inverted:

And also, I stopped to do it because I was fed up to deal with comments like “but his metal arm is the left one!!” and me copy/pasting “In a mirror, things are inverted” or people asking me: “What’s written on the T-shirt?”.

So don’t worry anon, I know xD That’s why my selfies are always, except for the old ones, reversed. :)

I love love love love love your Bucky selfie. 

Thank you ♥ I wasn’t really satisfied with it you know? I haven’t used these brushes and textures in a long time so, I was tempted to stop working on it more than once. I’m really that you, and my followers liked it! (and no need to hide xD)

Have a great day! ^^

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fmbl!!!! I dunno if you'll get to read this before the concert but i just wanted to say have fun!!!!! Stay safe and enjoy yourself!!!

THANNKS anon thank you!  I actually am seeing the show tomorrow - today was a travel day - so I’ll carry your wishes with me for sure!!!  For now I am very safe, about ready to tuck in for the night so I can get up early tomorrow and WAIT and then go get BUCK.

As far as I can tell, the far-right holdouts on the health care bill actually have a really legitimate demand.

So, like, there are a couple ways you can do health care. One is ‘the government decides which services are basic human rights and pays for them’, which is how most countries do it. That’s not happening in the U.S. any time soon. The debate is more between flavors of ‘the government decides which services are basic human rights and then requires insurance companies to cover them and then helps you pay for them with subsidies’.

And the Republicans are offering shit subsidies. So if they have a long list of which services are basic human rights - if they demand that all insurance plans offer genuine comprehensive coverage - then there will not be any health care plans on offer that aren’t obscenely expensive, and most poor people will have to just skip getting health care altogether. 

The numbers are all made up, but imagine the Republicans give every person an $800 health care subsidy annually. Then imagine that insurance companies are willing to offer catastrophic coverage - insurance against cancer and heart attacks and getting hit by a bus and being diagnosed with a rare condition whose medications cost $10k a month - which doesn’t cover any routine expenses like wellness checks and dental, doesn’t cover therapy, doesn’t cover addiction programs - for $800/year. And they’re prepared to offer actually decent health insurance - which has minimal co-pays and covers therapy and wellness checks and vaccines and therapy and so on - for $6000 a year. 

Right now, by law, they can’t offer the $800 plan, because therapy and addiction programs and wellness checks are things the government considers basic human rights and you are not allowed to offer health insurance that doesn’t cover them. So the only plan you’d be offered is the $6000 one, and if you’re a poor person, you probably can’t make that work, so you don’t buy health insurance at all. 

The far-right caucus wants to make it legal to sell the very restricted $800 plan, which doesn’t cover anything close to everything you need but which is, with the subsidy, free. That’s better than no insurance and no subsidy, which is what unmodified Trumpcare gets you.

You’re welcome to be like ‘okay but the government messed up appallingly for this to even be a choice we have’, and you are 100% right. But I’d rather have a bad cheap plan than nothing.

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I mean, w have to listen to the audio to even know if it's true but I don't see the point of Elvis Duran lying. Still interesting that the announcement of his single coming out comes from a radio station when he and his team haven't said a thing. And it didn't come from nick. One would think it would be BBC with the exclusive

The thing I find most curious is that so many people have said that they’ve actually heard the music already. That seems risky to let so many people hear it before it comes out since it’s his solo debut. And since every 1D album leaked prior to release, you’d think they’d have everything on complete lock down. Allowing a radio station DJ to hear it weeks ahead of release just seems…..strange. I think all we know for sure right now is that Julian, the Brazilian youth and the Lady Gaga fandom haven’t heard it yet. Other than that, everything is just confusing.

Biggest Language Mistakes I’ve Made (And Keep Making) While Studying Abroad

One of the things I love best about studying abroad in a Spanish-speaking country is getting to practice my speaking so much every day. In the U.S. I rarely have the opportunity to speak Spanish outside of the classroom, and when I do, I often get shy and nervous about making mistakes. 

But that’s not really an option here! I have to ask people questions ALL the time just to make sure I don’t get lost (lost in conversation but also in, you know, general space– the number of people who have helped me find the right bus stop is approaching ridiculous numbers). 

You have to get over the fear of making mistakes, and once you do you’ll usually find that people just want to help you learn. So here are some of those mistakes learning opportunities 😉 that I’ve been making in the few months I’ve been in Costa Rica!

1. “Very better”, “More better”

This is one that I keep on making! Más mejor is not a thing, and it’ll usually get you some giggles and amused smiles from native speakers. I get the feeling that it’s not an uncommon mistake, but one that people associate with low education level, or like. Children. Same goes for muy mejor.

You can say mucho mejor or muchísimo mejor if you need to! Just remember how it works in English– much better, not more better.

2. Pronunciation 

Mind. Your. Pronunciation! This has been a real problem for me since even in English I’m a bit of a mumbler, and especially when I’m really tired or relaxed or talking fast, my words tend to run together. But even when I’m clear headed there are some words in Spanish that, when mispronounced, can cause some real confusion!

Dolores versus dolares is a big one. For some background, I was buying cold medicine in Nicaragua and was trying to ask the pharmacist if she took American dollars. That’s a tricky one for me anyway, and when I said, “Acepta dolares?” with a stuffed up nose she heard something like, “Does this work for body pains?” and tried to assure me that yes, yes it worked for all sorts of pain. 

Learning the proper pronunciations of names and places is definitely important too. For the first few weeks I was here I had trouble with the name of the small town I was living it, putting the ah-cent on the wrong syl-lah-ble, and when I tried to tell a taxi driver where to go he heard a place on the total opposite side of the city :( We got halfway there before I was like ….. uh ….. wait….

Focus on speaking clearly and distinctly, rather than trying to speak as fast as all the people around you. 

3. Weather

Originally posted by houston-abbiamounproblema

It’s pretty much beautiful all the time here, because it’s summer in Costa Rica– but a few of the times I’ve had to remark on the weather I’ve managed to goof it up! A common problem with Spanish-learners who have studied in the U.S. is that early on, a lot of us were taught to always use, “Hace _______” when talking about the weather. Hace calor, hace buen tiempo, and hace frió definitely are correct, and are used all the time. But a lot of us (or at least I!) forget the exceptions to that rule. 

I got frustrated the other day when I was trying to ask my coworkers if it was raining outside right then, and after a few attempts and some raised eyebrows, they tried to guess at what I was asking and kept responding with, “Yes, I love it when it rains.” Hace lluvia isn’t a thing. “Is it raining?” would be ¿Está lloviendo? 

Some other little hiccups: 

  • “Un anciano” / “Una anciana” (the words I was taught for “elderly person”) are actually…kind of rude. Luckily I figured that out in class before I went around using it in the real world.
  • And still talking about age– the polite thing people say is “un hombre mayor” or “una mujer mayor”, and that usually refers to someone in their sixties or seventies. Someone was trying to (politely) ask if my host mother was an old woman, and I, thinking she meant “older woman,” responded, “Si, yo creo que ella tiene como cuarenta años.” The 40 year old women in the room all kind of cracked up in a, “So that’s what you call old, huh?” sort of way.
  • Napkins are SERVILLETAS. Sirvientes are SERVANTS. Don’t ask anyone in the kitchen where the servants are :/ 

I have to say, almost all the UT comics i read right now has asgore on the scenes and i really cant help to be like sympathize so much with him lmao jasodjasfasfjkalfasfas most people might not agree with this but yeah still like asgore patpat man omg inADComgthatfaceislikeithurtsmy kororo da9sudjasjdasjjdlsa

im sleepy lmao

I was an absolute heartbroken mess when I watched Mark’s new vlog when he uploaded it at like 3 AM, and I still am now. I know a lot of other people are heartbroken and sad and feeling somber about it, because we all love Mark and we just want him to be happy. If you’re feeling like you need a hug, I’d like to go ahead and send one out to everyone right now. I’m sending out hugs and love and positive thoughts to you (reading this) and to everyone in the Markiplier fandom family right now, today, and always. I love all of you. It’s gonna be okay. We just gotta keep our heads up and we’re all gonna be just fine (this includes mr. @markiplier himself). xoxoxo

They have been captured by the enemy.
  • Nevra: I told you that plan wasn't going to work.
  • Ezarel: You and your perfectionism. You know what brings us close to perfection? Trial and error.
  • Nevra: I wish Gardy was here. Things usually end well when she's around.
  • Ezarel: ...Isn't it... odd?
  • Nevra: Hm?
  • Ezarel: The coincidence, it's like the cosmos is on her side. Finding pieces of crystal here and there, knowing exatcly where to find the right people, saying precisely what she needs to say at all moments...
  • Nevra: You're right! She's so... questionably lucky.
  • Ezarel: We always wondered what type of faery her half part is. What type of powers does she have. What if her special skill is... to be lucky?
  • Nevra: What if she's SUCKING our LUCK?! I mean look at us!
  • Ezarel: Yeah, like a Luck-Vampire!
  • Nevra: A- are you serious?
  • Ezarel: I'm sorry.
  • nevra: That's so stupid it's offensive.
  • Ezarel: I SAID I'M SORRY.
  • Nevra: Let's just pretend this conversation never happened.

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Lauren and camila are different people, Lauren is outspoken I hate when people think she shouldn't get defensive about camren and act more like camila, thats like pinning one another against each other and asking her to change her personality, 🤙🏼

Yes, their difference was addressed in this blog too. Lauren’s outspokenness was also both admired and also critiqued in here too.

Lauren has all the right to say what she wants, and I admire her realness. What’s being discussed here are different views and outcomes.

She’s got this scar,
Ever so delicately placed across her right cheek bone.
I bet most people don’t even notice it,
But I spend hours admiring her little blemish,
I can’t help but find beauty in all of her flaws.
When she’s crying and can’t stop,
I want nothing more than to wipe her tears-
Hold her tight, even if her world is crumbling
I love the parts of her that change with her mood,
The way her eyes soften to a light green as tears crawl down the side of her cheeks
I love the way I can tell when she’s anxious-
When she averts her eyes and avoids eye contact, even with me.
I love the way her upper lip curls
And the depth of her eyes speak so loudly
I always know which emotion she’s feeling in that exact moment
I love the comfort she feels with me,
When her whole world feels like it’s swallowing her whole-
I am the one she texts,
I love that she fights sleep in evenings,
Because she never wants to hang up on FaceTime.
I find so much beauty in the little things,
So much worth just in the way you try your best to get out of bed in the mornings.
I love the way you know yourself-
The way you let me know you too.
Baby, if you start to spiral
I’ll meet you at the bottom and walk up 30 flights of stairs with you.
If that still isn’t enough I’d walk up 100 flights of stairs just to hold your hand through the ever fading darkness.
I love your flaws, I love your perfections, I love absolutely everything about you.
And I promise I’ll always do my best to love the parts that cause our fights,
That cause anger to boil beneath my flesh,
I promise to always try to love the best parts of you and the worst.
I’ll keep choosing you;
Through the good and through the bad.

Amell: The city is on fire, people are dying! I don’t think it’s time to be picky about who helps you.

Meredith:  As I said. We don’t need your help Mage. I will personally have the Qunari in control soon enough. 

Amell: Ok, I get it.. But whatever issues you have with me should not matter right now… This city was… my home. Mage or not,  I have the right to protect it! 

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Penny: Hey, Twitch, did you ever watch The Bachelor?

Twitch: No, actually. I’m just kinda winging this.

Penny: Heh, that’s okay. That’s the best we can all do, right?

Twitch: Yeah…and thanks for talking to me, by the way. Eden stood here watching videos for an hour until I talked to her.

Penny: Ooh, that’s rough.

Right I’m writing this because last night someone was sending me childish anons and i think i know who it is. But if anyone is going to be negative about my girlfriend or my tumblr or anything then unfollow me. I don’t come on here to please people, i come on here to reblog stuff and just enjoy it. Life is all about people being happy and if you don’t like me then go