this is all that they can give each other in KL

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Sheith is so beautiful and wholesome, it really is perfect. I went in not shipping anything but halfway expecting to like kl@nce because people hyped it up, and I came out a Sh*It*. There is no amount of negativity that can stop this train now, I'm in deep. The whole set up, their implied past, the looks they give each other... the setting is being placed, I legit think they're going to be endgame. If any ship is going to be canon, it's sheith. I feel we all low key know it, too.

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the way the writers and the official podcast speak about shiro and keith’s relationship is just so… beautiful. i love it?? its a healthy relationship and i get so angry when antis claim its otherwise. they love each other so much??? like seriously look at how they look at each other! they are so perfect. they can lean on each other, trust each other and just…. ye s. sheith is endgame for me, its already canon for me, like seriously, i love it.