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BTS Reaction to Their Girlfriend Asking Them if They Want to Makeout

Namjoon: “Let me finish this and then we can.” Work first and then…where was I going with this?

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Taehyung: “Then come over here.” Little pup would be so eager and ready don’t even gotta ask twice.

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Hoseok: “Well aren’t you eager today?” He’ll most likely tease you until you finally just pull him into a kiss and then… ((;

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Jin: “I know it’s hard to keep your lips off of all of this” headass

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“Have a kiss instead.” he’ll do this just to get you mad.

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Jungkook: “Is that really all you want? Or is it something more?” fucking bye


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Yoongi: "I know that not what you really want.”


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Jimin: ”Good because I was just about to ask you the same thing. Great minds think alike.”

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Do you think Lauren even realizes what she's done to the fandom today? Cause all I can imagine is her dropping the bomb and then going shopping and eating sushi in Japan, like fuck yall. lmaooo I'm living!!


Brain dump.
  • I do my best to not go overboard on this subject because I’m hardly a fitblr, (more like a fatblr) but sometimes the fact that I’ve lost the weight that I have (and continue to do so) makes me want to cry. When you get old as you know your metabolism slows down, and I’ve hardly had what you call a great one to begin with. I’ve actually had a few people ask me what I do, and I feel like I am in the twilight zone, because I do not pretend to be a coach, and I am not trying to sell anyone shakes. I just do what I do, and it seems to work, and I enjoy feeling my jeans being looser.
  • Sometimes the ten ton pressure I feel from all that is expected/needed/wanted from me here at work makes me want to just implode. Other times I just shrug my shoulders and tell myself “meh, if I can’t do it today, I’ll get to it tomorrow or the next week.”
  • I fucking love food.
  • Karma is indeed a bitch, and I’ll just leave it at that.
  • I am still feeling my way through Andromeda. It is quite different than the previous series in some ways, but also the same. I hope to play it all damn weekend.
  • Arrow has been so damn good this season. Like Seasons 1+2 were fucking near perfect. 3 was meh, and 4 was ‘okay’. This season? A return to form so to speak. In the same universe can I just say how fun/enjoyable the musical episode of The Flash/Supergirl was?
  • Laura Dern can still get it.

Enjoy your Thursday.


I love me some extremely dead assassins! I just wanted to make a ref of La Squadra for myself bc you can bet I’m gonna be drawing them a whole lot more. You can click on them for my ethnicity/nationality hcs or check under the readmore! 

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So I got my period today , all I can imagine is Carter taking care of you but like being totally lost. But he is such a sweetheart that he makes you some tea and buys you every brand of (fancy) chocolate. But all you want is stay all day cuddle with him in bed.

“Do you want a hot water bottle?”

No you shake your head, making grabby hands at him before he chuckles and gets in bed with you.

Fluffy Friday™

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What inspired you to run for office? What can I do today that will help me work towards a political job in the future? Thank you!

I worked for former Nevada Governor Bob Miller and eventually, I ended up making the decision to run for attorney general. It got to the point where I realized that I’ve done all the stuff behind the scenes, and it was time to stand up and fight for the issues I care about.

My advice is to get involved, stay active, and be true to your passions! My office is currently accepting applications for interns – visit my website at: if you’re interested in learning more.

@maketinychanges tagged me in a thing but I forgot about it until today! Here’s the best selfie I can do today (the others were shite) my skin is dry af so I’m keeping makeup to a minimum and moisturised before piling it all on tonight. Got to have brows though.
I tag @slothyogagirl @copper-roses @nora-batty you’ve probably all done it already but since I’m so late to the game this time.

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Could you do one about Jared working in his office at home and you want his attention and you sit in his lap and begin to kiss all over him and ends with sex in his desk 😈😆please! And thanks!

Oh, this should be fun! I hope that you enjoy. 

Trigger Warning: SMUT


I can hear the phone ringing on the opposite side of the door. He didn’t work from home lately but today must have been different. He wanted to be close to me in my current state and I couldn’t blame him. I just wasn’t all that happy with him constantly being busy. I knocked lightly on the door but didn’t hear him move or even acknowledge me.

I looked down at my feet a bit hurt but then realized that I could easily get his attention. I stripped my top off. My shirt managed to tangle around my piercings when I removed it but it was fairly easy to get myself sorted right after. I removed my hair from the ponytail it was in allowing it to run down my back just like he liked it.

As I reached for the door handle, I could feel my heart beating madly in my chest. But as I looked into the office, it steadied as I talked myself down internally. I needed to be in control. I sauntered into the room, running my fingers through my hair as I moved closer to him.

His head was hanging as he talked with whoever was on the phone. The minute that he looked up at me, he hung up with whoever he was talking with and smiled at me curiously.

“What are you doing in here babe,” he asked as he pushed his chair from his desk. “You know that I need to finish this stuff up.”

“But you also know that I need a little bit of love and attention,” I chimed as I straddled his lap. “Don’t you want to play with me?”

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fmbl!!!! I dunno if you'll get to read this before the concert but i just wanted to say have fun!!!!! Stay safe and enjoy yourself!!!

THANNKS anon thank you!  I actually am seeing the show tomorrow - today was a travel day - so I’ll carry your wishes with me for sure!!!  For now I am very safe, about ready to tuck in for the night so I can get up early tomorrow and WAIT and then go get BUCK.

48 to go till the big party!

That said, 700 is a pretty shiny number, and as a thank you, I’m going to do a mini-celebration!


I’m only doing 5, and I’m only taking them from followers - no anons this time around.

I’m on evening shift today, so I should be able to knock a few off before I head to work, and then at least one more on my break…Meaning provided I have 5 requests before 7pm pacific time, I should have them all done by midnight and we can move on to other things (like getting ready for the 750 party!)

Thank you again, for following me. Your friendship, and support, and love has been overwhelming. And you’re all so talented and fun too. My heart is full.

I cried on the way to work today. I had a bunch of fucking asshole stress feelings like.. fucking.. pushed to the back to the furthest depths of my mind. I’ve been doing that A LOT lately. I can’t talk about shit! To anyone! So yeah. I was looking all over my car and couldn’t find ANYTHING to wipe my stupid face with and the lady in the car next to me is waving and I make eye contact and she mouths “ARE YOU OKAY???” and I just give her a  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. 

So now I’m trying to drown myself with coffee. 

CtM Thursday Thoughts

Hello all! I’m on my phone today and can’t do a “read more”, so I’ll just post a brief thought this week, about a series 7 wish that may sound strange for me, and that is:

I think there should be a new regular nun character on the show.

I know I’ve complained about too many characters and not enough screen time, but since Cynthia’s return is in doubt (at least to me it is) and even if she does return it will likely not be as Sister MC, it now looks like as of series 7 there will only be three regular nun characters on the show. So I think that if there is a new character next series, it should be a nun, and hopefully not another Sister Ursula type.

So, that’s it for this week. I will leave this here now and invite discussion. What does everyone think?

      Can I just say how much I appreciate all of you for following me? For sticking by me through lack of muse and my low points in life over the last five years. Gwen as a character means so much to me, she’s that one muse that sticks and I love writing her, I love developing her and I get to do that because of you guys. My fandom is very, very, very small so I don’t think I could ever express how thankful I am for those of you who have accepted me with open arms into your fandoms and allowed me to be a part of them with Gwen. <3 Thanks guys, ily.

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According to Kevin, Omelia problems won't be fixed in 13x17! I mean, I know all their problems can't be fixed in one episode, but I've just lost a little hope! I'm afraid they'll drag this thing down till the season finale...And what about the pregnancy? I don't what to think...😢😢

In today’s episode I think Omelia will take the first step towards reconciliation.

In order to fix their problems, they need to reach common ground and to do that, they need to talk and leave it all out in the open. I think that’s what tonight’s episode will be about.

I do believe that while still in the dark, Owen will be very “this is an ultimatum, if you don’t want kids at all then we should go our ways”. But I think before the end of the episode Amelia will come around, tell him what’s holding her back and then he will be caught off guard and I don’t think he’d turn his back on her after he fully understands what’s going on.

Owen really loves Amelia and wants to be with her. Knowing she wants to have kids but is shaken up by a massive trauma is much different than knowing she doesn’t want kids, period. That’s where the vows thing go too. For better or for worse, right? So I think this is gonna be their struggle from now on, up to the rest of the season, trying to figure out a solution for this and then they’re gonna be hit on the face when Amelia finds out she is pregnant.

Now in “getting all sentimental and shit with Michelle AKA niccalsmuds and cherylfromblur

I’m proud of them

Seriously tho, I’m really proud of what they are and what they do.

I’m proud of Jamie and the evolution of the band we all know through his pencil and view.

I’m proud of Damon and his unconditional love for what he’s doing with his music.

I’m proud of every person that works in what Gorillaz is.

And Damon, if you can just sit today and look what you’ve done with the singles, the name and date of release of the album, all the good in this fandom and all the expectation and love and happiness, I really hope you had a good birthday.

We love you and Jamie

We love Gorillaz.



Yudai blog update:

Good evening!!!
It’s Yudai Ohno!!
Today’s photo is with Toru

Thank you for your many comments and daily routine reporting!!! ^ ^

The other day I had the valuable experience of doing an onstage greeting for a movie, which made me very happy!
Everyone who came,
Thank you very much! 

And today was the final round of the radio and live broadcasting ,,,,

I was rather nervous. Lol

Everyone who was listens to us all the time, everyone in the staff,
I’m really thankful to you! !!!

I would like to continue doing it like this so that I can do it again.

And from tomorrow, we have our fan club tour Sapporo performance,
and our SWISH Tour Sapporo Performance!!
And since the weather is likely to snow,
Every who comes, please bring the warm weather with you!

Somehow I used “and” uselessly today, so I will did it again now

And, lol

I cut my hair again a while ago. Lol
Do not worry about sunburning even though my cheeks are read

I’ve done the 7:3 hair division more than I’ve done the 8:2 division, so I tried to go  for it here!

Good night!

Let’s make tomorrow a happy day for everyone!!!!!!