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Missing You

pairing ; lafayette x reader

summary ; the need to see your husband has not only gotten you to america, but also lost in the big new york city. 

words ; 1837

warnings ; badly translated french


My dearest Gilbert,

I do hope that you are alive and well over in America. The sudden stop in returned letters has left me quite shaken and worried about you. As your wife, I feel as if it is my place to tell you that I have been questioning you returning home. How do I know if you’ve found another in the “Land of the Free”? Or that you now believe that we should no longer be married? But besides that, I would like to tell you that I love you, and I hope to see you very soon.

Your love,

Y/n Lafayette.

You sighed, looking around you. The area around you was riddled with people, shops, inns, everything. The road in which you traveled to get here were made of dirt, and the bottom of your dress now had a brown tinge to it, something you were sure you would be able to wring out without much trouble. But the roads here were all made of cobblestone, carefully lain to provide the image of elegance and care about one of the most beautiful towns in the up and coming America.

You had absolutely no idea where to go, and you were sure you looked like a foreigner “just passing by” with the way you were standing. You were on your tiptoes, trying to see if there was anything you were missing, though that was simply because you’d gotten used to being as short as you were.

Women were never given the nice end of the stick in the height department, sadly.

So, with a shake of your head, you ran a hand over the top of your head and stopped when the side of your fingers met the bun atop your crown. Tendrils of hair poked out, but otherwise, it felt kempt and managed-looking, especially since you had an image to keep up, being a Lafayette and all.

Taking a few steps in what you thought would be a good direction, you got lost in the view of Manhattan. Alongside the cobblestone paths were buildings of utter beauty – brown bricks, red bricks, maroon bricks, even white bricks made up the walls, the windows were all outlined in gorgeous white wood, complementing the freshly-cleaned glass it framed.

The yards were outlined with metal gates with spikes at the top, a silent message to tell people to keep off the grass and property depending on the time of day. The inns and stores were all clearly marked, their signs elegantly carved with precision.

All in all, it reminded you of the beauty of your home country, France, what, with how everything was cozily pushed together and even the buildings themselves practically floating in regality.

Snapping out of your gaze of the place, you focused back on your mission – find your husband. He had to be around here somewhere, but it would take asking people to figure out where that somewhere was.

Taking quick steps into a store, you walked up to the counter and cleared your throat, “Excusez-moi?”

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She Had A Way With Words

Lafayette x Fem!Reader


Words: 1871

Warning: God, Churchy things at the beginning, LGBTQ+ Community, Anti-LGBTQ+ Community, Sexism, some Google Translated words 

Request:Hi! Can I request a fan fiction in hamiltime where the reader is a giant feminist and lgbtq+ supporter and protests her thoughts. At a lgbtq+ rally, she meets all of the Hamilsquad. She becomes best friends with the Hamilsquad and grows a crush on Lafayette. After she loses a public debate, she gets pissed that she lost and goes into a rage, and while the whole Hamilsquad tries to calm her, Laf really calms her down and it’s super fluffy!! Thank you! 😙 - @oliviam2004

A/N: I’m sorry this took a while to write. I have been really sick over the past week and I’m still not feeling very good. I would have wrote an imagine or two if it was just a cold, but what I have makes me really dizzy. Anyway, I hope this is what you wanted when you requested. Holiday requests are open! Love ya’ll!

“They are not people like me and you. These people and their thoughts are unholy and unjustified.” The speaker’s words made you grind your teeth.

How dare this man act as if others were below him and judge them for their own free will and actions. You glared and booed at him with a large crowd of LGBTQ+ supporters. You were willing to fight for what you believed in, no matter what it took. So, with a deep breath and you mind made up, you jumped on the stage to tell this rotten man off.

“Excuse me sir, are you God?” You asked him, his facing twisting in confusion.

“No Miss, I am not God. Please get off my stand, I’m trying to make a point here.” He turned back to the crowd and opened his mouth, only to be interrupted again.

“Then who gives you the right to call them sinners for what they’ve done? They are people just as you and me. You are not above them in anyway. The only person who needs telling off here is you.” You growled, getting closer to the man. A large portion of the crowd cheered you on, wanting you to test his limits.

“Settle down, Miss. I’m just warning them that God will strike them down. Now, please get off the stand. I do not want to use force.” The man was trying very hard to keep his cool and not yell at you.

“How do you know that God will strike them down? Did he tell you this? Did the Bible tell you this? Because from what I see, it says love everyone. So, how about you stop telling lies and shaming people for being who they are. You are no God and no king. You have no right to judge others and their ways or call them sinners any more than anybody here does.” You said, now getting in his ugly face.

“You’re just a woman, why should I listen to you?” He sneered, the crowd waited intently for your response.

“You’re right, I am just a woman. I’m a woman who has more brains than you could ever hope to. Now, everyone disperse! This rally is over. Everybody should be treated equally no matter their sexuality, gender or race. Remember that.” You said this proudly, the crowd beginning to disperse.

You smiled kindly at the man before stepping off his homemade stand and into the crowd. A couple of people you passed patted you on the back or told you good job. You couldn’t help but be proud of yourself. You believed in equality of all things and you were somehow helping make a difference.

“Excuse me, madame.” A man with a french accent said.

A warm hand was placed on your shoulder. You turned and was met with the most beautiful man you hand ever seen. He had gentle brown eyes, a very puffy bun and a smile that could’ve blinded you with it’s brightness. This was the owner of the french accent and you were completely stunned by the beauty of him.

“Um, yes?” You mumbled, blushing very brightly.

“Mon Amis and I loved your rant. We are very big supporters of the LGBTQ+ community and we were wondering if you’d want to grab some drinks with us?” He flashed one of his bright grins at you. You could feel yourself grow weak at the sight of it.

“I would love to go!” You attempted a smile back. Hopefully it could compete with his award winning smile.

“Great! My friends are already waiting for us at the bar. They thought I’d be the best at convincing you.” He held his arm, which you gladly took.

He led you to the bar, the two of you stealing glances at each other every once in awhile. You thought he was gorgeous and he thought that you were the most beautiful woman he had even seen in his life. Besides that, he already knew that you had a strong mind and personality, that only made you all the more attractive to him.

Walking into the bar, you spot a group of three rambunctious young men. They all smiled and waved you over when you walked in. They were by far the loudest in the bar. You could hear their laughs echoing outside the entrance.

“These are Mon Amis.” The french man grinned, pulling a chair out for you at the table. You sat down, thanking him as you did.

“Okay, let’s get through introductions. Shall we?  I’m Alexander Hamilton.” A short man, with his hair tied in a ponytail grinned. He seemed to be the leader of the group.

“I’m John Laurens.” The man grinned. He had plenty of freckles sprinkled across his face. His hair, like Alexander’s was tied in a ponytail. He sat closely to Alexander, you couldn’t help but feel like something was going on there.

“I’m Hercules Mulligan.” The man practically yelled. His voice was definitely the loudest and he seemed to be proud of it. He wore a gray beanie and had some nice pants on.

“I’m Lafayette. Sorry for not introducing myself earlier, mon cherie.” He blushed lightly at the mistake.

“I’m (Y/N) (L/N). It’s nice to meet you boys.” You said, smiling at each of the boys.

“Your whole rant was just amazing. Do you public speak a lot?” Alexander praised you.

“Oh, thank you. I actual do speak in public a lot. I do all kinds of debates for things that I believe are right. I really want to change the world.” Your eyes lit up as you spoke. This was your passion and something you held strongly to.

“You already are changing the world, mon ange. You are simply incredible. Alexander, when this war is done, you must get a position for (Y/N) in congress.” Lafayette said, his eyes never leaving yours.

“I couldn’t agree more. General Washington would love you. You got to meet him some time.” Alexander said.

“I’d love to meet him. He sounds like an amazing guy. Do you think with him we have a chance of winning the war?” You asked, praying that the war would soon end and a new country would be born.

And with that a beautiful friendship blossomed. You and the four young men soon came inseparable. You would come to camp sights and became close with Washington, helping him in war plans and attacks. The boys would often leave camp to watch you speak and destroy your opponents with the elegance of your words.

As your friendship with them grew, so did your crush on Lafayette. It was obvious to your friends that you were head over heels for him. Little did you know, that he had just as big of a crush on you. The two of you were helpless for each other.


“I’m such a failure!” You yelled, clenching your fists tightly.

“Hey! Don’t say that. You did amazing, that guy just knew what the crowd wanted. He manipulated your words and their minds. It’s not your fault.” Alexander consoled, patting your back.

“It was a disaster! People are never going to respect me again. It was hard enough getting the respect men as a woman. How will I ever earn that back?” You huffed, kicking the table closest to you.

“(Y/N), they’d be fools not to respect you. You have twice the brains as half the men in congress.” John said, giving you his best cheer up smile.

“Yes, I have twice the brains, but the fact of the matter is I’m a woman in a time where women don’t matter. We don’t have a voice and our opinions don’t matter. He pointed that out and basically called me a trophy for any man to take!” You growled, your face red with anger at the man’s words.

“But you are so much more than a trophy, mon amour.” Laf’s warm voice made your heart stop. He took your hand in his and ran his thumb over it gently. “You are so smart and amazing, it’s a wonder those men can’t see that. You may be a woman, but what you are doing for the community is so, how you say, incredible.”

“Laf, you’re too kind. Did you not see how he basically crushed me and all my words? How do I have an impact on people, when my words were ridiculed and forgotten?” You said, much more calm now that his hand was on yours.

“Mon cher, you may not have made it through to that man or a majority of that crowd, but I bet you that someone in that crowd was effected. I know I was. Your words are a gift, don’t throw them away just because one man disrespected you.” Laf said softly, bringing you closer to him.

“But at the end of a day, I’m just a woman.” You sighed, dropping your head.

“Not to me, mon ange. You have more brains, elegance, beauty and charm than any of us could ever hope to gain.” Laf pulled you against him, hugging you tightly.

“Hey! I have brains!” Alexander protested, only to be hit over the head by Hercules.

“Shh, I think they’re having a moment.” Herc whispered, Alex and John nodding. The three of them quickly ran out of the room, hoping that the two of you would finally get together.

“You mean so much to me, (Y/N). Do you understand that?” Laf asked, moving back slightly from the embrace to look at you.

“Yes, Laf. You mean a lot to me too.” You pulled him back into the tight hug. “Thank you for reminding me what I’m worth.”

“That’s what I’m for. I will always remind you how extraordinary, you are.” Laf whispered in your hair, pecking it lightly.

“Hey Laf?” You asked, trying to build up the courage for what you were about to do.

“Mmm?” He hummed, playing with your hair.

“I love you.” You said quietly in his chest.

“You what?” Lafayette stiffened, his head shooting up. He pushed your body away from his, looking stern. “What did you just say?”

“I love you?” You asked, shaking slightly. What had you just done? You had ruined a perfectly good friendship. It would never be the same and he may never want to be your friend again. What are-

Your thoughts were cut off by his warm lips on yours. His rough palms held your face gently, brushing his thumbs against your skin. You rested your hands on his chest, steading yourself at the disbelief of what just happened.

“Je t’aime aussi.” He breathed, pulling away from the kiss.

“You’re lucky I know French.” You giggled, pulling him in for another kiss.

“Mon, I am more lucky to have some how captured the heart of such an extraordinary woman.” Laf smiled.

Somehow (Poly!Hamilsquad x Reader)

Warnings/Triggers: Depression, angst, suicide attempt, really bad writing

AUs: None

Time Period: Modern

Notes: Part 2? IDK let me know!

Tags: @because-katiedid (Here you go! I should have some more soon too!)

If there’s something I need to tag please let me know! I want you to feel safe and comfortable reading my stories! Thanks!

Part 2 Part 3

You felt useless. It seemed like you could never do anything right. He stared up into the mirror. It seemed like there were no words for how you felt. Nothing you could say, nothing anyone could say would help now.

Sighed, looking back down at Alex’s bottle of pills. They were sleep pills, always full. Alex never slept.

You unscrewed the cap, thankful that the boys were all at work that Wednesday. Until you heard the door open.

“Mon amour? I’m back! I got off a bit early!” It had to be Lafayette. You focused all your energy on unlocking the pills, you seemed to forget about locking the door.

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Sam Holland x Reader: Watching a Horror Movie Headcanon

Originally posted by edsgazebos

• The movie is all of the rage right now, but you loved it before it was cool
• Your grandfather loved all of Stephen King’s books so he passed his collection down to you
• You read most of them, but they are slow reads due to the fact that you are scared easily
• So it’s a process
• Especially with your schooling and job
• But you still make it work and continue to read King’s thousand paged masterpieces
• It had not been your favorite book, and you felt as though it was a little over rated, but you had enjoyed it immensely none the less
• You had watched the original movie (TV mini-series actually)
• You had sat through 4 hours of it and loved it all
• Of course this was a few years before you met your fiance, Sam
• This boy had known about your obsession with Stephen King books since before you guys had even started dating, and when he saw that there was going to be an It remake he let you know about it as soon as possible.
• So he comes home after finishing up a scene for Harry’s new up and coming short film and immediately seeks you out to present you with the latest news
• It is no surprise to him when you start crying on the spot. With excitement of course
• You mark the date September 8, 2017 in your calendar
• As you lay in bed with Sam trying to go to sleep, all you do is mumble about what happened in the book
• And he rolls his eyes subtly because you have already told him approximately 6 times, but all he does is rake his fingers through your hair as he hums to show that he is listening
• You have that man wrapped around your finger
• And of course you make him read it before you guys watch it because duh
• When he had met you he had started reading Stephen King books to have something else to talk to you about, and he had enjoyed most of them
• The thing is is that he does not enjoy the genre of horror
• His brothers may or way not have called him a wimp multiple times in his life because he jumps at every jump scare and occasionally covers his eyes
• But Sam still had fun reading the books
• He had to agree with you. It wasn’t his favorite of King’s works
• It’s all good though as it was still highly enjoyable
• As the days approaches to Friday the 8th, you are practically jumping up the walls in excitement
• But your Sammy boy has a surprise for you
• He had bought tickets online to watch It the night before it was officially going to come out
• He knew that you had wanted to watch it on the night of the premier, but the movie theater that was offering it was 1 hour away
• None the less he rallies you into the car and drives you off to the cinema
• Of course you are quite confused for you had no clue what he was planning, but he just grabs your hand in his warmly as he deflects your questions
• After 35 minutes of driving Sam pulls the car over for a minute to blindfold you. You would figure out where he was taking you if he didn’t do it now
• “Now you’re covering my eyes? The last time we did this was in bed you naughty boy.”
• Sam just snickers and continues to tie the cloth around your head
• When you are off again you throw more questions his way
• But he does not budge, and when the automobile stops you are still in the dark (pun intended)
• After Sam helps you out of the car, he takes off the blindfold
• Your eyes shoot to the large board which advertises the theater’s name, and you can’t believe your eyes
• “No! You did not just…” You’re speechless. “Baby…”
• “I know, my love.”
• You stare into Sam’s green eyes, and they shine with happiness. Seeing you so joyful makes him feel delighted in return.
• You give your wonderful fiance multiple pecks on the lips in gratitude before catching him off guard as you suddenly grab a hold of his hand and drag him to the entrance
• You pay for the popcorn, candy, and fruit punch (much to Sam’s displeasure) because you like to contribute, dammnit!
• You choose the 2 seats in the middle of the theater to get the perfect view and munch on popcorn through the trailers
• Honestly, you are already scared before the movie even begins because those new horror movie are spooky!
• Sam has already shifted the arm rest up so he can reach out to you
• The intro to It begins, and you’re ready
• But then you aren’t because if you thought that the original Pennywise looked freaky, it’s got nothing on the new one
• And then Georgie’s arm gets ripped off, and you’re crying. Hey. No one else has to tell you that you’re a wimp. You already know.
• Sam is doing a little better than you because he’s not crying, but that sure was scary as hell
• Because you read the book and watched the original you were aware that this movie was more suspenseful than scary, but you are spooked anyways
• The music and sounds as well as the amazing visual effects make the movie wicked
• You are cowering in your chair in minutes with your feet on the seat and your hands covering your eyes as you peep through your half opened fingers
• Sam has also started to cower a bit, but he can’t because he is going to protect his partner!
• He tucks you into his side and rubs your arm confortingly up and down
• But as more and more creepy scenes pass you can feel Sam get more tense
• He’s scared, and you know it
• But this boy is going to comfort you while you are frightened and isn’t going to let himself become more afraid
• At every jump scare and suspenseful scene, he holds you tighter in his arms (he has switched to hugging you to his side) and moves his finger side-to-side on your upper arm
• 1 hour in and sweet Sam loses it
• It is just 1 too many jump scares, and he let’s out a short but very loud scream in fright
• Of course he immediately starts blushing, and you can see it clearly when you turn your face to look at him
• As you gaze at his red visage in the pale light, you chuckle lightly and place your hand on his chin to look at you
• And you just look into his green orbs as you rub his freckled face softly
• The world has momentarily melted away, and it is just the two of you
• That is until you hear the characters on screen screaming loudly in terror
• Both of your attentions move back to the movie, and you focus, but this time it’s different
• You need to protect your mans too
• So you do as you tuck his face into your chest and wrap your arms confortingly around his neck
• He nuzzles in deeper and sighs in contentment as he snakes his arms snugly around your waist
• You spend the rest of the movie like this as Sam ducks into your chest when he is scared and you nuzzle his hair when you want to look away from the frightening scenes
• When the film is over, you two untangle yourselves from each other, gather your trash, and walk out of the theater hand-in-hand as you discuss your thoughts about the actors, your opinions on different scenes, and the differences between the book and this remake
• And you continue on for the entirety of the ride home
• When you arrive, you and Sam work on turning all the lights in your home on because it is night time, and you two are always paranoid after watching horror films
• In bed you thank him again. “Thank you so much for doing this for me, mon ange. I love you so much”
• “Of course, darling. I know how ecstatic you were to watch this movie. I love you more”
• You turn to switch off the lamp next your side of the bed and quickly engulf Sam in your arms
• You stay like this for approximately 1 minute before you can’t take the overwhelming darkness of the room and quickly turn the lamp back on
• “Thank God,” Sam sighs. “I couldn’t handle that pitch blackness anymore”
• So he switches on the TV to play some type of cartoon or show for little kids like you guys always do to distract yourselves from thinking of the horror movie that you previously watched together
• As you gaze blankly at the mind-numbing show (that was actually keeping you from thinking about Pennywise the Dancing Clown), Sam grasps your waist tightly in one arm and pulls you on top of him
• You slowly fall asleep together as your minds are being calmed by each other’s love and comfort ing presence
• And when your loving fiance wakes up in a cold sweat because of the nightmare he just had, you are there for him pressing loving kisses across his face and murmuring sweet nothings into his ear in solace

Pillow Talk

I’m super excited to be able to post my piece for the @miraculouspridezine! if you haven’t already, you should totally check it out because it’s got a ton of other great pieces!!!!

on ao3

Words: 1430

The sun had risen some time ago, though the light was still dim, and Adrien’s room slowly brightened as the light leaked through the storm clouds that clustered outside, suffusing the room with an almost stifling warmth. Nino stirred lazily, and leaned into the comforting weight on his back. He didn’t know what time it was–was it even still morning, or had they passed into afternoon already? He was willing stay there with his boyfriend all day, without complaint.

His boyfriend. Nino grinned at the thought; such a simple phrase, but one that he couldn’t stop repeating to himself. He loved Adrien no matter what; they were best friends. But finding out after so long that his deeper feelings were, in fact, requited… Nino thought he might burst.

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anonymous asked:

Hiiiiii! Can you possibly write a Lafayette x fem!reader where she has a really bad nightmare/night terror and wakes up screaming and he comforts her and fluff ensues!!!!!! Thanks!!!!!

Here we go! Also sorry if the format is weird, I’m on mobile 😕

“Don’t go, don’t go,” you mumbled in your sleep.

“Mon ange?” Laf, who was lying behind you, whispered, placing a hand on your shoulder gently.

“Don’t go!” You sat up in a panic, shaky, hot and cold flashes all over your body along with tears streaming down your cheeks.

“Mon amour?” Lafayette sat up with you, trying to discover how bad the nightmare was.

“Don’t go,” you swallowed harshly and shook your head at him, “please, don’t go.”

Your tears weren’t hidden, you cried, believing the bad dream was reality. He know that you had bad nightmares and that they really affected you, so he always tried his best to calm you.

“Find your headspace, My love,” Lafayette placed a comforting hand on your back rubbing gently as you were bent forward, crying into your hands, “shh, I’m here. I’m here.”

Looking over to the clock Laf noticed it was 3 am. He had to be up in three hours for work, rubbing his temple with one hand; you were more important than sleep. You were not important to him than anything!

A few moments later you were calming down, “Laf?”

“Yes, mon coeur?” He looked up, seeing you look back at him.

“I’m ready.”

With a nod, he laid back down, letting you cuddle right up against him. He held you close, running his fingertips along your skin. You traced a pattern along his bare chest.

“I love you and I’m sorry I’m so crazy, the nightmares- they-” you were cut off by your tears.

“Shh, you’re not crazy. You’re perfect. They’re scary, I know. It took me years to handle mine after the war. I didn’t have anyone, and that’s why I want to be here for you, so you can never feel alone,” Laf placed a kiss to your forehead.

The very thought that he went through night terrors alone made you hug him closer. His scars were just on the outside….

“Laf, would you ever…. leave me?” You whimpered, still upset from the bad dream and now worried they might scare him off due to his own bad memories.

“Non, mon amour,” Laf looked down at you with a smile, “never.”

“Never?” Your eyes were looking for assurance.

“Never. Not even if you shipped me back to France,” he cuddled you, “I’d find my way back to you.”

Coming Out- Poly!Hamilsquad x Reader

 Requested by @astudentsnightmare

A/N: I am so sorry that this is so short! I tried to make it longer, but this is how it ended up. I loved this request, as a bi girl, so thank you!

Prompt: The reader comes out as bisexual to the hamilsquad.

 “Guys, I have to tell you something,” she said, her voice soft against the buzz of her boyfriends talking. She rolled her eyes when they failed to respond.”

“Guys. Sit. Down.” her voice was loud and firm. Hercules, who was right next to the young woman, turned to her.

“Yeah, sweetheart?”

“I have something important to tell you,” she whispered to him, and he nodded with an understanding grin.

“No problem.” Hercules cleared his throat and, using his loudest voice, shouted, “ANNOUNCEMENT!”

They all snapped to attention, and Y/N studied the faces of her lovers- John’s freckled face and bright smile, Alexander’s tired eyes that somehow were still filled with fire, and Lafayette’s concerned gaze. She gave a thankful glance to Herc before closing her eyes briefly.

“Y/N has something to say,” Hercules announced. All eyes shifted to Y/N. She gulped, beginning to play with the hem of her shirt. John, seeing her nervousness, quickly grabbed her hand.

“It’s okay, mon ange, no matter what it is, we will always love you and be there for you,” Lafayette said kindly from in front of her. She nodded.

“Look, I’ve meaning to tell you since we met, but I was so scared…” she trailed off, feeling the familiar butterflies enter her chest. She felt frozen in place, unsure if she could continue.

“It’s okay, sweetheart,” Alexander said quietly, squatting down so they were eye-level. Sitting in the middle of Hercules and John, and with Lafayette and Alexander in front of her, she felt calmer.

“I- I guess what I’m trying to say is- I- I’m-” Y/N once again faltered, her vision going a bit blurry with tears, her mind running away from her. John squeezed her hand, bringing her back to reality, and she choked it out. “I'mbisexualandIgetitifyoudon'twanttobewithmeoryou'renotcomfortableor-”

She stopped when a pair of slender arms wrapped around her.

“That’s fine, Y/N. It’s awesome!” John exclaimed, quickly pressing his lips against hers. “We’re all bi, we’re not going to ruin a relationship with the best girl in the world just because she is, too!”

She smiled as Hercules pulled her against his large chest. Alexander joined in, then Laf.

“We love you no matter what.”

“Thanks for telling us.”


“Thank you, guys,” she whispered with a laugh, wiping at her tears and looking around her. She found herself in the center of a group hug, surrounded by the people she loved.

“Why did John get a kiss?” Hercules whined, giving her his best sad eyes. Y/N laughed and gave him a quick kiss, making him grin.

“If Herc gets a kiss, I want one!” Alex complained, furrowing his eyebrows. She kissed him, too, and turned to Lafayette without him asking.

“There. Are you all happy?”

 Request Something  Masterlist  Thank you for reading!

amiedelabaisse  asked:

For the prompts thing, could you write exr apologising to each other after a fight? But no pressure if you don't want to!

Enjolras rapped his knuckles on the door and waited, fiddling nervously with the hem of his cardigan. There was a scuffle and the sound of movement inside, but the door remained closed.

Enjolras took a deep breath, reminding himself of Combeferre’s advice that this would go much better if he could just stay calm. He knocked again.

The sound of cursing made its way through the wood, and after another ten seconds or so Grantaire was standing in the doorway, arms folded and looking impatient and disinterested, though the red rings around his eyes gave away his real mood.

“Yes?” Grantaire asked after several awkward moments had passed.

Now that his boyfriend was in front of him, Enjolras’ planned speech had vanished from his head. “Can I – can I come in?” he asked, buying himself more time to think. His voice sounded more vulnerable than he’d intended, and he realised abruptly that he would have no idea what to say if he was turned down.

“I don’t know, can you come in?” Grantaire asked mockingly, but stood aside to let Enjolras through nevertheless. “You have a key and half your shit is here; you practically live here at this point.”

Enjolras shuffled into the hallway and let Grantaire close the door behind him. He felt like a visitor in this apartment for the first time in months, and that just wouldn’t do.

“I’m sorry,” Enjolras stated, cutting right to the chase.

Grantaire merely grunted sceptically and walked a few paces away, busying himself with tidying the clutter on the side table and not meeting his eyes.

Enjolras sighed quietly. He could do this. What kind of hypocrite would he be if he spent half his free time railing about injustice, but couldn’t even apologise to his boyfriend when he had been hurtful?

“I’m sorry for what I said to you about the leaflets,” he tried again. “It wasn’t fair of me to call you lazy, especially when I know how much you struggle with that descriptor. And I should never have implied that you… didn’t manage to get them done… on purpose. I know you must have tried your best.”

Grantaire turned around, trying to continue being sullen but unable to help the upturn of his lips. “It was pretty ableist of you,” he agreed.

Enjolras knew Grantaire was trying to mock him, but that didn’t stop the words from being true. “It was, and I’m sorry,” Enjolras replied, taking a hesitant step forward. “All the work you do for Les Amis is appreciated, and you don’t ever have to push yourself or feel bad if you can’t do something, okay?”

Grantaire took a step forward too, then, face becoming earnest as he revealed how little he actually wanted to remain arguing. “Okay. But you need to let me say that I’m sorry that I called what you do pointless, and that-“

“No, no!” Enjolras cut him off, taking another step forward so that he could take Grantaire’s hands in his. “I said something really out of line and you reacted by trying to push me away, which I know you can’t really help. Don’t apologise for that.”

Grantaire ducked his head. “Still probably shouldn’t have called you a bougie hipster who gets a kick out of acting like he’s one of us poor miserable fuckers on the weekend.”

Enjolras gritted his teeth. “Well, it’s kind of true-“

“No it’s not.” Now it was Grantaire’s turn to cut him off. He reached out his callused right hand and brushed a lock of hair behind Enjolras’ ear, leaving their left hands still entwined. “You really believe in what you do, and you show solidarity, not pity. I still don’t think you’re gonna change anything, but I’m proud of you for giving it your all.”

Enjolras smiled, blinking away the beginning of tears. “Thank you,” he whispered, leaning down to allow their foreheads to touch. “Love you, R.”

“Love you too, mon ange,” Grantaire replied, tilting his chin up for a kiss.

More stuff about Günter's bf Montrose!

Holy shit you guys like Montrose! Thank You! And to make up for the lack of information about him and Günter’s relationship, I present this to all you lovely people! Enjoy! - Mun Annette

-During the events of the film, Montrose isn’t in America, he was in France, he finally moved to America a few months following the film.

-Günter is the only animal who can call Montrose “Monty”

-Montrose normally calls Günter “Mon Cher,” “Mon Amour,” or “Mon Ange”

-Günter, on the other hand, calls Montrose “Schatz (It means Treasure),” or “Libling (it means Darling)”

-their conversations with each there are strange to the outside observer, why? Because Günter will be speaking German and Montrose will be speaking French. Its just something they do, if there isn’t a need for them to speak English, they won’t

- Günter doesn’t understand Chinese, that’s why Montrose normally speaks it with his family

-The two of them are a mix of the gross super lovey dovey couples and already married domestic couples, its really weird.

-Montrose is the big spoon

-Two years of their five year relationship were long distance, Günter was in America while Montrose was in France

-they give each other a lot of cheek and Eskimo kisses

-Because Montrose has black circles around his eyes, Günter like to circle them with his thumbs before giving Montrose a Eskimo kiss or a regular kiss

-They rarely ever fight, seriously, they’ve only fought like twice and they both hated the experience.

-Montrose likes to hug Günter from behind, burying his face into Günter’s neck is an instant stress reliever for him

-Most people assume that Montrose is the older of the two, when in reality Günter is older by two years, people assume he’s younger and likes older men. Montrose loves the looks on peoples faces when he tells them that Günter’s older, its funny as hell

-Günter likes to wake Montrose by attacking him with tickles and kisses

That’s all I can think of for now, there WILL be more, trust me. Thank you guys for encouraging me to explore the adorable relationship between these two.

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The Dark Side of the Moon [Lafayette x Reader]

Length: 1897 words

Genre: Angst(ish)

AU: HamilTime

TW: Violence / Blood 

You looked around for you courter through the busy bar. It wasn’t rare that he would be here, and you decided to spend the night with him and his friends, instead of being cooped up in your home. Your mother died during childbirth so it had always just been you and your father. He was a kind man, and very hard working. You admired your father to no end; he made sure that you got a proper education, and made sure you knew that the sky wasn’t your limit. It was through him that you got to know your courter, Gilbert du Motier, or better known as Lafayette. Your father was a tailor, and a mentor and friend of a one, Hercules Mulligan. You were visiting your father at the same time that Gilbert was visiting his Hercules. The four of you were properly introduced to one another, Hercules having known you from a young age. Looking around, you looked for a familiar face, frowning when you saw none. You checked the time once more, making sure that you weren’t just early. You sighed, Gilbert was never one to be late, but there was a first for everything. Suddenly, a hand had reached out and grabbed your elbow. You whipped your head back, trying to tug your arm free. 

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Unfaithful: Untruthful (2) (Lafayette x Reader)

Request: could u do a part two to Unfaithful, maybe where Laf and the reader end up dating, and thomas sees and gets jealous and mad

Pairing: Lafayette x Reader

TW: Drinking, Violence, sex reference, cursing, I think that’s it?

WC: 1274 (damn we wrote a lot)

A/N: WE DID IT! YAY! We really hope y’all like it, it didn’t really follow the request… anYWAYS SORRY THIS IS SO LATE



“Thanks for letting me crash here for a few days, Lafayette. I really didn’t want to be alone in my apartment.” You said as you brought a small suitcase into Lafayette’s guest bedroom.

“No problem, mon cher, I love having people around. It gets really quiet around here.” You turned to see Lafayette leaning against the door frame.

“This is the worst Christmas ever.” You flopped face down on the freshly made bed. The bed dipped beside you as Lafayette sat down. His hands made their way to your shoulders and started massaging them.

“Non, don’t think like that mon cher. Aaron Burr is throwing a Christmas party, why don’t you come with me?”

“I-I don’t know, Laf…”

“Please? We don’t have to stay for long, but you shouldn’t spend Christmas alone moping around.”

“Okay, I’ll go. But only if I can get some eggnog.”

“See? You’re already back to your regular self!” He laughed, “Now go get ready, and wear your best Christmas sweater!”

“If by best you mean ugliest, then of course I will!”

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anonymous asked:

what would the amis be like as parents?

Oh boy, the Parents AU is back and I won’t be tamed :

  • Enjolras & Grantaire cancel each other out, thank god. Enjolras is always there, fussing over his daughter, stressing about her well-being and safety while Grantaire would give her the moon would she ask for it. The first few weeks after Apolline was born, Enjolras couldn’t sleep because he was scared she was feeling alone. “Mon ange, come back to bed! I’ll throw all those children’s psychology books in the trash tomorrow, it’s messing with your head”
  • Combeferre & Courfeyrac are the dads everybody wants. They always go on excursions, either to the museum, to the park, to the playground, to the library… They’re always so active and take Charlie everywhere with them. Combeferre boasts like HELL when people ask him “Oh is that you little boy?“ “DAMN RIGHT LADY, HE SURE IS“. Courf had to buy a second memory card for his phone cause he took way too many pictures and his social media is invaded by baby pics and annoying baby updates
  • Joly & Bossuet & Musichetta are organised as fuck. Raising twins is never easy but at least they’re three on the job. Bossuet was scared to harm them at first, because of his bad luck, but he soon discovered that it didn’t apply to teeny tiny little beings. Joly keeps daily journals of the twins meals, temperature, bowel movements, burps, just in case. In case of what, they don’t know, but the intel is there. Musichetta is a sergent of the trio, always at the ready, giving the boys tasks to do and managing the whole affair like a champ. Sometimes, they all lie in bed with the babies between them and spend hours smiles at how disgustingly happy they are
  • Feuilly & Bahorel take such good care of their foster kids oh my god. It’s always hard to let them go because they become a real family in the end. It’s never easy at first, some of them have trust issues and don’t want to open up but after a while, they realise their new home is a safe haven. Every Friday, Bahorel bakes with the kids and lets them wipe the dishes clean with their fingers. He’s got a Pinterest account to get craft ideas to do together. Feuilly is so so attentive to the kids needs but never pushes them to share more than their are comfortable with. Often, one will have a nightmare and Feuilly will ask if they want him to stay with them for the rest of the night. End result : Bahorel regularly finds Feuilly sleeping there, hugging the kid tight

anon request;; can I request some hamlaf headcanons?

Mmhm! Thank you for requesting! xx


»Like when he’s working all he thinks about is going home to Alex and kissing him and being rlly sappy

»And Laf gives the CUTEST nicknames

»Like he’ll call Alex ‘mon bébé’,
‘mon chéri’, ‘l'amour de ma vie’ and Alex’s favorite 'mon petit ange’

»And Alex calls Laf 'my baby’, 'babe’, 'honey’ and Laf’s favorite 'cutie pie’

»Laf speaks more English around the house bc he wants to get rlly good and impress Alex’s friends

»And Alex speaks more French around the house bc he wants to make Laf feel more comfortable and it’s so cute asdfghjkl,,,,

»Okok so Alex is definitely the big spoon

»But if Alex is sad or rlly stressed Laf jus pulls him to their bed or couch (whichever is closest) and cradles him like a lil baby and Alex falls asleep right away.

»Laf’s cookies are the best!!

»Laf is always baking when he has the time and if Alex is home while he’s cooking he’ll steal cookies and lick the batter.

»And Laf pretends to be mad but he secretly loves it lots

anonymous asked:

Hii!! I was wondering if you have any domestic e/R HCs or if you could write a ficlet or smth because I'm feeling a bit down atm 😔 thanks! 💘

I’m sorry to hear that, I hope you feel better soon lovely. (Remember even the darkest day will end and the sun will rise) <3 

  • Enjolras works so hard that Grantaire makes Sunday’s just for them. They usually spend it staying in bed but occasionally they’ll make the effort to go out on an actual date, most of those date nights are spent in bed coming up with a compromise of where they want to go
  • Grantaire does all of the cooking, they used to try to share that responsibility until R figured out that Enjolras can’t make anything that doesn’t involve a microwave/sandwich press. 
  • So many whispered sweet nothings, they are absolutely disgusting with the pet names they use for each other, and all of the time. “Pass me the remote Mon Ange” “Here you are, sweet cheeks.” “Thank you, snuggle-bear”. Just super gross.
  • Their apartment is always a mess. Every once and a while they’ll attempt to clean it, but somehow always end up in bed together when they go to make it. They don’t get much further then that.
  • Grantaire has hoarded a million different types of coffee. Since Enj is an unmovable force in the mornings, he always gets up and makes them a cup with a different flavour depending on the day. Monday’s are double strength, Tuesdays are a smooth blend, Wednesdays a dark roast, Thursdays have a touch of mocha and Friday’s are for irish coffee (Enjolras decides to skip his morning coffee on Fridays.)
  • Every morning he takes the two coffee cups into the bedroom, trying to gently nudge Enjolras awake. Enjolras always ends up pulling him back into bed and holding him there with the stubbornness of a thousand suns. Their coffee is usually cold by the time they get to drink it
  • Once they finally got their shit together and stopped arguing over every little thing they found they are actually pretty good at syncing up with each other. Enjolras can write more powerful speeches if R is painting next to him, every so often inserting an opinion. R finds Enjolras is a spectacular muse. Just his company somehow makes his paintings brighter and warmer.
  • Winter is their favourite season. They can curl up on the couch with a warm coffee and a blanket, cuddling so close they can’t tell where one ends and the other begins
  • Sometimes they go the whole day without speaking to each other. Not because they’re mad but because they’re incredibly comfortable in each others company. Sometimes no words are needed to be said, and touch can say a thousand things.
  • However they always make sure to say “I love you” to each other every night before they fall asleep. Sometimes R can’t help uttering it a dozen times. Once he got over the fear of saying it the first time he now can’t stop the words from coming out. 

a-moment-of-such-peace  asked:

I've been struggling with one class recently and don't have a great grade in it. Could you write me some Enj getting a bad grade, either at lycée or university, and Les Amis or R specifically comforting him? Please and thank you.

“A bad grade in Visual arts isn’t the end of the world, mon ange.”

“Speak for yourself,” Enjolras mumbles. “You could show up late with starbucks, stick all your used cigarettes to a canvas, call it “21st century plant” and get a 20!”

“Hey hey! You’ve got great at Maths! All I do in Maths is doodle and look pretty, and I can’t even do 50% of those things!”

Enjolras nudges him with his shoulder for the self depreciation. He never stops with that! Grantaire takes his hand and kisses his knuckles:

“Maybe you can’t do art because you are art.”

“Maybe you can’t do maths because you already have my number.”

“Haha no, it’s because I don’t want to find x, I’ve got you.”


Between Heaven & Hell - Part 12

Fic Update: Between Heaven and Hell

Summary: Angel and demon AU, Emma is the light and Killian is the darkness, they can’t be together but can’t stay away from each other.

Also can be read on or on AO3

Special thank you to @kliomuse, who very kindly did some beta work on this chapter for me. But any errors with the French words/phrases in this are solely mine.

Paris - 1740

“How much longer?”

“Just a few minutes more.”

“That’s what you said an hour ago.”

Auguste looked up from the easel and smiled at her over the edge of the canvas, “Art can not be rushed, mon bel ange.”

Emma watched him bend back down and heard the soft scrape of his brush as he continued to work. She held her pose on the small dais she was perched on, standing up straight with one foot placed slightly in front of the other and her arm extended, reaching for someone who wasn’t there. The sun shone through the tall window behind her, spreading a rich amber glow over the somewhat dusty tarps laid on the floor and it was warm on her back through the thin white linen of her robe, specially made just for this. It had been early morning when Auguste had started to paint and now it was late afternoon, but she felt no fatigue nor had any trouble maintaining her position. She frequently posed for him for hours on end, watching as he lost himself in the canvas and paints.

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