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Day 18: Magnus + Eyes

Minutes after he’d ended the call, he could still hear Maryse’s voice in his head, and her scoff that he was once again at Magnus’. He had assumed that the three months would have been enough time for her to get over the fact that he’d chosen Magnus, but his mother was nothing if not persistent in telling him the many reasons why he shouldn’t waste his time with Magnus Bane.

“Still asking you why you’re with Magnus,” Izzy asked when he sighed.

Alec nodded. “Now, she’s asking me what I see in him.” Alec made a face. “Like seriously. What kind of question is that?”

“You should have just told her he has a big dick,” Jace said, with a casual shrug of his shoulders.

“Jace!” Alec exclaimed, not like it did anything for Jace who just stared calmly right back at him.

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Beard, scruff, or clean ?

You really know how to ask the right questions, huh? I don’t know if I can answer this right away. I need some examples to help me pick…

First, bearded Jared (because Sam never has a beard….*sigh*)

GAH just look at that manly manliness. I LOVE THE BEARD

But what about scruff?

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This is hard…. the scruff is like the perfect combination of the manliness and his beautiful face. It frames it so well. Sometimes Sam has a little scruff too. And honestly it kills me.

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OK but also I can’t decide unless I look at shaven. Gotta have all the facts first, right? You can see his dimples clearly, the hard lines of his face, everything that makes him beautiful…

Wait… where was I going with this? Whatever. Can I just have them all??

Airbrushed Perfection

Author’s note: Oh. My. God. I can’t believe I finally finished this gAH. All my Reigisa feels kinda exploded aaand this fic was born. It’s my longest fic yet and and and and ;~; help it’s not a prompt, I’m so sorry but I had to get this one out of my system asdklfasd

Summary: AU. Rei’s a make-up artist and his high school crush, Nagisa will be his next (swimsuit) model. Deciding to be a good friend, Rin makes sure everybody leaves early once the shoot’s over and only god knows how they ended up on the floor like that. 

Word count: 5,5k of pure fluff hOLY


Some would say one would grow bored after a while, but oddly enough, Ryuugazaki Rei, devoted make-up artist, never got tired of making people presentable for the camera. Make-up was an art form and no one could convince him otherwise. Their models were beautiful without make-up, yes, of course, but adding a little color here and there, along with some brushstrokes, their features would be highlighted and could be proudly represented to the world.

During high school, Rei had always thought he’d become a scientist, a biologist or maybe even a librarian until he came across this one photo in a beauty magazine. It was a before and after picture of a woman who had undergone a so-called “make over” and Rei remembered instantly falling in love with the concept of make-up. She was radiating with confidence, her eyes were sparkling and looked absolutely gorgeous with that pink shine on her lips.

After that, Rei practically delved into this world and found himself drowning in it. There were so many videos on YouTube, articles, books, stores, products, and people who were more than willing to help him become a pro himself. It was a bit awkward to ask the girls at school what kind of brand of foundation they used, but they were usually open about it and at some point, Rei was the one giving advice to a handful of people.

Except… to that one guy who had been sitting a few tables away from him. The one who was always skipping around, doodling on his desk, smiling at everyone and laughing out loud whenever Rei embarrassed himself.

Hazuki Nagisa.

His high school crush.

They had never had a proper conversation except for some polite small-talk because they happened to take the same train to school. Rei was too socially awkward to start a conversation so he decided not to while Nagisa was the most social person he had ever seen in his life and was not afraid to talk to anyone, including him. Sometimes they’d talk for more than five minutes, which was basically Nagisa rambling about a new anime he had come across and Rei listening to every word, secretly loving the way Nagisa moved his hands in rapid motions, trying really hard to describe everything.

It was both fulfilling and unfulfilling. Just listening to him was not enough and Rei wished he had had the balls to approach him, but every time he wanted to, he’d see Nagisa hanging out with a couple of senpais and Rei would instantly turn around and sneak away because those senpais looked very intimidating.

And so Rei stuck to watching him every now and then during class, enjoying his presence and accepting that he had succumbed to something as silly as having a crush on a classmate.


… Right, he had been drifting off and quickly apologized with a bow to photographer Matsuoka Rin who was sending him his infamous glares. Couldn’t exactly blame him, since Rei often daydreamed about stuff (“stuff” being Hazuki Nagisa) for a good fifteen minutes until he’d hear distant yelling.

He jogged over to the male model Rin was currently taking photos of, reached for his hip bag, which contained about ten different brushes and powders and started touching up his make-up. It had become such a standard routine for him so Rei barely had to think while he swept the coated brushes over the man’s cheeks and forehead with ease.

In the beginning he was pretty awkward around their models, especially since they often did shoots for bathing suit magazines, but he got used to it after a while. The female models were always very nice to him, smiling shyly and sometimes even asking him if he was single, while the male models merely acted polite and didn’t pay that much attention to him.

This one was no exception. Just did as he was instructed, turning his head to the side and holding still while Rei blended out his contours.

When he was done, he excused himself and went back to his assigned spot, which was right behind Rin, so he was within earshot.

Not that that mattered, though, because his mind started to wander off again. For some reason he was particularly distracted today and let himself become fully absorbed into his own thoughts as the continuous clicks and flashes were eventually drowned out.

“Good work, everyone. Thank you!”

Rei jumped up because Rin had casually shouted the words right next to him, probably to make sure he would hear them, and quickly adjusted his tie before he bowed deeply and thanked everyone for their hard work.

It wasn’t long before Rei had cleaned up his little vanity table, thanked all the models he had worked with today and ended up talking to Rin and the rest of their team about their new project next week.

“So next Tuesday we’ll be shooting for Free! Weekly and we’ll be working with one of their new models. It’s our only project for that day, but according to the editor, that model’s a handful to work with,” Rin explained and played a bit with the straps around his camera. “Oh, well, I guess we’ll see. Nothing we can’t handle, right?”

Everyone agreed loudly, bowed and left. Rei stayed behind as usual to chat with Rin for a bit before they got ready to leave. Even though Rei acted like a daydreamer from time to time, the two of them got along pretty well and often stayed behind to chat or get a cup of coffee together.

“Why is this model a handful to work with? I’m actually kind of curious now,” Rei said and slung his bag over his shoulder, adjusting his glasses while he was at it.

“Dunno,” Rin answered with a shrug. “According to the editor he was super energetic or something and bounced all over the place during his interview. Meh, whatever, we’ll figure something out. He gave me the dude’s portfolio so I’ll go check that out tonight. Find his good sides and shit.”

“What’s his name? I can do a quick background check,” Rei inquired and already got out his smartphone, ready to open his Google app.

Rin threw his head back with a bark of laughter. “Go ahead, you nerd. His name is Hazuki. Hazuki Nagisa.”

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So i drew a Shatt thing that will be a future scene in Stars Align, Stars Collide way down the line when Shiro can finally be able to smile like that and I couldn’t wait to get to that scene but its so far away so have these doodles in the meantime Shiro is very happy, it may or may not involve finally being free from galra control and Matt is just stunned seeing Shiro so happy again GAH I CAN’T WAIT TIL I GET TO THIS PART cuz they’re flying through space and Shiro is cradling his bae in his arms just so fucking happy

There’s a reason behind Matt wearing that Masked/hooded outfit we saw in the season 2 trailer shhhuuusssshhh it’s all part of the plan

*stares at doodles and sobs* this scene is so far away but I love how I came up with it it’s just so perfect I will color this eventually probably with water colors ONE DAY

The scene is set to this wonderful song

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gah your rhodes/reese fic gave me all the feels :))) can you please do another for them for #27?

Aaaw thanks so much ♥️♥️

Anyway, here’s your request :)

#23: “Okay so maybe we’re both lost. But at least we can look at the lights?”


So the ride there was fine, they assessed the patient and deemed him perfect for the heart back at med. The patient would be arriving by ambulance the following morning.

A young guy got a new heart and she got to spend an afternoon with none other than Dr Connor Rhodes.

A perfect outcome.


“Do you think we were meant to turn left there?” his voice interrupted her thoughts.

She signed, “Yes. Yes we were.”

“I’m sure we could just follow this road until it turns left again right?” she wasn’t looking at him, but she knew he sliding down his seat, the expression of a child caught with his hand in the sweet jar on his face.

She shook her head, deciding not to comment on her boyfriend’s decisions.

“See,” he said, “we’re right on tra- WATCH OUT.”

A tree in the middle of the road. Of course.

And of course, they crashed directly into it.

“Seriously Connor? Seriously?” his only response was to bang his head against the steering wheel.

“Okay,” she said, determined to not be the chick who can’t handle cars, “let’s see what the damage is.”

Reese only took one look at the car before picking up her phone, “That’s it. I’m calling Choi to come pick us up.”

Before Rhodes could respond Reese had already arranged it.

Now they just had to survive in some random off the beaten truck road for an hour or two until Choi (no doubt laughing) would arrive.

Rhodes walked over to Reese and wrapped his arms around her from behind.

“Look up,” he whispered.

She smiled when she did.


Littered over the skyline, no city light pollution to cover them.

“Wow,” she whispered as he nuzzled into her neck.

“Come on,” he said leading her to the car. They both say on the hood, leaning against each other.

“So maybe we’re both lost. But at least we can look at the lights?”

She smiled and nuzzled into him, “Sure.”

And that was how Choi found them roughly an hour later.

Staring up the stars, he couldn’t help but feel their heads were somewhere up there too.


Hope you liked it :)

If you would like a funny imagine with this prompt, just request again :) for some reason I felt like writing cheesy fluff for this one though…

Feel free to request, I have a prompt list or you could just send in a scenario with a character :)

I write for the Chicago Series, all D.C. CW shows and a bunch of bands and book series (a full list is somewhere on my page)

Thanks for reading :)


Gif source:  Wade  |  Steve

Imagine being Deadpool’s sister and an Avenger, but you have a bad habit of being reckless and one day you get in an argument with Steve over your recklessness and when you ask Steve what it matters to him if you’re reckless or not, he admits it’s because he cares about you.

——— Request for anon ———

“Well, excuse me, Captain Perfect, but this is just the way I do things. I think I’ve more than proven I can take care of myself by now. I was fighting beside my brother before you were even de-thawed, my man,” you huff back in your own annoyance, before finally growling, “Fuck’s sake, I don’t even understand why you always get so riled about the way I fight! No one else does! Why do you care if I’m ‘reckless’ or not?”

“You put us all in danger on that mission. Someone could get hurt or worse, trying to look after you, all because of your recklessness,” Steve’s voice has grown to a shout by this point, the two of you having argued heatedly the whole flight over. Now, the jet was abandoned of everyone but the two of you, your getting off having been stalled by your fighting.

“I never asked you to be my keeper! You don’t have to watch me like a hawk during every fight!”

“I do have to watch out for you! I do it because I care about you!”


“‘Tis better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.” Tennyson.
Do you think he’s right?
I don’t know, but if you figure it out, tell me?

Requested by Anonymous (who deserves all the awards!)

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I just wanted to say that I love your art style and every time you draw something new it makes me so happy just keep being fabulous okay

Anon:the quality of the Rosemary pic is amazing!! and the piece is absolutely lovely :33

Anon:Sunny you are just the most talented person i could ever have grace my dash.

Anon:gah! ive loved your art style since the first moment i saw your art… but omg, your bill cypher design kills me everytime. its just perfect (well, i cant highlight just one of your designs, they are all perfect!)

Anon:I just wanted to say that I really love your art, it’s fantastic, and so are you!


A look at all my face claims so far and who is next. I have been super slow with writing my back stories lately but GAH I just love them so much and I want them to be perfect!!!

Molly Reed - Chelsea Staub
Aria Sheridan - Kiersey Clemons
Addison Sinclair - Gabrielle Wilde
Crash Yamaguchi - Yoo Gun
Thomas Hunt - Henry Cavill
Ethan Blake - Lee Thompson Young
Lisa Valentine - Demi Lovato
Jamie & Claire | Tell Me You Love Me [collab w/Claire]
"I can't see the truth in your eyes..." Twitter: Tumblr:

I’ve been on a bit of an emotional roller coaster for a few days (real life reasons, but Outlander/Sam and Cait seem to just touch all the buttons, too) so when this NEW fan video popped up in my inbox last night of course I went and took a look and listen.  WITH MY EARPHONES IN…Guys, this might be my new all time favorite, it has it all.  And the song is perfection.  And I cried.  And cried again.  

I don’t believe Lila - silverxbeauty - has a tumblr account, but I certainly do appreciate her talent.  Give a listen when you have time to sit and cry for ten minutes, especially with the earphones - when Jamie’s brogue and Claire’s tears enter the brain - GAH!

@sherrigamblin @weencounterednowildbeasts @outlandishchridhe do you think we may need to “examine” this as a prelude to the next OL-Anon meeting?


What 4.5 pounds of perfection looks like! Each of the girls are 4.5 pounds (2 kilos)!! Which means they’ll graduate to a basket and out of their incubators soon!! All they have to do is learn how to take a bottle and they’ll be home before we know it! Gah! It’s all still so surreal….like I have three babies….I grew three babies…..just a weird feeling! They don’t feel like they’re mine! I can’t explain it. I know some women who see their babies for the first time and they have an immediate maternal connection. Maybe because I haven’t held them yet, haven’t fed them, haven’t touched them….I have an immense love and curiosity for them but I don’t feel connected to them quite yet, if that makes sense. I even googled it….I came up with postpartum depression….I am certainly not depressed….at least I don’t think, then I googled if I was depressed or not, ha I think I’m just overwhelmed with the idea of being a triplet mommy….certainly not underwhelmed….