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Scott McCall is no longer a teen wolf he is now an adult. So i present to you, jeff davis’ last fuck you to the teen wolf fandom, Adult Wolf… a teen wolf spin off starring the same exact characters. except now they’re too old to be called teens so we had to upgrade. See you next season fucks.

DM: So your party encounters a gray slime.
Me: a slime, huh?
Cleric: Like— like… a slime?
Knight: *brief pause* I swim in it.
DM: Uh. Okay, so you swim in it. It starts to envelop you a little.
Knight: Oh, uh. I get out.
DM: Strength check.
Knight: 15?
DM: Yeah, that’s good. You, you get out of the slime but not without having some of it stick to you. It’s kind of gross.
Knight: Well I—
Me, at the top of my lungs: I FLIRT WITH THE SLIME!!!!!!
DM: You what? Wh— okay, you know what? Roll. I’ll allow it.

(I roll a nat 20. Everyone at the table goes batshit insane)

DM: The slime takes on a humanoid shape, gets down on one knee, and proposes. What do you say?

Me, sweating nervously: Um. I say yes?

DM: congratulations. You’re fifteen and engaged to a slime.

Man: Hey, did you see that stylish blonde walking around town?

Man: Did I! He’s cute - and has a nice camera!

Man: I know - I’m so jealous. I wanted to ask where he got it, but just can’t work up the nerve to talk to him. 

Prompto’s Gay-sass-in Festival :) 

this month snk fandom is losing their shit more than usual (me included), have to throw in my two cents~

Also hi I officially joined Annie Leonhardt defense squad 💎