this is all shady's fault

Okay, listen. Just listen. 

Damian and Tim have a complicated relationship, that’s for sure, but they’re brothers. It’s messy and tangled and not clear cut… but you have to admit, like Tim does not do right by Damian at the beginning of their relationship. This is complicated further by the fact that Damian did try to kill Tim when they first met. Yes, that is definitely Bad. But like… Damian was 10. Not only that but he was abused his whole life. That doesn’t make what he did excusable but it makes it understandable when he begins to change. Like Tim is almost and adult and he hurts a 10 year old out of spite even when it’s clear that the kid is changing.

It’s a complicated situation, but you have to stop pretending that Tim is your perfect little Angel Child and infantilzing him. There’s no Right or Wrong in this scenario, life doesn’t work like that. But Tim is capable of being cruel and he is cruel to Damian during their first years together.

I’m getting really tired of this Damian is A Monster Torturing My Perfect Angel Tim Drake rhetoric. Like Damian is a child and was abused and you need to start factoring that into the equation.

Elizabeth Henstridge Sydney 2015 Q&A Part 1

I was at Supanova (a con in Sydney, Australia) over the weekend and Elizabeth Henstridge did a Q&A! I’ve transcribed the first half of it here to the best of my ability, I have paraphrased questions for brevity, and guessed at a word here and there, because the record quality was pretty poor. But here it is! I hope to have time in the next day or so to transcribe the second half and will post it as soon as I do. (I have the original recording and if you’d like a copy, drop me a message, it’s terrible quality but if you play with the EQ you can make out most of it.)

Q: (from the MC, leading in from a brief introduction about her character and her relationship with Fitz) … And there’s this sense between them of this love that just… Doesn’t work

or DOES it? I ship them SO hard. Iain doesn’t. He said it’s because he doesn’t want to kiss me. He’s told me that.

MC - is he drunk?

well he is Scottish…<laughter> But Chloe and I are really pushing hard for Fitzsimmons.

Q: What did the final scene of season 3 entail (to shoot)?

Mostly embarrassment because the way we did it was I had to be on almost like a skateboard, and I had to launch myself onto it, on my belly, and then someone had to pull me back very quickly. And doing scenes like that, you just feel like an idiot. But you have to take it very seriously but there’s all these people just staring at you getting dragged on this skateboard which you tried to jump onto. So it’s not that it took very long, but I’m very grateful that the CGI was so strong because it did not look cool when we filmed it.

Q: What do you think will happen to Simmons (in season 3)

Well, I can’t give it away, because they don’t tell us anything, not a bad thing. I’m worried that I would sleep talk and walk up to people on the street and just talk about it. But we had so many theories on set. I kind of like the idea that it’s a time machine and she goes back in time and goes to a time when Fitz doesn’t know her, and nobody knows who she is. Or she turns invisible, and she’s there but no one knows. Or maybe she, you know, goes to Asgard… Or that she gets mega fighting skills. That would be fun. Although as an actor not as fun because they take so many hours to film.

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i love how everyone is saying 'mcr are shady' like??????? are ppl aware of the fact that neither gerard nor frank nor ray nor mikey is running the website/twitter? the band members have absolutely nothing to do with this. its the fans starting dumb rumors based on false information (or intentionally manipulated information) and then they go and make the band responsible and call them shady lol wtf??? next theyre gonna say its all gerards fault again bc you know everything always is

Yeah, seriously, why are people blaming the guys? They had nothing to do with this. They don’t run the band’s website or Twitter, and Mikey didn’t do anything shady by watching Frank perform. The only really odd thing is Gerard going off the grid, but there are plenty of possible reasons for that (going on vacation, taking a break from the Internet, etc.) I’ve never understood why the guys are blamed whenever the website/Twitter changes. They don’t run the Twitter, and I doubt they know enough about website code to go in and make weird changes to the website. (They probably don’t even have the ability, since they don’t operate the site.)

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I'm scared my bf has cheated on me. I saw texts to his friend about a girl he sees at work everyday and he asked should he go for it? I confronted him but he said I was overthinking it and it's my own fault for thinking that because I looked at his texts. I'm so scared my ex cheated on me after 2 years it broke me completely, I don't want to feel broken again. He was texting a unsaved number as well saying 'you slut ;)' and things too. I've cried myself to sleep all week while he lays beside me.

wow what a jerk!! it’s NOT your fault at all, he’s the one thats being shady and texting other girls. i’m going to be completely honest here but you deserve SO much better than him. youre a wondering person and you deserve the world, not some asshole who is sneaking behind your back. it’s going to be hard but honestly you’re much better off without him. i’m here if you want to talk more about it