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Broadchurch parallels: Holding the other’s food/drink
Season 2, episode 8 and Season 3, episode 3

Queue the infamous locker jam scene. And queue the infamous everything falls out of locker scene.

Actually, no, don’t do that. Why? Because in this masterpost I’ll explain multiple methods of organization that you can choose to follow or even create hybrids of in order to keep your school year as organized as possible.



1.       The “3 inch” Binder

Yes, the quotation marks are necessary. By the end of the year this binder won’t feel like it’s only three inches but a million. The point of this method is to keep ALL OF YOUR PAPERS in one place at all times. There are many people who always struggle with losing papers and not knowing where they went. If that’s the case for you, then this is the perfect solution. Use a 3 inch binder to store all of the assignments of each class and you no longer have to worry about where your chemistry lab went or where you history essay walked off to. Many dislike this method due to how heavy the binder becomes, however it’s completely worth it if you struggle with the problem I mentioned.

2.       Multiple Binders

If you enjoy binders and feel they help you to stay organized, go ahead and use this method. Many people will go ahead and use a binder for every class. The reason for this is that they for ahead and take the extra step of having a section within sections within sections. If you’re an organization freak like me then go ahead and follow this method because I know I am. The only problem with this method is that there are going to be A LOT of binders so if you don’t have the space or time to go back and forth to your locker I wouldn’t suggest this for you.

3.       Accordion Folders

This is a similar method to the 3 inch binder. Have an accordion folder to keep all your papers in. The difference between this and the binder is the hole punch. However I do recommend the binder much more than this method because many resort to smashing their papers into the pockets which leaves a jumbled mess in the end. It’s also a lot easier flipping through a binder than looking through an accordion folder. (Also I completely forgot the actual names of these things so don’t go asking for accordion folders)

4.       Important Folder

Many people, including me, will have one folder to store any immediate papers that are important for that day or the following. This is a great addition to the 3 inch binder method because many times you won’t want to take out the binder and instead something quick. Go ahead and use a folder if this is the case. However, just like every other method, there is always a downfall that you have to be aware about. Unless you are an extremely disciplined person and tell yourself to put away the files put in that folder every night, more likely than not you will end up having a bulky folder filled with papers from the previous month. Since this is the case, you need to be strict with yourself about how you use this folder and make sure to actually put those no longer important, or immediate papers away.


·       Planner

Ahahaha you thought you’d get through this masterpost without seeing a planner? NOPE. Planners are essential to staying organized so if you refuse to use one and are really struggling with keeping your school life organized, THIS IS WHY. Utilize your planner in a way that’s efficient for school. Write down all of your assignments and any specific events for EVERY CLASS. This is the most important part: even if that class didn’t assign any homework, STILL WRITE SOMETHING. Many times I try to think back to what I did in a class from a couple weeks back. By that point, no one remembers anymore. That’s why you should not only write down the homework, or “N/A” but also a quick bullet point/ gist of what you did in class.

·       Pencil Pouch(es)

Yes, this can even be plural. A pencil pouch is a necessity for school. Don’t rely on the little pockets in your backpack because more than likely, that won’t be enough and you won’t ever actually put the writing utensils back in their original place. If one pencil pouch isn’t enough to store all of your super cute and adorable stationery, then use two. I do. Don’t be afraid to just have one for highlighters and another for pens and pencils.

·       Notepad

This is something you probably won’t see in everyone’s organization system. However, it truly helps. I find there’s numerous times throughout the year where I need to create a quick list for whatever reason and absolutely despise having to use one whole sheet of paper in my notebook for something so small. Whether it be for an essay, a lab, the vocab list, or all of the un-motivational quotes on the walls, a notepad or to do list will do the trick.


For lockers, I always liked keeping mine simple. After 6th grade when I had all the sparkly crap and completely unnecessary carpet, I realized all it does is take up space. That’s why I would only include the following for your locker organization:

·       Locker Shelf

This adds space that would have previously been unused. They make lockers really tall and slim but don’t bother putting shelves already in there?? Having a shelf will give you that extra layer to store books and whatever else so it’s definitely a good utility to keep in your locker! Here’s something you should follow: you want your locker supplies to make space, not take up space.

·       Small storage container

I find that I always end up having all these small things floating around in my locker. These small objects just end up getting piled up in front of your textbooks and make it difficult to get to your notebooks, binders, books, etc. If you include a small storage box, you can put all of those things (notecards, extra pens, erasers, lead) in the container and viola! No more junk piled up in your locker.

That’s it for lockers! Like I said, keep it simple. Your locker isn’t your room or where you even spend most of your time in. No one is looking at how cute it is either. Truthfully I wouldn’t even include a magnetic pencil holder as that takes up space and falls if it becomes too heavy. It’ll become a hassle instead of a help.


My only tip on how to keep your backpack tidy is to have a specific place for everything. Don’t think too much on this and just put the supply in whatever place you think of first. If you make your system complicated you won’t actually follow it and end up with a messy backpack. For example, laptop should go in the laptop sleeve (super simple), calculator in the front pouch and binders in the biggest/main part of the backpack.


And that’s all I have for school organization! I hope this helped in any way possible! It sorta became super long but ah well, there’s a lot of information that I hope you all can utilize.

Question of the day: Is there anything in this list that you are definitely going to include in your school organization system this year?

Also! Don’t forget to check out the rest of the series and what’s to come HERE!

Ahh this series is almost at an end and truthfully I’m so surprised with myself for getting this far. I’m glad I’ve been able to help many of you!

-much love, studyessie ♡

And it was all yellow.

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Incoming: Avalanche

I hope you fuckers know how much I love you.

There are going to be 26 godsbedamned posts going up today so I can clear out as much of the inbox as I can. Yes, I’ve written them all inside of about 3 hours. 

Please, please don’t set me on fire. Normal slow-ass queue will return tomorrow. 

xoxo, Aunt Scripty

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Hey do you have any first kiss fic recs??? I'm in the mood for tooth rotting fluff 😊😊😊x

Hey there Anon!

I’m a huge sucker for first kisses / first dates, so hopefully you would like some of these:

Wintertime - spacemanearthgirl

Word Count: 2, 536

Summary: Kara Danvers cannot ice skate.

Just Like Flying - sanvxrs

Word Count: 1, 957

Summary: Movie night. Lena has a crush on Kara, and Kara doesn’t know how to tell Lena that she’s an alien.

How a Luthor Gets the Girl - FallingArtist

Word Count: 2, 823

Summary: Lena flirts all the time, Kara rambles all the time and somehow Lena manages to get the girl.

The Truth (Will Set You Free) - spacemanearthgirl

Word Count: 2, 007

Summary: Only a drunk Kara would think it would be a good idea to show up at Lena Luthor’s office unannounced.

The Ride to Cinnamon BayLisaLynn71

Word Count: 3, 479

Summary: Kara asks Lena out to dinner.

^^ (this one is still in the queue and should be published in a few days.

If you would like some more fics then you can check out these tags: first kiss , first date.

P.S. Kara riding a motorcycle = #blessed.

(And yes, this is me subtly [not so much] asking writers to write as many fics of Kara riding a bike as you can.)


Alrighty, guys!  Since I have way too many WIPs right now, I’m letting ya’ll choose which one I work on releasing next!  I have more, but these are the 3 I’m giving you for now. 

I can’t make a promise when they’ll be finished, but which ever ya’ll pick will be the next CC I release!  Probably by the weekend, but again, no promises!


I’ll look at the results about Noon EST tomorrow.  Also, I’ll queue it to reblog throughout the day.  If you want to block it, block the tag leeleewippick.

Update:  The Swimsuit Set won!  It’s gonna be the next CC I release!  Thanks for all the help guys!

    modernize me.

          for characters from fantasy or historical settings.
          send a symbol to see what my muse would be like in the present day. 

                  ►   Netflix
                  what does their Netflix queue look like? if Netflix has all the TV & Movies!

                  ♪    Playlist
                    random five songs from their favourites playlist. 

                  👏   Dream
                      what is their aspiration?

                   👓   Education
                      top 3 subjects, worst 3 subject. what was their ‘clique stereotype’?

                  ♚   Resume
                      what is their occupational history?

                  ☒   Criminal Record
                    do they have one? what did they do? their mugshot.

                  ☺   Online Profile
                      top five sites, example tweet, what would their tumblr be like?

                  ✞    Beliefs
                      what is their religion, political leaning & what would they advocate for?

                  🎧   Gaming
                     top 3 games, favourite game genre. are they any good?

                  ✎   Books
                      their five favourite books. what type of story do they like?

                  ✈   Travel
                   good driver? how do they get to work? been abroad?

                  ✿   Home
                      what does their home look like; and their bedroom?

                  ☕   Coffee Shop
                      what would they order from a coffee shop or cafe?

                  웃   Wardrobe
                      what is their style label? 5 examples of their clothing.

Hi everyone,

if you’ve been following any part of my personal life you’ll know that tomorrow I’m traveling to go see my partner in D.C. for two weeks! Because of that, my tumblr might be a bit inactive and I’ll be slow to respond to messages. Most updates will be a lot of personal posts and stuff.

If you want to know how my trip is going, all of you are welcome to follow me on Snapchat (Mara.sov). I’m going to try to get my queue filled and reduce it to 3-5 posts a day rather than the 10 it’s set at. I’ll be around the rest of today and a bit tomorrow while at airports. 

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Hey, if its not too much trouble could you make a tutorial for the text effect on your last graphic ?

English is not my first language but I’m gonna try. I assume you mean this graphic, send me another ask if I’m wrong.

What you’ll need;

  • After Effects 
  • Photoshop (Or any other Editing program that can create Gifs)
  • This Font

Warning;; This Tutorial is pretty picture Heavy.

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JTG’s Writing Sprints are Back!

Originally posted by strangetogetherforever

Want to join me? This is how it works: 

Step 1: Starting tomorrow, I’ll be setting up my queue to post Writing Sprint reminders at different times throughout the day. 

Step 2: When you see a reminder, whether it’s on my blog or on someone else’s, start writing. Don’t worry about following my timetable. We all have different time zones and activities, the important thing is to set some time for yourself and get your writing done.

Step 3: Let us know how you did. Reply with your word count, share a sentence you love or a small teaser or snippet, tell us if you finished a drabble, a chapter or a fic. 

Got questions/suggestions? Let me know. I’d love to hear from you.

Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Alright, let’s get writing!

I’m tagging: @titaniasfics, @erstwhilemagic, @hutchhitched, @mega-aulover, @everlarkingjoshifer, @xerxia31, @kleeklutch, @thelettersfromnoone, @finnicko-loves-anniec, @lovelizziekins, @katnissdoesnotfollowback, @burkygirl, @peetabreadgirl, @alliswell21, @notanislander, @eala-musings, @booksrockmyface, @mtk4fun , @arabeth-thea @papofglencoe, @thegirlfromoverthepond, @pinksnailsaver ‘cause I think they might be interested. 

Last week was a nightmare in so many ways, but it’s finally over. I’m setting up a nice queue while I recover and prepare to hop on a plane tomorrow. I’ll catch up with all the cool art and fics I missed as I lurk 👀 If you spotted some juicy dick good stuff during last week, feel free to send it my way.

Also shout-out to these beautiful human beings (always in alphabetical order):
@digitalscratch-arting @feelsgood-anon @illneverrecover @serensama for being there and supporting me through this in their own ways <3


hi loves, so i start a new job tomorrow and i’m incredibly nervous. (i can literally feel my anxiety growing every second that goes by) since i’m starting a new job and i’m sure i’ll be stressed and anxious out of my mind, i’m taking a break. i’ll be back this weekend though since i have off, so it’s only for a few days!

i have a queue set up as it has been (3 posts a day) and i’ll try to come on to see what people are up to and allll that stuff. any asks will most likely be answered this weekend unless i randomly go on tumblr and have a few minutes to breathe, so if i don’t respond right away don’t think i’m ignoring you!!!!!!!! i appreciate your messages and id never ignore you guys so pls dont think that<3

anyway that’s all, love u beans and see you soon! :^)

300+ followers; why I'm leaving

First, I just want to thank everyone for reading and reblogging my work. I’ve talked to many of you and you are some of the most beautiful people I know.

I’m not sure If you’ve been following my poetry over the last week or so maybe longer, but I am in a state of distress right now.

I will continue to write and post up until Tuesday, but on that day I’m going in for a formal evaluation to determine outpatient options, but I just received a phone call today from my doctor after talking to him yesterday.

He wants me to explore inpatient options as well. He actually wants me to pay more attention to inpatient services. I’ve never been admitted before and I will be 31 in July. Before you ask it did suck watching kids get cake at school during the school year and no one giving a shit about us summer babies or our cake.

I would be lying to you if I said I wasn’t scared. I would be lying to you if I said I didn’t think about hurting myself, permanently, at least three times a day on a good day.

You don’t want to know about my bad days.

I have my queue set to trickle out my recent writing as well as my future pieces. I average 3 a day, so that’s a least 15 more poems.

@scrawls-of-daisy-arkanian @jlimrosenberg
will also be throwing me into the @broken-souls-uploads queue. For those of you who don’t know, we feature poets speaking about all those unspoken things inside of us all in the most intimate and beautiful ways. We’re not sure about future prompts yet, but ours are always open and we will reblog you if it’s your first piece or one hundreth poem. If you have something to say or get off your chest, you shouldn’t be restricted to a time frame.

I actually started BSU because of a convo I had with Scrawls after reading one of his pieces. I was recently re-diagnosed as Bipolar II after discussing the last 11 years of my life and all my mistakes I’ve made. All the people I’ve erased.

Again, I’m so fucking afraid right now. I don’t know what to expect. I hope I find the solid ground I need that will help me finish this lease with my “roommate.” I hope I can come back with more poems for you.

As long as they let me bring some of my old poetry books, a journal, and a pen or pencil I will be fine. I think. No music. No phones for God knows how long.

It could be three days best case scenario. I don’t believe it will be that short. A few weeks or so seems more likely. A few months freaks me out, but I don’t know if that is likely.

I love you, if you think no-one does.
You are beautiful, if someone has made you feel ugly.
You are strong, because you are trying.
You are worth it because you are loved, beautiful, and strong.


That’s the phrase that started BSU. I don’t want to leave, but I need you to understand this is best for me and I can’t be strong for you if I can’t be for myself.

I want to be happy.
I want to accept love.
I want to be beautiful again.
I want to be stronger than I am now.

I love you.

B.E. Grissom

Hello Everyone!!!

Hope you’re all doing well these days. Just a short little something to let you know that I’m leaving on hollidays tomorrow for 3 weeks and that starting tomorrow, I’ll have no wifi so I won’t be on here at all. 

I’ve set up a queue if you for the month and I have some fics for skam month as well . Have fun while I’m gone!

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Headcanon for ralvez taking a bubble bath together??

it’d most definitely happen after a long, stressful day, luke tells spencer to sit on the couch while he sets up the bathroom and when it’s finally ready spencer almost cries, it’s just so cute and thoughtful that someone would do this for him and light the candles and put in a whole lotta bubbles because luke knows that’s what spencer likes. it’s not all serious though– at some point luke grabs a handful of bubbles and places them atop his head and says “look, i’m you!” to which spencer replies by also taking a handful of the bubbles & putting them on his chin so it looks like a beard, proceeding to tell luke that “i’m you!”

hey! i’m trying to get a really big queue set up because i’m not sure how active i’ll be for the next few days, so if you post any of the following, reblog or like this so i can go through your blog:

  • b&w/muted colors
  • all for the game
  • the raven cycle
  • harry potter
  • the shadowhunter chronicles
  • the grisha trilogy/ six of crows
  • the secret history
  • got/asoiaf
  • ya lit in general
  • poetry/quotes/writing in general
  • art
  • photography or aesthetic things

thank you! <3

So, what now?

Well, the show is over! So, what’s next for this blog?
First of all to everyone probably done checking this blog now, I want to say thank you for supporting PLLCloset over the past nearly 4 years. Goodbye!
I of course will continue to search for things from the finale and Season 7 until I run out of searches.
I still have about half of Season 3 to post and some of Season 1, and I have them in drafts so I will be setting up a queue with all of them.
I plan on making a post with my favourite outfits from the season and from the series as a whole for each liar.
I plan to leave this blog behind after everything is up that I want to be up, though. So there will be no more cast outfits being posted, and from this point on it will be only outfits from the show.
I’ll probably be here for about another month posting stuff, and after that this blog will be an archive of outfits. I plan on it being having everything that can be found on here, and in the future you can just refer to this blog if you’re wondering where something is from.
So I’m not gone just yet, but basically this is the beginning of the end.

going away psa

Hey guys!

Just to say that I’ll be away from tomorrow until July 14th. Not sure if I’ll have great wifi or not and I haven’t had time to set up a queue so I’m really sorry if I’m absent for a bit!

Will try to get online/maybe consider giving someone my password to run the blog whilst I’m away, but if I can’t/don’t I will be back on the 14th. 

See you all soon <3

Hey, all!

Just wanted to let you know, I’m going on vacation for the next week and wont be able to update. But I didn’t want to leave yall hanging for an entire week, so I have the queue set up to post one quote at 11 am every day, because there’s no way I could get 21 quotes set up for the whole week.

So posts will still happen, but at one update a day. Sorry for the inconvenience! Posts will be back to normal on Monday most likely!

That’s all for now! ~Mod <3