this is all official artwork


“ ― You have not encountered cunning or danger until you have faced a British Templar.”

*Rupert Ferris has been omitted from this work


Some very pure Osomatsu Party Card Art!
The rare occurrence where they’re all having a wonderful time and nothing unfortunate is happening to any of them~

Osomatsu-niisan is back at it again killing me with faces, he looks like he’s about to combust lmao
I see his arm around Totoko, that’s like fifth base to him, right? XD So good, the official artists are so good.

Sloane Rates (all official artwork)

Cadet Sloane with Darth Vader 

20/10 im so proud of her look at this bright-eyed young cadet saving the emperor and vader’s life with her attention to detail and star charting skills incidentally she’s the same age as vader which puts things into perspective tbh 

Captain Sloane Yelling at Kanan 

12/10 yelling at assholes is her natural state of being, i hope he’s properly ashamed of himself. also kanan was kind of a fuccboi in a new dawn let’s be real you can see hera rolling her eyes in the background

Vice Admiral Sloane with Gun 

100/10 literally flawless, I heard her hair is insured for 20,000 credits, witness that villainous hand clench and slight sneering lip curl, I would marry her if asked

Grand Admiral Sloane Propaganda Poster

50/10 stylized and commanding I would gladly give my life for her, fuck the new republic, fuck the light side, all hail our glorious leader, also I was on the fence about the hair streak at first but now I think it’s pretty sexy ok also I wrote a whole fanfic about how obsessed with this poster I am and thinly veiled it as another character’s thoughts

Star Wars Armada Admiral Sloane 

1000/10 i can’t believe it she’s probably the most luminous being in the galaxy and I’ll never be heterosexually inclined again


Star Wars Atlas Sloane 

0/10 shitty tracing of a character from a completely different movie, they didn’t even take the weird earpiece off and her glorious hair is all gone what is even going on here, this isn’t my wife

anonymous asked:

I adore all your Stanchez drawings! <3 If you're looking for prompts....old men doing something super sappy like dancing alone in the Shack, or Rick singing while Stan listens, or cuddling and watching a movie together?

thank you! :D have some old men tuning in to a parallel dimension 20-part miniseries of “the duchess approves”

(i’m very surprised there aren’t more redraws of the officially sanctioned artwork that started it all…)

This artwork is gorgeous and I just had to share it!

Stunning personal outfits for their solo illustrations, all brothers wearing the infamous white dressing gown which is something I figured they’d never be caught dead in lmao, and some handsome black suits for the party they’re at!

Beautiful art, I’m in love~

anonymous asked:

Hey! I'm new to the Gorillaz fandom, can you maybe mention some good Gorillaz blogs to follow? Thanks

Sure thing! 

Let me start off with the people who draws Gorillaz fan arts: 

@yaki-chizu, @gfan2001, @ashesfordayz@ichibyoushi, @taka-shima, @myrteelo (she also has an ask Gorillaz blog: @gorillaz-band-answers), and @bulletproof-eggs

Other Great Blogs:

@gorillaz-art: This blog shares official Gorillaz artworks from Phase 1-4. All created by Jamie Hewlett. 

@shannonssoundcheck: She has great Gorillaz Aesthetics and other random and funny Gorillaz things that would make you laugh.  

@foggydaysinboston: Her blog is kinda new, but her blog contains a whole lot of Gorillaz related things that you would like. She’s also a big fan of Murdoc. 

@gorillaznorthamerica: Their blog is a perfect place to get news and updates about anything Gorillaz related. They also have a Twitter and Instagram page.

@gorillaztrivia: This blog shares very interesting fun facts about Gorillaz. 

@gorillazrussia: Another Gorillaz fan page where you can get more news and updates about the band. They also have an Instagram and Twitter page.

@greywindys: She makes amazing Gorillaz gifs and edited photos of the band. 

@murdongnippals: Majority of her blog is ALL Gorillaz related. Some of her post will make you laugh as well.

And I believe that’s it! Those are all the Gorillaz blogs I could remember. I hope this helps!

And one more thing:

~Welcome to the Gorillaz Fandom!~ :D

suukarin  asked:

Will you be accepting for table applications for things like, say... custom UT clothing? Asking out of curiosity c:

No shirts or apparel, but scarves/hats/cosplay/accessories are allowed, as long as they are hand made and not mass produced.

In Toby’s words, “When in doubt, if hand-made and few, it’s OK. If mass-produced and machine/factory made, it’s not OK.”

Tables are available to everyone who makes anything UT related, and that goes for prints, buttons, stickers, bookmarks, bags, charms, keychains, fan books (comics/fics/art books), etc. The usual artist alley selection.

The biggest rules are:

  • you had to have played the game
  • it cannot be anything mass produced
  • nothing with the Undertale logo on it
  • nothing unofficial claiming to be official
  • nothing with stolen artwork
  • nothing using any of the official artwork or sprites from the game 
  • It all has to be made and created by the person manning the table.

If you’re not sure what is okay and not okay to have there, just refer to Toby’s list of items that he’s okay with artists selling.

Merchandise Post

Doujinshi Post

We Have All Missed Something Very, Very Important.

Look at this official promotional artwork from the Hello Neighbor website. There is something in this image that we all somehow missed.

The flag on the wall.


There are two very wonderful things about this picture that I just love with my whole heart.

1. There is BARELY any - IF any - malice in Ichi’s expression. He’s having a genuinely great time pulling an innocent prank and I adore that.
2. Kara’s sentient face child is concerned! Protect the father! I wonder if much of Kara’s emotional elasticity comes from the support he receives from his iron-on friends.