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Concept: the sun is slowly disappearing through the cracks of the mountain. I sit in the middle of the log, while you’re next to me, hand in mine. It’s a brisk evening filled with layers of clothing, soft moonlight kisses, and nothing but the sound of rustling leaves and wind in the distance. This is the first adventure that starts it all; an adventure with you.

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just saying karkat is very abusive considering karkats brash and loud nature triggers daves ptsd and daves very recluse in his emotions whereas karkat seems to depend on others to validate him. they rly don't work for each other at all and by shipping them ur continuing the problem.

First of all, I thank you for coming to me, an abuse survivor who identifies as Karkat, to tell me your piece of mind I absolutely didn’t need nor care about.

After that, let’s get into what you said, ok? Dave doesn’t show, at any point, to be triggered by Karkat being loud and brash, he actually said that he finds it funny to rile him up. It wouldn’t make sense for him to find his behaviour triggering, too, because some of the things that bothered Dave the most about Bro (who is, you know, Dave’s canonical abuser and the reason he has ptsd in the first place) was his being almost completely emotionless and uncaring towards him - aside from the obvious, because he was also constantly beat up and it’s hinted that he was sexually abused by Bro, but that’s not what I’m talking about here.

Also about Karkat depending on others to validate him: how would that make him abusive? Asking for attention isn’t abuse?? Plus, considering that Dave also depends on other to validate him (see how he behaved with John, Rose, Jade, Terezi and Karkat himself through the comic), what you pointed out doesn’t make that much sense. 

And about Dave being reclusive in his emotions, that’s a consequence of his abuse, and I don’t see how Karkat fits in this, again. It just seems to me that you’re grasping at the straws to point out something that isn’t there.

tldr: I don’t care if you dislike davekat. I don’t even like how Karkat is written all that much, but you calling it abusive is bullshit that does nothing but irritate me. Wanna ship Dave with someone else? Go on, I’m not stopping you, but stop screaming abuse at something that isn’t abuse just to justify other ships, it’s absolutely disgusting.

(Edit: if you’re a cishet shipper I would appreciate you not interacting with this post, thank you)

I rmr in elementary school I thought I had a crush on someone bc like that’s what kids do ?? and then I had a moment of panic and felt rly guilty bc I was like “what if having a crush is haram???” so I asked my mom if liking someone was haram and she told me “pyaar hai na? pyaar kabhi b haram nahi hota hai” (basically love is never haram)

and so now when I think about all of the ways that people are made to feel ashamed of who they love, I think of that moment. love? love can never be haram.

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your art style made me start drawing in a way i actually enjoyed rather than strictly photorealism - i feel like that's what a lot of people assume art is supposed to look like or evolve into all the time, and that's why you get a lot of unfair comments. keep doing what you love artistically and don't feel pressured to evolve your art unless it seems natural for YOU. just this year your style made STRIDES and it didn't have to do with realism at all - just depth and color. you are AMAZING ida

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So... I'm kinda in a predicament right now... I get off on your blog almost daily, or at least every time you post something new. Your longer stories especially make me violently cum. My problem is that I recently started dating this cute girl. I like her. I want to stop coming here. But part of me really doesn't want to stop.... :(

This is sort of a two part answer the first part is genuine advice, the second part is what I personally want you to do, lol.

First, married and taken guys are still allowed to masturbate. There is nothing wrong with taking care of your own sexual needs. It’s seriously natural and you shouldn’t feel guilty at all.

Secondly, I love the imagery of you violently cumming to my blog. I want you to empty your balls for me every night. That’s partly why I made this blog… the idea of guys stroking their masculinity to my writing really gets me wet. XD

But ultimately the choice is yours. I dare you to try and not look at my blog and see how long you last. :P

“the Milky Way is a galaxy where friendship and peace that are held in the highest regard”

“we guided other species -such as the krogan- to better channel their natural gifts toward worthy pursuits”

“Humanity is a diverse species. You many notice different skin colors or religions among our people, yet we don’t let those differences come between us. We’d rather celebrate our diversity, rather than fight over it.”

“As with all political institutions in the Milky Way, conflict is rare.”

“When humans and turians first met, there was a misunderstanding between us that could have had disastrous consequences. But with patience and restraint, humans and turians eventually joined together to form a mutually beneficial partnership.”

 the Nexus museum got me like:

ok. sure. let’s lie to the peoples of Andromeda. let’s do that. that won’t backfire.


Okay, so my cousin sells Herbalife and I’ve always seen her post about it. Recently she posted a month long challenge where the winner receives 500 dollars! Naturally I had to ask her where do I sign up. She told me that in order to be in the competition I’d have to try Herbalife. I eventually caved and bought protein powder, water weight control bills and a Formula 1 drink mix. I’m actually really excited to go on this new weight loss trip because I’m tired of being unhappy with my body. I will be posting here everyday for the month of April letting you all know my journey and logging my workout and diet habits. I’m really really really looking forward to this! Hopefully Herbalife is something worth investing in!!!

Eating cleaner, feeling cleaner.

I’ve been so focused on my diet lately and despite having a major breakout at the beginning due to the huge change it has definitely made a mahoosive positive impact on myself both physically and mentally.

I’ve swapped my cows milk for soy and coconut, swapped from quick supermarket snacks to healthy, organic, clean snacks such as fruits and natural yogurts. I’ve been having my vegetables with homemade dips so i know all thier ingredients, removed ALL caffeine from my diet and minimised my sugar intake, drinking 2 litres minimum of water a day. I have removed the majority of red meats only eating these once a weeks, and have added more quorn into my diet. I have started shopping locally for my meats and dairy too supporting smaller butchers and farms it’s not much pricier and you know the source. Smoothies have made a great breakfast replacement for my stupid early hours at work after eating a solid breakfast in a morning anytime before 6am was giving me the worst stomach pains ever.

Overall i feel so much fresher, so much more awake and alert. I have tonnes more energy and it is all definitely taking an effect on my body. I’m shedding my fat like crazy and due to the dairy and white meats my muscle building has sped up incredibly. It’s a strict diet but it’s definitely worth it and your body soon adjusts to its new routine and all bad cravings vanish!

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im a little late to the bass bow debate but: i started on french bow, switched to german bow out of curiosity then, was Forced to switch back to french in high school. it was then my wrist started getting all messed up. i was holding it correctly but after 3 years, i got carpel tunnel in my bow hand. i got a doctor's note to switch back to german bow and the teacher who gave me such a hard time finally shut up. german bow superiority: it just feels more natural

damn I never even thought about getting carpal tunnel in the bow hand. bassists have it rough

i used to be so into makeup but i’ve kinda got annoyed of it, if that even makes sense? everyone and their mother is over contouring, highlighting, and drawing their lips looking like the same damn person. also don’t come at me saying everyone has their own way of doing makeup because if that was the case 80% of y’all wouldn’t be walking around with noticeably horrible overdrawn lips looking like a damn mess. stop fucking contouring your face to look like kylie jenner and instead contour it enhance your natural features 

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The only thing I found sexist about kishi was,only the women highly prioritized romance or their romantic interest.The men dident even hint at feelings of that nature until the end.But all women obviously care about romance so much?Aparently in kishis head.Sakuras character is practically a shrine dedicated to her love for him.Hinatas only motivation was naruto,she dident even become head of her clan.And Karin,well her rape attempts disgust me,if she was a man everyone would hate her.

“The men didn’t even hint at feelings of that nature until the end”

Naruto, Lee, Jiraiya, Morio and Obito all beg to differ.

“But all women obviously care about romance so much?”

Tenten, Temari, Tsunade, Kurotsuchi, Karui and plenty of others beg to differ.

And let’s not forget Anon, that Obito was the person who caused by far the most shit in the series. And what was the entire reason for all of the trouble that he caused? His love for Rin. So I suppose in Kishi’s head, Obito’s character must also practically be a shrine dedicated to his love for Rin huh?

Current Status

I am home for the second day in a row nursing a bad back. Naturally I am all thumbs today and I keep dropping things. 

When I drop things I think, “Is it really important for me to pick that up right now? Can it not wait there until tomorrow or Friday? What if I fall and can’t get up? Am I prepared to be eaten by my cats?”

Ya know if RBA went through the risk of killing the captured titans in Trost to avoid having the Eldians find out about the nature of the titans; that’s great and all but
RBA also knew about the basement in shiganshina, they knew it contained possible intel, they spend 2 months this in shiganshina and have a fucking nuclear bomb Titan that can burn down the whole town in an afternoon but they don’t, that’s just a really big fucking plot hole that needs serious explanation

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Do you worship any specific gods/goddesses?

I’ve been battling this question for years.

Do I worship an actual God or Goddess?

Originally, I worshiped the Wiccan Goddess and God. But I don’t really believe in Gods of any kind. I don’t think there is some lady wandering around the cosmos calling herself “the Goddess”. I guess I’m more agnostic. I believe there is divine energy in all of us. I don’t feel any god or goddesses individual presence. I feel one all powerful beautiful presence; Nature. As I traveled down my spiritual path, I discovered I worshiped nature and had divided nature’s many characteristics into two or more personifications. 

I worship nature but still use the Goddess and God in spells and on my altar to make things easier.

Here’s why:

When casting a spell, I can simply ask nature’s energies to aid me. But what if I’m doing a fertility spell? I find the spell works better if I draw upon the feminine energy found in nature. I find it a bit awkward and unpoetic to say “I call upon nature’s feminine energies!” Instead I say “the Goddess” as a substitute. 

On my altar I have a Goddess and God side for traditional reasons and to celebrate the feminine and masculine energies that are present in nature.

So, do I worship or believe there are actual breathing, living Gods? No

Do I believe and worship divine energy? Yes 

Do I use various Gods and Goddesses to represent different parts of nature in my craft? Most definitely.

Happy posting. 😘

I try to give my audience on here a variety of pics because let’s be honest we are all human. So we all have flaws. Anybody can take glamour shots now a days. With all these different filters and apps they have out now. I let you guys see me natural, glammed up, clothes no clothes. Take me as I am, or dont take me at all. Besides with all the trannies running around now with ass, tits, bundles and caked on make-up. I think alot of men appreciate a natural woman with natural curves and a soft pretty face. 😘

Regarding Mass Effect Andromeda's transgendered character

I met Abrams, I spoke with Abrams. She never once directly mentioned that she’s transgendered. She mentioned her fiancé, someone who LOVES HER ENOUGH TO GET INTO A FREEZER AND TRAVEL TO ANOTHER GALAXY WITH. It felt natural when she mentioned her former name, that she could be someone new and leave the job she hated. For some reason this little conversation, made me feel more included then a massive parade and all the YouTube videos and blog posts could, because all Abrams cared about was doing the job she loved. This is the way I would casually mention it in a conversation. I liked it. Stop fucking complaining.


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RPG CLASS ASK: I've been playing a lot of D&D lately so I'm gonna say you'd be a Human Druid and one of your signature spells that you ALWAYS have on hand is Heroes' Feast (conjures a magical feast big enough for 12 and cures all diseases and poisons. Party becomes immune to poison, gets advantage on wisdom saving throws, and extra hit points for 24 hours) and you always make sure the guys in your party are throughly stuffed before continuing on your adventure. -princeofvore

… holy crap an actual in-game PRIME way to stuff up the men… Plus I could totally go for a nature-loving type.. OKAY NEVERMIND EVERYONE don’t let me play in a campaign ever, I’d completely ruin it with this exact class casting this exact spell every day.

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Hello! I was wondering if I could ask for some headcanons for Judar, Kouha, and Sphintus and how they would react/deal with their s/o who has difficulty dealing with stress and feels stressed often for various reasons? Thank you!


> Seeing his s/o getting all fussy and upset about the things that are bothering them, gives the magi just one more reasons to nag them with carefully placed taunt. That is until his partner almost despairs on the extra pressure and he himself instantly gets alerted by their expression. That moment it’s suddenly Judar stressing about the situation, coming up to them and asking what’s wrong and that he didn’t mean it

> When he realizes that his s/o is utterly stressed, instead of making some empty swears on the thing that causes the balast for his lover, he actually takes actions and helps. Even if he can only do certain things, for example if the stress is work, sorting documents, or just let his s/o rant about the things that bothers them, he’s more than willingly to support them. He will even shut up for the time being and let his s/o order him around if it helps them sort their mind. He will want to have some extra affection afterwards though


> The concept of stress is not really clear to the prince, since he rarely ever encountered it. So when his partner starts getting restless and disorientated, Kouha himself gets very confused and will tell his s/o to just calm down, eventually making things even worse until he notice how bad they really feel about their tasks or the expectations, asking them to explain it in detail what’s bothering them

> Kouha takes it upon himself to eliminate the reasons of their stress. Gathering enough information about the why, he’d be on his way to shift their workload or meet the people to have a small talk about what responsibilities every human has and what will happen if they make his s/o feel bad about theirs again. Returning to his lover he will take them away from all the bad energies around them, probably outside or into the city, giving his best to make them forget for a while about the problems and enjoy themselves


> There is only one look needed to recognize the signs of stress on his partners face. He knows about all the wrinkles and gloominess in their eyes and what must be the cause, putting everything he heard from his partner since a few days together. And it’s enough for him to leave his own worries aside and approach them, making them stop in their tracks and look at him, as he asks what exactly happened

> Sphintus knows it very well how it is, if you don’t want to let someone down on something, but at the same time feel very uncomfortable with the task and the pressure coming from this two opponents working against each other. He confides in herbal aromas and long baths to completely let go of all the worries for a while. He believes that there are only a few things really solving the problems but a clear mind and some time to recover before returning to the task are a very good start