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bewildered that even in a community for a game wher ur the mayor of a flippin town full of animals people can still be so hateful and toxic. so many people use animal crossing as an escape from stress n anxiety n all kinds of things so don’t ruin it for them with your useless, unneeded and hateful comments. be kind to one another, help each other and keep this adorable little fandom a toxic free zone. 

Recognizing the inherent worth of every living being with whom we share this planet is beautiful and transformative. We all want to live autonomously and free of suffering. Our subsequent extension of our circle of compassion to include nonhuman animals and our refusal to contribute to their exploitation is not an inconvenience or burden, but rather a chance to align our daily actions with our deepest values.

Check out this awesome CapxBucky ship I drew for the always excellent yesterday! That’s right! I’ll even draw your ships! 

Like what you see? Want one of your own? 

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Thanks everyone!

Customer Reviews/Nice Things:

-“No, thank you! Zhareen looks absolutely adorable. Both me and my boyfriend couldn’t be happier. ^.^ “

-“OMG. That’s perfect. I approve”

-”AH ITS THE BIG GUY! So happy with this.”

 -”Super dig this dudes art. Wonderfully adorably cartoony with so much heart. Hit him up for a piece. I intend to.”

-“I have two Hellboy pieces done by Matt in my living room and they’re two of my favorite pieces of art in the whole apartment. Matt is a cool dude and great to work with, get you some quality arts!!“

-“Commissioned Matt in the past. Excellent work, would recommend!“

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Your art is a joy, it's just so fun to look at, and... Perry is adorable... I Want... To Hug... ;_;

OH NO…thank you anon!

I don’t like playing favs (sorry all my other kids;; >_>) but Perry definitely is the most fun for me to draw. Perry is a delight to draw. I’m so glad… ( ノ_`) Thank you again for the kind words.

Hi everyone. My sister’s old coworker, Al, just lost his wife to stage 4 colon cancer today. I only met him a few times, but during each encounter he showed me nothing but absolute kindness. He had such a wonderful light around him, and my sister says that he adored his wife.

He now has to raise 2 kids under the age of 12 by himself, so please lift him and his children up in prayer as they go through this painful time. If by any chance you’re not into praying, please send him all your good vibes and love. I couldn’t imagine going through what he is right now.

i adore magnus bane. and i feel like 2x8 just really encapsulated all the reasons why. he gives to those who rejected him without any expectation, merely because he’s learned to be kind. he cares about doing his absolute best for those around him because it’s just his nature to give 110% in everything he does for others. he is so smart, and so wise. he moves heaven and earth for alec specifically as giving his heart to someone always entails being completely dedicated heart and soul. and he is so powerful, using his immense abilities to always do what has to be done, whether it is easy or not, to protect and defend.

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So just wanna say i absolutely adored FAWL and my best friend and i have decided to make the infamous "Team Kazakhstan" Sweatpants. I am absolutely putting #FAWL on there. This fic quickly became my life and i hope with all my heart that it becomes "THE" Yuri On Ice fic. As a writer....i fell it love with instantly. So thank you so much for literally creating all of my headcanons in one fic! <3

Oh my gawd thank you for such kind words!! Pls send me a pic of the pants when you are done!! I MUST see!

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i want to start reading classics, do you have any recs? :-) that have romance or something :)

Classics ruuuuule!

Ok, classics romances? Jane Austen, hands down. Pride and Prejudice is great, though Sense and Sensibility might be my favorite of hers! Wasn’t a huge fan of Persuasion, but you can’t really go wrong with an Austen romance. 

Spoiler alert - Romeo and Juliet isn’t all that romantic. But Shakespeare was the kind of writing swoon worthy poetry, if you want to look at a collection of his poems. All of his comedies also involve couples falling in love (most of whom shouldn’t) so I wouldn’t skimp on the Shakespeares. Plus, they’re hilarious. 

You’ve also got Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre, The Great Gatsby, Madame Bovary (which personal I full dull as anything, so I would not recommend, but some people adore Flaubert’s style, and you might!) ….

Oh! And anything by Dickens. His style is so fluid and fantastic to read, Great Expectations was brilliant, and a Tale of Two Cities… ok, basically, read Dickens. 

You’re going to have so much fun with this! If anybody else has recs, feel free to add on! 

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I admit honestly, I've scrolled all the way down through your tag "dc writes" and I'm AWESTRUCK how beautiful you can write - I adored all of your fanfics, but especially pieces of Starry x Eyed made me forget how to breathe; and I know you said you're not sure if you're gonna finish it, but really, it's some freakin' good piece of work here, you've got another fan ^^



Ahhhhhh gosh I wish I had the words to express how ecstatic this message made me ;;;___;;; First, I can’t believe you read everything in that tag bc omg there’s so much stuff there and you liked my writing enough to read it all???? AHHH??? Second, thank you so so soooo much for complimenting my writing, what you said was so sweet and it made me melt on the inside ACK


Okay I don’t have a lot written for that fic and I really don’t know if I’ll ever finish it but since you said you really enjoyed it……’s a section of what I have (please keep in mind that I wrote this when I first started writing hxh back in August)(also I just assumed Pitou used she/her pronouns, I’m so sorry if that’s wrong!):

Pitou doesn’t necessarily like using Doctor Brythe. She can’t use any other Nen with it in practice, which leaves her with a strange vulnerable sensation, and she’s forced to stay in her given location for however long its activated. All and all, it’s a complicated but boring technique, one that makes her back stiff from staying in a single place too long and her claws twitch with impatience.

So she opts for watching the silver-haired boy laid out in front of her to pass the time.

She comments off-handedly, “This is the fifth time you’ve broken that arm. Do you have a preference for that specific limb? Or do you just like having your bones snapped in half like that?”

The boy’s lips press into a thin line but he doesn’t open those gorgeous blue eyes of his. Sometimes she wants to tear them out and put them in a jar someplace just so she can always look at them…

“No, I don’t,” he grounds out, distracting her. “No one likes getting hurt. You’d have to be stupid, or insane, to think like that.”

“Yet, you still somehow find a way.”

He snaps, “That’s only because you’re making me! As if I’d ever try to take on ten Chimera Ant squadron leaders in a row!”

He has a point there. She cups her chin in one hand as she regards his scar-dotted skin thoughtfully. If he wasn’t being forced to test squadron leader abilities, what would he be doing right now? She knew next to nothing about this boy she captured. The only thing she cared about at the time was his beauty, and his strength.

She won’t lie; the strength part had been a little disappointing at first. He was gifted, yes, but also painfully underdeveloped and inexperienced. She had purposefully submitted him to these one-on-one battles with the hope he would improve exponentially.

And that he had.

She plops down on the ground beside him and folds her legs.

“What was that thing you did with Rammont a few days ago? I’m just dying to know. You’ve nearly tripled your speed and skill abilities since then.”

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Hi! I saw that you were doing the "describe yourself" thing and I thought why not... I'm French-Canadian! I'm 17 going on 18, a girl, pansexual. I'm a total introvert! Like... If I could spend all my life in a burrito of blankets I would kind of introvert. I love to read, bake, draw, anything that has to do with arts. I need to give and receive L-O-T-S of love, but I can control myself. I'm 5'1", chubby and I have a pixie cut. I like quiet dates! Stay at home, park, ice cream, dates like that!

aAaah would definitely date youuu!! you sound so cute  asdfhgajfhs!! i also need lots of love and adore art :). also chubby girls are aDorable so yES!!

-mod nova

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Imagine Kankri being a complete asshole. I love him too, but he's an asshole. It's what makes Kankri who he is. He isn't adorable or kind. He's. An. Asshole. It's his entire character. I'm all for giving him more attention, he's one of my favorite characters, but just let him be a bratty piece of shit instead of a nice and pure fluffy fan-service device.


(( kankri is a asshole he is, also a bit insufferable and among other things, and if i have strayed a bit from his character forgive me please, but a lot of people are just having fun i guess putting him in all these different ways and scenarios, he is a fictional character and a lot of people including myself can sometimes indulge a little too much of things or even themselves into the character that makes said character a little less like them and im sorry about that if some of the things on here are not very kankri like if not at all, that said i will try to make more imagines and other things more in tune to him! i will do my best to make this blog more in depth with him as much as i can ))

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A pretty fun fact to improve your week hopefully: Bees actually make little 'whoop!' Sounds when another bee bumps into them, this is because they are startled.. if you tap a bee hive (like the square farm kind) all the bees inside go 'whoop!' Its just that the sound is inaudible to the human ears (you can look up the sounds on youtube though 11/10 would recommend) 💕💙🐝 I hope your week improves for you, you make me very happy!! Have a great day/night!!

Aw that adorable. I relate to bees, I too go “whoop” when I bump into someone or something. Thanks for sharing :)) 💕✨

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top 5 noya and tanaka brotp moments plsss

I LOVE THEIR FRIENDSHIP! They’re brotp goals, prepare for trouble and make it double, everything they do together is my favorite thing they do but let’s see:

1. Tanaka crying over Nishinoya’s bruises. This is always the first scene that comes to my mind when I think about them, mostly because I relate to Tanaka on a spiritual level. Nishinoya actually makes Tanaka cry over how badass and selfless that he is. Plus notice that here Tanaka calls him Noya-san, despite being not only from the same year, but being his best friend too. He respects him…so much. I cry too every time

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2. Every time Tanaka lifts Nishinoya up. I adore the fact that they’re so physical and affectionate with each other. Out of all the boys, they’re the two that hug, touch and lean on the most. Plus this thing where Noya let’s Tanaka do all kind of things with his body gives me life. And the lifting thing is for sure my favorite one. 

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3. When they almost killed Tsukishima after his insane block. They have a thing for harassing him in general, but here they were just the most proud. Noya and Tanaka were the first of the team to go cheer on him after he did what’s probably the most iconic block of the Haikyuu history. And this shows that they do are the greatest dork that the world has ever seen, but they are the most supportive teammates ever too, always there and ready to acknowledge every single good thing and picking them up when they’re down. They just…show their affection in their own way, sometimes hitting, sometimes eating people alive too

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4. Their special cheering dance. Precious both in anime and in real life 

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5. Being extra: a compilation

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Thank you for your message!

Ask me my top 5 things!

So I just wanna say that I’m pretty sure Yuuri was speaking Japanese up until he said, “Be my coach!”

There was this post once upon a time that pointed out the use of English in the anime, and the way Victor looks at Yuuri before he says that is more of a wondering/shocked kind of expression. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if drunk!Yuuri was just babbling on in Japanese before finally switching to English.

It’d also make Victor’s cute “love at first sight” expression even more adorable because he fell in love with this drunk Japanese skater that he couldn’t understand a word of just because of how he danced and how fun and cute he was.


Happy Valentines Day! <3

Have some Fatalberry :3

This ended up way more adorable than I had anticipated, haha XD See Fatal this is what you could have if you didn’t go around twisting people’s arms but nooo you gotta be all rude and ish

Also I realised I messed up the feet so the dancing is…kind of off, but I don’t have time to fix it and I like it all the same <3

Also when streaming this we all…got ideas for future streams, haha. Stay tuned for that <3

I didn’t fall for you because you spoke perfectly, I fell for you because you stuttered every time you were excited.
I didn’t fall for you because you were kind, I fell for you because you’d put me before yourself; you’d always be by my side.
Nor did I fall for your adoring smile,
I fell for you because you’d laugh at all my jokes; regardless if they were terrible.
I didn’t fall for your deep, fruity voice,
I fell for the stories you’d tell of your childhood, the times you’d talk about me and how much you were absolutely in love.
I didn’t fall for your dark brown eyes either,
I fell for they way they’d look at me when I spoke about all the things I was passionate about.
I didn’t fall in love you because you were perfect, I fell in love with you because you were you.
—  a.a.
“perfectly imperfect” m.k.j.