this is all jan's fault

Something that always gets to me, is knowing that Wylan didn’t see his Father as all bad. Not after the way he abused him, not after he tried to have him killed, not after he sent him all those letters to make fun of him.

He didn’t see his father as the villain until he saw what his Father had done to his Mother. Because Wylan didn’t think that it mattered how poorly he was treated.

innitsomething  asked:

Hi! First of all thank you for filling my dash with all the curly one and the bottle blond I could ever hope for. Pretty sure I "like" every one of your posts like a big ol' creep. Also, what made you want to change your name? I very much like the new one; just curious! Again, to reiterate, you're kiiiiiind of the best.

I am forever quoting Marsha Brady, “Sure Jan” and “Nice Try Jan” with dibsonthat1d, so it just felt right haha xx