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Bitter Sweet Punches

Two Combined Requests: “ hello! i love your writting and could u write something ab archie cheating w veronica,reader gets really upset and distance herself from the whole group bc she can’t stand seeing V and archie. archie is in trouble and the only one who helps him is the reader even tho he hurted her, he realizes the girl he truly loves is the reader so he tells her but she just tells him he deserves V in a cold sarcastic tone lol “ and “ basically a imagine where archie cheats on reader with veronica so jughead(her bestfriend) conforts her and confronts archie”

Pairings: Archiexreader ((hah lol not for long)) Jugheadxreader, Archiexvernoica mentioned

Warnings:oh the infidelity, swearing, angst, fighting, long fic thats dialogue heavy

A/N: Some of you will love this, others will hate it. Archie is a terrible person in this fic so my apologies…also vernoica isnt exactly a lovely person. Im going to try and write a bunch of requests between today and tomorrow so please be patient.




“NO!” You turned on your heels and let Archie crash into you before you pushed him back into the chest.

“Just no Archie. No.” You took off running, tears streaming down your face. Never did you think you’d walk in on your boyfriend…exboyfriend and your best friend…ex best friend. You couldn’t believe Archie and Ronnie could do this to you.

And that was essentially it. You drifted out of the group completely after that. The sight of Ronnie and Archie together burned at the start and fading out of the group was the only way to make it hurt less. Nobody besides the 3 of ye knew why you stopped hanging out with the core group.

As far as they knew you and Archie broke up badly and then he started dating Veronica, not that he started dating Veronica and then ye broke up badly. You were tired of fighting and just let everyone just accepted you gaining distance…well almost everybody.

Jughead Jones, conscientious objector and best friend had stayed by your side almost completely but even that relationship wasn’t the same. His constant berating of your past relationship with Archie was neither pleasant or helpful, and you reminded him of this often.


“Hey loner” Jughead threw himself against the lockers adjacent to yours.

“Oh hey loser” you closed the locker and headed side by side towards the door.

“So can I tempt you into accompanying me to Satan’s disco?”

“Cheryl’s party? Nah I’d rather pull my eyes out”

“Oh that sounds like fun can I come” he grinned.

“You should still go though with the gang”

“It’s not going to be the same”

“It’ll still be fun”

“Why did you and Archie have to break uuuuuppp” he whined “if ye had stayed together then we could have all gone and we could have just stood in the corner and just let Archie work the room like usual” you rolled your eyes.

“Give it a rest Jug”

“But it’s tru…”

“I said give it a rest!” I snapped interrupting him. He raised his hands up in surrender granting another roll of your eyes.

“Are you ever going to tell your BEST and CLOSEST friend what actually happened between you two?”

“Nah Kevin doesn’t need to know” he shoved across the car park, both laughing.

He had a point though. You should have probably told him after it happened and you came running to his trailer, he didn’t ask questions at first, just held you there.

“Have fun tonight” you winked before hoping into your car and driving off.



Sms:YNNxX: What’s happened?! -11.46pm

Sms: TarantinoStan Xx: Archie caught Veronica with Reggie and things have rightly gone to shit, Kevin and I are just eating popcorn, I’m just head home-11.49pm

You reread the message and as if on cue a rapid knocking came to the door. If your parents were home they would have lost their minds to find the redhead on your doorstep.

“Uhhhh" is all you could muster as the rain soaked boy stood in front of you like he had seen a ghost.

He reluctantly let himself in, slipping past you while your eyes were stuck to where he stood.

“Whaaatt are you doing here Archie” you followed him into the kitchen where he was pacing frantically.

“YN! IM REALLY SORRY FOR WHAT HAPPENED WITH US AND I NOW UNDERSTAND HOW MUCH IVE HURT YOU!” he span around and caught you by your shoulders.

“It’s only now you’re understanding you hurt me?” You couldn’t believe what he was saying.

“Yeah…” Archie kissed you then. He was familiar and for a second you enjoyed it but then that second ended.

“Archie what the hell is wrong with you?!” You pushed him back roughly.

“C'mon ynn I love you!”

“No! No you don’t! You have no idea what that word means!”

“But I do because I realised I love you when I saw Veronica and Reggie!”

“It shouldn’t have taken that! You don’t love me and I don’t love you!” His face twisted with your comment, he wasn’t used to rejection.

“WELL NOBODY ELSE LOVES YOU!” You gasped to this and regret painted Archie’s face for a moment but then it changed again.

“You and Veronica deserve each other” your tone was the coldest it’s ever been, sarcasm dripping from every letter.

“At least I can say I deserve someone” he bit back.

“GET OUT OF MY HOUSE! GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE!” You pushed him back out the door slamming the door in his face. You pressed your back against the door and slid down it to the ground crying.

*Sms:Ynn: so yn do you wanna tell me why Archie came storming home swearing you out of it orrrrr -1:07am

*Sms: TarantinoStan Xx: No I don’t want to talk about it -1.10am

*Sms:Ynn: okay I’m on the way over. 1.11am

*Sms: TarantinoStan Xx: no juggy no.

But you knew there was no point and he was already cycling through the rain to your house. He was always the same.

As predicted 15minutes later he came swinging in your bedroom window.

“Yn what the hell happe…were you crying?” he immediately closed the distance between you two and hugged you tightly as you cried into his already rain soaked hoodie. He rocked you gently from side to side until you stopped crying but still held you close to him.

“Ynn can you just please give me some kind of inclination as to what happened, please” he barely whispered it but it was enough.

You took his hand in yours and sat down together on the bed where you told him everything and by the end there was total silence from both parties.

“Okay so…right okay…mmmm”  Jughead was trying to comprehend the new version he saw of his ginger best friend.

“Okay, I’ll be right back” he stood up and moved for the window but you kept hold of his hand bringing him back to you.

“Where are you going?!”

“I have to kill Archie” you smiled but realised his tone wasn’t that of a joking one.

“Jughead you can’t kill archie” you chuckled, brushing your cheeks with the edge of your sleeve.

“I can and i will, I can’t believe what he did to you…what he said to you….no one is good enough for you, no one deserves you” his sad eyes stayed fixed to the carpet.

“You…you are more than good enough for me” jugheads voice was shaky and his sudden movement caught you off guard as he dropped your hand and caught your face, bringing you into a kiss. You kissed him back smilingly until you broke apart grinning.

“Umm sorry I just..sorry” Jugheads voice was the smallest you had ever heard it.

“Please don’t be sorry” he enclosed his hand around yours again before you met in a kiss again.

“I want to be with you more than anything Juggy, Ive known for so long”

“Thats all i ever wanted to hear”

“Oh god we’re so cheesy” you nudged and he laughed.

“Now if you’ll excuse me” jughead moved from you as fast as possible and ran down the stairs with you close behind him screaming “JUG! STAY AWAY FROM ARCHIE” but he was beyond the point of reason.


Archie idled in the kitchen, making a snack and reevaluating his life choices. His absentminded thoughts were interrupted as Jughead came shooting in the back door, jostling him back against the fridge.

“JESUS CHRIST JUGHEAD WHAT THE HELL?!” Jughead pressed Archie against the fridge with his forearm, the other arm basically at his throat

“Why did you say what you said to my yn”

“I don’t know what youre talking about!” jughead pushed against Archie again and he let out a pained groan.

“Fuck Jughead, have you ever considered Football” he attempted a smile

“I’m not in the fucking mood Archie.”

“Why does it matter to you?” Archie choked out, the pressure being applied on his throat was getting too much.

You came bursting in the door, heaving from the run but still finding the breath to gasp at the sight before you.

“JUGHEAD STOP!” Jugheads eyes flashed to you and he instantly released the pressure on Archies throat, turning his back to him.

“Wait you called her “my ynn”…are you two…are you two a thing or something” archie rubbed his reddened throat while gesturing between the two of you with a finger.

“Why do you care” jughead bit, mimicking Archies earlier question, still not facing him.

“Really jughead? You’re going to date my waste of space ex” you bit your lip and fixed your eyes to the ground, begging yourself not to cry again.

Jughead turned in one swift motion sending his fist to meet the side of of Archie’s jaw with force, sending him to the floor.

“Oh my god jughead…” you blinked hard to try and see what was in front of as jughead stood over archie who was holding his jaw.

“Come on Yn lets go.” Jugheads voice was bitter as he walked away, taking your hand.

The two of you strolled back to your home hand in hand, total silence as if nothing ever happened.


You woke up tangled in Jughead with the Sunday sun warming you both.

“Morning Mike Tyson” you rubbed your fingers over the little marks on jugheads left hand, kissing his cheek.

“Now theres a good way to wake up in the morning” he kissed the top of your head and you both cuddled closer into each other.

“I think we should talk to Archie today…”

“Really ynn?”
“yeah…Jughead I love you and I want to put all this behind us so we can move on”
“You love me?” you blushed not realising you had let slip.

“I love you too…I love you so much and I want to move on too” you kissed again, neither of you making a move.


Much Love

Sorry Part Two

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Part One

Type in bold is flashbacks

Liquor burned down your throat and you threw your head back, raising your hands above your head.
Music pumped through your veins and your body was pushed against those of strangers as you danced. You closed your eyes as you moved to the music, your body warm from the heat of strangers and the smell of alcohol and cigarettes filled your lungs.
Your hair shook down your back as you danced, young and carefree, a bird with its wings spread wide.
You stumbled to the bar and ordered another vodka, tossing it down your throat as the music echoed in your ears, and a smile spread across your lips.
It had been three weeks since you’d left Charming. Three weeks since you’d packed up your life, packed it into your car, and driven across the country.
Your phone hadn’t stopped ringing and you had thrown it out the window as you drove, letting no traces of your Charming life follow you.
You still thought of him sometimes. The king of Charming, Jackson Teller. You thought about his blond hair blowing in the wind as you clutched to his back. You thought about that fucking smirk that melted your heart. You thought about his eyes, like oceans that you had drowned yourself in. You thought about his arms wrapped around your body, his hands wrapped in yours.You thought about his voice, singing you to sleep. You thought about the good times, when you were both young, dumb and in love. When you thought you could conquer the world, as long as you had each other. But then you thought about the sleepless nights you spent alone, waiting up for him. You thought about the smell of another girls perfume on him. You thought about him fucking that croweater. You had been fooling yourself, telling yourself you didn’t love him.
God, you loved him. You wish you didnt, you wished you could hate him.
Thats why you had left. 

You rummaged through your bag, searching for your lighter as you walked out of the gas station.
You leant against the cool brick wall, cigarette between your lips, when a shadow came over you.
You looked up, and were taken away by the beautiful blue eyes staring at you, like he held all the secrets of the sky inside.
“Need a light, darlin?”
A smirk spread on his face and he held out an old zippo lighter.
“Thanks.” You said, a smile on your face and accepted the lighter.
You lit your smoke and passed it back to him and he lit his own.
“Im Jax.” He told you, a smile on his handsome face.
“(Y/n).” You told him, eyeing the row of bikes parked up to the side.
He opened his mouth to speak when a grey headed man called is name.
“Jax! Gotta go.” The man yelled as he stalked across the lot.
Jax smiled at you apologetically. “See you round, darlin.”
You watched him walk away, studying the patch on his back.

A groan left your lips as your eyes cracked open, sunlight pouring into the room, illuminating the dust particles floating around the room.
The pounding in your head filled the room and took you a moment to realise it was someone knocking on the door.
You leapt out of bed, wearing only an old baggy band t-shirt and your panties,  your hair loosely braided down your back.
You stumbled towards the motel door, wiping the sleep out of your eyes.
The pounding on the door was relentles.
“Im coming, fuck!” You yelled as you walked.
You ripped the door open, anger in your bones.
And there he stood, in the sunlight, Jackson Teller in all his glory, staring at you with a mixture of hurt and passion burning in his eyes.
Your mouth dropped open and you stared at him, the man that you loved, the man that you’d left, the man you never thought you’d see again.
“Well good morning darlin.” He smirked at you as he moved past you and walked into the room.

You ran through the crowd, the sound your laughter ringing out around you. Excited screams filled the air as the rollercoaster dipped and swooped, the laughter of children echoed around you as they watched the clowns juggling, the scent of candy floss and fried food filled your lungs.
You moved through the crowd, passed the families, unable to keep the grin off your face.
His hands wrapped around your waist and you squealed happily, you threw your head back and laughed as he lifted you in the air, your legs wrapping around his waist.
Your hands moved in his long blond hair and you kissed his lips, the taste of cotton candy on your tongue.
“God I love you.” He said against your lips, making you blush.
“And I love you.” You purred at him, looking at him through your long lashes.

“Jax.” You said, your voice croaky. A hangover was ripping through your head and you wondered if maybe you were still drunk and this was just some fucked up dream.
But you looked at him, sitting on the edge of your bed, his eye brows raised as you stood dumbstruck in the doorway.
“Fuck.” You said and shut the door, before moving to the bed and sitting next to him.
Neither of you spoke, you just sat on the edge of the bed of your messy motel room, empty bottles of vodka and your clothes scattered around the room.
“What are you doing here, Jax?”  You asked, finally breaking the silence.
“Im here to bring you home.” He said, his voice low.
You turned to look at him and his blue eyes were filled with guilt and sadness.
“Im sorry, (y/n). Ive treated you badly, but I need you. You need to come home.”
You saw the sadness in his eyes and for the first time in years you felt your heart begin to break.
“Jax.” You whispered, your eyes filling with tears.
He looked at you with tear filled eyes and grabbed your hands.
“I need you, (y/n). I need my queen.”
You sighed and ran your hands through your hair.

Gemma stood next to her son, both of their eyes focused on you as you laughed with Opie and Donna. The sound of your laughter made Jax feel like he was flying, soaring through the sky. You were his drug and you always made him feel like he was high, made all of his worries disappear.
He watched as you talked with his friends, completely at ease. You lit up the room as soon as you entered it, all eyes drawn to you. Your smile was contagious and everyone around you felt lighter.
“She loves you.” Gemma said, a coy smirk on her face.
Jax looked at his mother, a smirk on his face too, then looked back at you.
“I know.” He said, hypnotised by your laugh.
“Marry that girl, Jackson.” Gemma whispered in his ear and walked away.
You met his eye, your eyes sparkling brighter than the sun and he couldn’t help but think you were the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.
“I will.” He whispered to himself.

“I cant come back, Jax.” You said quietly as you stared at the wall. You couldn’t look at him, incase he saw how close you were to breaking.
“Please, (y/n). Come back to me.”
You scoffed and stood up, your arms throwing in the air.
“Come back to you? Are all the crow eaters busy or something?” You said, your voice raising as you paced in front of him.
“Babe, please. We can make it work.” He begged.
“Jax Ive been trying to make it work for the last three fucking years!” You yelled, turning towards him now.
“Was I not enough for you, Jax? Was i not ‘old lady’ enough for you?”
“I did everything you asked of me, Jax. I never asked questions, no matter what. I love the club Jax, I gave you my everything, I loved you with all i got. I embraced the life! And what do i get in return? Lonely nights and my old man fucking some whore!” You yelled.
“What do you want from me, Jackson!? Do you want me to parade around half naked in front of the boys? Will you love me then? You want me to be a whore for you?”
“You think I don’t love you?” He asked quietly.
You looked at him, his eyes swelling with tears.
“You think I don’t love you?” He repeated as he stood.
You shrugged your shoulders. “I dunno Jax, you love me enough to fuck someone else.”

You sat in the hospital bed as tears streamed down your face. A miscarriage. All you’d ever wanted was to start a family with the man you loved. Jax had been so excited, so happy, when you told him you were pregnant. He couldn’t keep the smile off his face, his hands had wrapped around your stomach, even though there wasn’t a bump yet.
“I love you so much my baby,” He had whispered against your tummy, tears of joy rolling down your face. “And I love your mommy.” He had looked up at you, his eyes full of love and joy.
And now you sat, the feeling of emptiness overwhelming you as you mourned the loss of the child you carried.
The door swung open and Jax stormed into the room, rushing to your side.
His arms wrapped around you and he held you while you sobbed.
“Its okay, baby, its okay.” He whispered in your ear, as his own tears formed in his eyes.
“As long as we’re together, baby, everything will be okay.”

“(Y/n), Im sorry that I did that to you, you don’t deserve that.” His voice was sincere but you rolled your eyes.
“But you need to know that I love you. I always have, babe. Ever since that first day I met you, you’ve been a part of me. You make me want to be a better person, be a good man. I love you more than I have ever loved anything, (y/n). All I want, all Ive ever wanted, is you.”
He stood in front of you, his hands reaching down and grabbing yours.
Your chest pressed against his but you couldn’t bring yourself to look into his eyes.
He wasn’t completely to blame. Yes, he had been unfaithful, and there was no excuse for that. But you knew you had distanced yourself from him, ever since that first miscarriage. You couldn’t help but feel like he blamed you for losing his child. And you had locked yourself away, mourning in secret and plastering a fake smile on your face, convincing both him and yourself that you were okay with it, that you’d moved on.
“Jax,” You whispered as his hands wrapped around you, tracing lines up your back.
You placed your hands on his chest, and his lips pressed against your forehead.

You sat on the floor, the tiny pair of booties clutched tightly in your hands as tears poured down your face.
You heard the front door open and the sound of heavy footsteps enter the house but you didn’t move.
“Babe?” Jax called out as he shut the door. He moved through the house looking for you.
He walked into the spare room, the nursery and saw you on the floor.
He walked in slowly and knelt in front of you.
His hands cupped yours and you looked up at him through teary eyes.
“Im so sorry, Jax.” You whispered, your voice cracking.
“This isn’t on you, babe. We can try again. I love you, so, so much darlin.” He cooed as he stroked your hair.

Your hands ran through his blond hair as you stood wrapped in his arms.
“I need you, (y/n).” He told you quietly. “I need you by my side. I cant do this alone. The club is headed down a dangerous path and I don’t know how to lead them. I cant lead them, not without you. I need you by my side.”
You sighed and turned your head to look into his eyes.
You saw the confliction, the ghosts of all his dead friends, all his sins. You knew he wanted a way out, to lead the club on a good path.
“Jax if I come back, things have to be different.” You said quietly.
“You cant leave me alone every night. You cant shut me out.”
“I won’t, baby.Its me and you now, its always been me and you. As long as I have you by my side, everything is going to be okay.”
You sighed and nodded slowly.
“I love you, Jackson.” You murmured.
His lips pressed against yours and you felt every inch of you come alive. Fire burned through your veins and your hands tugged at his hair gently. You moved your lips with his, desperate for more of him. You hadn’t realised how much you’d missed him and now you were hungry for more of his touch.

Laughter and the smell of apple pie filled the room. You sat next to Juice and Opie, all of you laughing at Piney’s grumpy banter. Your eyes met Jax’s across the table and you smiled at him warmly.
You began to clear the plates and stood, carrying the pile of dirty dishes to the kitchen.
Gemma stood at the sink, rinsing off some plates after another family dinner.
“Oh sweetheart, you don’t have to do that, go sit down.” She smiled warmly at you.
“Its okay, Gem, I don’t mind.” You smiled and moved the plates onto the bench.
“How you doing baby?” She asked you, turning towards you, her back leaning against the sink.
“Im doing okay.” You smiled. Her eyes narrowed and her eye brows raised, making you sigh. “I just wanna give him a family, ya know?” You said quietly.
Gemma moved towards you and wrapped her arm around her shoulder.
You both looked at the table, filled with the members, all smiling and laughing together.
“Sweetheart, this is your family.” She murmered and you smiled, both of you smiling at the boys you both loved.

His hands moved under your shirt and you skin tingled under his touch.
“God I love you,” He whispered against your lips.
You moaned against him as his hands explored your body, both of you desperate to be close.
“I love you Jax.” You whispered as him lips moved across your neck, sucking at the soft skin.
His hands reached down your body and lifted you up and you wrapped your legs around his waist.
He pushed your body against the wall and your hands clawed at his back, grabbing at the leather.
You could feel his length hard against you and you moaned as his lips sucked hungrily at your neck, sure to leave bruises.
Your hands tugged at his leather and he shifted his arms so you could push it off his shoulders.
Your lifted his t-shirt and pulled it over his head before attaching your lips to his again.
Your hands roamed over his skin, feeling the muscles beneath your finger tips.
His hands pulled at your shirt and he tugged it over your head and tossed it to the floor, before carrying you to the bed.
He lay you down and hovered over you, placing gentle kisses across your bare skin.

Jax walked across the lot next to Opie and passed him a joint.
They watched as you played with Opies kids, tilting your head back and laughing.
“Shes so beautiful.” Jax said, a proud smile on his face.
Opie smirked and punched his shoulder lightly.
“You gonna marry her?” Opie asked.
Jax looked at him, a smirk on his face as he reached into his kutte. He pulled out a small black box and opened it, showing the ring to his friend.
Opie raised an eyebrow and chuckled.
“Shit, Jackson Tellers gone soft.”
Jax laughed loudly, his eyes watching you.
“Nah man. I aint soft, I just know what I want.”

You lay your head on his chest, both of you catching your breath. Smoke lingered from the joint in his hand and he passed it to you.
You sat up, pulling the sheets with you and leant against the headboard, letting the smoke fill your lungs.
Your legs were intertwined with his and you smiled when he looked at you.
“You okay?” He asked you, one eye brow raised.
You nodded and passed him back the joint.
“Better than ever.” You smiled.
“Look Jax, Im sorry that I left, but I had to.. I had to get away.” You gulped, your mouth suddenly gone dry. “But I want us. I want to make it work.”
He nodded and grabbed your hand.
“Its you and me babe.” He smiled. He stood and pulled on his boxers and you watched him move towards the kutte lying on the floor.
He knelt and dug through the pockets before pulling out a black box.
“(Y/n), I shoulda done this a long time ago. I love you, so much babe. I want you to marry me.”
He sat on the edge of the bed, holding the box open to show the ring shining inside.
“Jax.” You whispered, your hands moving to your mouth.
“Your my queen, babe, and I need my queen by my side, with my last name. Will you marry me?”
You looked into his eyes filled with nothing but love.
“Yes, Jax! Yes!” You squealed and leant forward and pressed your lips to his.
He slid the ring on your finger and smiled at you widely.
“Its you and me now babe.”

Young, Dumb, and Broke (Pt.1)

Genre: HYYH era + Love Yourself era

Pairing(s): OT7 X Reader (Non-romantically) // (Jungkook X yoongi) // (Jin X reader)

Summary: Youth is constantly about discovery, acceptance, and letting go. There would be no better way to spend it than with those you had cared about the most including Jimin, Yoongi, Taehyung, Jin, Jungkook, Namjoon, and Hoseok. Though some things lead to another and suddenly the group starts to break off, leaving you completely alone.

Warnings: Alcohol mention, Abuse mention, violence, depression, suicide, self harm, and cursing. 

Song recs for the fic:  ,  ,  ,

(A/N: This is basically a series that will incorporate different theories of the story line for these songs and Mv’s as well as The Notes found in the most recent album! (and my own little add ins)


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To say that things were drastically changing would be an understatement in this case. You were taught that youth had meant beauty, discovery, and acceptance but it had only left you with bitterness, regret, and loneliness. Perhaps it was because of how things ended you felt it was only fair to blame yourself. A group of people who had found each other through strange encounters but loved each other regardless, were now passing each other on the streets like strangers. If only you had given him more attention back then. If only you knew the burden he was carrying on his shoulders. It made you wonder if he too felt the bitterness, regret, and loneliness. Everything just happened like a chain of events.


It was 2 weeks before exams, everyone cramming or finding ways to avoid stressing about it, and things felt the same. Not a boring same either, it didn’t feel mundane in the slightest. You were grateful to have found your friends the way you did even, happy to be by their side. There was a small feeling of fear in your chest that seemingly came out of nowhere. It made you feel uneasy and strange. Almost as though something bad was coming but before you became engulfed in the feeling a voice snapped you out of your thoughts. Your eyes fixated on the crowd near the office.

“It’s Yoongi. Apparently he got into a fight with a teacher last night.” Jimin said, throwing his arm over you.

“What? Is he okay?”

Jimin shrugged. “I didn’t even know about it. He hasn’t shown up to school for so long I don’t even know how he ran into a teacher. He’s getting expelled for sure though, I just wish he’d talk to us.”

“Well he’s be going through a lot, he’ll come around. I mean you’d be pissed if your family completely rejected you because of who you were dating, wouldn’t you? Let’s just let him know that we’re there for him..” You suggested. 

Just as the two of you were talking about him, he was being paraded in front of the curious crowd, hearing people whisper all sort of nonsense in front of him. The bruise on his lip was the only damage you could see on him from where you were standing. As he looked around he got a glance of the two of you, sending a smirk your way. 

“He never does change, does he?” You sighed.

Jimin let out a chuckle. “Nope.”

Hoseok was across the hall, digging through his locker, and easily caught Jimin’s attention. 

“Oh. It’s Hoseok.” 

You pushed his arm off of you, rolling your eyes in a playful way.

“Go on. Go talk to him.”

“Pfft, Y/N I was not going to leave you to walk to class alone just because-”

“You better hurry, it looks like he’s leaving.” You sung to him. 

“Okay, I promise I’ll find you after class. You’re the best!” Jimin called behind him as he ran over to Hoseok. 

“Of course I am. What are friends for.” You muttered to yourself. 

It’s not like walking alone bothered you anyway, it was just strange not to be with any of them for this long. To be fair though, Jungkook, Jimin, Yoongi, and Hoseok were the only ones in school with you. Namjoon seemed to be spending all of his time doing part time jobs just to fund his crazy idea of wanting to become a rapper some day. Though with his talent, the dream didn’t seem to far off, he just had no funding for a demo. For someone who was academically off the charts in highschool you were shocked to here he didn’t apply to any colleges.

Jin was already trying to get a new corporate job, going to interview after interview. The job he had now wasn’t paying much, or so he says, but he kept his find off of work due to his girlfriend. They had been dating for 2 years now and you’d never seen Jin happier in your entire life. It was sweet to know that being in love like that wasn’t so made up and honestly, you could use all the hope you could get. Especially since you knew he’d never be the one to give it to you, ever since he introduced her you stopped thinking of things that could be. You were only happy for him and it was a nice feeling to just see him smiling all the time.

Taehyung seemed to be a bit of a mess. You would never forget the day you and Hoseok stopped by his house to surprise him on his birthday without calling first. It was the first time anyone in the group besides Namjoon knew his father was a raging alcoholic. He had grabbed Taehyung’s sister by her hair for answering the door without permission right in front of you. Hoseok asked Taehyung to let him call the police and tell them but watching him get on his knees and beg you not to felt horrible enough. He said he only started to act like this after his mother passed away and he couldn’t take losing both of them. He assured us he protected his sister most of the time, holding the scars on his body to prove it. School wasn’t even in the question anymore as taehyung became the provider for his family, and giving his sister time to attended on her own. Not to mention the lack of money Taehyung’s family seemed to have. 

Thinking back on the rest of them, you felt lucky to attend the college you did. As you arrived into your classroom for the first lecture, you sat next to Jungkook, smiling. 

“Good morn-”

Your eyes widened at the bruise on his cheek, swelling up the right side of his face. Your hand hovered over it as if you wanted to help him but didn’t know what to do. 

“What happened to you?” You gasped.

“Huh? Oh the bruise. Me and Yoongi got kicked out of our spot yesterday. Turns out one of the neighbors to the abandoned house was one of our teachers. As yoongi was playing the piano, I closed my eyes. It was a new song I had never heard from him yet so I was doing my best to listen to every new note but when I opened my eyes my head was pushed into the piano keys. He asked us if this is why we always skipped class, teasing Yoongi for being a “shitty student”, and he just lost it.”

“Yoongi did? I’m not surprised. What an asshole…”

“Yeah, the school fired the teacher this morning but Yoongi was still expelled. It’s complete bullshit. I can’t see him much and even if he didn’t come to school I doubt he even cares.”  Jungkook mumbled.

You put your hand on Jungkook’s back, stroking him with compassion. It was hard not to look at him with pity, your eyes gleaming. It was harder not to feel worse for him when all he could do was stare blankly into his desk.

“I think he broke up with me. We haven’t talked since and when I pulled him off the teacher he started yelling at me. I’m too scared to reach out to him, but I really didn’t want to lose him. It’s bad enough at home.”

“I’m sure he wasn’t breaking up with you. You know he’s got a temper, things will be fine, Kookie. But you never told me what’s going on at home, should I be worried?” You asked, having no idea what he was referring to.

“Not really. My mom got remarried and my stepdad just pisses me off. None of them even act like I still exist in that house.” 

“Well, since everyone could use it, how about we do our usual? Spend the rest of today at our hang out, get some pizza, get completely wasted, and just forget about the world. Sounds fun, right?” 

Jungkook smiled at the suggestion, nodding along. 

“I promise, everything will be okay.” You assured him. 

You meant it when you told him that but when you heard the words out loud you weren’t too sure of yourself anymore. The strange feeling of fear still subsiding but at the time you figured this was what it was about. 

“Thanks, Y/N.”

Class was let out and not so surprisingly Jimin and Hoseok came out from their class across the hall. The four of you greeted each other with smiles, leaning in as you had to tell them your plan. 

“So, to keep you updated Kookie and yoongi aren’t really talking right now-”

“Y/N!” Jungkook protested.

“Shh, they would have found out anyway. Also, I think taehyung and Namjoon could use a break so how about we ditch the rest of today and just do whatever we want?”

Hoseok looked a bit opposed to the idea, looking as though he was still considering it. On the other end was Jimin who looked eager to leave and meet up Taehyung. 

“Oh come on Hobi~ Pleeeaaassseee~?” You sang, looking up at him as you tugged on his arm. 

“Don’t we skip a little often though, Y/N? They might as well drop us by now.”

“Yeah but who needs this shit anyway? Let’s face it, most of us only attend so our parents, who we all have problems with, can be happy.”  Jungkook sighed. 

“Yeah, lighten up. You don’t even come with us most of the time. It’ll be fine. We only had one more class after this anyway. It’s the day before break.” Jimin added, facing Hoseok. 

“Fine but I’m doing it for them…” Hoseok stuffed his hands into his pockets nervously, afraid that he’ll upset his parents if they find out. 

It wasn’t like the college would tell on him per say but if they heard that he was dropped from all his classes because of excessive absences he didn’t want to find out what they would do. He only wanted to be on his adopted parent’s good sides, in fear of being kicked out of the house. It wasn’t even in their nature, just a true irrational fear of his that was always in the back of his mind. Hoseok was easy to read on his emotions though, his face gave it all away. 

As for Jimin, you wondered if he ever got sick of chasing Hoseok around like a puppy. In theory it was because he looked up to him so badly. It was like when they were practicing dancing there was nobody else in the room but the two of them and their shared dream only made them closer. Jimin would spend hours practicing to show off his new moves to get compliments from Hoseok and whenever Hoseok was down you could bet Jimin would be by his side. Though Jimin had problems of his own, he was willing to suppress them if it meant Hoseok would just lean on him a bit more but Hoseok never did.

They were an odd two but nothing between them could ever have been negative. They just gave too much and too often and if it was possible to be too caring, they were the perfect examples. 

“Text the other 3 and tell them we’re meeting up at our spot.” Jungkook added, watching as Jimin was already typing on his phone. 

“Yep, already on it.” 

You and your collective group made their way down the hall, grabbing all of your things, and meeting up again outside in front of the school. The chilly fall air was calming and energizing. Taking in a big breath of air also calmed your nerves, as you looked around at the three of them talking amongst themselves. A smile grew on yourself as you observed them. 

“Jin said to stay here, he’s coming to pick us up with his truck.” Jimin announced.

 You could already tell that Jungkook was spacing out a bit more, thinking of ways to talk to Yoongi when they met up. Before you were able to open your mouth to form words of comfort a familiar car pulled in front of the school entrance way. Your face lit up seeing Jin in the driver’s seat, having you run over in excitement.

“You didn’t have to come get us.” You told him, climbing into the passenger seat.

Jin met your smile with giving one in return, moving his jacket out of the seat. 

“I wanted to. It’s been awhile since all of us got together.”

“It’s only been about 3 days, Jin.”

The warm feeling his personality gave off was like no other, making you feel at home. The eerie feeling in your chest had completely faded and your lips couldn’t do anything but smile. The back car door opened and you heard the other three boys climbing into the back seat. 

‘How’s work been going?” Hoseok asked, looking over at Jin.

Jin shrugged, not giving off much information based off of his expression.

“Still trying to transfer but I have an interview in 3 days at this major company and I think it’ll go pretty good. Who wouldn’t want a ridiculously handsome employee like me?”

Hearing him laugh at his own praise and the annoyed looked Hobi now had was enough to make you snicker at their usual bickering. Jimin gave Jin a thumbs up, nodding his head in agreement at Jin’s confidence. Aside from that, you couldn’t help but notice Jimin’s attempts to cheer Jungkook up by rubbing the back of his neck, checking his expression every few seconds during the car ride. It was definitely in his character to take notice of the small hints Jungkook was leaving that he was nervous to meet up with everyone. It wasn’t until the truck made a stop in front of your hideout that you realized Namjoon and Taehyung were laying on the concrete road in front of it. Namjoon lifted his head up to take a look at the what seemed to be visitors until he saw all of you getting out of the car. 

“Jin picked you up?” He asked, coming over to greet everyone. 

Jungkook nodded. “Surprising I know. He never offers to pick us up from school. How long have you guys been here?”

“Us? Well Taehyung was here when I showed up and Yoongi was here before the both of us.” Namjoon explained.

He found himself nodding again, hesitantly, before going into the abandoned house you all have claimed as your own. Namjoon went over to talk to Jin about something, though you weren’t curious enough to eavesdrop, coming over to sit beside Taehyung. 

“Hey Tae.” You smiled.

Taehyung turned his head in your direction, flashing a quick smile back.

“How was school?” He asked, sounding a bit eager to hear your answer. Everytime he had asked you this question , you were suddenly rigged with guilt, knowing how badly he wanted to go himself. Taehyung always talked about if things were better that he would go to art school and that he wouldn’t have to vandalize street corners anymore if he knew there was a way for people to really find his art.

“It was the same, baby sitting Jungkookie, walking to class with Jimin- until he ditched me for Hobi, of course.” You joked, saying it loud enough for Jimin to hear. 

Jimin instantly giggled, preparing to protest as he came over. 

“Not true! I told her I would walk with her anyway but she insisted.”

“Oh, so that’s why I ended up alone. Weird.”

“I would walk you to class everyday if I could!” Taehyung beamed in your direction.

“Aw, I know you would.”

Your hand now stroking the older boy’s hair in happiness that he would even offer something like that. Taehyung’s actions always seemed solicitous towards the seven of you, always finding a way to make one of you smile. 

Namjoon came trudging back over to your small group, a new pack of cigarettes in his hand, and the lighter you saw in Jin’s car. After sticking one between his lips and lighting it, he held it between two of his lengthy fingers. 

“How about we spend the night here? Jin suggested it would be better than going out for food but we have plenty of  liquor that your body could want inside the house, plus none of you have to worry about college since you’re on break.”

“Yeah, we can just order something to be delivered here I guess.” You answered, nodding your head in agreement. 

“Sounds fine with me, i’m completely ready to out drink any of you.” Jimin smugly, added.

Taehyung awkwardly drew on the sidewalk with his finger, never wanting to partake in the drinking seeing as though what he was dealing with, but knew he would end up downing a few himself. You were almost sure it was the only way he was keeping himself sane. 

“You always say that but you’re the first one to pass out.” Hoseok sighed, passing by all of you to go into the hideout.

The loud ringtone of Jin’s seemed to catch your attention, watching his face light up with happiness as he read the name. It wouldn’t take a million guesses to assume who would be on the other end, and his girlfriend always did seem to worry about him hanging out with the rest of you like this. She kept telling him he had too much to risk to hang out with “people like them” but you still liked her regardless of what she thought of your group. She was the one making Jin happy, afterall. One thing you wouldn’t have guessed though, was how that phone call was the beginning of the end for all of you.


I’ve never been one to write out particularly long text posts on here, but today I felt like this needed to be said. Eleven years ago today, you released your debut album. I was in 4th grade at the time and this was one of the hardest years of my life. Due to various circumstances that I’d rather not go into detail on, I was taken away from my parents and was in danger of going into foster care. Luckily, my aunt and uncle took me in. Even still, I didn’t see either of my parents for at least six months.

It was around this time that I discovered you, Taylor. Your music inspired me and gave me hope. For the next year, whenever I felt lost I listened to A Place In This World. Whenever I felt isolated in school because I felt different from everyone, I had The Outside on repeat. As time went by and things got worse for me, I listened to Tied Together With A Smile, crying and imagining you were singing it only to me. 

Even as I grew older and you released more music that I loved just as much, this album remained a soundtrack to my life. When my childhood best friend decided I wasn’t popular enough to be friends with anymore in 5th grade after being friends for six years, I played Cold as You. When I finally found my true best friend two years later, I told him that I’m Only Me When I’m With You was my song to him. We are still best friends to this day. Throughout various schoolgirl crushes, I jammed to Teardrops On My Guitar, Tim McGraw, Stay Beautiful, Invisible, and A Perfectly Good Heart. Mary’s Song gave me hope for a happily ever after someday. And when I just wanted to escape from it all and jam hardcore to a song that made me feel alive I would blast Picture to Burn, Should’ve Said No, or Our Song.

So, I’d like to thank you Taylor, for being with me since I was 8 years old until today. I’ll love you forever.

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Your post has me suddenly picturing Pride with a five year old son and him watching from the door way as the boy arrests one of Laurel's stuffed animals and reads the animal its rights.


can you imagine Pride with a son though like omg he takes all these boys under his wing but I wanna see him with a boy of his own I just WE WERE ROBBED

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do u have that gif of tony saying 'i don't do new years resolutions' ?

I didn’t before but I did find the video and made it for you really quick (ngl I didn’t remember ever seeing it before so I got curious). Here you go