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Fashion Icon of Oslo- aka Tarjei Sandvik Moe- gives Henrik Holm some tips just in time for Fashion Week

Like, the entire culture of public education always smelled heavily to me like it was this massive coercive…thing.

I used to be able to do multiplication and long division in my head, quickly. 

I literally repeatedly got in trouble with teachers for doing math in my head. To the point where they drilled that ability out of me.

I’d get scolded for reading ahead, for actually enjoying the books we were meant to read.

I got scolded for knowing multiplication before I was supposed to.

I was literally gag-ordered by a teacher because the lesson he was teaching was wrong, from a historical standpoint, (literally wrong, not like “this is my opinion wrong”) and I was told to “never speak up in class again.”

I got a suspension for explaining to a student, outside of class, the hows and whys of the effects of Hiroshima’s blast. 

I know people, brilliant people, who are now completely ruined by the shit they had to abide in public education. People who were left entirely unprepared for any semblance of a real life thanks to specter of public education literally eating away their formative years under a crushing weight of busywork disguised as academia. I look at the years I wasted there and cringe.

It’s no joke that 6 weeks of Thursday afternoons with my Uncle proved more useful to my professional life than 4 years of Highschool. Nor is it a jest that I learned all my basics (math and writing and reading) through my family, because the school could not keep up, and where it could not keep up, it instead sought to suffocate.

You can’t tell me that we are blowing as much money as we are on education (more per capita than most), with kids in school for 8 hours a day, and then we have to saddle them with 6-8 hours of homework a day on top of that, and we’re still not managing to make grade. 

At some point it stops being the fault of the kids and starts being the fault of the educators and the parents. At some point the way we are teaching, and what we are teaching, is no longer pertinent to the real world, and in some cases, apparently designed to do harm to the ability of an individual to excel, for the sake of fulfilling a time-table. 


Activist Brittany Packnett kicked off the hashtag #BlackWomenAtWork on Tuesday afternoon in response to the disrespectful ways in which two prominent black women were treated by public figures throughout the day. 

On Tuesday’s morning episode of “Fox & Friends,” the network’s Bill O’Reilly mocked Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Ca.) by saying he was too distracted by her “James Brown” wig to listen to anything she had to say about President Donald Trump. He has since issued an apology, claiming it was all “a jest.”

Later in the day, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer scolded White House correspondent April D. Ryan and told her to stop shaking her head. This happened before a room full of journalists, and it was televised and broadcast on national TV. 

Its Labor Day, A Day Of Jest
For Elfs And Gnomes And All The Rest
They Toil Hard In Caverns Near
Until Their Special Time Of Year
That All Us Guys Call Labor’s Day
Goblins And Ghouls Come Out To Play
They Travel, Sweating, From Afar
To Take A Puff Of Gods Cigar
For Creatures, Boys, And All The Rest
The Labor Day Simply The Best

Quick Aelin sketch I’m gonna be building up in the coming weeks :) 

Someone called me a nerd the other day because I draw ‘women with pointy ears’ - it was, of course, all in jest. But it made me think about all the times I have been called a nerd and it was meant as an insult. Am I supposed to be insulted that I admire strong, powerful women? Fictional or non? And not to mention the author behind these incredible characters. So call me whatever names you want but I will compile them together and make a dam crown out of them and wear it with pride because I am the queen of nerds. 

Anyway… update on this soon! 

Character copyright of Sarah J Maas

Timeline of Daenerys’ and Jon’ births

I’ve seen some people confused about Jon’ and Daenerys’ age, so I thought I would write an explanation.

Let’s start with Aerys and Rhaella, the parents of Rhaegar and Daenerys. They married at a very young age (Aerys was 15 and Rhaella either 13 or 14). Rhaella gave birth to Rhaegar in 259 AC, at the age of either 14 or 15. Viserys was born in 276 AC, so 17 years after Rhaegar (Rhaella had many miscarriages, difficult pregnancies and stillbirths during these 17 years). 

In 282 AC Lyanna and Rhaegar disappear together - in 283 AC, the Battle of the Trident takes place and Rhaegar is killed. Few days prior to the Battle of the Trident, Aerys rapes his wife Rhaella, and that is the night when Daenerys is conceived.

Relations between Aerys and his queen had been strained during the last years of his reign. They slept apart and did their best to avoid each other during the waking hours. But whenever Aerys gave a man to the flames, Queen Rhaella would have a visitor in the night. The day he burned his mace-and-dagger Hand, Jaime and Jon Darry had stood at guard outside her bedchamber whilst the king took his pleasure.

The “mace-and-dagger” Hand is Qarlton Chelsted. Aerys burned him alive after that one discovered the wildfire plot and tried to stop it.

“Aerys’s new mace-and-dagger Hand was not utterly stupid, and with Rossart, Belis, and Garigus coming and going night and day, he became suspicious. Chelsted, that was his name, Lord Chelsted.“ It had come back to him suddenly, with the telling. “I’d thought the man craven, but the day he confronted Aerys he found some courage somewhere. He did all he could to dissuade him. He reasoned, he jested, he threatened, and finally he begged. When that failed he took off his chain of office and flung it down on the floor. Aerys burnt him alive for that, and hung his chain about the neck of Rossart, his favorite pyromancer.”

When Aerys hears that Rhaegar lost, he sends Rhaella and Viserys to Dragonstone.

"Rhaegar met Robert on the Trident, and you know what happened there. When the word reached court, Aerys packed the queen off to Dragonstone with Prince Viserys. Princess Elia would have gone as well, but he forbade it. Somehow he had gotten it in his head that Prince Lewyn must have betrayed Rhaegar on the Trident, but he thought he could keep Dorne loyal so long as he kept Elia and Aegon by his side.”

The sack of King’s Landing happens a fortnight after the Battle of the Trident, Eddard arrives to King’s Landing shortly after the Sack, and few days later he leaves for Dorne to look for Lyanna. He soon finds her, and promises to protect Jon. Jon was born in 283 AC.

Meanwhile Rhaella stays on Dragonstone (Robert’s forces didn’t try to take the castle right away) until her pregnancy reaches its term. She delivers Daenerys and dies in childbirth. Daenerys was born in 284 AC.

Jon is older than Daenerys by around 8 months.

I just finished watching the full SSDCC17 panel and I gotta admit, I actually really enjoyed it. Bit too much talk from Singer and Jared, but I don’t get the upset over ‘Misha’s treatment’.

You guys do realise that it was all in jest to distract from the fact that they COULDN’T talk about Cas at all?

There was a reason that they didn’t mention any spoilers about Cas and instead just pretended he was dead and gone? Because ANYTHING they DO say would be a major spoiler and that leads me to believe that whatever happens to Cas will be a HUGE part of the premier and the start of season 13.

Jensen talked about how Dean is gonna be focused on whats going on in their world, whilst Sam will wanna find Mary. Which, as I was talking to @tinkdw about earlier, is a huge subversion of season 1 with Dean being all focused on finding John, but Sam being thirsty for blood following the death of Jess. Now, Sam is focused on finding Mary whilst Dean is thirsty for blood (Jack) because of the death of Cas. I’m loving all the parallels to Eileen and Jess we are getting with Cas so far. What could it POSSIBLY mean?!?

The other major take away I got from this was actually IN the teasing of Misha. Because Bob Singer said “We go where the story takes us” in relation to Cas’s death, as a joke. Now, why would he say that? WHY would he use that EXACT phrase about Cas knowing as he does that Cas is coming back and is THE most beloved character on the show?!

Because Bob Singer is FINALLY FINALLY aware of the impact of his words, of the fandom and how important these characters are to us. Bob Fucking Singer used that EXACT phrase, to tease and try to bring humour to the panel.

He was trying to engage with the fandom. This is his way of saying ‘I know I hurt you, but we won’t do that anymore’. It was him ‘playing a role’ of the mean guy and understanding that it was a mean thing to say. That fandom HATED him after that and now we know that he KNOWS that. He was using it to play that role again but this time in good humour to show us that he ISN’T that guy anymore. He has had a change of heart. 

I saw that as a huge positive in terms of where they are actually taking this show. If Singer is now finally understanding the fandom and how fucking important we are to this show, then it only means good things for us.

And yeah before you say it I KNOW that they still killed Eileen. They better damn well bring her back. I just don’t think this panel was half as negative as people made it appear to be when I browsed my dash earlier.

the news from SDCC has made me even more positive about season 13. If that is even possible. They are keeping something BIG from us that’s for sure… and I am quite hopeful that it will be something amazing.

As that post says that’s going around about Dr Who and the female Dr…

We are about to hear SPN say “hold my beer”.


Black Women Of Twitter Share The BS They Put Up With At Work Every Day

“Black women on Twitter are fed up with the way they are treated in the workplace so they are sharing their experiences on Twitter.

Activist Brittany Packnett kicked off the hashtag #BlackWomenAtWork on Tuesday afternoon in response to the disrespectful ways in which two prominent black women were treated by public figures throughout the day.

On Tuesday’s morning episode of “Fox & Friends,” the network’s Bill O’Reilly mocked Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Ca.) by saying he was too distracted by her “James Brown” wig to listen to anything she had to say about President Donald Trump. He has since issued an apology, claiming it was all “a jest.” Later in the day, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer scolded White House correspondent April D. Ryan and told her to stop shaking her head. This happened before a room full of journalists, and it was televised and broadcast on national TV.

Packnett said that both incidents were unacceptable, but also unfortunately familiar.

“I’m surrounded everyday by brilliant, confident, incredible black professional women who get demeaned despite their prowess. Today, I was over it,” Packnett told The Huffington Post. “I have deep an abiding respect for Congresswoman Waters and Ms. Ryan who are both trailblazers in their fields.  They are to be respected, just like every other black woman who rises each day to contribute to this society in ways that are all-too-often taken for granted.”

Read the full piece and see more Tweets here

Bill O’Reilly, you racist, misogynist sexually harassing piece of sh*t, GET OFF THE AIR.

I made a post yesterday that was just like “why are YA titles Like That“ bc holy shit and @owlphallacies left a comment to this effect so like…………….. I had to make this. FIND YOUR YA NOVEL NAME, MINE IS MOONWITCH god this name trend is so dumb (disclaimer: I love YA literature, I select YA books for my library, this is all entirely in jest) and it is hilarious to see how common these edgy mishmash nonexistent compound words are when it comes to book titles.

(so many thanks to @silentunder5mph for brainstorming with me oh my god we came up with some quality fucking titles)

Boundaries [m]

Genre : Smut / Angst
Summary : You work for Zhang Yixing as the nanny of his kid. In a moment of idiotic judgement you both break the invisible boundaries you’d both set. Was it for the better or the worse?

Sequel : The Blurring Lines

Your eyes were threatening to close at any moment, but you couldn’t so you willed them open. Just a few more minutes and plus it’d be dangerous to fall asleep right here. Jie could wake up any second and she’s lately been prone to  the odd night terror here and there.

As you worked through another slice of apple, you saw the orange light from his car streaming in through the curtains. Finally, he was here. You thought to yourself as you placed the slices into Jie’s container. You’d resorted to late night prepping for you and Jie’s day out, out of boredom.

You heard him hanging up his coat before he came into the kitchen. “Hey, thanks for staying. Sorry for being late, the traffic was just playing games.”

You waved your hand, “It’s alright, I don’t mind staying.”

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Pairing: Kang Daniel/reader (third person)

Word count: 3,775

Rating: 18+ for language, vanilla sexual content, cat facts and shitty jokes/outdated memes

Summary: It’s the hottest day of the year but that’s not to say that things can’t get hotter

A/N: This is just self-indulgent, unedited porn because the thirst is too fucking real my dudes

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happy birthday to me!!!!!! feat. my children

what your fave FOB song says about you
  • Light Em Up: n00b
  • Hum Hallelujah: You regularly cry about Pete Wentz
  • What a Catch, Donnie: You regularly cry about Patrick Stump
  • Disloyal Order of Water Buffaloes: You regularly cry about both
  • Centuries: Fetus n00b
  • Alone Together: Brendon Urie
  • Phoenix: Into vore
  • This Ain't a Scene: Also into cats
  • Lullaby: Kidfic writer
  • (after)life of the party: Pervy werewolf fancier. Also, you know where the party went
  • Bang the Doldrums: Petekey shipper
  • 20 Dollar Nosebleed: You've got those permanent jetlag blues
  • America's Suitehearts: You'll never be royals (royals)
  • Grand Theft Autumn: Elder n00b
  • Thnks Fr th Mmrs: You like hearing PStump sing about jizz
  • a little less sixteen candles a little more touch me: Former Anne Rice fanboy
  • Saturday: Primordial n00b