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Ceres Signs as Moms

Aries: that active mom who encourages their kids to do the Most™; a good amount of stern and fun and very protective. their humor rubs off on their kids as well as their ability to be self-reliant. would probably take their kids on a hike
Taurus: can baby their kids a bit; will always make sure their kids are fed and safe. that mom who will always hug and kiss their kids before school. the drinks wine in bubble bath mom
Gemini: mom who helps their kids with homework and has a schedule on fridge; can’t TAKE when things go wrong. may be the one to lecture their kids on the history of coffee while at starbucks
Cancer: y'all already know this is the total Mom sign, definitely domestic and will try to have a clean house and lots of food ready for their kids. super sentimental, probably has 20 family albums they go through every month. can sometimes be overbearing
Leo: loves to encourage their kids, not always great at emotional support but they try their best. the mom that will buy their kids anything, has independent kids.
Virgo: can be that perfectionist (i bet y'all saw that coming) mom who expects their kids to succeed at everything. this can either be really good or really bad depending on the kids and how the virgo goes about it. their kids are the ones who grow up the fastest. very proud of their kids and teaches them to take pride in their work as well. mom who freaks out when their kids get sick.
Libra: diplomatic mom who has to make sure their family seems perfect to everyone else. does lots of small things to show how much they care. best mannered kids in the zodiac. likes to buy stuff for their kids and takes them out all the times
Scorpio: the mom who loves to help their kids through serious issues, may be strict at times. the mom with a curfew. hates when their kids talk back, may become closed off emotionally if there’s a family issue. nurturing is a 2 way street here, they will help you with anything but they have to feel like they’re happy first
Sagittarius: like aries they may not be the best at emotional insight but they show their love through helping their kid succeed. loves to teach their kids and gives advice even before they’re asked for it. encourages kids to reach for the stars and explore all their options
Capricorn: definitely a strict mom but does it out of love. they’re the moms who will make their kids stay on the path towards success and tries to let them know how rewarding it is to succeed. if they don’t feel successful they can get pretty depressed and this can rub off on their kids. the mom who drives their kids to debate everyday and will stress the importance of college.
Aquarius: another sign where emotional intimacy is very difficult. they want their kids to be independent and lead their own lives first and foremost. lectures their kids about stuff but not in a reprimanding way. their rebelliousness can definitely rub off on their kids. the mom who tells their kids to not worry about what others think. if they feel stressed they could close off from everyone despite being a very social sign.
Pisces: artsy mom who is very compassionate. they are supportive and will always talk through anything with their kids, but if they feel stressed themselves they can create this dynamic where the kids have to take care of them.
* sorry if you can’t relate to these and if you don’t know your ceres sign use sun or 4th house *

What I love about the new Samurai Jack is that it doesn’t feel like it’s returned in a way, but merely continued. There’s not a lot of “the old series was better” and whatnot, as it mostly just feels the same. The style, the humor, the fight scenes… they’re just like from all those years ago. Sure the violence has heightened, which is fine (I actually like it), but there’s no disappointment here. Other cartoons/series in general have been brought back, and people complained about them with good reason. I gotta commend Genndy Tartakovsky to sticking to what works, rather than changing it.


(Left to right, like always o3o)

*violently explodes a door while screaming* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

I actually don’t ship Soriel very much… the simple reason is that the Dreemurr are such a perfect family, and seeing Asgore alone and Toriel with Sans… it’s too sad, you know ;w; (I don’t hate it tho. I love seeing them as friends, and they’re shipable in some AUs, like Altertale. They’re so pure aaaa)

I wanted to show the relation between Sans and Toriel in weeabootale, and I thought it was the perfect occasion ;w; (even if I failed at that occasion lol)

None of you will understand the hokuto no ken reference so I’ll explain.

In the 90s, Animes started coming in France. But every animes were supposed to be for kids, even violents manimes. So the dubbers always tried their best to reduce the drama by acting like idiots.
But since some french dubbers didn’t like animes, they absolutly ruined some animes. For Hokuto no ken, they hated that anime. They wanted to stop dubbing it but the tv channel wanted to keep this show. So they made a deal: they keep dubbing the anime, but they can say anything they want as long as it’s not vulgar.

Hokuto no ken became a legend in France because of this.

Every dialogues were so hilarious. It was like a huge middle finger to the original anime. Every bodybuilded evil characters had a stupid high pitched voice, every dialogues had horrible puns. For example “Hokuto” sounds like “haut couteau” which means “high knife”. So every attacks were like “ATTACK OF THE HIGH KITCHEN KNIFE!!!!”. None of the dialogues were serious, so much that we couldn’t understand the story.

There are a lot of Best of of these dubs. I watched them all and I couldn’t stop laughing. I still watch them very often actually x’D it’s just so epic that I needed to add this in this troll AU :)

Btw all the dialogues that Toriel and Sans are saying here are ACTUAL QUOTES from the french version of Hokuto no ken. I just translated them word by word.

Ah yes. I love making cruel endings. My humor is so nice and stuff.

So yeah. In this AU, Sans and Toriel both like manimes. Especially Hokuto no ken. They’re very good friends. :^))))
Eventually Sans tries to flirt with Toriel sometimes.
And fail.

Hey pssst… si vous comprenez le francais, je vous conseille fortement de regarder les best of de ken le survivant… c'est de l'or…x’D

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A top 5 placements that could make good comedians?❤ have a great day btw😊😁

1.) Sagittarius Mercury: they’re super witty and hilarious by nature. their bluntness is also really good for making people laugh…when it isn’t directed at them!

2.)Aquarius Mercury: they’ve just got the most interesting, funny take on the world. very complex like a mad scientist. all their little quirks make for someone hilarious

3.) Scorpio Sun: they’re good at dead pan, cynical humor… think April on parks n rec.. combine this with a talkative Mercury and you’ve got someone realllll funny

4.) Gemini Mercury: also very witty, great speakers just tend to ramble a little more than Sag Mercury

5.) Leo Sun: they command the room and are good at giving the people what they want

Thanks for asking, I love answering. 🖤

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Hi Sara. You've probably explained before and I'm sorry if I missed it, but could you explain why you're not a huge fan if Quinn? I'm not a hater btw I love Quinn and this blog, and all you lovely ladies. I'm genuinely curious. Thanks!

I find his representation in this fandom to be genuinely maddening at times. Some of it was all in good fun (though others on this blog will tell you I often don’t have a sense of humor about this show, much as I try), but some of it was sincere. 

While I’ve definitely used fluffy language to describe Carrie, I also don’t shy away from having discussions about the various mistakes she’s made and the ways in which her actions have harmed others. 

I’ve often felt like the way Quinn is described in the fandom is ultimately a disservice to a character who was much more multi-layered. Peter Quinn did kill a young boy. Peter Quinn did intend to kill many innocent people to get at Haqqani. Peter Quinn did abandon Carrie after the Missouri phone call. But I found most people didn’t really wish to talk about that. And that got on my nerves because it felt like a double standard to me. Whenever Carrie did one questionable or immoral thing it was like a weeklong discussion on whether she was truly a monster. 

But you see, none of this has to do with the character. Nothing in canon makes me dislike the character. It’s all how he was portrayed within the fandom. In 2015 when I dared to suggest that Carrie and Quinn were incompatible and likely better off apart, some people became very nasty and vowed to take me down for voicing that opinion. That didn’t help matters. (In the interest of telling the full story, this opinion evolved from an original belief that Carrie was too good for Quinn and that she was ultimately better off with someone like Jonas–i.e., someone more “normal”–and this led to a huge backlash – see links below. There was also a time when I thought the story they were telling between Carrie and Quinn was not a love story but really “just” a friendship. That’s obviously evolved – it’s clear to me now it was a love story cut frustratingly and maddeningly short.) 

Meeting the people who now contribute to this blog has helped a lot, because they really do want to talk about the things that make Quinn such an interesting and valuable character–the good and the bad. I still bristle at some things but I’m mostly a silent dissenter. What I learned is that I’d rather swallow my words than face an onslaught of nasty anons telling me my opinion doesn’t count because I hate Quinn anyway.

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Match up please? I’m a 5’1” bisexual female with no preference, with depression and anxiety. I have a weird sense of humor, I like to draw and listen to music, I'm an actress who loves musicals, and I enjoy nature and being around friends. I don’t talk much but when I do I’m pretty loud and don’t know when to stop, and my favorite thing is making others laugh. (I love this blog, btw, keep up the good work!)

Hey there sugars!

For you, Prince Sidon.

Shark Prince, Shark Prince.. he’d find you smol, perfect, and absolutely adorable. All as well he’d so badly want to help you with your depression, your anxiety. Nothing more could be more important to him than you intense happiness, comfort, and wellbeing. He’d go for musicals with you, would want to see you act.. all around he’d be willing to make your hobbies, things you enjoy also his hobbies to enjoy. [Including nature walks, and such] He’d find the joy on your face when you make people laugh adorable too!

~Mod Zelda

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hey! can i request bts's reaction to their s/o being obsessed with pokemon go and dragging them off to pokehunt together? thanks!!! your au's are really creative btw. some of them are golden and fit perfectly like taehyung's & hobi's beach volleyball. that honestly made my day. speaking of days, hope you're having a nice one! ^^

AH this is good i literally live on pokemon go now. also thank you, compliments about my humor aus make me really happy haha

Namjoon: at first it’s all in good fun, you guys are walking around catching new pokemon but as Namjoon gets tired he starts getting philosophical and asking you things like; “Why do we never think about the Pokemon’s feelings? Do they wanna be caught? How would you feel living in a tiny red and white ball? Is catching them all really a good thing-?”

Yoongi: you try to get him to come with you but he explains that the best way to play pokemon go is when you’re in a bus, you’re not driving, you’re not walking, and yet the app still moves you around and does all the work. If you wanna take a walk around this neighborhood you can, but Yoongi is going to opt into taking a nap instead.

Jin: you know how you can take pictures with pokemon if you see one on the street? That’s what Jin is going to turn your pokehunt into. Not a pokehunt, a pokephotoshoot. 

Hoseok: keeps asking you to help him catch pokemon because he’s not good at it. Will totally climb up a fence with your phone if the pokemon is somewhere hard to reach because Hoseok loves you. Doesn’t complain when he gets tired because you’re happy and he doesn’t want to ruin it. Doesn’t know what the pokedex is. 

Taehyung: likes adventure and likes pokemon so this is like a dream date for him, but at some point he’s going to switch from the app to snpachat and start recording you frantically running up and down the same block to find that one pokemon you missed and the video’s gonna be blurry when you check his story and all you’ll hear is Taehyung’s laughter and him occasionally calling you “cute”. 

Jimin: not really sure how the app works, or like what the point is, but seeing you happy and smiling and getting excited literally sparks the warmest feelings in Jimin’s heart so he will follow you to the ends of the earth for that legendary pokemon it’s taken you the last 15 hours to find. 

Jungkook: you didn’t drag him outside, he dragged you and it’s been 8 hours nonstop walking around and Jungkook refuses to stop and get a drink or a snack and wow you’re regretting pokemon for the first time in your LIFE. 

Who is Gossip Kunoichi?
  • Sakura: Guys, I am so fed up with this bitch Gossip Kunoichi! How could someone write something like that about me and Sasuke? What’s wrong with our night routine? Although we have yet to marry, everyone knows we are just waiting for the justice to come joining our celebration, much like BP and AJ.
  • Ino: Calm down, forehead, we already know you have warned her. She wrote it.
  • Sakura: Now, I am pretty sure that she is you! Ino-pig, she wrote so much about you and we all know you love attention!
  • Shiho: But do we know for sure it’s a girl?
  • Naruto: Girl, you are genius! I’ve always found that talking style very familiar! That’s Teme’s talking. Sasuke, it’s you!
  • Sasuke: Dobe, you want a fight?
  • Shino: You guys are being childish for someone wanting the new world to come. Why? Because you are suggesting some fight after we finally reach peace.
  • Hinata: Yes, Shino is right. Naruto-kun, I think you should apologize for being rude without evidence.
  • Naruto: What? He suggested a fight! Always he! Remember the last time—
  • Sakura: Naruto, you are not accusing Sasuke of anything!
  • Tenten: Does anyone else feel that we should keep our speculation on without them? It just has to take place every day.
  • Neji: While I agree with you, I have to make sure Naruto is not getting Hinata into trouble.
  • Lee: Come on, people, that’s youth. You should let them experience it. Even though I found it super no good to leave Sakura with those psychos.
  • Naruto+Sasuke: Who are you referring to as psycho?
  • Naruto+Sasuke: Don’t say what I say!
  • Kiba: I think this means they are fine. What’s a shame, I was about to take them shortly after. I vote Sasuke as Gossip Kunoichi, too. Lonely as he is, he has the most time doing that.
  • Akamaru: *bark in agreement*
  • Kiba: Hear, I got a point.
  • *Everyone watches Sasuke.*
  • Ino: I, on the other hand think you could be it. So little were said about you and all of us here know you are anything but innocent, Mr. Womanizer.
  • Kiba: It was too occupied with you. So they have to leave my glory out.
  • Karui: Which we all know shim can’t find any to write even if shim wants.
  • Kiba: Now who’s being not so innocent? Karui, I think you should check your profile—
  • Chouji: Her profile is more than honorable, Kiba.
  • Ino: Chouji! Who knows you can be a protective husband-to-be? Now I think you can be a good GK, too.
  • Temari: It couldn’t be him. The last update popped up when he was onstage saying his touching proposal. That also means Karui, Shikamaru, and I, who were the main focus, couldn’t be it. I would vote you, too, Ino. You keep switching your suspects.
  • Karui: Nice shot, Temari. *high five*
  • Ino: Hey, maybe it has helpers. When did you two get so close? Partners in crime? Shika, do you have any idea?
  • Shikamaru: Troublesome. Why do I have to care who is GK? Maybe it’s not someone in Konahagakure, though. Some nice jutsu can be useful.
  • Neji: You had a point but are you suggesting my clan could also suit the guess?
  • Shikamaru: Don’t be a drag, Neji. I was just pointing out.
  • Tenten: It couldn’t be Neji or Hinata. Too many shits were posted about them.
  • Kiba: Then I’d have to say it’s you. You are portrayed as a Mother Teresa by it.
  • Tenten: I would never call myself Hyuuga Tenten! Not in a million year!
  • Neji: Why not? I honestly think it sounds good.
  • Tenten: Then maybe, I will consider it. Just maybe. And just consider.
  • Naruto: Get a room and consider that you two. I am still suspicious of Sasuke.
  • Sasuke: I swear I would not waste my time like that. As far as I’m concerned, I would guess Shiho. You are the first one to say it may not be a girl. What did you try to dodge?
  • Shiho: I am not…
  • Shino: She can’t be. She got some very embarrassing spills. Would you do that to yourself?
  • Kiba: Mr. Justice-is-my-new-name, I think you of all people have the eyes and the time and the motive. And Shino can be your helper. So are his bugs.
  • Shino: Then Akamaru can do some dirty work for you as well.
  • Kiba: Now it’s your turn for a fight?
  • Hinata: Kiba, Shino…
  • Sakura: No need to care about the fools, Hinata. GK is quite sly, so it can’t be them.
  • Shikamaru: I agree with you.
  • Sakura: Yeah, it just hit on me. How could it not be noticed for so long? When Sasuke and I threatened it, we still didn’t find its identity.
  • Shikamaru: Then how about Naruto and Hinata, it said they had hit it too?
  • Ino: Wait for a moment. You two are the smartest people in this world. Are you trying to say otherwise?
  • Lee: Ino, that makes sense. Smart people like them would know to keep making fun of themselves, which was actually making their images better. Remember the whole serial specials about Shikamaru and His Power over—
  • *Temari, Ino, and Shiho punched Lee*
  • Tenten: Did you really read all those BS?
  • Neji: Probably because he doesn’t have a life.
  • Sai: Or because he wrote those. Being an outsider, I can see there’s more under those bushy brows.
  • Sakura: How long have you been here?
  • Sai: Since you yelled you are fed up, Miss Ugly. And I wasn’t the only one keeping silent from the beginning. I was watching and I think they are also suspicious. Like Kazekage-sama and Mr. Kankuro.
  • Gaara: Did you forget I have a country to run?
  • Matsuri: Gaara-sensei—
  • Gaara: I told you to drop sensei.
  • Matsuri: He would never do something like that!
  • Sai: But it looks as if he had never slept.
  • Kankuro: Haha, I like your guess.
  • Temari: Kankuro, you are also on his list.
  • Kankuro: Well, I can tell you I am not GK. I would have come up with better names. And kunai and shuriken are not my thing.
  • Sari: Yes, and I think it has to be someone from Konoha. Most jokes were inner jokes.
  • Temari: Sari, did you read them?
  • Sari: Well, just some. To catch up with Temari-sama and Nara-sama’s stories. Those are so beautiful and romantic.
  • Shikamaru: Seriously, if we want to make this right, we should stop being off-topic? It’s so troublesome with all you people.
  • Sasuke: Good point. We need to figure it out as soon as possible and I will take care of it on my own. Now, we all know I can’t be the one. Neither could Sakura because her free times are occupied.
  • Sakura: Sasuke, did I hear some evil pride? You are playing cute again.
  • Naruto: Yikes! I hate my gross teammates. Go get a room! Next to Neji and Tenten! BTW, my Hinata and I had kicked its ass. So cross us off. Neither could Sai. He makes the most terrible jokes. He just isn’t humorous enough.
  • Sakura: And you baka didn’t know who it is?
  • Hinata: It hid itself well. We were lucky enough to have some detecting and fighting skills to stop it just in time.
  • Sasuke: Cross them off, too. Too clueless and too kind.
  • Shino: Also cross me and Shiho off. We were highlighted too conveniently every week. We didn’t find any pleasure.
  • Shiho: Yes.
  • Ino: Really? You guys benefit the most!
  • Kiba: Can’t agree more with that!
  • Karui: Then pay extra attention to Kiba—
  • Temari: And Ino! These two are the only ones comfortable with that.
  • Ino: Are you saying I am comfortable with being trashed? Temari, or may I say Miss Gossip Kunoichi, you are dead!
  • Shikamaru: Stop. No more fight today. Shino and Shiho are not attention seeker. Karui and Temari wouldn’t have known so many Konaha humor—
  • Ino: How can we be sure? Who knows how do you spend your date time? We all know you are boring. Right, Chouji? Or are you also corrupted?
  • Chouji: Ino, you and Shika are my best friends. I would never write your stories like that. And I trust Karui. She is an honest person.
  • Kiba: Maybe too honest.
  • Chouji: Kiba, remember accusing Karui like that is like calling me fat!
  • Shikamaru: Forget it. I would just say to cross me off that trouble-maker’s list now.
  • Kiba: So let’s just say Ino and I are too persistent with finding the truth to be GK. Temari and maybe Karui don’t have the knowledge. Chouji and Shikamaru don’t look like gossiper type. Then we are left with the Sunas?
  • Temari: Idiot, how could they know any of you Leaf’s lame jokes and naughty secrets?
  • Tenten: Hey, you are insulting a lot of people here.
  • Neji: Let it go, Tenten. Kiba sure was idiotic. And I think we all know who could be the infamous Gossip Kunoichi and that’s very much your and my duty because shim’s our embarrassing teammate.
  • All except Neji and Lee: Neji, that sounds reasonable! You really are genius. Lee Rock, you are going to hell!
  • Lee: Wait, it’s not me.
  • Sakura: Then what’s about that fat shoutout for your blog?
  • Ino: Then what’s about all the compliments on Sakura?
  • Hinata: Yes. And you talk too much about Neji-nii-san showing you were really familiar with him.
  • Tenten: Yes. And the whole youthful thing?
  • Temari: Makes so much sense because you are the only single one here. Sai doesn’t count. He can’t feel anything anyway. No offence.
  • Sai: Anyone mind telling me if this is the time you say “none taken?”
  • Ino: Yes, and it’s cute to ask. You are like a baby. You can’t be a sinner.
  • Sai: Thanks, gorgeous.
  • Kiba: Wait, Ino. You like babies? You really want some?
  • Karui: Ignore the babies. The thing is, Lee Rock, you could have wanted to be Sasuke so you copied his talking style like babies do.
  • Sasuke: That is not my talking style but you have always been a sick stalker since you were a baby!
  • Naruto: Very well. Also only you would do manis. Oh, and you are always jealous of my hair color!
  • Shikamaru: Naruto, I think you read too many of Lee’s articles. Why haven't you already pointed out that to save us all these tedious dramas?
  • Chouji: So you are calling me fat in public?
  • Kiba: End him, Big Cho, Akamaru will be with you!
  • Shino: So will all kinds of bugs because Aburame clan is not to be messed with.
  • Gaara: Sands are here to help, too. And every Suna residents if you need.
  • Matsuri: Although that would be too tough, you deserve it.
  • Kankuro: Which one of my puppets collection do you prefer? I can also make new ones.
  • Sari: Well done. Go get it!
  • Shiho: Maybe we should report this pervert instead.
  • Sai: No need to do that. As a root member, I can finish everything right now. And I am sure some of us here are part of ANBU and other high positions as well.
  • Tenten: Back off, bureaucracy. This is team 3 crisis.
  • Neji: And should be tackled in our way.
  • Lee: But, but, but, I am not Gossip Kunoichi-sama. I am just its fan!
i finally had time to make this

1. should-i-even-url asked: How do you come up with all of the texts like I can’t make a hyena laugh

Most of the asks have enough creativity in themselves and I just build on it really. And everyone’s funny! You just need the right group of adorkable countries to play with

2. switchedatdeath asked: Who’s your favorite Nordic?

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do you have any fluffy headcannons of the wonderful anko family in modern times? btw your blog is literally my all time favorite on tumblr rock on you majestic human being <3

-Denmark is really good with little kids and will play with them and tell them stories

-Norway likes kids but always scares them away until they get to know him, then he’s really in touch with their sense of humor (fart jokes anyone?)

-Iceland hates loud children because they kind of alarm him and he dosent know how to deal with them but kids always flock towards him because of his hair colour and mr puffin

-Denmark keeps children away from icey

-They have a christmas tradition of giving joke gifts as well as a real gift

 -Den has gotten: neon pink bondage gear, several sets of lego (which he actually enjoys), a shit ton of colored hair gel, a knitted bikini                        -Nor has gotten- About 15 butter dishes, a set of real antlers on a headband, and, the only gift that has been met with rage, decaffeinated coffee                                                                                                             -Ice has gotten- shitty handmade christmas sweaters that are purposefully bad, a bunch of photographs from the dick museum, and once got an entire barrel full of puffin feathers

-In the winter they tend to form snuggle piles in the middle of the floor

-Nor refuses to drag his butt out of bed to make coffee on the weekend so den or ice is stuck making it

-denmark has week-long baking stints sometimes and theres pastries everywhere. E v e r y w h e r e

-Nor actually faces more consequences for stupid impulsive shit he does because ice just chills out and den is really good at getting out of trouble so at least once a month den needs to climb up a tree to get him out, normally because he was trying to get one of their cats down on his own

-They have two cats (very fluffy norwegian forest cats) and a dog(unknown giant fluffy breed)

-Ice sometimes will wake up in the middle of the night and go for a midnight snack sometimes and ALWAYS knocks over something and wakes the others up

ok but that prison scene was the best and i’ll tell you why

  • so visiting her after she was tortured and seeing all she survived (vs wook coming before and all ‘btw there’s probably some torture up ahead good luck with that)
  • the way she immediately brightens up after seeing him
  • he looks so sad about her in pain oh my goD
  • the single hand on the bar the whole scene like “i’m here”
  • the first thing she says when she sees him is basically “im glad you’re okay” like she wasn’t the one who just got literally screwed in the leg
  • he uses humor to comfort her k i l l me
  • the way she knew exactly why he took the poison
  • the way he totally lied about it so she wouldn’t feel burdened
  • the way she doesn’t believe him for a single second
  • they seriously talk like they’re lovers chastising each other and comforting each other i’m so
  • “did you think my feelings would change” and he looks away
  • “what am i that you would put your life on the line for me? if you do this, it becomes harder for me to turn away from you your highness”
  • like she basically confirmed that she has feelings for him but doesn’t know what they are yet #blessed
  • also that he treats her like the fucking angel she is
  • always putting her first
  • so’s. words. of. strength. and. comfort. and. hope.
  • “gosh, i don’t know what to do with you” “you too”
  • soo being so worried about him that despite obviously loving having him around she tells him to rest at home and listen to his doctor
  • “always lecturing” it’s so tragic this time
  • the way he hates leaving so fucking much
  • like he literally stays completely still for a moment but still does what she wants him to do
  • (the way you can tell on her face she doesn’t want him to go)
  • motherfucking fourth prince strutting away so determined to save his girl
  • soo just watching him go
  • kinda starting to cry
  • because he’s gone
  • and then i cry
  • this scene is just so good ok
  • such a gift

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how would 17 act if you were bringing them home to meet your parents for the first time? your blog is life btw!

Is totally polite and well-mannered, keeps asking you if he’s doing well and if they like him, helps your mom with the dishes afterwords, basically does everything in his power to seem like a good person so your parents will approve: Jeonghan, Joshua, the8, Seungkwan 

Makes jokes and compliments your mom’s taste in tableware, keeps your parents laughing because of his ‘witty sense of humor’, isn’t nervous at all and is just himself just a bit more funny so your parents will tell you they like having him around: Seungcheol/S.Coups, Jun, Hoshi, DK, Dino 

Stutters a lot and ends up dropping a plate out of nervousness and keeps sweating whenever your parents ask him a question, doesn’t know what to do or say because what if your parents hate it??, when it’s over he kind of let’s out this breath he’s been holding in for the past two hours and is like “we’re screwed, your parents probably think I’m weird”: Wonwoo, WOOZI, Mingyu, Vernon

YOI "The Next Episode"
  • YOI Fandom after episode 11: NOOOOOOOOOO! *fires sprout out of nowhere* *people falling over* *the fear is REAL*
  • Kubo: Hold up! Heeeeeey!
  • Kubo: For all the fans who be thinkin' we soft, we don't, plaaaaay!
  • Kubo: We gon' rock it till your jaws fall off. Hold up! Heeeeeey!
  • Kubo: For all the fans who be thinkin' too hard, take a... seeeaaat.
  • Kubo: Hope you're ready for the next episode! Hee-ee-ee-ey!
  • Kubo: This show's really gay!
signs from a scorpio's perspective:

aries: zodiac baby, always screaming and fighting about stupid things, just chill out a bit, things isnt always the way you want! and omg why you guys cant wait for anything? jesus

taurus: really chill and really smart, people that can carry a good conversation for a long time, rare these days tbh. they are also really calm, patient, and they listen to what you have to say, really love them for this.

gemini: just shut up please, just for once try to focus on one thing, just one. and sTOP TALKING AND LISTEN TO WHAT PEOPLE HAVE TO SAY.

cancer: you guys are so cute and funny i just cant help falling for you srsly. nice and emotional people that will put your feelings in the first place, and will care about you all the way.

leo: you guys are so funny and easy to talk to, but everytinhg you say is about yourself! you are not alone in this world, just stop being so egocentric.

virgo: you guys are cool, just stop being so cruel with yourself and the others, nothing is perfect stop finding flaws in every fucking thing. stop being assholes.

libra: just stop flirting with every thing that moves and stop giving to much shits about the way you look. jesus, just make a fucking decision in your life and stick to it.

scorpio: we are awesome, the fucking best, and lets face it we just wanna fuck each other in a weird and gross way.

sagittarius: stop, just stop and sit still. you cant be happy 100% of the fucking time so stop blaming people for your shit, and please stop being so dramatic about everyting, chill the fuck out.

capricorn: i love you guys, really, you have a good sense of humor, are really hardworking, will help you with everything they can. we get along really well and you guys get scorpio, thanks for that btw.

aquarius: omg, stop arguing about crazy shit that people dont even care, stop trying to change everything with your crazy wont-work-at-all ideas and chill out! oh, before i forget, stop criticising people anD SHOW SOME EMOTION.

piscies: juts sit down and sing with me. you guys are so criative and fun to be around, always chill and open to new things. i love you with all my heart, cause you help other people and care about them even more than you care about yourself, i wish i could have such a free mind and heart.


I finished the latest Magnus Chase book this week and can I just talk about Alex Fierro for a second?

Like, I really love how Alex is instantly a prickly righteously offended mess - just being SO damn tired of having to go through another round of “what is genderfluid even” and facing stupid prejudices, to the point that when pure, precious Magnus (bless his soul btw he is such a good) is a little confused Alex literally goes “IT’S NOT MY JOB TO EDUCATE YOU”.

But even more than that, I’m glad Alex’s genderfluidity is just one aspect of the character. Alex has a proper backstory, and a complex personality that isn’t solely defined by gender, and actual hobbies and skills, and a unique sense of style, and a fun sense of humor. All those things make Alex Fierro a fleshed out character, and an incredibly fun one at that, not just a cheap tool used by the author to fool readers into thinking he’s more woke than he actually is.

Rick Riordan is doing good things.

What I like about the MtG Tumblr Community

This is from the heart (what’s left of it). Everyone’s so supportive, and inclusive. Like, within at least 3-4 days of starting my blog ‘o random stuff, @flavoracle was kind enough to start following me. People took my ideas in the spirit in which I intended them to be taken, and didn’t shitpost or respond with ‘kys’ like on so many youtube comment sections. I’ve been able to meet a lot of cool people who have good senses of humor and share an affinity for crazy tin-foil hat theories, as well as people who can take a joke, like @elspethsunschampion (sorry about that whole post-mortem portrait thing, btw). Lastly, there’s some generally helpful people here, who know all sorts of interesting trivia, like @sarpadianempiresvol-viii. I guess what I’m trying to say is, no matter if I named you here or not, no matter if you’ve never interacted with me at all, being part of this group which would take time to help out a complete stranger makes you a wonderful person.


Additional thanks to : @moxymtg, @markrosewater, @chandra-nalaar, @chelsea-beleren-vess, @wizardsmagic, @bizarre-trader, @sarkhan-volkswagen, and too many others to name.

Sailor Moon Crystal... Take 3!

New Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3!

Alright I know some of you asked about what I think of the new season since I was a pretty big anti-crystal person thus far…I should do a proper review with proper screenshots but I’m a bit lazy but overall…

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Season 3! Everything is just SO MUCH BETTER. I know that’s not saying a lot considering the really shitty quality of season 1 and 2 on all fronts–story, characterization, art and animation. But so far, Cryastal 3 quality holds up to the better animated shows today. It’s the show we should have gotten FROM THE VERY BEGINNING of this whole entire reboot.

So let’s begin with all the things that they fixed!

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