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And is that ?? .. no way ?


*SLAMMING HANDS ON TABLE* we weir right!!


Drew the bois in more of my own style

the signs as annoying types of people on tumblr dot com
  • aries: gets into heated arguments with children over cartoon characters and ships
  • taurus: i'm right. everyone else is wrong. no. i will not budge on this i know everything i took a psychology class 10 years ago
  • gemini: vagues about their friends constantly
  • cancer: every. single. post. is begging for attention and crytyping
  • leo: still into superwholock, and still makes posts like a 12 year old in 2014
  • virgo: constantly reblogs posts that claim they'll give you a shoutout and boost your followers
  • libra: that one person that adds their commentary to every post whether it's relevant or not
  • scorpio: porn bots
  • sagittarius: thinks that posting about polyamorous relationships in ship tags will make things simmer down. does not realize they're making it worse.
  • capricorn: the token cis straight person that adds onto posts thinking they understand all forms of oppression. well meaning, but gets on everyone's nerves tbh
  • aquarius: way too serious about anime
  • pisces: "henlo my smol beans!!!!"

My current, favorite, single lines (per character) in my new story:

Alison “I just realize that everyone has their own dream, and you can’t necessarily share the same brand of excitement with everyone. It won’t taste the same to them.“

Emily “Apologies don’t come easy for me, okay? I don’t know why. Maybe I’m a shitty person for not being able to say I’m sorry in cases where I probably should, but I figured that you deserved one.”

Toby “Em, any one of the strangers in that bar could’ve felt the vibe between you two. Moose could’ve jarred it and made a new cocktail, if he wanted to. It would probably kill whoever ordered it, but–”

Mona “We’re all human. At the end of the day, we go home and eat lo mein in our pajamas like everyone else.”

Hanna “And here I thought that I was the one to stop Emily Fields from being a suave womanizer.”

Aria “You suck at being sensitive, don’t you?”

Spencer “Guys in bars aren’t really my cup of tea.“

CeCe “You know that I know when you’re not telling me something, and by you flat-out making it seem like there’s something you’re not telling me as if it’s some form of reverse-psychology…”

*mystery line: “You have to mess up at one point or another. That’s essential, sadly. It stinks, but… you’ll never mess up to the point of not being able to fix what’s been done. Accept it, leave your regrets behind, stay even-tempered, and learn from whatever’s happened.”

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David Duchovny looks so sad recently. I'm not going to pretend I know what's going on, but there has certainly been a shift in how David and Gillian interact with each other recently. Something is definitely not the same between them. And David looks love sick. And Gillian is off showing her vagina to the public. Maybe David misses her vagina? 🤷‍♀️

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Yes, he looks sad and there has been a shift.

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do you have a blog roll?can you post links to all your mutuals pleaseee

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now City letters are all kind of mystical and appropriate like oh a little piece of parchment flying through the air! slipping between worlds, giving Cities their own private communication! how ~magic~ but…they didn’t always use paper or even parchment. in fact…some of them used to write on big clipboard-sized wax tablets. so imagine you’re a normal bloke in the roman empire, you’ve got some sheep and probably an opinion on marc anthony you’re walking along you’re minding your own business and suddenly BAM tablet straight to the head you’re on the ground unconscious your sheep are gone and it’s all because Rome wanted to complain about her new hairstyle to Athens

dare I say it……………………….


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Hey I was wondering if you were gonna be posting anything from comic con? Love your blog btw 💖

hey there, I’m so glad you like my blog ♥!!! I’m not able to be there physically, sadly, but I was planning on reblogging some of the things/news other people who are may post! it’s not likely livestreaming the preview of the new episode will be allowed, but if some of my followers are gonna liveblog the panel or something i’d be happy to keep everyone updated through them! everything will be tagged #sdcc2017 and eventually #vld spoilers. The Voltron official twitter and instagram have promised a live coverage of the event, too!