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I love all of my mutuals

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, but #procrastination.

Even if we’ve never really spoken I think all you guys are rad af and idk you all deserve the best. Hope you all have a great day xx


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Everything I write lately is bloated with sadness.
When you try to love the world but she’s all fists,
all gut, all blood. I don't know what to do
with all of my black girl grief–
maybe auction it off, maybe bottle it, maybe just
let it sit in the sun and heat up and cool down again.
Let it congeal against the sides of the bowl 
and scrape it off to start over again the next day.
I get off the bus ten stops early so that I can make
the long walk home, feel the ground hard and sure
beneath my aching feet. I smell like flour,
dough, rosemary, the oven that cooks the pizzas.
I like how everyone looks at night: warm and drunk
and happy, even the trees. I take off my lonely
like a bodysuit and put it where I keep my sweaters.
I gargle with salt. I moisturize with honey. 
I remember the bodies that came before mine,
the bodies that made it possible for my body
to be here now. My friends and I are so pleased
with these parties we throw for ourselves.
We toast to them at our next awful brunch.
—  Kristina Haynes, “My Grief is Available For Pre-Order”

Last night I stayed up until the bitter end, cried myself out until I was more exhausted than I have been in a long, long time, and tried to get some sleep. Two hours later, I got up to go to school.

At school I looked students in the eye all day. Students who are Black and Latinx, almost exclusively. Who are from immigrant families or immigrants themselves. Who are disabled. Who are queer. Who are women. Who want answers. Who trust that I, somehow, can give them.

Today I and every teacher I saw made ourselves raw with talking about this. I left school shaking and I might still be. It is my job to explain to these kids what happened, to assuage their fears, to listen to their thoughts and tell them I stand with them, we stand with them, a vote does not mean there are no longer good people behind them.

All day I wanted to ask my mentor-teacher if I was doing this right, to settle my fears that I too was failing these kids again, because how the hell do you handle this?

You tell students about it in the same way I’m telling you, by and large, I guess I’ve learned.

Elections in the US rely on a peaceful transfer of power and we have to let that happen, but as Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton said in her concession speech today, that does not mean allowing bigotry. Bigotry is not a democratic value, and I refuse to let it slip in as one (Huffington Post: What do we tell the Children?)

We get angry. We get sad and angry and we grieve and we shout and we find our safe space to do this in and we don’t let anyone take that away from us, and we don’t let anyone take it away from our friends, our neighbors. We process, we prepare.

We survive. We survive out of spite and then we thrive out of spite when we can. We look out for our fellows and or neighbors because we are still decent human beings and we do not let that value be hidden.

We fight. We find our causes and we step in, on whatever level is the level for us. We vote in every election, from the most seemingly inconsequential town election on up. We prepare for the midterms. We know our congresspeople and we know our preferred way to contact them. We keep the pressure on Congress.

We be the record keepers. We do not allow the world to forget what happens, so next time we’re here, next time the country is divided on such lines, next time bigotry is on the ballot, next time the sharpest and most evident ideological and economic divide in America we have seen becomes evident, we handle it differently.

And then we look ahead. We allow no one to forget. We keep our fights moving, we keep planning and adapting and fixing. We keep protecting and surviving and never, ever plan to stop.

That’s what I told my students today. That’s what I’ll tell you. Last night was a tragedy, it was emotionally devastating, and on many ways I cannot physically engage right now. But Secretary Clinton gave us a well thought out, beautiful, powerful concession speech, and I am going to listen to her. Nothing I’ve said here is easy, and Secretary Clinton knew that when she spoke too. Nothing here sounds even remotely easy, especially to some of us. For me, mourning and then surviving is all I can expect and ask from anyone. But this is my plan, for me. I’m mourning and grieving, but when I’m ready, I’ll move on, and I’ll look forward, and I will make double sure to look out for my neighbors, because if we don’t look that way, the future isn’t going to look much better.