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This time I have a Voltron OC for you (and yes I’m Voltron trash)

She is half-human half-Altean (how creative (;¬_¬) ). She had the marks under her eyes since birth and these marks are at first the only indication of her heritage. Her ears on the other hand mutated after coming in direct contact w/ raw quintessence slowly bringing forth her more Altean side (as quintessence is capable of altering the body of lifeformes it is absorbed by)

As of right now I do not have a name for her… or more background info. I’m working on it.

Btw don’t worry, she doesn’t have a burn on her shoulder. These specks are part of a pigmentation disorder (similar to freckles just on another body part)

Fun fact: where I’m from a pigmentation disorder like this is often called a “coffee stain”. Does anyone else know this expression or sth. similar?

Now that seventeen has performed their goodbye stage, I’d just like to say a few words. First of all, we all should be extremely proud with all of them. After long and exhausting days of training, this was it - they showed us what they’re capable of doing. And for us fans, as we waited for three years, this was the gift they gave us and it was amazing. In this era, we’ve seen them improve their skills, we’ve seen other talents that we didn’t know before, we’ve seen their variety skills, we’ve seen how much their voices and dancing improved greatly, we’ve seen their brotherhood, we’ve witnessed a lot of things in this era. Back then we’ve seen them laugh, we’ve seen them cry, we’ve even seen them getting scolded yet now look at them. These are a group of boys all determined to achieve the same dream and we can all see that they’re willing to put in however amount of effort together to reach that dream. Yes, this era has arrived to a conclusion and for only a debut stage, they did incredible. The improvement that has happened compared to 3 years ago is astonishing. This is not a destination; don’t think of this as a goodbye. I understand a lot of us are sad about this but this is only the beginning of their journey; think of this as a hello as we will be seeing more of their potentials as time progresses.   


Root/Shaw Parallels: 4x11

‘Die for something that you love’

I know with this whole drama that’s going on right now that it may seem that i hate bi people, but I don’t.  I think bi people are just like all other people- capable of both good and evil.  I would have done the same thing for any other “all [group] are great.”

I’m not anti-bi, I’m anti-dehumanization and anti-generalization.

honestly though think of all the young women who watch this show and know that she is bisexual. and it’s like…….not even a big deal it’s just part of who she is. it’s not even an interesting thing, it just is

to see someone living life and her sexuality not be the defining factor of her existence and to see how capable she is - it normalizes it. and this is why representation is important because it shows that we exist and are out there living our lives just like everyone else
Weekend at Barton's - Chapter 4 - scifigrl47
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It’s all I’m capable of right now guys, sorry.

Sorry everything is taking so long.

Sorry I can’t seem to finish anything.

I just am tired right now.

So thanks so much for your patience and your kind words and I’m sorry that I’m that one asshole writer who’s had fics in play for months and months and months and never finishes them