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  • NASA: We've discovered seven new exoplanets!
  • People: Yawn. Add 'em to the pile.
  • NASA: They're all Earthlike! They might have liquid water and life!
  • People: But they're probably all spread out all over.
  • NASA: Nope! Seven Earthlike planets, all orbiting the same star.
  • People: Okay, sure, but that star's probably halfway across the universe.
  • NASA: Only 40 light years! We could send and receive communications in a human lifetime!
  • People: Wow, that is kind of cool. Let's start communicating! Let's send a probe! Hell, I'll volunteer to get on the generation ship if it means leaving this nightmare hellscape.
  • NASA: We'll start figuring out the message.
  • People: This almost sounds too good to be true! By the way, what star did you say they orbit?
  • NASA: Trappist-1.
  • People: Trappist-1.
  • NASA: That's right.
  • People: The improbably large set of Earthlike planets orbiting a single star at such a distance that they might all be capable of harboring life, close enough to Earth that we could maybe send messages or visit, orbits a star named "Trappist-1."
  • NASA: That's right! I'm gonna start beaming out the message.
  • People: What could possibly go wrong?

Root/Shaw Parallels: 4x11

‘Die for something that you love’

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Whenever I see relationships like yours I get really discouraged because I'm 17 and have never done anything with a boy; barely even talked to one.

Woah. Hey there! No need to be discouraged!
I barely had my second kiss when I was 16.
This is my first real relationship and I’m 21.
There is absolutely no rush, love. None at all. Use this time to invest in yourself. Be good to your mind, body, and soul. Love yourself now, so that one day you will be blessed and fully capable of loving someone else. Pick your head up because where you are at right now will be a distant memory before you know it.

You want to travel? Go and do it.
You want to pursue your passions? Go and do it.
Have your fun, but please always invest in YOURSELF. Please, please, please learn to love all of YOU. You will be so complete that you will not need or want for anyone else. They will come in due time. They will only add to your beauty, instead of filling in gaps or taking away pieces of you. 🌻

Requested : Lewd Dance (Shu x Reader

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Hiya! Just wanted to say I really like your blog! I just started my DL blog and have been posting as much as I can despite being a full-time Uni student as well as working two jobs. I understand you are also quite busy, but I was wondering you could do a scenario where Shu finds out that despite being a bigger girl, his S/O can dance like nobody’s business. (I do tend to impress my friends with my meringue skills lol no joke) And once I again I love your blog! Keep up the awesome work.

It was a really bad idea. You didn’t know why you decided to act so foolishly but it was definitely too late. The boys were all lost causes by now, as a recognizable empty bottle rolled on the floor. Honestly, you were surprised that you could have been so incredibly stupid as to suggest a party in this mansion. Offering some kind of exotic vampire juice to the Sakamakis, you did not expect to stumble upon some nice and expensive red wine that you might have drunk too fast. The point was that this was really, really bad. Most of the brothers were gone, trying to make their way to their room. You swore you heard Subaru cursing when walking up those stairs but beside that, you weren’t entirely alone either.

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Hi French! Youve been a writer for a long while and I like your fics a lot. And I'm wondering who are you fave authors? People who inspire you and whose works you like to reread and etc, fanfic or orginal

Hi, anon!

This has been sitting in my ask box for a long time and I keep saying “I’ll get back to it” because I haven’t had much energy for anything at all lately? Well.

First of all - thank you for saying that you like my work! It means a lot to hear, especially now.

I think for now I’m just going to give you names, and if you want specific examples you can just hmu with another ask? If anyone’s interested in more detailed recs just let me know.

Fanfic authors whose works I particularly adore and love to re-read (who have inspired me greatly, and whom I intend to spam with multiple comments as soon as I regain my mental energy):

@josai @chxngsey @paintbrushyy @astersandstuffs @softsun @fairylights101writes

…and also everyone else I mentioned in this post (I’m getting a bit lazy here sorry but there’s specific recs there too!), and everything in my bookmarks! (I swear I still want to make a proper rec post or even a page. I will. Eventually, I will.)

Also IncessantOblivion, snoqualmie, loveclouds and jopling, whose tumblr urls I don’t know (please enlighten me if you do so I can tag them!).

As for books - well. I used to read a lot more than I do these days, but I do have some favorite authors.

Patrick Ness and Alexandra Bracken write fantastic YA (and in Ness’ case also a collection of short stories that I really love). I also loved and still love the series I grew up reading; most notably Harry Potter (JKR is to blame for me wanting to write original works), A Series Of Unfortunate Events, His Dark Materials, Howl’s Moving Castle… stories that moved me, and changed the way I saw the world (and imagination as a whole).

Also, more recently: Khaled Hosseini, if you want to read something that will chill you to the bone and rip your goddamn heart out (most notably to me: Kite Runner. That book changed me.), and also Michael Cunningham? I got The Hours as a gift from an old teacher who’d read some of my original work and thought it might be “of interest to me” and BOY yes. Yes, it was. I love this book for its narrative technique and the way it tells its story? It’s sort of my comfort book nowadays, because it makes me want to keep writing, in the hopes of maybe blowing someone away the way I was when I first read it.

Of course a taste in books is a very subjective thing (and also I know I’m forgetting a great many wonderful books I’ve read, I have an extensive repertoire in that respect), these are the most notable for now. I might come back to add to this, or I can try and think of more if you send me another ask ^^

Thank you though! I don’t talk about the things I enjoy nearly enough - and I’m happy you’re interested in my opinion.

  • *in a stressful situation*
  • Me: I'm thinking so much about this and I'm so confused. I just don't know what to do right now.
  • God: Don't you trust me with your life? I've got it all planned out. I only gave you this because I know you're capable. Be strong & have faith.

I know with this whole drama that’s going on right now that it may seem that i hate bi people, but I don’t.  I think bi people are just like all other people- capable of both good and evil.  I would have done the same thing for any other “all [group] are great.”

I’m not anti-bi, I’m anti-dehumanization and anti-generalization.

The schools as things I've thought/said in school
  • Fire: Would I get caught if pulled the fire alarm?
  • Storm: Why am I learning this? I already know this! Oh. Wait. Nevermind.
  • Ice: I am perfectly capable of finishing all this work, but I'm way too lazy right now, so, no.
  • Life: Everyone is special. Except that guy. He's not special.
  • Death: I might be small, but I could seriously fuck that guy up.
  • Myth: I wish I was in Narnia. I bet I would be a majestic unicorn.
  • Balance: I don't like drama. Actually, I don't like being involved in drama. Now watching drama is something I could do all day.

Guys but

Lexark sin


- Alicia is definitely a power bottom

- Elyza is a service top but sometimes also a regular top

- Alicia is the only one Elyza feels comfortable being a bottom with. It’s not often, but when it happens, Alicia always makes sure to take extra care of her.

- Elyza cries that one time during sex and Alicia hasn’t stopped teasing her about it because she’s a sassy teenage hoe and it honestly wasn’t even a life or death situation, Elyza is just so extra and she has a lot of feelings okay; Elyza doesn’t mind cause she’s a snarky asshole most of the time, so she gives as good as she gets.

- Secretly Alicia loves how emotional Elyza can get in bed.

- Yes you heard me Elyza is the emotional one. She holds hands with Alicia as she goes down on her and she cups the back of her head so Alicia doesn’t smash her head on a headboard/wall/whatever flat surface they’re going at it against. She also always gently kisses that one ticklish spot on Alicia’s stomach. They don’t talk about it.

- Elyza is Alicia’s first, Alicia is not Elyza’s first, but it’s okay because a) slut shaming is stupid and b) it’s Alicia that makes Elyza come so hard she sees stars, not some other girl.

- Alicia discovers she likes it rough. Like, sometimes she just needs Elyza to fuck her hard against the wall. She wants to wrap her legs around the blonde as Elyza pounds away at her. She’s been discretely looking for strap-ons every stop, because the thought of Elyza fucking her brains out with powerful thrusts is enough to push her over the edge.

- Elyza is the first one to say “I love you”. It doesn’t happen while they are having sex, as Alicia predicted, because hello her blonde is always super emotional at some point during their lovemaking. The blonde whispers it while they are trying to catch their breaths, Alicia cuddled to her chest, tracing Elyza’s tattoos.

- Alicia loves her tattoos because they are badass and sexy and turn her on like nobody’s business. Elyza gets another one on the road: an infinity sign drawn by Alicia on her chest, right above her heart. Alicia was against the idea at first because cmon they are in the middle of an apocalypse and that dude isn’t a poster child for hygiene, but Elyza does it anyway (not before carefully examining the guy’s equipment and sterilizing everything twice; turns out Elyza is a bit of a germaphobe and really likes being clean). When they make love, Alicia always brushes her lips over the new tattoo. They don’t talk about it.

- Their first time is a bit awkward and a bit fumbling because Elyza is already so in love and thinks Alicia isn’t, and Alicia is like lowkey in love and thinks Elyza is up for a casual thing but not something more. Elyza makes Alicia come with her mouth and Alicia LOSES IT. She flips Elyza over and straddles her and rides her and the blonde has never been more turned on in her young life. They come together (Elyza times it so they do but Alicia doesn’t know that), with Elyza shyly entwining their fingers.

- Alicia is a screamer; Elyza is a grunter. She also sighs a lot, which drives Alicia crazy.

- Alicia’s moans are enough to make Elyza come, as has been proven on several occasions.

- Alicia is so thirsty for Elyza’s biceps and Elyza is a slut for her legs. Like. Have you fucking seen those legs?

- Honestly both of them are just horny teenagers in love whose thirst for each other can’t be quenched and they go at it every chance they get, because life is short and ugly but also beautiful because there are no obligations and no laws and no burdens; all they have is each other and adults are perfectly capable of defending themselves and making a level-headed decision without the help of two teenage girls in love.

- Elyza thinks Alicia is beautiful when she comes; Alicia thinks Elyza is ethereal.

The Signs' Thoughts While Watching Fireworks
  • Taurus: Omg is that an eagle??? Eagle shaped firework???? Wait that's a flower lol
  • Gemini: I want to set one off too!!!!
  • Cancer: This shouldn't be legal, but DAAAAAAMN look at those colors go
  • Leo: Wow... Almost as dazzling as me...
  • Virgo: How pretty... Omfg I need to clean everything up from the bbq when I get home, I hate 4th of July! Well ok the ribs were really good
  • Libra: I wanna be a firework. I AM a firework! Hold up guys I'm going to set myself on fire and combust into pretty lights
  • Scorpio: There could be a murderer with a gun going around killing people right now and no one would suspect a thing... I love this country
  • Sagittarius: *mind is blank*
  • Capricorn: My eyes are watering and my ears ache what is this???? I am not capable of having fun
  • Aquarius: I'm going to get my cremated ashes into a fireworks display one day!!!!!
  • Pisces: We are all stardust *sighs*

ODIN-as-ONE EYE in Valhalla Rising (2009) as given form by Mads Mikkelsen

Just in case people didn’t believe me that the Terrible One is in this film, right down to the semiotics, I took a few bloody screenshots.

I have added some facetious but mostly true  (to the personality/vibe I personally get from the Old Man) captions which I shall reproduce here.

1. Yes. By all means fetter me. I can wait.

2. Right. That’s that built. Tricky to do. Give it a moment to check what I’ve set up turns out OK.

3. I have one eye and I can still see more than you.

4. You’re dead. You just don’t know it yet. Shit just Became Fundamentally Real aka I made my move half an hour ago, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.

5. Why yes, my good eye does blaze like the sun. So does the other one, and that’s down a well. Don’t worry about it - it’s all fine.

6. You really have no idea who I am and what I’m capable of, do you? akathe I know something you don’t know and I’m not going to say a word smile/smirk/look.

7. Built the worlds. Now going to return to the Ancestral Sea of Soul because I died and it didn’t bother me and I learnt what I needed to.

8.  I am indeed your Soul-stirrer, dweller in the Ancestral Dreaming Sea.aka You can’t get rid of me because I’m in your blood and bone and breath. Death is only the beginning.

9.  I am also part of the Mountain which reaches beyond the sky. Sky or Sea, I am at home in both. I am at home nowhere, and everywhere you look.

Note: I only just realised there were nine screenshots. I took about 13. The nine is not deliberate but make of that what you will!

Okay guys I’m gonna de-caps all my excitement for a minute and get super cheesy and emotional but seriously I’m so proud of YOU and everyone who is a part of this brilliant fandom. 

Yesterday we saw what we were capable of doing with voting and streaming again and again and again and watching the MV and buying albums and texting and voting and tweeting and what else have you. 

Without the support and work, we wouldn’t have stood a chance but we DID IT AND WE WON AND WE PROVED HOW AMAZING WE ARE TOGETHER IN ACHIEVING THIS 

We’re all from completely different parts of the world but right now I really wish I could hug every single one of you ♡


@drstanakatic: #Castle BTS 24:
These are my men. Before I go radio silent, I want to single out these two: Rob Bowman & Andrew Marlowe… What an incredible creative collaboration!
I will go anywhere with these two. Their commitment to great storytelling, their incredible work ethic & their talent made them a dynamic pairing.
@drstanakatic: #Castle BTS 23:
So much of the Castle story came from these two. I remember shooting the pilot with Terri Edda Miller & Andrew Marlowe in NYC. We were all so new to TV then. So green. We’ve learned a lot these years. What you’ve watched & the characters you’ve fallen in love with never would’ve happened if not for Castle’s creator Andrew Marlowe.
Andrew & Terri wrote the finale. One of my favorite Beckett moments ever is in this ep. Thank you, Andrew. Thank you, Terri… For giving me a capable, complex, loving & formidable woman to play. Castle wouldn’t be what
it is without you.

honestly though think of all the young women who watch this show and know that she is bisexual. and it’s like…….not even a big deal it’s just part of who she is. it’s not even an interesting thing, it just is

to see someone living life and her sexuality not be the defining factor of her existence and to see how capable she is - it normalizes it. and this is why representation is important because it shows that we exist and are out there living our lives just like everyone else

This was Pearl’s expression when Garnet said “I’m confident Pearl is right”

Also, she’s crouched in a very uncomfortable looking position, like her weight is pretty much entirely on the ball of her left foot. I mean, I know she’s capable of balancing like that it just doesn’t look comfortable at all

  • Emma: Look, Regina, I'm not sure how all this time loop mess happened, but you shouldn't just run off.
  • Regina: Swan, in case you haven't noticed I'm perfectly capable of handling myself, I mean I am a bandit now.
  • Emma: Right, right I get it, Regina. I just can't let you go up against the Evil mom, whatever, without some back up.
  • Regina: *starts to walk away*
  • Regina: I got this, Emma.
  • Emma: You don't have to face all of this alone!
  • Regina: You know, you're starting to sound more and more like Charming!
  • Emma: Go if you want, but know this...
  • Regina: ...Don't you dare say it.
  • Emma: ...
  • Regina: ...
  • Emma: I will always find you...
Weekend at Barton's - Chapter 4 - scifigrl47
By Organization for Transformative Works


It’s all I’m capable of right now guys, sorry.

Sorry everything is taking so long.

Sorry I can’t seem to finish anything.

I just am tired right now.

So thanks so much for your patience and your kind words and I’m sorry that I’m that one asshole writer who’s had fics in play for months and months and months and never finishes them