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where are:

  • the red flavor dance practice
  • the automatic dance practice
  • the zoo dance practice
  • the be natural solo version dance practice
  • the you better know dance practice
  • the cool hot sweet love dance practice
  • the dumb dumb dance practice
  • the russian roulette dance practice
  • the ice cream cake dance practice
  • the full happiness dance practice
  • the greedy cover dance practice

I just wanna let hoseok know that he can take however long he wants on the hixtape. If he’s not happy with the hixtape then he’s just not happy like he’s a perfectionist he’s going to doubt himself even when we know the hixtape will be amazing but no matter what but we are going to keep supporting him and keep sending him love so he can see how many people are behind him supporting him while he finishes completing the hixtape the way he’s happy with.


Lee: We’re gonna miss you so much Bea. Mostly me though (laughs)

Bea: (tears streaming in her eyes) Yeah, I’m gonna miss you guys too. I just have to be with my Dad right now.

Lucas: Just take your time in Windenburg, okay.

Scarlet: Yeah, only come back when your able to lift yourself up. 

Everley & Archie: Please feel better.

Lee pulls Bea into a small, sweet kiss…

Lee: Please don’t meet anyone there while you’re away and take care of your father. Wait here for Eddy and don’t do anything until you see him. 

Bea: I promise.

Bea pulls away from her boyfriend and grabs her stuff to go to security. She starts to walk away with tears in her eyes. She turns around after she walks a few feet and waves goodbye to her friends…

Bea says to herself “Please keep my mummy safe, Lord. And please don’t take anyone else away. Please.”

beep beep i’ve seen a lot of people doing this and all fanfiction writers deserve more recognition for putting their amazing work out there for free so here’s a big thank you to all of you who have brightened my day with their stories, who have made me laugh until i cried or just straight up made me cry. Who inspired me and at times pulled me out of my art slump or just a general slump. Thank you so much for your time and energy, thank you for continuing to put your work up even through annoying anons, people who can’t seem to grasp the concept that you’re not getting paid and that you don’t owe them an update when they want it, or ever really, and people who seem to think a typo is the end of the world.

Here’s a few writers in particular i’ve been reading a lot by the last few months and who have left a lasting impression. In advance, im not great with words but i’ll try my best to convey what I mean?:


your NHL!Bitty fics are my life and I love how you show Bitty’s tougher side without going off-brand. you’re one of the writers where I have the same reaction to fic from you on my dashboard as I would to jumping into a clear watered mountain lake in the middle of summer. Your style, to me, is so refreshing and fun to read and I always come away from your fic with a smile on my face. Your “Alicia almost leaves Bob after the overdose” fic hit me like a bomb. It’s the fucking best thing and I love how Alicia is characterised in it. I’ve re-read it about 5 times already. 


your writing manages to make my heart melt every time. I am completely helpless against the way you write Jack and Bitty being in love. These little slice of life ficlets, and vignettes from their life together are the best treats to find on my dashboard. They are so perfect for when I’m feeling sad or lonely and just need some tooth-rotting sweetness.  Your writing is so soft and romantic and practically glows. It’s like coming home from the cold after a long day and sitting on the couch with wool socks and a mug of tea.


I have to admit I haven’t read that many of your fics ( but only because they aere pairings/premises I’m not really into) but I really really loved “Taking Notes” because I am a meetcute hoe and “The shot you wanted” because I love anything that has any form of dance or gymnastics in it. “heart on your sleeve” was really great. I loved the world-building and the soulmate concept and basically inhaled that fic.  I really like how you can make these different circumstances and aus work for the characters and have them still seem authentic and familiar.


THANK YOU so much for the groundhog day AU it was exactly the kind of romcom  stuff I love. when you said you were writing it I checked tumblr and ao3 every goddamn day to see if it was up I was so excited about it and it didn’t disappoint when it was done. Beneath The Winter Moon straight up killed my secret romantic heart. your fic is my go- to for quality rom com cuteness. They’re just so…solid and clean and well-executed. 


where do I even begin.I don’t really know how to express this but your fic seems so real. The characters as well as the actions and settings just seem so straight from life. Reading it feels like Im actually there, living it. I love love love the way you write Jack specifically.I love how thoughtful and introspective he can be in your stories. Your punk AU is the best thing ever and has inspired me to more fan art than any other fic ever has. It’s my go-to for when I have no idea what to draw and it always gets me in the mood for art. Im also in love with the accompanying  playlists and “Jack on (artist/band)” asks. My favourite thing you do is writing Lardo. “wearing dresses and chugging beer” made me cry and its in my top 3 favourite fan works of all time. (@ everyone go read it! it’s so good!)

@angryspace-ravenclaw (tumblr won’t let me tag you properly idk if this will reach you?) 

Holy shit. I am so glad I discovered you. The Sledge Hockey AU is everything. It’s rare for me to read a long multichapter fic in one sitting because I have the attention span of a goldfish but I could not. stop. reading. I am currently dying a bit on the inside at Then There Was You. The way you handle Emotions in you fic is incredible.  It manages to reduce me to tears and feel comforted and calm at the same time. “Slowly,Slowly” is so sweet and beautiful I want to tattoo it on my heart. I’m just so so glad your writing exists .

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There's a klance texting fic the title is Read 9:37 and a check mark I think? I might not have the exact time right but I can't find it and it's I'm going and really cute 😭 if you can find it that would save my life ❤️💙

Hiya! I don’t really know what your fic is about, is it one of these?
- Vallie

left on read ✓ by lancemclain (8/? | 17,893 | Not Rated)

(bi)tter: allura i love you marry me right now
lesbean: you know if i wasn’t so gay
(bi)tter: [white girl voice] all the hot ones are gay
edgelord™: why thank you lance
(bi)tter: shut up, my chemical romance

(OR, once upon a time lance created a group chat and things didn’t exactly go as planned)

(matt/shiro, hunk/shay)

Seen: 5:29 by SpeedOfSins (1/1 | 2,608 | Mature)

AU where Keith is some important guy who has a business suit, and lance is a good housewife. (tha ts a lie, i honestly dont have a summary but this fic hurts, i have been told by at least 3 people)

Written in text format

Reactions to this fic:
“Fuck you”
“cyder i hate you and i hate UR FUCKIGN FIC”

//major character death

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Hey I don't mean to ask and I understand your just busy and stuff but are you ok?😐😕if you don't want to answer I understand just take of yourself and hope everything ok.

It’s so sweet of you to ask, thanks hun.
Right now i don’t have the time to draw or to animate because of school, friends, car license and relationship stuff.
I’m not gonna lie, but in the last days my mood was changing very fast.
I could be happy in the morning and cry by the night.
I’m really confused in my life right now, because all the things started to happen at once. 
I can’t even catch up what’s happening here or on youtube anymore. I really try to find some time for tumblr and youtube because it’s still a part of my life.

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How do you find the time to write? With college and work and stuff I don't have time to write, but I want to update on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. At the same time, I don't have time to sit down and write, haven't had time, and (with the way my schedule looks currently) won't have time. Any tips? Thank you!!!

That’s my problem right now, actually. College is a chaotic mess the first two weeks with all the new semester and students and meetings. Hopefully after it all calms down I’ll get back on schedule! Just don’t feel stress and don’t rush your writing! Just take your time and focus on your education; it’ll all be okay! 🖤

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Will Ziam be at VMAs?


Well, I wish I had the answer, but right now I can only guess.

I’m 75/80% sure that Zayn will attend the VMAs.
I mean for the first time his team has acknowledged him and he had a slighty ‘good’ promo, even if we all know that they did that for Taylor and not for him. So there’s a good possibility that I Don’t Wanna Live Forever will win the Best Collaboration Video at the VMAs. 

I think you noticed Taylor trying to catch all the attention right now with pointless drama. Would she miss the chance to have even more? 
And also, to be honest, an attendance would be good for the two of them, since they both have to release new music soon.

I have this feeling (and it’s really just a feeling) that we’ll see Zayn’s pretty face soon anyway, like before the end of this month. So fingers crossed, maybe this will be the right occasion.
Also Zayn changed his hairstyle, right? I can’t help but notice that whenever he gets a new haircut he often attends something, or films something.

So yeah, there’s definitely a good chance that he’ll be there. I’m not sure about Liam though.

He’s not nominated in any category and he’s not one of the performers.
But it’s not uncommon adding new performers last minute or reserving a surprise with mysterious guests.

The fact that Liam kept talking about Zayn and a probable collab makes everything possible. But I feel like we’ll have to wait for Zayn saying a nice word about Liam before we’ll actually be blessed with a Ziam interaction.

Alright I can’t stop thinking about this.

Rick hates Jerry for taking Beth away from him, but without Jerry Rick doesn’t have Morty. He could be assigned a Morty, but he clearly cares enough about this Morty enough to sacrifice his life for him despite that.

But Morty is getting tired of having to tag along all the time. He’s lied to his grandpa to get away from him. (Implying that he may not care about Jerry as much as he said that he does?)

But also, Morty is becoming a bit cocky. I wanted evil Morty to return because his thing ended on a cliff-hanger but but I don’t want my baby Morty to become a cocky evil Morty!

But at the same time, I do love how, well, cocky he’s getting. And he’s becoming smarter… I don’t think I want to get too far into this right now. More thoughts on Morty when the season ends I guess.

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i know you ship sha//adin a lil and i wanted to hear your take on my dilemma? i don't know what to call it. have you ever experienced stuff like this? and if you have how do you exactly deal with it? i feel like a little child for asking you all of these things. im turning 19 and i feel like i should know right from wrong by now or something. am i just taking this too seriously? im sorry to bother you about this. you just seemed so nice and safe i guess. sorry and thank you for your time [ 3/3 ]

Its okay! I really understand! I myself am 16, sorry if thay bothers you. But you don’t have to feel odd for asking me things! I love to answer and talk with anyone as sweet as you! As for advice. Peoplr will pick fights with everything. But just remember it is a show. Nothing is wrong with a ship just cause other people dont like it. Its your ship and there are many people who will like your ship too. Ignore the people who try and put you down and focus on how yoy feel about the ship. Does it make you happy? Do you like it? Thats wants important love. Being happy and having fun. Okay hun? Thank you for asking! I hope i could help you at least a little! You are so sweet!

Ugh seriously. I just need to vent. Can people PLEASE STOP making all this unnecessary hate of Musical Mr. Krabs? I can’t stand checking the SB musical tags and seeing all these posts trashing him. Because Carlos left the cast, and is feeling pretty shitty about it, and I’m feeling shitty about it, I don’t need to see all this Krabs negativity right now. I don’t care if you don’t like the actor or the character, but please keep it to yourself. Don’t tag your hate. The tag should be used to spread unconditional love for this show. Yes, the playwrights didn’t exactly make Mr. Krabs the most sympathetic character, nor have the new SB seasons, but that doesn’t mean he’s an INHERENTLY bad character. Once upon a time, he had potential, and no matter how they decided to portray him as a one-note money whore with very little redeeming qualities in the musical, in my humble opinion, Carlos played him exceptionally well despite that. I don’t mind so much that he doesn’t sound like Clancy Brown, I liked his unique spin on the voice, and I think he looks the most like how I think a human Mr. Krabs would look. I think he nailed the body language (the way he always stood with a hunch like a crab), and the facial expressions (that one eyebrow raised, that lopsided grin). He was like a guy straight out of Hell’s Kitchen, he was perfect. But that’s just my opinion and I respect people who weren’t thrilled by his interpretation, but I’d rather not see all this negativity. I’m sad he left because I liked seeing some Latino representation in the show, being half Latino myself. So if you don’t like him, fine, if you hate Mr. Krabs in the musical, fine, but please keep it out of the tags.

Thank you.

This has been a PSA.

good things: my hair is getting a lot of length to it again and it’s so soft and thick! I love playing with it all the time, it’s a good stim for sure. a new cute guy in my life who as of right now probably hasn’t changed his mind about liking me in the past few hours, another good cute guy who cares about me and is probably l sticking around for at least a little while longer I guess, my bff as always, I’ve got a lot of pillows and blankets on my bed and I’m surrounded by soft things and that’s nice, my cat is pretty cool to have sometimes, I’ve been running my support groups on fb awhile and people are always telling me how they’ve been helped by them, people tell me I’m kind and make them feel good, the town I live in is lonely for me sometimes but there are people who care about me here I guess, I’m gonna be making a lot of art again since I’m in school, painting makes me feel so full and alive and Right, I’m so full of love for so many people and that’s so beautiful, I might out grow a lot of my BPD because a ton of people do and I feel like it’s happened slightly bc I’m at least not as big of a wreck all the time as I was, I’m learning how to have healthier relationships, oh and Star Trek discovery is not far away and that’s gonna be so fun hopefully……all kinda good things in my life and there will be more and more all the time.

~Note from Kay~

Hey guys sorry im not feeling too hot right now and I reeeallly need a nap. My replies are sucking a bit, and I want to give you guys the best, so I’m gonna go offline for a little while. Thank you!

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I always finish Pt.2

Woah sorry this took so long, I built up the story a bit more (feel free to skip straight to the smut-y part lol I do that all the time) Hope this was easier to read and made you laugh :) nsfw..

Robert finally broke the intense gaze and his expression grew soft and his mouth formed in a low grin. He held both of my hands against his chest. “Ill be right in Paige, you go on now. Get comfortable ”. How could I possibly be comfortable knowing the golden god would have his way with me tonight. But I had to fake the confidence  that he always exuded. “Yes Robert” I replied with the same underlying erotic tone. “Don’t keep me waiting too long now, I’m very impatient you know” He pursed his lips while exhaling air out of them, “Mmmm we have that in common Paige”. I don’t think I’ve ever been so attracted to someone in my entire life. It was more than just a fawning over Robert, it had turned into desire for the man. He got up and made his way to the bathroom on the other end of the plane. I found composure and walked over to the bedroom, only to find the door was shut. Not just shut. It was locked. I pressed my ear up to the door trying to distinguish who had taken over my chance with Robert in the big bed. It startled me to hear the moans and whimpers coming form inside the room. It must have been Jimmy and the baby groupie from earlier, I wasn’t surprised Jimmy could make someone wail like that, more so that he would do it so plainly. I mean I guess I just viewed him more of a slow soft kind of guy. Opposed to the reality: pounding someone into the mattress. Which reminded me, where is Robert. What was I to do, knock on the door? Interrupt them right at the good part.I knew I should let them finish. Even though I really couldn’t hold off much longer. I would have Robert on the wing of the plane at this point. I pressed my ear up against the door again to hear if they were close. I held my breath as I listened for some sort of relief noise. Some sort of indication that they were done but man it was almost like they had gotten louder. All I could hear was the slapping of skin and high pitched moans. I have to admit, it really was starting to turn me on. Imagining that was me and Robert in there. I started pulling at the front of my underwear. Positioned just so that when I pulled it would rub against me,it the perfect spot. I grabbed my breast with my other hand exhaling. They got louder and I just got wetter, the intensity built up and up until finally I got that burning feeling on my back. Hairs rising on the back of my neck, cold shooting in my legs. Someone is watching me. I turned around only to see… Jimmy? So who was in the room? He was shirtless holding his Jack Daniels. He scratched at his chest as his head tipped to the side, “Waiting for the room love?” How much of that did he see. Judging from his tone and expression. All of it. “Oh yeah I was, or we were. Well I’m just waiting for Robert I’m not sure what is taking him so long. I-” Jimmy smiled centering his head, “Such a cunt of Percy to keep a beautiful girl like you waiting, he should be ashamed of himself.”  This night could not get any more crazed. I’ve never been a Jimmy girl myself. I’d like to think that I’m completely devoted to Robert. But when Jimmy Page stands right in front of you saying that. Well, it makes a girl weigh her options. But I really wasn’t interested in Jimmy.  I remained composed,“Yeah I suppose it was a little rude uh of Robert, but aren’t you with your..your girlfriend ?” He stepped closer his lower lip hanging low. “No we had to let her off, she has school tomorrow.” So do I. I hadn’t even realized the plane stopped, Me and Robert were really in our own little world I suppose. He stepped a bit closer I could smell all the alcohol on his breath, “Yep. I’m all alone the worst thing to be. Do you know that?” What on earth was he.. I replied, “Know what?” He raised his hand to my leg which was level to his hands. Such a lanky bastard, “To be alone. It’s the absolute worst. I’m sure you don’t have that problem huh darling? You probably have the boys all over you. Why, you probably value being alone don’t you!” He raised his voice and through his arms up in exasperation. And it occurred to me finally. He must be completely intoxicated. “I should be going to try and find Robert, but it really has been incredible talking to you Jimmy. I just..” He cut me off, “You just what? You’re not going anywhere you sweet thing you.” He put his hands on the walls of either side of me, trapping me in some sort of Jack Daniels gas mask. I tried peering over his shoulders to scope out Robert but alas, Jimmy was too tall to even see over. “Jimmy I really have to go, I don’t mean to be rude but I..” “You cant leave me now. You wouldn’t leave me alone would you? You’re too sweet to hurt me like that” His lips now pursed, he spoke in a cross between a derisive and baby voice. I stood on my tiptoes trying to just look over him, I seriously considered sliding out from underneath him when the door finally opened. Jimmy’s arms fell abruptly and he stood back. I spun around in relief and dismay at the sight. Out walked a groupie from earlier, clothes in hands. She walked like she had something between her legs. And lone behold there stood, John Paul Jones smoking a cigarette in the door way. He was fixing his pants as he walked out, his wide grin saying all the explanation that he neglected to provide.  Go Jonsey who would have thought. I peered into the bedroom where the sheets had been torn and the whole headboard had shifted.  I walked in and shut the door behind me. I figured Jimmy would just leave. I leaned against the door sliding to the ground. Where the fuck was Robert this was getting ridiculous. I looked into the mirror above the dresser to fix myself. My eyes looked dilated and puffy, probably from the lack of sleep. I hadn’t any idea what time it even was. All I wanted was Robert..and some sleep. I figured that if I just lay down for a bit it would calm my nerves. I pushed the bed back into place and shook out the comforter. I lye on my back and stared at the beige ceiling with little water marks. What is it about sleep deprivation  that makes any bed feel like a cloud? I shut my eyes and played out the scenarios in my head that I always did before I fell asleep.

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You all FINALLY arrive at the resort and Bill goes his separate way. Three people per room. I will allow you all to pick your bunk mates. Right now you have some leisure time before we head to the first activity. Get cleaned up and may I suggest putting on athletic clothes. 

so i’m in my first school-school week… with actual classes. i got a lot sorted at a meeting with some of the people at school.. and also i got books and just idk

i am very excited here ok? just all the small things. because like i’m an adult now, and this is like in my hometown, and i’m actually getting an education.. and this is basically the equivalent of 6 year old me getting to go to school for first time..

like i usually don’t refer to myself as an adult.. but by the education system i am essentially equal to a 40 year old going to school… i don’t really have the same study right teens have..

anyway, as an adult with no higher education to put on my resume, actually feeling ambitious and like i can this and have a chance to do stuff.. is just really nice.

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What are your thoughts on Oswald potentially having a new love interest this season? I am all for Os being happy, but even if they did give him a love interest we know they'd tear it away, that's all they can do for Oswald's character apparently. And getting a new love interest cheapens the Nygmobblepot plot, in my opinion, as it becomes yet another case of "you're the one only one I love" "until I meet someone else." But hey maybe they'd pull it off correctly this time? One could hope...

It’s a very interesting topic right now. One I see all the sides of. Until I actually see what they are doing I can’t judge it fully, but I do see the concerns. I do like it how they are showing how Oswald leads by his heart. Oswald feels love and affection, he is a human and you can’t just get rid of emotions. He wants to feel safe with people he trusts, he does want love in his life.

This actually gives me hope for Nygmobblepot because I can see Ed getting jealous, much like Oswald did with Isabella. Perhaps it will lead to these two actually talking for once. Depending on who this new love interest is could affect how jealous he gets.

As for the “one true love” thing, I don’t see it being cheapened by this. Edward will always be his first love and true love, no matter what. But that doesn’t mean Oswald can’t feel love for another person again. Say that you fall for someone, they’re your soulmate and you love them deeply. But something happens, either they pass away or leave you. Are your feelings for them fake if you decide to move on? I don’t think so. Ed called Kristen his true love, but still fell for Isabella. Of course that’s a whole other topic I can talk about, but the point is still there.

My only problem will be if it’s a girl, that’s a huge no and the biggest mistake they could ever make. But hopefully they don’t do that and keep Oswald homoromantic like he should be. I’m actually very interested by this and can see a lot of potential from it.