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Jyn Appreciation Week - Day 7: Weaponry

“Saw Guerrera used to say one fighter with a sharp stick and nothing left to lose can take the day.“ - Jyn Erso

Jyn is adept at close-quarters combat, wielding a truncheon/tonfa baton to take down a range of enemies in her path. When times call for her to step back from battle, a stolen BlasTech A-180 blaster serves her well, stolen from Cassian’s pack before their mission on Jedha.

My mood is either “wow people are so soft and kind and humanity is just such a wonderful thing look at friendship and families and love and art and life and how we adapt and care for each other wow what a lovely species” or “people are self-centered pits of hatred and pride and self-rightousness oh my gosh humanity is so gross can I go to Mars please.” There is no between.

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first of all, i think you're contributing in just being hilarious alone tbh. second of all, you don't need to contribute? just loving the thing the fandom's based around is enough. third, i doubt people would hate you, and even if there's a tiny minority that does, fuck em. you're awesome, you're funny and likeable and i enjoy your blog, and even tho i havent read anything from your writing, you should always ALWAYS write for yourself in the first place. so, in conclusion, ilu and fuck em

honestly thankyou so much for the kind words and motivation, my anxiety has been kicking my arse this morning and this was what i needed ❤️ i love you lots anon


  • Feels comfortable mouthing off to a heavily-armed employer in his very first scene
  • Seems to have better cardio than Bart
  • Seems to have better music taste than Bart
  • Asks a strange biker to call him a cab
  • Drives a motorbike literally one episode later
  • Seems to have a shady criminal past
  • “I knew I’d die in some weird way eventually”
  • Attempts to fight Farah despite having no combat experience at all
  • Hits Bart up for money for lunch
  • Can see Bart in her underwear and doesn’t make it weird
  • Sits protectively outside Bart’s shower and doesn’t make it weird
  • Will sing Backstreeet Boys on command
  • Figures out that “the universe is broken” because, for the first time, Bart misread what the universe was telling her regarding Dirk Gently
  • He and Bart are wearing matching colours in the last episode
  • Shrugs at Todd in quiet Normal Dude™ understanding
  • Played by actual cinnamon roll Mpho Koaho
  • He and Bart stole a corgi from the body-swapping cultists
  • Fixes the time machine/soul swapper/unlimited energy device that closes the time loop once and for all
  • It takes him literally less than a week to go from she’s going to kill me and I’m petrified to she’s going to kill everyone else and I’m fully supportive of her life choices

The next generation of former teens on Tumblr are going to be embarrassed not because they were “Potterhead fandom grab your wands” but because they were harassers and suicide-baiters and the like.

At least people back then only had to worry about being total cheeseballs and having harmless fun, some of y’all are gonna have to own up to being actual monsters to other people for what? Validation? For funsies? Getting your sick kicks at posting hateful content in the positivity tags?

One day you’ll hopefully grow up and realize what you really were. You’ll have to look in the mirror every day and remember what a horrible person you used to be, all the people you hurt and all the lives you probably ruined, all the suffering you no doubt contributed to.

I hope it haunts you. I hope it’s a twisting rusty knife in your chest.