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pairing: yoongi x reader

genre: straight fluff | teacher!yoongi x pharmacist!reader 

length: 2.7k

summary: your best friend is obviously an angel sent from heaven after shoving yoongi into your life. here are some snippets of your phone conversations. 



Your chewing becomes slower as you catch the pleading smile that Nari gives you.

“What?” You ask after swallowing a bite of the brownie. That she had bought you. For no reason. Out of nowhere. With wide eyes, you set down the brownie as if it were on fire. “Oh my god, you want something. What do you want?”

“W-what? Nothing!” She sputters, trying to push the brownie back into your hands, causing the cellophane to crinkle.

“No, last time you randomly bought me a brownie I had to babysit your creepy niece because you didn’t want to miss a concert,” you remind her happily and let go of the brownie.

“Okay, so maybe I do want something,” Nari laughs nervously, using her index finger to scratch the skin beneath her ear. “I’ve been set up.”


“Can you take him?” She attempts a sweet smile to persuade you.

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Request: Can you write an imagine where the reader is a muggle born and she’s teaching Sirius how to drive a car?

Pairing: Sirius Black x Reader

A/n: ok I know CDs weren’t invented until like the 1980s but I tried to be as historically accurate despite that. Also wtf this turned so angsty at the end ahaha sorry

Word Count: 1.8k

Tears spilled as easily as the pattering rain outside, lightning strikes illuminating Sirius’ room for a split second then allowing it to envelop once again in the thick darkness. In flickers his life could be judged from the things hanging from his walls; Gryffindor banners, polaroids he’d taken with his friends, and a steadily growing stack of muggle CDs he’d been collecting. From the pile, he had chosen something heavy to listen to tonight, an album to reflect his own angry mood.

Through his earphones he could hear muffled argument, the probability of his parents arguing about him being likely in the aftermath of his irritated outburst. The hard strings of the Rolling Stones drowned out all the noise when he turned his CD player up, laying on the floor next to it as his headphones didn’t boast a long chord. He didn’t hear the insistent tapping on his window until the song was finished, drifting away softly as it left an empty silence between the next track.

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Request by @alwaysthepansexualcomicrelief : “You’re Lance’s best friend and roommate. In high school you made a pact that if you were both single when you turned 35, you would marry each other. One day Lance is drunk and proposes to you, saying he can’t wait that long xxx”

A/N: This was really fun to write!  And, it helped me break away from my Dad!Lace obsession haha.  Enjoy!

Lance x reader

Word count: 1161

Summary: Lance is your best friend.  He’s an idiot, but he’s your best friend.  After getting drunk, he makes a confession and makes good on a pact you made in high school.

Warnings: swearing, implied drinking, drunkenness

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Dream Date [Usnavi x Reader]

Length: 1456+ words

Genre: Fluff

TW: Just fluffy stuff

A/N: I AM SO SO SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG. HOLY FLIP. WHY AM I LIKE THIS?? Half my day has been spent trying to think of a title… I suck, I know- I’m sorry. Life has been so poor to me lately, but I’m trying to keep my head above water.

“You’re back,” Usnavi said quietly, his voice a little above a whisper. It’s been over a week since he saw you. You had told Usnavi that you were quitting the job he gave you at the convenience store before rushing out, giving him no time to ask you any questions.  

You offered a smile. “Not entirely.” You put a hand on his arm. “I got out, Usnavi.”


“I was offered a job uptown,” you said, a huge smile on your face. “They wanted me to start right away- that’s why I had to leave so suddenly, but I got out.”

“I- I’m so happy for you,” he said, though his smile didn’t quite reach his eyes. “Congratulations, Y/N.”  

“Thank you.” An awkward silence loomed between the two of you, and you wondered how it got to this point. You grew up with Usnavi- the both of you being best friends, but now, it seems like the week that you were gone felt like years. “Anyways, I should go. I have to unpack a bunch of things in my apartment.”  


“Visit me?” You scribbled your new landline number, and apartment, and slid it across the counter to his waiting fingers.  

“Of course.”

“Bye Usnavi.”

“Bye Y/N.” Obviously it wasn’t the first time you guys had said goodbye, but you didn’t know why this one sounded different- it sounded more permanent.  

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second part to the kidnapping fic pls pls pls

Here it is, anon! 

Title: Missing (Part 2) 

Part 1 

**Warning: This fic touches on the subject of kidnapping and being held at gunpoint. Although it is not graphic, it still might be a sensitive subject for certain readers.**

A/N: I’m adding a “keep reading” cut because this fic is pretty long so if you’re on mobile, it won’t show you the whole story. 



Jughead pushed his way through the low-hanging branches and overgrown bushes that took up the majority of the woods, frantically searching behind tree after tree for anything that might lead him back to Betty.

“Betty, are you there!?” His voice rang out in the silence of the night, echoing off dark skies and still wildlife.

“Jughead, we’ve been looking for over two hours,” Veronica pointed out, tightening her jacket around herself as a violent chill overtook her body. “She’s not here.”

“We have to keep looking,” Jughead insisted, kicking through the dead leaves coating the forest floor as he stepped in front of Veronica. “She can’t just be gone, she has to be here somewhere.”

“I know, and we will keep looking,” Veronica promised, pulling lightly of Jughead’s arm to stop him from going any further. “But I think that we need to take a break, regroup, and come up with a new plan.”

“She’s been gone for too long,” Jughead muttered, rubbing his hand across his forehead as if to get rid of a massive headache that was causing him immense pain. “Anything could have happened to her. She could be hurt, she could - I swear to god if that son of a bitch touched a hair on her head-”

“We can’t go there,” Veronica reminded him. “We have to keep thinking that everything’s going to be okay, we can’t go to that dark place or we’ll never come out of it.”

“I can’t lose her, Veronica, I can’t-” Jughead’s voice broke as he turned away from Veronica. He hadn’t let himself feel this vulnerable in front of anyone but Betty before, and now that she was the reason for his tears, he felt like he had no other choice but to let them fall.

“Hey,” Veronica looped around Jughead to place a comforting hand on his shoulder. “It’s okay. She’s coming home. I promised you that much, and Veronica Lodge always keeps her promises.”

“But we’ve looked everywhere,” Jughead reminded her, already feeling defeat prickling at the back of his mind. “The woods, the school, the park, every place she could have possibly gone that was within a walking distance from Pop’s and we haven’t found a thing.”

Veronica’s phone buzzed in her back pocket and she slid it out to read the text that just popped up on the screen.

“Maybe we haven’t found anything because we were looking for places she could have been instead of Pop’s,” Veronica suggested, letting the words she had just read on her phone inspire her to find a clue that would lead them back to her best friend.

“You’re saying she might have been taken outside of Pop’s?” Jughead put two and two together, furrowing his brows in confusion as he tried to understand what she was saying. “But how is that possible? We were all inside, right by the window. We would have seen something.”

“Not if she was taken in the alleyway,” Veronica pointed out, the thought of this sending another chill down her spine.

“But why would Betty go through the alley?” Jughead asked. “Her house is a straight shot to the diner, right down the block. She wouldn’t have needed to take a shortcut.”

“Maybe she wasn’t trying to take a shortcut,” Veronica guessed. “You and I both know that Betty is way too smart to cut through a dark alley alone, at night, especially when there’s still a murderer on the loose. So she had to have seen someone, or something, that concerned her enough to investigate. Maybe a friend in danger, perhaps?”

“What makes you say that?”

“I just got this text from Josie,” Veronica explained, holding the phone out for him to see. “Apparently she saw Betty around 7:00pm, right outside of Pop’s. She was waiting for Val’s brother to pick her up for pussycats rehearsal when she saw Betty about to head inside the diner.”

“What?” Jughead’s heart lurched at the sound of Betty’s name and the fact that someone had seen her right before she disappeared. “What did she say to her? Did she see Betty get taken?”

“She got into the car just as Betty reached the door,” Veronica explained, causing Jughead’s face to fall in defeat. “But she realized she dropped her lipgloss on the sidewalk, so she got out back to grab it. That’s when she saw Betty heading for the alley, calling out someone’s name.”

“Who’s name?” Jughead pressed, his heart pounding wildly in his chest. “Who did she see?”

Veronica tucked her phone back into her pocket before turning back around to raise a curious eyebrow in his direction.  



Betty wriggled uncomfortably in the cold metal chair that her kidnapper had strapped her to almost five hours ago.

“My friends are going to find me you know,” Betty spat, wishing desperately that she could check the bruise she could feel forming at the corner of her eye in a mirror. “They’re just as good at sleuthing as I am, if not better. They’ll figure out where you’re keeping me, and then Sheriff Keller will get to lock you up for good.”

“No one’s coming for you,” her kidnapper taunted, their voice low and menacing as they paced along the dusty floor of the warehouse in front of her. “You know why? Because this whole town is too damn self-absorbed to notice anyone but themselves. They’re consumed by power and wealth and status, but when someone else is in trouble, they turn a blind eye, completely unaware that anyone else even exists.”

“It’s funny,” Betty scoffed, her laugh coming out dark and humorless. “You didn’t just describe the whole town. You just described the Blossoms.”

“Isn’t that the same thing?” her kidnapper shot back. “The Blossoms are Riverdale. They always have been.”

“So you kill their only son? And for what?” Betty demanded to know. “To teach his parents a lesson?”

“You’re the grade-A super sleuth, Betty Cooper. You should know that there’s always more to a person’s story than what’s just on the surface.”

“You wanted revenge,” Betty answered, her eyes glaring at Jason’s killer like they were nothing more than a piece of gum stuck on the bottom of her shoe. “And you got it. That’s all I need to know to understand that you’re a monster.”

“I’m not the monster here, Ms. Cooper,” they reminded her, taking a step closer to Betty and kneeling down right in front of her. “This town, and everything it stands for - that’s the enemy here, not me.”

“My friends are coming for me because they’re nothing like the people you’ve chosen to hate,” Betty pointed out, her voice sounding strong and confident while everything inside of her was screaming at her to give up. “They have good hearts and they care about me. And they’re smarter than you and your little goons could ever be.”

“You’re wrong.”

Jason’s killer placed either hand on the armrests of Betty’s chair, leaning in so close that Betty could feel their hot breath on her cheek. “And I can’t wait to see the look on your face when you figure that out.”


“Reggie, open the door!”

Veronica pounded on the front door to the Mantle’s luxurious home at the edge of town, grateful to find out that his parents were out of town for the weekend.

“Whatever it is, I didn’t do it,” Reggie yelled through the door. “Go away.”

“Would you just-” Veronica jiggled the door knob as hard as she could, hoping that by shaking it enough, it would miraculously unlock. “Reggie, I swear to you on my favorite Dolce and Gabbana silk dress that if you don’t open this door right now I’ll tell the whole school about the time I saw you naked in the locker room and when I looked down you-”

“Okay!” Reggie conceded, quickly undoing the latch from the door and swinging it open. “Okay, jeez, did you really have to bring that up again?”

“Desperate times, Reggie dear,” Veronica smirked as she pushed her way past Reggie to enter his house.

“What’s he doing here?” Reggie peeked around Veronica to watch Jughead file in behind her, his jaw firmly set as he snapped his head up to meet Reggie’s gaze.

“Where is she?” Jughead demanded, his eyes ablaze with fury as he took a step closer to Reggie.

“Where’s who?”

“Reggie, I’m not playing games with you, tell me where she is!” Jughead used every bit of strength he had to slam Reggie into the front door, his head snapping backwards as it hit the door frame with a bang.

“Whoa!” Veronica dove between the two before Reggie could retaliate, placing her hands on either of their chests in an attempt to keep them separated. “Okay, let’s take the testosterone down like sixty notches, we’re all a little stressed here.”

Jughead stepped away from Reggie, shoving his hands into his pockets as he made the effort to distance himself from him as much as possible.

“Now, that we’re calm,” Veronica started, turning to Reggie with serious eyes. “Reggie, we need to know if you saw Betty tonight. It’s important that you tell us everything.”

“I swear, I haven’t seen Betty,” Reggie admitted. “I was at Chuck’s house all night, watching the game. You can ask him, he’ll tell you.”

“I swore to myself that I wouldn’t utter another word to that foul beast of a teenage boy if my life depended on it,” Veronica muttered, pushing her hair away from her face and crossing her arms in front of her chest. “So we’re going to have to take your word for it.”

“But Josie said she heard Betty call your name as she headed into the alley next to Pop’s,” Jughead informed him. “She said she saw your letterman jacket.”

“I knew someone stole that thing!” Reggie exclaimed. “I’ve been looking for it all day.”

“When’s the last time you saw it?” Veronica asked, turning back to give Jughead a quizzical look as they tried to piece together what was happening.

“Uh, practice yesterday I guess,” Reggie shrugged, his eyebrows drawing together as he thought back to the events from the previous day. “I left it on the bench in the locker room and I haven’t seen it since.”

“Whoever took her wanted her to think that it was Reggie walking into that alley,” Veronica pieced together the information, her forehead wrinkling in confusion as a few key details still remained unsolved. “But why would they think she would have followed him? No offense, but I didn’t even know you guys were friends.”

“I might not have seen her tonight,” Reggie admitted, a look of guilt washing over his face has his head tilted down to meet Veronica’s eyes. “But I did see her yesterday.”

“Why?” Jughead wanted to know, his temper calm enough to take a step closer to Reggie.

“She was asking around about Jason’s murder,” Reggie explained. “I told her something that I didn’t tell the police - something that I didn’t think was important at the time. Turns out, she thought it was pretty meaningful because she threw her arms around me and ran out of the room all giddy or whatever.”

“She thought that whatever you told her was going to lead her straight to the killer,” Jughead concluded, another wave of anger and guilt taking over as he thought of all the ways he should have been there to stop all of this from happening. “God, I should have known she was doing all this, I should have been there to help her.”

“Why weren’t you?” Reggie asked, not unkindly. “Not that I care, but I thought you guys were into the whole investigation thing together?”

“I was helping my dad,” Jughead explained, a dark shadow crossing over his face, but completely disappearing before anyone could notice. “He needed me to… Never mind. It’s not important. What’s important now is finding Betty. And that means that Reggie, you have to tell Sheriff Keller everything you just told us - including what you told Betty yesterday.”

Just then, a memory of an entry that Betty wrote in her journal crossed her mind, directly connected to what Reggie had just told them. A phone call that Jason made right before Cheryl and Jason’s boat ride from hell, seemingly unimportant on its own, happened to be the key to everything when coupled with all the other evidence. It was like a light clicked on in Jughead’s brain, and he suddenly understood. He now knew what Betty had known before she was taken.

“Okay,” Veronica began, taking a step backwards to meet Jughead’s gaze. “Then what? It might take them hours to figure out where she might be based on this information. ”

“It won’t matter,” Jughead admitted, crossing the foyer to place a hand on the front door handle. “Because I know exactly where she is.”

“How?” Reggie asked, confusion written all over his face.

“Because I know who killed Jason Blossom.”


All she could see was darkness. There was nothing in front of her, but she knew that there was someone around her, watching. She was losing hope. She would never admit it out loud, but she was terrified that no one was coming to find her. She was alone. She would always be alone. And she had a terrible feeling in the pit of her stomach that she was never going to make it out of this dark place alive.


“She has to be here!” Jughead sprinted through the empty warehouse, his eyes darting from one end to the next as he searched for Betty. “I know she’s here, I know it!”

“Jughead, it’s an empty factory!” Archie, who had joined back up with the rest of the group after Jughead and Veronica left Reggie’s house, pointed out as he took a look around the room himself. “No one’s been here for years!”

“This isn’t happening,” Jughead muttered, his voice barely coming out above a whisper. “She can’t be gone, she’s here!”

“Jughead, you must not have gotten the right place,” Veronica suggested, her voice calm and soothing as she tried to make Jughead feel like all hope was not lost. “Let’s go back to Sheriff Keller and-”

“Shhh!” Jughead cut Veronica off, his heart beating loudly in his chest as he concentrated on listening to everything around him. He wasn’t sure if he was hearing things, or if his head was playing tricks on him, but he swore he could hear a faint struggle on the other side of the wall at the edge of the warehouse.

And then he did hear it. His name. Her voice. It was all he could think about ever since they determined that she had been kidnapped almost seven hours ago, and it was actually happening.

“Jughead!” Betty’s voice called out to him, faint, but still there, and Jughead bolted to the other end of the warehouse without a second thought.  

“Betty!” Jughead breathed, banging on the wall with his fist and looking for an opening that would lead him right to her. “That’s her! That’s her, I can hear her!”

“There’s no one here, Jughead,” Archie told him, his brows drawing together as he watched his friend frantically searching the wall for some sort of handle that would slide open to reveal a hidden room.

“It was on the other side of this wall,” Jughead explained. “I could hear her right there!”

“Well if she was here, she’s gone now,” Archie said solemnly, pulling lightly on Jughead’s shoulder to guide him away from the wall.

“I’m calling the Sheriff,” Veronica informed them, already pulling her phone from her pocket and dialing the number. “Maybe he can track them down if he knows where they were keeping her.”

“She was here,” Jughead sunk to the ground in defeat, tears stinging his eyes at the thought of being so close to finding her and coming up short. “God, she was so close and I lost her. I never got to tell her. I never got to tell her and now she’ll never know.”

Slowly, Jughead pulled off his beanie and buried his head in his hands. He had lost all hope, and he had no idea where to go from there.

“I know, Jughead.”

A voice coming from the other side of the warehouse caused Jughead spring to his feet, spinning around to find Betty walking slowly towards him.

“Believe me, I know,” she breathed, tears filling her eyes as her gaze locked on Jughead’s and never wavered.

“How sweet.” Another voice coming from behind Betty made Jughead’s head snap up in concern, reminding him that they were in danger. “Lovers reunited. Too bad this isn’t some fairytale romance with a happy ending.”

In one quick motion, Betty’s kidnapper took hold of her neck from behind and quickly pointed his gun to her temple.

“It was you,” Jughead muttered in a low voice, his anger flaring up again as he made a break for the gun. “You son-of-a-bitch, let her go!”

“Take a step closer and I pull the trigger,” the kidnapper warned. “I killed one spoiled teenager in this town, I can kill another one.”

“Please,” Jughead begged. “Take me - just let her go and take me. I was a part of this investigation too. I’ll do anything, just - don’t hurt her.”

“Interesting,” the kidnapper whispered. “I didn’t peg FP Jones’ son to be the selfless type. Guess everyone in this town isn’t as predictable as I thought.”

There was a moment of silence in which Betty closed her eyes, breathing and hoping that she could have one last chance to feel what it was like to have Jughead’s arms wrapped around her.

“You want her back?” the kidnapper growled, lowering the gun and shoving Betty towards Jughead.  “Fine. You can have her.”

Betty stumbled forward, nearly falling to the warehouse floor until Jughead rushed to catch her in his arms.

“Are you okay?”  Jughead breathed, brushing her hair out of the way so he could inspect every inch of her beautiful face.

“I am now,” Betty whispered, clutching onto Jughead’s arms, too afraid to let go.  

“You want to compare yourselves to Romeo and Juliet,” the kidnapper taunted, holding up the gun so that it was perfectly positioned to hit both targets. “Then you deserve an ending like theirs.”

“I love you,” Jughead mouthed, his gaze focused on Betty and only Betty as they waited for Betty’s kidnapper, Jason’s murderer, and the person who they thought they could trust only a few weeks ago, to pull the trigger.


The door swung open and Sheriff Keller came charging forward with a dozen police officers as backup, shuffling in behind him to fill the room. Time stood still for Betty as she watched the kidnapper’s finger press on the trigger and let go. Before she could think, breathe, move, the shot rang out and Betty froze, sliding her hand into Jughead’s at the last second before facing what might be the last moment she would ever have, beside the boy she loved with all of heart.

Whirlpool pt. 6 (final)

Fandom: Sanders Sides

Summary: Second semester is in full swing and the college campus is in chaos when a student commits suicide. Now, Virgil is trying to deal with his own demons brought back to the surface, Roman’s struggling after he’s kicked from theater, Logan’s reeling after unexpected news about his mother, and Patton’s just trying to keep all his friends from falling apart.

Word Count: 4,045

Fic Type: pt. 6 of Whirlpool, part of the Human!Sides verse

Warnings: Several mentions of suicide and violence

Pairings: Ambiguous or Implied Relationship(s)

Notes: This is a human!AU fic, so they’re all humans and not different sides of Thomas’ personality. I am trying to keep everyone in character. In case you need a little guide, here:

Logic - Logan
Prince - Roman
Morality - Patton
Anxiety - Virgil

Tag List: @wilsonprs, @abstractedthinking, @future-watcher, & @milk-withtwosugars

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Broken Records (Shownu)

It’s been three hours… On read. You understand that he’s busy, but this was serious. This wasn’t a casual “whatcha up to,” this was your first time saying “I love you”. You weren’t able to pay attention in class after sending it. The whole way home was spent fidgeting with your phone.

You were now at home, screaming into your pillow and thrashing around in bed. Why did you do that? His lack of response was sending your anxiety through the roof. Three hours is a long time. Three hours on read is a lifetime. Even if he was busy, he could send a short “I love you too,” right? Hell, even a single heart emoji would have been enough to calm your nerves. Did he not love you back? No, that wasn’t possible. He was never shy about showing his love for you. You sit up abruptly, holding your head as the blood rushes, and let out a heavy sigh.

I’ll see you next week! ^^ (10:00AM)

Shownu smiles. You’re cute. He begins typing his reply when he sees you still writing. He pauses.

I love you~♡ (10:01AM)

The heart at the end was the nail in the casket. If he remembered correctly, this was the first official “I love you” of the relationship. He’s elated. Granted, he would much rather hear you say it and get a kiss or something; the more his mind starts to wander the harder it is to reel himself back in.

“Yoohoo! Leader-nim, you okay?” Minhyuk stands before the taller male while waving his hand in front of his face. “We have to leave now if we’re going to make it back to Seoul by dinner.” 

“Right.” Shownu slips his phone into his pocket and rushes off. 

You look up from your laptop and lean back in your seat. Your eyes sting. You had immersed yourself in writing your paper to distract yourself, but now that distraction was gone. You sigh for the nth time today. There was no sense in dwelling on it. You shut your laptop. You’d just have to call it a night before your anxiety ate you alive. 

The boys all let out loud sighs as they flop into their respective beds. Their manager had paid for dinner and they took full advantage of that offer. Shownu tosses the contents of his pockets into his bedside table and prepares for bed. He returns to his room and picks his phone up. He checks his messages and realizes that he hasn’t answered you. His heart drops. How could he forget to answer something like that? He tosses his towel aside and quickly dresses himself before running out the door. 

You’re awoken by the frantic knocking at your door. Your groggily rise from your slumber and make your way to the front door. You’re too tired to even check who it is before opening it. You’re nearly knocked over when Shownu bursts in and hugs you. The force shocks you out of your tired state. 


“I’m so sorry! I saw your message and I was going to answer, but then we had to leave and you know we’re on a tight schedule lately. When we got back to Seoul we went to eat so I didn’t have a chance to check my phone and then I got home and showered and– I love you too.” You burst out in laughter.

“You’re so silly,” you put your arms around his neck and stand on your tip-toes to kiss him. “It’s okay. I’m just glad it’s not because you didn’t want to say it back to me.” You were so relieved. “Can you say it again?” You ask shyly. 

“I love you.” He showers you with kisses and tightens his grasp around your waist. He smiles and lets out a dramatic “muah” as he kisses you once more. “I’m sorry if I made you doubt yourself.”

“You didn’t.” He sends you a skeptical look. “Okay, maybe a little.” He continues to stare at you. “What?” 

“You know what.” You smile cheekily. You couldn’t help but get a little revenge for your suffering.

“Fine~ I guess I’ll spare you.” You move your arms and wrap them around his waist. You bury your face in his chest to hide your blush, “I– I love you.” You peek at him. He’s flashing his cheeky and adorable eye smile at you. 

“Again.” You lightly punch him in the chest and hide your face again. 

“I love you.” 


“Hey! I’m not going to keep repeating myself.” 

“Then just once more. I want to record it.” 

“No!” You wriggle out of his grasp and escape to your room, hiding in your sheets. He follows and crashes down beside you. 

“Last time, I promise. Well, maybe not the last time ever.

“Don’t you need to head back?” 

“No, as long as I get to the venue tomorrow on time. I can stay the night, right?” 

“I’m not saying it again. Go to sleep.” There’s a long silence and it sounds like Shownu’s fallen asleep. You turn around to face him. You wave your hand in front of his face to make sure he’s sleeping. “I love you… A lot.” 

“Ha!” He sits up and you see his phone recording. 

“Hey! That’s just cheap.” 

“I’m making this my text tone.” You fight to retrieve the phone from him, but he easily overpowers you. He sets his phone aside and grabs you, forcing you to lie back down with him. “I love you too.” 

“We’re starting to sound like a couple of broken records.”

“Coming from you, I could listen to that record all day.”


I still feel weird when idols have stage names. Do I use their stage names or real names? You wouldn’t call your significant other by a stage name. idk lol Sorry for all the short scenarios… I’m just really trying to get through these request so they’re not sitting for 3 years like before.


unsteady // stiles stilinski

summary ; everything is becoming too much for stiles and you’re the only one to help him through it. 

pairing ; stiles stilinski & reader

warnings ; crying, angst, self-hate, swearing, mentions of claudia stilinski :((

word count ; 1.3k

published ; 15th october, ‘16


stay safe + ily🍁

I need to see you [sent 11:58pm]

please [sent 12:01am]

As soon as your eyes scanned over the letters, you tossed your book to the side and left your warm and cosy enclosure of blankets. You instantly grabbed your car keys off your bedside table and slipped on a random pair of shoes.

Anxiously biting your bottom lip, you couldn’t stop the worrying thoughts swirling around in your head; the words on your phone screen were brightly illuminating your enclosed car which you were now sat in. You turned the ignition and threw the phone on the passenger’s seat, quickly driving out of your driveway and not even thinking twice about where to locate him.

It was nearly midnight and you were in thin pajama shorts and your boyfriend’s lacrosse hoodie; goosebumps were rising on your soft skin as the chill of the night swept over you. 

You reached your destination and sighed in relief when you spotted him. He was perched on the bench that the both of you made when you were younger and placed at the preserve’s cliff edge, looking over the whole of Beacon Hills. He was sitting silently on the worn-down bench, his back to you and his head in his hands as his brown hair tousled messily in the slight wind. 

Without saying a word, you wrapped your arms around yourself to suppress a shiver and quietly made your way over to the bench. Sitting down next to your boyfriend, you gently grabbed his hand from his where it was placed on his head stressfully; he gingerly glanced up at you when you laced your fingers together with his.

Neither of you said anything as you both gazed over the cliff at the lights that lit up the whole town in a beautiful manner.

Then, you heard Stiles sniffle lightly and you turned to him, noticing the tears welling up in his broken eyes. Using his free hand to run his fingers through his hair, he tugged at the roots before he croaked out, his voice was scratchy as if he’d been crying previously and that thought alone made your heart wrench. He’d been through a lot lately. “I-I’m sorry for asking you to come out this late, I-I just- I just, everything that’s happened, it’s becoming too much. A-and I can’t- I don’t know how to handle it all at once. It’s- It’s just too much. You’re the only person that I thought of that can always make me feel better a-and I just really needed to see you because I-I just can’t handle all of this without you and-”

You pressed a finger softly over Stiles’ rambling lips, your eyes darted over every inch of his face with concern. He was working himself up and you knew it, his breathing becoming uncontrollable and out of pattern. If you didn’t stop him right there, he would send himself into a panic attack and you couldn’t let that happen. You’d seen Stiles’ panic attacks over the years and every single time, it hurt to watch him like that.

“Stiles, baby, you need to breathe, okay? Breathe with me,” You spoke gently before breathing in deeply then exhaling after five seconds. Eventually, Stiles managed to copy your repeated actions and calmed himself.

“Okay, what happened?” You asked him, your voice quiet as you gazed into his glassy eyes.

“I got the memory of my mom,” Your eyebrows furrowed at his confession, but his grip on your hand didn’t lessen; it got considerably tighter.

Stiles noticed your confusion, “the Dread Doctors book. It gave me a memory of my mom. It was just before she passed away.” He swallowed and blinked a few times to compose himself; you moved even closer to him as he spoke slowly, your thumb tracing small circles on his shaking hand in hopes of giving him comfort.

“She was screaming at me, telling me that it was my fault. Telling me that I-I was killing her.” Tears collected on his waterline once again, his eyes bloodshot as he stared desperately into yours. You watched in concern as he bit his trembling bottom lip; one tear slipped and made its trek down his rosy cheeks. Your heart shattered watching him fall apart like this and knowing that you couldn’t do anything to help him, you couldn’t take the pain, you couldn’t take his memory of it away.

The only thing you could do was bring him into a tight hug, his face settling in the crook of your neck as the tears he had tried so hard to keep down came tumbling over the barrier. You had to fight off your own tears seeing the boy you loved so heartbroken; you ran your fingers through his hair and gently swayed the two of you side to side in hopes of calming his sobs.

“It’s not your fault. Nothing is your fault. She didn’t mean it, okay? Everything was jumbled and she was confused. It wasn’t your fault; you couldn’t do anything.” You whispered softly, pressing a lingering kiss to his shoulder.

“She called me a monster.” He croaked out, his voice cracking and filled with sadness. “I killed Donovan, so maybe she was right. Maybe I am a monster.” He whispered and broke away from the hug; his huge, brown eyes staring into yours in despair.

You brought your hands up to each side of his face, your thumbs carefully wiping away his tears. “You, Stiles Stilinski, are anything but a monster, alright? You are the kindest person I’ve ever met; you would never kill anyone intentionally and I know that for a fact.” Your voice shook with each word but you kept going for the sake of Stiles.

“Donovan was going to kill your dad; he was going to hurt you. What you did- that was self-defence. What you did doesn’t make you a monster, it makes you a hero because not only did you save your dad but you also saved yourself, okay? Your mom’s illness made her say those things, it made her confused and she was scared. But I know for a fact that she didn’t mean it, she didn’t actually believe what she was saying because she loved you. So much. And I know that if she were here, she’d be so fucking proud of you, and so she should be. Because you’re so amazing and kind and smart and you always think of others before yourself. You’re a good guy, Stiles. Don’t ever forget that.”

You finished your speech and noticed Stiles’ mouth slightly agape as he stared at you, his eyes glassy and red. You gave him a sad smile before moving your small hands away from his face but he quickly caught your hands with his and placed them back to where they were before.

“Thank you, for everything,” He whispered, his voice cracking as he stared at you in complete awe. 

“I love you,” You mumbled, pressing a soft, lingering kiss to his lips before pulling away leisurely and wrapping your arms around his waist comfortably. 

“And I love you.” He spoke faintly, closing his tired eyes as he leaned into the comfort of your arms. Now, the only thoughts in his toxic mind were of you and he cherished that to no extent.


M’L Short

Hey there Inter World, here is a short story for you, I hope you like it :)

Between Night and Day

What if there was a time in a day that determined how the mind worked or rather how one mind could affect another. What if such a time truly existed; how then would it work to the advantage or disadvantage of ones will over another? Most of us have heard the expression ‘as different as night and day’. It is mainly used to describe people who are polar opposites from one another, but in most cases come from the same or a similar backgrounds or up bring. This saying can be applied to two girls I used to know in my younger years. Twin girls named Yara and Bailey. They shared the same heritage but their personalities were like night and day. I met them after the untimely death of their parents in a house fire that they miraculously survived. They were staying at the county foster home in Washington D.C. until they could be placed with a foster family. I was their case worker, my name is Rose Emory and I hate to say it but they made me cold.

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Shut up and get in the fort

Tom Holland x reader

Rating: Fluff and cute stuff

     It was midday when you finally realized you should check your phone, the device that was buried under hefty layers of blankets and maybe a pillow. The only notification you noticed were the numerous messages from the ID, Tessa’s Human. You felt a little bit bad for not checking your phone sooner, besides, the only thing you had planned for today was lounging within the architectural masterpiece you created. The messages started earlier that morning, around eightish, and the most recent was received about fifteen minutes ago.

TH: Good morning! 8:05am

TH: Want to do anything today? 8:06am

TH: I’m assuming you’re having a lay in today, let me know when you get this 8:42am

TH: Are you alright? I’m sorry to bother you 11:00am

TH: It’s just that you usually don’t sleep in this late when we have the day off 11:01am

TH: I’m stopping by your room just to make sure you’re alright, I’ll be there soon 12:27pm

     You felt slightly bad about making him worry, but even before you started dating, he always worried about you. Harrison always made a point to slate him about it. Harrison and Tom’s little brothers were actually the reason you were together in the first place, but that’s a different story.

Y/N: Go at it, you still have my spare key card, right? 12:43pm

    Almost instantly after you sent it, the door unlocks and swings open, followed by that familiar voice you know and love.

    “Hey, Y/N, wher- what’s with the blankets?” Tom asked as he walked closer to the tent of sheets set up in the centre of the living room. Upon hearing his voice, your head poked out of the makeshift door with a sheepish smile across your face.

    “Yea, I’m super sorry-not-sorry for not checking my phone sooner, but believe me when I say that I have a justified reason.”

    “Oh and what would that be?” He asked with his fists on his hips, clearly trying not to smile. You gave him a look that was the perfect combination of offended and shocked over the fact he felt the need to ask. It was something he knew you always did on lazy days, he and the rest of the cast have joined you many times.

    “First of all, how dare you. I’m having a Marvelthon. You of all people should know this. It’s common knowledge, Thomas.” You narrowed your eyes at him before ducking back into your sanctuary.

    “Don’t you think we should clean this up actually? We can go out for lunch afterwards,” Tom suggested as he looked around the mess that was your hotel suite. The sofas were barren of cushions, and turned so the backs could used as support for the top of the fort. From where he stood, Tom could see into your bedroom just enough to tell that all of the blankets and pillows were gone from there as well. Knowing you, he was also certain that you called room service and asked them to bring you extra blankets and pillows. “This is going to take awhile to clean up, if we start now, we coul-”



    “Shut up and get in the fort.”


    “Thomas. Marvelthon.”

    “…I mean I guess,”

    You smiled to yourself in victory as he ‘gracefully’ crawled into the fort, pulling his shoes off as soon as he was situated. He glanced around and noted that it was in fact very cozy within, your laptop was perched on top of two sofa cushions at the far end, Age of Ultron was paused on the screen. Tom looked over at you with an eyebrow raised, he knew you would only binge watch Marvel movies in perfect order. “How long have you been up for? You’re already on Age of Ultron.”

    “Well judging by the time and what’s on my laptop, I’d say long enough to be on Age of Ultron,” was your deadpan response as you tried to press play with your foot. Tom let out a brief laugh as he shook his head at your antics. He reached over and wrapped his strong arms around your waist, pulling your back against his chest, his face now in the crook of your neck, his warmth stirring butterflies in your stomach.

     “I can’t get over how lucky I am to exist at the same time you do, let alone call you mine,” he mumbled into your neck, his soft lips brushing the curve of your shoulder as he spoke.

    You knew you loved him, but you always got tongue tied whenever you tried to put it into words around him, but your actions said everything to him. So when you turned and tenderly kissed the top of his head, it was the only response he would dream of for that moment. “Hey, Tom?”


    “You know I’m putting Civil War on after this,” his sigh that followed put a mischievous smile on your face. You knew he wasn’t one for watching himself on screen, but him in that spandex though. And his wonderful portrayal of both Peter Parker and Spiderman. But that spandex.

     “Only because I love you.”

anonymous asked:

Hello^^ can i ask for a seungkwan scenario where one of you cheats? Haha i love angst and drama lol

so I think I said something about these being around 1k in length… well. anyway, I hope you like this! ♥

That morning was, if anything, the worst you had ever woken up to. Your head was pounding, and as you looked around yourself through squinted eyes while holding your head, your insides twisted.

You had no idea where you were, nor did you know who the man next to you was.

What was a lot easier to tell was why you were only wearing a bra, and even that was almost off, but having that knowledge only made your insides twist more.

What have I done?

With that one thought running through your head again and again, you got up from the bed, noticeably smaller than the one you shared with your boyfriend - oh, God, you were nauseous - and grabbed your skirt from the floor on your way to what you assumed was the bathroom. Wherever your panties were, you couldn’t tell.

As soon as the door was closed and locked behind you, you felt the anxiety, shame and regret within you spread all over. You felt like you were suffocating, you felt hot and cold at the same time, and your breathing was shallow and fast and you felt like throwing up, all at once.

You could barely get yourself to the sink steadily, your skirt still in your hand, and you turned the tap on. Tears streamed down your face as you put the skirt on and bent down so that you could wash your face. If it only could’ve washed away the whole previous night, which was coming back to you little by little.

Going to the club had been your friend’s idea, an idea you picked up because you had to let it loose after three full months of nothing but happy domestic life with your boyfriend, the sweetest young man you had ever encountered. More tears escaped your eyes when you thought about him, the way he had smiled happily and kissed you goodbye in the evening, saying that he hoped you’d have fun.

And fun it had been, at the time. You and your friend had gotten tipsy, then drunk, and at some point dancing together with her had turned into dancing with a guy behind you and another behind her. And whether it was the alcohol in your blood or some subconscious need, the hands on your hips and then on your chest didn’t bother you, nor did the obvious erection pressing into your lower back.

In all honesty you didn’t remember all that much about what had happened after you had left the club, and you didn’t really want to know, either, but a couple of things were obvious: you were not with your friend, and you had slept with someone else.

While in a perfectly happy, functioning relationship.

You let out a heavy breath and turned the tap off so that you could dry your face; you didn’t dare to touch a towel, so as unglamorous as it was, toilet paper had to do.

There was a knock on the door, which almost made you fall over in surprise.

“Are you in there? I kinda need to pee.”

Swallowing hard, you took the few wobbly steps you needed to reach the door and opened it. Your attempt of avoiding eye contact was futile, because when the first thing you saw was defined abs, your eyes immediately moved up to a pair of chocolate brown eyes.


You shook your head quickly and got out of the bathroom before letting the man in. The time he spent in there, you looked around the somewhat messy bedroom of a two-room apartment in search of the rest of your clothes. Your shirt was on the back of a chair by one of the walls, and much to your surprise you saw your jacket hanging neatly on a hanger. As for your panties - you’d rather not know why they were near the door, clearly being the first thing to have come off you the previous night right after your jacket.

By the time the guy was back in the bedroom, you were more or less fully dressed and trying to tame your messy hair. He leaned against the door frame with a small smile.

“Thanks for last night,” he said casually, clearly either completely oblivious to or just dismissing your obvious emotional turmoil. You shook your head again, your fingers fiddling with the hem of your skirt.

“I’m… this was a mistake,” you managed to say, your eyes meeting his. He shrugged, and the smile on his lips faded slowly, his eyes now looking more sympathetic than cocky. For some reason you could tell this wasn’t the first time he was in such a situation.

“That happens.”

You gave him a small nod, barely able to keep the tears in. “Um… A-any idea where my purse is?”

The man pointed at one of the two chairs by the dining table in his small kitchen, where you could easily see what you were looking for. You thanked him quickly and grabbed the bag before going to the coat rack. Once your shoes and jacket were on you, you turned to look at the guy one more time.

“Well… I’ll get going.”

He lifted his hand in a small wave and nodded. “Bye, and I’m sorry.”

You shook your head once more before closing the door. With it shut behind you, you fished for your phone in your bag and felt your heart drop even further into your stomach.

0:28am Any idea when you’ll come home? Should I wait up or not?

2:01am Y/N it’s 2am and I’m getting a bit worried

2:35am I guess you’re at Y/F/N’s… Good night honey, see you tomorrow ♥

9:27am Good morning sunshine! Give me a message when you’re on your way, I’ll make some pancakes

“I don’t deserve you,” you mumbled with your eyes watering as you typed Seungkwan a quick ‘I’m on my way’. The ‘Ok ♥’ you got back only made you sigh.

The way home felt exactly like what it was - a walk of shame, and a bad one. Of course, you knew you didn’t exactly look fresh, but on top of that you felt like everyone’s eyes were on you; like everyone knew you had just cheated on your boyfriend.

Which they naturally didn’t, but it didn’t stop you from feeling that way. It felt like you had Cheater written on your forehead or something.

In the hallway of your apartment building, you took several deep breaths, knowing full well that the worst was only coming. You hadn’t even given much thought to whether you should or shouldn’t tell Seungkwan, but you supposed you didn’t even need to - your consciousness was far from clean, and he deserved so, so much better than something like that being hidden from him.

So, what you had coming up was breaking the news to him.

And it would break not only you, but him.

You bit down on your lower lip and got your keys out of your purse. They clinked in your shaky hand as you brought your home key to the lock and opened the door. The smell of fresh pancakes had never made you feel as guilty as it did in that moment.

Seungkwan popped out of the kitchen doorway, his cheeks a bit flushed, presumably from the heat from the stove, and wearing a red apron with some text on it. He was smiling brightly, yet all you could give him was a tired, forced one.

“Hey, you’re here!” Seungkwan stated the obvious, visibly delighted to see you, and smiled softly at your horrendous state. “Rough night?”

At that, you broke down. Rought night would be an understatement.

Seungkwan’s face fell when he saw your features contorting, tears rolling down your cheeks and heard you sob. 

“Y/N, is everything okay? Did something happen?” he asked in concern, immediately untying the apron and taking it off. You wiped your cheeks and let your purse fall to the floor as you shook your head. Seungkwan took you in his arms and shushed you softly, one hand stroking your still rather messy hair and one rubbing slow, soothing circles into your back. He pouted. “Come on, talk to me.”

You shook your head and let your arms slide down and eventually wrap around Seungkwan. He felt so warm and safe, as always, and you hated it. You didn’t deserve it - didn’t deserve him.

“I need to tell you something,” you mumbled after a good while of just being there in his embrace and waiting for the biggest wave of emotions to calm down enough for you to talk. He nodded, and you could feel it from the way his cheek moved against the side of your head. Before he was able to ask any further questions, you moved your gaze to the couch in the living room that was slightly visible. “I think we should sit down.”

“I’ll go get the pan off the stove,” Seungkwan said timidly, by now more than aware of the seriousness of the situation and the tenseness of the atmosphere. While he did that, you took off your jacket and shoes and got on the couch, fiddling with your fingers. 

Soon he was sitting on the armchair next to the couch, and you were hugging your legs tightly as you just… said it.

“I slept with someone else.”

Seungkwan didn’t move for what felt like an unnaturally long time. He barely even blinked, as he just stared forward blankly, barely able to breathe. Eventually he allowed his lids to fall down and lowered his head into his hands. You chewed on your lower lip.

“I’m so sorry…”

“Why are you telling me this?” he asked, not raising his head, and just swallowed hard around the lump in his throat. Your eyes watered again.

“You’re too good to be lied to,” you said with a broken voice and sniffled while wiping your tears away. “I didn’t want to… to hurt you any more than this.”

He nodded, although it was barely visible to you. With a deep sigh, Seungkwan slowly lifted his face, his hands dragging down his cheeks a little. The sparkle his eyes usually had was gone when he turned his gaze to you. “So, what kind of a reaction were you expecting?”

Startled, you shrugged and lowered your gaze. “I-I don’t know. I just wanted to tell you that.” Seungkwan nodded slowly, holding his tongue in order to give you a chance to continue, and you dug your nails into your legs lightly when you looked at him again. “The damage has been done, but I just… just really want you to know that I love you more than anything else and that I didn’t mean to do it. But… I’m also not blaming anyone but myself. I regret it, more than I can put into words.”

Seungkwan’s eyes were shining with tears, too, as he watched you break out into sobs. “I know. …I think. But why did you do it?”

You shook your head and ran your shaky fingers through your hair. “I don’t know. I was stupid and I had had way too much to drink, so I… did it. And I wish I hadn’t.”

“I wish you hadn’t, too,” Seungkwan stated sadly and tore his eyes away from you. He frowned, and his voice was stuffy with tears when he spoke again. “Have I kept you home too much? Or have I been too clingy? It was your first time out without me in a while, and I–”

“No, God, no,” you hurried to say and let your feet off the couch so that you could sit closer to Seungkwan. You were about to take a hold of his hand, but he moved it away almost unnoticeably. It made your heart ache, but you tried to not let it show. “Please don’t blame yourself. You’ve done absolutely nothing wrong, you’ve been the best boyfriend I could ever wish for. I was stupid and it had nothing to do with you, I swear.”

Seungkwan nodded again. He had tears on his cheeks when he tilted his head while frowning. “I’m trying to understand, I really am, but I… I just don’t get why you cheated if I haven’t done anything.”

Your lips were trembling as fresh tears fell from your eyes. Your chest felt so tight that it was painful. “I’m so sorry, Seungkwan.”

He shook his head and let out a shaky sigh, rubbing his eyes a little. You sat in silence for around three minutes, which felt a lot more like thirty. Letting out a deep breath, you sniffled. “So… what do you think we should do?”

Seungkwan shook his head as a sign that he had no clue, his eyes aimed out of the balcony window. The day was beautiful, yet he felt like it should’ve been raining. After another minute of silence, he straightened his back. “I don’t know. I don’t particularly want to break up, but I… also can’t really see you the way I did, say, an hour ago.”

With your eyes welling up with tears again - your head was aching already - you nodded. “…I get that.”

He got a soft smile on his lips as he turned his face to you, trying to appear somewhat cheerful but failing miserably. “How about a break? For us to figure things out.”

“A break,” you repeated, the word sinking in with your heart dropping a little. You nodded. “That’s… yes. A break.”

Seungkwan sighed. “So, um, do you think you could… move out, for a while, at least?” Before you were able to answer, he continued hurriedly. “If you can’t, it’s okay, I can do that, too, it’s just–”

“Seungkwan,” you said quietly, and effectively got his attention. “It’s fine. I’ll move out.”

He nodded, and after some more quiet words about the unsure future ahead of the two of you, you finally moved to the kitchen and had some pancakes.

After only a forkful, Seungkwan placed his cutlery down and looked at his pile of pancakes with tears streaming down his face much more freely than earlier.

“It’ll be so lonely without you. I will be lonely without you.”

His soft, broken voice and the whole situation in itself had tears on your cheeks again, too.

“I know.”

While he broke into helpless sobs, you moved to sit next to him.

And this time, when you wrapped your arms around him and held him tightly, he didn’t pull away.

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Happy Birthday Carly!!!

A Lucana fic for the Lucy to my Cana. ;) I love you lotssss ♥

rated: M for mature content (and lots of sweetness)
summary: The tell-tale ache between her thighs made the prospect of cake seem less inviting than before. She’d rather have Lucy for dessert.

I didn’t even want to include anything naughty originally but…uh…nope, I have no excuses. I just had to sneak at least some innuendos in. I mean. It’s Lucy and Cana. B)
It’s not a smut fic though, this is about cake. Yes. Sweet, innocent cake.
Here’s the prompt that inspired the fic hehe.
Go wish immortalpromise a happy birthday if you haven’t already! There’s one hour left, and she deserves all the love! :*

The little bedside lamp turned on with an almost inaudible click, shedding soft light into the dark room. It skitted over crumpled bedsheets and the edge of a curtain before losing itself to the darkness. The short hand of the alarm clock seemed stuck between 3 and 4, and it felt as if time itself had been frozen into place with it. Cana sighed, staring at the ceiling. Beside her, another person’s chest rose and fell steadily. It was quiet.

“You’re awake, aren’t you?” she murmured after a few more quiet breaths, and was instantly answered with an exasperated groan.

“Oh thank god,” Lucy mumbled, lifting her head off the pillow, “I can’t sleep.”


They eyed each other in the dark, straining against the creeping shadows. Lucy shuffled closer, hooking one leg over Cana’s and rolling slightly on top of her with a small smile. Then she burrowed her face into the nook of her neck, sighing against her warm skin.

Cana’s hand automatically came up to trace along Lucy’s spine, and a sly grin stretched across her face when she gently kissed her throat.

“So what do we do then?” Cana asked, insinuation clear in her voice.

“Mmhh,” Lucy hummed, brushing her lips against her pulse point and nibbling gently. Cana’s lips parted slightly, right hand firmly on Lucy’s behind. “Can we do anything I want?”

“Sure,” she breathed.

Lucy lifted her head, eyes sparkling triumphantly.

“I want cake!”


She had been trapped. Again. Damn this woman and her irresistible ways.

“You want cake?? Now??”


“It’s 2am. We don’t have cake.”


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As if you didn’t already know, It’s Valentine’s day! @radvinesandheadbands and I thought it would be fun to each write a wolfstar and jilly fic. So here’s mine!

James looked up to see Sirius burst through his front door. “Shouldn’t you be in class?” James asked.

“This is a disaster” Sirius moaned, falling onto the couch.

James rolled his eyes. “Don’t tell me. Remus’ face is causing you to have another existential crisis?”

No Well, yes, but that’s not the issue.” He rolled onto his back, his head resting on the arm of the couch. “He spoke to me and I made the biggest arse of myself.”

“You talk to him every day.”

“But this wasn’t during class. We went to coffee yesterday and I fucked it up.”

“You make an arse of yourself every day in front of me and I haven’t run off.”

“Yeah, but you’re you… and now I have to see him again for class.”

“So you’re, what, skipping class to pout at my house?”

“That’s the idea.” He rolled back onto his stomach.

James shook his head. “You’re the thirstiest bloody ace I’ve ever seen,” he deadpanned.

“I just want to hear his voice and touch his face. Is that too much to ask?”

James stood up and stepped towards the couch. “Nope.” He grabbed Sirius’ hand.. “We’re going to class and settling this.”

Sirius stumbled as James pulled him off the couch. “But what if – “

“I don’t care,” James announced as he grabbed his car keys and opened the door, still pulling Sirius along.

Sirius groaned as he climbed into the car. “What am I even going to say? ‘Hi, we’ve only had a cup of coffee together, but I’d really like to buy you something nice and maybe put my face on yours’?”

“I don’t even care. I’ll tell him something.”

Sirius’ eyes widened. “No you can’t – ”

James turns up the music at full volume, blocking out any further complaints.

When they got to the school. Sirius continued to attempt to reason with him.

“You can’t just talk to him for me . Hell, he could be straight for all I know!”

“Don’t care. You can’t do anything by pinning from a distance.”

They turn down the hall when James stops and scans the few people sitting outside of the classrooms.

Sirius sees Remus, waves, and feels himself turn bright red. Before he waves back, James heads towards him.

“How do you know what he – ”

“You don’t think I can piece together anything from the absurd amount of time that you take talking about how he looks?”

Remus greeted the pair of them, looking equally curious and confused.

Sirius mouthed “sorry” before James began talking in an irritated monotone.

“Okay, my friend here likes your voice, your humor, and your face, among other things. You are cordially invited to dinner and a movie tomorrow night. An actual date. Valentine’s Day. Full romo.” He motioned towards Sirius, whose head was in his hands, his face blushing furiously.

Remus looked mildly surprised, his eyebrows raised, but a small smile grew on his face. “Full romo, huh?” he asked, looking at Sirius, who put his hands down and laughed nervously. “So, I’ll meet you at the Stix at 5 tomorrow?”

Sirius stared for a moment, his mouth agape. James elbowed him in the ribs. “Uhh, err, yeah. Yes. That sounds great!”

Remus laughed softly. “We should get to class, I think.” He held out a hand towards James. “It was nice meeting you – err – ”

“James,” Sirius whispered.

“James,” Remus repeated. “Of course it’s James.”

James shook his hand. “I’m offended that Sirius hasn’t mentioned me.”

“Oh, he has,” Remus said, still smiling.

“Good things, I hope”

“Mostly,” Sirius answered.

James rolled his eyes as the other two turned to the classroom.

Over the next day, James almost regretted helping Sirius at all. If he wasn’t with Sirius, being forced to look at a thousand outfits, he was being sent constant texts.

9:03am What if we run out of things to talk about?
9:04am Would it be too much to being a list of extra topics?
9:05am What the fuck, go back to sleep

10:30am Do I look better in red lipstick or darker shades?
10:35am Is hair glitter too much?
10:37am I can’t think this early, let alone give fashion advice
10:45am But reds and no on the glitter. Burn the glitter instead

11:01am What if the ace thing is weird?
11:04am What if we kiss and he thinks I’m lying?
11:04am What if he wants more? I cant deal with that!
11:06am What if he doesn’t even want to kiss me?

11:10am Did u see his smug fucking face, of course he wants to kiss u.
11:10am And if he doesn’t or if he says shit about your sexuality, then he’s not worth anything anyways

11:30am Does he even like lipstick?
11:31am Im in class
11:32am How can you concentrate at a time like this? I am going to die
11:35am only bc Im coming through this phone to kill you
11:40am What? You need me to hold ur hand through the date? Ill just hide under the table -.-
11:40am Sod off
11:43am wait;
11:44am You could sit at the bar!!

11:50am Really?
11:51am (✿◕‿◕)
11:55am Come on
11:55am (✿◉‿◉)
11:57am How do you know I don’t have plans?
11:58am With who? Peter? Your hand?
12:00pm Fuck off
12:02pm Maybe you can find another sad single at the bar?
12:10pm u owe me
12:11pm ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
12:12Pm Stop that shit before I change my mind

After a few last minute changes (“What’d you mean ‘my ass looks better in the black ones’? You couldn’t have said something an hour ago?”), the boys headed to the Stix, Sirius on his bike and James in his car.

The atmosphere was different than what Sirius and James were used to at the Stix. There was a buzz to the usually calm atmosphere – an anticipation.
As Sirius walked in, his phone buzzed.

4:58pm I’ll b there in 5

James came up behind him, bumping into his shoulder before heading to the bar.

Sirius walked up to the rather harassed-looking host. “Y-yes? How can I help you?”

Sirius smiled. “I called in ahead – a table for two for Black.”

The host shoved his glasses up the bridge of his nose and stuttered while grabbing menus to show Sirius to his seat.

James could see Sirius’ table if he walked just a few paces over. He ordered a beer and. as he set his phone on the counter, it lit up.

What if I got here too early?

As James unlocked his phone to respond, it lit up again.

He’s here? He’s fucking gorgeous! Who makes clashing patterns look that damn good! This is illegal!

James rolled his eyes and thanked the bartender who set down his drink.

As he nearly choked on the first sip of his beer, when he saw the person who decided to sit a couple of seats away. She had dark red, wavy hair that made her light brown skin glow. Her eyes were an impossible bright green. As she glanced down at her phone, the corner of her full lips turned into a smirk.

He tried focusing on his beer, telling himself that there is no way that she isn’t just here waiting for someone.

Being there with Remus, Sirius has no idea why he worried about conversation running out. Talking to Remus was like breathing – smooth, natural.
Even when the issue of family came up, Sirius had his worries, but Remus was very understanding.

“They don’t act like I exist, so I act like they don’t, for the most part. Part of me wants to go visit the part of the family that’s still in Korea, but I worry that the only sensible one passed away last year.”

“Most of your lot sound like my dad… After my accident, my parents grew apart. They divorced and kept moving in complete opposite directions. Dad is convinced that I’m looking for attention. He refuses to see me outside of larger family functions. Mom’s pretty great though. She loves cooking, even as frail as she is now. I’m sure she’d love to have you over some time.” He flinched, his eyes widening. “Like , in a while – maybe – if you wanted or were in town – ”

Sirius laughed. “It’s okay, you’re good.”

Remus cleared his throat. “She doesn’t really get why I can’t ‘pick a side’ or whatever, but she’s supportive regardless.”

As they move on to talk about their high school experience, James had decided that twenty minutes  was more than enough time for Red’s date to show up. He took a deep breath and moved to the seat beside her.

“Why are you drinking alone on a day like this?”

She looked critically at James for a moment before speaking. “Mostly to watch out for a friend.” She motioned towards the section of couples tables.

James laughed. “Good to know I’m not the only one.”

Lily raised a skeptical eyebrow. “Really?”

James nodded. He leaned slightly towards her to point. “The dolt with the glitter in his hair.”

Lily smiled, less guarded. “No kidding? My moron is the one at that table, too.

The one that decided not to listen when I told him not to wear the stripped button-up with the sweater that’s… whatever the hell that pattern is.”

“Sirius bothered me for a full 24 hours about what to wear, only to insist on keeping the damn hair glitter.”

“Oh, Remus bothered me about it too. He also decided not to listen.”

The two dove into stories about their friends, which soon turned into stories about themselves. They were so engrossed that neither noticed the message on their phones until they saw the ten minute time stamp.

6:20pm He’s taking me on his motorbike to go to the cinema. I’m getting on a motorbike. If I die, keep my record collection safe

6:21pm We’re going to the movie. He’s going to be on my bike. Touching me. I might explode
6:21pm Also, I’m not the only one that had to bring a friend along. So, you can’t make fun of me

“Well, I guess they’re going on well enough,” Lily commented. “Maybe now, I can buy you a drink.” She winked.

“Uhh-err-yeah. I mean, yes, a drink sounds nice.”

When they arrive at the theater, Remus is shaken by the ride, but excited for the rest of the date. Remus paid for the tickets since Sirius had bought dinner. They got tickets for the only movie with seats available. It was a cheesy horror film that had been out for a few weeks already.

The small theatre was empty when they walked in. They sat at the top row. They watched the previews, noting to one another when a movie looked good – or, more frequently, hilariously bad or “great, another heterosexual drama”.
As the movie started, there were a few good jump scares that gave Remus a reason to cling to Sirius.

The theatre was still empty, so the two continued their commentary on into the movie.

“Five pounds says she dies first.”

“It’s raining ketchup.”

“What is he doing with his face?”

They left the “horror film” nearly in tears from laughter.

Sirius drove Remus home and walked him to the door, holding his hand. “This was wonderful.”

“It really was. I’m glad James asked me out.” Remus laughed.
Sirius blushed and shook his head. “Me too I’ll see you in class tomorrow. And maybe for lunch after?”

“Sounds great.” Remus reached down and kissed his forehead. “See you then.” He let go of Sirius’ hand and turned to his apartment.

As Sirius was unlocking his door, James walked up the stairs.

“You have fun?” Sirius asked, smiling.

“Well, I had to call a cab thanks to Lily,” James answered, slurring his words slightly.

Sirius opened the door. “Lily? Remus’ friend?”

James nodded. “She kept buying me drinks, so I had to buy her them too. No choice, really. The only noble thing to do.”

Sirius rolled his eyes. “You’re ridiculous.”

“Have you looked in a mirror lately, Mr. ‘his face is so pretty, it’s literally killing me’.”

Sirius rolled his eyes again. “At least I got a date out of it.”

“Who says I didn’t,” James said with a wink.

Kyungsoo Pathcode Explanation

This is going to be quite lengthy so please bear with me. Also please excuse my crappy screenshots and handmade charts, my computer has been acting up and I am about out of patience. 

Disclaimer: These are just my thoughts and opinions, they are not official or confirmed by SM or anything. I didn’t get a chance to read other people’s theories yet, so sorry if I’m being repetitive!

You might want to read this post first to get a basic understanding of what’s going on so far. There’s a summary at the very bottom of this post if you don’t wanna read the whole thing!


So, at first, I was really confused and discouraged by Kyungsoo’s teaser, because it disproved my ring theory and didn’t seem to give any clues. (I guess the rings were just random?). Also, I predicted Chicago, 10:01. I guess it’s possible that in Suho’s teaser the voice said “Meet me in Colorado” not Chicago. I went back and listened and still couldn’t tell. It doesn’t really matter because we know it’s Colorado now. I was right about the time being the same as Kai’s (09:01 in Colorado is 15:01 in London). Which got me thinking about the chronological order of the events in the teasers. 

First, I converted all of the times to Colorado time. 

Then, I put them in order in 3 different ways: 1) as if all of the events happened before Kyungsoo’s teaser and he’s having flashbacks 2) as if everything happens after Kyungsoo’s teaser begins and 3) as if everything happens on the same day.

(The red lines represent the day changing). 

(Keep in mind that this only represents the beginning of each teaser. Since time passes in every teaser, plus everything is dream-like and unreal, it can be assumed that events overlap.) 

I decided to stick with the third column - kind of. Here’s why: Kyungsoo wears 3 different outfits, so we can assume that it’s been more than one day. My guess is that the first day is when he’s in the car, with the black outfit, when he first gets to Colorado. The second day is when he’s in the red shirt, and he’s all frantic and worried and we see those flashes of the other members. The third day is when he’s in the black shirt with the blue stripe, playing with the marbles, just waiting for the others. 

I’ve come up with this order for the events as if Kyungsoo’s teaser is over 3 days. Again, I kind of just made this up based on my own personal theories, and whether it’s true or not doesn’t really make a difference. 

Day 1 (black outfit Kyungsoo)

  • Kyungsoo (09:01, Kyungsoo arrives in Colorado)
  • Kai (09:01)

Day 2 (red shirt Kyungsoo)

  • Tao (03:10)
  • Suho (03:22)
  • Chen (08:01)
  • Lay (08:12)
  • Sehun (9:25)
  • Chanyeol (18:12)
  • Xiumin (22:07)
  • Baekhyun (23:27)

Day 3 (blue outfit Kyungsoo)

  • Kyungsoo waiting for the other members. 

I hope this makes sense. Remember that all of these times are in Colorado time. It’s really confusing to think about. Just imagine that you are Kyungsoo, you’re in Colorado, and throughout the day all these events are taking place all over the world. 

Technically Kai’s could also happen on the second day, but with the whole “Beginning=End” thing, I think his happened simultaneously with Kyungsoo’s. Also, I think Kai has a really important role to play in this whole Exodus because with his teleportation, he’s the only one who can travel between the two worlds. (As we saw in the MAMA mv when he teleported to Luhan). 


1. the 3 outfits (duh).
2. Kyungsoo wakes up on the third day, we see the sun entering the room. The sun rises way before 09:01am. (no, it’s not the eclipse!!)

3. Speaking of the eclipse, if the first or second column were true, it would mean Sehun and Chen saw the eclipse almost 24 hours apart. No way. I know this isn’t real life, but logically, Chen should see the eclipse first, then Sehun soon after. (*more on the eclipse later*). 
4. When he’s in the red shirt, he sees flashing images of what’s happening to the other members.

5. When he’s in the blue/black shirt, he sort of gazes wistfully at all these images that represent the members’ powers. This suggests that he’s remembering the things that happened the day before. He’s sad or worried, because he already escaped the maze and is in their meeting place, but the others haven’t gotten there yet. (”Meet me in Colorado”)

The images are:

  • a flame for Chanyeol
  • the train from Kai’s teaser
  • plants for Lay
  • Xiumin’s headphones
  • light for Baekhyun
  • a clock for Tao (it reads 10:10, which was also the time of Tao’s teaser!)
  • sparks for Chen
  • a cloth blowing in the wind for Sehun
  • and water droplets for Suho

(I also have a theory that he sent a message to Kai on the first day, then Kai teleported to meet him, and he’s using Kai to send messages to the others. But I’m still working on that.)

All in all, no matter what order the events took place in, we know for sure that we’re seeing Kyungsoo after the fact, he’s escaped the maze already and he is having flashbacks of what happened to them, and he is waiting for them. 

THAT BEING SAID, we are still left with some questions. Let’s begin.

First, why Kyungsoo? Well, his power is earth/strength. You can basically think of him as Mother Nature or something. What connects all of these locations together? Earth. Clearly, Kyungsoo escaped the maze first, and he has a big role to play in reuniting the members. He has the marbles in his teaser, which shows he is strong and in control. It’s even possible that he is some sort of all-powerful or all-knowing entity. (More evidence on this later).

And why Colorado? Well in real life, the location has no significance. (Other than to complete the “Call Me Baby” acronym). But the teasers gives us one reason in particular why they all have to meet in this location: the Tree of Life. 

According to the MAMA legend, the tree was split in half, to create two worlds, and it was dried up by the red force. Here is the other half of the tree, with Chen in the MAMA video:

(Idk if that’s legit haha, I just thought it was a little bit too coincidental, especially considering Chen and D.O. are counterparts in their separate worlds).

And what is the point of this ENTIRE STORY?? To reunite the legends and bring the two worlds back together, to restore the Tree of Life and create a new beginning. Honestly, I don’t think that will happen in this comeback. Because if it did, that would be the end, and they wouldn’t have any of the story left to use for future comebacks haha. I think since this album is called EXODUS, it’s just the story of how they escape the maze, and maybe reunite. 

Now, going back to the MAMA narration, it mentions one turning point that will set this whole thing in motion. What is the turning point? “The day the grounds be kept a single file before one sky.” Meaning, when all the planets align.

See, in my last post, I was confused because we saw a solar eclipse AND a full moon. You can’t have both at the same time, because a solar eclipse requires a new moon - it happens when the moon is between the sun and the earth, so the dark side of the moon is towards the earth. But then, rewatching the MAMA mv, I realized something: it’s not the moon that’s creating the eclipse. It’s this huge planet that’s between the sun and what we assume is the earth! 

If you rewatch the MAMA mv, you will understand what I’m talking about!! (Also, I realize that in real life that planet would be Mercury, but this is clearly not real life hahaha. I’m just guessing that Earth is in the same place because if you look closely you can see a continent on there.) So you see, the planets are aligning.

Then, as I continued watching, I noticed something else. As we zoom out, someone’s symbol appears…

…who could it be…?

…is that…

…why yes it is!! It’s Kyungsoo’s symbol! The beast, strength, power, earth… this is no coincidence! Although the other members’ powers are important, clearly it will be Kyungsoo’s job to bring all the members together. I have other ideas as well - for example, we will need Yixing’s power of healing to restore the Tree of Life. However, we’re not quite there yet. 

Anyway, the video continues and the rest of the symbols join Kyungsoo’s. 

Similarly, in the Overdose MV, Kyungsoo receives a box full of dirt, which seems to be a hint of some sort, only meant for him. It once again shows that he has more power than the other members. In Kai’s teaser, we see a flashback of this moment:

Alright, now back to Kyungsoo’s teaser. I’ve explained everything I can so far. But, there are still 3 things I’d like to mention real quick that I was not sure on.

First, this image:

It’s a storm, obviously. It could either represent a) the “red force” that destroyed the tree of life. It’s ominous, showing that there is still danger. or b) it represents a combination of the members’ powers (wind, lightning, etc.) showing that they will come together. Any ideas?

Second, this image:

I didn’t spend too much time on this cuz it really creeped me out. It’s from underwater, you can see a light, but there’s a shape in front of the light. That shape could represent the red force. The combination of water and light could also represent Lay, because as we learned, water + light = healing. If anyone knows what this was please tell me cuz it’s freaky haha. 

Lastly, the marbles. Some said that the rows of 6 and 4 meant that Exo-K and Exo-M will stay the same. However, I don’t think so, because for one thing, the marbles are in different formations throughout the teaser:

For another, Kyungsoo messes up the marbles at the end:

It’s almost as if he’s saying they won’t stay in groups of 4 and 6 because they’ll all be reunited! Or maybe he’s just playing around with the marbles and they don’t mean anything! Haha idk, I’m tired and hungry and I’ve been thinking about this for too long and changed my theory like 5 different times. 


Kyungsoo’s teaser happens over 3 days. Day 1: He arrives in Colorado (escaped from the maze). Kai is notified. Day 2: The other members are notified and realize their powers. Kyungsoo receives flashes of their events. Day 3: Kyungsoo reflects and waits for the other members. Their goal is to restore the tree of life. It is prophesied that the members will reunite when the planets are aligned, a.k.a. the Eclipse. It is Kyungsoo’s duty to reunite all of the members and bring them to one location. In Overdose, the members entered the maze and made their ways to the center. Now, they must realize their powers and escape the maze - it’s their “EXODUS.”

Hope you all enjoyed reading! Hopefully it made sense and helped you understand better. Even if SM releases an explanation that doesn’t match up with this, I’m sticking by my analysis. To me this makes sense logically, and we all know SM logic isn’t really logic anyway XP 

disconnected | l.h.

Who knows if Luke’s texting mistake could lead to something great.



Ch. 1 | Ch. 2 | Ch. 3 | Chapter 4

Character key:


Tuesday, November 12th
This day has been terrible.

And it’s literally only 10am.

That sucks, I’m sorry. Anything I can do to help?

Get me new friends and new professors.


I have to go right now, but I’ll text you later.

I hope the rest of the day works out.

Not working out.

What’s up?

Do you ever just have those days where everything seems to be going wrong?

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Drunk Texting - Sebastian Stan x Reader

obsessedwithfandoms-us said to rogerthat-bucky: Could you do a prompt with Sebastian Stan based on 23 and 4 please? Love all your writing by the way!! Hope you get better soon!!

23. “Go then, leave! See if I care!” & 4. “I had to see you again.”

You felt cold.

And it wasn’t just the way your skin felt, it was deeper than that; it felt almost like a frost had settled upon your heart and it was all because of a singular piece of paper. This paper was being held tightly in your two hands as you awaited your boyfriend’s arrival home, just sitting on the couch with a single lamp lighting up the room.

It is midnight when he returns home, several hours after he left to go out for a meal with some of his other friends.

Sebastian reached the door and he seemed to fumble for a while before he finally got the door unlocked. He took off his coat and shoes, putting the jacket onto the hook and the shoes on the designated shelf. Then he turned around and practically jumped three feet in the air when he saw you.

“Well hello there,” he giggled, clutching his chest as though that would calm his racing heart. You were happy to find that Sebastian hadn’t gotten himself overly drunk, meaning he’d have a somewhat sober and sane mind during the argument about to come.

He made his way over to greet you as he always would do, leaning down to press a kiss on your lips. But rather than happily joining in with the kiss, you pushed him away harshly. “Oh, now you want to spend time with me?” You hissed.

The chill that had coursed through your body had transformed into hot rage. Perhaps if you hadn’t just sat in the lonely darkness, over think what that paper meant for yours and Sebastian’s relationship.

Sebastian was obviously confused as to why you were acting in such a way when before he left you’d seemed fine, promising that you’d be awake when he got back. “What’s wrong with you?2 He asked, his words coming out much more snarky than he’d intended. An effect of the alcohol he’d consumed no doubt. This was an obvious sign that he was much drunker than you’d first thought, but your anger made you ignore it.

You didn’t bother to speak, instead you pushed the rectangular paper into his hand, stood up, and walked to the other side of the room because you couldn’t handle being so close to him whilst feeling so angry.

The paper is warm in his hand, obviously you’d been holding onto it for quite a while. “My plane ticket, what’s that got to do anything?”

“Look at the date, Sebastian.” You ordered, your gaze not wandering once as you stared daggers at him.

Again he just looked at you, his confused feeling not yet leaving him. He didn’t even need to look at the ticket to know the date printed on it. “Yeah, I’m leaving tomorrow so what-” He was about to continue ranting when his expression fell, “Shit, I forgot to tell you.”

You then released a boisterous laugh, the kind of insane chuckle that would be found only in the insane asylums seen in horror movies. “Yes, you did!” You continued, speaking through the giggles, “so, not only did you not tell me that tonight would be our last night together. But you also spent it with your friends.” This entire time Sebastian looked to the floor whilst biting his up, he knew that he’d fucked up. “You could have invited me out with you, or had your day with them yesterday night when all we were doing was watching netflix.”

“Y/N,” he sighed, trying to interrupt you but you still had a rant left in you.

“Or maybe you could have come home earlier. But none of that matters because you didn’t tell me. You didn’t fu-”

“Y/N!” This time he yelled and it stopped you completely. Sebastian was never violent, he resented the very idea of it when it came to how people used it towards their significant others. Which is why whenever he did yell, you knew it was very serious. Once he sees that you’ve actually listened to him he released an angry breath, “I’m sorry that I forgot to tell you. I’d packed my schedule up so much that when they told me yesterday that I needed to go, I completely forgot to tell you. I was so distracted.” His explanation didn’t do anything to calm you. It had been a mistake, a dumb mistake that could easily have been resolved if he’d just been smarter. Sebastian only made it worse when he said the following: “Besides, why does it even matter, I didn’t think you were the type of girl who needed the boyfriend to spend every waking second with her.”

Your hands clenched into two tight fists on either side of your body. “I’m not,” you clipped, defending yourself. “But I am the type of girl that likes to know her boyfriend actually wants her around. Just put yourself in my place Sebastian, what would you do if I came back from long trips and spent all my free time with everyone but you?”

His reaction to your plea was a scoff, “I can’t listen to you any more, I’ve got to get out of here!”

“What?” The word fell out of your mouth pathetically.

Whilst sat staring at the piece of paper you had imagined every way this argument could possibly go; what you hadn’t expected, was for him to walk out on you.

He wandered back over towards the door, putting back on his jackets and shoes. “You’re basically saying that you don’t believe I love you anymore.”

You’re eyebrows rose, “that’s not what I’m saying at all, what I’m saying is that I want you to actually spend time with me when you’re home.” Sebastian didn’t respond, instead he seemed to be giving you the silent treatment.

Even though you knew he was drunk and therefore acting in ways that he normally wouldn’t but still you found yourself feeling very angry. You were touchy from sitting and dwelling in your anger, and he was the same because he’d drunk so much alcohol. And that’s what led you to snap at him so harshly.

“Go then, leave! See if I care!” You instantly regretted what you said, even Sebastian had to pause and look at you like a hurt puppy. And he was, this was something he had never had you say to him. Neither you nor Sebastian would ever even say ‘I hate you’, not even jokingly. Because you both respect that certain words had power; and what you said to him then held a lot of power.

“Fine.” He snapped, proceeding to glare at you before leaving.

You cried a lot after that. You stood in the same spot and silently let tears fall from your eyes. You angrily wiped them away and then went to turn the lights off, somehow you managed to keep your emotions bottled up until you entered your bedroom. You saw Sebastian’s overwhelming fear that he’d never come back, and that fear broke you.

Your knees collapsed beneath you and you clutched your hands against your heart, trying to calm the heaving sobs that escaped you. You loved him so much and nothing was worth losing him over, and now you could possibly have made him have you because you said such horrible things.

You cried loudly, then you cried softly, then you cried quietly, then you slept.

When you awoke you felt gross and very much like you needed a shower. But the sadness that filled you made it hard, it felt almost like there were weights keeping you from moving. You did eventually reach out for your phone to try and keep your mind distracted, but what you found surprised you.

In front of the lock screen image of you and Sebastian smiling side-by-side, was a notification saying you had nine messages, all from Sebastian:

1:06am - Are you okay?

1:06am - Just so you’re not worrying, I went to a hotel. I’m not wandering the streets drunk.

1:09am - God, I hate it when we fight. Can we just apologise to one another and move on? I love you too much to not be with you.

1:10am - I know I was an arsehole. I know and I’m so sorry and I love you soooooo much and this bed is really cold without you beside me.

1:11am - I may have had more drinks when I got to the hotel, so I apologise for whatever I say next but yeah I’m dwunk

1:13am - I’m guessing you’re asleep, I hope so, sleep is good. I should try and sleep

2:29am - I miss how you always have this little smile on your face in your sleep. I miss the light snores that are barely audible (I swear). I miss how much you move around in your sleep. I just miss you. Have I mentioned how much I hate it when we argue?

3:01am - I don’t care anymore. I messaged my manager and told them to cancel my interview tomorrow. I want you. I’m coming home!

4:00am - I’ve left my keys at the hotel, please answer the door

The time when you look at your phone was 10:35am, and the panic set in and your care for Sebastian lifted those weights so you could throw the covers off your body and run downstairs.

A part of you hoped that Sebastian wasn’t stupid enough to just sit outside all night waiting for you to answer the door. But then you had to take in the fact that Sebastian had been far drunker by the time he’d made it to your home.

Timidly, you pulled open the door and looked through the thin opening. And low and behold there he was, cuddled up into a ball, sleeping soundly away.

“Sebastian,” you cried, flinging open the door and kneeling beside him. “You idiot,” you hissed as he finally returned to consciousness.

He was freezing cold beneath your touch and so you rushed to lift him onto his feet and get him inside. It was nearing the end of summer and entering autumn so the nights were becoming longer and colder.

“Uh… what?” Sebastian was still trying to remember everything that had transpired whilst you were panicking and pushing im into the house where you planned to give him a blanket and a warm cup of coffee. You noticed he kept putting his hand against his head so whilst you were making the coffee you handed him a bottle of water and some drugs for his headache. “Thank you.”

“What the hell were you thinking last night?” You were trying to remain angry towards him though it was quite difficult.

He looked up at you through his lashes, “I had to see you again.” You wanted to scream at him, because when he said stuff like that you felt immense love for him. “I couldn’t just leave like that after an argument, cause, you know, I love you.”

You rolled your eyes and then rushed over towards him, grabbed his head, and kissed him. The kiss only lasted three seconds before you pulled back. “God, you’re cold.”

A small smile lifted up the side of his lips. “You are worth it,” he shrugged.

Everlasting Party - Mystic Messenger Time Loop AU (pt 14)

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Summary: You’re caught in a time loop during the 11 days leading up to the RFA’s party unless you can do… what, exactly?

15+ for swearing. Spoilers for Days 6 and 8 of Jaehee’s route.

The sixth day. 11:52pm.

You check your watch again. Reconfirm that the door is locked. The cabinet is pushed in front of the window Unknown smashed through back when Zen… well.

You wait. This will be the true test. Is it possible for the days to continue if you don’t go to Zen’s house?

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

Jaehee messaged you a few hours ago to say she was headed to Zen’s place. Zen logged on around eleven and told you how nice it was to have her at his apartment with him.

That was me, once, instead of Jaehee.

Tick. Tock.

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Strangers in the Night Part 2

Owen x Reader

Summary: Owen and the reader meet at an annual masquerade work party, where Claire drags the reader (her assistant) along, and she ends up meeting Owen. The only problem is she doesn’t know it`s Owen, thanks to those pesky masks.

Warning: Swearing

A/N: This part 2 is sorta boring on the romance part but it is the buildup for the next chapter, so bear with it guys!

Part 1

You woke up with a massive headache, a dry mouth, and a deep sense of anxiety.

Where the fuck was you?

You sat up, your head spinning, and felt around the room, automatically caressing Egyptian satin sheets: you were at Claire`s apartment.

“Good morning sunshine!” announced your best friend, as she strutted in, threw open the curtains, and handed you an aspirin with water.

“Shit Claire, close the curtains!” you groaned, covering your eyes.

“Oh hush vampire, it`s noon, and I have to go to work. Mr. Masrani only allowed the asset staff half the day off unlike the rest of the park,” she sighed, wishing she didn`t have to work.

“Oh well, don’t let me keep you” you laughed, and winced at the sound.

“Yes, I am sure you want to recover from your drinking escapade with the masked lover boy” she giggled, grabbed her purse, and pranced out of the room.

“Oh my god” you cried, putting your head in your hands.

Memories of last night came rushing back: the drinking, the dancing, the kiss, and the reveal.

You had kissed Owen Grady: raptor trainer, and manwhore extraordinaire.

Damn, Claire was going to kill you, she hated Owen, and suddenly you felt sick again.

Thoughts swirled around your head, and if you were honest with yourself, you wanted to get to know Owen more; last night had been the best you had known in a while…that was until Owen revealed himself.

It could never happen, his playboy ways were not fixable, experience had taught you that.

Sighing as you hesitantly got out of bed, you made the decision: Owen Grady would never know it was you.

The man in question was currently at the raptor paddock, approximately 2 miles away from you, talking to Barry.

“I don`t know man, but I have to find her, she was unlike anyone I have ever met” he rubbed his face, and looked down to Blue, who chirped in response.

“Owen, how the hell are you gonna find her? You don`t even know her name” Barry waved his hands, exhausted from listening to Owen talk about you.

“I have her bracelet, I can find her that way, I will send out an announcement to find it, and see if she asks for it back” Owen nodded confidently.

“Whatever man, just let me know if you need help,” laughed Barry as he headed off to do some much-needed paperwork.

Owen watched the girls after Barry left, his thoughts drifting to you.

He wished he knew your name, and why you ran from him when he told you his.

This morning he had been distracted, lazily moving to get to work as he remember the taste of your lips on his, and the sound of your laughter.

Now, Owen knew he had a reputation with the ladies, but he had honestly only earned that due to loneliness; none of the women he slept with had enraptured him the way you did.

All those women were boring: Claire was the prime example. Stiff, starchy, uptight, and definitely not up for drinking tequila.

His morning debate with himself allowed for an idea to form, he would use your bracelet to find you. He had opened the locket to see a photo of an older couple, obviously your parents, so he knew you would clearly want it back.

Owen decided he would begin his master plan in the morning.

You, on the other hand, had only just realized that your bracelet was missing, and panicked.

“Shit. Shit. Shit. Motherfucking shit” you cursed, searching frantically everywhere, even heading back to the conference center to look, much to the annoyance of the security crew there.

You slumped back home, and passed out, partly from the hangover, and partly from the heartbreak of losing your bracelet.

The next time you woke up, it was early morning; you leaned over to look at the clock, “7:01am.”

Well damn, guess I had better get ready for work: showering, dressing in a tank top, and shorts, then rushing out the door to get in your jeep to meet Claire.

Ten minutes later, and the lady herself was tapping her foot outside of the control center, waiting for you.

“Late again y/n” she frowned, shaking her red head slightly.

“I just like to make you anxious” you say sarcastically, “what am I doing today?”

“Well the trainers all have a meeting, so I need you to go and take notes for me to see, I can`t be there, big meeting today with Verizon” her eyes lit up at the big name.

“Woah, well then, I will see you later. Go get `em” you salute, and head back into your jeep.

The drive over to the conference room was quick; the open windows letting the humid breeze sweep your hair around.

You arrive a couple of minutes late, and notice the meeting had already started.

“Fuck, this is going to be awkward” you thought, trying to quickly get into seat with your tablet in hand.

All eyes are on you as you rush to sit down, and you swear you could cry; in your hurry to sit down, you didn’t look to see who was seated next to you: Owen Grady.

He keeps quiet as the meeting begins, but he gets bored easily; so he looks down to see a young woman typing on her tablet next to him.

“Who told this guy he could talk” he jibbed, pointing at the stammering presenter from InGen.

“Huh?” you asked, barely looking up.

“What are you typing away at?” he leaned over to look at your tablet, and you still didn’t look up.

“Are you gonna ignore me all day darling?” he smirked, taking the tablet out of your hands. You snapped your head up at the rude removal of your electronic, and he chuckled.

“Ah there she is,” he whispered, after he got a dirty look from the man next to him.

“Can I help you with something?” you ask, trying to act as if you don`t know him, and thanking god that he doesn`t seem to know you.

“No, just…do I know you? You look familiar” he gazes down at you, and you ache to tell him who you are; you know you can`t.

“Nope, I am just Claire`s assistant” you reply, hoping he will make that connection, and not the dance connection.

“Ah, you work for the ice queen. I`m sorry” he jokes, and you try hard to not stare at his face. His green eyes were hypnotizing, his jaw was sharp, and you wanted nothing more than to kiss it.

Shaking your head, you reply, “nah, she`s actually a really good friend, and I just happen to own a really warm coat” you joke back, and his chuckle warms you.

“Good to know” he whispers, and hands you back your tablet.

“I`m Owen, raptor trainer” he holds out his hand to you.

“Y/N, assistant to formerly mentioned ice queen” and you shake his hand, ignoring the slight spark that raced through you at his touch.

The meeting was announced as being over, and you stood up, anxious to leave Owen to clear your head.

“See you around” you say, and practically sprint away.

“I hope so” Owen replies to the space you previously occupied.

He was on his way now to the announcement office that was in the center, hoping to put out a lost and found notice.

The announcement read as this:

“To my beautiful stranger in the night,

You let your bracelet by the door.

Let me know the picture inside, and it`s yours, like I am.


Your masked drink buddy/ dancer, Owen Grady”

He asked the office to email it to every female staff member, and the old lady behind the desk was so charmed, and warmed, she agreed to sent it out a.s.a.p.

You were sitting in Claire`s office, having a coffee with her, and going over her schedule when an email announcement came through on your phone.

Claire`s phone also beeped once you had finished reading the email from the lost and found center.

“Ooo, looks like Prince Charming is looking for his Cinderella” Claire teased, and you glowered back.

“I have no idea what you mean” you coolly reply, while your heart was racing at the thought of Owen searching for you.

“Y/N, as your best friend, I want to know why you will not pursue this? Why don`t you want to see your mysterious man?” the redhead looked confused.

“Because he is Owen Grady!” you shouted, mouth snapping shut in embarrassment.

“And? You clearly like each other, why don`t you go find him, and talk?” she asked.

“Many reasons, Claire, he is a serial womanizer, and went out with you. I can`t date your ex, it`s against girl code” you gripe.

“Woah there Mean Girls, give him a chance, he might surprise you. I have never seen him act the way he did with you, with any other woman. Secondly, my date with him was a disaster, I didn’t love him; as long as he doesn’t break your heart, I don’t have a problem with him, aside from disliking his training methods, and allergy to paperwork” she frowns.

“I just can`t Claire” you sigh, and grab your stuff, heading to the elevator.

Owen`s mind was reeling at the paddock, the girl he met, Y/N, was eerily similar to the woman he danced with at the staff party. Your wit was similar, your hand, and your eyes, but he couldn`t be certain. He could only wait for the mystery girl to come to him for her bracelet, the only currently burning a hole in his pocket.

Owen heard Barry call him down from the platform, so he made his way down the stairs, cautious of where the girls were, and headed to where Barry stood.

Barry was not alone, surrounded by about thirty female Jurassic World workers who were stood around, giggling when Owen strode into the dust-covered area.

“Owen! These ladies here all claim that they are your mystery girl, and that they are all here to claim the bracelet” he shook his head in annoyance.

“Well then ladies, line up” Owen sighed, rubbing his face, and Barry just chuckled at his friend`s reaction to the attention.

This was going to be a long afternoon.

To Be Continued…


i make the rules - part one

Law Student Jimin AU

pairing: jimin x reader

genre: smut

requested: no but ppl like the idea?? so somewhere in between??

word count: 3,562

A/N - BEFORE READING I’M SO SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG I GOT SIDETRACKED AND FORGOT TO P[OST THIS HDFHDFJ this will be a three (maybe four?) part story, so this is just the first. I’m taking things slow, so please understand. I’m sorry if the pacing is too slow for y’all smut hungry people. but there’s alre smut here so do not worry




I watch the rain fall from the sky.

The droplets of rain smash against the clear window of the cafe. A woman a few years older than me gets splashed by the muddy water on the street, courtesy of the black minivan that passed by her. The old lady who owns the Thai restaurant across the cafe I’m in looks out the window, her face of wrinkles recognizable almost instantly.

I watch all of these happen as I swirl the spoon inside my cup of coffee.

Today is like any other day; rainy, dull, lifeless. I witness the same events happen over and over again through the cafe window, and whilst doing that I swirl the contents of my regular coffee.

Each day is just me repeating the same things over and over again.

I yawn and shift my gaze to the notebook on my table, my eyes analyzing each and every word on the paper.

Sometimes, I wonder why I picked to study Law. Sure, I like debating and proving people wrong, but is it really worth four to eight years of my life? Why didn’t I pick something easy, and chose the hard way?

The answer is simple: I like challenges.

And if law is a good challenge, then I’ll endure these years of studying just to win.


The annoying sound of my alarm goes off, waking me up in the blink of an eye. I stare at the blank, white ceiling before realizing that I have my classes today, sadly.

I look over to my alarm, seeing the red 9:01AM blinking over and over again against the black color of the alarm.

My eyes widen and my shoulders tense up. I am late for my classes. Funny enough, my shoulders relax immediately. It doesn’t really matter, honestly. It’s not like I always skip classes.

After a whopping fifteen minutes, I manage to arrive to my legal writing class just as the professor is handing out our graded papers.

I enter the room, hoping no one will notice my presence but sadly for me, Professor Choi and her eagle eyes come soaring towards me, a look of displeasure on her face.

My heart starts beating sporadically, hoping she’ll dismiss me. While I don’t care about being marked as late, I do care about what the professor has to say against me.

“Late again, (Y/N)-ssi?” she drawls out her words, as if careful to say something wrong. “Well, lucky for you, you got the highest marks on the paper you passed two weeks ago. Take a seat.”

I heave a sigh of relief, looking at the sea of the classmates before me. My eyes try to look for a vacant seat, but I struggle.

A boy with dark hair waves over to me, faint smile tugging at his lips. I don’t know him, but I always see him around the neighborhood I live in, sometimes with friends, but mostly alone like me.

Usually, I’d see him in the cafe I go to every weekend, (and on other days too if I have some time) a classic book in one hand and a cup of coffee on the other.

Sometimes, I see him in the park with his friends, laughing at something I don’t really find funny.

It’s safe to say that I know his face, but not his name.

Let’s name him Mystery Guy.

I walk over to where Mystery Guy is seated. I take a seat beside him, suddenly feeling self conscious. Maybe it’s because of the fact that I know what he does outside of the university, and maybe he knows about my boring activities, too.

Professor Choi walks to me and hands my graded paper. I smile at here before grabbing it from her hands, my eyes scanning the paper for the grade.

A squeak that I didn’t really want to let out comes from me, my hands immediately covering my mouth. My cheeks flush from the embarrassment, seeing a few people look towards me.

I received full marks, and like Professor Choi said, my paper have the highest grade. I smile proudly at the paper I sacrificed sleep for.

“What’s your score?”

The boy beside me, Mystery Guy, has a high pitched voice; not like a female’s, to be precise. Just the voice of a guy who hasn’t gone through puberty yet.

I look over to Mystery Guy, who’s facing me. He was wearing glasses, strands of black hair on his sweaty forehead. His lips are full, more plum than mine. He had a few freckles along the bridge of his nose, scattered along his face.

I notice all of the things I never really do whenever I see him out in public, such as the small birthmark beside his right eyebrow, or the mole on his neck.

I blink a few times, suddenly realizing that I haven’t answered his question yet. “I got a ninety eight.”

Mystery Guy’s eyes show a glint of something I can’t quite recognize. “That’s impressive,” he nods his head, scanning my paper. “Did my best but all I could manage was a ninety one. I guess my definition of crime is wrong.”

“That’s alright! You have many chances to get a higher score!” I try to comfort him. “And besides, ninety one is a good ass score too.”

“I wasn’t asking you to comfort me, (Y/N)-ssi,” he says. “But that made me feel better.” he smiles.

I feel the heat rise to my cheeks. I’m embarrassed, even if all I did was comfort him. As I look at his face, a smile threatens to appear on mine too. “O-oh,” is all I manage to squeak out. “Can I read yours?” I ask politely.

He nods. “Sure, just don’t make fun of me.”

He hands me his paper, and I smile at him before reading it.

Crime is very perplexing and difficult to define, like art.

My eyes stop on the opening sentence. I make a mental note to correct his mistake, and continue reading.

Once I finish analyzing his work, I give it back to him.

“Well?” he asks.

I bite my lip. Instead of lying, I choose to be honest. “You see, there are a few mistakes here and there. I get what you’re saying, but how you write it makes the reader confused and strays away from the actual topic.” I explain, choosing my words wisely. “Like this line, ‘Crime is very perplexing and difficult to define, like art.’. You should’ve put that one in the end of your essay.”

He nods at my piece of advice. “Wow, thank you,” he says. “I’ve been trying to find the flaw in my writing, but I guess you’ve figured it out for me.” he smiles sheepishly.

“It’s not that bad,” I assure him.

“It’s alright, I understand. I may be a reader, but I’m not a writer.”

I stifle a laugh. “I guess you can say that.”

Mystery Guy puts his hand right in front of my face for me to shake. I gently grabbed his hand and shake it, the smile that I tried to hide earlier now appearing on my face. “Nice to meet you, (Y/N)! I’m Park Jimin,” his eyes become a thin straight line. “I’m guessing you didn’t know my name.”

What a nice name. Jimin. Jimin. Park Jimin.

I nod. “Yeah, I didn’t.”

“Well, now you do!” he exclaims. Mystery Guy- I mean Jimin realizes that he’s in class so he immediately snaps his head from left to right, but no one seems to notice the sudden raise of his voice. He calms down. “Anyway,” he leans over to my seat. “Friends?”

I blink three times. “Excuse me?”

“Friends. You know, I could really use some people to talk in this class.” he explains, pushing some of the stray strands of his hair away from his forehead.

I nod, taking in what he said. “I get you. I have to endure sixty minutes of torture, hearing someone talk about things I’ve already read about.”

Jimin smiles once again. He seems to smile a lot. “We’re on the same page,” I can’t help but smile back. His smile is just so contagious. “which gives us more reasons to be friends.”

“Yeah,” I nod. “good idea.” I try thinking of the negative effects if ever Jimin becomes my friend, but I just can’t think of any.

“I’m assuming that’s a yes?” he asks hopefully.

“That’s a yes. Consider us friends, Jimin.”


It’s a Saturday and I’m inside my favourite cafe once again. I order the usual, a cheesecake and a cup of coffee. My notes are laid on the table, as well as my phone.

Jimin and I scheduled a study session earlier this week, and I’m assuming he’s going to be a little bit late because of the strong downpour. It always rains during the weekend. I don’t really know the logic behind it.

I hear the door of the cafe open. My gaze immediately shifts from my cup of coffee to the entrance.

Jimin appears with a head of wet hair, and a bag that’s probably wet from the rain too slung on his shoulders. Despite looking like a mess, Jimin still had a grin on his face.

The grin on his face confuses me, but I wave at him anyway. He walks over to my table and places his wet bag on the far left of the table. “Hey. Didn’t expect it to be raining today,” he says as he sits down and looks at you.

Jimin takes off his black pair of glasses and places it on the table.

I watch him wipe off the water from the lenses. He looks really cute when he’s concentrating, eyes focused on his pair of eyeglasses and wiping them, trying to make sure he doesn’t miss a spot. His hair is messy, and his red shirt darker in some areas due to the rain. His lips form a pout as he cleans his glasses.

I don’t realize that I’m staring until I see a confused Jimin staring right back at me, about to wear the glasses. “What’s wrong?”

“Well,” I try to look for an excuse. “I just thought you looked a tiny bit different without the glasses,” I explain, hoping he’ll buy it.

“Oh! Yeah, I get that a lot.” he smiles. He totally bought my lie.

Jimin waves to a waitress and orders a bagel and a cup of hot chocolate. The young girl nods before walking away.

Weird. I always thought that he orders coffee. Maybe it’s just because they look the same.

“Shall we get started?” Jimin asks politely, bringing out his notebook and black pen.

I nod as a response. “Let’s go.”


Jimin and I have been seeing each other every day, for class and outside of school. It’s been roughly two weeks, so this is my second time meeting up with him inside the tiny cafe we both always go to. I can’t deny that he’s a fun guy to be around with.

It’s a Saturday night and I’m sitting on Jimin’s couch. After the study session, the rain became even harder so he rushed me to his house. After much debates on certain infamous crimes that Jimin has books about in his shelf, we both decided to watch movies to relieve all of the stress.

The ending credits of If I Stay roll from the screen. Jimin brings his hand to his tear-filled eyes, wiping them with tissue. It amuses me how emotional Jimin can be sometimes.

I crawl on the floor as I’m too lazy to walk, and bend over to the DVD player and pop in a new movie. This time, we chose some movie I didn’t know as it was the title is written in English.

Nevertheless, I pop it into the player and let the movie run. I sit back on the couch and look at Jimin to see him staring at me.

I cock my head to the side. “What’s wrong?”

“N-nothing,” Jimin stuttered, his face as hard as a stone. He looks nervous, for some odd reason.

I raise my eyebrows. “You can tell me anything, Jimin.”

“It’s nothing, I swear,” he smiles this time.

I decide to let it go, and maybe bring it up later. The movie starts with a high school girl getting ready for the first day of school. I’m thankful that the foreign movies Jimin has all have Korean subtitles.

Thirty minutes pass, and suddenly the main character and her love interest are making out. A close up of their lips is shown, and for some reason I start to feel uncomfortable knowing that I’m in the same room as a guy.

I look over to Jimin, who seems to have the same expression as mine too. We’re both uncomfortable.

My eyes avert my gaze to his lips, plump as always. The main girl of the movie lets out a moan, and my cheeks burn. But that doesn’t stop me from staring at Jimin, whose eyes are glued to the TV screen.

I notice how pretty Jimin’s eyelashes are, complimenting the beauty of his eyes. His cheeks are full and puffy, and so are his lips. Oh, his lips.

In that moment, I feel my heart beating and the air suddenly becomes so thick. I inch closer towards to Jimin, still staring at his face.

I never really realized how hot Jimin was until now. I’ve always thought of him as some kind of rice cake who’s as innocent as a pure angel. But now that I’m seeing him show facial expressions other than smiling and being happy, I now think otherwise.

My mind starts to wonder what it would feel like to press my lips against his.


He’s just a friend, (Y/N).

And yet, I find myself moving even closer to him, that when he turns his head to my direction, his “Hey (Y/N-)“ is cut off as he realizes how close our faces are.

I get a better look at his eyelashes, long and thick. I breathe deeply as I look at Jimin in the eye. He’s staring right back at me, with the same look of lust I have.

The last time I kissed a boy was months ago, before breaking up with my boyfriend.

My eyes slowly trail down to his lips, my desire to put mine against his plump ones becoming larger and larger.

And as if he got the memo, Jimin gently leans in and presses his lips against mine.

Jimin’s kiss is slow and gentle, as if he was handling something so fragile. He holds my hips and I put my arms on his shoulders and straddle his hips, knees on each side of his leg.

His tongue meets mine, and it dances gracefully in my mouth, the taste of beer his friend Hoseok had made him drink earlier before leaving the apartment still in his tongue. I ignore the bitter taste and continue to kiss him.

Jimin begins to suck on my bottom lip, the feeling setting not only my lips, but my entire body on fire. His hands begin to snake up my shirt, unclasping my bra with one swift movement of his hand.

He places a hand on my exposed thighs, and I suddenly do not regret wearing a skirt today.

Pure ecstasy makes me grip his shoulders harder, feeling on top of the world. I move a little and my core brushes against the fabric of his jeans a little, making me moan.

I squeeze Jimin’s shoulders as we both pucker our lips on one another, making sinful sounds that would disappoint God. He holds my breasts in his hands, gently touching them. His hands then make their way towards my thighs once again, exploring the curves of my thighs.

He traces an invisible circle on my thigh as we both continue kissing one another, my brain shutting down and making me think of nothing but his pair of lips against mine, delicately grabbing my thighs with pressure that makes me feel even more lustful.

I feel something poking in the fabric of Jimin’s jeans, before realizing that it’s his hard-on.

I try so hard not to laugh with his lips inside my mouth. The thought of doing unholy acts with Jimin flashes through my mind. I can’t say that it doesn’t make me feel the least bit wet.

I wrap my arms around Jimin’s neck and I feel the heat of his body against mine, soft tender lips exploring one another.

Our desires have consumed us.

We both pull away to catch some air.

I start to realize my actions, erratically breathing as I stare right at Jimin, who seems as surprised as I am.

“It’s a spur in the moment kind of thing,” I blurt out before either of us say something stupid.

I climb away from his lap and drop to my knees on the floor. “Would you like me to suck you off?”

Jimin’s eyes almost pop out of his sockets. “W-what? Where’d you get the idea?” he asks, looking down at me.

“I could feel your buldge, dummy,” I giggle, pointing at his crotch.

“Oh,” he realizes now, and puts a hand on his buldge. “Well,” he tries to find the right words to say. “you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to. I can handle this on my own.”

I shake my head. “This is consensual, don’t worry.” I assure him. I scoot over to the television to turn it off. I move towards Jimin once again.

“A-alright,” he says, a strangled moan coming from his mouth when I place a hand on his boner.

I unzip his jeans and pull them down, revealing his navy blue boxers, his cock prominently standing up against the cloth, hard all because of the kissing we had done.

Jimin looks down at me with heated cheeks. I yank his boxers and finally see his erection right before me. I wrap my hands around it.

“You’re so big,” I say, sliding my hand up and down on his erect shaft.

“Fuck,” Jimin groans, the feeling of my hands making him feel good.

I have enough experience to make Jimin feel good, so I don’t have any doubts about what’s about to happen.

I lick the head of his cock, toying with the slit of his member. MY eyes scoot over to Jimin, who’s throwing his head back against the headboard of the couch.

I drag my tongue against his cock, eyes locked with Jimin’s. I swirl it against the base of his member, making Jimin whimper. “You’re teasing me,” he says in between moans.

The precum leaking from his shaft is being licked by me, the salty and thick taste making me want more. Although not particularly liking the taste, there was something so kinky about it.

I put my hand up and down on his sensitive member. Jimin moans my name as I twist my wrist and the side of his shaft all at the same time.

The small licks I’m giving to Jimin is already getting him riled up, so I surprise him by finally putting his hard throbbing length into my mouth, my lips wrapped around his cock. I bob my head back and forth, maintaining eye contact with a hot and bothered Jimin.

His cock is long and hard, but I handle it perfectly. His shaft hits the bottom of my throat, the sudden contact getting a high pitched whimper from Jimin. I pull out to get some air, and look at his glistening wet cock, all damp because of my mouth and saliva.

I lick the side of his length once again before sliding my mouth in him, feeling my pussy become dripping wet from the dirty sounds Jimin is making.

I put more pressure on his thigh and play with his balls more as I go deeper once again, his cock hitting my throat repeatedly.

“Y/N, this feels so good,” he says, grabbing fistfuls of my hair and pushing him deeper into my mouth.

For some reason, I giggle with his cock in my mouth, sending vibrations onto his member that make him even closer to the edge.

“Y/N, fuck,” he curses as he looks into my eyes.

The sound of Jimin’s moans fills the room, the pleasure all too much for him to handle. “I-I’m coming, Y/N,” he whimpers.

I bob my head faster, anticipating his load, and all at once, everything explodes: a long, breathy moan from Jimin’s lips as his cum hit the back of my throat, and some dripping all over my swollen lips.

I swallow the thick liquid and Jimin watches some of his load fall from my mouth and drip down on the floor, making a quiet thud thud thud sound that fills the room.

Both of us sit in silence, panting heavily from what just happened.

The silence is quite deafening, blocking out my ears and making it hard to process what’s happening. All I can hear is the heavy breathing of Jimin, hand gripped on his length as I sit on the floor.

I start to realize how weird everything is, from our sudden makeout session to an impromptu blow job.

“So,” I hoarsely croak out. “What now?”


Missed calls and texts on Kurt and Blaine's honeymoon. Just a silly sort of 6x09 reaction fic. 

Brittany>Kurt 12:01 am: Happy one day anniversary!

Missed Call: Tina 1:56am

Tina>Blaine 2:02am: I know you’re *busy* but I need advice!!!

Tina>Blaine 2:10am: It’ll just take a sec

Missed Call: Tina 2:11am


Tina>Blaine 2:17am: Ok fine just tell me that hooking up with Mike is a terrible idea

Tina>Blaine 2:57am: Never mind ;) :D

Tina>Blaine 2:58am: My memories did not do his abs justice whew

Dad>Kurt 3:11am: Got your stepmother and Pam home safe just fyi no need to reply. Tell Blaine please.

Keep reading