this is all his instagram consists of

as much as i enjoy those les mis + instagram posts, i still firmly believe enjolras’ gallery would consist of photos of his cats with tacky nashville filters, banners for upcoming protests/meetings/conferences that crop into unsightly squares on his profile, and one blurry sunset. overall not aesthetic at all. to the point that jehan has unfollowed him. twice.

Imagine Betty introducing Jughead to social media

-Because of course he’s been protesting social media
-It’s beneath him
-“For the less evolved” he claims
-But Betty thinks it will be good for him
-She’s too afraid to introduce his dark sass to twitter so she settles for instagram
-Because how rude can he be with pictures?
-At first he literally never posts
-But slowly he starts to use the platform
-All his posts are super aesthetically pleasing
-(A dark aesthetic, of course)
-There’s literally never faces
-Just landscapes and silhouettes and captions consisting of quotes from obscure dead authors
-(And the occasionaly artsy photograph of his meal at Pop’s)
-Slowly but surely Jughead gets suuuper into his photography
-He follows more photography accounts than personal ones
-He gains an small but commited following
-Suddenly Betty is being forced to model for him
-Everywhere they go is an opportunity for a new picture
-He forces her down alleys
-And into the woods
-And basically anywhere that has the potential to look dark and brooding
-Jughead is very particular when taking photos
-No, Betty turn to your left
-Don’t look at the camera
-Cover your face with your hands
-Sit down over there
-No, not there - there

-Betty gets a little fed up
-And sometimes she doesn’t want to pose
-But everytime Jughead takes a photos he furrows his brow and bites his lip in concentration in such a way that she just can’t be mad
-And he really seems to love it
-So she let’s him take as many photos as he wants
-So long as he keeps claiming her as his muse, she’ll allow it

Tres Horny Boys Instagrams

Magnus: Pictures of dogs he sees on the street and the occasional picture of him with friends out at dinner or something. Always uses the instagram filters on his pics but doesn’t over do it. 300 followers of mostly friends. Has a side account dedicated to his wood working that has a pretty large amount of followers, posts a lot of soothing videos of him carving wood that get shared a lot.

Taako: Instagram STAR, the person you kind of resent for being so popular but you follow them anyways. Really consistent instagram feed with lots of pale purples and whites. Originally only posted outfit photos w/o his face showing for privacy reasons but everyone was really supportive when he decided to do a face reveal and no one resents him for any sizzle it up with taako stuff (all trolls immediately get blocked). Posts a lot of pictures with Kravits with captions like “Sorry everybody he’s mine ;) ;) ;)”

Merle: Two posts. One is one of those really bad facebook memes with a minion or tweety bird or something and some unrelated quote. The other is a semi blurry picture of his kids with like 5 filters overlayed onto it. His only followers are Taako and Magnus and Lucretia


Hexenring ( Fairy Ring, Rond de Sorciers ), Fly Agaric Mushroom Ring hand carved in oxidized silver by Moon & Serpent Etsy 

Instagram: moonandserpent

This ring consists of fly agaric mushrooms which grew in fairy ring (elf circle) pattern around a green grass gemstone.

Lightning strikes, meteorites, shooting stars, earthly vapours, and witches have all been proposed as agents of the origin of fairy rings. They were said to be the marks where the Devil rested his milk churn, the site of witches’ dancing on Walpurgis Night. In Europe, the belief that fungi were the work of evil spirits or witches persisted well into the 19th century. Hence the expression “foolhardy enough to enter a fairy ring”. Trespassers would be struck blind or lame, or even disappear to become slaves in the fairies’ underground realm.

Fly Agaric was well known to the Koryak tribesmen of Kamchatka in Siberia. They would drink an infusion made from the fungus and become intoxicated. Both poisonous and hallucinogenic, Fly Agaric seems to impart a feeling of great strength and stamina—a fact that may provide a clue to the ferocious reputation of the Berserkers, ancient Norse warriors who are said to have consumed the fungus before going into battle.

im in a cosmetology class this semester, it consists of cishet girls and me, which means some nice fun things occur that i get to witness but some things arent nice fun things and those usually have smth to do w their boyfriends

i saw, firsthand, a girl break up w her boyfriend, go onto his instagram account and delete all of the pictures of them together, do the same for her own, and then when he said he wanted his stuff back she said it was all a joke!! she started CRYING bc she didnt want him to leave her but apparently she does this all the time!!! what the fuck!!!

I think it’s not even a matter of loving Niall and Louis with every fibre of my being (even though I do)… it’s just that, through everything, it feels like they’ve kept 1D alive. From their adamant reassurance that the hiatus isn’t the end of 1D, to their consistent presence on social media, to their involvement in charity events. And, especially, in their simple and effortless, open expression of friendship toward each other. Like, pessimistic people and whatever tabloid journalists can say what they want, but watching Niall and Louis today and over the past week (and over the entirety of the hiatus), and the way they interact with each other in person and over social media, just proves to me that it wasn’t all some giant, elaborate lie and they weren’t just “coworkers”. Niall getting mad at Louis over his Instagram post and and Louis apologizing - that shows trust on Niall’s part and care on Louis’. The way they stuck together on the field, the twin excitement on their faces, the mutual support… they both had plenty of friends out there, but you could see so clearly how bonded they are by their shared experience in 1D. How much it meant to them to have this new experience, and to take part in it together. And that means everything in the world to me.

Jay deleting the Twitter and Instagram pics has changed the game a bit in a welcoming and interesting way, especially at almost the exact time Louis landed in LA. 

Now, if Louis is papped with Freddie again, he looks like someone who is playing Briana’s fame game while his own mother takes his son’s privacy more seriously.

It’s all fake, of course, but Jay’s pictures were for fandom, not the public at large. Creating some potential chaos in this sea of consistent bullshit is a good thing. All we can do is wait. The outcome will be interesting either way. 

Bless you Ben Whishaw and the dimension you’ve added to my favorite character, Q, who is approximately 100x better as a cat owner. (We all know that this must be a framed picture that Q keeps on his nightstand. Just like we all know if Q had an instagram it would consist 100% of cats.)