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I feel like you all need a french lesson about “je suis allé au cinéma avec mon copain et ma famille.”

“Mon copain” has a double meaning in French. It could be “my friend” or “my boyfriend”.

But let’s be clear: you’re using “mon copain” as “my friend” when you’re 8 yo. If you’re on age of dating, it will be interpreted automatically as “my boyfriend”.

(But “mes copains” as plural will automatically be interpreted as “my friends”, even if you’re 20yo.)(or maybe you’re in a polyamory relationship but it doesn’t happen this often ^^’)

(also you can say “je suis allé au cinéma avec un copain”, and it will be interpreted as “just a friend”. Example : “tu sors avec lui? - Non, c’est un copain / oui c’est mon copain” Are you dating him ? No it’s a friend/ yes it’s my boyfriend”)

Yeah, French is subtle like that.

Thinking about the next chapter and everything, I think the worst part of it is that Mutsuki went to :re for Touka. He has the picture, he knows where that person is, and he suspects that Kaneki might be there BECAUSE of Touka. Mutsuki doesn’t know that :re is more than just Touka’s coffee shop, Kaneki has other friends there, friends he knows since he became a ghoul. But Mutsuki might think he’s there because he has a crush on her. The fact that he arrived and Kaneki was there, just as he suspected… :re, the place where Touka lives… it’s gonna be a mess. Once Mutsuki sees Touka, he will feel tremendously jealous. I’m not sure if Kaneki was the one closing the shop, but I feel like Touka will come back like “hey, Kaneki, are you done? can we leave now?” and Mutsuki suddenly sees her appearing and calling him like that and hoooly fuck, I don’t trust Mutsuki’s reaction at all.


The best things I learned on tonight’s episode of Talks Machina: 

  • Travis Built-Like-A-Brick-Shithouse Willingham doesn’t like scary movies and shrieks if Laura combs her wet hair like the chick from The Ring.
    • He also loves otters. 
  • Ashley MOTHERFUCKING Johnson once poured an entire bottle of soap in a fountain in front of a courthouse and it ended up on the news.
  • The word: fuckerdly 

i got demons to deal with, unsheathe the sword, blue flames ablazeok let’s do this 

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i legit could never bring myself to hand over fenris, so i decided to watch a youtube video of it, and i couldnt do it, i had to stop the moment you saw fenris' face, im tearing up

It’s honestly a heartbreaking moment????? Like he doesn’t even fight it and it’s horrifying. Also if you fucking have Anders with you he GAINS APPROVAL IF YOU HAND FENRIS OVER AND I JUST….

I don’t care how much you can argue than Anders is a good person or if he was right in what he did to the chantry, just that onE ACTION. I will never like Anders for many reasons but bitch. That’s numero uno as to why.

Today husbando met me at a café but I forgot he was meeting me so when he touched my shoulder, I tried to sock him in the face. And then when we went for a walk later, I got so up in my head thinking about fic plots that I forgot he was with me. We got on a bit of narrow sidewalk and I started speeding ahead, deep in thought so when he caught up to me and he tried to hold my hand I reared up to fight him again.

No one is more long suffering than him, I swear ;A;

A new one for me: someone needing to sneeze while singing. Their voice starts shaking slightly, so it sounds like they ran out of air or they’re straining to reach a note just out of their range. The notes falter, fading in and out erratically. Then their pitch wavers, before suddenly swooping upward (almost like an orgasm sound) then breaking completely and collapsing into a sneeze.

I wish more people went into pet ownership thinking about what they can do for the pet, rather than what the pet can do for them (and I’m talking specifically about pets, not working animals).

Pets are WORK, and if you think otherwise, there’s a good chance that you’re not taking the best care of them.

Pets are not people, and do not think and act like people, and if you think otherwise, there’s a good chance that you’re not taking the best care of them.

If you’re looking for companionship, that’s fine, but you still have to put actual time and effort into learning about and providing for your pet, no matter what the species.

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Hey!! So I just read that anon ask about what the exact relationship between Kagami and Shisui is, and on Narutopedia, it says that Kagami is 25 years old! I had a friend who worked out the timeline, and she said that if Kagami was really Shisui's father, then Shisui would be around 30 years old or so when Itachi committed the massacre (but I flat out rejected that, there's no way Shisui was THAT much older than 13 year old Itachi!!). So what do you think? o: I'm curious! Lemme know!

Really!? That must be new- I swear, I looked up that page back in February to see if he had a birthday, and there was basically nothing. But hey, if there’s more then that means Kagami’s getting some love, which he absolutely deserves. Those sites are fan run, so that could be canon, or it could be just someone’s opinion, we don’t know. 

But yeah, like I said in that post, ages are messed up so much during this time period, and I seriously don’t want to fight with it; I just want to write for the characters. Like off the top of my head, I can think of three instances where we see Kagami in the anime: right after the village was formed, when Tobs is killed, and then Hiruzen reminiscing, all of which were periods where he was a different age, but none striking out as the most prominent age though. So that leaves us to question when the assumption of Kagami being 25 is placed, so I don’t know. Tbh, I am perfectly happy in my little world where I pretend that the ages work out and Kagami’s Shisui’s dad. 

But no, I totally agree with you- there’s no way Shisui’s in his 30′s. No way at all. I put Shisui in his late teens when he died; 4 to 5 years older than Itachi. Y’all have seen Itachi Shinden, Shisui’s a lil nugget too. No way he’s more than 5 years older than Itachi. 

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Look at that. Baby Fluff.

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Look at that. 19ish Fluff.

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Look at that. Dead Fluff