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What are the canon jobs each amis has and then what are your hc jobs for them?


  • Enjolras: Not exactly mentionned, but probably a student in something (I could be wrong, though, same for the others who are mentioned are more or less students)
  • Combeferre: Not mentionned, but probably a student in something. Science? Humanities? No one knows, the guy is interested in everything
  • Courfeyrac: Not mentionned but probably a student
  • Grantaire: Used to be an art student, but apparently quitted or was fired it’s not clear
  • Bossuet: Went to Law school. That didn’t work out very well
  • Joly: Med student
  • Jehan: Not mentioned but probably a student. Poet, too
  • Bahorel: Went to Law school. Briefly. Avoids Law School at all cost. Never a lawyer
  • Feuilly: Fan maker
  • Marius: Student (at Law if memory serves, because that’s how he meets Bossuet)

Modern AU (according to my headcanons)

  • Enjolras: Student at Poly sci
  • Combeferre: Either med student or biology student
  • Courfeyrac: Studies to become a journalist
  • Grantaire: Either art student or former art student
  • Joly: Med student
  • Bossuet: Law student
  • Jehan: Philosophy student or psychology student
  • Feuilly: Georgaphy and geopolitics student (+side jobs)
  • Bahorel: Never a lawyer.
  • Marius: Either law student or linguistics student because Marius is hella good at languages in canon

Let’s see … how do I make it so that this does not end up being stupid?

All right…..
This is based on an AU … okay? To give a basis this is set in an AU

Ok … (I’m lazy to explain what this is, so go and read the post and draw your own conclusions)


According to a stupid HeadCanon that I came up with, Cedric wants to teach Niko everything about robotics (because he’s going to serve him … he does not stop for that, but … IT’S GOING TO SERVE FOR SOMETHING AND POINT!) But Niko Does not know (or is not interested (?) Of this, so, they are expadicion looking for more robot parts …

Now, combine the images from top to bottom and see how their relationship (since according to my HeadCanon, after the events of “Solstice” were almost unrelated)

(I’ve made too many references to them being my OTP, okay?)
(Also, I pair them more here for being older, but same xD)

Pd: The reference images (i mean, those of the original pose) are not mine! I just draw Niko and Cedric with those poses.

And the AU belongs to @boringlazymod ((NOTHING of what I said here, it must affect in the story that you have already made Hiro, so this is just for fuck and laugh, and to give me fanservice to myself)

And of course, Niko and Cedric are belong to the game “OneShot”

After all this … did you understand my point? XD

Dangerous, dangerous. My plunnies multiply every time I encounter your headcanons. I got two full variants for your All For One AU. They do go in completely different directions then what you have released, but… -pokes the fat plunnies- have them anyways! 

Consider this: Aizawa’s Erasure Quirk can erase all Emitter/Transformer Quirks. According to the wikia (and just based on what All for One can do), All for One is an Emitter-Type Quirk. Ergo, Aizawa can erase All For One

Variant 1: 

  • In the aftermath of All Might’s fight with Sensei and the reveal of Izuku gaining All for One, the government gets antsy and a request for Aizawa to be assigned as a safeguard to Izuku goes through. 
  • The history of All for One is well known. They don’t really need Izuku turning into a new villain. 
  • This does nothing to help Izuku’s panic attacks. 
  • He sees Aizawa as this looming sign that one day he’s going to go evil, people think he’s going to be evil and already assigned bodyguard/assassin/watcher all together in one. 
  • Aizawa thinks the entire thing is stupid. Izuku is obviously just a kid, and all kids have the potential to be heroes. (Whether they actually do something productive with their potential is another story) 
  • Aizawa is not exactly fond on spending time with Toshinori for the near future, (even less so in that he’ll eventually have to move into the man’s house). The man is reckless and clearly not a good parental figure for Izuku who needs a lot of support. 
  • But Izuku is so attached to All Might, that Aizawa just lets them be. 
  • Turning down the request didn’t even cross Aizawa’s mind. The government is shaken up enough that who knows what they would decide to do with Izuku. 
  • Aizawa hovers in the background. Sometimes Izuku forgets he’s there. Not really, but despite what Aizawa represents to Izuku, the fear fades. Aizawa is just… there. 
  • Toshinori on the other hand can tell Aizawa is fond of Izuku and teases him about it. Aizawa tells the idiot to shut up and take his meds before he worries Izuku again. 
  • On most days, Izuku will find Aizawa in his sleeping bag in the living room. But once, he had gotten up before All Might and found Aizawa sleeping outside of their bedroom door. 
  • And it’s Aizawa who brings up to Gran Torino that Toshinori is being an idiot and according to the parenting book, is not helping Izuku’s separation and anxiety issues. He also may have helped Gran Torino tie up Toshinori long enough for the lecture to take place. He also distracted Izuku with ice cream while the lecture was going on. 
  • The day Izuku finally warms up to Aizawa, Toshinori did something that was far too strenuous for his new body and ended up with blood, possibly fainting, and a couple pulled muscles. Izuku watches as Aizawa berates Toshinori for being an idiot, while mopping up the blood and handing All Might the bandages and a pack of ice. That’s when Izuku sees it. Aizawa is surly and stern, but he really does worry and care. 
  • If they start double teaming Toshinori into taking better care of himself, well…
  • It has a curious side effect of Izuku learning to take care of Aizawa too. 

Variant 2 is more or less the same as above.

It deviates from the standpoint that they do prevent Izuku’s kidnapping (or at least rescued him earlier), but Sensei does escape. Which… lands Izuku (Inko either died in the original kidnapping or they don’t rescue Izuku before she passes away) with All Might and Aizawa as protection in case Sensei comes back to try again. 

But to easily summarize, it’s clear I just wanted a domestic “Cool-Dad!All Might”, “Team-Mom!Aizawa” and “precious child Izuku” living in one house. -bricked- I’m sorry for shoehorning Aizawa into a larger role for your AU. -bricked- 

Okay so like, variant 1 has totally been absorbed and consumed into my AfO AU, I’ll have you know. It doesn’t take much fiddling around to make it fit in with everything I’ve got so far.

It actually works better like this.

All Might and Izuku being so clingy to each other would make it really hard for All Might to do his job.

So for the first six months or so, All Might is forced to take a leave of absence, but as he heals, he starts doing one or two heroing jobs here and there. It usually happens while he and his family are out shopping, or just hanging out, and while All Might fights villains, Aizawa looks after Izuku, making sure he doesn’t get too close to the fighting, People usually assume he’s Izuku’s father, so it has the added benefit of people not getting suspicious about a young child all by himself at the scene of a villain confrontation.

At the beginning of Izuku’s new English lessons with Present Mic, Aizawa’s presence is like 90% of the reason Izuku doesn’t go into full tantrum mode when he can’t see his dad. Because as long as Aizawa is there, then it’ll be okay.

cause im a fckin Slut™ for this verse lately, here’s the full disclosure about what actually happened and how I imagined it all played out with Jean in a modern setting featuring headcanon galore and badly arrangement of how things built up as I’ve imagined in my head that may or may not have the potential to change as I go on with my portrayal of him. Of course, some aspects of this settings may be modified according to specific AUs. 

AGE 00.  Jean Kirstein was born to the Kirstein couple in Germany, and was christened by the name “Jean” which gave the meaning of “a gift from god” by his father. He was also named Jean partially because his dad was a big fan of Les Misérables, both the novel and the musical adaptation. 

AGE 02.  Jean was that fat baby (who’s hella cute) but is far too attached to his mom. Like, the kind that would cause a scene if his mom wasn’t around and is generally a difficult child to get along with. He began speaking at this age, and played a lot with his papa while the man planted away in their small garden. (His dad is a botanist.)

AGE 03.  His family moved to France, and papa got a bigger garden. His mama is probably that person who bakes a lot for the neighbours and sometimes during the holidays she made it into a business but overall they’re a very close-knit and happy family. Jean loves his omelettes, and papa tried breeding chicken for Jean but they stepped on a lot of papa’s plants and that made papa sad. Mama laughs, kisses papa’s cheeks and said it’s fine. They sold the chickens, fixed the garden and everything turned out okay.

AGE 04.  Jean started reading for papa, and he remembered being difficult and causing tantrum a lot and mama always had this pinching sort of look to her face that means she disapproved, and she yells a lot too because Jean would throw books and stuff, but papa was always patient, never yell. He would always pet Jean on the head with this small smile, says that it’s fine, it’s okay. “Jean is still a good boy,” he’d say and Jean would sniffle, calm down, watched as Mama went away with a huff and picked back up the books he threw. He read.

AGE 06. Mama said, “be good” on his first day of going to school and Jean kept bouncing up and down because school sounded so fun even though papa doesn’t talk much about it. School ended up terrible, because nobody seemed to like Jean and he came home crying lots because kids around always picked on his hair and took his bag and one day they even poured milk all over Jean’s stuff! Jean hated school, and sometimes wished — like the chickens he remembered stepping all over papa’s plants — could be sent away. Jean destroyed papa’s plants, just to see if it’ll work, and mama yelled so much and papa was so sad and Jean just didn’t stop crying and everything was so, so, so, so terrible.

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Body Type Headcanons

Asahi: kinda chubby around his tummy and upper arms cus he’s a pretty big dude but also he’s hella strong and Noya loves his lil squishy spots
Nishinoya: he has thighs for days and a thick six pack bc he cross trains but his arms are like super skinny and lean just cus he doesn’t use those muscles extensively
Tanaka: tall and ripped af like the the dude’s solid muscle
Kageyama: he’s like in between being normal muscly and super muscly? He’s like kinda muscly :3 also pretty tall & has long arms/legs for his height and I feel liked he’d have nice pecs??
Hinata: NICE BOOTY and his tummy is cute cute it still looks like a baby boy’s tummy with no hard muscles or anything and also very smol like his wrists are tiny and so are his feet and ankles and elbows and hands and face I’m not crying you’re crying oh god smol Shouyo
Suga: actually pretty average looking like you can’t exactly see muscle on him but he’s trim except for he has the curviest legs and hips a guy could hope for (genderfluid Suga wearing heels? Yes please!)
Daichi: big boy big bones ! So basically he has hella broad shoulders and big biceps and a nice V and Suga drools whenever he sees him shirtless or in tank tops
Tsukkishima: long and skinny boy bc I have a separate headcanon/au where he deals with eating disorders because I’m the kind of trash that ruins my own life with that sad shit but I feel like he’d have nice collarbones and cutely shaped thighs
Yamaguchi: he’s tol but he’s smol!! Omg! So basically he’s averagely tall but he has a small frame so his chest is little and his shoulders are little and he actually has a little packet of tummy pudge right above his pants
Oikawa: this cute little shit has the “perfect body” according to the entire fucking world bc don’t we all love his annoying self but he’s a third year who’s muscles have developed pretty nicely and he just has really nice abs wow
Iwaizumi: okay sHit where do I start he has really nice back muscles like REALLY nice and Oikawa loves hugging him and just feeling his back and really his abs aren’t super prominent but he has really nice pecs and shoulders being a hitter and all and he also has great calves
Bokuto: this owl eats like crazy so his abs are beneath a healthy layer of squish! So he has a soft tummy and juicy thighs & booty from jumping all the damn time
Akaashi: he has a naturally thin body type so from a distance he looks really ripped but when you get up close, he’s not very big at all just well toned but his forearms are really defined with all those tiny muscles that control your hands and bouton thinks it’s so amusing to watch them twitch when Akaashi fiddles with his fingers
Kuroo: ugh no. I don’t even want to talk about it. This kid is too fucking hot for me to fathom. It makes me angry how his hair is so dark and the way it flips and that stupid fucking smirk oh my god.
His body type is kinda similar to Tanaka’s though because he’s tall and trains hard so his muscles are well defined and he has a low fat percentage
Kenma: you can barely see his muscles at bc he really hasn’t developed them much! Okay so I’m thinking he’s a smol kitten so he probably has a slight thigh gap and super shapely legs and his skin just looks so smooth and wait he shaves his legs? (Yup! Demigirl/Demiboy Kenma is now a thing!) but also everything about him is just thin, including his nose, neck, knees, all of it

sorry I just got kinda tired that main characters are always portrayed as having an ideal body shape when that isn’t always what makes sense
I’ll probably do this for other fandoms too

a fakehaus headcanon post
  • joel’s only in the group bc his background as a druglord gives them insight into the business side of crime, he’s actually never fired a gun and doesn’t have a licence
  • when adam finds out about this, he immediately takes him out shooting bc no way is he having anyone in his crew not know how to defend himself the thought terrifies him
  • when james finds out about this, the endless teasing begins:
  • “should we really be taking heist plans from someone who doesn’t have his licence?” “james u dont have a licence” “im not trying to give us heist plans”
  • “whoa there bud, you sure you can handle that deadly weapon?” joel is holding a butter knife and he wants to lodge it in james’ throat
  • his lack of licence doesn’t stop joel from owning an entire garage of sports cars however, nor does his inability to even hold a gun correctly stop him from owning a large collection of golden guns that adorn his walls
  • adam actually buys joel his first gun thats actually intended for use that has the inscription “baby’s first gun” where the serial number should be
  • james’ instagram is filled with blurry photos taken from speeding vehicles with increasingly shitpost-y captions and uglier filters
  • james is obsessed with cars no offence
  • sean is a pretty good lockpick honestly its like his superpower
  • the crew started when bruce and adam met up while both trying to rob the same 24/7
  • lawrence has a panic disorder that is all
  • sean and ray smoke weed together a lot but it’s almost always sean’s weed because he’s too kind for us all and deserves everything (but also bc ray is a cheapstake)
  • platonic killems, best friends since second grade (yes they have an unnecessarily elaborate handshake)
  • adam has the highest kill count
  • sean learned to use knives completely of his own accord, he just decided to pick one up from his dad’s weapons locker as a kid and spent hours practising tricks in his room (leadin his mother to ask where the random scratches on all his furniture were coming from)
  • he also never used a training knife so his hands are all scarred up
  • this is getting too long and i didn’t include matt or bruce at all whoops sorry