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Out of the Woods

Summary: Being sick is nothing new to Darren, but getting better had always been fairly simple. However, when Darren falls sicker than he’s ever been before, how do he and Chris cope when even some of LA’s best doctors can’t give him a definite diagnosis?
Pairing: Chris/Darren
Genre: Hurt/comfort, angst
Warnings: Medical talk, mystery diagnosis, brief mention of vomiting and blood, sickness (no character death!)
Notes: A belated birthday gift for my lovely Sarah @lovetheblazer, who adores medical hurt/comfort just as much as I do. Sorry it’s a day late! Also, thanks to @luckiedee for the super quick and efficient beta!

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It started out as a flu like any other.

Darren got sick more often than Chris could keep track of. He’d been awful enough in terms of taking care of himself during the time that Glee was on air, but now that it was over he was even worse. He was constantly running around, rushing here to film this and there to perform that. In addition, Darren practically lived on a plane, spending far too many hours on cross-country flights in tight quarters, surrounded by other people who were probably infectious and with an already weak immune system, his chances of staying healthy were incredibly slim.

So when Darren got sick, Chris didn’t think much of it. He’d first noticed the fever in the middle of the night, waking up to Darren sweating and shaking in their bed. Sighing, Chris got some Tylenol and water, shaking Darren awake to take the medicine and running his fingers through Darren’s curls as he drifted back to sleep. Chris was concerned, but not overly so. Darren being sick was a frequent enough occurrence, and he was used to it by now.

Except this time he was really, really sick. And he didn’t seem to be getting any better.

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