this is aimed at a few people specifically but i'm not naming names or any of that

It concerns me how small this Abigail Fisher case is made to seem by my fellow white people. This case may have her name on it, but it’s barely about Abigail and her name is only referenced a few times in the whole document.

From what I have read this whole thing is being funded by a man called Edward Blum and his conservative backers and this is not their only case. Blum has taken aim at several “race protection” laws via his non profit The Project On Fair Representation, including wanting changes to the Voters Rights Act.

This man believes that affirmative action laws are unfair to white people and he was LOOKING SPECIFICALLY for a white student and when he found Fisher he convinced her to file and is paying her legal fees, even though he admits that she likely wouldn’t have got in on her scores.

Abigail is a shitty human being for going along with this, but don’t be fooled into thinking it is one white girl who wanted this and instigated this. Don’t use this as an excuse to distance ourselves from this bullshit and pretend it’s one white person.

This is rich conservatives (and anonymous backers) with an agenda and a plan of attack. They will not go away regardless of the Fisher verdict. Because it is not about her, or her grades. It’s white supremacy as part of a monied institution. An institution we ALL DO benefit from.

It’s far more than a temper tantrum by a (very) mediocre white girl, who stands to gain almost nothing ($100 in damages was the sum I believe I read). It’s white entitlement on a grander scale looking for this to cost PoC the little help they have by using the 14th amendment to declare affirmative action unconstitutional based on “discrimination” against white people.

I see a lot of other white people who want to help by jeering at Abigail and that is all well and good, but if we don’t talk about Edward Blum too then we LET him go under the radar and that is bad allyship on our part.

Edit: if anyone knows any black authored posts on Tumblr about Blum I can boost please let me know, tumblr search is fucked.

anonymous asked:

You do know that cis people can't help being cis any more than trans people can't help being trans, right? The constant cis hate on this page is getting to be a bit much. I don't hate anyone, I've never bullied anyone, I'm a nice person. It's not ok to generalize and bash on others simply because some people might have been mean to you. It seems a bit childish. Good grief, can't we all just get along?

Upon receiving this message, I (a trans guy) mentioned to my (cis) boss that hey, we got our first official anonymous comment accusing us of “cis hate!” Started from the bottom now we here, or something, right? Instead of laughing it off or telling me “don’t feed the trolls” like I was expecting, she instead asked that she write the response to this one. Ask and you shall receive: 

Hey Asker, we got your message and it was handed up to me as program manager because it’s kind of a big thing to toss out an accusation of cis hate, and I wanted a chance to air my thinking on this one. So, the whole tenor of your comments kinda rubbed me super wrong in a way that I decided to take a day to breathe and think and decipher what exactly I wanted to say. Here are a few things:

1)    Constant cis hate? On this blog? Dude? Whaaaat the hell? If you’re talking about a specific post prior to our receiving your anonymous comment, the one about pronoun usage in a mythological culture in a fantasy series and how cis people would likely do awesomely in such a lovely made up world of using new pronouns all of the time without weirdness or slip ups or comments? Well, yeah, we totally stand by that. I mean. Fantasy fiction is a place where you can magically unseat cultural hegemony (thanks Marx!), socially constructed and habitually deployed notions of gender and language, and instead, create a world in which people express their identity in words or actions that are wholly respected and received with reverence and a non-negotiable truth and certainty. Period. You are what you say. I am what I say. Full stop. My name is_________ and my pronouns are _______, period.

This is why I like fantasy fiction so much. Dragons hatch from eggs after being sat on in a fiery pit by a really pretty blonde almost-Queen and we get addressed by whateverthefuck pronouns and names we assert as ours. Cool. And everyone does it without fail and without asking questions or diving into analysis that just isn’t theirs to dive into. Because names matter. Pronouns matter. And a fantasy world is a good place to feel affirmed and seen and magically respected by the rest of humanity (or druidom, or whatever).

2)    Trans presence, trans voices, trans-a-palooza will always be a vital element to our work on queer tips. Why? Because trans erasure, and stigma, and bias, and discrimination is so freaking real it hurts our soul and if we, on this fabulous little interweb platform can step up and be vocal about the awesomeness of transness, transgression, non-binary expressions and identities, and people just livin’ how they want/need/are called to live as their authentic genuine self, we are going to blog the hell out of that shit and do it with gusto, commitment and a fierce sense of obligation to create more and more spaces online and in the human world where the BS that trans people of all their glorious permutations are forced to grapple with and confront. So yeah, if our calling out the fact that trans people are routinely discriminated against by cis people, makes you feel like we’re hating on you, personally calling you a bully, not acknowledging that you’re a nice person, or feeling bashed by our truth-telling and reality-naming approach to transphobia, violence and marginalization, I might suggest taking a deep breath and thinking things through. Maybe check out this post again.

Bottom line. Our comments and reblogs and sharing of jokes and cute-ass GIF sets are not a direct comment on your you-ness, but rather, commentary on a routinely fucked up systemic and pervasive approach to trans people and queer people, a system we are all a part of holding up or dismantling in some way. We don’t think that’s childish, we think it’s pretty grown up awesomeness to want to take responsibility for our learning, education, action and work toward a more pluralistic and respectful cultural norm. I say this a cis chick. I know I have work to do and keep doing and doing again. Because oppression of trans people is real. I have to listen and learn more than anything. Certainly more than anonymously commenting about how I’m a nice person in response to a blog that acknowledges a ciscentric and transphobic world.

3) Want to read more than just my slightly snarky thoughts?

Teaching for Diversity and Social Justice edited by Maurianne Adams, Lee Anne Bell, Pat Griffin

Injustice at Every Turn: A Report of the National Transgender Discrimination SurveyThe National Transgender Discrimination Survey is the first large-scale national study of discrimination against transgender and gender non-conforming Americans, and paints a more complete picture than any prior research to date.

Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund’s Health Care Access Information

Just to add my final two cents, asker: if your hurt feelings over a joke made on the Internet and not aimed at you are so troublesome that you feel the need to accuse us of hatred (hatred of the vast majority of the human race,) you’re free — encouraged, even — to unfollow us. Have a good one.