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Okay so

I am a musician with the Canadian armed forces, and I’ve been on contract with the Ceremonial Guard all summer. It’s a pretty cool job, playing on parliament hill, but it can be a little stressful for those of us who have family and pets at home that we haven’t seen in a while.

We have a seamstress who makes sure all of our uniforms are tailored to fit us, and she does an incredible amount of work to make us look great all summer

One day she brought a kitten to work. She had found him abandoned on the side of the road and brought him in the hopes that someone would adopt him and take him home with them at the end of their contract

We dubbed him the CG Mascot and would drop in to visit him all the time. It’s great stress relief!

Well one day we show up to see him and the seamstress has made him a little ceremonial outfit to match the rest of us. So without further ado, please enjoy this ceremonial kitten

One of the musicians has adopted him and named him Artemis. 

There are still good, sweet people in the world, and there will always be kittens. 

@taovol heard that it’s your birthday today..? so I doodled something from your fic “Of love and the art of ice cream future telling” to wish you happy b-day!!

Hope you’ll like it! I enjoyed your fic so much!…it’s a shance walmart AU you guys. I’m not saying that it’s adorable. But it’s totally adorable <3